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  1. We moved in to a condo. I was home alone and smelled gas so I called the gas company. They quickly came out and it was just the pilot light. Oops! The guy was so nice about it!
  2. I've not tried those but I can imagine they're as addictive as hot Cheetos!
  3. Tell him "happi duck approves!" ❤
  4. I'm another vote for having the condition noted. I might glue it down or perhaps tape it from the inside. I'd be concerned that taping from the outside would scream "damaged!" Is the library stuff you have like clear Contact paper...removable? Something removable over the spine could help keep it from getting worst.
  5. Is the rip on the surface and not going to affect the pages staying in? If the pages could fall out I'd press for an exchange (not a refund) or at least want a record of the condition noted. Maybe email a photo?
  6. I saw that people buying his t-shirt crashed their website!
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