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  1. Bingo. I think they just make generic recommendations, move us on through, and figure it's the teacher's problem to sort out. But it makes sense that if you got someone who was REALLY INTO THIS, they'd have a lot in their mind. Even just some predictive experience would be nice at this point. I mean, it's pretty serious stuff when you're saying a person with a gifted IQ can't write. It's not cool. You don't just let that go with an oh well, and well enroll them because the ps is great is a ridiculous response too. So we'll see. I wrote my people. I have a feeling, as with all things, it'
  2. Ok, I wrote my providers to see if they have an OT who specializes in assistive tech or someone else who does that. The person I'm writing has been pretty thoughtful so far on questions of evals, really getting us testing connections that made sense. We'll see what they can come up with.
  3. Can we go back to this a bit? So I have a windows laptop lying around, and I have a mac imac. I'm teaching him Dvorak, and he hasn't quite figured out that his keyboard ISN'T the same as other computers. He's still using the letters on the rearranged keys on occasion, so he's not yet ready to be thrown onto the unaltered pc lapto. It's not my plan to move him to that or a regular unaltered mac keyboard until he can completely touch type without looking at the labels and without stress. At that point it won't matter. Now it does. But what software are you using? I could be working in eithe
  4. Just going to dump some things here I'm finding. They might interest someone. https://www.bakersfield.com/opinion/polly-morrice-how-cursive-writing-helped-my-autistic-son/article_483f90b5-ba87-5c7b-9685-f4571f74f414.html Opinion piece on the value of functional handwriting in autism in the age of tech https://www.autism-society.org/stories/handwriting-and-the-autism-spectrum-notes-from-a-survivor/ Kate Gladstone on why handwriting still matters in the age of tech http://www.handwritingthatworks.com Kate Gladstone's research on what has been done and what works with handwriti
  5. You might do a little bit of reading on auditory processing disorder. How is her spelling? How is she in background noise? If the kitchen fan is on or she's in a noisy place, is it hard for her to hear you?
  6. Look on your state dept of ed site for their IEP timeline. Also look at your library for the NOLO books on the IEP process. There are several and they're GOOD! -make a written request -school meets to determine if evals are warranted -evals and results of evals -team determines if an IEP or 504 is needed -team writes IEP or 504 So you see it's a process. State law determines whether the ps is required to write a 504/IEP for your situation. Some do, some don't. My *guess* is for a charter they will go ahead and do it, but I don't know for your state. But it's a *f
  7. So another tip. You want to look for a *developmental optometrist* and you want to have her screened for retained reflexes. Vision develops as a progression of other things. (birth, nursing, crawling, etc.) When we are born we have neonatal/primitive/infant reflexes that drive each of those steps. If those steps glitch, for instance through a csection birth or someone who for whatever reason doesn't do all those things completely, the reflexes do not "integrate" back into the neurological system. They're still out screaming USE ME, because the body DIDN'T DO THAT STEP. https://www.brmtu
  8. What about an old phone with an app? That's what I do. You can get them to wake to music, special bells, whatever you like.
  9. You are framing your dc's issues this way, but I think *more* could be going on. You won't know till you get proper evals. Have you had her hearing checked? Eyes? Has she had an OT eval? Sometimes what happens is there's a circle. ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health disorders, a lot of things are genetic. The parents had issues, the kid has issues. It's not a shock. But it's the PAST. I think it might be in error to blame EVERYTHING going on with this precious child as the result of neglect. If you do that, you may end up missing other things that need to be diagnosed and ge
  10. https://ataem.org/at-basics Turns out our state has guidance on how to do this. There is a pdf with categories, modules showing how to deal with each area, etc. I knew our county board had done some training on it. I just didn't realize I should be pursuing that term. I'm going to look through it, see what I can learn.
  11. My dh wanted to delay meds on my dd. He had these strong opinions about how inappropriate they were (crutch, drugs, tough it out, etc.). Finally I just went and got the stupid scrip and did it. He was wrong. It's that simple. And usually it's people who are ADHD themselves who somehow hacked it out or live in the land of denial who say stuff like that. Her ACT score went up 30% and she went from looking like she couldn't do anything to top scholarships. So if you're asking if an ADHD inattentive dc will do better academically on meds, OF COURSE they will. If you're asking if the meds will
  12. We've got my ds to where he makes calls to his aunt to ask about going to visit her. And he can join briefly a call on speakerphone with someone he knows. Beyond that, yeah I'd expect balking and meltdowns. But he doesn't necessarily have anything to say anyway. He does *zoom* chat just fine. I think an old school phone call is probably the most abstract and anxiety raising option.
  13. I'm googling this. Is it also called an Assistive technology evaluation? I think I heard about this at OCALICON. They have people who specialize in it and can look at ALL the tech that could help him. Well THAT would be brilliant. He has so much language that it's easy to miss just how much he struggles. He's so bright that you think oh this is just gonna come, snap! And then you're doing it and you're like wow, that's seriously not gonna get there and be functional. Sigh. So I will look into this. I might be able to find someone in the big city who does AT stuff. That could be intri
  14. Yup, that's what they told us a year ago, that reality was even though his placement was inclusion in a mainstream classroom that he would spend 70% of his day in the resource room. There's just nothing he does that doesn't require modification. Perfect, lol. That's AMAZING!!! What a big accomplishment!!!
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