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  1. Well, this thread is making me feel a lot better about our church potlucks. Before we moved here 11 years ago, church potlucks always meant heaps of amazing food. People would spend time making their best recipes and really seemed to enjoy the cooking and the compliments and recipe sharing. Here there is never enough, and there have been some odd offerings like a pan of cold, dry baked oatmeal...or a sandwich-sized baggie of sliced apples that a family brought. Now I see that it's more of a cultural shift. Good to know.
  2. I second the Salvador Dali museum. We love his work. There is a healthy cafe right beside that museum or down a storefront or two that has really good all-natural desserts.
  3. Seasider, I'm a 1 also, and I do think the description is rather negative about 1s. The book I read described healthy 1s in a very positive way, but the majority of the 1 chapter seemed fairly harsh.
  4. My podiatrist recommended Brooks and ASICS. So, if you haven't, maybe try on some ASICS while you're shopping around? (I wear ASICS with my inserts, and my feet do pretty well.)
  5. My first thought was essential oils too!
  6. This is why I cringe when adults think it's fine to just give kids whatever is convenient, cheapest, or unwanted. I have a friend who has custody of young children who have been abused. The six year old won a prize at a children's drawing and was so excited. It was the first time she had won anything. The children could see all the donated prizes on tables—toys, sidewalk chalk, etc. The utility company that donated her prize gave two XL adult T-shirts with the company logo and some Koozies with the logo. The little girl's response: I knew I wasn't good enough to get a toy.
  7. I keep thinking about an adult expecting an IRS return and receiving a postcard stating instead of money, they will be getting a subscription to a monthly fruit basket...and a nice set of Tupperware. 😂 (Obviously, reimbursement of withheld earnings is different than a prize, but I imagine some of the emotion would feel the same!)
  8. Well, with that clarification, I would vote for disappointed and not about to go to the effort to enter that competition again to win $50 worth of fancy little raisins.
  9. I don't know about vowing to never bake again (a couple of my kids love to bake), but completely disappointed? Oh yes. Switching prizes was disingenuous.
  10. I'm glad you are home and recuperating. Put digital photos in online photo books? (This is something I always feel behind on, so it came to mind.)
  11. Responding to your "Have any of your kiddos had experiences like this?" Yes, pretty much the same scenario, if you switch English for math (and not an international student). First day of class, freshman year, fellow classmate asks my (previously homeschooled), kind dd if she will tutor him. She called and asked me that night if she should help him. "Um, no, there is a writing center for that, and he doesn't know if you are strong in that class." I mentioned he might be hitting on her, and that had never occurred to her (even though he said he could pay her, or take her out to dinner as payment!). Ah, the naivete. She emailed a polite response ("learning center...blah, blah...see you in class tomorrow...blah, blah). It's been over a year, and that young man has not said a word to her since, even when in a small social group (like four people). She later learned he has a reputation for being a player—not saying this guy is, but you asked if others had like experiences, and apparently this is a common way guys get to know girls these days.
  12. The irony! I was a kid when my event happened, but still... We were traveling and there was a metal tube bike rack that I thought would be fun to somersault around (the bar). All would have been fine, except I had a plastic straw in my mouth. My knee hit the straw when I tucked and scraped a long line along the roof of my mouth. Ow. (Yet another reason to outlaw plastic straws. 😁)
  13. I hope someone has more experience. Our 19yo's iron levels were crazy high. She had blood work done because she was very fatigued her senior year in high school, but there were family crises and she had a busy schedule, so we didn't know if there was a medical component or just life. Anyway, she has the "better" genetic abnormality where people often don't iron load. Her levels went back to the normal range when she stopped taking a multivitamin with iron. Her liver numbers were bad too because of working hard to clean all that extra iron out of her blood. The doctor had her take some supplements for liver support, and all of those numbers, except one, came down too. It has been over a year since she had high levels of iron. I understand what you mean about the eating parameters. It freaked me out a bit too when I was looking after I saw her blood work. (And she was freaked out at the prospect of regular blood draws!) I hope your issue is easily resolved. Wishing you the best!
  14. dd24 homeschooled through high school; associates in early childhood dev.; professional ballerina far from home

    ds22 homeschooled K-8; graphic design certificate; in retail management training and top salesperson

    dd19 homeschooled through high school; sophomore in college majoring in graphic design, minoring in art, and cramming in two choirs, some theater, and intramural soccer


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    2. iamonlyone


      Yes! What a small world! Kaitlyn danced under Betsy's direction for four years. She moved to California this summer to join the Central West Ballet company.

      All the best to your  daughter in her senior year and what lies ahead!

      BTW, Kate attended the Ballet Mag intensive at Belhaven one summer when she was in high school. So, we have been to that campus: lovely!

    3. Pamela in VA

      Pamela in VA

      Hello again!

      I'll have to ask my Sarah if she met Kaitlyn. It was such a small group I can't imagine they didn't meet. Sarah spent the summer working as an intern with Ballet 5:8 in Chicago doing development and fundraising and getting to dance some. She's a double major BFA and Arts Admin. I think B58 is where she would really like to end up, but only time will tell. Lots of prayers this year as graduation and the real world approaches.

      Yes, Belhaven is lovely. Jackson not so much...

    4. iamonlyone


      Kaitlyn went through the first trainee program at B58. (She was there two years.) Good memories! ❤️ Our dancer girls have lots of adventures, for sure!

  15. I would like an invite too. My three are 24, 22, and 19. Thank you!
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