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  1. Same. And it kind of ruined dual enrollment for us. 😞
  2. We sometimes lose power for a long time, and have had some practice with using what we have available. My recommendation for people who are serious about this is to practice it yourself - prepare and then execute a 3-day "NO ELECTRICITY FOR FOOD PREP" situation. Take notes, and then use those notes for future reference. I grew up in a city and now live in a rural area, and that has been its own sort of education. 😉 Best "prep" things: Camp stove + propane, a way to get clean water (we have a giant LifeStraw thingie in addition to some stored water), a way to get heat, a way to make
  3. We just refinanced from 4.2 down to 1.99 - we had been watching and were hoping for mid to low 2's. We are JAZZED. And I can't remember about board rules for naming companies that we love / recommend, but we had our 2nd FANTASTIC experience with a large company whose name begins with Q. 😉
  4. We had a rule that the kids couldn't have their own email until they could type 40wpm. 😉 They did get faster after that just through practice, but no more teaching after that. (Well, that's being generous - we didn't really teach them in the beginning, just turned 'em loose on typing.com. LOL )
  5. Just tossing out ideas that might help - could you plan out meals that your kids CAN do, even on a rotating basis? We take a day around the beginning of the semester and just do "freezer meal prep" day - each of my kids prepares 2 freezer dinners, big ones (so - leftovers! which they love!), and then map out low-stress meals balanced with the "fancier" ones. If that's not helpful in your situation, ignore me - just brainstorming with you. Monday = 16yo makes dinner. Tuesday = DH + the 13yo together make dinner. Wednesday = freezer meal / crock pot soup. Thursday = YOUR DAY. Friday = chick
  6. Wow, in my state there's a minimum 10-day quarantine for this situation! (Edit to clarify: You have to be 10 days past the LAST day of symptoms.)
  7. It looks like a driver's license, but is for non-drivers. There's no test, but you have to present identifying documents. Good for teens prior to getting their 1st license, and also used by many non-driving adults.
  8. We got a state ID for our kids, too, which turned out to be handy a couple of other times as well. They're $10 in my state, and easy. (Well, prior to Covid they were easy. Not sure now.)
  9. Thank you for sharing this - I love this! Wish our parks would do the same.
  10. Dr. Zelenko says 25mg elemental zinc (with 500mg quercetin), but 50mg elemental zinc (or 220mg zinc sulfate) with 200mg hcq (if you can get it).
  11. I apologize for using "loaded" words - I do see that they are. I'm probably coming across as someone who is clueless and just believes whatever I'm told, but I feel - lost. In the middle. I'm not a huge fan of our president, honestly, but - I can admit that some of the things he's done have been fantastic. Some of them are terrible. He's definitely not a medical expert, but - there AREN'T any experts on Covid, right - that's the frustrating thing? So I try to listen & read & pay attention on both "sides", but the extreme polarization is disconcerting to say the least. I am certainly no
  12. Could a face shield accomplish the same thing? Some schools are using them so young children and / or foreign students can see the teacher's mouth moving.
  13. Well, except that there's not a whole team of currently certified medical doctors supporting its prophylactic use when combined with zinc, right? 😉 Or 243 clinical trials at the NIH for tapioca pudding, no? Or prestigious medical journals like the Lancet having to quietly retract studies that "discredit" it as useless? I'm going to sleep but will stay tuned. And hopeful.
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