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  1. So far, not bad. Not productive yet. Kids and I spent time outside in the sun, ate lunch, and will start on school soon. Schedules are a thing to laugh at.
  2. I’ve just started treating my asthma. First thing they gave me was Flovent (about 2 weeks ago). After discussing it with my dr today, he thinks it has been the cause of my hoarseness (yesterday I could hardly talk, but today I’m sounding more normal after skipping the pm/am doses) and slightly sore throat. I thought maybe it was allergies or a cold or something. He suggested trying Asmanex or not treating at all and just using albuterol as needed (couple times a week to couple times a month). I can’t get the asmanex for a few days. Has anyone else experienced this? Found good alternatives? About a year ago, an allergy dr (who was looking for food reactions) also did a breathing test and said I was at 70%. I choose not to treat it then, since it was “normal” for me. But it’s been bothering me more, and with COVID out there I wanted to be in the best shape possible. So frustrating that I’m Always so sensitive to medicine! 😒🙄☹️
  3. Psalm 46 - Our refuge and strength is in the Lord, and He is with us.
  4. UNMC is studying the contamination of air and surfaces. They found significant airborne contamination inside patient rooms and in hallways outside patient rooms. Study link:
  5. My Dad is bored. His job is over until the country gets back to normal. I’d like to send him meaningful projects or things to do. In his younger days enjoyed pottery. They have puzzles. Are there pottery kit for adults out there? Any other ideas?
  6. UNMC In Nebraska is trying to stretch the mask supply.
  7. My BIL just came down with something two nights ago. (They don’t live in our state.) Low grade fever, fatigue, feels like he can’t breathe, and can’t lay down to sleep. They told him to go to the ER and he got an X-ray, tested for flu and strep, but they wouldn’t do a CV-19 test because they have to ration them. I’m very worried for him and my sister and the kids. ☹️ And of course, “official” numbers shown no known cases in their county.
  8. Our area just found the second case of community spread, so our schools will be closing for 6-8 weeks. My 4th grade dd was in PS this year, so I’m at a loss of what to do for her. Plus, I’ve felt really funky this week. Littlest had Flu A a few weeks ago, and after she got better I got a week of congestion/drainage, a week of sore throat, and this week I’ve just been “blah”, but in a “I need to sleep and can’t get off the couch“ way. No fever, no cough, so I don’t think it’s the plague. But our schedule has been trashed!! 😞 Also, TMI, but my cycles are all out of whack, too. So all around, I need a good cry, but there is no time to cry without kids around!
  9. We slept in. 9 for the littles, 10 for the middle, and noon for the teen. We did minimal school. My anxious kiddo who was in public school is the hardest hit; she was in a good place mentally. 😥 Dh flew last week, so now I’m waiting anxiously to see if he stays healthy.
  10. I’m fairly close to becoming a hermit, but no one around me seems to be bothered about these things, and we still have medical appts, etc. Yesterday my new dr kinda shrugged and said everyone will get it so not to worry, I’m a woman and asthma isn’t much of a risk factor. 🤦🏼‍♀️
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