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  1. Since you quoted me, I will be more specific. Everything makes me itch. I have extensive food intolerances. I work with an allergist as I have some allergic-like condition that is not allergies. For six months of the year, I take double the amount of some of my antihistamines (4 Allegra per day among other meds, and I had not thought to start that prior to my shot even though things are blooming outside. I think some people develop hives as a stress response to any bodily insult. My itching is not (usually) hives, and it's usually on my head and shoulders.
  2. Much better today. I eventually developed a cough and congestion last night before bed. This AM, I feel mostly normal. DS 16 had his shot yesterday. He felt pretty yuck in the middle of the night, and today he has a headache, but he's doing all his normal stuff (of his own volition). I told him he can nap today if he needs to, but he seems fine.
  3. https://mobileresponse.org/?fbclid=IwAR0BsyOOuVYbpZ5b3o5UQU4qoZIzlhHIcUY4jpR_1Jgz6_SiMbpcxsdWtMs_aem_ARiNfHnJWLOEVgw3_e85HLs_QjYQJdyD-nZuzU9F4PmDdDCAQbSDvFO92H3mW37Mh6I8rwHp1L20CqJp7_5_upXcq6b6BOSxAP0mIHgEhX2VU0yrFbImpAwGyu1irKjShFQ I saw a link to this program on FB, and I thought I’d share it in the hopes that if you don’t have this in your area, this could give you tools to advocate for something like this. Sounds way better than being stuck calling police or cajoling a child into going out of the house for help.
  4. Had Pfizer #2 yesterday. I started getting achy last evening, and I've taken tylenol or ibuprofen since then (tylenol is working better). I've been sleeping most of the day, and I feel like someone has removed my spine, lol! I have a headache on and off like I've slept too much, but I couldn't even think straight this AM after getting up. The achiness feels like rain is coming, so it could be worse. My skin is kind of sensitive. My arm is a little sore, but nothing remarkable. Unlike the first shot, I did not get really itchy (so far), but I have been taking my max dose of allergy m
  5. I don't know much about this, but I know there is also rent assistance in some areas. The county next to mine is offering it, and in their case, I believe you contact the local United Way, but I think it's a government program.
  6. Hmm...my son's PT is kind of leery of exercise balls as universal exercise equipment. Maybe you need a little PT before starting it. Otherwise, maybe on a yoga mat with some rolled up towels tucked around it from several directions.
  7. I have no idea about the role, but maybe Julianne Moore? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000194/
  8. Yes, we did that, and it helped a great deal. Our kitchen in the new house doesn't have a lot of cupboard space, so some of the seasonally used items or things we use only when we have company, etc. just stayed boxed up in the basement. It's all on shelves, and the boxes with the stuff most likely to be used are paper boxes, so it's very easy to run down there to get something if we need it.
  9. I think some of the distinction is difficult to understand. It's like the difference between friendly and polite, except that I would call those things neutral culturally. I think patriarchy leaves a really deep mark culturally, and I don't think it's neutral. But I do think it's similarly hard to define the differences sometimes in the way that some cultural things are hard to define if you've not observed the differences up close. I don't at all think that struggling to see a difference is sarcastic.
  10. Mature landscaping requires a lot of decisions that are not fun, and when one kind of tree reaches the point where it starts to rot or die, then all of that particular kind of tree in the neighborhood planted at the same time start coming down quickly. It's so sad. In our old neighborhood, a bunch of tulip poplars that were getting old that came down close together (ours came partly down with Hurricane Ike and revealed itself to the be the victim of carpenter ants), and the maples are starting to die up and down the street. In our current neighborhood, our neighbor just had three trees taken d
  11. Because of the way you phrased this, I wanted to say this again, but I don't want to diminish what you are saying because I think it's important. I think some complementarians really espouse patriarchy, not complementarianism. I completely agree with you that some women do not get to learn to make decisions, and that in some homes, girls are basically trained to be married and nothing else. Among older generations, plenty of men struggle to cook, clean, and do laundry if they are widowed. Patriarchy helps no one. But there are definitely girls who grow up in complementarian homes that fee
  12. I scrub mine with dish soap, but start with small amounts to avoid too many bubbles. Most soap is less bubbly than it used to be as surfactants are not used (or less common? definitely more regulated).
  13. I wonder if the being more like God part is knowing the consequences of the moral or immoral choice--so they were always able to choose the moral or immoral option, but they did not understand the repercussions. The fall, then, might be that they now have this ability to see consequences, but they had forever shattered the perfect ability to choose to always do right. I appreciate listening to your perspective on these things. Thanks for mentioning this. @Spy Car, this is the terminology I've been introduced to if you are interested in current controversy. Some denominations hav
  14. Indeed. I really like this book: https://www.cph.org/p-3104-3-in-1-revised-edition.aspx I am cracking up because it's a revised edition--someone probably found something questionable and clarified, lol! I have no idea if my edition is revised or not. I am not clearly not Lutheran, but this is a nice publishing house.
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