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  1. That sounds amazing! Wish I could do it. Asheville is so gorgeous. My husband and I went there years ago for an anniversary weekend. Now I'm going to look at!
  2. I'm sorry you are going through this! Could stem cell therapy be something to look at? Our friend started this company, that's why it came to mind:
  3. iamonlyone

    Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend needed

    These are great ideas! Thank you so much! It really helps to get your thoughts about size and types of gifts. We already have some fun Christmas fuzzy socks that I have purchased ahead. I think I'll add some good chocolates, a water bottle, and a fun treat for the doggie.
  4. Our son is living with his girlfriend, and has been seeing her since last winter/early spring. What types of gifts would be appropriate for me to buy her for Christmas? None of my children have previously had a serious relationship. Living together before marriage is outside of our family's faith belief, so we don't have anyone to ask for their input (i.e., no one lived together before marriage on either side of the family at least through the four generations I know of). We like his girlfriend, but we don't know her well. We have gotten together a handful of times at our house for dinner, and they came to one of our younger daughter's soccer games and her graduation last spring. So far, I know she likes black olives (can't wrap up a can of those!) and doesn't like to eat leftovers (not helpful). She has a sweet pitbull-mix dog she loves. I don't know if she uses scented lotions/soaps. I would rather not give her a gift card, as everyone else will have a stack of wrapped gift boxes. I have asked son for gift ideas, and he realized he needs to be coming up with some of those himself; he didn't have any suggestions. Ideas? (I don't think I'll get her the same things I'm getting our daughters. I don't know if she would be OK with that or feel like I was presuming.)
  5. iamonlyone

    529 savers...

    This is kind of an outside-of-the-box idea, but you could look at investing in Groundfloor investments: Loans are for 9 to 12 months, so your money wouldn't be tied up. I saw stats that everyone who invested in more than 15 properties earned profits, but I can't find that chart now. The average investor earning rate was 10%. Of course, you would want to spread out your investment and consider the rate of return vs risk for each investment.
  6. iamonlyone

    Your plans for when you need a caregiver?

    That is interesting that sometimes life insurance is convertible. The types of policies I recently learned about are ones where you pay for the entire policy upfront. If it is needed for long-term care, it will pay for about six years, using the death benefit. If it is not needed, the benefit goes to the named beneficiary when the policy holder dies. I thought that sounded like a better way to go than typical long-term health insurance where you pay a lot and may never get any benefit to you or your descendants. I'll have to look at our insurance to see if it includes long-term disability. Lots to think about!
  7. iamonlyone

    Your plans for when you need a caregiver?

    Does anyone have long-term care insurance or life insurance with long-term care insurance that uses up the death benefit? (I realize there would need to be another policy or money for funeral expenses.) My husband and I have talked about those in passing, but they seem so expensive. Of my four grandparents and my parents, only my dad was in rehab/nursing care. He had a massive stroke and needed rehab and care for 18 months before he passed. So, personal experience makes me feel like insurance is putting a lot of money toward a questionable possibility, but I know past history does not determine how things will turn out for my husband and me.
  8. iamonlyone

    Editing as a profession - anyone do this?

    Another wordy job is doing transcription or writing subtitles. Our older daughter just did her first subtitle project for the company Rev, and it seems to get some good reviews. It doesn't pay tons, but it might bring in some extra money and be something you enjoy.
  9. iamonlyone

    Editing as a profession - anyone do this?

    You might look at Upwork for freelance work too. I edited self-published book manuscripts for a company based in Chicago for four years (until last spring). They did require a related BA or master's degree. (I can't remember which.) I have a BA in English, BA in communications, and MS in communications. If you go through a bid-based site, you might see if you can bid low for clients without a large income (like college students needing a proofreader for a paper). Maybe you could build a good rating (and increase your rates) in that way.
  10. iamonlyone

    Just a brag

    Aw, good for her! She showed so much perseverance—not to mention brain power!
  11. iamonlyone

    Full Sail University

    It seems that there are some grads from A&M that go into the gaming industry: "Visualization graduates have achieved success as creative directors, computer animators, university professors and software designers, with the majority working in the animation, visual effects and electronic gaming industries."
  12. iamonlyone

    Full Sail University

    My niece is graduating in December from Texas A&M with a degree in visualization. My understanding is that is a customizable art degree; she has an on-campus studio where she works on traditional artwork and also had lots of computer classes to learn digital art, including animation. (I am told Pixar often hires from their program.) Anyway, it might be worth investigating to see if they have a game design track, since you would like a Texas school.
  13. Do you like the loom? Is it simple? Could I do place mats and table runners? Maybe I need to start a new thread! 😁
  14. iamonlyone

    Do men shake your hand?

    Somewhere along the way I was taught (don't even remember by whom) that if a woman wants to shake a man's hand, she initiates the handshake. I do notice that if I don't want to shake hands, a man usually doesn't put his hand out. Ah, here we go, I guess it's not just something I made up:
  15. In our experience, 2nd choice school asked for a commitment March or April for a fall entry because they were going to reassign dd's scholarships if she chose not to attend 2nd choice school. They sent her a letter with a deadline to commit to the scholarships she had already accepted during the winter. I don't know if that is helpful info in regard to your situation or not.
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