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  1. Currently FREE for Kindle readers ~ Deuce Mora Mystery Series Vol. 1-3 by Jean Heller Deadly Connections (Detective Sarah Spillman Mystery Series Book 1) by Renee Pawlish The Ghost Hunter Next Door: A Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mystery (Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries Book 1) by Danielle Garrett Regards, Kareni
  2. How very sad. My thoughts are with you, Janeway. Regards, Kareni
  3. BestPhoenixFireForge PhoenixFireForgeInc Regards, Kareni
  4. Regarding The Address: A Novel by Fiona Davis We had a good discussion. There are ten of us in the group. One person didn't read the book so chose not to attend, one who liked the book had to work, and one who loved the book forgot (oops!) Of the seven of us who attended: one loved the book, one (the fiction writer amongst us) felt the idea was good but that the writing 'did not soar,' all of us had finished the book (which is positive and doesn't always happen), and we almost uniformly enjoyed the 1880s part of the book more than the 1980s portions. The 1880s sections seemed very
  5. I said much the same thing to my husband this morning. He was younger than I'd thought. Regards, Kareni
  6. Last night I finished the fifth book in the Touchstone series. Unlike the first four books which were written in diary format, this book was written in the third person and focused on a new character. It could stand alone; however, I think it is best read after the other books. I enjoyed it. In Arcadia (Touchstone Book 5) by Andrea K Höst Recall that the first book in the series is FREE for Kindle readers, Stray (Touchstone Book 1). Regards, Kareni
  7. I continued on with the Touchstone series and read Gratuitous Epilogue (Touchstone Book 4) by Andrea K Höst. While the first three books covered one year in near daily diary entries, this book spanned one year in monthly diary entries. I enjoyed it and plan to read on. Regards, Kareni
  8. After finishing my book group book, I returned to the series I was reading. I just finished Caszandra (Touchstone Book 3) by Andrea K Höst which I enjoyed. Because this series is written in diary form with short entries, it's dangerously easy to keep "one more chaptering" until it's nearly midnight and one still needs to take a shower. Ask me how I know! Regards, Kareni
  9. I read Planetside in November of 2019 after seeing it recommended by SK Dunstall (author of Linesman). I enjoyed it and bought Spaceside on a trip (remember those?); it now languishes on my shelf. I saw Colonyside in the grocery store the other day; evidently it came out in December. Enjoy your husband's return! I hope the training has gone well. My sympathies for your daughter, Laurel. I'll look forward to learning what you think of the book. Regards, Kareni
  10. I do. I didn't use her materials personally as we didn't begin homeschooling until my daughter was in seventh grade. However, I worked for about five years as the librarian of a homeschooling resource center, and I bought a copy of her At Last! A Reading Method for every Child! for our collection. Regards, Kareni
  11. I just finished The Address: A Novel by Fiona Davis which I read for my local book group which will be meeting on Zoom on Thursday. I mostly enjoyed it (there were times of dread); however, there were a number of elements that strained credulity. I look forward to the discussion. "From the New York Times bestselling author of The Lions of Fifth Avenue comes the compelling national bestselling novel about the thin lines between love and loss, success and ruin, passion and madness, all hidden behind the walls of The Dakota—New York City’s most famous residence.When a chance encounter with T
  12. Some FREE books for Kindle readers ~ Hot Under the Collar (The Dogmothers Book 1) Roxanne St. Claire The Dream: A Funny and Feel Good small Town Romantic Comedy (The Creek Water Series Book 4) by Whitney Dineen The Return (Second Chance Flower Shop Book 1) by Noelle Adams LGBT: Love Him Breathless (On The Market Book 2) by E.M. Lindsey Regards, Kareni
  13. Some bookish posts ~ Pioneering sci-fi author Ursula K. Le Guin gets her own US postage stamp A post from 2012: Something Else Like… Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga https://www.tor.com/2012/11/04/something-else-like-lois-mcmaster-bujolds-vorkosigan-saga/ Who needs happy endings? by Anne Gracie https://wordwenches.typepad.com/word_wenches/2021/01/happy-endings.html#comment-6a00d8341c84c753ef026bdeb56fb7200c Regards, Kareni
  14. I've recently finished two works. I enjoyed Michelle Diener's Class 5 story "Dark Ambitions" which is in a 1499 page anthology, Pets in Space 5. "Are you ready? Pets in Space® 5 is back for the fifth amazing year! Twelve of today’s top Science Fiction Romance authors have written 12 original, never-before-released stories filled with action, adventure, suspense, humor, and romance that will take you out of this world. The giving doesn’t stop there. For the fifth year, Pets in Space® will be donating a portion of the first month proceeds to Hero-Dogs.org, a non-profit charity that sup
  15. Bringing this over from last week's thread. Thank you, AnneGG. I did some investigating; evidently the program is by invitation only. You should feel honored! Regards, Kareni
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