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  1. Where do you start? What questions do you ask? I called a recommended place that seemed like it’d be a great fit, but they aren’t taking our insurance right now (and actively avoiding it in the future). So I’m left with a list of insurance in-network, and kinda lost on how to wade through them all. ETA: for anxiety
  2. sangtarah

    How do you choose a child’s therapist?

    I’ll check Psychology Today out. Thanks. She has Hashi’s hypothyroidism, so we are making sure her meds are okay this week. I found a place that seemed great, the therapist had a daughter with Hashi’s, too, but they won’t take our insurance. So still looking. I haven’t found any clinics focusing only on pediatrics. We have never done a mental health work up. Does a counselor do that? I noticed some of them have an initial screening, is that similar?
  3. sangtarah

    How do you choose a child’s therapist?

    The pediatrician didn’t have a good recommendation. I asked several months ago, so I could ask again, but I’m not hopeful on that front.
  4. sangtarah

    How do you choose a child’s therapist?

    Yup. That would help. 🙄 For anxiety. I edited to add.
  5. Both dd9 and I were given a prescription for Singulair for allergies/asthma. My issues aren’t bothering me (they were found while looking for food allergies), so I’m reluctant to take meds for something that I never noticed as a problem. I tend toward depression, so I’m concerned about that. Also, I’m still breastfeeding. DD9 has more significant allergy/asthma issues. She also has anxiety (not treated by anyone yet) and is generally more emotional. She has regular headaches and stomaches (her tummy hurts almost every day - we don’t have a cause yet). The side effects of Singulair seem like they would exacerbate her issues. Am I crazy to think that? Any thoughts are welcome! Thanks! Update: last night dd9 had her first dose. Today she has had a terrible headache all day and told me she feels bad - like she is bad and doesn’t want to live. 😳😱  So, attribute it to meds or not?? 😰
  6. So, to give you super-slueths another puzzle: dd9 saw the asthma/allergy dr and he said stay the course, she sounds good (she has been complaining of it being hard to breathe Sun and Mon). He Thinks we should stick with Singulair. BUT he said her thyroid is enlarged. (She has had Hashimoto’s diagnosed for three years.) maybe that explains her vague symptoms and emotional ups-and-downs. Her last check-up with endo was in the fall and all was well.
  7. Update: last night dd9 had her first dose. Today she has had a terrible headache all day and told me she feels bad - like she is bad and doesn’t want to live. 😳😱 So, attribute it to meds or not?? 😰
  8. sangtarah

    What's with IKEA? Holy cow!

    We ordered online from IKEA last fall. The store is a few hours away, so it seemed like a good idea. Anyway, they contracted out our shipment, so the company didn’t actually know where it was after it left the warehouse. It was passed to 2 different “local” moving companies. IKEA couldn’t tell me anything about it other than a 800 number of one of the companies - it took several phone calls to locate it and more to find out when they would deliver because they had to fit it in around their other jobs. Delivery took a few weeks longer than IKEA said but they had a copy of the invoice and we went over each item very closely!
  9. Glad your dh is better! Dd is already taking Claritin. But it’s not her allergies they prescribed it for, it was for asthma. I told the dr my goal was to reduce/eliminate her medications (Claritin/flovent) with environmental changes, if possible. He was very discouraging and said the best we can hope for is add the Singulair and maybe reduce the Flovent dosage. Her allergies to cat/dog actually aren’t very high - he seemed surprised by the results of the skin test. We are still willing to change her environment, but it seems less likely to help, given her results and his advice. ☹️ For myself, regular antihistamines would dry up my milk supply, so I’ve never taken them regularly. I’m sure taking something would make a difference, I’m just not good at taking medicines. My allergies are cat/dog as well, so I’ve just chosen to live with it. The asthma was a surprise finding though, for me. Apparently I’m at 75% and that probably explains a lot! 😂
  10. Thanks for the reminder. She’s actually been tested a few times through the years, most recently in Nov. It was a blood test each time. Her pediatrician recommended an elimination diet to see if we could isolate a trouble item.
  11. Isn’t that the truth? *sigh*
  12. sangtarah

