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  1. It seems it appeared by October 2016. I am officially tying it into my personal conspiracy theory that a time traveler thought helping the Cubs win the World Series in 2016 wouldn't hurt anything and instead all hell broke loose. I think the monolith was related and am hoping that its removal is a good sign! (I don't really believe my Cubs conspiracy theory...or do I...😜)
  2. I like how they work but making sure I wash them correctly is a pain. (have to wash with no lint stuff with free and clear type detergent). I haven't worked out a good routine.
  3. I've been thinking of investing in a piece of Scanpan. I like to cook with little or no oil and this sounds good for that. Your post may help me just go for it!
  4. I was about to comment: just don't use vanilla soy milk in the mashed potatoes like I did one year!
  5. On another thread it was mentioned that the GBBO books might go by weight so a scale would be good.
  6. Not a new book but my favorite book is Neither Wolf Nor Dog: on forgotten roads with an Indian Elder by Kent Nerburn https://www.amazon.com/Neither-Wolf-nor-Dog-Forgotten/dp/1577312333
  7. Yum! Never thought to make them. Might be more time to bake this year, lol!
  8. I have never prepared turkey! We have steak and Tofurkey.
  9. I figured this was someone planning a wedding for after covid. I would not go because of covid either! (hugs) estrangement is hard
  10. I honestly don't think anyone should travel or mix households indoors at all.
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