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  1. Praying for you and baby! And hoping all the testing tomorrow gives some clear, fixable answers.
  2. Ages are 13, 10, 6, and 2. Thanks for all the kind words. After we ate I started crying and then they began feeling some empathy, I think. They started talking and even smiling some. My outlook isn’t helped by very little sleep! We loaded the car last night and I tossed and turned envisioning us on the side of the road. 😜 After we cleaned up, we had a lego building session and watched 101 Dalmatians. @Arctic Mama, thanks for the Charades suggestion - I just bought a deck and needed to break it out. We are doing that next, so we will see how it goes!
  3. We had to cancel our weekend away with family due to icy/snowy roads. Dh and I spent all morning making thanksgiving at the last minute - which turned out pretty well - but the 2 older kids aren’t buying it. They are so upset they can hardly be civil. We could hardly engage them and one dd said “it’s terribly boring to talk to you.” The other just sits mostly mute and occasionally cries. Freezing rain has settled in so we won’t venture out. I’m not sure how to turn around such a crappy start to the weekend. It makes me so sad. I hate living far away from family. (It would have been a 9 hour drive to dh’s family. Mine live a plane flight away.)
  4. Our Journey Westward has 25% off now through Cyber Monday.
  5. Guest Hollow had an announcement on Facebook: BIG GUESTHOLLOW BLACK FRIDAY (etc.) SALE – COMING IN JANUARY! - WHAT!?!? Well Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone!!!!! As you all know, Guest Hollow is a NON-TRADITIONAL curriculum company… So we thought to ourselves… HEY, why not have a NON-TRADITIONAL Black Friday Sale? In fact, let’s cut our customers a break and not even have our big sale on Black Friday at all? + I don’t know about you but we have been absolutely deluged with companies trying to sell us a plethora of Christmas gifts. Advertisements about “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday” and “Small Business Saturday” have filled our screens and mailbox for weeks now. To be honest, we’re kinda sick of it. 😉 + Soooooooo… this year we decided not to be part of your annual holiday problem. While you are budgeting in Thanksgiving food, Christmas gifts, a trip to Grandma’s, and your normal day-to-day expenses, perhaps it would be good to get a little breathing room and NOT have to buy your homeschool curriculum at the same time… does this make sense? I HOPE SO! 😀 + Anyway, here is the scoop… Instead of making you sit down and try to figure out a way to budget in next semester’s Guest Hollow goodies NOW, we are going to let 2020 get here and have our gigantic sale during the first week or so in January! + Here is how the big Guest Hollow wintertime sale will work: On Black Friday we will release a coupon code, but it WILL NOT BE ACTIVATED until January First! You can then return to in early January and place your orders just as if it was Black Friday/Cyber Monday/ Small Business Saturday, save a bundle of money, not break your Christmas budget on curriculum at exactly the worst time of year, and generally do all of the above in a relaxed fashion. + I hope you guys will like this, it will give you time to look over, read some reviews, do a little investigation and make your buying decisions AT YOUR LEISURE for the next month or so and then when January rolls around (and the holiday madness is behind you) the Guest Hollow sale will start and you will still reap the rewards of our giant traditional Black Friday sale. + We’d love to hear your feedback on this so please DO let us know what you think below…
  6. Classical Academic Press is having a Cyber Monday sale - 30% off individual items and 20% off full programs
  7. Also, My Fathers World, now through November 30 - Thanks2019
  8. 20% off at Brave Writer - code: celebrate19 9am Friday - 9am Saturday They have a special Holiday Shoppe open Nov 29-Dec 31. They are giving $20 off the Writers Jungle online class for Cyber Monday.
  9. This is such a sweet idea! I’m probably in the mostly lurker category 🤣, so I’ll just wish all of you a Very Happy Holidays from here! 🥰
  10. A lot of information to sort through. No, she doesn't swallow pills yet. @matrips, interesting about the Smarty Pants vitamin. We have them for everyone, but this dd won't take them - she doesn't like the taste. I've been trying other multi's for her, but haven't found one she likes yet. I don't want folic acid due to family history of MTHFR, and it's hard to find chewables without it. She takes extra Vitamin D3, she was low in that, but other levels were fine.
  11. Our dd10’s psych recommended GABA and magnesium supplements for anxiety. We already use a supplement that blends 5-HTP, L-Theanine, and Passion flower, along with D3 and B6 and she takes a multivitamin. If anyone has experience with GABA, please chime in. I’m not sure on dosage, timing with other supplements, etc. I have done some internet searches, but it hasn’t given me much. Also, we have tried 2 different Magnesium supplements. Both rejected due to taste. First was Smarty Pants kids mineral complete, second was CALM kids drink mix. Any other recommendations?
  12. I tossed it all. 🥺 sigh. The ice cream and popsicles had melted to the floor in puddles. There was some meat that was mostly frozen on the bottom, but it had been there for so long it was probably freezer burnt anyway.
  13. I’m glad it’s the end of the week, because I have whiny kids, a super slothful teen and I JUST found out that our deep freezer that lives in the garage has been unplugged for 5-6 days. The ice cream is melted, the pizza bagels are super soft, but some of the things are still frosty. Temperature has been 30s-50s here, but the garage stays in the 50s, I think. So what’s safe? Should I toss it all, or keep some?
  14. That is a lot of choices! I would want to do several of those things, but in reality, I’d probably go back to bed and then lay around watching movies and shopping for Christmas online. Although, getting your hair done sounds lovely! And strolling through IKEA would be wonderful (we don’t live near one)!
  15. I recently saw Rend Collective in concert. They are an awesome band from North Ireland.
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