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  1. Wow. I wonder if there are any Italian / Spanish / French doctors with similar experiences? This seems important to be communicated to NIH / CDC, etc.
  2. I saw a lot of these in the grocery store locally! (Also saw big burly men with plastic - from a trash bag? a tablecloth? - tied around their faces.) Our grocery is limiting customers, and has huge 6-foot-spaced lines all outside the store, like Black Friday, under police supervision. We waited 30 minutes to get into the grocery store; it shows how spoiled I am that that's the first time that has ever happened to me.
  3. Yes, and I have sewed several for anyone close enough to me who will agree to wear it. - This is the article that convinced me.
  4. I actually do think previous generations in my country were tougher than modern generations. But one reason they may SEEM tougher is that - when we were the children, they were the parents. So (at least in strong, functional families) the parents often took the brunt of the grief and tried to spare their children, the same way *WE right now are trying to be honest with our own kids but also absorb some of the grief & anxiety ourselves in order to spare them whatever we can. I have had the life-altering privilege to observe this generational protection up close and personal, through wrenching grief, KNOWING the pain of one generation but SEEING the (relatively) easier grace extended to the younger generation.
  5. Also if / when widely-available antibody tests become available, we should have more reliable information on the many people who are self-diagnosing & staying home & recovering. (I know scientists are working frantically on it, and my thanks goes to them.)
  6. Same. These are high school kids where each student already has a school-assigned laptop or ipad. Parents have been THRILLED when I've made up assignments / projects for the kids.
  7. I bought 125 yards of 1/8" elastic on eBay earlier this week, and then again tonight.
  8. Just sharing this as an encouragement to all us sewing . . .
  9. Every hospital within an hour's drive of me has their own preferred pattern right on their website. We ran out of elastic last week, placed an order online, had it cancelled, placed another, and the elastic from that order just arrived. Starting up the maker-space again tomorrow! It makes sense to me that non-healthcare-people would benefit from these, too, at least minimally.
  10. Yes. And I'd have a lot more respect for a "home schooling conference" there that included THESE perspectives as well as the ones listed on the linked agenda sheet.
  11. There's more than 1 Harvard professor home schooling their own children; it's interesting that those names are not the speaker list, isn't it?
  12. 39 million N95 masks found in CA
  13. DD and I sent a bunch to our local hospital - they have a laundry bin right at the front door and take them immediately to laundry. The nurses were VERY thankful. I know they are not the "right thing" that they really need, but the nurses said they are a LOT better than nothing, and allow the N95's that they do have to go higher up the priority chain. I have elastic on the way and will make more when it arrives.
  14. Apologies if someone already shared this: These Drugs Are Helping Our Coronavirus Patients
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