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  1. I'm rewatching RBG on Hulu. What a loss this is.
  2. I think the hive would know this but one can roast more than just pumpkin seeds.
  3. Since the gift isn't replaceable I like what@MissLemon suggested. I'm afraid trying to "fix" this would get the gift lost. If you wanted to complain or ask for money back, I'd make photo copies of everything and write to the postmaster. The PO is always so crowded I wouldn't risk exposure to complain in person.
  4. I personally wouldn't tell anyone your dh is gone a lot. I would stick to "your dog is not allowed off your property". If no one has told them, they truly might think it's fine the dog runs around anywhere. We had a neighbor whose dog ran around all day while she was at work. When we said something she cheerily said " it's okay! She always comes home!"
  5. What age are the dolls in the year they represent? Like when was the 1976 doll born?
  6. This is what I'm planning to do this year. Our "normal" is a crowd of kids coming up the stairs to the door. It would definitely be way less than six feet.
  7. Our town makes a huge deal of Halloween and cancelled everything *except* trick or treating. We normally have a family party. I think we'll just have an outdoor visit with no food if we don't go back into lockdown.
  8. Forgive me if I'm wrong but it doesn't sound like you are straightforward with your ds. Are you straightforward with other adults in your life? If he was a friend who needed a place to stay during a pandemic I think you would have already ironed out things like this. Just my two cents but I think it would be kinder to let him stay but be straightforward.
  9. I vote it was a cousin. (Mom says on the phone "your nephew set up the bedroom". I'm assuming to the dad.)
  10. My go to gift is an item that was a family favorite of ours plus a gift card to somewhere that sells diapers or where they registered. I usually do family favorite board books.
  11. I always do the board books that were our family favorites and a gift card to someplace they registered.
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