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  1. iamonlyone

    Help needed in Edmond/OKC, Oklahoma

    Thank you for the ideas! They are checking Uber and are going to ask around the intensive today to see if any other dancers who aren’t living at the dorms could pick them up to share gas costs. They were pretty stressed yesterday, as neither is rolling in extra money.
  2. I'm throwing this out there, on the off chance anyone lives in this area and would like to earn a couple hundred dollars helping out our daughter and her roommate. These young ladies (early 20s) are attending the Oklahoma City Ballet intensive. Their third roommate, who was the only one with a car, injured her hip and needs to go home to Seattle for surgery. Our daughter lives in Connecticut, and her remaining roommate lives in Arizona, so they are far from their cars. They are looking for a ride for this Monday through Friday and Monday through Friday next week from the home they are staying in Edmond to the OKC Ballet building at 6800 North Classen in OKC. (It's about seven miles and takes about 15 minutes to get between the locations.) They usually need to be at the studio at 8:45 a.m., and they are usually done at 4:45 p.m. They can pay $200 for the two weeks of rides. Anyone interested? I don't know how to private message, but I can learn if anyone is in the area and can help! 😊
  3. I have a relative whose daughter's name is a very pretty old-fashioned name. The nickname they call her by though (part of her given name shortened) is really ugly to me. Maybe she'll go by the full name when she is older, or maybe she loves the nickname!
  4. iamonlyone

    Best commuter vehicle

    My Ford Fusion hybrid averages 38-40 mpg (35ish winter; 40+ warm weather). It has power adjustable seats and lots of room. I have a 2010 and have had it about five years. It has been a great car for us.
  5. iamonlyone

    Aging parents - this is hard. Anyone else?

    Yes, it's hard. And some of you have been walking this particular path much longer than I did. I had a broken period of five years of caring for a parent's needs and children's needs. It started when my strong, independent dad had a massive stroke at 81. I was the person who was responsible for the decisions and the many hospital, rehab, and care facility plans and visits for the 18 months before he passed. We had almost a year without parent crisis before my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She lived two hours' drive from us; I met her for chemo appointments, and she lived some at our home and some at hers, when I would drive back and forth to help. She did have wonderful friends locally who helped her as well. She passed away in October. The first four years of that time, our teenage son was in crisis, and we were fighting for his health and safety. These were the years our youngest was in 8th-12th grade. It does change you. Eight months after my dad passed away, at Christmas, I was laughing really hard and suddenly realized how odd that felt. I couldn't remember belly laughing since my dad's stroke 2.5 years before. Our youngest was the one who was right in the middle of everything. (The older two graduated and were out of the house before my mom's diagnosis.) She is lovely and compassionate. I believe her character is richer and deeper for caring for and loving her grandparents. But she graduates Saturday and won't have any extended family there, and she is sad about that. She tried on her graduation dress for my mom last fall so my mom could see her in it—and they both cried, knowing they would not be celebrating graduation together. OP, I guess my experience was the cut-and-dried diagnosis you don't have. I'm so sorry for the added difficulties your situation brings.
  6. iamonlyone

    PSA: folic acid

    There have been several threads discussing the MTHFR mutation and avoiding folic acid. I was looking for a good explanatory article to send my MIL since a couple of my kids have a double MTHFR mutation, and we were discussing why we avoid folic acid. This article suggests that perhaps heavy folic acid supplementation is not great for anyone. This is a developing area of science, but I thought it was worth a head's up, since avoiding folic acid is relatively easy. (It's usually not added to whole wheat products nor organic products—including organic white flour for baking.) Anyway, here's the link in case you're interested: Edited to add: Mandatory fortification of enriched cereal grain products with folic acid was authorized in 1996 in the United States and fully implemented in 1998, so this is a relatively recent development.
  7. iamonlyone

    Manuka Honey is AMAZING!!!!

    I am impressed, too. After my mom passed away last October, I developed some dry, irritated skin at the corners of my eyes. I figured it was stress-related or caused by tears and ignored it, outside of moisturizing. But by the new year, the irritation was spreading below one of my eyes. I hadn't worn eye make-up for a couple months to avoid irritating the skin—that was getting old—and I was concerned at the ugly redness. It began to look like eczema (which I hadn't had before). I went to my GP, my naturopath, and my eye doctor. After trying an antibiotic, a homeopathic remedy, and medicated eye wipes, the GP and optometrist said I should start a topical steroid. I decided to buy and try Manuka honey before resorting to steroids. I mixed it half-and half with coconut oil and applied. The itching/burning went away immediately. In three days there was a noticeable improvement. (I didn't look like someone had punched me in the eye.) In seven days, the redness was gone, and the skin started peeling. After a couple weeks, my eyes were occasionally dry at the corners at night, and I would apply the honey mixture. It's been about a month now, and my skin is healthy. I'm thankful I tried the honey and was able to avoid steroids around my eyes! Edited to add: I bought Wedderspoon brand, with a KFactor of 16.
  8. iamonlyone

    Ideas for freeze and reheat food?

    Stuffed manicotti freezes well:
  9. I would like to be added to this group as well!
  10. Ugh. I'm not happy about this weather either. Our 23 yo daughter is driving herself from Connecticut to north Virginia as I type and is supposed to drive back to her home in CT tomorrow. :( We live 1,300 miles away, so we're no help if she has problems. I really wish the company would have postponed her interview. (Yes, she asked.)
  11. iamonlyone

    PMS remedies other than BC?

    I second the idea of progesterone cream. It has worked well for me. General info:
  12. iamonlyone

    Age of adulthood - 25?

    I think basing college aid on college students' parents' income, as well as their own, until age 25 is awful for students who are unmarried but totally self-supporting. Independent young adults should be applauded and helped instead of penalized.
  13. I was going to recommend Sylas and Maddy's Homemade Ice Cream in Lawrence, if you decide to go there. And then I remembered that there is also a Sylas and Maddy's in Olathe! We love their freshly made ice cream.
  14. iamonlyone

    My kids are too old

    I agree. My baby (of three kids) is 18 and recently decided to go away to school instead of living at home and going to a local college. I'm trying to quickly wrap my brain around not having any kids at home next fall!
  15. iamonlyone

    Unconventional Olympics

    Misplacing Glasses (I would get super-high marks for creativity)
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