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  1. iamonlyone

    T minus three and counting

    Thank you, Freesia, for the kind, encouraging words! It has been a crazy year (Mom died from pancreatic cancer last October), and I partly want to rest and regroup and partly want to jump right into some kind of employment to fend off the sadness that comes, along with the excitement, of seeing a child launch (and to help with college costs)!
  2. iamonlyone

    T minus three and counting

    We take our baby on Friday. The house will be so quiet with only me here when dh is at work! Thankfully, she will only be an hour away (older daughter is a 20+ hours drive away), so that makes things way easier! After 20 years of homeschooling, I will be working on a new normal!
  3. iamonlyone

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    You're welcome! Yes, location can be tricky. The community college our daughter attended for culinary was also an hour away. But it worked out OK for summer, since the term is shorter. It was also nice for her because she could drive to a town 30 minutes away and then take a bus from there that only stopped at colleges. The downside was that she spent two hours traveling each way instead of one each way, but she was a young driver, and that allowed her to avoid the heavy city traffic, so it was a good choice for us.
  4. iamonlyone

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    Not CaliforniaDreamin, but I have a daughter who was looking at culinary. When she was about your son's age, she called a local cupcake shop and asked if she could shadow for a day. They readily agreed, and she not only watched but was allowed to mix large batches of cupcakes and decorate. She said she had something to do with every cupcake in the shop that day! That experience helped her realize she did not want to get up really early and bake every day! Next, we knew someone who worked in catering, and she and I worked for the caterer for a year or two when she was somewhere in that 14–16 age range. She was able to earn some money...and learn that she doesn't enjoy lugging large containers of food in and out of steamers and working in that rush-rush atmosphere. During the summer, she took a couple culinary classes while in high school at a nearby community college. (In our state technical classes are tuition-free during high school.) She learned a lot and had a good experience, but didn't love it. And, finally, she has worked at the bakery I mentioned for a couple years. We saw the "coming soon" sign, and she instant messaged the owners before the shop opened and introduced herself and asked for a job. They asked for more info, and she worked up a resume and attached photos of cakes, cookies, macarons, etc. she has made. They hired her, and it was, again, a good way to earn money...and also learn that she doesn't love folding hundreds of kolaches every week! After all these experiences, she came to realize that, while she loves baking, she most enjoys the design aspect. This has led her to explore other creative occupations, and she is starting college in a few weeks as a graphic design major. I realize your son is not as interested in baking as my daughter, but if you can find some ways for him to explore culinary, it might confirm his interest or take him in a whole new direction. I think you are wise to be thinking about this now. High school is a wonderful time to delve deeper into interests.
  5. iamonlyone

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    Annie G's post reminded me of a similar position. Our homeless shelter had a lovely, new childcare center so parents have a safe place for kids while they job hunt or begin to get established in a job. The childcare center has two cooks and a head chef. That might be too much like cafeteria cooking, but maybe there is some room for creativity, I don't know.
  6. iamonlyone

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    Seconding the bakery idea—finding a breakfast/lunch niche. My daughter has worked for a bakery of sorts for a couple years, but they offer more than sweets. The young couple started the restaurant about two years ago. They offer the traditional cookies, but their mainstay is kolaches. They offer breakfast kolaches and sweet kolaches. They also have soups for lunch. They have started offering designer bottled sodas, local coffee blends, and tea from a local loose leaf company. Their restaurant has taken off and is doing very well. Their hours are about 4 a.m. to 6 p.m., but many days they leave early, and are at the point now that they are beginning to be able to turn over some of the baking and management to employees. You can find the establishment on Facebook, if you have an account, by searching for Josey Baking Co.
  7. We buy coconut water instead to replenish electrolytes. You might see if he is OK with the taste. My daughter doesn't love the taste of coconut water, but she figured out that the Zico chocolate masks the coconut water taste. (It almost tastes like chocolate milk.)
  8. My mom would not have wanted any of her friends or family members to shave their head in solidarity, but she was a very practical person. She didn't like losing her hair, but she was very matter of fact about it, since she knew it was a likely side effect of the chemo. BTW, I think it is very sweet that those sons shaved their head to support their mother (in the post above).
  9. I agree, you are doing well. Our 21 yo needs similar types of help. He is sandwiched between our two NT daughters, and he is well aware of the difficulties he has doing things others don't struggle with. He continues to grow in his independence and is living in an apartment and working full time. But, when it comes to filling out forms or even feeling secure with paperwork at medical appointments, sometimes he asks for my support. I think the best thing we can do is love them as they are, and let them know it. The world has enough bars for them to jump and people ready to judge. I gladly help when needed and strive to be our son's biggest cheerleader. It sounds like you are doing the same!
  10. iamonlyone

    Ballet Birthday party...

    If you do find a teen to lead the dance, perhaps she could be in costume. Younger dancers love to see those bigger ballerinas in all their glory. Also, if you do end up wanting a movie, maybe one of the Barbie ballerina ones would work like Nutcracker or Twelve Dancing Princesses.
  11. iamonlyone

    Public praises of family members on Facebook

    Thank you! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is uncomfortable reading long, sentimental, personal posts. (Like a previous poster, I scroll on pretty quickly.) I don't think they're offensive or that the posters are wrong to post, so I have felt kind of guilty at my reaction. I agree that, for me, it is way too personal, but everyone is different. I would have been uncomfortable posting things like pregnant belly pictures when I was expecting too, years before FB, so, put me in the private, introvert camp.
  12. iamonlyone

    Teen girl birthday party drama

    Wow—way to take the high road. Your daughter sounds like a wonderful team leader. I hope the family/few friends party is really fun!
  13. iamonlyone

    Prayers needed and a praise...*7/25 Update

    No matter how old you are, it is always so difficult to say goodbye to a parent. Prayers for your family.
  14. iamonlyone

    Dishwashing Soap

    I agree that castile soap didn't work at all well for my hair. I tried it once, and that was enough! I have sensitive skin, and it does work well for me as a shower gel. Also, OP, don't confuse the Bronner's products and use Sal Suds for hand washing or bathing. The manufacturer says Sal Suds is too drying for skin care.
  15. iamonlyone

    Dishwashing Soap

    I use Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds for dishes and laundry and cleaning (liquid castille soap for showering). It has an A rating, but some of the ingredients still might not be what you want: It's expensive, but 1/2 teaspoon is enough for a full kitchen sink of washing water. Castille soap works great on dishes too, as Pen mentioned. Here is a link that explains when Sal Sud's might be better (primarily if you have hard water):
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