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  1. I've always been told that utility bills build credit too. I would maybe find out if you can get a bill in his name that will be reported to a credit agency.
  2. My older DS is starting to produce high school level writing, and as of a couple of years ago, he couldn't write paragraphs at all due to significant language issues. He's also starting to drive with his learner's permit and isn't scary. 🙂 He and my DH also built a shed--it's getting the finishing touches right now. My younger kiddo is doing well in math and getting more consistent about his schedule, planner, etc.
  3. I would get some Hot Hands warmers and some for feet too! Do you have any portable warmers for yourself that don't need electricity to run or that could be pre-charged? I would be considering things like hot packs made for injuries--some are clay and can be microwaved. If you wrapped them carefully, those Pyrex warmers that go inside the portable carriers could work. You can stash a variety of things inside some lap blankets. Leggings under skirts?
  4. My suggestion is to ask DH to store his junk food elsewhere and eat it when the kids are in bed. I would try to *sometimes*tie access to junk food to eating something healthier first. If he truly was willing to eat a broader diet prior to the junk food, I would slowly try to regain what was lost but not make food a battle or be sneaky about what you feed him. I was a picky kid, but almost all of it was texture or smell (super smeller here). My kids are good eaters; only one is slightly picky, and both of them LOVED broccoli. They would cradle it like a doll throughout the store and ev
  5. Same with our chiropractor. I tolerate it only because I have no option; otherwise, I would call the health department. He keeps me walking upright and able to exercise, and he keeps my son aligned while watching his scoliosis very carefully. Our chiro isn't a neck cracker, so he's not really in anyone's face. Half the visit, I am face down, and I am masked. They are cleaning carefully, distancing, etc.--everything recommended except masks. Sigh.
  6. Yes. Hills Less dense population Fresher air with fewer allergens even though it was more rural (almost no ragweed!!!) Being able to get everything you needed in town and lot of what you wanted (becoming less true these days) Festivals that are like a sort of homecoming—you always see people you haven’t seen in a long time Streams that are clear and cool and smell nice Colloquialisms, not just from my town but the whole state, lol! Connection to place—knowing generations of my family had lived in that area for a long time made me feel connected. Additionall
  7. My son said his had an odor too, but he washed it, and I think it wore off. He only smelled it when he had it on, and he has a camo one. I can often smell differences in dyes and things like that, particularly if I happen to iron something. Dark dyes always smell stronger to me. I HATE the smell of black jeans until they have faded considerably, for instance.
  8. I have never been able to get things clean with a sponge mop, and laminate floors/wood floors are pretty unforgiving if your water is dirty at all. I use a Bona mop and the accompanying spray. One of our laminate floors got hazier and hazier, and we thought we were using too much. It was a floor that was here when we moved in, and our other floors were cleaning beautifully. We eventually realized there was just something on the one type of flooring that the Bona was partially removing. We ended up using more spray and maybe changing the mop head more often, and it's all fine now. The haze
  9. I have some sensory issues but not extreme. Both my kids had sensory issues; one had serious retained reflexes and one had some vestiges but no outright signs. I was a fast birth, and my kids were both fast labors and very short pushing stages (two contractions for one and one contraction for the other). I do think there is something to that theory about reflexes and labor. PeterPan, is your daughter hypermobile? That's a typical reason for reflexes to not fully integrate with therapy. My younger kiddo's will always be just a wee bit off due to his connective tissue disorder, but work on
  10. @sweet2ndchance PM me if you want me to message the exercises. I will forget, and I am not sure I can do it today. 🙂
  11. My VT place had exercises that I think were a follow-on to Moro, but they were very ATNR/STNR-like. I could probably copy them and message you if you are interested (they don't have a copyright notice on them, and the practice doesn't offer VT right now at all). They were really helpful for my son. They added them a little after adding the duck and pigeon walking and got that going well. In addition to those and the ATNR/STNR stuff I could send, they did bear walking and something else like it. We did VT homework for about 15 minutes per day 5-7 days per week. Much more, and I don't thin
  12. I voted other. There are a lot of people in the world who are users in all kinds of ways. It just is. I do think if it were my mother doing the same thing, I would be hopping mad, but I wouldn't necessarily know what to do about it. Your mom has a mental illness, and you have to have a life. It's okay to let it roll if you can.
  13. Since you're getting a lot of information, I would encourage you to consider evaluations. We can armchair this all day, but it takes someone with experience and testing capabilities to tease it all out. Some possible scenarios could be as simple as ADHD with or without low processing that could be fixed by some time with an intervention specialist, education therapist, tutor, etc. Another scenario could be multiple diagnoses. You just never know, but if she's surviving in an advanced academic environment but identifying areas of struggle, it means that she's likely to be extremely respons
  14. On being organized...if she really thrives on routine or likes it, that can be motivation enough to be organized in at least some realms. Also, you can have both strong and weak areas of executive functioning. My son with the most classic signs of ADHD is the one with ASD also (and he's not hyper--he's distracted and impulsive). He's very organized, and he has a LOT of good EF skills. But he's impulsive and inattentive in spades without meds. The others in my house with ADHD are more of the distracted, wander away, lose things, don't know where to start a task, off with the fairies sort o
  15. In my son's case, he mostly struggled with narrative language, and the test for that is the TNL--Test of Narrative Language. He also had some issues with linking his language centers to problem solving and critical thinking. His nonverbal problem solving and critical thinking were excellent (he maxed out the IQ test), but he would get stuck with the language and not really have a base criteria for formulating what the problem or crux of something was to decide what was most important. The materials we use have a copyrighted chart that shows the different areas of language development in a seri
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