    Sounds like SWB could use some support, guys

    Prayers for healing! And for the entire family!
  13. sangtarah


    Is this something to bring up with our ped? I can’t believe she’s 1 and 1/2 and I just noticed this. 🤭🤦‍♀️
  14. sangtarah


    Articulation is hard to judge. She babbles all the time, but most of it is indistinguishable. She says dada, momma, eat, stop (kinda sounds like op), and she attempts sissy, sit (without the “s”), bro-bro and uses some noises (meow=cat, ruff=dog) and some signs. We always been okay breastfeeding, although she feels like the roughest on me out of the four.
  15. We have a Step 2 kitchen that’s been going strong for 11 years. The big kids still get down and play with the littles.
  16. sangtarah

    Need gift help for one year old girl

    We had that cat keyboard when oldest dd was little! It was a ton of fun!
  17. sangtarah

    ISO cat litter

    We switched to World’s Best a year or two ago. Definitely the best we’ve used.
  18. sangtarah

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    I always wanted a work bench with tools. One that I could actually build things with. It wasn’t a girly enough gift, though.
  19. sangtarah

    2018 Christmas Tree pictures

    I let the kids do all the decorating this year. The toddler keeps taking off the bottom ornaments, and the star light finally went out, after 16 years. But I like it. 😊
  20. 😪 Is dd9 becoming more bothered by our cat? She is definitely allergic, and this year has had several asthma attacks (ER worthy) without being ill (previously she only had problems when sick). I think the cat may be bothering her more? Can you get more allergic as you age? She’s allergic to dogs as well, but doesn’t mess with our dog much. We moved, and in this house the cat prefers dd9’s room - sunniest, quiet, closest to food. Dd9 adores the cat and can’t bear to close her out. We have an air purifier in there. We are investigating vocal cord dysfunction and seeing a pediatric Pulmonologist soon. She takes a daily inhaler (Flovent) and Claritin. Would an allergist be a good idea to see? Would they be able to tell what her allergy load is? Maybe the cat isn’t the problem by herself, but other things added to it. It would be heart-wrenching to re-home our first fur-baby. No one in the house wants that. I’m at a loss how to keep her out of the room, though, if dd won’t shut her door.
  21. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    AND, reasons like this reinforce the goal to reduce/eliminate her necessary medications. 😔
  22. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    There was no mention of nasal sprays in office. BUT, good news, she can see an allergist on Tuesday, so I’ll be able to ask about that. And I’ll ask again about Singulair; so far each dr has brushed off concerns about that. And we will get a better picture of what her allergy load is - yay! We may try Zyrtec next, to see if that fits her better. Ktgrok, I read your list to her and her eyes went wide! That would be a lot of adjustment, but we could do it. (Honestly, I haven’t much hope of keeping the cat & dog. I didn’t sleep much. I just don’t know what I’ll do. I committed to these two, ya know? I’m their mom, too. They follow me around, lay on me when I’m sick; it’s just too much to think about if they aren’t there.)
  23. sangtarah

    13 year old cat vs asthma -Update in comments

    Update: The pulmonologist wants to add Singulair daily and have her see an allergist. They seem to think some of what we are dealing with is Vocal cord dysfunction. Has anyone dealt with that? She passed the PFT with 100%, so it seems she is well-controlled from that standpoint. Also, any advice in regard to Singulair? The side effects are concerning. Dd already has anxiety, moodiness, and tends to be sad. Do allergy meds work differently? So, if she is taking Claritin, would it be worth trying another to find a better fit?
  24. sangtarah

    Name the Roomba

    I voted for Teal’c. Any other suggestions?
  25. sangtarah

    Name the Roomba

    Rosie is cute - but taken by another pet. Abcde - 😂😂😂😂 I read that thread, and have to say your screen name change is awesome, texasmom. And now I definitely NEED eyes!! 😁 My favorite show: Stargate. Our dog is Sam - Samantha Carter. Keeping with the Stargate theme, I guess I could go with DJ - Daniel Jackson. I like Teal’c - the kids could call it Mr. T. Or Rodney Mccay. Rodney the Robot Roomba. The kids suggested Robot Tank and Dragon and Warrior, etc, all of which aren’t quite what I’m looking for. 😜
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