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  1. Is it a program he needs or more use? My dd (not dyslexic) needed a TON of practice to get anything to stick for spelling and get carryover to life. I consider my dh dyslexic (not diagnosed) and he says typing and using the spell correct on the typing has been the BEST THING for his typing. There's really good prediction software now, both integrated and separate things. I think I was just reading that microsoft has a really good system, I don't know. It seems to me like Barton 8 is probably going beyond spelling he gives a rip about or needs to use. I haven't gone that far, just saying. Is he working on typing? That would be another way to work on some automaticity for spelling. The Eides talking about harnessing kinesthetic memory for spelling. We always think of visual for spelling, but their point is that you'll build kinesthetic memory by typing. There's also a lot LOT of evidence about the value of WRITING for spelling, even for dyslexics. Unless there's deal-breaker dysgraphia, it's a thing to be doing.
  2. Yeah the only reason I suggested the MA Rooney materials is because they're a free pdf download, easy to use for someone overseas. If you can get things shipped, that opens up a lot of options.
  3. That's an interesting plan. See what retained reflexes turn up. Besides the obvious orthodontic issues, it can reflect sensory seeking. I'm just pairing that with the night terrors. Any explanation on those like blood sugar dropping or anything? Have you tried a weighted blanket on him? For my ds, I just put it on to get him down. c. Suckling is all reflex, so it's very probable you've got retained reflexes going there. And I'm not discriminatory or something. I sucked my thumb till I was 10 (shhh), so it happens. But look at me now, pretty weird, lol. There's another list of reflexes beyond those on the PoP site. The PoP ones are your most common ones to hit. Some of the ones for suckling and rooting and nursing are in the hands. Babkin I think. You brush the hands and the reflexes will integrate. snoop around here and see what strikes you. At one point I was just making it up because I couldn't find exercises and it worked. I used a nail brush, a really stiff bristle hair brush, several textures like that. there's also something you do touching fingers. Thumb to each finger, very slowly, then opposite directions, etc.
  4. Yeah, that seems to be the constant refrain of my life right now. The turmeric helped with the asthma and I just upped my bromelain. I have that other stuff (proelytic whatevers) coming. Guess I should just read your article.
  5. Well I do want to go read what you linked, but the good news is it's NOT something autoimmune, at least from what he thinks. And the place I went to seems to be on the right track. They had barbells and will go through movements to make sure you're doing everything correctly. So I definitely think I'm in a good place. He had some hilarious terms (including bad***) for me, so apparently he didn't think I was a fat slob either. So yes on the bulging disk, but it's not so so bad. He had me doing MacKenzies, which I had been doing, but apparently I wasn't doing them *right* oops. So he spent an hour with me going through everything, and I did leave feeling somewhat better, like actually better. He did ART (active release therapy) and between that and the MacKenzies I was just enough better to feel good that we might be able to nip this. He said we'll get the pain down and then work on other stuff. He had a whole flow chart of things to attack. So for now, twice a week with him, exercises every two hours at home. And I'm to look into a standing desk, sigh. He's probably right. In the meantime I stopped at BB&B and got that Purple seat cushion thing. Feels kinda nice. Well then I'm definitely banking on those, cuz I'm on the big side, lol. I'm just under 190 right now, 5'5". I thought I used to have an extra 1/2" and somehow I lost it. I asked if he could lift or run (not that I run a lot, haha) and he was fine with that. Mainly he just wants me super diligent on the exercises, which I was fine with. And he felt really confident it's not the autoimmune arthritis stuff. He said it would have a different pattern as far as actual function, like when he's on the table working with me. So a reasonably good outcome I guess and I'm thankful I got in!
  6. There's a gene marker for AK. It's HLA B27. Ok, so 23andme does run some snps for HLA B27. My dd is fine, heterozygous green/good. My genetics were done by a different test and don't show it. Now I'm curious to get them done, hmm. But if she has 2 green, that's a good sign. They only ran one SNP, so it's not really tell you a lot.
  7. Ok, good night. I've been seeing this ankylosing spondylitis word in lists and didn't know what it was. Yeah, I don't even have to read much to know what is showing there could be an explanation, which explains why you're saying it. I still prefer fat slob. Sigh. That at least would be easily fixable. Are we even allowed to call ourselves fat or slobs anymore? In other words, I'm unusually nervous about this appointment. It's in 1 1/2 hours, so you can wish me luck. But I don't know if a chiro can diagnose AK. At least he ought to be smart enough to say what it's NOT and say who to go see. Sigh. That would explain why it only calms down when I'm on prednisone. Now I'm, I don't know what I am. Ugh. That sorta ruins my day. Must think positive.
  8. Well thank you for that note of confidence, lol. I was really hoping for more like "lazy slob, your back is weak" or some other polite answer. Hahaha. But honestly autoimmune hasn't been on my mind. I guess we'll see what he says. I know in theory it should/could be on my mind and it passes my mind. It just drifted out or something. Fwiw my thyroid antibodies were fine. We ran those. So when you say autoimmune, that's some kind of arthritisy stuff? Is a chiro actually going to run tests for that? The orthopedist? The wait till you drop and then go see your GP who could have run them all along? I'd really prefer fat slob be the diagnosis.
  9. Even if it's awful, they give 'em enough meds that they won't remember it.
  10. My ds was reading at a supposed 6th grade level at the end of 1st. Totally blew the OG tutor's mind. He's still dyslexic.
