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  1. I've been liking giving Etsy gift cards. It's a fun splurge that supports a small business.
  2. I think I've decided to be patient and wait for an appointment through my doctor. My area is currently out of vaccine for first doses. I'm hoping that the new one dose vaccine greatly speeds everything up! I don't think cheating is ever a kind thing to do but taking a dose at the end of the day isn't cheating.
  3. (I feel blocked whenever I post something that isn't commented on until someone else posts the same thing. 😬) I especially liked the first five seasons of Supernatural. It was like a little mini horror movie each episode. (I can't handle an actual horror movie!)
  4. @MercyA Best lip sync ever!!!!!! Every summer, pre covid, I catch a performance by the guy who wrote Eye of the Tiger and it never fails to get everyone excited! Eta: love Dean!
  5. It's inhumane, in my opinion, to judge whether a task is worthy of a *living* wage. All jobs, done well, take some sort of skill/gift. The jobs society thinks "anyone can do that" still require skill to do *well*. Anything customer facing needs a ton of skill to do well!
  6. It really should have kept pace and been going up all along. It might take a "minute" to adjust but it has to happen and should happen sooner than later. Thinking it's fine for owners to make gabillions off of workers who are making so little they can't make it without assistance has got to stop. (I also think ubi is a good idea)
  7. Le Creuset or Dutch oven fans: I have some of my own money saved up and am thinking of buying a LC Dutch oven (6 qt ish) I know that there are well thought of brands that are way less expensive and I feel guilty still wanting LC. (But I do!) I want to cook more beans from scratch and I make soup often. I currently have one soup pot and sometimes I need a second. I would maybe try bread but that's a big maybe. Even if the less expensive brands are good is LC great?
  8. (hugs) I keep getting a collection notice for my late sister. It's for a large phone/cable bill. When she died I went in to pay and they had me submit a death certificate and forgave the whole bill. They *never* sent it collection. Yet it keeps showing up. I have a letter from them saying it is paid in full but now I just pitch the collection notices. I'd try to get something that says it is paid just in case but it feels like collections can come after people for things that aren't really outstanding. It's frustrating and for me especially cruel because I miss my sister.
  9. I keep spare tp in the back of the car that I never take grocery shopping.
  10. I think calling names comes through in our attitudes toward people even if we never, ever, say it to their face. I think it's possible to vent as needed without calling names and is worth the effort. Just my two cents.
  11. I have a bookcase and a bin for overflow in the basement. I don't keep months of food on hand because I can't fit that much. I think you should still have a stash but if it's distressing then perhaps a smaller stash.
  12. So glad to know vaccinations are zipping along! Happy for y'all but I'm feeling so jealous too. In my state I'm eligible but not in my county or the county of my doctor or job. (under 65 with certain medical conditions) I'm also eager for dh and dc to be vaccinated. I was hoping to get vaccinated before J&J was okayed because I really want the two shot vaccine.
  13. Do you like animated series? We like watching a few short episodes a week versus watching a movie. Some we've like SW Clone Wars (and just started SW Rebels.) We've also like She-Ra and Avatar the last airbender.
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