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  1. sangtarah

    ISO cat litter

    We switched to World’s Best a year or two ago. Definitely the best we’ve used.
  2. sangtarah

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    I always wanted a work bench with tools. One that I could actually build things with. It wasn’t a girly enough gift, though.
  3. sangtarah

    2018 Christmas Tree pictures

    I let the kids do all the decorating this year. The toddler keeps taking off the bottom ornaments, and the star light finally went out, after 16 years. But I like it. 😊
  4. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    AND, reasons like this reinforce the goal to reduce/eliminate her necessary medications. 😔
  5. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    There was no mention of nasal sprays in office. BUT, good news, she can see an allergist on Tuesday, so I’ll be able to ask about that. And I’ll ask again about Singulair; so far each dr has brushed off concerns about that. And we will get a better picture of what her allergy load is - yay! We may try Zyrtec next, to see if that fits her better. Ktgrok, I read your list to her and her eyes went wide! That would be a lot of adjustment, but we could do it. (Honestly, I haven’t much hope of keeping the cat & dog. I didn’t sleep much. I just don’t know what I’ll do. I committed to these two, ya know? I’m their mom, too. They follow me around, lay on me when I’m sick; it’s just too much to think about if they aren’t there.)
  6. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    Update: The pulmonologist wants to add Singulair daily and have her see an allergist. They seem to think some of what we are dealing with is Vocal cord dysfunction. Has anyone dealt with that? She passed the PFT with 100%, so it seems she is well-controlled from that standpoint. Also, any advice in regard to Singulair? The side effects are concerning. Dd already has anxiety, moodiness, and tends to be sad. Do allergy meds work differently? So, if she is taking Claritin, would it be worth trying another to find a better fit?
  7. sangtarah

    Name the Roomba

    Rosie is cute - but taken by another pet. Abcde - 😂😂😂😂 I read that thread, and have to say your screen name change is awesome, texasmom. And now I definitely NEED eyes!! 😁 My favorite show: Stargate. Our dog is Sam - Samantha Carter. Keeping with the Stargate theme, I guess I could go with DJ - Daniel Jackson. I like Teal’c - the kids could call it Mr. T. Or Rodney Mccay. Rodney the Robot Roomba. The kids suggested Robot Tank and Dragon and Warrior, etc, all of which aren’t quite what I’m looking for. 😜
  8. sangtarah

    Name the Roomba

    I voted for Teal’c. Any other suggestions?
  9. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    The carpeting is an issue, I agree, even though it’s only 5 years old. This isn’t a long term house though. In 2 years, maybe 4 years we will be moving. So in addition to the expense, resale or rent-ability has to be considered. Just changing her room may be doable.
  10. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    Claritin daily. Flovent twice a day. No nasal spray, but she rarely complains about drainage or stuffiness. Her pediatrician wants her on Advair, but we are seeing the pulmonologist this week and wanted to wait for that opinion.
  11. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    No. 😞 She’s declawed, plus it’s winter weather here - way too cold.
  12. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    It started in our last house in Feb. We’ve been in this one since July.
  13. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    Yes, it would be very hard, I think. She’s in fairly good health, and could have many more years, but most people want a kitten or young cat.
  14. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    I haven’t ever bathed a cat. I think I could wipe her down, though.
  15. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    What is vent paper? Like a filter?
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