  11. yes yup. Most want to see them 7+. ABLE Kids has an eval they'll do younger, but that's CO and a haul for most people. It's actually really worth it for some people. I would get your reflexes integrated and give it 6 months to pan out before you decide to do that, kwim? That's a pretty big step. I took my dd and she wears a filter.
  12. So an SLP can diagnose if they want to, if they feel it's a thing they're versed enough in to diagnose. There's an SLP practice that now does exclusively OG tutoring around here that will run a CTOPP, the DAR, and write a brief letter saying yes it's dyslexia. That's enough for our local ps (who are really kind of cantankerous sometimes) to go forward and get on board using that as evidence that they need to eval. So SLPs *can* diagnose if they feel that's in their realm. Most however are not OG certified, are not doing literacy, are not any of that and really wouldn't go there. And it's not a substitute for psych evals and not a replacement for the paper trail you need from a psych. All the other doors open with that psych eval. It's just the great irony that some SLPs are doing more that is actually actionable and sniffing out what needs to happen. So if you go to a neuropsych they're a lot o psych with some screening for SLP issues, etc. You go to an SLP you get a lot of SLP. Yes. Well pull up the lists for what is considered medical (our guy usually gives us a list), but yes we paid with ours. Definitely always the SLP. And you should be able to do the neuropsych too. Barton says to do LIPS *first*. I'm saying it's flexible, a methodology, and you can use it the way you want. If you want to teach them together, fine. If you want to jump ahead into Barton with her and just integrate the LIPS tools in, fine. There's no contradiction and they flow nicely. I integrated them all the way through Barton 1 and 2 because I had too. It's just more tools, more manips, more analysis, more multisensory. Perfect Hmm, scenarios where you DON'T use Barton with these kids? If you hire a tutor ($$, but still an option) or decide to get OG trained, those might be reasons. Otherwise, yeah pretty much Barton is what you're looking at. How far out is the SLP eval? If it's far, I think it will kill you to have it and not use it, lol.
  13. Ok, I'm reviewing your comments on the audiologist. Are you pursuing APD evals? The SLP *may* have something for APD. It's kinda a funky controversial field for them. From their angle, APD is a language issue, which is why good thorough language testing is warranted. In reality the section of the brain causing APD, at least from what I've read, is a bit different and more like setting a row of townhouses on fire. So you have to treat the language issues but there's more. Has she been checked for retained reflexes? That's your next move. Go ahead and schedule the SLP, but somewhere in there, as you're doing this, find someone to test for retained reflexes or do it yourself. Some kids get a bit of a language bump when the reflexes integrate. It's possible they're an issue. There are stepped up discussions to have, but that's your first thing to resolve. And that can be concurrent with the SLP evals, sure.
  14. So I would run both of them through, a two-fer. Yes, whether you go with LIPS or FIS, I would run them both through. Your dd may go through more quickly. You could integrate it into Barton 1 if you want. My ds has apraxia (a motor planning of speech problem) so we used the LIPS materials all through Barton 1 and 2, completely integrated. There's no waste here, just more tools. It will be fabulous. Ok, so her list sounds really fab. Does she test narrative language? As long as she does, she sounds like your woman. Driving that far for a good eval is fine. It's not something you do a bunch of times. Says the woman who drove that far weekly for THERAPY, lol. I've even done it twice weekly, which I really don't recommend. Sigh. So if you can get somebody closer to do that, obviously go closer. But yes it sounds like she's hitting the stuff you want and will crank you out a lot of actionable material. She's also creating a baseline to retest in a year or two and see your progress, see what's working and what remains. How long is her wait? You'd like to get that baseline testing done before you eval. These kids are going to want full psych evals, paper trail, college accommodations, etc. Drop in the bucket. I don't know how she's billing at that rate and surviving. Make sure narrative language is there. Around here SLPs bill $80-125 an hour. So that eval, if it includes 3 hours of testing, also has to include money for report writing. That alone tells you she's either under-billing or doing some cut and paste, haha. Cut & paste is fine. It's not like your kid is so novel. That's why she owns all the stuff, lol. So yeah, great price, go for the service, get it done. Will doing that hinder your ability to make psych evals happen at some point? Yup, you can. FIS is if you want pre-scripted. LIPS is your SLP-generated tool for people who need to be able to customize instruction. There are some lesson plans and guidance, but it's a concept that you can morph, merge into Barton, anything you need. Just more hassle and not open and go. If you want open and go get FIS. You've had her to an audiologist? Unless that was recent, I would update that and get them to run a screener for APD as well. I'm not a super fan of the TAPS because it's half phonological processing, so hopefully they'll have the SCAN. Our university can do that for free, and it would be wise to get that done just to be super sure, especially if it's low cost or free. Bingo. A 5 yo who is typically developing should pass the Barton screener. But you know that's how you figure out if this is a nothing burger or something. The IDA wants kids diagnosed between K5 and 1st, going into 1st, and that's what you're doing. You're following best practice. The tools and data are there to discriminate and sort out what's going on. Sometimes you don't get the answers you're expecting either. Like I was really serious that you need to be getting her into an audiologist. That will be a super short wait and that needs to happen unless it already got done in the last year or so. There are plenty of studies showing that MOTHER GUT is more accurate diagnostically than psychs, peds, etc, especially in these early years. You're seeing red flags and have hours and hours of data on her that your brain is collecting and sifting down into areas of concern. So when a mother says something is wrong, USUALLY something is going on. You're not saying what is going on or trying to be a psych or SLP. You're just saying you know something is up and it's time for answers.
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