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  1. The ESV seems to be translated in a way that supports a calvinist theology. In my personal studies, that is why I do not use it - we have attended some calvinist churches, but I am not personally aligned with the calvinistic view of the world. I'm currently reading "The Making of Biblical Womanhood" by Barr, and she supports a theory that many modern translations are interpreted/written to match the reformed, the calvinist, and/or the complementarian viewpoints. It's a new area of study to me - and something I'd like to research further. With all that has happened in the last year, nationwide and personally in our church, I'm just not sure where I will settle on these things. That led me to be curious on different translations of Scripture.
  2. I grew up on KJV, my first Bible was NKJV, my middle/high school Bibles were NIV, and my settled adult Bible is the NASB. Our former church used ESV exclusively, which I never liked. I’m very disillusioned with many evangelical churches from the past year - the pandemic policies, the race issues, politics, patriarchy, etc. I don’t know that I want to change my Bible version, but I have no idea what other churches/denominations use. So, if you read the Bible, what version do you prefer, and why? If you attend a church, what does your church use, and why?
  3. We have 2 kids too young to be vaccinated, and 1 still in process of being vaccinated. We are all wearing masks inside still, and even though our rates are currently very low, Delta has arrived and there is an uptick. We try to avoid having the littles go to inside places. We have had some playground play dates without masks, but playgrounds are not crowded here. If we were at crowded outdoor spaces, I would have them mask unless there was an danger of overheating. We are moving in October to FL, and I really hope the vaccines are approved for under 12s before then.
  4. So, without ALL my history, what do these hormone levels tell me? I'm still waiting for my doctor's answer, and googling in the meantime. LH.LC 174.5 mIU/mL FSH.LC 68.3 mIU/mL Everything I'm looking at has the LH normal range way down below a hundred. DH looked up pituitary glands, and tumors - I have 5 or 6 other symptoms on those lists. I'm hoping the simple answer is early menopause...I'm 40.
  5. Dd15 had her second shot last Thursday! Nothing to report! She felt fine and had zero complaints.
  6. This whole tutoring thread has me jealous! I would gladly bend over backwards for a good tutor! Dd11 has a SLD in math and is getting support via Zoom from our local school, but the year is ending and I don’t know what to do with her over summer. Due to a constellation of her issues, she won’t let me teach her math. Anyway - carry on!
  7. Dd15 had her first shot Thursday. She said her neck hurt a few hours afterward, but that could have been related to the way she slept. No other complaints, and she was happy to have the shot!
  8. I plan on masking and behaving in basically the same ways we've been doing, since my 3 under 12 cannot have a vaccine. My dd15 had her first shot yesterday. One of my under 12s is higher risk (dd11), so changing our behavior now would not be protecting her at all. Ds7 is very worried about getting COVID, and to let him or dd4 contract it and have complications would be horrible! So, if people in my area drop masking altogether, I guess we will stay home and hunker down like we've been doing all year. *sigh* The county vaccination rates are at 41% for 16 and up. The positivity rate is 16%. The bigger county bordering is at 53% vaccinated, and 18% positivity. If our positivity rates were low, I think I would feel differently. Dh may have his own ideas, but I can usually bring him around to mine, LOL.
  9. I'm late to the party, but I hope you had a great celebratory time! You absolutely deserve to celebrate!! 🥳
  10. We are showing our house Sunday, so this weekend will be non-stop cleaning. I guess it’d be a nice gift if everyone helps without complaining!
  11. I'm so excited to have my almost 12 year old protected! She's our highest risk child. Our 15 year old will be happy to get back to activities, too!
  12. I’m honored to be recognized! @Spy Car has done a wonderful job with all the new avatars!
  13. Is Geneva out of your shopping area? I could ask my family if there is anything near them available.
  14. I had a sore arm after the first dose. I had the second dose yesterday, so I can’t answer the poll yet. So far, I didn’t sleep well - hot/cold - I have a very mild headache, and a tad achy.
  15. Second shot done! House Pfizer Hopefully 🙏🏻 if I have side effects, I’ll feel good by Friday! We are supposed to camp. I’m so relieved to have it over, even though I might feel rough for awhile.
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