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  1. We could give op a list of things, but reality is it won't matter if the dc is bored and can pull off things without using the strategies.
  2. I've been wanting to make homemade chocolate syrup, which you can waterbath to make shelf stable or just pop in the frig. You can do flavors like adding mocha or caramel or whatever, so it could be a trio.
  3. I eat my raw garlic straight. When I cook, I just throw in the cubes cuz I'm busy.
  4. by not having anything I wanted on deals! I sorta wondered if this was happening last year that the deals were drying up, but this year they really have. Gone are the real, legit, it's half price. Now it's that they worked with the manufacturer, made an overpriced kit, and then marked it down for a "sale." And also Target and Walmart are figuring out how to be more competitive. Is it just me? Have y'all be finding great deals and I'm missing it? Am I just jaded on shopping? Cuz seriously, I haven't been finding anything to buy, and I've been looking. It's pathetic. I'm gonna come out of Christmas with my wallet intact, which is a travesty.
  5. You know you can go to Trader Joes and get it already mashed up in little frozen cubes... Other than that, yeah the knife. But I kinda like the convenience of the cubes.
  6. Fwiw, I don't think that. I read your threads, and I think you're parenting with no regrets and doing the best you can. I'm in the cheerleader section, hoping it works out well. Oh dear, I hadn't heard this! That's hard to watch, because the results are permanent. I'm sorry. Do they have a retake policy so he could eventually retake the class (with someone else) and get the grade improved? Fwiw my dd is obsessive about making sure she knows who the profs will be. Obviously she couldn't do that as a freshman so well. But now, she is very careful. She knows which section of a class she wants to be in, pulls up the syllabii ahead to make sure the class is doable and going to balance with the work of her other classes, etc. So I'm just thinking out loud here. Another person in our house failed some classes like 3 X in college. Or maybe the story was had to retake it 3X? It was bad. And you know, when you're 50 or 40 or 30 no one cares. But in the moment it's really ugly. And that person was just flat struggling with the academics, not so much the organization or EF or whatever. And I wonder if said person's parents were aware? Was it having the $$$ to where the fail didn't matter that made the difference? Was it the lack of tech and Flintsones level communication? Hahaha. Now we text, we know, and we're sucked into the drama. And scholarships are on the line. I don't know, just thinking out loud here. I failed a class in high school, and I doubt my mother even knew. She would have been so stressed, haha. She got stressed about things. But there were workarounds and the school worked it out and had me graduate anyway.
  7. Sounds like your mother was on the spectrum. I mean, maybe not, but maybe, probably. And I think there was sort of an emotional detachment bred in by parenting advice, the hardships of the times, etc. Too. Things just kind of went together. My father's father, whom I never knew, was a very rough man. There's not even a nice way to put it. And there's no way I let male detachment decide what parenting supports my kids get. It's too easy to conflate personality, your own experiences (I sucked it up or had it hard, so they should too), etc. with sound parenting. Sound parenting stands up to knowledgeable scrutiny, makes sense, fits evidence-based practices. If we sit down and talk with professionals and experienced people they say yeah you're on track here. Fwiw, I differentiate what I expect from a forum (hearing someone else's stories, hearing someone else's suggestion on things to consider) vs. the feedback I get from a professional who sits in front of me, sees my dc in real life, looks at the WHOLE SITUATION, and says yeah you're on track or these are your holes. But in a way, that's what I'm always looking for are more holes, what can I do better.
  8. I know! I did that for years with dd, wishing that I could just plop her in this or that (straight BJU, whatever) like her friends were doing. It was all angst angst. With ds, I don't know, I try to talk myself down from the edge, tell myself it's short, and embrace it. The times I don't do that are when I get evidence that it's NOT going to be short. Like it turns out people who need his level of support will need it their whole lives. So they're hard to travel with. I was seeing lots of people saying they couldn't travel because they couldn't leave their kids at 18, 20, etc. So I was like fine, we need a plan B, something that protects my mental health AND works for him. For op, that's things like hiring EF coaches/academic therapists. It's not like there's only one way. You can hire it and that professional bears that load and the dc learns to self-advocate and gets an instructive level of support while gaining independence. For my ds, who will need some level of support his whole life, it means I had to re-envision my future into a future where it's ok TOGETHER. It's ok if he's independent and too busy, but if I want to cruise (and I do), he has to be able to go. So we cruise now. I think it means I finally figured out how to have the life I need for mental health AND meet the needs of my kids. It's really hard. It's something we all discover for ourselves and it's kid specific, situation specific. I'm more relaxed now than I was with dd, who was "easier," because I learned how to connect my people to resources so that *I* don't have to be helping them do everything.
