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  1. After hearing back from the school re:CELF-5, I feel fairly confident that dd is okay in that area. As far as math, I still need to ask about method/structure of instruction. I was going to ask today, but dd has requested a tour of the school, and that took up a lot of time. I’ll send an email at some point. Is the best strategy Ronit Bird? I bought all of Kate Snow’s books as PDF’s on sale awhile back. Any other tips on math?
  2. Okay, I went back and looked at the subtest scores. Dd9 either “received” or “attained” a 4 out of 5 (following directions), 5 out of 7 (sentence repetition), 4 out of 6 (sentence assembly), 4 out of 7 (semantic relationships), 5 out of 6 (word classes) = 22 out of 31. So I guess that’s a raw score?
  3. Her subtests scores on Processing were 6-coding and 7-symbol search. Fluid reasoning was 8-matrix reasoning and 10-figure weights. The written expression subtests were sentence composition-109, essay composition-85, word count-89, theme & development & organization-83, spelling-87. Mathematics subtests were problem solving-90 and numerical operations-76. So I have all these numbers, but I don’t yet have them connected with what to do next. Keep enlightening me! I will ask about the methods and structure tomorrow. One consideration is the teacher now will not be the same as in the fall, so I imagine things could change.
  4. Well, I assume, given the explanation of the test, that 22 was a scaled score, as in the first table. The report doesn’t give me any further information.
  5. In addition to the above results, dd9 was given the CELF-5 and had a score of 22, 11 points above what she needed to pass the screening at her age.
  6. Thank you both!! I am homeschooling dd9. The school will only intervene during their school year, so she will have 3-4 sessions before they let out for the summer. Everyone on the school team are sweet and helpful. They will send me a copy of the official IEP, which we drafted at the meeting yesterday... since I have no previous experience with this, I was just trusting their judgment about things. Any and all links, suggestions, etc are welcome! I will look at Ronit Bird - I had never heard of that. What kind of direction would you recommend for the writing piece? I have IEW on our shelves, and planned on using it, would that be step-by-step enough to help a student like dd? If we did send her to the PS (something that dd9 has asked about), the school team said the IEP would be revised. Currently it only has math goals, but they mentioned eliminating time constraints, etc, could be added.
  7. For dd9. she qualifies for an IEP for a SLD-math. We set her up with 3x/wk at the school, 20 min sessions. Anything else I should investigate?
  8. I have an inordinate amount of math programs for the amount of students. Oldest dd is using Saxon 7/6, but is bored and wants to switch to math mammoth. Which is a whole other topic! (Like where to place her??) 2nd dd and ds are using Math U See. I feel like I *should* take some books off the shelves but I have no pressing reason too. Just de-cluttering, I guess. I will have to teach the 2 yr old with something, eventually! Math is my weaker spot, so I think collecting a lot of math books was/is my fight against that! But most just sit there, daring me to use them. 🤣 I own: math mammoth 1-7 digital, Saxon K to 7/6, life of Fred elementary and intermediate, Math u see primer, alpha & beta, math lessons for a living education digital (back when it was free!) and beast academy 3A-3C. Plus some critical thinking math reasoning workbooks. I always think “I’ll have time to work _____ into our schedule, even it is once a week.” But I haven’t yet managed to be so organized. 😂
  9. Thanks all!! You have given me hope that the end may be awhile off. So far, the royal canin renal support food is not a hit. We got a sample pack of 6. She has tried 3. She kinda sorta likes the dry food.
  10. My 14 year old cat just got bloodwork results. She had elevated thyroid and kidney markers. How elevated, I don’t know. During the exam last week, the vet couldn’t feel one of her kidneys, so it was a high suspicion. We went in because she is losing weight - 6.8 lbs after being over 7 for a couple years. I weighed her on our bathroom scale and she is 6.6 today (maybe not as accurate, I hope). We are going to try thyroid meds and a special kidney diet. Realistically, how long do you think we have with her? She is still happy and active and loving! And any good tips on giving cats pills?
  11. And I’ll take all the advice I can get! I’m not even sure going through testing is the right choice for her. I’m second guessing myself! She has so much going on, testing may cause a lot of anxiety for her, and then we might not get good answers anyway.
  12. First, we are in the US - Midwest. I called more than one office. I was told they only see kids after the school has tested, and the kids have been referred from there. I’m so confused! I haven’t asked the pediatrician for a referral, but maybe that would work? I would love a “one-stop shop” instead of being told to dig deeper somewhere else. Of course, if she goes to school next year, wouldn’t they do their own testing anyway? I’m not leaning towards school right now, but nothing is off the table.
  13. Quick update: In our area we have to go through the school system before we can go to the private psychologist. (I called the psychs offices first. The local school psychologist should call me back within the week and we will see what happens from there. They did inform me that the tests focus on whether she would need an IEP and aren’t looking beyond that, and could take 45 days. When the school psych calls, what do I tell her? I’d like to put it very succinctly. Also, how do I tell dd9? And how to present it to her so she isn’t anxious? The more I search and look for answers, I feel like anxiety is going to be a big part. But what came first? Has she always been anxious and we missed it? Did any challenges she has cause the anxiety? Such difficult questions, and maybe not relevant. The kids each have 4 classes on Wednesday. Dd9 hasn’t been too many this semester. Today she told me she doesn’t like too many people and when kids are loud. It makes her nervous and uncomfortable. So she didn’t want to play at the playground, and she didn’t go to 2 of her classes. Maybe that plays into an auditory issue, maybe a sensory one? Maybe her vision issues caused some of it. It’s all so confusing.
  14. I’m interested in this, too! I’m thinking of trying those two classes for my dd13 and maybe the Bible class that seems to go along.
  15. Oh, and the Belly Breathing technique is what we were taught to use. We were supposed to practice every day, but you know how things have been going lately. 😝 Hopefully I can coach her when she needs it.
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