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  1. Lori D, you’re a wealth of knowledge, thank you. She is maybe average to slightly above average I’d say. LOVES to read, voraciously, and does not get easily scared away by heavy reading. She so far seems to show appreciation for the type of classics we’ve had her read. That being said, I take very seriously what you’ve said, especially regarding the input you had on MP literature class. I have thought that myself at times, so maybe I should think about that again. I have read more than one thread about people using MS as a time to really have fun with “interest let” studies. That is something maybe I need to give more thought to. I’m not quite sure where I would look for options, though. I do online selectively but definitely prefer not using it for just anything. Any thoughts? I’ll have to sit down with her sometime coming up as well and see what she might be interested in. So much to think about.....
  2. So I’m realizing I have to start thinking about a 7th grader coming up this fall and I’m feeling overwhelmed!! I was looking over the WHA class list someone posted awhile ago and saw the Great Conversations courses. They look intriguing to me to say the least! I’d love to hear: 1. Why others have chosen to add this type of class to their middle schooler’s years 2. What options you looked at and what did you eventually go with (I’m good with either online or not) 3. How you justify adding in another (potentially) heavy class with the already increasing in intensity MS years - this is where I most stumble! 4. Any thoughts about this at all! It’s just so hard limiting things. Having come from the typical rural public school (as I know many of us likely have) the breadth and depth offered by homeschool options is so, so, delicious to me. I wish desperately I would have had things like this but never had a chance, and now I’m wanting to do EVERYTHING which is know is NOT the answer. For the record, this is what her 7th grade year *might* look like so far: Math: CLE 7 Writing: IEW of some sort, not sure which one yet Latin: Second Form Latin (did FFL with DVDs this year, wondering if it would be wise to it online this time? Still questioning this....) Grammar: Fix-It (I think) Literature: MPOA Middle School Lit II (maybe?) History: MP Famous Men of the Middle Ages Science: MPOA Middle School Science II Spelling: R&S 7 Geography: MP World Geography (I think) It looks like so much!!! But then I wonder if it’s *supposed* to look like so much, cuz, ya know, it’s getting close to high school (YIKES)......
  3. I asked almost this exact same question last year for dd who is now in 6th. A few aimed me at Memoria Press online middle school class as a solid yet gentle intro to the online world. It’s been exactly what I was looking for. Dd enjoys it for the most part as well it seems. I’m planning on putting her into middle school science II this coming year. Once a week for 1.5 hrs.
  4. I need to note down some of these for sure.
  5. So, ArcticMama, would you describe your results more like ivory or more like a darker beige/light camel/etc? Oyster in my mind is more ivory, yes? Again, I know it’s totally dependent on cloth, just curious.
  6. So I’ve been digging into tea staining. It looks like it might get the ivory color I’m looking for if I don’t leave it for too long. Now I just need to work up the courage....
  7. Huh. Tea staining. Who knew?? That sounds like a great option. Thanks for that and the rest of the detailed info you gave in case I do decide to go a different color!
  8. Hey all, So I got a white denim jacket from StitchFix a couple years ago that I have worn maybe once or twice. I’m just not a fan of the stark whiteness of it. I’m learning ivory/pearly/soft white is a better color for me. I’m tossing around the idea of dyeing it but haven’t done anything of this sort since weeks at camp years and years ago and am hesitant to say the least. What would I need to know to do this? Best dye? Best method? Best color to shoot for? I’d imagine maybe doing a sage green or an off white since I think trying to go blue and getting just a plain blue color without any texture to the color/stone wash look to it might look a bit strange. I’d love any and all advice on how to go about doing this! For reference, it’s a Liverpool brand jacket with silver buttons and is 53% cotton, 32% lyocell, 8% polyester and 2% spandex. I’d love to put this thing to use since it had quite a cost in the StitchFix box and I just haven’t quite known how to wear it. Or, if the Hive overrules me and says I should keep it white and suck it up and figure out how to wear it I’m up for encouragement there as well! It’s just sitting here looking at me.....
  9. Running out the door and can’t find this answer fast on google. Just got a 6 qt IP. Could I do 2 lbs dry beans in it for use later or is 1 lb the max? THANKS!
  10. Jumping on to see what other ideas come up!
  11. I do play the piano so that’s a good idea idea. We’re pretty rural so might take awhile to find a voice coach but was considering asking at schools to see if the choir instructor might be willing. That might be my next step. Any other ideas??
  12. Title is pretty self-explanatory! I’m curious to know if people aren’t born with a beautiful voice, have they been able to improve it? I don’t think I have a terrible voice, but would like to improve. I’ve started singing at church which is requiring me actually moving my mouth closer to the mic (imagine that!) which I have NEVER done before, ever. This is sort of a fast switch, so I’m feeling a bit like I’m in a whirlwind and wondering if there is actually a chance to sound/feel more confident. What do I need to know??
  13. No answer for you, but interested to know if anyone has an opinion!
  14. So just bit the bullet on a 6qt IP for my Christmas present. Now I need ideas for your favorite website (like top 1 or 2, don’t want to sift through 20!) or cookbook. We are a family of 5 with hearty eaters so I’m just hoping the 6qt is big enough. I just won’t count on leftovers like I usually like if doing an IP meal. We aren’t picky and like different flavors, etc, but would prefer to avoid books that require more unusual ingredients as they are harder to get in rural America. Thanks!!!
  15. Bump. And either talk me into getting one or talk me out of getting one!! Would the 6 qt be enough for 2 adults 3 kids?
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