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  1. Not the poster you remember, but... There was a girl I was getting to be friends with when I was in middle school. Her family moved to our area during the school year. We got to know each other on the bus, but she was never allowed to play with me (or anyone) after school. As soon as she and her brother got home from school, she said they had to read the encyclopedia until dinner time. She was sweet but seemed scared of her dad. We lived in the country, and they were living in a remote, rundown house. One morning, our school bus stopped, and no one got on. The whole family was gone. I have always wondered and have always felt so sorry for the little girl who couldn't play with me.
  2. iamonlyone

    I think we’ve hit a new low (lol)

    My dds (24 and 19 yo) are laughing so hard they can't breathe at this thread!
  3. OTC progesterone cream helped me too (as Myblessings4 mentioned). I like the brand Emerita. I found the book Before the Change, Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause by Ann Louise Gittleman to be helpful. She offers suggestions (mostly herbal or foods or vitamins) to address specific symptoms.
  4. iamonlyone

    Three observations while working retail

    Not picking on you, Toto, but I started giggling through this thread because of all the "#2" comments. Potty humor is not usually my thing, but the phrasing caught me off guard tonight (plus, I may be very tired and slap happy).
  5. iamonlyone

    Because of Quill

    I'm in the dense camp too. 😉 After extremely painful mammograms, always followed by ultrasounds because the mammogram was all-white, I eventually switched to annual thermography. I haven't had any abnormal results of tests and don't have a family history of breast cancer, so this seems like an OK screening choice for me.
  6. iamonlyone

    What are you go-to everyday shoes?

    Fall through spring Lands' End suede all-weather mocs. (I have light brown, dark brown, and black and generally order children's since they are the same shoe but cost less!) I have orthotic insoles that fit perfectly, and—with or without special insoles—these shoes are so comfy!) Crocs for indoors. Chacos or Lands' End water shoes in summer.
  7. iamonlyone

    2018 Christmas Tree pictures

    I have wrapped presents under my tree and over half the cards in the mail. That has never happened this early in December! That's what happens as a first-year empty nester!
  8. iamonlyone

    2018 Christmas Tree pictures

  9. iamonlyone

    Thoughts on group projects

    That sounds truly awful—like a weird nightmare come to life!
  10. iamonlyone

    Ideas of where to move

    Yes, you might check around the Kansas City area. Besides Lawrence, you could look at Liberty, Missouri, and Overland Park and Olathe, Kansas. All of those cities are close enough to be involved in the arts in KC but also have some small-town character (well, Overland Park doesn't have small-town aura but has lots of opportunities). The Missouri side has lower taxes. Parks: Lakes You would need to go a bit south to the Ozarks for river fun: There are several strong library systems, dependent on area. Homeschooling laws are not cumbersome in either state, and there are lots of groups and opportunities for homeschoolers. COL is low--again, it varies a bit with the area, but compared to the US at large, prices are very reasonable.
  11. Well, here's a funny one, Ausmum: A friend was at a large come-and-go reception at a family member's home and went to the kitchen to check on something. There she saw her auntie dumping the remainder of drinks from the glasses of those who had left and rinsing the ice cubes and putting the refurbished cubes in new glasses of drinks to go out for the next set of guests!
  12. iamonlyone

    No Christmas tree this year

    Maybe Google "PVC pipe Christmas tree"? Those look fun, and you could even set some of your favorite ornaments in the tree.
  13. We went to a church Thanksgiving meal three years in a row: one after my dad had a stroke and couldn't navigate stairs well, the next when my mom wanted to host but wasn't feeling well, and last Thanksgiving when she had just passed away and we were at her house all Thanksgiving week boxing and moving to be out for buyers Dec. 1. We enjoyed ourselves, there was really good, home-cooked traditional turkey dinner, and it was such a blessing and relief in our circumstances! The church asked that those who could would take a side dish, so I made extras so we had leftovers for that evening.
  14. iamonlyone

    Operation Christmas Child In Country Issues PSA

    I looked at the website the Zambian pastor mentioned as a place where donations would more greatly benefit the people. It looks interesting:
  15. iamonlyone

    Dr. Hive: Low levels alkaline phosphatase

    Thank you, BeachGal, for the information and suggestions!
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