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  1. I'm so sorry for your friend. What a dreadful tragedy!!!! I'm just glad he is alive and recovering. Your question and this thread got me wondering, though. What does my homeowners policy say? "Guest medical protection - $1,000 each person." That's it. FWIW - there is also something called "Family Liability Protection - $300,000 each occurrence" on our homeowners policy but I don't what that covers or whether it's something your friend could go after if his customer had that on their homeowners policy. Everything else on our homeowners policy seems to be related to the house/structure/personal property, etc. I hope your friend can talk to an attorney to see what options he might have.
  2. In the past like 10-15 years ago, my husband would buy groceries and cook our Valentine dinner and we'd exchange cards. We never went out because neither of us likes the wait on Valentine's day. And this was the only time of year he would cook. Then came kids with food allergies and he stopped cooking dinner. Then he stopped cards. He's never done flowers because I generally consider flowers on Valentine's day to be way overpriced. So for the last few years I've gotten madder and madder because I love Valentine's day and I do special things for him and the kids and he doesn't do anything. And yes, I know - we don't give to get. But it's Valentine's day!!! So I'm changing it up this year. I signed the kids for Parents' Survival Night at the local kids' gym on Valentine's night. I've made a list of 4 reasonably priced restaurants that shouldn't have any wait - for him to choose from. Afterwards, we're going to Barnes & Noble because I need a small Moleskin notebook. Then we'll look at cards for each other and show them to each other but not buy any. We used to do that decades ago and it was tons of fun. After that (or before), we're going to Publix or Kroger to buy some flowers (but not roses!!) to go on the dining room table for the weekend. Then we'll go pick up the kids. I'm really looking forward to it all!!! And my husband is happy with the plans. Honestly, I think he's just flat out not. a. planner. when it comes to stuff like Valentines' day and my birthday and our anniversary, etc. But if I'll make the plans, we both have a great time. So step up to the plate I will!!!!
  3. I'm so sorry. He was so tiny and so precious. Praying for you and your family.
  4. I'm a weird mix of an Excel spreadsheet and green columnar pads for our budgeting but it works for me. For those who like Excel spreadsheets, this one has been my absolutely favorite over the years. It's a free "Envelopes" type spreadsheet. It's old - from 2010 - but I'm using it on my Excel for Mac through the 365 subscription and it still works just fine. There's a paid version which includes reconciling features but I have not bought or tried that. I just use the free one.
  5. Thank you OP for posting this question. And thank you to the one who found the link. That looks exactly like my speed and exactly what I need for working on my own house this year.
  6. CTVKath


    We had our first ever infestation about this time last year and we went to a lice specialist to get help since I had zero experience with lice. My 3 takeaways were these: (1) combing is key because you've got to get rid of every single nit and you need to follow a combing schedule; (2) at the beginning, you've got to comb and check everybody in the family and treat everyone with lice at the same time; and (3) that the lice leave a "good host!!" scent on your head that lasts about a month so we had a lice repellent spray to spray on our hair every time we left the house in the 30 days from the point of being "lice free". So sorry you are dealing with lice. i hated it.
  7. Thanks for this thread. It never occurred to me to even think about what I've changed this year. I did three things and none of them were planned except the last: (1) quit eating bacon at breakfast, (2) quit reading news about celebrities, and (3) started starting my day with Bible reading and prayer. My 10yo DD is working on hanging up her towel after her bath but we are using a point system for her to help create the habit.
  8. Well I've been toying with the plant-based concept for about 6 months because I feel better when I don't eat meat or dairy. The other reason I"m looking at it is my DD is allergic to dairy (among other foods) and my DS is allergic to eggs and lactose intolerant. My family will probably never give up meat. My husband is a meat-and-3 type eater. My DD will try anything she's not allergic to. And my DS won't eat, smell, touch or lick a fruit or vegetable or bean. But that's ok. My idea is just to incorporate more plants into our diet as best I can. My favorite places to look for recipes are a little extreme because they don't use any oils - Dr. McDougall's starchivore diet, Dr. Esselstyn's prevent-and-cure-heart-disease diet, etc. Why? Because all the recipes look easy, delicious and use mostly normal ingredients. Here are a few places where I love to surf and dream about making yummy recipes: (1) Brand New Vegan's website - (2) Plant Based Gabriel's website - (3) Jane Esselstyn's YouTube channel - This sounds crazy but the first recipes I want to try are the dairy-free "cheez" type sauces - to find one that is both yummy, fat free and healthy with no nuts in it. I've gathered the ingredients for Plant Based Gabriel's "cheez" sauce and will try that first. We've never had "cheese" sauce in our house because of all the food allergies and the dairy-free cheeses at the store are expensive and full of unpronounceable ingredients. I want to make GF mac "cheez" and a sauce to put over broccoli and to make hashbrown casserole. Good luck to you. The plant based recipes really do look yummy and easy. Oh - the only tried and true recipe I have is a meal concept - tacos. I make ground beef for my husband and kids, homemade pinto beans for all of us and enough vegetables that I can build my taco without any meat or dairy. That's really the concept that I will be aiming add enough vegetables/beans/grains to my meals that I can skip eating the meat.
  9. Hi there. It's been a year since the last incident but the best I can remember is: (1) Yes. Immediately better at the 24-hour mark. (2) Yes. It dried up. (3) No, but we would have if the infection had not gotten better. And if I'd had any questions, I would have called the nurse. We were given topical prescriptions in addition to oral antibiotics and given a specific skin care routine.
  10. I prefer brown noise for sleeping because it’s got some bass in it. I’ve actually got a little subwoofer by my bed to make sure I get those lower frequencies. I use an app called “Simply Noise” and one of its choices is brown noise. White noise makes me tense.
  11. I use a homemade solution that works for us. I got the recipe from the house cleaners we used to have years ago and it's what they used all over our house for linoleum, tile and wood. Half water and half white vinegar with a small squirt of Dawn dish liquid. No rinsing required. White vinegar smell dissipates quickly.
  12. I read "Eat to Live" and a couple other books by Dr. Fuhrman about 15 years ago and tried it briefly. I found it too restrictive at the time and soon quit. I never tried it again but I've never forgotten the books. I do buy and like Dr. Fuhrman's multivitamin for women. My goal 15 years ago was to improve my health but I did not have any pressing medical issues at the time. If I had, I might have tried it again. I'm currently reading a bajillion books about Whole Foods Plant Based - books by Dr. Essylstein, Dr. McDougall and Dr. Greger. Their diets are very similar although not exactly the same but seems like they will be more workable for me and my family (who will still eat meat).
  13. Yes. I liked Explode the Code and like Spellwell just as much. When I was growing up, we just had weekly lists of random words to memorize. I like the phonics based spelling much better.
  14. I don't know the answer to your question but I can tell you how my daughter has done with Spellwell. She breezed through Level A/AA in 2nd grade and breezed through Level B/BB in 3rd grade. This year is 4th grade in Level C/CC and it isn't as easy as previous years. Some weeks she can spell the words correctly on Monday's pretest but then might struggle in some of the daily activities - for example, dividing the syllables correctly, thinking of synonyms or adding new syllables to the spelling words to make new words. Other weeks, she'll miss a bunch of the words on the Monday pre-test but then do fine on the daily activities. Hope that helps!
  15. If you'll contact Royal Fireworks Press, they have a pamphlet with week-by-week instructions. You'd need to break those down into daily lessons but that'a a lot easier than trying to break the entire year down.
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