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  1. Publix is my favorite place to stop for the restroom these days. It's usually in the front of the store and very clean. We just had a drive yesterday and while we drove, my parents looked up Publix locations near the Interstate so I'd know where we could stop. Little kids don't give you much warning! If Publix weren't available, I'd just be looking for the nicer grocery stores.
  2. Our church canceled in person VBS and switched it to Home VBS. They are using the same VBS they did in 2018 instead of the new one they planned for 2020. They recorded 3 videos for each VBS day: (1) songs with motions & Scripture memory, (2) skit, and (3) dramatized teaching. At the beginning of June, they had a big drive-thru pick up your Home VBS bag which contained the teacher manual for small group time, kids' journals they work on all week with all the necessary stickers and printouts, t-shirts, and introductory information for the parents with suggestions for scheduling, recreation time, etc. I always teach so I'm already familiar with the format. During the drive-thru we picked up our bag, stopped at a prayer station, then a lollipop station, and then got blasted by water canons as we drove off. It was a very festive drive-thru and the kids loved it. They asked us to invite people to join us for Home VBS if we were comfortable with it and we were able to buy extra t-shirts as applicable. We have 2 families joining us. We've been doing 2 days a week and will have our last VBS day this week. We do it in the garage with the garage door open and fans blowing. My husband rigged a screen for us to watch the 3 daily videos. (The videos are streamed from the church's website.) For rec time, we just let the kids eat a snack and run around the front yard. It's worked out great and I will miss this time when we're finished.
  3. I wish I could share some mental coping skills with you but I don't have any for that type of noise. I'd have to move. So this doesn't answer your question - but have you tried any sound absorption in your house or in the yard? Heavy curtains in your bedroom and a bookshelf full of books along the wall that faces your neighbor's garage? Or putting up a wood fence in the yard facing towards the neighbors? I think they make sound absorption blankets to hang on wood fences. If none of that is feasible, my only other suggestion is to try brown noise. I use brown noise at night with small sub on the floor right beside my bed. My husband says it sounds like an airplane taking off but it works for me. White noise doesn't help at all. Good luck. I'm amazed you've put up with it so long.
  4. I was ok on non-perishables and supplies when the stores got cleared out here but it was really stressful to see the empty shelves week after week after week. So I will probably stock up just a little more to cover another's month's supply of those.....just to relieve my stress when it hits again. And I'll go through the medicine cabinet to make sure everything's current and we have enough, especially of anything for the kids. Lastly, I'm going through our recipes and want to put together a loose grocery list of a month or 2 months of menus so I can purchase what we need for those menus instead of just grabbing what's available.
  5. Mine was March 12th when the first cancellation occurred and they continued all through the weekend. It was surreal. I took my DD to one last gymnastics practice on March 12th thinking that it would only be half full (correct) and would probably be the last time she'd see her friends for awhile (also correct). Lasting undated memories are trying to get groceries and essentials for 4 households (mine and 3 elderly) and empty shelves at 4-5 stores over several weeks. A good positive undated memory is almost 6 weeks of nightly read alouds by Andrew Peterson of the first 2 books in his Wingfeather series. We listened as a family. That's what I'll probably remember the most.
  6. My kids and I went yesterday to our hair salon. We already had the appointment scheduled from 3 months ago and kept it. The rules were similar except the booties. We called and waited outside until it was time to go in. They took all of our temperatures. We were already wearing masks but I noticed a table with box of disposable masks by the door. They also gave us each a squirt of hand sanitizer as we walked in. Once inside, they washed our hair but only half the sinks were being used. They had room to spread the hair stylists out to every 3 or 4 chairs. Extra employees hovered to sanitize every surface and tool that got used. And no hair drying. That was it. Edited to add: All the masks I saw were behind the ear elastic style. One lady wasn't using the elastics and had used tape to attach the mask to her face. I didn't see any masks with ties.
  7. No. We worked through parts of Island but not all of it. And we did not use Fable. Instead, my 10yo just writes a page a day. She alternates between writing a letter, about a book or movie she has seen, her weekly Veritas Press history card, a Friday Freewrite from Bravewriter, dialogue between 2 characters, and lists of just about anything. I'm happy. She's happy. I usually correct her writing once a week, sometimes twice. I also added in a 6-week punctuation workbook in January. My main goal this year was to get her writing consistently without fear.
  8. My 8yo and 10yo like the surgical mask style with elastic loops. I cut a 6 1/2" x 13" rectangle and two pieces of 7 1/2" elastic to make it. From a feature standpoint, the mask is open at the bottom to insert a filter, if desired. There's also a channel at the top edge for inserting/removing a nose wire. (I use a twist tie.) You reach the nose channel by going through the opening at the bottom. I don't have an exact pattern or video to point you to because I tried a few patterns and videos then mish-mashed them to get what I wanted. But if you're interested, I can point you to the main pattern/video I use and describe the 3 tweaks I made to it.
  9. Is anyone having trouble replying to posts? I'm on a Mac laptop and have never had trouble before. The forums will not keep me signed in and won't let me reply to a topic even after I've typed it and signed in multiple times. I've tried using both Chrome and Safari but it logs me out in both places.
  10. That's sort of me and although I've mostly only been to the grocery store in the last 6 weeks with a couple of trips to other places for supplies, I am paying attention to the facilities because I use them often and so does my 8yo son. So far, it's not caused me concern. I'm noticing that some places have the doors to the restroom propped open. Trash cans are placed right outside the doors so you can easily use paper towels on your way out. Plenty of soap. And so far most doors open to the outside so that you have to use the handle to open the door and go inside but on your way out you can use your foot, knee or elbow to get out. Yesterday I took both kids to go see the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flyover. Afterwards I was dropping off handsewn masks to 2 different sets of grandparents. Everybody had to go!!!!!! But where to go? I stopped at Publix and it was fine. We all wore masks into the store, used the restroom and washed hands and left. I didn't like how many people were in the store but we were in and out in a handful of minutes. Given a choice, I'd choose a grocery store to take the kids to the restroom if I had to take them.
  11. Thank you to all of you!!! I've been looking these series up on Amazon to "Look Inside" and several look like they would be perfect. 🙂
  12. Hello. My 8yo boy has finally decided he can read and has taken off with Mo Willems' Elephant & Piggie books. I bought him the whole set a couple of weeks ago and he's almost done. Can anyone suggest a series or author to follow the Elephant & Piggie books? Maybe a similar humor to those and the Pigeon books? My son is doing great with 2-syllable words and reading easily. 3-syllable words are difficult. We're working steadily forward with phonics and I'm not concerned about that. I just want to keep him reading. My sister-in-law sent him a set of Fly Guy books but for some reason he is scared of Fly Guy so that's a no go. Thanks so much!!!
  13. I'm in my 50s now but have taken Accutane twice, once in my teens and once in my late 20s. Both were after exhausting topical remedies, steroids and antibiotics, as well as over the counter products. I'm glad I took it both times and haven't had a problem since the 2nd time. I was scared of taking it both times but both times I had reached the point of scarring and didn't want to go anywhere or been seen by anyone. I regretted having waited so long both times.
  14. I love the idea of using file folders to make the covers!!!!!!!!! I'm always trying to find paper 3-prong folder to cut apart and it's hard to find the paper ones nowadays. But I can find plenty of file folders. And cute ones too! Thank you for the inspiration!
  15. No school today! It's spring break!! Plant part of the garden. Do a couple of loads of laundry. Sew 6 masks.
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