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  1. sangtarah

    Homeschool Planet

    So far I have IEW’s Fix It, Saxon, IEW’s poetry Memorization, and Analytical Grammar. I’m just setting everything up for next year, so I haven’t used it yet, but I’m anticipating that this will be a significant help to our days.
  2. I added the this last year to our CAT tests. It was a list of workbooks that would target the skill levels reflected in the test results. It wasn’t detailed discussion, which I was hoping for. For example, for one of my students, in the skill of reading, they suggested Daily Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking company’s Reading Detective. I won’t pay for it again; I’m sure I could find a list of workbooks on my own in the right level. I guess it would be very helpful if you weren’t sure what workbooks were out there.
  3. sangtarah

    Question about America the Beautiful

    We have used it this year for a 3rd and 6th grader. Both have enjoyed it. My 3rd grader, after some vision therapy, hasn't had any problem reading it to herself when I'm not available to read it to her. The 6th grader loves to be able to do it herself, and is learning quite a lot! I've been happy with the total package.
  4. sangtarah

    Middle Ages for 7th?

    Thank you, Lori! I love reading your posts; thank you for clarifying the choices so succinctly. I was getting muddled in overthinking the solution, and you cleaned off my choices for me! Given that clarity, I am going to use SOTW + AG as my "spine". I still will have to pick one "supplement", but am leaning towards the Greenleaf Famous Men of the Middle Ages. I think we are going to have a lot of fun!
  5. sangtarah

    Homeschool Planet

    I’m just trying it out, as well. So far, I’ve bought a few plans, and now I’m adding a few plans. It’s very user friendly, and I think I’ll enjoy it! I definitely like hat I can add web links directly into the lessons; so convenient. How are the Math Mammoth plans set up? Do you like them? That’s one of the lesson plans I’m thinking of buying.
  6. sangtarah

    Middle Ages for 7th?

    I’m tying to wrap my head around what a Middle Ages study for a seventh grader should or needs to look like. Here are the resources I have : SOTW Vol. 2 and accompanying activity book, test book, Kingfisher Encyclopedia; Truthquest Middle Ages; Streams of Civilizations Vol. 1; Story of The Middle Ages published by Christian Liberty Press; Famous Men of the Middle Ages and Greenleaf guide to go with it; IEW Middle Ages theme based writing program. I have a upcoming 4th grader, and was hoping to study the time period together. I’m kinda lost on what to require for 7th grade work. I know the 4th will be fine doing SOTW as suggested, but I’d like more depth for 7th, I’m just unsure how much. Do I try to align and use all the resources I have or sell some so I don’t feel tempted to add it in? 😂 Any suggestions or encouraging comments?
  7. sangtarah

    CC memory work for home

    I recently learned of Claritas Classical Academy. They publish 4 guides of memory work that follow a 4 year cycle & SOTW. There is also a website with all their memory work set to video & music - Cross Seven - and it is a small subscription fee per month. I’m pretty close to investing in it!
  8. sangtarah

    A/C is out! -vent

    I’ll have to look at it, but I think it was pretty standard. We are getting a window unit that landlord is sending over, but I don’t know if any windows will open for it (most are too old to open properly) or where to try to put it. In a multi-level home, how is a window unit helpful??
  9. sangtarah

    A/C is out! -vent

    A/C in our house is out. We rent, and it’s been a week, and the company our landlord has hired hasn’t been able to come out yet. The first two days were in the 90s, but this past week the temps have been in the 70s - bearable. This weekend temps will be back in the 90s - unbearable. Our landlord says they will be out on Friday to replace the part. He’s hoping a new part will fix it so he can avoid installing a new unit. I’m guessing the unit is over 20 years old. He also said by VA law he only has to provide heat?? Ugh, which isn’t correct, I would imagine! I’m think he will have it fixed in the end, but he is not worried about how quickly it happens. Well, we are!
  10. What have you used? Do/did you like it? I’m trying to decide if I need one, and which one would be most beneficial. I have a paper planner, but use it more for recording. I have used OneNote for several years, but have reached my limitations. I would really like my students to be able to see their assignments and check them off without having to print or hand copy them into their student planners. Plus, having different tabs for each subject in oneNote is frustrating - a lot of back and forth. Any tips for me?
  11. sangtarah

    I just want ...... (for fun)

    .....for food allergies/sensitivities/intolerances to disappear from earth ...for enough money/time to practice my preferred hobby while still homeschooling successfully own a cul-de-sac worth of houses so all my family & kids (as they grow) can live near me
  12. sangtarah

    Food allergy - how to check?

    My baby girl has had eczema all over since she was 2 months. I’ve been using CeraVe on her for the last 2 weeks and she’s almost completely clear. However, i’ve also been cutting down on my peanut M&M habit. (Which has pretty much been a daily extra large handful.) Now I’m concerned that she may be clearing up because I’m not eating peanuts! is there a “best” way to check her for this? (That doesn’t involove me eating loads of candy or having her blood drawn.) Dh says rub peanut butter on her skin, but I don’t agree. What do you think?
  13. sangtarah

    Greatest Showman

    We bought it and watched it twice already! The soundtrack is really good and the kids love dancing to it.
  14. sangtarah

    Greatest Showman

    We would like to watch this for family movie night. Is it for all ages? Should we rent or buy? Is it one that we will watch over and over? We have ages 1, 4, 8, 12.
  15. sangtarah

    falling down stairs

    Aww, thanks guys. She and I are okay today. Besides a small bruise, she looks and acts totally fine! I’m more shook up, because I keep thinking I could have prevented it or reacted differently - I let panic win, and I usually keep a cool head. I kept yelling at my older kids “why wasn’t the gate shut” and that shook them up. Well, oldest dd didn’t seem outwardly as phased, but next dd was totally a wreck. Oldest dd was the one who left the gate open. I’m not sure how hard to be on her in the future. I want to balance forgiveness and enforce her being responsible; so I don’t want to overwhelm her with guilt, for example. They saw the baby roll down the stairs, so I’m sure that won’t be forgotten too soon. Hopefully it makes the gate issue sear into their brains.
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