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  1. I would make a pot of vegetable soup and have raw fruit and veg ready.
  2. Our bishop has been great throughout this. He has made the tough decisions promptly and clearly: Our church will not be singing or playing wind instruments, indoors or out. As a congregation, we like our zoom services and we are keeping them for the long haul. We are allowed back in our building with ten or less and masks. Some small groups may meet but our main service is zoom. Details on small meetings are being carefully thought through.
  3. Stop action animation, video or photo tricks/special effects
  4. What I haven't been able to get is tofu. I'm not willing to go to multiple stores and the store I use is always out.
  5. *raises hand* Another fan of cold cake!!
  6. Oh yes, the robot cheerfully saying "Good.Bye." Ugh.
  7. I completely agree! I have yelled at the robot. "I am *not* waiting patiently!!!" when I finally get to the human I sometimes say "I'm sorry if I sound irrated. It's not you it's the xyz" (hold time, music, electronic voice, multiple menues)
  8. Much better name! We've been saying waist pouch because "Fanny" can have a different meaning.
  9. I've noticed that now waist pouches are often worn cross body instead of around the waist. I'm thinking of trying that.
  10. I'm a "bloom where you're planted" sort but I should have *never* followed dh to his type of church.
  11. I'm willing to give the shouting shoppers a pass because of fear. I can imagine in a hot spot that an unmasked person triggers a true fear/danger response. I live in a different hard hit county and grocery shopping plus my anxiety turns into a massive effort to not panic...fight or flight or out of the store or tell people to back off! or freeze in terror.
  12. I'm frustrated with how many people seem to think that this is something they can just *decide* to be done with.
  13. Spot It! I've only played the original but there are different versions available.
  14. Do you have a link? Google is letting me down!
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