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  1. It's not foregone that he won't do the business plan. I'd say the probability is 0.50. I am working on being better informed to evaluate any such plan.
  2. I received such helpful response to my vision therapy woo query that I am back for more help. A very close relative would like me to spot him some capital to start an internet business in which he sells things, as yet of an unidentified nature, through a web site. The items are drop shipped by someone else, also as yet unidentified, so the relative doesn't actually handle any of the merchandise. I understand in principle how this could be profitable, but I imagine that the field is crowded with many strivers and that few are likely to really be glad they invested in this. Right? Is success or not just dumb luck here? Where can I find out about the scams and pitfalls ready to ensnare young people who are looking for an income stream without doing much? I mean, I know the universal type of stuff and a fool and his money yadda yadda. I mean particular hazards in the context of ecommerce. Thank you
  3. If anyone can chime in about height for the wearers of these leggings, I am interested. At nearly five feet tall, our girl has a very hard time finding suitable leggings.
  4. What info sources do you recommend? I don't think we will buy a purebred animal. There are mixes I like, but we are open to a mutt. I welcome any advice from those more experienced.
  5. This has given me a lot to work with. Thanks, everyone.
  6. This teen reads fluently but does not enjoy it, has some learning difficulties, complains of eye pain when reading, and after two years of glasses--most recently trifocals--cannot find a prescription that allows her to read comfortably. I am looking at VT as part of a leave-no-stone-unturned approach to helping, but I am put off by the woo I read about. The practitioners I have found locally refer to themselves as behavioral optometrists. ETA: she's good with racquet sports.
  7. Midnight is in the middle and has a nice, concise ring to it.
  8. I am just starting to look into this. It isn't clear that the methods are evidence based. Does anyone have quality info to point me to?
  9. I thought that "nothing good ever happens after midnight" was wisdom passed down from the ancients.
  10. Didn't remember all that. My child was definitely up to do date on those.
  11. I wouldn't think so, but when I brought my teen child to the ER for a temp of 106.7 and climbing, the response there was much less intense than I expected. I don't understand why the vaccination status is relevant here. None of my kids was offered a meningitis vaccine until middle school.
  12. As long as I could intercept the notes before my children found them, I would not tip off the offenders. Aside from being something to document, the notes give you insight about the relatives' intentions/strategy. If you close off that avenue to your children, the relatives might find another one that you cannot so easily monitor.
  13. That's the system we have. The books are shelved alphabetically by requester's name. A slip with the borrower's name and the book title sticks out of each book. The borrower picks them off the shelf and carries them to self-serve checkout or to the desk for help.
  14. I love this suggestion with a great big 🧡, but I fear that approach might be too subtle for this library stalker.
  15. same physics experience here. it was a nice surprise
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