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  1. When I remember to take it I use a shot glass and chase it with water. I use Braggs kept in the fridge. I think I read that the unfiltered, like Braggs, is better?
  2. For some reason Sorcerer's Apprentice and the National Treasure movies came to mind. I guess I like Nic Cage movies!
  3. When my sister died I handled her bills. We received a bunch of very official looking collection letters for several of her utilities (and I think a couple medical things). I ignored them and went straight to each utility etc. and not a single one had been sent to collection. Each one got paid directly and some even just zeroed out her account since she had died. Definitely nothing had gone to collections. I have no proof but assume it's a scam. I'm assuming some sort of information is available and being exploited.
  4. I'm thinking of joining ww for accountability and structure. I know I feel best on a healthy vegan diet. Looking online it seems like it would work. Has anyone been there done that?
  5. I just rewatched halftime and I just don't see anything but dancing. The portion with the pole still felt like dancing. I've never been to a strip club. Question for those of you who have: Is a stripper really doing a routine like shown in the halftime show?
  6. I'm squeamish, especially about germs while at stores. Straight from the grocery store without washing icks me out.
  7. I need to konmari and organize our crafts supplies and tools but it's stressing me out so I keep starting and stopping! It's a strangely big job in a "if you give a mouse a cookie sort of way" because I'm moving other things to make craft storage
  8. My dh uses a safety razor and I've asked him to hide the blades because the sight of them causes me to panic. At some point I think I'll try to get over it but for right now he keeps them out of sight.
  9. Gosh, January flew by! I'm still trying to organize my craft supplies...the craft thread and the purge thread have collided for me 🙂
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