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  1. If anyone needs to find gas, I used the GasBuddy website to find it. On the main page, scroll to the bottom and on the left under features, there is link for "outage tracker" where you can put in a location and see what's available around it. The tracker is dependent on folks who update it. I'd been watching it since yesterday and was able to get gas near me a few minutes ago. I was going to update my fill-up but someone had already updated it.
  2. I'm near Atlanta and there's no gas available around me. We will curtail activities until we have a better idea of when gas will be available again. Our governor temporarily suspended gas sales tax to ease the price increases but that just seems like it will encourage people to top off. I've also heard that companies that would move gas via tankers from another state and bring it here will have to pay excise taxes in the other states because our sales taxes have been suspended. Sounds like a giant mess to me. There's plenty of supply. It's just transportation of that supply that's suspend
  3. This was a big problem until my husband got a sleep study done and got a CPAP machine. I used layers of tactics. Earplugs, sound machine (brown noise not white or pink!!!!!) with subwoofer to get the rumble, side sleeping with pillow over my earplugged ear, moving to spare bedroom, moving to den sofa or recliner once spare bedroom was occupied by kids. FYI - I kept a baby monitor on my bedside table when the kids were little and never had a problem hearing them even with earplugs, brown noise and pillow. Good luck. Sleep deprivation because of snoring is miserable.
  4. I'm sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family.
  5. Not yet but thank you for posting because I'm checking it out. My kids are 9 and 11 and we haven't had much American History because we are following the Veritas Press Self-Paced history which starts at the beginning. Does your son listen to a story a day? Do you think they'll stop adding stories when they've reached a year's worth of stories? Again - thank you for posting about this resource!
  6. If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it probably is a duck. Sounds very abusive to me. ETA: Ok so "abuse" is probably a trigger word and I probably shouldn't have used it. Punitive, unrealistic and downright cruel is what it really sounds like to me.
  7. Zombie thread, sort of. Blog link is for pakistantutor dot com website.
  8. I just checked and there are several places near me that have appointments available today. Our mass vaccination site has started allowing walk-ins with no appointment. We seem to have plenty of vaccine but everything I hear is that only 20% of our state population is vaccinated. I'm fully vaccinated but aware that most of my friends do not plan to get vaccinated. So there seems to be a lot of vaccine hesitancy and refusal around me. ETA I'm in Georgia.
  9. Thanks for posting this update, OP. Congratulations!!!!!!!! I'd never heard of this program and I've been searching for something like this to try. So thank you!!
  10. That's hard. I'm sorry. Praying for your in-laws and your whole family.
  11. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your Mom getting hurt. Praying for her and the rest of you!
  12. I just told my husband that we need to buy a piece of land somewhere in that path that we can camp out on........
  13. No, it wouldn't work for us. My husband travels in his vehicle to other states every week for work. I could wait until the weekend for grocery/Target/drugstore runs but I wouldn't be able to take the kids to their activities during the week or drive my parents to their appointments.
  14. Awwww that's awesome! What is the website for old kids' records? I've tried for years to find a little song my sister used to play in the 70s. It was called "Kindergarten" and it was on the back of a little 45. It wasn't a kindergarten song. It was titled "Kindergarten". My sister used to rock on a rocking horse for hours listening to that song. I couldn't hum it but if I heard a clip of it, I'd know it immediately.
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