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  1. I had a similar pain and bunches of chiropractic visits didn't help. So I saw an orthopedist who took an x-ray and sent me for 6 weeks of PT. Mostly it was a couple of decades of bad posture and being hunched over in a chair at the computer. When it bothers me now, my favorite remedies are rolling on a foam roller and a chair stretch where you sit upright in a chair, put your hands behind your head and you stretch backwards 20 times over the back of the chair trying to stretch out that area. If it continues to bother him, though, I'd get it checked out by an orthopedist. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I have a soft, fluffy bed jacket that has never been used as a bed jacket because I like to sleep with it against my arms and face like a blankie. I bought it when my DH and I married 15 years ago. I'm not exactly sure why I thought I needed a bed jacket? It's hot, though, so it ends up on the floor every night but it helps me go to sleep so I always start the night with it.
  3. This is the first year I've ever wanted to do any winter decorating but I was only thinking a winter wreath for the front door. I found this beautiful DIY pinecone wreath with bow and I'm going to give that a try and see how I like it. https://www.thehowtomom.com/pinecone-wreath-diy/
  4. We are in Georgia so we're unseasonably cold at the moment. Grrrrr. And brrrrr! I bring everything in at night between 8-9pm and put it back out at 7am but I've done that every year no matter what the temps are.
  5. We love to put out a small table of drinks and snacks for our delivery folks. This year the favorites are apple juice, OJ and Snickers bars.
  6. Definitely more. My DH usually travels a lot for work and is gone most of the work week. I've enjoyed having him home but it has definitely increased my grocery bill. Plus the price has gone up on some of our usual staples and nothing we buy seems to go on sale anymore.
  7. LOL. Yes! This happens from time to time. 🙂 After getting caught 2 or 3 times, I'll just skip a couple of aisles to get ahead of them. Then at the end, I double back to go down the aisles I skipped. I've found that skipping one aisle is not enough. You have to skip 2 aisles to really get ahead of them......
  8. I love the French Picardie glasses from Williams Sonoma except I didn't pay that much for them. I lucked up on a full set for $30 at the Williams Sonoma outlet about 15 years ago and they are still going strong. https://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/picardie-glass-tumblers-assorted/?catalogId=44&sku=4101460&cm_ven=PLA&cm_cat=Google&cm_pla=Tabletop %26 Bar > Tumblers %26 Drinking Glasses&region_id=772240&cm_ite=4101460&gclid=Cj0KCQiAk53-BRD0ARIsAJuNhps4EH7pcy0H0-UCfApmdWxxnZ24Y-pJf1yYcAyGajaxPknRyYTf2ZMaAk_TEALw_wcB
  9. I'm so sorry. It's hard. I use Bertolli olive oil - extra light tasting - for almost all of our baking, sweet or savory. I threw out or gave away the wooden spoons, cast iron, cutting boards, non-stick stuff and blender. I kept stainless steel and plastic serving spoons and stainless steel, ceramic or glass cookware. I travel with a box of tin foil for vacation so I can safely use rental unit bakeware. I've also been known to travel with utensils and a small cutting board. My dairy-allergic DD will eat a few dairy-free foods like Daiya shreds but they have coconut oil in them which won't
  10. I've taken it twice - one as a teenager and once as an adult. It worked and the only side effect was skin dryness.
  11. I voted "other". We're 3rd and 5th and most days it is at the table and Mom helps as needed. I go over the 3rd graders new math. The 5th grader prefers to do it on her own. They choose the order of their subjects so they might or might not be doing math at the same time. Sometimes they end up on the wood floor or by the front door or sitting next to a vent. Sometimes one will ask to do it in their bed. I'm fine as long as you do it and bring it back to me. One lesson a day.
  12. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry. Praying for a good recovery!
  13. Honestly I'm not looking forward to winter and though we will be making changes, I'm not exactly sure what they'll be. We've enjoyed brief visits with all the grandparents - driveway visits and porch visits - but the grandparents will no longer be able to do that in the cold. So I don't know what we'll do there. We've also enjoyed weekly park playdates - the moms socially distanced and the kids running around - those will be iffy depending on weather. We've tried to do outdoor activities as they pop up but I don't expect many of them will pop up over the winter. Again, totally dependent on wea
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