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  1. Dd has been taking it since Sep. She had to switch to evenings because she was so tired durin the days. It helps her stay asleep, although I would think that’d be a minus for you. She also has gained a lot of weight while on it, but her dr says that isn’t a common side effect, and doesn’t think it’s from lexapro. 🤔 It has made a dramatic difference in her ability to cope with life, so the benefits are worth it for her.
  2. We found a travel trailer! It has double bunks, a fold-out couch, a queen bed, and lots of storage. Now I need information on what to put in it! And how-to sites of using it! And videos on driving! 🤣 I was thinking Corelle dishes might be light enough, so we don’t need paper all the time. All the RV sites push melamine, but we want to be able to microwave oatmeal and such. And towels! I need decent quality, quick drying towels. The list is long! Thanks for helping!
  3. My family: BIL in late 30s, sis early 40s I don’t know much about the others symptoms.
  4. Back in June my sis and BIL got covid and she still has no taste/smell and he still has lung damage. His symptoms are breathlessness, lightheadedness, and brain fog after something like singing. They never took covid precautions and are still not taking many, only masks where required. Local to us: two pastors have tested positive. One caught it from his elderly mom, and both have recovered as far as I know. The other is in the midst, as is his family and lots of members of the church. A couple of large homeschooling families we know have caught it, and all seem to have come through
  5. Well, you guys were right. Sis and family have too many commitments and cannot skip them. Something almost every day until the week before Christmas, and then church the Sunday before Christmas. Dh and I have to decide what we want to do now. We have been “cleared” to ask them not to come to my parents house at all. Sis wants to have the kids together as much as possible, but I don’t see how we can do that. 😔 My parents are doing their best to stay healthy - dad has to work (mask required) and mom will go grocery shopping once or twice, maybe. My grandma lives with them, and she likes to
  6. Just snipping this to reply. We have a Nissan NV. It’s a new vehicle to us, so I’m going by the website’s tow numbers. Unfortunately a vehicle that could tow a fifth wheel isn’t feasible right now.
  7. We are thinking of getting a camper, a bumper pull. There are 6 of us. Kids ages are 3, 7, 11, 14. Plus 2 small dogs. We've never owned a travel trailer, so hit me with all your collective hive knowledge, LOL! We can pull up to 9400 lbs. One question we are musing, a bunk or not? There is so much more space if we use the couch/dinette as sleeping spaces, but then kids definitely have to share, and those have to be put away every morning. If we get a camper it may do double duty as a temporary office for dh, and cramped quarters would make that unpleasant. But tweens/teens appreciate
  8. I love most of it. Cleaning products give me a headache, so it's wonderful to be able to clean with only water. I have a bit of everything. Their laundry detergent is amazing. I use that diluted in a spray bottle to clean up pet accidents. Our elderly cat peed directly on our mattress (mad because I was washing her bed I guess) and the laundry detergent took out the stain and the smell. We use almost all of the different cloths. I have one of the doormats at our doggie door and it does a fantastic job of soaking up wet and mud. The cleaning paste is amazing at getting out glass top stove clean
  9. OP here. Thanks for all the concerns. We still don’t know if we will try to drive. But my sister will stay home and keep kids home for 10 days before we see them, so that is a relief! (If we go) Part of our motivation is mental health for our household, as well as a holiday. But there is a very long list against travel, we know that. One factor in all this is my parents insistence on coming to us if we cannot come to them, unless we forbid it.
  10. I am very sorry for your loss. That’s terribly inadequate. I’m heartbroken for you. I’m praying for you and your family.
  11. We haven't decided if the risk is worth it. A few years ago, a random chest cold in their kid caused ours to be hospitalized for a week. It would be heartbreaking to not travel. It would be heartbreaking to ask them not to see us (in fact, it isn't our house, so I can't really do that anyway). SO, I am hoping I won't have to make that decision and they will be understanding. Thanks for the wording! We will not be there for TG, only Christmas. TG was just an illustration of their outlook, activities, etc.
  12. If it is safe and we are able to, we are planning to drive from the midwest to FL for Christmas. We have risk factors in the family and have been very cautious throughout this whole thing. My sister and dh are NOT; they had covid in the summer, but their kids didn't (as far as we know). They are having a large gathering for Thanksgiving, like 20-30 people with no masks or distancing. This effectively leaves my parents excluded because they are also cautious. My dh and I want to ask my sister and her dh to be cautious for our sakes before Christmas. I have little hope they will - they are
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