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  1. Ok all, jumping back in here. Sorry for the delay - I don’t tend to hang out here that frequently. I read through all the comments I’d missed since posting last, but admit I just skimmed the past two pages since it looks like the conversation digressed into another topic. I don’t know how to quote multiple posts, but thank you to the few who haven’t assumed I’m somehow incompetent at giving an accurate description of what we saw 🙂 Again I say, I am not a theorist; I‘m actually quite sane and opposed to anything that smacks of conspiracy theories. I’m not on here purposefully to s
  2. I know it seems odd. Were I on the other side in a similar conversation I’d be saying and thinking the same things. I am not saying I believe anything untoward was in the vaccine at all. All I’m saying is what we saw. And these were women (and one man) who for the most part were very excited to get the vaccine (a couple were a bit more hesitant, but chose to do so anyway). I am intrigued by the piece of tissue paper under the magnet idea, though...
  3. It’s hit or miss who will be at class when I’m there next week, but I’m willing to ask and see if they wouldn’t mind! I had Covid within the past two months and am not vaccinated by recommendation of my healthcare provider d/t knowledge of personal health history.
  4. Very interesting. So, really, as with many things in life it boils down to - who really knows? 🙂
  5. Again, for purposes of scientific research 😉 These people all had received both doses. No idea if that would be a difference or not.
  6. Nope, no non-vaccinated people. Ours wasn’t a super duper strong magnet - just one of those round ones that come with marker boards (but stronger than the little ones that come on the back of markers that stick to same marker boards, if you know what I mean). I wonder if you used a slightly less strong one if that would be any different? Also curious (just cuz, ya know, I am) if you waited and tested after a week if there would be any different response? Again, I’m not crazy psycho theorist at all - just wanting to try different things out to see if there is any pattern!
  7. That is a good question - doing it within 4 weeks of receiving any other vaccine. We did not try testing anyone there who had not be vaccinated, so no idea if that would have been found or not!
  8. Don’t worry, I’m not offended. The arms were not sticky, we did this before class. You can choose to believe or not; like I said, I’m not wanting to spend any mental bandwidth on why this might be the case. All I’m sharing is my first hand experience. To be honest, I’m very much not a conspiracy theorist and with just having heard about this being thrown about as a “thing,” I TOTALLY would have chalked it up to YouTube videos looking for hits. After having seen this, however, I’m at least convinced of the fact that this does, at least in some cases, prove to be a true finding.
  9. I’m in the medical field and know where vaccines are administered. My exercise class instructor was talking about this one day two weeks ago. Since then we have tested 7 people there at class or in the building who were curious about this since they did get the vaccine. Only a couple of them were able to do this to themselves (perhaps because they weren’t sure or didn’t remember the exact spot where they were vaccinated). When I did it for them (knowing where would be the most likely spot for administration), it stuck. 7 out of 7 people so far. Both Moderna and Pfizer, with second dose h
  10. I haven’t watched the whole video yet, just a few pics. But in response to everyone saying that she was only a 15 y/o, is there anyway the officer could have known this from the initial 911 call? And if she was a more mature looking girl, is there anyway in 10 seconds he could have determined child vs adult in his mind? Not that it would necessarily matter, I’m just wondering if anyone knows if he had any foreknowledge of this.
  11. YES! To OED. And World Book is the way I would lean, as well.
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