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  1. It looks like has quite a few options.
  2. Sibling Jack looks just as I picture Sandy in the Orphan Annie story. So cute!
  3. Does your parks and rec department rent shelters (or better yet, enclosed buildings)? We have attended several graduation parties at shelters. People can eat indoors or out, and kids have fun playing in the park. We had dd1 party at our home, but it was smaller. Ds grad party, we combined with a friend and had it at friend's house. Dd2 we hosted at our church. We had chocolate fountains for both the girls' parties. We purchased a chocolate fountain and then had lots of things to dip (pretzels, marshmallows, angel food cake, strawberries, etc.). We also had traditional sheet cake and some nuts. For younger daughter's we had sliders and salads, etc., but hers was immediately after the ceremony, and, again, we paired up with a friend, so we were responsible for all the sweets, and they did the finger foods.
  4. My husband has the superpower finding-lost-things ability in our family. Our older daughter may have a photographic memory. She says sometimes it is a burden because she doesn't forget things. We moved from one state to another when she was three, and she can remember details about what we ate and when and where we went and where she sat—just all kinds of things. Now, I can say something like, "We have never tried making a jelly roll." And she will say, yes, we did when I was 11, you used x recipe from x curriculum, but it had this issue and turned out tasting like this. Because of her crazy memory, learning has always been easy for her. Being our firstborn, I carefully took her through a reading curriculum (that incorporated sounding out) when she was four, and I had her do spelling every year through a whole spelling series. Later (and after working with our younger children who did need that teaching) I realized how overkill that was for her! She hadn't needed the sounding out (and found it frustrating) because she could read a word after the first time she knew what it was, and she never missed a spelling word—but I was trying so hard to do it "right"!
  5. I'm your age with the same issues. I apologize upfront if this sounds like an ad; it isn't. I decided to try Figure 8 Fitness ($50 for basic package accessed through Internet). I've been really happy with it. I did the 8-week program (ending around New Year's–not sure I thought that out well, as I was exercising at relatives' houses in a spare bedroom, etc. over holidays!). Anyway, I lost two inches in my waist and two from my hips in the intensive 8-week program (none from my bust, which was a good thing, as my bust measures 32"). I'm not a dancer, and I felt goofy and uncoordinated, but figured I'd give it a try. Now I'm just doing the program three days a week, which is the suggested maintenance. (The 8-week start is six days a week.) There is an associated FB group and there is also an eating plan, although I didn't use those aspects.
  6. Yes, that's how I feel, but when I get past the feelings, I come to Moonflower's conclusion (but I do appreciate you putting into words my frustration!). I wish they took into consideration that our 25 yo dd has a 100% clean driving record, but I don't know if that is how the system works. Thank you, ladies, for the info and the support! Thanks, School, for the info about the free consultation. I did not know that was available. Sounds like it's worth a call, in case the insurance companies decide against dd.
  7. I actually thought about your story and the hoops you are jumping through! No traffic cam video that I know of. Apparently, it was in a rural area on the outskirts of the city. I hope they give a definitive answer soon. It all seems vague at this point: who will be declared at fault? will the car get fixed or totaled? etc. In the meantime, dd is stuck paying for Uber to get to work and rehearsal. (She is a preschool teacher and a professional ballerina and doesn't have money to burn.)
  8. The police report was sent to the insurance company; I don't know about the car rental company. My dd's insurance rep told her it seems clear from the police report that the other driver was at fault, but it still could go against her now that the other driver has changed her story and there were no witnesses.
  9. I know, right? Apparently the police officer told the driver he was going to give her a citation but then did not. No footage because, in dd's words, it was "in the middle of nowhere."
  10. That's what I was afraid of. I'll ask if Driver A was cited; I don't know. The motorcyclist didn't stop. Good idea about checking to see if anyone has a door camera or something that would have videoed. I'm a bit concerned that the rental car company will go after dd's insurance. The adult (nondriver) ran away when the police were called, and left dd holding the baby!! so the people with the rental car are not responsible people.
  11. Our older daughter was hit in the intersection of a 4-way stop. (No one was injured, thankfully!) There was a motorcycle going the other way beside her, so if she hadn't been in the intersection the driver at fault would have hit the motorcyclist. Driver at fault, I'll call her Driver A, is a teen without a license driving a rental car. There was a passenger in the car (maybe the person who rented it?)—and a baby, but that is beside the point. The police took a report but did not assign fault. Dd's insurance says she was not at fault, but now Driver A is saying she is not at fault (a reversal of what she said at the accident). DD has had this car for less than a year and paid about $6000 for it. The repairs may be $4000 or more, and the insurance may decide to declare it totaled. If fault is not assigned, or decided as both were at fault, dd is out a car without resources to buy another one. (She lives 1,800 miles away, so we are no help with rides.) We have no experience with using lawyers or going to court. Is this worth it for such relatively low amounts of money? Since there were no witnesses, would a court even be able to make a decision? I need to leave for an appointment, but I will check in later tonight.
  12. We did the half wall above the chair rail on one wall of our downstairs game room. (Sorry I don't remember the paint brand.) We like it! Now, we did this for older teens, so that may make a difference. They didn't use it every week. They used brightly colored chalk to score games with friends (ping pong, etc. is down there), and they drew fun/funny pictures. Yes, it was dusty when wiped off. (We found dry dish cloths to work better for us than chalkboard erasers.) We have a canister vacuum, and we vacuumed the chair rail and carpet after it was erased; it didn't take long. Occasionally, we wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry for a day to give it that clean, new look.
  13. Thank you! I'm printing too! I keep most of these ingredients on hand, so this would be fun and easy for me to try... Now to go buy some smoked paprika!
  14. I agree that this is a good idea! We leave up the mantel decorations—keeping the winter wreath and greenery, but replacing angels and Nutcrackers with snowmen. This year, we also left out our little tabletop ceramic Christmas tree in the front room, and I plug it in at night. It's nice to have more color and light inside when outside is cold and dreary!
  15. I feel it too! It is a jolt to go from busyness, laughter, conversations, fun back to routine. I'm busy at my part-time job, exercising, tidying the house and working on a project or two...but, yeah, those things don't compete with spending time with our kids. Maybe if we just focus on one day at a time our "new normal" will start to feel comfortable again.
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