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  1. We recently visited the ocean, and it was particularly seaweedy one day. As we were bobbing around, kicking seaweed off our feet and flicking it away with our hands, I said in exasperation, "This stuff is just like weeds but in the sea ... oh." We laughed.
  2. This may not be relevant, but I'll throw it out there: I felt like that in my 40s, and supplementing with vitamin B and also topical progesterone helped me significantly. Are there any vitamin deficiencies or hormone fluctuations that could be adding to your "meh" feelings about where you live?
  3. I think this article is so interesting about what was going on behind the scenes with determining COVID is airborne: https://www.wired.com/story/the-teeny-tiny-scientific-screwup-that-helped-covid-kill/ I am so thankful for all the brilliant and hardworking people who have worked so hard during the pandemic for the common good.
  4. You are doing a great job of going on/planning the trips she wants to take and has been looking forward to taking. You might see if there is anything else she particularly wants to do. My mom wanted to have a big birthday dinner at the town's senior recreational center. She provided the food but donations were accepted, and that money was donated to the center. Friends and family members flew in from all over the United States. It was a lovely celebration and a great way for people to spend time with her. Consider palliative care. People can have palliative care while still getting treatment (unlike hospice). Then, they can transition to hospice care, as needed. This is probably obvious but should she choose chemo, plan on giving your parents extra support the week afterward, if possible. I spent a lot of time reading to my mom. Also, her doctors said walking was the best post-chemo thing she could do. So, we took short walks together. I know your dad will be there for your mom, too, but primary caregiver breaks would be good. I'm sorry your family is walking this road.
  5. I generally only wear an apron when I am wearing nicer clothes (like during holidays). I will occasionally put one on when I am making something like noodles or bread dough, but I don't make those things often. I have a cool one a friend gave me that was made in Africa that is my go-to, and I have a fun Christmasy one I wear seasonally.
  6. They are! I used to take them to the park for a snack for my preschoolers (yes, past choking age).
  7. Inhaled nitric oxide also looks like it may also be promising: https://www.pharmacytimes.com/view/clinical-trial-confirms-nasal-spray-efficacy-in-treating-reducing-transmission-of-covid-19
  8. Speaking of nasal sprays, have you seen news about SanNotize? The trials in Canada and the UK look promising: https://www.pharmacytimes.com/view/clinical-trial-confirms-nasal-spray-efficacy-in-treating-reducing-transmission-of-covid-19
  9. Would it help your anxiety if you signed up for a one-shot J&J? Is that vaccine available to you in your area? I'm sorry this is causing so much anxiety. 💓
  10. Make Orange Julius drinks? We enjoyed this: https://www.happyandharried.com/2014/02/14/creamy-orange-julius-orange-smoothie/
  11. My dd21 and I did one of the kits (elephant spraying rainbow-colored water). It was so much fun, and they turned out super cute! Have fun!
  12. I checked the phases in my county today. I will be in the final "everyone else" phase 5, and the website estimated that group would be vaccinated winter 2021! 😳 That gave me a shock before I noticed the note, "timeline expected to change based on increased allocations."
  13. I'm glad you were able to get together to celebrate your mom. It does sound like such a difficult weekend. My heart goes out to you all.
  14. Dd26 had her second shot Friday and had no reactions, except a tiny bit of soreness at the shot site. We are finding this very interesting, as we wondered if she had Covid February 2020. She had been in San Francisco when things were not going well there, and she had severe fatigue for weeks, bad cough, and chest issues. The doctor eliminated influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, and even tested for strep. He prescribed an antibiotic, but dd didn't see that it made a difference. He did not test for Covid; tests were still hard to come by, there was very little Covid in her city, and she never ran a fever—which at the time, caused dd not to meet the criteria for Covid testing. If she was Covid positive way back then, wouldn't it be great if her body recognized and launched a defensive to the Covid vaccine one year later!
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