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  1. We are having January weather too. It's depressing. I actually like winter and snow but jumping right to "January" with no holidays is awful!
  2. I am a grief-stricken, anxious, depressed person. The past few years have been really bad. I kept my card tradition because it's important to me. I did, however, cut letters and photos because disastrous years are not pleasant to revisit. Please, please don't even slightly judge the cards without a personal touch. Even if you think you would, there's no way you know why it isn't personal. Heck, even if it isn't personal because "this is how mom always did it" that's still a greeting! I shared not because I think trauma is the reason for every preprinted card but I do think that choosing to just accept a greeting in any form is good for humanity.
  3. happi duck

    OCD, ASD?

    My dd is now a young adult being treated for anxiety. Your description sounds like my dd at that age. My dd has wondered about ocd and asd but none of her therapists have suggested it. I wish we had realized she needed help sooner than we did.
  4. Our family sends a handful of thank you notes at Thanksgiving. We think of people or places we'd like to thank and send them out. One year we thanked a zoo and the director wrote us back! (Not expected but fun!)
  5. We should all let your experience inspire us to not cut people from our lists if they don't send to us. You never know why people stop and Christmas cards should be a desire to spread good wishes even if none get sent back. Just my two cents!
  6. I love sending and receiving *real* mail!! I also have loved ones who are letter carriers. I would hate to see the usps go away so I send cards! I love getting cards but I still recycle or craft most of them eventually. It isn't a sign of not caring. The ones I do save have handwriting that I love to look back on or will some day. Hopefully, one day someone will recognize they were meaningful to me and not be angry with me for keeping them. I vote send the cards. Real mail is a tradition worth keeping!
  7. I honestly wish all the lights were up already, ours included! No one has had a chance to put up lights yet. Our weather skipped fall and went straight to January. (Today should be 50s and instead we have below zero wind chill. ) It feels like we skipped Christmas.
  8. I've never done it but I think Yankee Candle offers jars personalized with a photo.
  9. The first post reminds me of high school. In first year French the teacher was getting angry that no one could translate what was written on the board. Finally someone had the nerve to say "I think that might be German." Oops!
  10. I think part of the problem shows in this thread..."potluck" is used to mean different things. Different definitions and different "rules". I can imagine someone not even noticing that they brought something inappropriate. I am always shocked at what people don't notice.
  11. I prefer true potlucks where everyone brings food. I like sharing something we like with others. Depending on time and budget that week it could be a main, a side or a dessert. I don't like being assigned a category or specific item. To me that's when it gets stressful.
  12. Bummer, you were right! I don't think it's pessimistic though. Just realistic that people are overwhelmed and will gratefully take the option that feels less overwhelming. "Whew! I can sign up to bring paper plates!"
  13. Ime, potluck is bring something and what we end up with is what we end up with. Ime, people are good at this. It sounds like you have a communal meal with a sign up sheet? Definitely be specific and leave off the "easy" things. Let the people doing the planning bring the "easy" stuff. I like the ideas above to charge per person and bring in food or not have dinner. Hope it ends up working out!
  14. My late dad gave everyone an "ove glove" one year. I use it all the time! I noticed that Sur La Table had pretty ones.
  15. I love this! Happy birthday to your ds!
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