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  1. sangtarah

    WWE placement

    Dd9 doesn’t like to write. This year we’ve limped through W&R Fable. She will say the answers orally; she hates the act of writing. She enjoys listening to the fables. The exercises of summary or expansion are difficult because she doesn’t always know what to say. (She may have some other learning challenges going on but they haven’t been defined yet, maybe inattention or auditory processing.) What level of WWE would I start with? If you have used WWE, do you think it would be a good fit?
  2. sangtarah

    Auditory Processing

    Hmm, lots to think about. This is all new to me, so I’m not really sure what a language/reading or ADHD look like. re: the story. Dd tells me it is less confusing for her to listen to or read a story; she seems to follow the general flow of what is happening better. Although she still often stops me when we do read alouds. She thinks directions or facts confuse her more. She has not been tested by an audiologist. I know excellent SLPs. I just have to convince her primary to give us a referral.
  3. Okay, talk to me about auditory processing, please. Dd9 has always had trouble with comprehending written directions, read alouds, and needs to be walked through her school work with bite-sized instruction from me. She can follow story books somewhat better, but still has confusion often. She has been through vision therapy, and made tons of improvement. So I’m looking into auditory processing. Where does one start? What is the best way to improve this, if it is a contributing factor? What teaching methods work for content & skill subjects?
  4. sangtarah

    The Big Grade Planning Link List

    These lists are priceless! Thank you for linking them!
  5. My mantra for January, and now February, has been “one day at a time” and “I’ll think about that tomorrow” and “today has enough trouble of its own”. Too much drama for this mama.
  6. So pretty! I love North! And Dagny!
  7. sangtarah

    How do you choose a child’s therapist?

    I’ll check Psychology Today out. Thanks. She has Hashi’s hypothyroidism, so we are making sure her meds are okay this week. I found a place that seemed great, the therapist had a daughter with Hashi’s, too, but they won’t take our insurance. So still looking. I haven’t found any clinics focusing only on pediatrics. We have never done a mental health work up. Does a counselor do that? I noticed some of them have an initial screening, is that similar?
  8. sangtarah

    How do you choose a child’s therapist?

    The pediatrician didn’t have a good recommendation. I asked several months ago, so I could ask again, but I’m not hopeful on that front.
  9. sangtarah

    How do you choose a child’s therapist?

    Yup. That would help. 🙄 For anxiety. I edited to add.
  10. Where do you start? What questions do you ask? I called a recommended place that seemed like it’d be a great fit, but they aren’t taking our insurance right now (and actively avoiding it in the future). So I’m left with a list of insurance in-network, and kinda lost on how to wade through them all. ETA: for anxiety
  11. So, to give you super-slueths another puzzle: dd9 saw the asthma/allergy dr and he said stay the course, she sounds good (she has been complaining of it being hard to breathe Sun and Mon). He Thinks we should stick with Singulair. BUT he said her thyroid is enlarged. (She has had Hashimoto’s diagnosed for three years.) maybe that explains her vague symptoms and emotional ups-and-downs. Her last check-up with endo was in the fall and all was well.
  12. Update: last night dd9 had her first dose. Today she has had a terrible headache all day and told me she feels bad - like she is bad and doesn’t want to live. 😳😱 So, attribute it to meds or not?? 😰
  13. sangtarah

    What's with IKEA? Holy cow!

    We ordered online from IKEA last fall. The store is a few hours away, so it seemed like a good idea. Anyway, they contracted out our shipment, so the company didn’t actually know where it was after it left the warehouse. It was passed to 2 different “local” moving companies. IKEA couldn’t tell me anything about it other than a 800 number of one of the companies - it took several phone calls to locate it and more to find out when they would deliver because they had to fit it in around their other jobs. Delivery took a few weeks longer than IKEA said but they had a copy of the invoice and we went over each item very closely!
  14. Glad your dh is better! Dd is already taking Claritin. But it’s not her allergies they prescribed it for, it was for asthma. I told the dr my goal was to reduce/eliminate her medications (Claritin/flovent) with environmental changes, if possible. He was very discouraging and said the best we can hope for is add the Singulair and maybe reduce the Flovent dosage. Her allergies to cat/dog actually aren’t very high - he seemed surprised by the results of the skin test. We are still willing to change her environment, but it seems less likely to help, given her results and his advice. ☹️ For myself, regular antihistamines would dry up my milk supply, so I’ve never taken them regularly. I’m sure taking something would make a difference, I’m just not good at taking medicines. My allergies are cat/dog as well, so I’ve just chosen to live with it. The asthma was a surprise finding though, for me. Apparently I’m at 75% and that probably explains a lot! 😂
  15. Thanks for the reminder. She’s actually been tested a few times through the years, most recently in Nov. It was a blood test each time. Her pediatrician recommended an elimination diet to see if we could isolate a trouble item.