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  1. Here, our schools have "CBE" - Competency Based Education, which essentially means that until the kid has learned > 85% of the tested material, (s)he doesn't advance. At the practical level (state online charter school), it means kids have virtually unlimited chances to re-try homework (not tests, though). We are not bound to do what the local schools do, of course, but it's informative to realize what's going on. For my own kids, the motivation / reason she's missing them would factor in to how many times I'd re-set the problem. If a student is using the HW problems to actually learn the material, it's not grade inflation to re-set them as many times as needed . . . that's what she needs to learn the material! If a student is re-doing HW problems until HW grades are 100% in order to off-set a lower test grade average, then that might indicate that she doesn't actually know the material, and WOULD (in my opinion) be grade inflation. (That's assuming kid doesn't have any special problems connected with testing in general.) $.02
  2. "Make a lab" (for robot / inventions / even a way to have 1-2 like-minded friends come "invent" stuff with him? Like his own private MakerSpace? 3-D printer?
  3. I'm an English teacher, and the only thing we did until 4th grade was read together & love books. They're teens now who love to read (though I don't mean that's the best plan for everyone; just, that - for some - it's a lovely, full-scale, appropriate, dear foundation for reading). ❤️
  4. In some geographical areas and budgets (mine), cost is also a deciding factor.
  5. We've had good (not perfect, but good) results with homemade BIG tags zip-tied onto the handles of soft reusable bags - one for CHICKEN, GROUND BEEF, MISC, POPSICLES, RHUBARB, PRE-MADE DINNERS, GREEN BEANS, etc. They seem to waste less space than rigid containers, but still keep things relatively easy to move around.
  6. I just taught literary analysis last year using Windows to the World (it's IEW but different than their usual stuff) - we had 6 kids and LOTS of discussion. $.02 (I used Jill Pike's syllabus which made the planning VERY easy, and we substituted 1 of the novels.)
  7. Hijack question: Are teens too old for GWL? Like 15, 13? I can't tell from pictures.
  8. Anecdotal / possibly irrelevant: My kid was definitely "writing averse" but could give detailed and sophisticated narrations orally. My local wise friend told me to scribe for him UNTIL HE TOLD ME HE WAS READY . . . I thought that was crazy talk, as it went against all my "teacher training" from college and wouldn't it make him lazy and no, I do not have time for this, and I really think he should do it himself. But I listened to her, and kept on scribing and scribing and periodically checking in if he was ready to take over or not yet, and it was wayyyyyy later than all his peers, and then one day, BOOM. 7th grade. He was ready, he declared that he LOVES writing, has made decent progress on writing his own novel, writes poetry in his free time, is inventing a language, and considers himself an author. My jaw is still dragging along the ground, but I can honestly say that all those years of scribing (for a perfectly capable neurotypical child who drew maps for hours and hours a day) has probably been the best thing I could ever have done for that kid.
  9. {I read this as "Eggnog in the 9th Grade World History Curriculum" and got REALLY excited for a minute! Hahaha!}
  10. I would love to see a return of a celebration of THRIFT in our broader American culture. Seems to my (probably naive) mind that thrift would embrace multiple perspectives on several similar issues, at several different levels. But maybe that's an over-simplification.
  11. I have NEVER seen a loose cart in the Aldi parking lot. $.02 And at Aldi, more than any other store I've seen, I *do* see people bringing re-usable bags. Seems like a successful strategy worth at least TRYING in other venues?
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