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  1. That would be my feeling, too. Who knows what will be available by the time we need another booster (Novovax?) My booster was a big nothing burger. Some arm pain, redness, some thirst in the middle of the night, a few yawns, but overall...nothing. DH on the other hand had about 14 hours of first chills, then a bad headache, thirst, but stomach fullness/constipation, major fatigue and sleeping during the day. THird day still not quite back to normal. His second shot was also much worse than mine. I've been trying to see if no or few side effects are correlated with low antibody response, but only was able to find one paper with a very small sample size saying that it didn't matter. Isn't that the kind of thing we should know by now?
  2. This is so scary, especially as a first reaction! I also had an out of the blue allergy to an antibiotic last year - one that I took a lot as a kid and as late as a few years ago without any problems. This time around periodic hives/redness, swelling of genitals, swelling of mouth, lips, eyelids. All very mild and coming and going quickly (maybe an hour at a time), plus very severe muscles aches for days (I could barely walk!!), mildly swollen hands and feet,...I wonder if this would count as anaphylaxis. I also (very rarely) have angioedema, which so far has also always been mild, and quite hive-prone. But I am always worried that I will one day have a major reaction. It is scary to think that we can't even trust our prior experiences with foods or medications...
  3. Thank you for posting! I now looked for this and found it - it's from the mix and match study. Too late for me, as I went ahead and got the Moderna 3rd shot this morning, as it was given out at a super convenient location. We'll see. Hopefully it won't be too bad. I still wish they had done larger (and comparative) studies and followed up with participants to see what happens to their antibodies over time.
  4. I found some of the data in the appendix of the Moderna submission. Indeed, nothing on the side effects of the 100 booster. And tiny sample size, really. What a shame.
  5. That is simply awesome!!! A vaxathon...fantastic.
  6. The news about myocarditis after the booster is fantastic! I hope they will ultimately approve boosters for younger people. On the other hand, I am very disappointed that Moderna really did NOT study the question of 50 vs 100 booster dose (or did they, and I am not seeing it anywhere?). Of course, they want to maximize profits, and a half dose booster does that. Where is the comparison in terms of at least antibody response and side effects? Do we know anything?
  7. I just read through this thread. Wow...we are considering sending our younger kids to public school next year, but this thread is very disturbing indeed. I expect that this is going to have effects for years down the road, into college courses and beyond. If the foundation is lacking, everything else build on it will suffer. Also, roadrunner, is there no pushback from parents against essay topics that denigrate a large part of the student body (speaking as the mother of 3 boys from a financially comfortable family)?
  8. I used to be a huge diet coke drinker for decades. Up to 5 cans/day in my worst periods (except during my pregnancies, when I cut down significantly). I couldn't get up without drinking a diet coke for breakfast. I stopped drinking for health reasons and haven't had one in, I don't know, 1.5 years? Blood pressure/heart, teeth, and a big one for middle-aged women in perimenopause - osteoporosis. I also lost almost 20% in weight in the same time period, but I suspect that was more related to covid-related diet changes (though who knows - if that's what it takes to convince you!). I hate to think about what my decades long addiction might have done to my health. If I can quit, anybody can! I do drink sparkling water. I don't miss it at all!
  9. I think this is spot on, and there is some research that argues that SAT testing, unlike test-optional policies, actually helps the disadvantaged and should be universal. As a home-schooling parent, in particular, I thought it was very disappointing to see the SAT subject tests being cancelled. In terms of gender discrimination, the situation is probably quite complex. My DH has experienced (fairly overt) discrimination against males since elementary school all the way to hiring, from both sides. Some of his experiences have been quite...disturbing, to say the least. As a mother of 3 boys, this is quite worrisome, especially as my eldest at least clearly is leaning towards STEM (and one local private wouldn't consider boys born even just a few days after their age cutoff for an interview because they aren't mature enough).
  10. Uhh, that doesn't look good...at all. Here we have more or less plateaued for now - but at higher case numbers than this time a year ago; what makes me concerned is that case just started picking up significantly around this time last year...who knows what this holiday season will bring, especially if flu and covid both take off.
  11. I am so sorry. I know the feeling so well.
  12. Thanks for the good laugh! I am in a bad mood today, and this cheered me up.
  13. Yes, that would be very worrisome if masked. Then again, it looks like the colleague feels comfortable munching and doing lesson planning unmasked with a vaccinated person - so perhaps an exposure via an asymptomatic or low-symptomatic vaxxed person is possible as well? I am very disappointed that the FDA/ACIP did not manage to pull of scheduling the meetings so that children could receive their second shot a week prior to Thanksgiving travel, rather than on Thanksgiving weekend (which, practically, will mean after the holiday). So much illness could have been prevented by prioritizing the scheduling for this age group.
  14. I always use my non-dominant arm for all shots - just in case there is a reaction...
  15. I don't think we know enough (what if you have to boost more frequently with Pfizer and each booster is an opportunity for myocarditis; or, if they never authorize a booster for teens - then we have only one "shot" at protection, and might want that to be the best shot even if it is a bit more risky). I wish they would at least publish the data and discuss in more detail the data they do have. Moderna applied for EUA for teens back in what, May or June? I wish we knew why the FDA hasn't authorized it yet. Is it ever coming? I am somewhat annoyed that I have to give my eldest (and probably soon my younger ones) Pfizer, rather than being able to make an educated decision for our family.
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