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  1. No matter if it is a quick visit or a longer one, start practicing now your deadpan, poker face. You may see our smell things that were surprising. Let me tell you about our recent visit to our bonus son's dorm suite - we came up to the sitting area and it reeked of marijuana. He ran around spraying air freshener. We laughed. He said it was from his roommate "Greenie". There were also posters of lovely ladies on the walls too....
  2. Beautiful! May you all share happiness for many years together.
  3. Exactly this. May G-d give you the right words and actions to bring your husband into the echo chamber. And if not to give you peace in the home.
  4. I grew up in a town right by the mythical Mayberry. We had a drug store in the teensy downtown area that did serve sandwiches and drinks and ice cream. I remember going to it on a school field trip. The drugstore is still there and I keep on wanting to walk in and see if they are still serving food. Maybe when I go in October... Australian drugstores (chemists) are not like this at all. I had to do a quick orientation the first time we went to Melbourne. Such good memories of going there when I was in college....
  5. Trader Joe's green apple flavored seltzer. It's literally like biting into a green apple - the pucker/astringency of the skin plus the sour-sweet of the flesh. I horde the stuff as it comes out only in the fall. Finally found it today. Been stalking the stores twice a week since the beginning of the month ...
  6. I'm so sorry. At the beginning of the lockdown (such a long time ago!) that is all we heard day after day since we live near one of the many hospitals in Boston. It was so depressing. Australia is in my prayers - my husband continues to work with your governments to try to help y'all.
  7. In the honor of your birthday (and the end of a Jewish fast day), I made a decadent fancy-shmancy Alfredo sauce with fancy-shmancy Italian pasta and grated a lot of fancy-shmancy Asiago cheese that everyone gag. But I know you'd like it. Sorry I ate it all!
  8. I have most of an apple pie but for you, I'd make a pecan pie if that's your thing! Happy birthday!
  9. Yes, there is such a thing! Or at least I read about money therapists in some money focused magazine I read a couple years back.
  10. BTDT with Katrina (we didn't know that this would be case before we left). We took: Toy trains, photos, library books (library drop off boxes were taped shut. I proudly delivered a box of library books back in NOLA when we moved back. Not even some applause or an award! Harrumph!), a little food, our Jewish marriage contract (without it we couldn't live in the same house). We left my husband's work computer and all his work files, his very expensive viola, and other memorabilia I would have liked to have had. Now I would take photos, documents from our go-box, and maybe a couple of cherished books. We learned that almost everything can be replaced.
  11. Anyone from DC up though Boston who got hit badly by the remnants of Ida? Friends in Silver Spring MD, Passaic NJ, and Brooklyn NY were flooded badly.
  12. We modern Jews (even the most Orthodox) don't have any purity laws as there were back in the days of the Temple. The genders don't touch and some Orthodox Jews will not overly much interact with the opposite gender. They might not want to interact much with non-Jews either. BTW there are modern day Samaritans who live in Israel and other places today. They aren't discriminated against any more than any other minority group (meaning it's likely there could be discrimination but not specifically because they are Samaritans).
  13. Been there (Reform), done that. Got the T shirt. I am edging closer to disengaging from communal life. I hold several community posts but it's getting harder to be a representative of a community that I don't think to be acting correctly according to Jewish law much less secular mores.
  14. They are no different than their Taliban like Christian brothers. They don't believe science has anything to say to them, they don't want anyone else to have power, they want to keep their followers in a small, uneducated world. It makes me sick. And furious. And making me consider again why I'm still religious if these people are supposed to be the leaders.
  15. Or pulverize then and make your own umami spice mix.
  16. UPDATE: my DD's school will follow the other ultra "religious" schools in not requiring masks nor vaccination. Nor even testing after people go away to other locations to visit family (even though that's how most of the outbreaks began last year). I am SO f'in angry right now. The head of the school has a daughter with a lung illness for goodness sake! They pray for her but refuse to keep her family safer? WTH?
  17. I live in Boston. The state educational authorities have mandated masks and I believe the city's public school is making vaccines strongly encouraged. The local right wing (politically as well as religiously) Orthodox Jewish day school just published their covid guidelines on Friday (they start tomorrow), which are no masks mandated as well as no vaccines mandated by staff, faculty, or students. There is a minority of families who are very upset. The Orthodox Jewish girl's high school my daughter attends will publish their guidelines today (they start Wednesday). My husband was on the reopening committee last year. This year he was not asked to join. The doctors in the committee told him that they aren't going to push because they have been harassed by community members. Some board members are pro-mitigation, but most aren't. I told my DH that we won't donate to any school that doesn't advocate for robust mitigation systems. All the other Jewish schools in the area will mask and require vaccines as much as they can. I'm so tired of feeling disdain (or worse) for my fellow Jews.
  18. My family has just moved to NOLA six weeks before Katrina; moving in during a mild Cat2 hurricane. So we got counsel to evacuate, thank G-d. We lost everything except the meager belongings we took with us thinking we'd only be gone three days. Looking at it from the rearward perspective, it changed our lives for the good. But I know how horrible it was for most people. I have a nasty case of deva vu and I pray it won't be as bad as it's predicted to be.
  19. I did my first colonoscopy last year (at 47 due to everyone in my family of origin having every kind of cancer) and I also did a liquid prep and didn't have to live on the toilet. Clean as a whistle they said. I'll go back in five years.
  20. Hoping for a butter birth and happiness all around!
  21. Got back to Boston just now. Don't see any significant damage to the area. Small limbs of trees down. No rain. Good night y'all!
  22. Driving on the peninsula part of MD. Sky got black and about 10 minutes later the sky opened up. Thunder and lightning. Heavy heavy rain.
  23. Friend texted this morning. They came back to Boston. But the husband had to go to upstate NY (Pocanos) this morning to pick up kids from summer camp.
  24. I live in Boston. My friends are pulling in their yard stuff but not much more. I have a friend with their summer house in Buzzard's Bay MA and they didn't answer my text about whether they were coming back to Boston or staying put. However, we're going to be coming back from the OBX NC later today. We've driven through hurricanes before but never in the NE. Let's hope we can get home tomorrow!
  25. Wishing your dad a quick and easy recovery and y'all a compliant parent.
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