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  1. Thank you for posting this. Those notebooks would make sweet treats for friends or just anybody with a pen added to it. My 9yo daughter has been wanting to make the flower pens where you use floral tape to wrap an artificial flower onto a Bic stick pen. Oooooooo mother's day gifts for the grandmothers!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I still love, buy and use stationery! I like writing thank you notes and condolence notes and get well notes and thinking of you notes. Nowadays I usually just buy blank foldover notes from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and draw a little picture on the front of the notecard. I buy the boxes that have a bunch of different colors in them. My Mom gave my 9yo daughter her own foldover stationery with her name in pink. She loves it and writes notecards a couple of times a week. I also buy a lot of postcards and participate in writing postcards to send internationally through Postcrossing. I love that. I've got an album to put all the postcards I've received through that program.
  3. We don't school at the dining room table but we're within feet of it. I've got a 10-drawer rolling cart for the 7yo because his subjects tend to have pieces and parts. My 9yo has a cloth bin - the type that would fit into a cube shelf. Her books, rule and pencil box all fit in it. p.s. I agree with the comment above about how the books will never being under control.......
  4. Before we bought our current house with a pool, I never thought I'd want a pool. But now that we have it, we love it. We moved in before we had kids so they've grown up with it. We converted it to salt water and love that. It is definitely a source of maintenance and expense. Without kids, I probably wouldn't want it. They are 7 and 9 now and it's really nice. And the absolute best, best, best? The 30 minute swims. You've got to be somewhere mid-morning? Sure - let's go swimming for half an hour first!!! The husband letting the kids swim while I fix dinner. Or afterwards while I'm cleaning up. All those extra swimming sessions because all you have to do is walk out the door and jump in.
  5. Ride-on toys/bikes. Wagons. Scooters. Yard games like hula hoops, croquet, tossing sets, stilts, badminton. Swing set (which you have). Jungle gym. My kids are 7 and 9 and we don't do play dates because, well, we've just never done play dates. So when a family comes over, it's a wide range of ages and I'm always amazed how they really enjoy climbing all over the swing set and jungle gym, riding all the ride on toys and playing the games. No matter what their age, they all find something to do and have a great time. A favorite game right now is setting up obstacle courses and timing themselves going through the course and trying to beat their own times. Nobody seems to mind if the littles skip some of the obstacles.
  6. I don't know exactly what a Federal ID is but I'd recommend getting your name changed legally. My mother was born Carolyn and changed the spelling to Caroline when she was a teenager. It's been a problem all her life. Passports, driver's license, airline tickets, social security, health insurance, etc. She was initially denied boarding a return flight from Paris about 15 years ago because something didn't match up. Lapses in health insurance coverage because documents don't match up. So yes, get your name changed legally.
  7. UHU Tac adhesive putty? This is what I used to put my 9yo DD's Veritas Press cards on the hall wall as she finished each week. My parents also use it at their house to display the grandkids artwork. And it's the only thing my church will allow us to use on the walls for VBS decorations. It holds papers really well. It does not do as well with heavier things like canvas on cardboard. Edited to add: I almost forgot - I use this putty for putting up our weekly "picture study" art in the bathrooms. It's on tile in 2 bathrooms and on a wood door in the basement bathroom. I'm using it on the top 2 corners and I've used and re-used the same pieces of putty since last September.
  8. For middle of the night sinus pain that won't go away, I use a flexible ice pack wrapped in a washcloth. I've been known to fall asleep with it on my face.
  9. Have you tried changing the battery brand? We used Kirklands batteries for awhile then started having trouble with them. One - they didn't last as long as Duracells and Energizer and they would not make 6 months in the smoke detectors. Second - they started having size issues where they didn't quite make contact. We found this out with the wood Thomas trains. The Kirkland double As quit working in them. Then we'd put in any other brand, and the trains ran fine. We finally realized there was just the slightest bit of space and the Kirkland double As weren't quite making contact on both sides. Anyway, no matter which brand you are using, try another and see if that fixes the issue.
  10. I absolutely adore this amber colored booklight: While there are 2 lights with low and high on each side, I almost always use only 1 light on low and that's enough for middle of the night reading. I struggle with insomnia from time to time and find this does not interfere with sleep and actually helps me get sleepy. I also like that it is rechargeable either with an outlet or through USB to my laptop. I've had mine at least 2 years and recently bought one for my 9yo DD who was reading too late at night. It has a clip for clipping onto books but I cannot speak to its effectiveness. I prefer putting the booklight on my chest facing the book.
  11. With colds and such, I almost always get sick no matter what I do. My kids are 7 and 9. Even if my husband gets a cold and I stay away, I still get sick. With tummy viruses, it's about 50/50. With 24-hour fever bugs, I don't get those.
  12. I've been looking at sewing machines for my 9yo daughter and I too want a good but basic machine for her. I've narrowed it down to 2 choices: (1) Brother XM2701 - about $86 on Amazon and it's got great reviews. I found it helpful to scroll through the questions/answers and to look through the reviews. I also looked at it on the BrotherUSA website. (2) BabyLock Zest - $149 at our local quilting store although I see it on websites for $99. My daughter would be given a couple of solo classes on how to use the machine and that's a bonus. Also - she'll be taking kids classes at this quilting store and it would be helpful that she'd have the machine that they have and are familiar with. Both seem very portable which is a priority for me. And I don't think we could go wrong with either machine although I'm most likely going with the BabyLock. Good luck!!! If you can, see if you can find the machines you're interested in to look at locally. Seeing them in person helps me.
  13. Well this was 30 something years ago but......after I had my 1st set of teenage braces removed, my jaw started locking and my front lower and upper teeth only separated by 1 finger's width. The dentist couldn't do anything and sent me back to the orthodontist who said it was TMJ and put on a 2nd set of braces. A year later, the 2nd set of braces was removed and all was well. Currently my jaw will lock maybe once a year and I'll see the chiropractor who adjusts it and all is well until it happens again. I'd be a squeaky wheel.
  14. Interesting - because I Google-searched your exact post title this morning for my 9yo daughter. She started with Zaner-Bloser manuscript, moved on to ZB cursive but while her cursive improves, her manuscript gets worse and worse. Letters not on lines and all different sizes and crooked. I think hers is mostly a pencil grip and using the wrong muscles issue. She tries and tries to do what I suggest but it just doesn't happen. I found this blog post that suggests a slant board and using the Handwriting Without Tears Double Narrow lined paper. I'm going to order and try both suggestions.
  15. Well I could tell you in about 6 months because I'm about to start Sewing School 1 with my 9yo daughter and plan to use Sewing School 2 after that. I've already got the Sewing School 1 book and it looks great and easy to use.
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