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  1. Prayers please. In addition to the other stuff I mentioned above my son's (whom some of you have heard his exploits on here) best friend abruptly is coming to stay with us for an undetermined amount of time. His mother has mental health issues and his coming home from school just blew up. His father is recovering from cancer (and is not 100% either in MH) and although he can go there he really wants to stay with us. They've been thick as thieves since they've both been released from school (mine senior year, him freshman year). He's a good kid but another kid in our little condo makes seven.
  2. One of the bigger fruit and veg distributors said they can handle this. I am guessing they are hurting from so many restaurants closed or doing much less business so I hope it helps them and they will be able to keep helping our community during this time. I'd be running though gap year scenarios if I were you.
  3. I haven't been on here much in the last week. I've been putting together a bulk buy for fruits, vegetables, and eggs for the Jewish community here in Boston for Passover (and because things are a little scary here in terms of groceries - many things out, lines to get in stores (physical distancing enforced), limits on staple items). I did a trial run 2.5 weeks ago and got $2K of produce. I think this time I'm going to get close to $10K. Also going out masked (Totobobo to the rescue!) and gloved to get food for people unable to get out. My family is all at home now; the Uni kicked out my husband from his office even though he was the only one on his floor (and in a private office). Internet is thin (even paying over $100 a month!), computers are always being jockeyed for to do online school for the older kids, and we have Passover starting on Wednesday night. So the house has to be flipped (all Passover pots, pans, utensils, food. Covering all surfaces in the kitchen, cleaning the fridge/freezer, oven, cabinets, counters, car and making sure no leaven foods are outside the area they are corralled until after the holiday week) My husband's dean did a virtual coffee hour and said Summer 2 (July-August) are going online and to be fully prepared to teach online for Fall 2020. This is nowhere near over. I'm a little scared. I wasn't until this week.
  4. Oy. That's a hard one. I would have gone nuts. They tried to cancel my liver ultrasound that was due last week and ask me to reschedule in 6 months (my mother is currently dealing with bile duct cancer which should have been found but for the lack of liver ultrasounds for two years. Younger sister already dies from breast cancer three years ago and my dad has prostate cancer too. Yay cancer.). I emphatically told them I would not cancel it. I went into the hospital gloved and N95 masked and came immediately home, stripped and showered.
  5. From talking to my kid's pediatrician, steroids are NOT recommended.
  6. Shavua tov! Did you see the video where they took down a person who was supposed to be in quarantine on the street with two police officers in hazmat suits? They are tracking cellphones. That's Singapore Level stuff right there.
  7. The scary thing is that I was in that TJ's yesterday - no lack of food.
  8. I went to my regular grocery shop in a Somerville (Next to Cambridge) Market Basket yesterday at 3pm. I thought the place would be dead and I could hop in and out in less than 30 minutes since I have stocked up very nicely already - just stocking up on dairy, fruit, and veggies. The parking lot was like the day before a blizzard and the aisles were insane. My friend went to Costco in Dedham MA today and she said the lines were out the door and the queue for the cash registers wound from the beginning of the store around the back and back to the front again. Lots of stuff was gone. I'm going to try Tuesday morning. I think it's becoming real for more and more people. All the schools in the immediate Boston suburbs have cancelled school for at least two weeks; everyone but the actual City of Boston and rumors are that it is just a couple more days until they do - our percentage of poor/homeless/food insecure is much higher than the other districts. The Modern Orthodox day school has shut down, the right wing ones are rumored to be shutting by next week at the latest. This is a very productive time for Jewish schools right before the holiday of Passover and I think people both want it done now and are scared to death about the kids being home while Passover preparations are going on (you have to switch out all your foodstuffs, pots/pans, dishes, utensils; then clean the house to rid it of leavened foods, then cook enough food to float a boat for eight days of "Mom! I'm hungry!").
  9. This is the Trader Joe's in Brookline MA this evening. I haven't been scared before, but I'm honestly worrying now. This place even before a blizzard is full of food.
  10. It's true. I have at least two Orthodox Jewish friends who have been verbally assaulted in the last couple of days.
  11. Gosh! I think my $100 filters (yes you read that right) are going to be some good then.
  12. It's sad but disaster planning people always feel like they're Don Quixote or the chicken who ran around saying the sky was falling. The powers that be don't want to spend the time, money (especially), and effort to prepare for bad stuff. It's totally human nature to rally together during bad stuff and forget about it 6 months later. Like childbirth! Lol Some governments and non profit agencies get it and that's why my husband continues to have a job but overall as he says, " We're our own first responders and our neighbors are the zero responders. They'll be the ones saving the elderly, the housebound, the ones who can't help themselves."
  13. No, the big hullabaloo is in New Rochelle about 40 minutes (in good traffic!) away in NY. This is a large community though and I hope it will slow things down. We just finished a holiday all about Jews giving gifts to each other, eating and drinking together and listening to the Book of Esther together. And we are 30 days from Passover. Families get together and eat and celebrate for 8 days. Oh my.
  14. Heard about the Orthodox Jewish community in N NJ (Bergen Cty). The RCBC (Rabbincal Council of Bergen County) just voted to shut the whole community down. Email coming tomorrow: No Shul (synagogue attendance is thrice daily for men. This is unheard of. Men go to shul unless there's something important happening) No Restaurants (Take-Out only) No Shiva (traditional seven day mourning period when people come to the mourner's home to pay respects and memorialize the person) No Funerals (only a minyan - 10 Jewish men)) No Simchas (Bar or Bat MItzvahs, Weddings, partys of any type) No Play dates No Shabbos Meals (Having people over on the Sabbath is a big deal - we've had up to 35 people at our meals) The same source said that the main Orthodox (non-Hassidic) Jewish educational organization (Torah u'Mesorah) is going to recommend all their schools be closed ASAP. This is a HUGE deal. Torah learning is paramount in this crowd and to stop school is unheard of.
  15. My nephew's school in Atherton CA is closing and moving to e-learning for a month. They closed a a couple of days last week because of an possibly infected staff member (wasn't infected). There are no other cases but they say they are being proactive. These kids are going to be able to switch on a dime because they are well off and parents are educated, they have internet, and have food security. What about the regular public schools. It's going to get way worse before it gets better. May G-d have mercy on us all.
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