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  1. It really is true that covid 19 has proven the saying "avoid it like the plague" to be false.
  2. Aren't vaccines required for travel to certain parts of the world already? (Before covid) I assumed covid vaccine would be added to the list. I'm angry if unvaccinated Americans are traveling and returning.
  3. My local big city was the location for an event like that and we were already a planning a trip into the city that day. It was wild to see all the security. As time went by and the deadline to leave was coming it just ramped up and up and up. Fascinating! Nice addition to what's already sure to be a great story for your dd!
  4. We need to still do hard things. I wish the adults who are blowing off vaccinations would do it for the sake of the children who have no option right now. It looks like the delta variant has gone up to 10% up from 6% in a news report date June 9, 6 days ago. I imagine it could be much higher if everyone tested. We have to do hard things.
  5. It's sort of terrifying when you consider how many people are moving into dorms this fall with just those sorts of items. I hope they do a recall.
  6. I read the article and noticed that the photos of burned items showed the ETL mark. As a PSA: imnsho, the UL mark is more reliable than the ETL mark. Even if testing to the same standards the UL mark is more reliable. (Btw, safety testing is just about failing safely. It isn't an endorsement for the product, kwim?) (I have a loved one who has worked years at each company and a loved one who works for UL.)
  7. The delta variant has me very concerned given the opening of things, especially when kids can't be vaccinated yet.
  8. Is there air conditioning? Could you wear similar things and just add in perhaps a more summertime color into your rotation? Guys wear the same things all year!
  9. Deep Space Nine is my favorite Star Trek! I didn't realize it was on Hulu!
  10. Because of the Hive I've been watching Cruel Summer on Hulu.
  11. I forgot about Mrs. America. Very interesting!
  12. I like Hulu for tv shows. I've liked old stuff like Veronica Mars, Buffy, Angel, Bones. I just noticed Murdoch Mysteries is on there now. Love that show! New Hardy Boys was good. I like the 911 shows. We originally had Hulu for a show that was only available there but now I'm used to having it!
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