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  1. I missed this and am so sorry to hear it. But I'm glad what you're doing is working.
  2. I think the church my BIL is now pastoring is considered Reformed, probably reformed baptist. I'm not sure if they're doing paedobaptism but I don't think he did that with his (now big) ds. I should see, lol. He came to his 5 points late, haha. But I would be *surprised* if he's doing paedobaptism.
  3. Not addressing you particularly but just suggesting that this lure to "call" ourselves something or think we NEED to call ourselves something is part of the problem. It's like with homeschooling, where we get asked what "style" of homeschooler we are and after a while we realize we aren't ANY style, that we just do what fits our kids. Similarly, a lot of this theology stuff is men sitting around arguing nuances over the last 2,000 years, and I tend to think that men sometimes get things wrong. I don't think we have to identify with any one group/movement/theologian/man. My personal theol
  4. I keep a paper towel dispenser in each bath so it’s quick to spritz and clean. Just the mirror, the whole thing, whatever. I also keep a floor swifter to make doing the floor no excuses.
  5. See this is why I don’t like most of these new dudes. They just aren’t careful. You can’t support biblically that God leaves the unsaved and those who reject him without grace. The opposite is shown clearly. He’s narrowing the term to fit his theology instead of letting the Bible say what it says (that tension ). Or put another way there are definitions of grace, subsets , etc.
  6. Or because he coined the term himself. The term is reprobation, but that would mean exactly what it’s saying. I think it’s helpful that he’s showing the logic of the error and how you could get there. It’s a question students naturally ask as they dig in to theology because it is such a logical leap. Another thing we realized in school was that these men of the past did not have the computerized study tools to search out terms so quickly and easily. It puts their efforts in context.
  7. So I’m confused. In plain English, does he hold to reprobation (elect to damnation) or not? I thought I was reading this article to say reprovation is a distortion of predestination. But you’re saying he agrees with reprobation but not distortions of reprobation?
  8. Yes, if you're IFB or GARB or some kind of baptist, Ryrie should be a good fit. We read it for undergrad, and then for grad school were reading across multiple systematics (Strong, Hodge, Grudem etc.) and older sources as historically appropriate. I'm not a fan of Grudem or the movements he's in. https://www.amazon.com/Systematic-Theology-Study-Bible-Hardcover/dp/1433553376/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=systematic+theology&qid=1624329779&sr=8-13 This might interest you. https://www.amazon.com/Systematic-Theology-3-Charles-Hodge/dp/1565634594/ref=sr_1_14?dchild=1&keyw
  9. Yeah, you'd have to get to a grad level course or be reading a Systematic Theology before you'd dig into stuff like that. But I think this term double predestination is being coined more recently, as it has historically been called reprobation. https://www.amazon.com/Sermons-Election-Reprobation-John-Calvin/dp/0963255797/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=calvin+on+reprobation&qid=1624327394&sr=8-2 Here, she can go to the source.
  10. What about a silicone mat in the right size? https://www.amazon.com/Supmat-EPHome-Versatile-Silicone-Counter/dp/B079M966K3/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=tray+for+top+of+dryer&qid=1624327104&sr=8-10 I'm not sure this link will be the right size but you might find one.
  11. There's been a big shift in the Southern Baptist convention over the last 10-15+ years. Agreed, I don't think 5 point calvinists I know feel the need to go all the way to reprobation.
  12. What Sproul/Ligonier is calling double predestination has typically been called reprobation. Calvin wrote about it and you can read his arguments for yourself and see what you think. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predestination_in_Calvinism Personally, I think it's an error of logic, ie. extending logically instead of allowing for the tension of Scripture. God asks to juggle many things at once, like that we both have free will and are predestined, that He is One made up of Three, etc. To me, what I'm looking for when I ask a question about doctrine or application is whether the person
  13. Maybe read a little bit more to sort this out. Calvin had his 5 points, Wesley had his 5, and you have denominations or people who will hold any number of either or both. So the running joke is that a baptist is 3 parts calvinist, 2 parts arminian (or flip that, depending on the church). When someone holds to *all 5* points, they would be called a hyper-calvinist or hyper-arminian. And while I have roughly assumed most reformed would hold to all 5 points of calvinism, I'm not sure that's absolutely true. And there are reformed baptist, reformed presybterian, etc. https://www.amazon.com/Ba
  14. Fwiw, I'll bet you could solve half of the *floor* of that closet in 15 minutes if you tackled it. Like not the whole closet and not the whole, just one side of just the floor. Because really, the top wasn't bad, kwim? Only the floor was cluttery. Cut the elephant into chunks. But you've got this momentum with 15 minutes on a surface today, so REPEAT it tomorrow with 15 minutes tackling a small area tomorrow. Those efforts with small chunks will add up.
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