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  1. YES! To OED. And World Book is the way I would lean, as well.
  2. So, if you had to choose, which would you save from your burning house?? 🙂
  3. I grew up with World Book and wish I had a set. Just need to know where to find one!
  4. So, how important is it in 8th grade for students to have another go around of physical science? Would it be wise for me to have her to a Physical Science course of some sort, or is it best to let them have a “fun year” of studying what they are interested in?? I keep flip-flopping back and forth in my mind....
  5. Also, sorry, for the Ocean First Marine Biology short courses (as the long course said grades 9-12, not sure how in depth it goes?), it says grades 6-12. Have you done these - do you know how long each video is and/or have an idea how many one would do in a week? I’m not finding that info anywhere...
  6. No, strong Christian but don’t need or actually prefer YE. Secular is usually fine.
  7. Neutral is good. And either online or home. She’s done two live online sciences the past two years, and I was thinking of directing the funds into some different online classes this year and maybe sticking with less spendy options, but am open to considering. I will check out Great Courses, and look at the marine biology course, that sounds intriguing.
  8. I’m going crazy here trying to find a good option. Any recommendations for a year DD requested of Astronomy/Geology/Earth Science, OR Zoology for 8th grader?? I feel like I’ve looked all over at too many options, but keep getting distracted by something else. She initially requested studying mammals, but I had to break it to her that is a bit too simplistic for her age.... So, I suppose Zoology for 8th could be an option? She’s done MPOA MS Science 1 and 2 and so has covered Tiner’s books of Planet Earth, History of Medicine, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. She has st
  9. Are there times of the year when you typically see sales roll around? I’m considering the Focus On Astronomy and Geology for my 8th grader next year. We’ve done Memoria Press online science these last two years, but when I asked her what she’s like to study in her last year before HS, she requested astronomy. Pondering...
  10. LOL, I just totally checked out your blog between your two posts!!!! So helpful, thanks!
  11. I’m planning a trip with the kids and me to go the Badlands in June. I’m thinking we will have 1 day in the Badlands, and then go on to the southern Black Hills for 3-4 days. I am planning on having us tent camp, as we’re generally experienced. We’d be driving in from the east side of SD, heading west for reference. So, for those who have visited/camped out there. Are there any favorite campsites in either location you would recommend? I like the more primitive camps, less glamorous, and can handle pit toilets but running water is always a nice bonus 🙂. I think I read somewhere about
  12. This is exactly the type of very specific sorting I hadn’t been able to find yet on the sites I was on. Thanks.
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