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  1. sangtarah

    Horses - Boarding ?s

    We are shopping for a boarding facility. In a midwest state that gets very cold. The horse is currently in the southeast US and not used to cold weather. I’m just starting the search for a barn to move him to. What questions do you ask when calling a new stable? What is customary - a few questions and a visit, or many questions over several phone calls, or just show up if they don’t ever answer the phone?
  2. sangtarah

    Wwyd? Drama class

    I’ll try to reach out to her. The letter sent home didn’t say anything about other activities, just went on about the performance, script, practice, etc.
  3. sangtarah

    Wwyd? Drama class

    I would love to chat with them, but I’m concerned that what I say would be interpreted as “her kids was upset = snowflake treatment”. Any tips on wording?
  4. sangtarah

    Wwyd? Drama class

    Those aren’t my words - they are dd’s. She interpreted or was given the impression that she, herself, was equal to a beanstalk. IMO, that should not happen. No teacher should even hint at that kind of relationship. “inspire budding young actors through creative play, exercise, scene work and monologues. Students will learn the basics of taking direction, blocking, memorization, and feeling comfortable and confident in front of others to prepare them for the world of theatre. There will be a performance for the parents on the last day.”
  5. sangtarah

    Wwyd? Drama class

    First day of drama class for ages 6-10. Teacher makes all the kids “audition” for roles by saying a tongue twister and their name and favorite color, then assigns roles according to what “fits” their personality. Teachers’ kid gets the lead. My dd gets the beanstalk. Kids are making fun of that part. She is terribly upset. This is the only script they will work on for 12 weeks. I feel it’s inappropiate for an enrichment homeschool class to assign roles based on quick auditions. I was under the impression that the class would be teaching skills and parts of drama, not solely working on one script to present to the parents. And to tell my kid her personality is a beanstalk is insulting to her. She struggles with being confident in groups. She said she tried hard today. I can accept that drama may not be her thing, but I wasn’t aware she would be trying out for a part, she was supposed to learn about drama through this class! She has some other challenges right now and doesn’t need to be weighed down by feeling inadequate and “less-than”. So, naturally, I’m thinking of pulling her out.
  6. sangtarah

    Trying not to panic. My son's whereabouts are unknown.

    Praying he will connect with you soon!
  7. The OT says dd9 has non-integrated asymmetrical tonic reflex. She didn’t explain it or point it out though, it was just in a short list of “areas of concern”. This same dd has been in VT for around 7 months. Handwriting took us to the OT. She also has had struggles in math, and the short internet article I read said that’s not uncommon. I would welcome any input from the hive. On what this means, what we should be looking at, future, things at home, anything really.
  8. sangtarah

    Nasal/sinus polyps

    Has anyone had experience with these? A visit with the ENT revealed one in the nasal cavity and a CT was suggested, as well as a steroid rinse. If they are bad enough, surgery. Where are the “yikes” and “run to hide” icons?
  9. sangtarah

    How is school going?

    😳🤔 I keep trying to slip in a subject ot two, but our days are full of appointments and errands and school just isn’t ready yet. After Labor Day officially, we will begin. I’ve signed up for too many things that start in Sep and I’ll have to evaluate that, but by October I should know what to drop, or if everything is going swimmingly.
  10. sangtarah

    “What do you do for work?” JAWM

    Hmm, interesting observation. I think it came out first because one of my dc needs a lot of emotional support right now - maybe an anxiety disorder? Some days we are fine, some I’m drained from getting this dc through the day.
  11. sangtarah

    “What do you do for work?” JAWM

    After a night of reflection, I think it’s some of this: he is in a new position, in charge and used to delegation and “what I say happens”. So extra stress and tiredness, but also some professional role shifting. Food is important to him, he likes it! And there’s always been an underlying issue with why food isn’t magically prepared and cleaned up every work day (he likes to cook on the weekend. I was a horrible cook when we married, but am better now.) He’s been taking his lunch, too, so maybe he is fed up with boring? Anyway, when he is tired and stressed, his fallback is to how things “should be”, in this idyllic world in his head. Like when he was a kid. His dad was very “the women do all the things for me” type of guy. And OKBud, I have stopped doing many things for him over the years. Laundry, for one. And now I avoid putting his things away, unless they are in my way. So maybe he feels neglected, since I’ve never said why I stopped. It was because I couldn’t do it “just-so” with so many little kiddos, and I got tired of hearing about it. 🙄 Here’s to a new day with “no mistakes in it”! Hopefully it also brings understanding and empathy! 😄
  12. A normal question, right? Except when asked by your dh! after he has scolded you about not having dinner “planned”! Backstory - (we moved a month ago, and haven’t gotten into a routine yet. We have also been out the house a TON due to therapies and errands.) We (whole family) had an outing planned for tonight that we didn’t go to due to weather. The baby was asleep when dh came home and I was rocking her. After an hour she woke up and we started moving toward the kitchen, which proceeded to upset dh, because I hadn’t planned dinner, and I was asking him what he wanted to do. I have dietary restrictions, also, and he mentioned that he is getting tired of eating the types of food I have to eat. So he communicated his expectation that I have sole responsibility of dinners, even when we have previous plans, PLUS I should often make 2, one for myself, and one for everyone else. I mentioned that I have a job, too, even if it’s not paid, and he said the afore mentioned question, “what do you do for work?” 😣😳😠 I mean, really, does he know so little of my role? After 4 kids? Counselor, cleaner, cook, teacher, nurse, driver, planner, etc? We had an argument, naturally, but he sort-of apologized and didn’t know how badly he hurt me. The rest of the evening we didn’t speak much. I cooked, cleaned the kitchen, he noticed the baby was poopy and I changed her then bathed her and the 4 yr old, and got everyone to bed. He went to our room and laid down, and occasionally came out to kinda help. (He normally bathes, and gets them to bed). I just didn’t want to ask for help. He tried to smooth it over, like I’ll just forget. He even said “I’m sorry you had such a horrible evening”, but didn’t acknowledge his part in it. We have a great relationship most of the time, but really? How can he assume I do nothing? Does he really see me like that? Am I so ineffective, unimportant, unseen? Edit to add: please don’t quote, as I may delete this tomorrow. 😁
  13. sangtarah

    Advair and asthma in kids? Dr hive?

    I’ve been reading up on Advair. Am I understanding this correctly - one source of info said it’s a similar drug to Albuterol, except acts for 12 hours? So it’s like giving albuterol twice a day. Also concerned about long-term use - would she have to take this indefinitely? I would classify her asthma as mild up until this year, and well-controlled.
  14. One of my dd’s had an asthma flare-up this week that we went to the ER for. She had one previously in Feb (precipitated by a virus - hospitalized for 4 days) At that time they increased her Flovent. Now they want to switch her to Advair. What do I need to know about it? Good, bad, ugly?
  15. sangtarah

    How long to unpack?

    We will probably live in our new location only 2-3 years, so being unpacked quickly is a top priority. This time we will have MIL as a house guest after only a week. I love my MIL, but it will slow down the progress. Especially if her little dog comes (who has to wear a dog diaper so he won’t pee in the house, sigh). I don’t know if I can handle months of boxes! I absolutely cannot start school and have boxes that need to be unpacked. And school has to start in Aug. I don’t think I can pull all night’rs anymore, but I will have to invent some kind of prize for myself!
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