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  1. Fortunately, we were already crashing with family and they were okay with a few more weeks.
  2. When we bought our house the seller didn't know that the closing was when it became our house. They had nothing packed and nothing lined up. They rented from us for a few weeks.
  3. The wreath worked!! (This was the house that needed a front door wreath for staging, correct?)
  4. I guessed it too! Threads like this always feel like puzzles to solve. Thanks for updating!
  5. I feel for people who lost their homes and already had a pet. I hate the thought of a pet being separated from its family because they couldn't find a pet friendly rental. Breaks my heart. When we rented I appreciated the landlords that treated us nicely and realized that their property was our home. I hate when renters do horrible things like mentioned upthread. It's mean to landlords and ruins things for other renters. My bil is a landlord and he expects everyone to be an idiot.
  6. Could a passenger record while it is making the sound? Is it loud enough to show up?
  7. Another good thing with a system like this is that if you want/need to change all your passwords you could jusy change the number or just the symbol.
  8. That's what some people I know do already. I was just wondering if there's a way when people want to buy their own. (For loyalty points or whatever)
  9. I was just thinking about that. If several people are going to a movie together and want to each pay their own way is there any way to positively sit together?
  10. That sounds lovely! I would like room to have a sit down dinner for at least twelve and a space to store dishes and such. (Is that a butler's pantry?) I love our house but I wish entertaining were easier. I have to really get creative with what I serve and how I prep. Eta: how could I forget? I want a second bathroom!!!
  11. There's a ministry called "faith comes by hearing" that might be helpful. They sell little devices to listen to the Bible. If those are too complicated they might be able to direct you to something else.
  12. I'm another one who doesn't use self checkout because of jobs. Stores around here seem unable to decide about self checkout...they get put in and then removed then put in again. Our church is encouraging online giving. I still put cash in an envelope. I feel like a dinosaur! I get very wary of having to create "accounts" for everything. My late sister did not use the internet at all and sometimes things were nearly, if not *literally*, impossible.
  13. Imo, from her parents' perspective it probably looks like she is just choosing new "parents". Given a loss, even an expected loss, it is normal to kind of gather people close. So it seems like at a time a family would pull together she is wanting more independence but from the outside it looks like just becoming dependent on boyfriend and his parents. Their comment about driving and not being that far seems like "we can help you like they can", kwim? They might have viewed this differently if she was renting with roommates etc.
  14. I agree with a pp that there's a chance the kiosk *had* assigned you a seat. Ime, the seat number is not very obvious on the ticket.
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