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  1. happi duck

    elder care and physical condition?

    Has she been checked for infection?
  2. happi duck

    Bed, Bath, and Beyond's stupid return policy

    I forgot to add: along with "there's nothing we can do because it's *the system*" there's always this vague hand motion toward the nearest computer. They're not our overlords...yet!
  3. happi duck

    Bed, Bath, and Beyond's stupid return policy

    I can imagine that policy keeps people from gaming the system to cash out gifts cards. However, I hate when places can't easily explain *why* they have a policy. I was once being shorted in an exchange and they could not tell me why and just kept repeating that it was "the system". I was returning something for store credit and they would not give me the full amount I paid in store credit. I kept asking for an explanation and never got more than it was "the system". Op, I hope it worked out in the end!
  4. happi duck

    Great Course sale

    Another vote for effective communication. I also liked the Art of Public Speaking: Lessons from great speeches. I also liked a couple with J. Rufus Fears but can't remember which titles, maybe Events that Changed the World and ? (I'm too lazy to go look!)
  5. happi duck

    Great Course sale

    I enjoyed all the Great Courses we used in our homeschool! (I always watched alongside my kids.) Why, oh why, can I never manage to watch the ones I bought for myself?!? My follow thru on things for myself is so bad, maybe nonexistent! Thanks for the heads up!
  6. happi duck

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    Thanks for the reminder about the treasure box! I thought that was a fantastic idea, specifically the idea of having the box itself "spark joy". Even if it ends up in storage I like the idea of having a special box.
  7. happi duck

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    Bear spray sounds like a reasonable compromise. I think it's worth discussing this with your dh. This fear might be coming from somewhere. Even just reading about something that happened once can take hold as a fear. Also, maybe he feels guilty about not wanting to camp. Maybe camping or hiking is a bad memory for him. Or maybe he's just being controlling but it's worth knowing what's up.
  8. happi duck

    The Masked Singer

    The Bee singing Chandelier was fantastic! The costumes are so much fun!
  9. happi duck

    The Masked Singer

    I love it! So much fun!! You might want to add a spoiler warning in the thread title.
  10. happi duck

    Weighted blanket as gift - I goofed - how to fix?

    Here's some additional sizing info:
  11. happi duck

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    I think Clean Sweep was a US version of a BBC show called Life Laundry which was the show I mentioned upthread that wouldn't let someone keep one shirt. I liked the show but it did go too far imo. Why not keep one sentimental shirt or a slightly less than efficient desk?
  12. happi duck

    I have a copyright question (never mind)(short update)

    I'm pretty sure it's fine to print for your own use. I would put it on a thumb drive and pop over to Staples in person and just expect them to make the copies. I wouldn't ask and draw attention to my uncertainty, kwim? If they can't/won't copy it then keep pursuing permission from the publisher.
  13. happi duck

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    "Sparks joy" really works for me for tidying and for shopping and it helped with clearing out my sister's home. A pp mentioned that some people on the show didn't "purge enough" but I think that isn't the point of her method. You are deciding what to *keep* by what sparks joy and not trying to get to a certain look or a certain amount. I think "sparks joy" helps people let go of what other people think they "should" keep and instead keep what really matters which looks different from person to person. I like that she lets people make their own decisions and come to their own realizations. One woman wanted Marie to "work her magic" but she answered that she wasn't magical. The "life changing magic" is the tidying up and discovering what sparks joy and creating a new relationship with your stuff.
  14. happi duck

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    Not Hoarders but another show that helped people clean up had an episode with a woman who lost the grandmother who raised her. She had one favorite shirt of her grandmother's that brought her comfort. Instead of letting her keep one shirt hanging in her closet they cut out one square of the shirt and, iirc, put it in a box. I'll never understand why keeping one shirt was a problem. Eta: she wasn't a hoarder
  15. happi duck

    Dr Hive, alcohol abuse, mental problems

    I wonder if drinking had turned into self-medicating and had been somehow keeping things suppressed? Or maybe this behavior was there and attributed to alcohol? Somehow a doctor needs to be convinced to see him. Can someone start taking cell phone videos of him and keeping a log of the out of character episodes? Is he old enough that this could be an infection making him act this way? (I mention old enough because this seems to be an older person thing afaik.)
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