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  1. You could use your print Bible at home and use a Bible app on a device at church.
  2. MMS, is this dc bilingual? If so, I think you should start with an SLP who specializes in literacy and bilingual children. Here's one, and she happens to speak russian and she can do tele-evals. See if your insurance will cover an SLP eval. The point is not to spend tons of $$ with evals. The point is to get the right ones. In general I'm with you on the value of ps evals and the help that they're free. If the dc is bilingual, it just got a lot trickier. Maybe look into that a bit and do some thinking. School districts vary. Our school did not own the tests needed to diagnose ds' issues. Read on the site I linked, see what you think. As far as processing speed, those scores are obtained through IQ testing, so any psych can do that. If you want to go through the ps, the key is to know what tests you need to have happen so you can advocate for them. So even if you're not going to be able to afford private evals, it's still helpful to look into them. It will help you advocate for her during the ps evals. I think it's very important that our country prioritizes making EVERY CHILD able to get evals through the ps as a federal right. If the situation is complex, it can take some work to advocate and get everything done. Some people have to file a dispute and compel the school to pay for private, 3rd party evals. It can take work, but you can get this done at the pricepoint you need, yes.
  3. Do you have access to a dyslexia school? She would be such a super fab candidate. It would be worth the drive. They could teach her how to use tech. If one is too far but you can tour, you should. Like really unlid in your mind what this could look like. Around here the dyslexia school is ASTONISHING. Very positive, uplifting.
  4. Find something she does WELL, something she enjoys, and INVEST in it. Invest time and money. You'll screw with her head if her life gets imbalanced with therapies and interventions. You can do all you want, do 3-4 hours a day even, sure, absolutely. But then go find something that's a strength for her and spend equal time on that. You've been warned. So like if you want to do 3 hours a day of Barton (I've done that, sure), then she gets 3 hours a day with a dSLR and photoshop. Or 3 hours of cooking and a new sewing machine. I kid you not. Like I would go that overboard and feed whatever really makes her life good. Have you read Dyslexic Advantage yet? That will help you possibly find some patterns of strength. The psych may have also had suggestions on areas of strength to attend to. Really listen to her on this.
  5. So her working memory is not as strong as you'd *like* it to be given that it is compensating for other weaknesses. Her basic phonological processes suck and that RAN/RAS needs some work. The one that you would THINK is most important is dramatically lower. RAN/RAS is strongly correlated with strong readers. You'll read stupidity saying it can't be improved, which is hogwash. Definitely put it on your hit list. Make something for free, do it with her, revel in the progress.
  6. When ds was diagnosed, I think he was like the student you're describing. And yes, I agree that the psych could be totally wet here telling her not to bother.
  7. Oh that's really interesting. So with math and EF (executive function), you're looking not only working memory but the ability to break things into parts. So she may have this big leap but struggle to break it into steps. Some people will fight that fight with geometry, having the kid do proofs. I think dig in there and use your judgement. The other thing is that if she's only not showing her work in the Singapore math, I wouldn't give a rip. Singapore is obtuse and unnecessary. They just visualize it and move on. I don't know, some people are so enamored of it and I'm not. She was showing her work for the psych for achievement testing? So she can. It could be the singapore. Like maybe see if she's able to slow down and communicate her steps where it matters more or is more interesting. We used the math competition stuff (name is slipping my mind) that AOPS I think sells. See if it changes with a different text.
  8. Your report should have recommended books, software, etc. She needs on software PRONTO. Don Johnson has all the best stuff. Ginger? Go crazy with tech. This child will blossom with it, and it will give her visual input of correct spelling that actually really helps some kids. Also getting proper intervention (Barton, Wilson, SPELL-Links, something tier 3) may make a difference. On the handwriting, you can do an OT eval. Have you checked for retained reflexes? Given that she is having trouble copying *and* trouble with legibility, I would take her to a VT doc and get her screened just to make sure you don't have vision issues. When it rains it pours and we like spending all your money. But seriously, narrative language testing, OT, vision. I would definitely finish this out.
