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  1. If you'll contact Royal Fireworks Press, they have a pamphlet with week-by-week instructions. You'd need to break those down into daily lessons but that'a a lot easier than trying to break the entire year down.
  2. Loving this discussion because we are close to replacing our dishwasher. It's down to Bosch vs. KA plus continuing to save for the replacement. My concerns for the Bosch were where to put Portmerion plates and 9x13 Pyrex dishes so I'm glad to hear where those fit. I was also concerned about drying issues with the Bosch but the 800 series models that just hit the stores have the new Crystal Dry system and so far the reviews on Home Depot are positive for that feature. The Kitchen Aid has racks that I'm more used to because I'm replacing a dying Kenmore a/k/a Whirlpool but I really, really want that 3rd Rack feature and it seems flimsy on the KA. I like the deeper and adjustable 3rd Rack on the Bosch. So thanks for posting!!! I'm listening and taking it all in.....
  3. Although I'm a paper girl, I use Apple's iCalendar because I can link it to my husband's iCalendar so we can both see events. I keep most homeschool events and classes only on my iCalendar though so it doesn't clog our his/our shared iCalendar. I print out 2-3 months at a time and reprint as needed - which can be as often as once a week like right now as I'm adding classes and field trips for the whole year. If I were on a Windows machine, I'd probably be using the Google calendar for the same reasons above - ie. sharing with my husband. I'd really love a pretty, colorful paper calendar but have to stick with what works.
  4. My 7yo son lags behind in reading but plods along steadily. He sits down, focuses and does his school work just fine and moves on to play. He doesn't mind if it's math, writing or reading. He loves to play with Legos, trains, marble runs and anything engineering. Loves squirrels and birds. My 9yo daughter still does school like she did when she was 7. She loves reading, history and science but hates writing and math. She drags it out and cannot seem to comprehend that if she'll just do it, she'll be done. It's not just school work that she drags out. She can also drag out chores and even try to put off getting a flu shot. Loves gymnastics and climbing trees. Loves American Girl, Legos, Paw Patrol, and creating anything and everything out of every possible material known to mankind.
  5. Not just game changing, life changing!!! My husband is out of town a lot and our laundry, play room and homeschool books are in the basement....which is mostly underground. The switch to turn on the lights in the underground section where the playroom and books are located requires going through 2 dark areas to reach. I don't like walking through multiple dark rooms underground to reach the light switch. So when he is out of town, I leave the florescent lights on. That's the only way I'll go back there. So yesterday, he removes the switch and installs a motion sensor to turn on the lights. Ummm. No way!!!!!!! That still means I have to walk through 2 dark areas before my motion causes the lights to come on!!!!! ......and then they go off and leave me sitting on the couch in the dark when I'm reading.... My suggested solution was to run an electrical wire up the basement stairs and add a switch there. I'd turn the lights off every time I left the basement with a switch at the top of the stairs!!!! So.....a remote light switch control? That would solve everything!!!!
  6. If it's a temporary injury or split, I'd trim the nail as short as possible and try a nail hardener. If that doesn't work, then I'd go to a nail salon and see what they recommend. I've got a fingernail that started splitting about 3 years ago and nothing I did at home helped. The nail salon first tried the nail repair concoction where you apply some sort of polish then dip the nail in powder then file down and apply normal nail polish. That didn't work and the nail would continue to split underneath. What we found works is applying an acrylic nail and letting the acrylic nail grow out and off. Then I care for the nail at home for 4-6 weeks with it as short as possible and painted with a nail hardener until the split begins again. Then I go back to the nail salon and have a new acrylic nail applied. It works for me because I only have to go to the nail salon 2-3 times a year. (I don't like manicures.) For whatever reason, my nail split begins under the nail before it reaches the surface.
