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  1. I can't imagine putting it in a hand soap dispenser. It's so cloggy!
  2. Yeah, I also worry about inadvertent disease introduction. I have less worry about that with Europe, though covid is a worry. Although in 1500, figuring out if we could help the Native American population would be good. Though I have real concerns about how helpful we'd be. I mean, I'm not sure how much metallurgy we can actually give to Native Americans if we just have my city, which is not really a manufacturing mecca. We KNOW a lot of stuff, but we don't necessarily have all the stuff necessary to help. And we do not have the skills for survival in 500 or 1500, honestly.
  3. How about we try two different scenarios....one going back to about 1500 and one going back to around 500? Question number two is if we just travel in time but not geography or if we also transfer locations, as well, to like Europe or Constantinople?
  4. That story is, regretfully, from experience....
  5. So, what are some of his favorites?
  6. Usually we thaw on the counter or warm water over the bag. The difference seems to be mostly in dishes where we want to bake the veggies with a protein. Like we make this broccoli cheddar chicken casserole thing now with frozen broccoli, but the moisture is all wrong and it doesn't cook right if we don't thaw first.
  7. We've found that it makes a HUGE difference to thaw frozen veggies before cooking them, for some things.
  8. I've been on a major alternative history kick (Harry Turtledove, Eric Flint mostly), and I'm struck by how books with time travel focus a lot on weapons and technological prowess that people bring into the past and how little attention is paid to general wealth, even in circumstances like Eric Flint's where it's not just individuals who travel back in time but entire cities (alternatively: cruise ships, prisons). I'm just thinking how even a relatively small town would have homes and grocery stores with a king's ransom in spices and libraries with more books than a university or monastery.
  9. The big difference I could see here is if vulnerable adults in your household might be vaccinated.
  10. In our grocery, it's in the hippie organic pharmacy section, but I mostly purchase it at the natural foods co-op.
  11. Honestly, I don't really object to zombie threads being resurrected. It's kind of fun to reread stuff from years ago. But it is very funny.
  12. Birchbark House, Game of Silence, The Porcupine Year, Chicakdee, Makoons
  13. You might want to have her eyes checked, not just by any Walmart optometrist but by a behavioral or developmental optometrist from covd.org. They'll do screenings as part of their normal exams. She might have issues with convergence. Or, it might be that something as simple as reading glasses or doing more reading on a kindle, where you can adjust the font size, might make a big difference. You can also get children's novels in large print, although they're a bit harder to find. (My mom was a librarian at a school for the blind in New Mexico.)
  14. I just have to say something here. I have a child who was anxious from birth. Her anxiety was crippling, and therapy, supplements, meditation.....they weren't going to get her there. The doctor suggested meds when she was four. We put her on celexa (an SSRI) just after her fifth birthday. Literally overnight there was a noticeable difference. They do take time to reach full effect, but it's 2-6 weeks, not six months to a year. It can take awhile to play with dosages, but I now have two kids on SSRIs for anxiety, and they have totally transformed my kids. They are functioning at high le
  15. Wendy, have your kids read The Birchbark House series? It has a lot of the flavor of the Little House books, but it's from the perspective of members of an Ojibwe tribe and family. My kids loved it, and I didn't have the same issues of values held by admirable characters that were immoral by today's standards. It was from the perspective of people who are definitely the underdogs, in comparison to the white colonizers, but they were far less ethically problematic, and my kids really enjoyed them, up there with Thornton Burgess and E. Nesbit books and My Side of the Mountain (and for one chi
  16. I'm super concerned about the incredibly rapid spread even under lockdowns. If it's spreading that much in countries with strict lock downs, how bad will it be in the US, where nobody will lockdown at all? Do we know if the UK variant has other methods of spread? Are fomites a bigger thing with it?
  17. I don't know, but I'm starting to really worry about both of my kids being capable of independence when it comes to making phone calls. Both of them, in most contexts, seem like they should be on track to full independence, but both of them have full stop complete unwillingness to make phone calls. I don't really know how to get them over that, but I hear you on frustration about a college aged kid not being willing to make phone calls. Honestly, I feel like my kid who is far more globally impacted and has by far the worse diagnoses is more likely to eventually step up and do sucky st
  18. I loved them as a child, but when I started reading them to my kids, I found them pretty problematic. I had to do a lot of editorializing, and we kind of gave up when we got to the part of On the Banks of Plum Creek where Laura was forced to give away her doll. That was the last straw. Farmer Boy is a lot better. ETA: And that doesn't even get into the stuff about how awful Pa is and the attitudes towards Native Americans. LOT of editorializing. I think they're kind of like Doctor Doolittle books: great stories that I could never hand to a child to read independently.
  19. So, do people create usernames in order to comment on zombie threads?
  20. How are so many people resurrecting them? I mean, these are threads from many, many board changes ago, some of them. How do they FIND the threads to resurrect? How do they pick them? Are they people who are genuinely interested in toenail fungus or teaching children to wipe their own butts and find them through google? Do they just casually browse through ten years worth of archives? What is the motivation? Heck, I can only find my own posts going back like three months! I'm baffled by this!
  21. Why is it nobody ever includes those awesome verses???
  22. I know it's different, but Cat can.....laboriously type. She knows where all the keys are located, but she cannot spell. Spellcheck and word prediction software have her legible, but I don't think she's ever going to be able to like type something and turn it in without an editor. Does he have any motivation to communicate in written form with anyone? Or to do his own internet searches? Cat's written communication made more progress with six months of a smart phone and people to text than from three years of Wilson tutoring. She uses discord and plays role playing games online. Is
  23. Truth. I moved from Denver to San Antonio, before we came to Virginia. We loved San Antonio winter. It was finally cool enough to go outside! It was mostly in the 50's or 60's, but people were putting on parkas and mittens as soon as it dropped below 70. I was given a newborn snow suit for my baby when I was pregnant.
  24. Well, plus it's not 100% immunity; it's 95%.
  25. 1) Tradition 2) Both election and inauguration days are in the Constitution......in the days of horses, travel was tricky 3) misogyny?
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