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  1. Can I resurrect this thread for some more voices to chime in?? I was coming here to post this exact same thing but will just start this one up again. I’m thinking for myself but also for my small DDalmost 12 who hasn’t started her period yet but I just want to be prepared with some options for her. I know everyone loves Thinx but the price is a consideration and reading up on the ex-CEOs exploits just makes me feel like I’d prefer my money to go elsewhere if there were other great options.
  2. Sigh. Lewelma I wish you were my next door neighbor!
  3. So I lived for 2.5 years in a Spanish speaking country after having Spanish all through HS and college. Needless to say I got pretty fluent. Then I married someone from there. We move back to US right before the wedding, and now have three kids, 12/10/8. For a couple years in there we were separated and so definitely lost any desire to focus on teaching them Spanish that I might have had before then. Since then, we’ve done nothing. We speak Spanish to each other maybe half the time or so but they don’t hear much. We’ve totally dropped the ball. Realistically,, if my husband started talking only spanish with them and i made more of an effort when I wasn’t HSing, how long might we be looking at to them them up and off the ground. We’re so busy with school, farm, etc that I hesitate to add on a specific curriculum for this (more than Duolingo, we did have that, I suppose I could get it up and running again). Basically, I’m looking for the easiest way to fix our mistakes!! (Yes, that sounds terrible, and totally not how I operate otherwise!). Help me save my poor kids bilingual abilities! FWIW, oldest two are in MP Latin, FFL and LC first years and doing well. Decent background in grammar. How should we start/what should we do? I keep forgetting about watching movies they know in Spanish with English subtitles but remember that at times.
  4. I absolutely love that I can come here and get this question answered 🙂 My SIL just had a baby. She lives in London. I’d like to send her a basket of food or diapers or ......? They aren’t natives and live somewhat paycheck to paycheck but not in dire straits. I think it would be more beneficial for her to receive food or something useful rather than another outfit, IYKWIM. Are there any places there I could order something online and have it delivered to her? Or any other ideas?? I can get more specifics on what area in London tomorrow and post cuz that would likely be useful. TIA!
  5. We just started my oldest DD 11 in MPOA as well. Only one course this year, MS Science 1. She’s loved the first week and did very well being self directed during the week (we’ll see if this continues, thinking it will as she seems to have turned a new leaf this year). I was hoping for a gentle intro to what online classes look and feel like in a subject I didn’t really want to teach and this seems perfect.
  6. All this talk of large bookshelves is making me drool...... Someday!
  7. Dang! My size currently unavailable! Here I was all set to make an immediate impulse buy....
  8. Looking for recommendations for a paper based (nothing electronic, please) grade keeper of some sort. I don’t need anything fancy but just want a place where I can record quiz grades/tests/daily effort etc through the year instead of needing to look back at the end of the year through everything and “invent” a grade. We are not required to do this for the state we’re in, but want to for my own peace of mind. What have you used that you’ve liked? I’m good with a cheap book from somewhere or just a paper template I can print off and stick in a binder. Thanks!
  9. DD11 has slowly worked through the first three or so chapters of So You Really Want to Learn French this past year. It has been adequate for her. I’m wondering if there is some fun program or something she could listen to/interact with/read etc while we’re off a few weeks in the summer so she doesn’t forget everything we’ve done. I’m afraid some of that has already started.... Thanks!
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