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  1. So this is normal bingo where getting bingo=pick a book as a prize...correct? Maybe you could make a card for each book title and at the end draw a title and the person that picked that book wins an extra prize like a dvd of a movie based on a book. Or maybe randomly numbering the books might be easier and then picking a number.
  2. I don't like having my plans derailed so I would have still prepped my own papers.
  3. Is there a particular brand of 5htp you use?
  4. I like the Instant Pot for taking soup or chili to potlucks. I also use it for spiced cider or cocoa for guests in the fall or winter. If they'd ever use it for potlucks or guests the larger one might be worth it. I've read that it's important not to fill more than hallway when cooking beans.
  5. For the Tim Tam slam bite off opposite corners and use it like a straw to suck up tea (or other beverage, we prefer tea) and then slam the whole melty/saturated cookie in!
  6. Yum! *mopes having given up sugar for Lent*
  7. I text myself or ask someone else to text me. I leave a tab open in my browser to what I need to order etc. i received "alexa" as a gift and wow! I use it so much more than I ever imagined!
  8. @AmandaVT. Neither Wolf Not Dog is moving...might knock it off the list.
  9. I love the book Neither Wolf Nor Dog: on forgotten roads with an Indian elder by Kent Nerburn. I know several men who love it too. There are two more related books also. This and To Kill a Mockingbird are my two favorite books.
  10. I was doing that a line at a time. Each time I hit enter I practically closed my eyes! Nothing terrible popped up. Whew!
  11. I wasn't able to speak to anyone but a nurse sent this message in reply: "Your (test) was negative. Contact the office with any further questions." Since there's no mention of follow-ups I'm guessing this means the results were okay! Communication with this office is always tricky. This response was way quicker than I expected so being the squeaky and weepy wheel must have helped! Since losing both our sisters, my brother and I both struggle with feeling like we need to be on the lookout for the next bombshell. Thanks for the encouragement Hive!
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