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  1. Right. Our cat was the kitten that climbed all over us, friendly and happy to meet new creatures. We didn’t choose the kitten that cowered under the bench and ran away when we tried to say hi.
  2. 16 years ago we got a very confident, very small, kitten. She has ruled the house and all other furry creatures since. At the time we had a black mouth cur, a high energy, high chase dog. But he knew to leave her alone (he was teachable). She kept him in line. She is old and much weaker now, but she still doesn’t let the 5 month puppy push her around. Maybe animal confidence helps?
  3. Walk me through the process? We need to add 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Start with an architect? Designer? Contractor? What pitfalls to avoid? Thanks!
  4. Our little 4.5 month furball barks. He barks at everything, and it’s a little cute bark right now, but I’d like to discourage it. How would I do that? He’s a bit scared of things, people, etc. He barks at people walking past. He barks at neighbors wanting to say hi. He barked at DH after he crossed the street to the mailbox (we guessed he couldn’t see that far?) He barks at our neighbors’ dogs that are big enough to jump the fence and come “play” with him. He barks out the window. He doesn’t bark at any of the family, excepting the time Dh went across the street.
  5. Our first high school year, and the big glitch is Biology! DD’s online class did not work out, and now I have to take over the Biology credit. I enjoyed The subject in high school and college, but I need some help! We have Apologia’s Biology 2nd Ed, with the textbook, notebook and teaching videos they produced. Do I need a $200 microscope? How do we do the labs? What if neither of us understand a chapter? I’ll find all the biology threads on here that I can, but thanks in advance for any help!
  6. We have a sunroom. The original blinds have broken and cannot be repaired. We had a “blinds guy” come out and the estimate for new ones was $3000. We can’t spend that much, but we want good quality blinds that will last another 15 years. There are four big blinds. In the photo, you can see our current blinds and where we pulled one off the doorway (it wouldn’t go back up). Any tips, advice, etc??
  7. Shoot, @Not_a_number, I really enjoyed your posts. This teaches me that I should copy and save more!
  8. Someone PM me, too. I don’t create or contribute a whole lot, but this board is my sanity, and I hate to find out people have left the group. So sorry for whatever happened to you, OP!
  9. So my 9yr old dog developed red ears in the last couple weeks. I don’t know if I should have her seen. She doesn’t seem bothered by it - no shaking or much itching. Any ideas? Our puppy has red ears, but he doesn’t have the brown ear wax stuff. He is always itching and shaking.
  10. I've looked everywhere. The places that advertise drive-up testing have age restraints. One place has testing for 3yr old and up, but they are only open Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone is feeling 100% now, so having a test on Tuesday seems a bit late and unnecessary. Hopefully it was just the crazy weather change combined with a late night or two. Our exposure levels have been really, really low, but not zero. The kids have gone out to the hardware store with Dh a couple of times in the past month. Dh has had a dr visit. Dd had an eye exam. We've been out riding bikes on the trail.
  11. Children’s urgent care states on their website that they are not testing mild cases. I guess we will find out what their definition of mild is and go from there. It’s not surprising that we aren’t seeing a lot of numbers from schools in our area if they aren’t testing. But where did the “everyone who wants a test, can get a test” mantra fly off to, eh?
  12. Tomorrow we can take him to Childrens Urgent Care. Maybe we will take all of them. Hopefully they won’t turn us away. 😒
  13. I would have thought so too.
  14. Our pediatricians office wants to see a 48 hour fever before testing. Yesterday DS 7 developed a fever; went up to 102.8. Other symptoms are slight headache and some body aches. He feels much better today, but still has a elevated temp and low appetite. Dd 3 is beginning a fever now - 100.1. Dd 11 had an asthma attack today, and looking back has had more coughing this week. Anyway, I’m frustrated by the testing restraints. I’d really like to know what we are dealing with!
  15. Currently, we are saying we will travel for Christmas, but in reality we may not. Time will tell. My sister and BIL already had the virus; I’m assuming her kids were exposed? The kids were at BIL’s parents house while they were sick. (BIL’s dad contracted COVID). My grandma probably had a mild case, but wasn’t tested. My parents haven’t had it, but aren’t worried and are not taking many precautions. I think they will quarantine if we ask them to. The trick is travel - it’s a two day drive or flying. Flying involves 3 airports and 2 planes, so exposure would be very high. Driving would be
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