  7. Our piano teacher has several of the Casio Privia PX-160 keyboard in her studio and recommended the same for us. We were fortunate to find one used on Craigslist. It has full-size, weighted keys and a nice sound. Edited to add that we also have a regular piano but it's almost 100 years old and will only tune relative to itself which means it is a little flat. That's been its limitation since the 1980s. It sounds lovely when played alone but we are doing online lessons and discovered you can't play a piano tuned relative along with a piano in tune. 🙂
  8. I'm not an AGF user although I've purchased a couple of her booklists. I just wanted to let you know that there is an active Facebook group called "A Gentle Feast Community". If you don't get an answer to your question here, I'm sure you could get an answer to your question there.
  9. I have bought and given away a spiralizer twice. It's just not for me. When I was prepping, spiralizing and cleaning up, I would think - why am I not just using a cutting board and a good knife?
  10. We use an older iPod with the wifi turned off. My 9yo daughter has had it a couple of years. She did add addresses to the address book and sometimes will type a list in "Notes" but otherwise uses it only for her audiobooks. I plug it into my laptop to transfer the audiobooks to the iPod.
  11. I'm hoping that my next washing machine will be a Speed Queen. My kids have eczema which requires me to get all soap residue out of their clothes or they break out. That requires being immersed in water. And to get the clothes clean without using strong soap - well that requires an agitator. A couple of years ago, Speed Queen changed their machine and removed the agitator and the new swishing technology got some really bad reviews. But now it is my understanding that after 2 years, they went back to the agitator style machine. I wish I could find where I read that. It was either at Consumer Reports or on a washing machine review site. I've been keeping up because my 2nd-hand-direct-drive-lots-of-water-agitator machine is very old. If Speed Queen did not really return to their old agitator/lots of water machine, then I'll be looking at the 1st step into Maytag's Commercial line to get a machine.
  12. I generally change them out toward the end of cooking. Sometimes, if I really like the utensil, I'll wash it before the end and finish out with it.
  13. My 4th grader will be doing MCT Island this year and I've got a question about writing. Would adding Writing and Rhetoric Fable be adding too much? I like the samples of it so much that I'm even wondering about doing a lot of W&R Fable orally. My daughter is used to do copywork but has not done as much formal composition. For those of you who used MCT Island, is it ok to add an additional writing program? Would it be too much work? In the 28-week lesson plans, I'm seeing the weekly writing exercises based off either vocabulary or to explain a grammar concept. I also see the writing exercises for each chapter of Sentence Island even though we would probably pick and choose through those exercises. They all look great. They just don't have what W&R Fable has.........which looks like a lot of fun..........but I don't want to add it and overload my daughter with writing. For those of you who have used W&R Fable, did any of you use parts of it orally? Or use it alongside another program? There doesn't seem to be too much writing if used alone. It looks perfect. My only concern is layering it in on top of other writing exercises. Thank you very much!!!!
  14. I will be using MCT Island with a 4th grader this year who has done copywork but very little formal grammar. It appears that she will learn everything she needs for parts of speech and parts of sentences. What she needs but I do not see is instruction on capitalization, plurals, possessives, contractions, etc. and I'm trying to figure out how to fix that. (She did not learn it from copywork.) I was looking at Easy Grammar and Daily Grams and really like them both but think they would be total overkill to use all year. Would getting something like Easy Grammar 4 and going to the back of the book to use the lessons on capitalization, contractions, etc. be perfect to use for a few weeks? Or too much? Would using Daily Grams 4 be better for that? Is there something better out there for capitalization, contractions, plurals, possessives, etc. that we could use for a few weeks? Thanks very much!!!!
  15. A city near us has a weekly food truck event in a local park and it is always packed. As in - the police have to direct traffic kind of packed. The kids play on the playground. The parents get whatever food they want and sit and chit-chat. The folks with dogs meet to eat, socialize and let their dogs run in the dog park. The young singles meet up to eat and socialize. A couple of our homeschool groups will have moms-night-out at the food truck event. My church also has an annual family event and they always bring in 3 food trucks - tacos, Asian food and gourmet hamburgers. So it gives everyone 3 choices in the type of food they want to eat. The food trucks come in, serve everyone and leave - with no mess except for dragging all the trash bags to the dumpster. I don't usually like food truck food, though. l like plain food. The food trucks have gourmet and exotic ingredient menus.
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