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  1. Ok, you're blowing my mind. I have some Huggies free blah blah from our camping trip. You can use those on your face?!?! I got them for smores and sticky fingers, lol. So yeah, if it's that easy, that's fine. Or it's an easy way to see if that *modality* works for him. I don't mind the little special ones because it's only $4, not X4 kids, lol. But yeah, I'll definitely start there, since I have them and since they're not PINK, lol. Yup, I had a talk with his father last night about us moving him over to a "shower when you get back from working with Daddy" type routine. Work, smell, shower, relax. Are yours coming in the pink package or something different? Yup, that's what I had in my mind. Not that he's headed for cystic acne, lol. I just didn't know how to know when puberty was hitting on a male (yes, you can laugh), so to me the zit was an obvious indicator. Thanks ladies!!
  2. Yup! I use it all the time cooking for just the few of us. It will hold 1 lb box of trader joe fish pieces, 6 hash browns, a box of spanikopita, scads of burritoes or corn dogs... It's also stellar for roasting asparagus. (just so you don't think I'm so unhealthy, hahaha)
  3. Only for you. Breville BOV845CRNUSC Smart Pro Countertop Convection Oven, normal, Cranberry Red
  4. Well that would be a more conservative path, lol. You're right, I was trying to make several changes at once, which will be overwhelming. One change, later another change, that would probably work.
  5. LOL I love this. I don't think we're actually quite to clean, so that's why I thought a *little* structure might be good, lol. I mean, he's literally trying to wash his hair once a month. We could go a lot further in the clean department just to hit normal, lol.
  6. Can you clarify, are you getting the white package that just cleans or the pink package with grapefruit?
  7. I wonder about the logic on morning vs. night? To me ds seems dirty at night, after a day in the woods. But in the morning would be kind of a relaxing way to wake up, hmm. See that's perfect, just about the amount of routine he can handle. I had completely forgotten about this! Like the others, I'm not sure he'll be willing to soap his face. I think he might use a damp rag if compelled. He currently uses zero soap. THAT is an insightful point. I had been sniffing, but you're right if he's getting some later but not scrubbing his scalp then that's why he smells again. Ugh. More instruction might help that. He may just be rushing and I probably made assumptions like that he was actually scrubbing, lol. That is hilarious. Who knows with ds, he actually might too, lol. Yup, I think you're right that a light solution is sufficient, something I can actually enforce. Well that's a good point that I could split them. So here's the irony. His FATHER does that and grandfather did that, but he disappears to his room. So you're right, if I got dh to tie returning from outdoors time with showering for ds, like he does for himself, the showering would be done, boom. That's really SMART. Absolutely! I took it more as the realization that I wasn't requiring ANYTHING and that I probably needed to start SOMETHING, lol. Yup, I like this. A rag in the shower and a wipe in the morning or when brushing teeth. That could get done.
  8. How much room will you have to store/use it when you're done? If you will have room to use it, like maybe a basement kitchen, I would get a countertop convention oven. Not a toaster oven with convection but a full convection oven. It will hold more, bake exceptionally, and run maybe $400. That way in holidays you have a 2nd oven. If you won't have a place to use that, then I would get a larger convection toaster oven. I have the one the big places (Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table, etc.) sell and it's nice. But anything big will be fine, bigger is better. That will be $75-200 depending on the swank. Mine has a magnetic door that pulls the rack out, etc. But truly, I would get the full counter top convection oven if it's going to be a long time and if it's practice. Do you have an instant pot? You can prep bags for the IP and freeze them, then just cook, boom. That would almost be better. They might go on sale and are usually sub-$100. Breville Smart Oven Pro with Light | Williams Sonoma - Toasters - Ovens - Kitchen Appliances$349.95Williams-SonomaFree shippingFor most items:30-day return policy This is what I have, a Breville, only in cute red. Looks like it now comes with air fryer abilities if it interests you. Avantco CO-16 Half Size Countertop Convection Oven, 1.5 Cu. Ft. - 120V, 1600W$ shippingFor most items:30-day return policy Here's an example of a larger countertop convection oven. It's a commercial product, so it might not be as well insulated. When it says 1/2, that means it fits a 1/2 size sheet pan. The Breville I linked, the one I have, takes a 1/4 size sheet pan. Williams Sonoma sells those. So you're talking about a radically different size of product, more air flow, etc. The Breville home unit is smaller, more attractive, more insulated. So that's why I was saying if you had a continuing use for it in say a basement, having the commercial unit, for almost the same money, is worth considering. Oster Extra-Large Convection Countertop Oven, Size: 0001.000, Brown$119.99Walmart(1k+)Free shipping, no tax Here's an example of something you can get into for around $100, and it's a lot of utility at that price.
  9. I know one zit doesn't mean a lot, haha, but I take it as the definite sign of puberty. He has ASD and needs extra instruction, extra structure. Honestly, he'd bathe less than once a month if we let him. Sometimes I pay the hairdresser to wash his hair, because at least he allows that. What is the norm for a boy turning 11 for hygiene practices? How often should he shower, wash his hair, whatever whatever? What do I have him do so he doesn't get severe acne? Is there a kind of normal face routine for pubescent males? When do you know to begin that? With my dd, she pretty much handled it, seeking out her solutions, keeping clean, etc. I don't know what boys do, lol. He doesn't *seem* to me to smell overall, but his head smells yucky a day after he washes his hair and doesn't smell all sweet like his shampoo, more kind of grungy. I was kind of assuming at some point I'd tell him he has to shower daily, but is turning 11 a little too soon? How would you know? Maybe every other day? But what about his face routine to help prevent acne? You know, some to think of it, bonus for things that are guy-friendly, routine-friendly. Like if it's a box of cool masculine face wipes that are just cleaning, he might actually comply with that once a day. He's willing to brush daily, so he could do something like that. I don't think he needs something strong, just a hygiene routine at this point.
  10. PeterPan


    I like a scaled return. So first I begin walking. Then I can sit upright and watch tv. Then I stand and get my own snacks. Never return to doing dishes; just leave that to them forever. Then I get groceries by pick up. Then I'm back to regular life. Ugh.
  11. Competition. Males have a strong drive to compete, so you want to nurture self-regulation (vs. teacher-regulation) through motivation. Don't do for them what they can do for themselves. Think about how far you'd have to break it down to get them able to do it for themselves and build from there, with them owning their responsibility in the process.
  12. What did the nurse say? Are they getting her in? Yes to me that sounds like she knows it’s significant and is scared to go in.
  13. Is this a dc who normally has some anxiety? I think if someone is having continued pain and they're under 18 and living in my house, it isn't really their choice. I'm glad you're calling the doctor. Way better safe than sorry. Is there anything else that could explain it besides something needing a doctor? Like did she fall and her back tight and she needs a chiropractor or some ice? And did you check for a fever?
  14. PeterPan


    Do you feel like you have issues with interoception and self-awareness, or was it really THAT FAST? That's terrible, ugh.
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