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  1. Well, that stinks. I’m sorry. So how did it come about that he tested? Is he symptomatic?
  2. This young man was very sick. He needed medical care, which he received and is receiving now…it sounds like a confluence of factors, including him being TOO SICK to advocate for himself made the hospital in his home town not the best situation. The medical classifications don’t mean much when it is your family member who has a “mild” illness but is still too sick to adequately care for himself. Maybe instead of quibbling over the classification, it would be better to consider the actual sick person and how they are presenting…which I think Lisa had the right instinct…her son was very sick and needed care beyond what he could provide himself. Lisa, I hope he is doing better, and you and the rest of the family are good too.
  3. What do you by “a trap?” Like, first it’s daily trips to the post office and then what…daily trips to the coffee shop? LOL I know Dawn is busy and I hope her Dad comes to see using the letter carrier pick-up at their own mailbox as potentially *better* than using the corner mailboxes (if available). Bc you are guaranteed (baring any unforeseen situations) your letter will be picked up the day it is put in your own mailbox, whereas if you miss the daily pick up at a corner mailbox, it won’t be picked up until the next day.
  4. Lisa...I hope your son can rest on the ride home, the poor guy...and that your DH has a safe and uneventful journey! hugs for you...I think it is tougher being the one waiting at home sometimes vs being the one doing “something” even if it is only driving. i hope your son has a speedy recovery!
  5. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s responses. thanks for sharing!
  6. LOL..this is cute! please describe the cookies: “They tasted really good” Ok, in the interest of helpfulness...why not use a Mexican wedding cookie or Russian tea cookie recipe, and sub about 1/4 cup of good cocoa powder for some of the flour and powdered sugar?
  7. It is Christmas Eve in July (July 24th)
  8. @DawnM are you missing a “not” in front of driving? it could be me...but I think you might have meant you are not driving them to go have...
  9. Then even-Steven...bc I don’t get your point either. LOL
  10. Good question it’s happened to board members and their kids, IIRC. Maybe start a spin off thread?
  11. 1. What do you consider you most unusual board? 2. Which board has the most pins? How many? 3. Which board has the least pins? How many? My answers: 1. Abandoned ( abandoned places, homes, factories, etc) 2. Dogs...843! This has a lot more than dogs. it started with dogs, but now it includes all animals. It also has a sub-board for Liz Climo cartoons 3. Hairstyles..1 LOL...I don’t even know why I started it. The only pin is a ponytail with pipe cleaners and a red Pom Pom...to look like a reindeer face.
  12. Uh, I don’t see how this is not taking credit...but be that as it may... seeing a *stable* *long term* *committed* relationship ...whatever word you use and how you define it...as a successful outcome is a cultural choice. So you raised you kids and it turned out they made the same cultural choice as you, and you see that as a success. and I see now my question is hypothetical...but what if they hadn’t made the same cultural choice as you?
  13. I’m sorry. That is terrible. Could it be considered price gouging?
  14. I don’t understand what this means... IMO, regentrude’s post implies she is “taking credit” for her kids’ long term relationships. She implies that this is the ideal (being in a long term relationship). so what would she have said if the “opposite” occurred?
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