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  1. sangtarah

    Advair and asthma in kids? Dr hive?

    I’ve been reading up on Advair. Am I understanding this correctly - one source of info said it’s a similar drug to Albuterol, except acts for 12 hours? So it’s like giving albuterol twice a day. Also concerned about long-term use - would she have to take this indefinitely? I would classify her asthma as mild up until this year, and well-controlled.
  2. One of my dd’s had an asthma flare-up this week that we went to the ER for. She had one previously in Feb (precipitated by a virus - hospitalized for 4 days) At that time they increased her Flovent. Now they want to switch her to Advair. What do I need to know about it? Good, bad, ugly?
  3. sangtarah

    How long to unpack?

    We will probably live in our new location only 2-3 years, so being unpacked quickly is a top priority. This time we will have MIL as a house guest after only a week. I love my MIL, but it will slow down the progress. Especially if her little dog comes (who has to wear a dog diaper so he won’t pee in the house, sigh). I don’t know if I can handle months of boxes! I absolutely cannot start school and have boxes that need to be unpacked. And school has to start in Aug. I don’t think I can pull all night’rs anymore, but I will have to invent some kind of prize for myself!
  4. sangtarah

    How long to unpack?

    How long does it take you to unpack and feel like you live in your house? We usually can do it in about two weeks, but I’m afraid it will take much longer this time. DH says he doesn’t care how long it takes, but he will once he is stuck with boxes day after day. Or as long as his stuff is in order, he won’t care about the rest of the house. I’m stressing out a bit about it all.
  5. sangtarah

    Washer/Dryer review?

    Wow. “Best use: Boat anchor” 😂😂 No wonder they offered us such a “deal”! Ha! Thanks, all! I’ll hold on to my Kenmore and hope she lasts for many more years!
  6. sangtarah

    Washer/Dryer review?

    Maybe silence means everyone has been converted to Speed Queens! 😂😂
  7. sangtarah

    Washer/Dryer review?

    Any reviews of the Maytag Centennial High efficiency top load washer and electric dryer? We just bought a new house and the washer/dryer are being offered to us for $300. We have an old school Kenmore top loader (almost 16 years old) and a dryer that is 4-5 years old. They both work fine, but if these Maytag units are a good deal, we may buy them. Any opinions?
  8. sangtarah

    Has anyone used Reasoning and Reading?

    Yes, Level 1 for 6/7 grade. It was just right for us. My 3rd grader used Beginning this year. It was a stretch for her, but a good one.
  9. sangtarah

    Has anyone used Reasoning and Reading?

    We have used Beginning and Level 1. I think it was a great addition to our studies. Good exercises, easy to fit in, covers a lot of topics we hadn’t gotten too. I tried BJU’s Reading series, but it had too many parts and was never implemented the “right” way. Reasoning and Reading filled the need!
  10. sangtarah

    My cat died

    Oh, I’m so sorry.
  11. sangtarah

    Missing horse

    I hope they are found today! Poor things.
  12. sangtarah

    Prodigy Math Group Buy - anyone interested?

    Is it too late to add 3?
  13. sangtarah

    Egress Window worth the expense?

    I didn’t marry a handy man, lol, so trying it as a DIY won’t be an option. I’ll have good luck if I can enlist dh in painting. 😂
  14. sangtarah

    Egress Window worth the expense?

    The small window isn’t the only one in the basement. The other one is enclosed in the storage room on the same side of the house (they are the same size). It’s not that dh is against the idea, per se, he would just rather not put the money into it. I didn’t think about the safety issue - that is important.
  15. If you could put an egress window (expanding an already existing window) in your basement, would you? Dh thinks the amount of light won’t change much. I think it will be a big help. The window is on the east side of the house, and is about 8 x 20, I think. The basement could potentially be the school area, so I’d like as much natural light as possible.
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