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  1. We are showing our house Sunday, so this weekend will be non-stop cleaning. I guess it’d be a nice gift if everyone helps without complaining!
  2. I'm so excited to have my almost 12 year old protected! She's our highest risk child. Our 15 year old will be happy to get back to activities, too!
  3. I’m honored to be recognized! @Spy Car has done a wonderful job with all the new avatars!
  4. Is Geneva out of your shopping area? I could ask my family if there is anything near them available.
  5. I had a sore arm after the first dose. I had the second dose yesterday, so I can’t answer the poll yet. So far, I didn’t sleep well - hot/cold - I have a very mild headache, and a tad achy.
  6. Second shot done! House Pfizer Hopefully 🙏🏻 if I have side effects, I’ll feel good by Friday! We are supposed to camp. I’m so relieved to have it over, even though I might feel rough for awhile.
  7. Thanks! It’s actually a favorite painting I own! I figured out how to make it my avatar way before the Big Board Upgrade, so I’m glad it transferred, lol. 😆
  8. Me, too! I see photos of friends from all over the country, but mostly FL and the Midwest - it’s like they live in a different world.
  9. I am so so sorry. I’m praying.
  10. Okay, I need the Cliff notes on these two areas. I've seen them flying around Twitter and some FB groups, but I do not engage in discussions on those platforms. I'm not looking for a debate, just a brief outline on the history and current use of them. I feel like they are two areas that go together - like those who adhere to complementarianism would also endorse Biblical counseling efforts and approaches. Am I wrong in thinking that?
  11. 24 hours since the first Pfizer shot for me. My arm is sore, but that’s it. I actually have more energy today than usual! Maybe it’s a vaccine that will increase our strength, speed, and stamina - or am I just watching too many Marvel movies? 😉 Dh had first Moderna shot last Thursday, and had a sore arm as well.
  12. Done! 45 minutes afterward and I don’t even feel the site. I hope it stays that way. The mass vaccination site was busy and I was a bit disappointed with the flow. They had everyone snake through a hallway to check-in. People were milling around with various degrees of masks. One guy had his off completely and no one said anything to him. Hopefully my Happy Mask worked well! 😬
  13. My just turned 4 year old wasn’t ever sick, but one of her big sisters has lots of time feeling sick, so she plays doctor on a regular basis. She took really well to masking and now asks that all her dolls have them too. I don’t know what she will think when we start going to things again.
  14. My doctor’s office got back to me and said food allergies aren’t related to the vaccine reactions, nor are my antibiotic allergies. They said I’m good to go with any shot. I was able to schedule a Pfizer shot tomorrow afternoon at a mass vaccination site, so fingers crossed! There are 72 slots every 15 minutes - it will be the most people I’ve seen in over a year! Yikes!
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