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  1. DD11 has slowly worked through the first three or so chapters of So You Really Want to Learn French this past year. It has been adequate for her. I’m wondering if there is some fun program or something she could listen to/interact with/read etc while we’re off a few weeks in the summer so she doesn’t forget everything we’ve done. I’m afraid some of that has already started.... Thanks!
  2. Bumping, because I’m in the same boat looking for my 3A curls daughter!!!
  3. So would this one be sufficient for basic home use/online classes?
  4. So what exactly is a chrome book and how is it different from a laptop? This used to be so much easier.....!
  5. Would there be any reason an ipad would not work for online classes?
  6. So I heard (maybe here?) about the Lenovo Memorial Day sale being all hyped up. We’re needing to replace our Dell laptop which is a slow as molasses in January and I’ve liked a Lenovo I had before. I’m basically illiterate when it comes to this kind of stuff. For you techies out there, which of their products (that appear will be on sale, greatly) would you recommend for: 1. Basic office use 2. Basic internet use 3. Online classes (DD will be in first live online class next year and I’d want something that will work well for this) 4. No gaming, etc Or should I be looking at something other than a laptop for these uses? Chrome book? No idea how that differs.... Thanks!
  7. Oh my goodness you guys are amazing. I’m on a mission!!!!!
  8. So frustrated by this. Shirts in particular. Help me find where the problem might lie! I run, sweat (the shirt isn’t ever soaked, esp these months of the year, but sometimes a bit more than others). Throw it in the wash, sometimes that same day, sometimes some days later, depends on when I do laundry. Comes out smelling clean (as far as my nose can tell). But then, almost AS SOON AS I PUT IT ON an start my body warming up it stinks again in the armpits. I’m fed up with being stinky. Another clue is sometimes just my regular shirts tend towards this too.... just not to same extent. Is the answer: 1. Suck it up, everyone’s exercise shirts stink, its just the way of life. 2. Change your deodorant (I do do this at times, but prefer more natural ones). 3. You’re just a stinky person and out of luck (I don’t think I generally am?...) 4. Get a new washing machine. 5. Get a different laundry detergent (usually use Arm and Hammar Clear and Clean or whatever it is called but currently have Purex as it was on sale) or add something else to your laundry process. 6. Something else I’m not thinking of? Help a girl out!
  9. Yeah, I think that I’m liking the idea of cutting back for her after I laid things out on paper. I think I’ll plan on doing FMOR on their 3 day schedule they have in the lesson plans, she’ll sit in for the 5-10 minutes it takes to read the SOTW section for the day, and will only read HO if I feel she has some extra time. It’s just so easy to plan for so much!!
  10. Planning this for daughter for next year. We’ve done FLL 1-4 and The Nose Tree so far. I was going to try this for something different. She will be doing writing with IEW. So, how have people tweaked the student text to make it useful for homeschooling families? Any tips would be much appreciated. I have a few ideas, but would love some experienced perspective.
  11. So I’ve decided to do Human Odyssey vol 1 for my daughter next year in 6th. We’ve done SOTW 1-4 so far. As I look at her line up of course work, I’m wondering if it might be wise of me to make this a lighter history year for her. So, I know we can just read HO (and I got a link to how to link Oxford University Press books chapter by chapter I can have her read as well). I’m wondering what I could “add” to this to make it sink in a bit, but not so heavy as to sink her. Not sure if this is helpful, but her workload will include: CLE 6, Memoria Press online academy MIddle School Science 1 (first time for online class), IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons, R&S English 6, First Form Latin, R&S Spelling, MP Famous Men of Rome, MP Geography 1 and So You Really Want to Learn French (but just here and there, not huge emphasis. If we get two days a week I’m happy with this. We’ve made it through lesson 3 this year), and just a logic workbook for light stuff 2xweek. As I write this out I’m thinking yikes, that’s a lot. So maybe just read through HO? Advice??
  12. This is all fascinating, I had no idea how audio headphones could have such an impact!
  13. Time Left: 12 days and 16 hours

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    This is the complete DVD set for Visual Latin 1 and 2 from Compass Classroom. Two of the DVDs are still in shrink-wrap. Of the other 4, I never used them but did buy them used at a curriculum fair last year. I have decided to use a different Latin program, no problems with the set. Thanks for looking!


  14. So, not to derail too much here, but where do you find the recitation guides or whatever it is you were calling them? New MP user here...
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