  9. The donkey's butt, overpriced neuropsych that we first used with my ds said the same thing about him. Definitely go through the process and fight and see what happens before you assume that. She sure sounds like it's having an effect on her ability to access her education. Well do you want to scribe while she gets OT? I'm always astonished when I see people recommending AAS for dyslexia, that's for sure. Talk about Flintstone tools compared to Wilson, Barton, or anything else you could be doing. You could even look at SPELL-Links. What the tutor? Do you WANT to do the intervention yourself? I mean hire a tutor if you want or it's more practical, absolutely. But if it's just that your AAS experience left you intimidated, step up to some better tools and you can probably get this done. But really, all that matters is that it GETS done, not who does it. Hire if you want. And if you want better materials that actually would let you do it, that's an option too. I personally would NOT change math that is working. You'd be changing merely because of the writing, not because of poor instructional fit, poor results, whatever. No, she probably doesn't have dyscalculia. I only say that because in my non-scientific opinion it's obvious to parents because it elicits profanity. Well congrats on good evals!! I'm with you on the IQ thing too. You'll get the chance to re-eval in a few years and see what happens. Did this psych do narrative language testing? And did anything generate vocabulary scores? If vocabulary was low, that can be due to lack of language exposure with less reading. It's something to be highly attentive to. I was told it will pull down IQ scores in SLD kids. If narrative language testing was not done, I'd dig in your own soul and ponder whether it's necessary. Oh, the writing for the math gig is the EF, the working memory, the strain of using her language. We just had a thread on this. My dd did it and now my ds does. Scribing helps, but it's kinda hard to scribe what they aren't saying, lol. With my dd I used whiteboards and fought the fight. We had all kinds of tricks. I would be her external RAM and hold her thoughts mid-process. I would put words on index cards for her to point to. Another idea is to put her into something highly structured like MUS. Yes, let the world cringe. She's got a great foundation and you're going to change soon to something after you finish 1-6 anyway, right? So maybe work on working memory and her ability to hold her thoughts while processing and in the meantime get through SM6 and figure out your next step. Having my ds give oral narrations forces him to hold his thoughts. It would be comparable to the math. I'm saying find something else besides math to target that skill, so it's not killing math. Like play Ticket to Ride every day. Or work on working memory. How were those scores?
  10. Ok, more to look into! I'll go look at that article. It has taken me a while to sift through the genetics results I got, and there are genes that sort of mystified me or didn't get prioritized. That MTRR is one of them,. That DEXA scan sounds interesting. Our Y has a scale that will crank out percent bodyfat. It measures body impedence, so you enter data and it takes a bit and does its magic and gives a printout. It's free, and it's at least relative to itself. But you're right, I've been planning to do it and haven't gotten it done. Seems to me the only reasonable way to track what's happening, given my frame size. Well I had an interesting time at the gym tonight. I used one of the VCD breathing strategies extensively. It took a while, because first I wanted to see if I could actually FEEL what was tight or whether that region was tight. What I noticed quickly was that squatting and deadlifting result in tightening that area. So then I tried doing the VCD exercises between sets. I found if I did them enough I could get significant, noticeable release. There's sort of a point where the tension in the neck releases (which is very hard for me to feel) and then it releases down to my collarbone, which is much easier to feel. So that gave me a baseline, like do them till you get that release and are back to baseline. Doing that, I had ZERO panting, did not fatigue, was FASTER between sets, felt STRONGER on my reps. I think started exploring how I could do the VCD exercises *during* the sets. At this point I was doing free weights. So instead of doing the VCD before and ignoring my breathing during the rep or letting it be random, I was now trying to integrate the VCD breathing into the reps. That's a little complicated! I can see why people are going to practitioners and using scopes, lol. So with some work, I actually got to where I was able to do that even. End result? My lifting was faster, my recoveries were faster, and I was strong enough at the end of the weights to go ahead and do the cardio portion which I had been breaking off for another day due to fatigue. So I did a workout he thought should take 60-90 IN the 60-90. And I finished STRONG! I think when I thought I was tired, I was actually feeling pain from the tension. And yes my interoception is that bad that I would misread it like that. I was flabbergasted when I actually started feeling my larynx area to realize I was hurting. Well I'm not sure it was my larynx, so we'll say my neck and lower neck. But yeah, I was misreading what my body was feeling. With the VCD exercises, zero pain, zero fatigue. The other bonus is that because I was using so much mindfulness to do the body scanning for this, I was crazy focused in my sets, lol. Sometimes my mind wanders and it's hard to pull it all together in the lifting. You have to think about so many things at once. So not only did I not hurt, but I was really focused and present and organized in my movements, which made them more strong. This was my heavy week before deload, so I was lifting more and doing it faster and better. And zero panting. I could tell if I had NOT been doing the VCD exercises it would have gone there pronto. That was very obvious. I mean, that cardio portion is no slacker, lol. 12 minutes with 5 reps each, keep cycling through the list: -dumb bell clean to push press with 20 pounds (that's two dumb bells, each 20 pounds, so actually 40 pounds) -kettle bell squats with 30 pounds -wall balls with 18 pound ball. I did that last, so by that point I was experimenting with bringing the VCD into the movements. That's really, really hard. I can hardly remember all the steps on that clean to push press gig anyway, lol. But as long as I did that, I was golden. If I let it fall apart, I had to stop and organize myself and do it right, bringing in that breathing with the looseness. I stopped between sets on that, so like I cycled through the clean to push press, squats, wall balls, then stopped to make sure my breathing was all the way calm, then went through the list again. Previously I had done 4 sets of that in 10 minutes. I got through 5 1/2 sets in 12 minutes AND came out strong, totally calm. That's crazy compared to this morning, isn't it? So then, on the way out I got to gab with the guy who makes my plans. He's like yeah, read your emails, no it's not the labs, yes it's your breathing. So we'll still do the labs, but that was a big deal to realize if I am really attentive to how it's feeling and how I'm breathing (not even just whether I'm breathing but the specific way) and taking that area back to loose before proceeding, I'm fine. I've done that cardio circuit three times now, and it was NEVER so calm as this. Usually I sound awful, panting, needing breaks. With the VCD breathing, I was faster, stronger, getting more done, and I pretty much left like all the other people at the gym, quietly. Wild, eh? Never would have believed it. But it's wicked hard to VCD breathe on top of the movements. It's worth it, and I suppose the timing and practice will become automatic. It doesn't really address whether it's a VCD thing or a heart thing or what, but it worked. And it's not really accurate to say I was using the breathing breaks to do LESS, as I was actually doing MORE. Like I can literally say from my notes, my times, etc. that I did more in less time, with no panting.
