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  1. I think this beyond a lot of people at this cultural moment. I thought this is what my friends and family did, but about five years ago, it's like they stopped and gave everything the benefit of the doubt.
  2. And the burden of proof for court is not necessarily the same as the burden of proof to sway public opinion. People will float things in public that they can't say under oath.
  3. I tend to follow that definition, but I think that many people I know think they've used common sense, etc., and they are definitely espousing crazy. Maybe your point earlier on about what boundaries people put on their thinking is useful in combination with this. I didn't necessarily realize what my fixed point was beforehand, but I knew when it was crossed. Others that I thought, by virtue of having nearly identical values, would recognize this line, floated right over it. It was astonishing.
  4. I've not heard that anyone said there weren't any problems whatsoever with this election. The sources I read say that there is always small scale fraud that is investigated, but that NONE of that was decision in this election. And yes, there are backups for the backups as other posters stated--they have ways to count and recount when things get close, and those ways have been made more reliable after the hanging and pregnant chad chaos from years ago.
  5. This is a bit indirect, but it seemed a good place to mention it; I've read news commentaries over the last few months that start along the lines of, "We feel we can't be quite about this any longer..." . Then the editor or journalist mentions the reason for the silence is that addressing something so wild was to give credence to the wild idea in the first place, and that if you don't give fuel to the fire, the idea will die. If I saw this once, I might have thought it was interesting. I saw it often enough that I thought maybe it's a principle that people tend to follow, and maybe people need
  6. I am so sorry! No experience, but hugs. Did you have him with an LC or someone who would've caught it early? I thought you were kind of crunchy and didn't do much medical stuff. That said, my older on probably had bottom and top lip ties that no one caught. His frenulum was tight right up to his teeth, but his full lips made it look like he latched fine (they even said something about him not having a tie because his lips could stretch where they needed to). BFing with him was an utter disaster, failure, and quite traumatic for me, but normal toddler falls while running took care of
  7. My son didn't have aggression exactly, but he was rough, and if he was disregulated, he would slam himself into the wall, etc. He would go into fight or flight if approached from behind or the side, especially if he was in a noisy and/or demanding environment. That melted away with OT work. He didn't test as having retained reflexes, so I think he was almost integrated but not quite (he'd done vision therapy first for convergence, and that was amazing--no direct reflex work for him because he didn't show anything obvious, but lots of body work that made a big difference). The OT did a combinat
  8. So, this is what happened to us with methylphenidate and lower doses...the low dose was enough to make my son aware of his issues, but not enough to help him FIX his issues. That's precisely when we know he needed a dosage change. I think this can be a problem regardless of the class of meds. The child this happened with has ASD and ADHD like yours. We did have the major sensory stuff tapped down to a tiny problem by the time we did meds though.
  9. Me too. I think one of my kids could spell backwards but probably not the other. I am not sure I've asked. I learned I could spell backwards playing Cranium, lol! It took a couple of words to get into the groove. I am super picky about page layout for books because of the bolded. For me, it's not necessarily photgraphic; it's more that all of those visual cues give me more context. We use Sequential Spelling, and as soon as the child is fluent in spelling, all the lists are typed to embed the patterns and motor memory into their brains. My kids both have dysgraphia, so it was impo
  10. I've used both publishers, and I can answer your question, but I am starting to come around to not recommending Singapore's US Edition. It doesn't cover nearly as many topics as most elementary options cover--it doesn't do any probability, for instance. It's not a deal breaker, but I feel like it can make transition to a program at the end of Singapore difficult, or even a transition to Singapore's Dimension series for 7th and 8th a challenge. So, both my kids did some parts of SM (one stopped at a different point than the other), and you can absolutely customize which books you use. One
  11. Another resource that might kind of bridge the gap is Easy Writing. It's specifically for developing sentence writing.
  12. Math Mammoth is a flexible program in that it's inexpensive, you can buy .pdfs and print what you need when you need it, it goes through pre-algebra, and you can do it topically or by grade level. The site has pages that compare the topical to the grade levels, so you can use a placement test for the grade level material but then go a little bit up or down in difficulty while doing the topical units if you want to progress at your own pace and hit the holes. They also have videos with teaching. If you google the lesson's topic title and Math Mammoth video, you can usually pull one up easily.
  13. The bolded items are direct sow in most climates--you put them in the ground (or pot). Most things that can grow this way are super easy to start from seed. Sometimes lettuce seeds get washed around by rain because they aren't planted more deeply in the dirt (as will carrots or other shallowly planted small seeds), but that's the only real issue I've had with starting lettuce. If you think you're likely to get a pounding rain around planting time, you can either shelter the seeds in some way, or you can use seed tape. You have to make sure you keep the tape moist to avoid drying out the seeds,
  14. When I look, it appears that PBS Passport users can see the whole season already. I don't have PBS Passport, but the icons show up on the thumbnails for the full episodes that haven't aired here yet.
  15. I think they are supposed to help with drying time, not just static. **ETA: https://www.everydaycheapskate.com/use-wool-dryer-balls/ It can also help to put some already dry items in with the wet items. If you're drying towels, toss in a large dry towel; if you're drying t-shirts, toss in a couple of dry t-shirts. You could keep some old worn out items nearby to use over and over that everyone who launders in your home recognizes as items to boost drying time. Towels work the best, but they make pills on some items.
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