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  1. We requested to vote by mail. Our ballots arrived on Saturday. We did the same thing some of you did, sat and researched together, shared tidbits, but cast our own personal preferences. Drop-off boxes opened today. The main facility has outdoor drive-by voting every weekday. We were a little confused by the cones and signage, but after we figured that out, we drove to the station/tent, waited 10 seconds for the car in front of us to leave, and then handed our ballots to the friendly worker who stamped it and put it in the ballot box. So, it was a very easy process. They also have a mobile
  2. Wonderful! My family lived in the Kansas City area, and I have a good friend in Columbia--as well as my husband's aunt and uncle. It's a nice city!
  3. Dd20 is starting week 7 of in-person (small Midwestern uni). There are definitely students in quarantine and some positives isolating. Still hoping they can make it all the way through to Thanksgiving break! Dd is trying to be extra careful as the only choral concert of the semester is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, and she really wants to sing in it! She is in two college choirs, and it is the first time she has a solo at the college level. Her stress level has gone up a notch since her level of care doesn't really matter if someone in one of her classes or suite is positive: she would be re
  4. Thank you for the clarification! We are half a country away in a state with low numbers, and—although I try to read CA news and ask our dd questions—your explanation helps my understanding. I'm so sorry for all that CA residents are dealing with currently.
  5. Sorry to go on a tangent, but you are in San Diego and your daughter is dancing in the studio? Our oldest is a member of a professional ballet company near San Francisco, and the county is not allowing any in-studio dance. There is a possibility they will allow up to 8th grade in the associated school, but that still leaves the advanced dancers and the company in the lurch. I thought all of California was similar in this respect...
  6. I think I would go—especially since you said you all could use a change of scenery. I think walking around and seeing the size of the school is a good idea. Sometimes it helps to see if a student can picture herself on a campus. It sounds like it could be a fun adventure.
  7. Our dd20 is finishing up the first three weeks of all on-campus, in-person classes. So far, so good ... and praying they make it all the way through Thanksgiving break! (The last week of classes and finals week are scheduled to take place off campus.) Edited to add: She is finding it interesting that there is much less class discussion (fewer and shorter comments offered) with students wearing masks. For some reason they seem to talk less with something over their mouths. She has noticed this is her inclination as well. They are also spaced farther apart, so maybe that has something to do
  8. I'm glad you posted this. Our daughter lives in CA (smaller northern town) and, although she is now back teaching preschool, her ballet career is on hold. They have had multiple times when the company makes plans for in-person distanced training, but then the benchmarks change and the county nixes things. It's already hard enough since their city theater announced last spring that they will not take bookings until next spring. Your post helps me understand her circumstances better. I think what is hard for me in Kansas is that since our numbers are comparatively low, it makes it seem more
  9. So far, there are 495 deaths in Kansas. It seems like the trends are easier to see in states with larger numbers (not that I'm complaining!).
  10. Even when only those with symptoms or possible exposure are testing? Not arguing, just really wondering.
  11. Covid is confusing. Kansas named names and numbers today to show where there are cases and how many: https://kansasreflector.com/2020/09/09/kansas-names-businesses-schools-churches-long-term-care-facilities-with-covid-19-outbreaks/ I have stayed home except for errands and going into the office twice a week, where I am the only one there. Most of our friends have been back to church in person since June. There have been many churches (some large) meeting in our city and state since June. Colleges have been open several weeks, some with in-person classes. I am thrilled we are not seeing mo
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