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  1. You're welcome! We like it so much that we are hoping to purchase the entertainment center in this same style, although possibly in the dark teal color. (It's out of stock at our store, so we'll see.) Another nice feature of the cabinet we have is that it is kitchen counter height, so we can use it for extra prep space. It was great during the holidays while our college girl was home. We set it up as a tea and snack station. So we had our electric tea pot plugged in along with an assortment of teas, Christmas mugs, Chex mix, cookies, and candy. It was nice to have that area separate from
  2. We purchased a cabinet/sideboard for the kitchen: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/lommarp-cabinet-light-beige-70437003/ The only storage area for large items in our kitchen is a deep, blind (dark!) corner under the cabinet by the stove. So, our less used appliances were in various places in the house: crockpot in laundry cabinets one floor down; food processor and spiralizer two floors up. When we built the IKEA unit, we only put one shelf in each space (rather than the two shelves shown), so now those large appliances—plus my KitchenAid mixer and our toaster, both of which were on the
  3. Thank you, Scarlett! We are all laughing at our house. We needed a good laugh!
  4. I'm not a fan of Kaiser either. I hope you get a good resolution, and I'm very sorry you are dealing with this!
  5. I don't know if he meant to type 2021 at the end...perhaps he was alluding to neurological effects! 😄
  6. Does anyone have something they like that is easy to slip on, has a back strap (like crocs), but is more supportive than crocs (especially metatarsal support)? I tend to run up and down stairs, and I need something that will stay on my feet!
  7. Husband: slippers; grown kids when visiting: barefoot, socks or fuzzy socks; me: used to be barefoot or fuzzy socks, but I have fat pad atrophy, so now I wear crocks with insoles (with or without socks, depending on the season) or running shoes with insoles (only worn in the house) if I am going to be on my feet cooking/cleaning, etc. most of the day. My crocs are old and have worn unevenly on the bottom, so I am glad to see the suggestions on this thread...off to investigate Birks and Vivonic...
  8. This made me laugh, as I would stress about that too when posting. (And your usage is correct.) 😉
  9. I thought this Johns Hopkins mortality analysis was interesting (case-fatality ratio of the 20 most affected countries). United States is 18th out of 20 in observed case-fatality ratio (1.7%): https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality For some reason, when my cousin posted the link on Facebook it was taken down as spam. I just noticed the tab for deaths per 100,000, and the US is 4th out of 20 in that category.
  10. Oh, wow. No, I don't think that was a deal-winning response.
  11. Maybe an at-home escape room or an escape room game? www.dadsuggests.com/home/escape-rooms-for-the-family-to-do-at-home
  12. This made me laugh, especially when I noticed your signature line!
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