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  1. I think I'd go with this and let it play out. Some people worry out loud by being critical of decisions--his comments sound like they *could* be concerns about safety and money habits that he finds worrisome or associates with being a step away from a car accident or financial ruin. Neither or those seem (to me) as personal or as pointed as pointing out something he doesn't personally like about her core self. If that doesn't work, I'd try the idea below. You can even soften this a bit with, "It seems like you want me to either do x or y..." If you've known them for years and not seen this kind of behavior, it makes me think that maybe he's just concerned, or he thinks this new level of connection via marriage means a new level of sharing and hasn't thought about how it sounds. I don't mean at all to excuse bad behavior; I feel like I have a perpetual target on my back with my own MIL, and her comments are usually pretty darn personal.
  2. There is also an overlap with allergy/asthma/sinusitus stuff from what I can tell. I think I had these tests run by my allergist (who also does immunology).
  3. If you have someone that knows your child well enough to have seen them with the ups and downs, those people can certainly fill out rating scales. Just make sure they understand that they have to be HONEST. Some people (even teachers!) get really squeamish about saying something "negative" about a child. Sigh.
  4. Regarding the earplugs, I have a brand recommendation as they are basically invisible, and they are musician's plugs, which means that the sound is still faithful, just less intense. My kids' band is getting them, and my son has trialed them during music lessons. He LOVES them (high sensory issues with sound, auditory processing problems). If you go on the manufacturer's site, they will have recommendations for sizing.
  5. I do something very similar to this. Day to day spending is mostly cash, check, or debit. I do balance the checkbook, but not to the penny anymore. I have alerts set up in case I make mistakes. Our multiple accounts are broader than our envelope system was--we don't track quite as closely as we did many years ago. We also don't really budget formally--we found that broad categories actually work better for us than being super picky. While my DH's income is not super variable, nearly all of our biggest expenses are due in a six month span, so we have a fund that we put money into each month anticipating those far in advance, or else we'd be in a pickle half the year. It fills for six months, and then it's like someone pulled a plug, lol! DH's direct deposit is unreliable--they may or may not fund each account in the same order every month, so I might have to go back to transferring money myself every month, but that's okay. As long as they keep putting something in our mortgage account, I can make most anything else work out the right way.
  6. Agreed. Let me rephrase my original--I've seen grown men "jump" on those 4 way lug wrenches without loosening the nuts. 🙂
  7. So, do the new cars have a compartment for the spare and jack? It's hard to stow them if you don't. If this is the new normal, IDK why tow trucks and roadside service companies don't bring a donut when they come. We've been told the same thing. This is disheartening. I know everyone thinks you should be self-sufficient about changing tires, but where we live, there aren't safe places to do so, and one of my kids will probably never be able to do so (he can't exert that kind of force safely due to a medical condition). Honestly, there are many times that I've seen adult men unable to remove a tire because of how tight they've been screwed on with air tools. It's extra frustrating that you might have to arrange multiple factors to get roadside assistance that works.
  8. That sounds exhausting, but I am glad you could do it and advocate for your son.
  9. My DH had one that was a cinch (his words). He was really geared up for it to be awful. His was administered by a doctor of physiotherapy, if that makes any difference (sometimes for medical things, it does!).
  10. The changes sound positive, and I am glad that the meeting hashed out some possible solutions. I agree that having a meeting to avoid the e-mail drama with the teacher is a good idea!
  11. I didn't realize there were videos! My son doesn't find the directions unclear at all, and he does it mostly independently. He's LOVING the pre-algebra. He did PM US Edition with fewer topics, and he's still doing really well with it, and he's my kid that can make a short task into a really long one. This doesn't sound like a poor fit so much as she's hitting a wall in some way. I mean, just because my kid doesn't like it, it doesn't mean everyone's kids should, but my son would be your daughter if he was off his meds, honestly. Why is it taking a long time? If it's not distraction that is causing her to be slow, are you sure she retained concepts from previous years? I would be looking into the distraction--it gets a lot worse at this age, and it makes even interesting stuff difficult to get into. Meds can help considerably.
  12. Prunes Oatmeal--as is or pancakes Molasses cookies (which also helps keep things moving if the iron constipates him) Beet and beet greens Broccoli Cream of wheat (farina) Soup--Italian wedding soup. It has greens and beef and chicken and/or chicken stock, the pasta can be fortified pasta Beef barley soup--can add veggies or greens Beef gravy on potatoes (potatoes for C)
  13. All models fail some kids and work really well with others because they are implemented by humans. All models have a start and end point and methodology. I think we can apply Christian character, values, and virtues to most models and most implementations. I think people can use models and implement methodology while totally forgetting Christian character, values, and virtues. So, implementation and methodology seems more like where you want to apply the measuring stick, IMO. Subject matter can be Christian while simultaneously driving people away with flawed, unjust, or obtuse implementation and methodology, and IMO, that's about the worst scenario you can get.
  14. We got Shaw flooring--it was commercial grade, and the cost was equivalent to what they had at big box stores for products that weren't as durable. A local flooring store ordered it for us--they do cash and carry as well as products they install. We installed it ourselves. I think we also had some Mohawk flooring that we put in the old house. We have good reviews about its durability. With the Shaw floor that is in our current house, we get a lot of puzzled looks, and people tapping to figure out if it's hardwood or LVP. 🙂 Both floors had the integrated backing.
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