  9. Linkie pleasie? I try to watch SNL skits, and they SO go over my head. Aw shucks, I was reading the thread backward and just realized you linked it already! Well off I go. But I'm telling you, these things always blow my mind. Ok, I watched it. I can't make heads or tails of it. I just kept thinking it was stuff my ds does and couldn't figure out why they were picking on people on the spectrum. But I'm sure they weren't. So I don't know, lol.
  10. I'm confused. If his b12 was high without supplements, odds are no MTHFR defects. And that wouldn't cause his methyls to go high anyway. The glutathione just helps the liver detox out stuff. I was just thinking on a really basic level, that he got exposed to the anesthetics, etc. and is having a reaction. Some kind of reaction to the nitrous or other things that were used. So then glutathione and C to pull it out. Why was his b12 actually high? Had he been on it? That's kind of odd.
  11. I'm sorry he continues to feel unwell! This is just throwing an idea out there, no clue, but have you tried giving him glutathione?
  12. I'm getting myself a new pair of shoes so I can run and not be so fluffy. And if I ever decide which one (or keep the first I bought), I'm getting a gym bag, which I guess goes with the shoes and being less fluffy. What I *want* is a 70" tv over a corner fireplace. But I don't know that that will happen, sigh.
  13. Ooo, Hanna Annderson with the matching tights!!! But I love the beautiful coats idea too. Do they wear coats long in your area? That would be the thing. Around here coats would get worn less and *jackets* would get worn more.
  14. Not a weight loss guru myself, but it's possible he has reset his metabolism down a bit by eating the lower calories. He's going to want to try it very carefully, realizing he might gain some weight. Back when I was at Curves (women's workout place), they were counseling people intentionally to reset their internal on that by intentionally gaining weight one week a month. I think that's what they recommended. So maybe don't view it as up but increase by a small amount for a week, watch the scale, maybe pick up the exercise a fuzz. Be intentional. Also, fwiw, it might be good to look at his % fat to make sure it's high enough. The suggestion to use avocado is a good one. You can buy pre-portioned guacamoles at Walmart/Sams Club to make it easier and more predictable. That way he won't get too excited and eat TOO much, lol.
  15. So retained reflexes are a funny thing. On someone like my ds, we did the exercises, got them integrated, and on a few kept doing the things a while longer for good measure. Boom, done. Then there's my dd. She is hyper-responsive for sensory, and she struggles to even do the exercises. Her body is just a constant 4 alarm fire siren, kwim? And the reflex work, which fluffs things up, makes it worse. So she NEEDS to do them, but to tell herself to do them is hard. To tolerate it is hard. So for her, I think that undermined effort (I can't, it hurts, how do I get my body calmed down afterward, can I build up slowly and tolerate it) is an issue. And THEN when she even does get one integrated, honestly they just appear later when she's stressed. And we've had threads on this where others have said it and I don't know what the explanation is. So life sucks, I wish it could make things better. No, the EF is going to be a mess whether you work on reflexes or not. The reflexes are more affecting how the body feels, when reflexes are getting set off (wetting, touch, etc.), and the things that should develop/cascade from them like language and vision. But I haven't really seen anyone saying they worked on reflexes and *EF* specifically got better. Living in your body would get better and the skills in the domino chain (vision, language), should have a chance to get better. But nope, not offering hope on the EF. But I agree, getting your body more calm makes everything else go a bit better. And no, I'm not sure there's a tight correlation on the losing integration of reflexes and a diagnosis. I'm not sure what the reason is. My ds is ASD2, so you'd think if it were correlated to a label that he'd be the one becoming disintegrated, haha.
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