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  1. M = 4000 steps, T = 7500, W = 11,259, Th = 10079, and off to a hike today! Trending in the right direction!
  2. I have to use CLR (any brand) for our tub (hard water / high iron), but that does indeed convert it from "scrubbing" to "basically wiping it down." I also spray and let it work a bit (usually while I'm cleaning the rest of the bathroom).
  3. Awwww, congratulations, Laura! We're in new-rescue-honeymoon over here, too, going on 4 months. ❤️ *raises a glass*
  4. Oh, I probably said it awkwardly . . . I definitely agree! I meant that they will "out-grow" my expertise in some areas sooner than others . . . for example, potty training used to require a LOT of help, but they definitely outgrew my "expertise" several years ago in that field. Managing their calendar is something that SEEMS easy, but they definitely still need my help with that - how to balance priorities, how (and when) to consider the needs of others in those decisions, etc. My teenagers have outgrown my academic expertise in some areas already (and we've out-sourced), but not others. (I a
  5. Another thing for kids to realize is that autonomy = freedom. The GOAL is for him to "out-grow" your abilities . . . to no longer need your teaching help . . . that's the POINT of education, no matter which venue it takes. You and he are a team working together toward this shared end goal - that he be a functioning, educated, self-motivated & responsible fully-living human. The faster he assumes that role (responsibly & respectfully), the faster you can treat him like an adult - in math (choose his own courses / set his own pace / join teams / etc.), in laundry (he never again need wai
  6. (Never mind, my comment came out wrong. I'm researching studies that HAVE tested people for antibodies before administering vaccines. Very interested here but limited time due to AP exams!)
  7. And - in my own kids' experience - even MORE likely to run into it in home schooling circles / online providers, where teachers often offer classes that they are truly experts in and passionate about. That has been one of the greatest surprises for me as I've had the privilege of watching my own kids' high school experiences.
  8. It's also the perfect time for him to start "owning" his own education; if he's willing to be respectful to you, and to do the work well, he can begin to gain SO much freedom in his actual work. Example: If he wants "less math work", show him your goal (2 books in 1 year or x about of time per day, etc), and see if he has any ideas how he could still get the work done but maybe arrange it to his liking. Even if he setles on the exact method you're currently using, he "owns" his schedule / pace now. I told my kids that the hard work was my way of respecting their capabilities. They have su
  9. You've answered your own question - in some ways, you DON'T think you can home school, because you don't have experience or training, so you are researching and using the experience & training of others who have gone before you (aka, us here as well as your curriculum writers). That's what professionals do! And you're actually even doing MORE than "bare minimum" because you're honoring & facilitating & encouraging their rabbit trails and sparks. ❤️ It's 100% legitimate to learn alongside your child. Every "real" teacher in a classroom does the exact same thing.
  10. Hit my 10,000 steps today! Trying to get back in the walking groove. (I love it, but it's the first thing that gets set aside when things get busy. I don't want it to be that way, so I'm trying to re-thread a good habit.) (Weight loss / life re-set plan is on-going: I'm 6 lbs away from goal, down 29.5 since last July, and so. very. grateful.)
  11. I was surprised to see "chester draws" for sale on our local sale pages . . . Chest of Drawers. I live in a different region of the country than where I grew up, and accidentally named one of my children something unpronounceable here . . . child has gone by middle name her whole life for that exact reason. I find these things fascinating!
  12. 7500 steps today - aiming for 10,000 a few times a week. Didn't hit it today, but - better than nothing. Continuing my progress toward a healthy weight (began July 2020; -4 for April, and -29.5 total; goal is to lose 6 more lbs to a healthy BMI). Here's to a healthy & active May!
  13. Congratulations! I'm right behind you . . . started out obese, then overweight, and currently 6 lbs away from healthy. I'm impressed with your accomplishment!
  14. In the U.S., the Red Cross has stopped collecting convalescent plasma (at least the one in my area). They said their current supply out-paces the current demand, due to falling cases here. Maybe I misunderstood, but - diminishing antibodies do not necessarily indicate diminished immunity (this is the part currently being studied, right?) due to the memory cells' ability to recreate specific neutralizing antibodies when challenged.
  15. In some areas of the country (mine), though, this is definitely not being communicated through social news channels. People who have already have covid can still have antibodies 9+ months later. It makes sense to put those people in the same "category" as vaccinated people, but many places / people do not consider that. I hope good information continues to filter down - it really is true that there's just so much about covid that nobody actually knows.
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