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  1. So just a tip, if you don't know this. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/1745691620966792 Is the original article they're citing. If you add "unpaywall" as a browser add on to your chrome, you can tap the unlock padlock that appears and it will take you to any free (not behind a paywall) version that is available. So in this case there is in fact a free draft version of the article available that you can download as a pdf. It's 33 pages.
  2. On the off chance that it's connected to digestion, you could try food combining (arranging your foods to digest more easily) to see if that makes a difference. So you would eat at a given meal only fruits or only protein + low starch veges/grains or only high starch + low starch (no protein). I hope they figure out what's going on. Doesn't sound fun.
  3. Total aside, but there is a connection between serotonin levels and the gut. I'm not totally up on it, but you can google. The gut affects levels of those mood hormones, and 2 of the three meds she's on involve those chemicals. So yeah it makes sense why her gut being off would affect it. I had a nutritionist start me on food combining years ago. She could research to see if something like that could get her some margin. For my ds I've been using D-Mannose, the stuff people take for UTIs. It is sorta the gut balancing goodness of cranberries but in a form I can actually get into my ds. It's no
  4. Scrabble? Its hard when they’re grouchy/bitter. I agree you could write letters to space visits. My dad loves letters, so old school.
  5. Also routine could help. So you stop at the shop and pick up a treat that you take her. Even if she only eats half, it gives you something to talk about. Or you stop at a book store and pick her up a paperback or a magazine. My grandma read avidly until the dementia kicked in too much. But at least it's a pretext, why you're there, what you're planning to do. Fwiw this is what my mother did for her mother, and I think it's fine. I don't think the visits have to be *long* to be worth something. Does she get tired in the evening? Too late might not be good. But it's fine to show up, vis
  6. Haha, wasn't me, but as someone getting treatment for a concussion from sledding (and several other recent head injuries) I'm in the not me over my bed camp, haha. Doesn't it have little rings or loops in the back? Personally, I'd take it back and get one of those vinyl clings with lovey thoughts that Hobby Lobby sells. I mean, don't you bonk the wall when you move around?
  7. Fwiw, when I visit my dad in assisted living, I usually end up cleaning his apartment for two hours and then problem solving. We don't seem to get actual social visits. But I've gotten puzzles and if it weren't so imperative to work when we're there, that's what we'd do, sit and do a puzzle together. They make 300 large piece puzzles that he can do with assistance. He likes to play cards. He likes to talk the news. I take him plants, which he can water with ice cubes from the dispenser. He likes to look at pictures together. Sometimes I bring him a cake. In the US we have a tablet app cal
  8. I'm just curious. Are you or is that kind of hardening of the arteries on her part?? LOL I mean, you homeschooled, lol. Where is that coming from?
  9. Is she at all interesting so that you have anything to talk about? I mean, seems to me the only real motivation to see someone is you have something you want to talk about or do. All the rest is rewards, putting up with. If you were a different person and didn't have this past and water under the bridge, how would you interact with her or see her? If you did not visit her, would she be happy? Does she enjoy where she is and find it socially fulfilling? When you visit her, does it cheer her up? Does she have any pursuits like playing cards or doing puzzles so you'd have something to d
  10. It's why I took up cruising. First time in 20-some years I had an actual vacation. No cooking, no cleaning out an RV, no changing wet beds, nothing. Just wake up, eat nice food, sun and sit around. I did the beach this winter because there's no cruising (sigh) and it was ok. Walking the beach was lovely. But even then it's stressful because you have to go find food and wrangle people. An all inclusive would probably be good like a cruise, just without the variety.
  11. I remember saying that when I was in college and being a pain in the butt to live with. It's sort of this wishfulness of good intentions, like I'd get it done and you're the problem doing it for me, haha. mindfulness-evidence based to bump EF, also bumps self awareness https://www.kelly-mahler.com/what-is-interoception/ actual curriculum for self awareness. The brain also has an internal chronometer that keeps track of time that can be *very off*. Like I think mine was 50% off. As in calibrated off, consistently off, lol. Therefore NOTHING I did with time was going to work wel
  12. Fwiw, I think sometimes when people are saying they're being the brains for the person with ADHD, it's that the person with ADHD needs an additional label. Severe ADHD=ASD, and ASD=> obliviousness. (or more precisely, self awareness and others awareness deficits) I'm not saying your peeps are on the spectrum. It's just when I need more ideas and tools, I start looking at the labels I don't want to hear and look for what those next step tools are.
  13. You know, maybe in some movements, especially some southern baptists? But I would also expect some people who are Piper/Grudem acolytes to use that complementarianism language while possibly being post on biblical counseling. Remember, there's disenchantment once you leave the university where you were taught this and get into real like and have to deal with really hard things. A lot of what people were taught under it was very TRITE. Life is hard, sigh. And also you're going to find people who started with biblical counseling, had to sort for themselves how to handle hard cases, and happ
  14. Complementarianism is coming from Piper and Grudem. https://cbmw.org/2019/08/01/whats-in-a-name/ Biblical counseling, also known as nouthetic counseling, is coming from Jay Adams and MacArthur. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/reviews/biblical-counseling-movement/ So while some groups might, at this current time, hold both ideas, that represents more of a merging with time, rivers flowing into each other. And yes, Piper has some pretty repugnant views and things he has said. Fwiw, while biblical counseling has *some* man worship involved, it's mainly a movement toward the text
  15. We recently did hyperacusis testing with an audiologist and she could pinpoint the frequencies, yes. Turned out all the odd things ds was reacting to (audio track for a poetry program, certain pieces of equipment, etc.) all shared the same frequencies. Sigh.
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