  11. LOL, I figured. Well I ordered a KAL adenosyl B12 that should work for me. Doesn't cost much, should arrive pronto. I can hopefully get labs done before then to have a baseline. I hope you get it figured out! I really don't know. I've decided I'd do better if I had someone like me taking care of ME. I'm always taking care of others and then I put off myself. Well I guess let's see. That would cost me a ton of money. If the B12 levels come back with no issue at all (like mid-normal or higher), then that's going to be concerning. I'm definitely taking it seriously. The only question is with whom. I probably need the B12 no matter what. I'm not sure this is exercise intolerance. I'm getting through 4 vigorous workouts a week. I'm fine if I take breaks, and I've been this way in shades for several years now. It's not suddenly appearing. It's a shame there's not an in-between option on ways to know if you're having heart problems or not. When the doc suggested a thyroid ultrasound, the hospital wanted $600. I hate to think what they'd want for heart, laryngoscope, and these other tests, sigh. I have a $10k deductible so *I* will be paying for this. So I'm not gonna let it go too long, but I'm at least going to do the B12 labs and start low and work up. And yes, he knew I was low energy, not feeling optimal. It's why I got a GP after 17+ years of avoiding all doctors like the plague. Even managed to have two babies without them. I like this new GP guy I got, because he listens and is ok to work with. He listened to my complaints, ran labs, and when we were mutually happy he said see you in the fall. So I was just rolling with it. Having it be to this DEGREE is more recent. It's moving from annoyance to problematic. At the same time I'm increasing the exertion significantly AND have been out of the B supplement I was taking. So if it's at all possible it's the Bs, it would be good to get that cleared up. Also, I don't think the guy doing my plans is going to let me keel over on his watch. Just a little liability there, lol. He's at the gym every night, so if I don't do what he thinks is right he's gonna kick my butt. And I wrote him what happened last night and today, so he knows.
  12. Good tips! I'm googling this MMA and that makes sense. Yeah, I just checked and the B I could tolerate is 18mcg in *2* tablets, lol. Might explain the problem. Well fine. This is a solvable problem if it's it. If not, then fine, but I'd rather it's this, lol. And yeah, I can't take a methylated product. I get really irritable really fast. My genetics are the MTHFR and some other issues, so I don't tolerate methyls but don't methylate properly either. It's dopey, lol. There's a version that jumps over it, giving the next stage, and I've never taken that product before.
  13. It was my GP who blew me off btw. He's like your this and that are fine so your b12 will be fine. Hoops, jumping, sigh. But the guy making my plans is a chiro, so he can write the scrip, done. It's the least invasive, least expensive explanation. Then you're at heart problems and VCD, so let's hope it's the B12, lol.
  14. Fabulously helpful. I can't believe I let this go so long. I'm googling it and you're right, straight down the line, b12 can cause this. It's definitely the easiest place to start. I think I can get the scrip this evening and get it run tomorrow, which gives me results pretty quickly. So what's the product you're using? Am I allowed to ask?
  15. Thanks!! Perfect, can do! Ok, I'll refresh her flip flops, pig tails, some kind of hat. Good point, also can include. She'll buy her own bras, lol. But good point on that. We barely get warm enough here to swim outside in the summer if the pool is unheated. Like you have to be a walrus or something. I wear long capris most of the summer. Well thanks ladies, these were fabulous ideas and give me lots of things to send her in a nice box!!
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