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  1. We used MCT for grammar in the early years, but my son did NOT do the four level analysis one level at a time. He played them against each other in a problem-solving sort of way. He seemed to need whole to parts followed by parts to whole some of the time.
  2. @SKL At one point in the late fall/early winter, our hospitals were at capacity, but it wasn't widely known, mostly just warned it could happen (I think hospitals didn't want to publicly say they were overwhelmed before knowing if it would get much worse). Police were not stopping people hardly at all for routine traffic stuff, so every trip on the highway was starting to feel like it was life or death--groups of pickup trucks would race each other down the interstate (a major, busy one) weaving in and out of cars doing figure 8's--not solo, mind you, but in tandem with each other--they would cross each other's paths very closely in front of other cars like they were stunt drivers. It was terrible, and it didn't happen just once--I could expect it to happen nearly every time I drove. I knew how bad hospitals were getting because I had a spouse working in a local ED that could admit patients one minute because someone died or was discharged, but then would have to divert others the next minute (or try to care for them in the hallways while they were neither admitted nor truly able to get the care needed in the ER). We were basically forced to stop all extra trips because being seriously injured on the highway was a constant threat (and we live so close to it that nearly every trip involves the highway). We also had to ask my son to wait to finish his driving hours for his license because having an inexperienced driver on the highway was super scary under those conditions. At this point, maybe the police officers are vaccinated and will continue to stop people if it all hits the fan, but law enforcement here has been outspoken about not masking, etc., so who knows. I am not looking forward to every trip I make in the car feeling like a gamble and having no guarantee of a hospital care if I lose that gamble. It was like that here for a couple of months. It's not just about the virus.
  3. We've always gotten paint off of vinyl with water and elbow grease. A microfiber rag or something that would be safe scrubbing a non-stick pan could speed it up. I agree that sometimes you might want to let whatever wet thing you're using sit on it for a minute.
  4. Yes, yes, yes. I know people who were naturally thin and always ate like they could get away with it. Some do, but some end up morbidly obese. You just don't know what will happen.
  5. I don't know how the quote you shared about sickness became attributed to me, but some people are...ribby. It doesn't always mean someone is too thin, or that if they are on the thin side, that anything will work. Someone in my DH's family was rib-showing thin in spite of eating 7000-8000 calories every day. 50% for weight is not underweight. It's just not. Is there any chance that some genetics are at play that don't pop up frequently in your family? Mine has a very big range or genetic, and my DH's is less variable, but there are some outliers. In our larger family, you never know who is going to get what traits--it's a very mixed bag. Many kids in my family show up with traits that are obvious 2-3 generations back but not present in parents (or sometimes even grandparents).
  6. That's how it goes here, lol! If it's at all from my side, it skipped generations, which I totally believe can happen (one of my kids is twinning one of my grandparents--the pics don't lie).
  7. Ugh. It's so frustrating that people are put in this spot at all. Interesting article about how to view risks with vaccination and what "severe" Covid means. I am not sure I am in the same place the author is, but I feel like it was worth reading and thinking through. https://slate.com/technology/2021/07/covid-delta-variant-risk-vaccinated-breakthrough-cases.html
  8. That is on our to-do list as we become familiar with what they have. Some things are really easy to figure out, and some things I need to re-price, especially as they are changing too much with Covid. I try to keep my stock up price/store in mind, and then from there, where I am willing to buy a little between stocking up sales. Covid has messed with all of that since I've done so much online pickup. We went to Sam's with my parents to identify if there were enough "use this all the time" things at a good price to at least justify the membership, but I'd like to do better than that over time. :-) I know the meat department at ours is not quite as good as theirs, and I'm trying to not be too disappointed about that. There are other locations reasonably near us to try as well--this one is nearest to our other errands.
  9. That reminds me...phosphatidylserine is thought to help reduce/stabilize cortisol. I am trying it at night, and while I haven't retested, my sleep is better, and I have some other signs it might be working for that.
  10. If you look for uncured jerky, you'll probably find more options. I know you don't favor beef, but if he processes it just fine, I wouldn't worry about adding it to his diet.
  11. A FA would absolutely be able to help with all of this. Ours makes money from our investments, but I think it's tiny. We met with her a time or two, but now that we're set up with most things (she made sure we had our estate plan, insurances, etc. all in order as well), we mostly just e-mail her if we have a question. She lives in a different state, but that hasn't been a problem, though if we lived in the same state, she could've helped more directly with some of the side things like insurance (she offers many services, and she is a CPA as well as an attorney, IIRC). Different advisors will have different preferences, but they should all talk about goals, and if they want you to change something major, they should be able to explain why. For instance, of FA prefers we put money into retirement over paying off the mortgage, but I am sure that advice would vary if our circumstances were different. We don't have 529 plans due to having 2e kids, so that makes a difference as well. Nicely done on being so proactive and on the emergency savings. I am sure and advisor can offer you an accessible fund that will be better than savings. :-) You might specifically ask about a SN trust. Your FA may be more of a support about this than a knowledge base--you might need to see a SN attorney who does estate planning.
  12. Might as well copycat from the Costco post. We joined today. What do you get at your Sam's?
  13. The high myopia people in my family have tried things like gas permeable contacts to no avail. The drops don't offer long-term help according to an ophthalmologist I heard recently talking about myopia (context was Marfan Syndrome, but that tidbit was applicable across the board). I think most of the retinal problems have been minor--caught when there were slight problems and lasered. This presentation has information in it on myopia--you have to forward through a couple of speakers first. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/cCEu6ALOKY0lbaDBG2RLjePgESzzLsF_5pWTqELW1tNqwSggeHQMe09VRpmMPiMGYA4T1cj9S13Ycppk.I2OFnDyfvO_CVcWa?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=qH645ocGScOqmRl6Qiq1yA.1626988088841.4f830dde7c8a23d84f8903edb7931882&_x_zm_rhtaid=756 One relative wanted surgery, but her corneas were too thin. She eventually had cataract surgery and is very happy (she had really bad floaters, and the surgery for that often induces accelerated cataract growth, so her cataract surgery was early-ish, but within the typical age range). I think she's glad she didn't have to wait until she was older to get that taken care of after the disappointment with surgery. A friend with very high myopia had surgery. I think she wears reading glasses or maybe bifocals, but it's SO MUCH better than the heavy duty glasses she used to have. She's many years down the road from surgery and very happy. I dodged the hereditary high myopia, but there were times as a teen and young adult that my Rx changed like crazy too. I am going backwards now--getting more nearsighted.
  14. Yep, I would only be worried if there is a big change in output, or if he doesn't get fairly routine urine dips (they do these at the yearly pediatric appointment). Not a bad idea.
  15. You can find the ingredients for the vaccines easily online. https://www.hackensackmeridianhealth.org/HealthU/2021/01/11/a-simple-breakdown-of-the-ingredients-in-the-covid-vaccines/ They do not contain animal ingredients: https://www.pcrm.org/news/good-science-digest/covid-19-vaccines-safety-and-efficacy
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