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  1. Yeah, you probably need to clean it, oil, new needle. Hopefully the cost to do it isn't more than the cost of a new machine. You can do it yourself if you google. Small hassle but not hard.
  2. Oh if you want a laugh, when I go visit people (my parents, whatever), I usually buzz off for a while and do something alone. Like last time, I left them and went to this gator farm. Nobody else wanted to go, and I was like fine, bye. Or maybe I had ds along? But it was leaving the horde and just going off in my car with the music up and a place where the speed doesn't matter too much. And if you get the music up loud enough and do that long enough, eventually you sort of forget everything and find yourself again and get rested. The point of getting away is to realize YOU ARE YOU. Sometimes you're like no I am intervention, IEP fighting, doc appointment, shuttled driving, researcher mom. And when you get away, you're like oh you mean I was a person and had feelings and liked something beyond all that and had some needs that weren't being met? And then you drink a (non-alcoholic) mango smoothie or three and get your toenails painted and feel the wind until you find yourself again. But you know, everyone has to do themselves. I'm just saying me. This stuff is way too hard. I BANK these memories of the wind and my toes and the ziplining and the mango smoothies and then I go back there for a mental break. I bank palm trees by the pool and the feel of the thermal tubs. I'm getting more worn out by the month, no matter how hard I try. I feel my expiration date coming, and I hope it just lasts through what needs to be done.
  3. And yeah, ironically, the closer place is way more $$$ than an equal amount of time in FL. Just depends on what you want. It sounds crazy, but if you can get a direct flight somewhere for $69, you have no drive and your adventure starts immediately. I don't like to drive very far, max about 2 hours, so I'd much rather fly somewhere for $69. Sometimes it's like hey where could Southwest take me for $69... I've realized I want to go to NYC next. I've never been. It sounds totally, totally nuts. May or may not do that. Might be a lot of sensory though, lol.
  4. Yeah, I was saying go alone. I've been learning to get comfortable with it. Nuts, I essentially just cruised alone. I took ds, but he spent all his time hanging with kids. 3 of the excursions I did alone and the majority of dinners alone. Maybe find someone to go down with you? If you split the hotel or you pay, their only cost is the flight. When I travel I meet women all the time who are traveling in pairs like that, doing get aways. We went to this lodge up on the lake and met women doing time away. They just took a room at the lodge, maybe $150 a night. Gorgeous, with a fire pit, two pools, two hot tubs, beautiful buffet, very relaxing. And for us, that's a 2 1/2 hour drive, very doable. I went up there with dh and ds, but again they went to this WW2 thing and I went to the lodge alone. Maybe you're very introvert and not getting your alone time? I mean, nuts, I'm not introvert (decidedly not, haha), and I need alone time. But I was under the impression you're introvert. So maybe you're not getting enough time alone/retreated to recharge? Usually when I'm taking time alone, I'm going for some really over the top sensory. So it's hot tubs, superman style ziplining, a fireplace, the wind of the lake, sensory. But maybe you need your introvert side worked with. I don't know, lol.
  5. Even just a long weekend that is just you might work. Like fly down, take a hotel, sit at the pool and sun like a lizard for 3 days, eat dinner, hot tub. You might feel like a new woman. And you could do that for $500 plus food. Nuts, you could do that for less than $500. I get cheap direct tix on Southwest ($69-89) and hotels on Priceline with breakfast included (love the Hyatt Place at Disney Springs) for $85. No car, just uber. And you know you could uber to Disney Springs and from there ride the ferry (free), eat gelato (cheap), dinner, maybe take in a concert.
  6. Yes, I run into this a lot with families who don't want to talk about it, want to somehow handle it themselves (not showing up, keeping it quiet, whatever). And it makes it hard because then administrators think EVERYONE could/should handle it that way.
  7. But it certainly does explain a lot. Sigh.
  8. Turns out my ds is relatively good at Bible trivia! He couldn't get all the answers, but he could get enough to win with some selective cheating and mis answers on my part. So that's kind of a fun development. I am, as always, looking for more things for spiritual/learning about God that he can connect with. I got so used to my dd, who could just do anything. I have this Bible trivia game from when I was his age, and I remember it as being HARD for me and a challenge! She never even wanted to play because she was so good with narrative she knew all the names, all the answers. But for me at this age and now ds, it's actually a challenge and sort of fun. I'm thinking next I'll try him on some creation science or I can't remember the word. Catechism, that's the word. I just need to find a way to do it that is more interesting and not a language test but more of a thought process, sort of like trivia. Or maybe his language is good enough now that it will be fine? Hmm. I also want to do some work on sword drills, being able to find things in the Bible. I haven't figured out a fun way to do that yet. But at least for today the trivia was a winner. It's a start. I need to up his "I'm an expert on the Bible" game. I think church has been hard enough for him that it's just easier for him to feel completely disconnected. I'm kind of hoping maybe the junior high group would go better, when they have a youth pastor rather than a random woman teaching and when they drop the coloring and whatnot. Sigh. But I don't know when that begins. How is church going for you all? Any creative solutions? I think if he had a sibling, that would help. It was going better when we had a worker, which we don't know. A Sunday worker is very hard to find.
  9. And better yet, what *other* options, besides the one the dc and parents are suggesting, could work and be protective of you? The landlord thing is kind of interesting.
  10. The level of incompetence with this is unbelievable.
  11. Yeah, I'd be talking with a lawyer or social worker. Does this dc have a social worker through the county? Fwiw, I think you should also give yourself permission to say NO. You can't really say yes till you've said it's an option to say no. It seems like they're kind of pressuring you. You've raised a lot of kids and already have a lot of responsibility. You're older than I am, right? It's ok to say no if no is the right answer for you. This dc may need other options that only pop up with a no. But if yes is the right answer, that's fine too. Whatever, it's amazing that you're willing to do this. What happens long term? Where is this going? You want them around or moved out in two years?
  12. You can buy a pdf version of the student workbook directly from PHP I think. Or just buy two of the student workbook and be done with it. Fwiw, we used WWS1 with my dd in 8th and it was great then. I had to go through it and highlight the important things, so she could see the flow and actually find the important bits, rather than getting lost in the narrative style. So that's another reason to buy a workbook for each student, so you can custom highlight and make instructional notes for them in the book. At that age, my dd was doing it completely independently, so I was putting in notes specific to her.
  13. That is such a good point about access to tech and proficiency using tech. Some kids will get our more if they type or use dictation. Most devices now (tablets, phones, computers) can do some form of dictation (he talks, it types) for free. Inspiration software is another goodie, because it allows him to dump his thoughts as a mindmap that the software then converts to an outline. For kids whose thought processes are distinctly NOT LINEAR, it can be amazing. I used it successfully with my dd. Inspiration Software, Inc. - The Leader in Visual Thinking and Another thing that was good for us was outlining and rewriting well written magazine articles. Muse has great stuff for this.
  14. It's not computerized or independent, but this is what therapists and intervention specialists use.
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