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  1. The problem is the brand, not the percent. I did a chocolate factory tour in Mexico where they had you start straight 100 and work down to milk chocolate. Only 100 is rough haha. came back to US and tried high percent and it was HORRIBLE in comparison. So change brands. Maybe the TJ is good? Haven’t tried theirs. If shipping isn’t bad you can order from Kaokao factory in Cozumel. Whoa I just looked and it’s free shipping on the 12 bar pack!!!! Yum!!!
  2. Jumping to end here. Claris app on tablet will do medication reminders, check ins etc. she sounds like she needs a placement.
  3. I can tell you that the plans that get implemented were submitted many years before, waiting in line for funding. Zero is fast in this. So we had a *major* transformation of a SR near us (2 lane to 4, limited access, etc.) and the plans for that were drafted 5-10 years before it ever happened. I assume they're a matter of public record and something you can ask about, not exactly secret. It's just people don't realize to ask. So yes, if they're working on a section up the road, it sounds like you have complicated stuff. You can start by asking about the plans. You're a tax payer. Write,
  4. Have you written your state highway dept to see what they have planned? Often they have projects years out that are waiting funding.
  5. You'd get a better answer talking to a civil engineer. My dh took classes in it, so he knows this stuff and will talk about it when we're driving. It sounds like you're thinking about it in a localized way, without mentioning the context. I don't know engineering and am not an engineer, but I've seen enough to know it depends on the context. There's a term for that type of situation, and my brain is just blipping on it. If the situation is occurring multiple times along the main road, then the state highway dept may have larger plans, like converting it to a limited access highway with e
  6. If the session has a post session review you leave that in the feedback. It was manipulative and unprofessional. If there is no review form, then forward your comments to the person's supervisor. You'll probably get an apology and he'll get a lesson. I've been doing some other professional development webinars (from companies) and they're mixed, with some decidedly less than professional.
  7. If both are doing the 6th grade book and the 6th grader is doing ok, there's no issue. If there are social reasons, put one in Abeka the other in R&S.
  8. Diagramming in *greek* would do that, yes. Diagramming in english would be odd. I mean, knock yourself out, but no. It's not even legit, because english doesn't carry over the case endings that let you know what the relationships in the words are. You could be diagramming something in english that wasn't actually written that way AT ALL. So yes, students in Bible college diagram their greek, very important. But I think only diagram the english of the text if it floats your boat. And just to make it easier to diagram the greek, haha, here's software that will do it for you. You just select
  9. To some degree, yes. A ped tried to refer us to a neurologist but at the time I had a lot on my plate and didn't have money for the $$$$$$ testing they would have done that likely wouldn't have changed much. I don't think it's all the way to EDS, but we've talked about it. It's the story of her life, haha. Lots of testing, almost everything subclinical.
  10. You have a lot of dyslexics and this was developed by an SLP working in a dyslexia school. https://mindwingconcepts.com/pages/methodology If you don't want to spend money on a kit, you can watch their free webinars, videos on youtube, etc. and piece a lot together. The kits are fine too but it doesn't have to stop you.
  11. Entry rugs, entry rugs, entry rugs. And shoes off when they walk in the door if you can. I'm also pretty OCD about my dog. He has a rug at the door he uses and he's trained to let me wipe his feet before he comes in. Dogs are MESSY!
  12. Are places running gymnastics classes near you? Usually there's a recreational level for boys or something like ninja warrior...
  13. We went to the park today. Maybe you need to throw them outside?
  14. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Rubbermaid-Commercial-Products-Cotton-Dust-Mop/3699198 This is the velcro head mop I was talking about. Also handing for getting things out from under beds. https://www.lowes.com/pd/BISSELL-Spin-Mop-With-Bucket/1000533385 Lowe's is showing this. I don't own it. They also carry a $35 O'Cedar spin mop. This may have been the thread I was remembering.
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