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  1. I don't think it's a problem that she asked. I think it's important that we humans can ask each other for help! I hope we can normalize answering truthfully.
  2. Now if your neighbor was currently trapped under the tree and you said no to helping *then* you'd seem uncaring! 😜
  3. Agreeing with others ...take a look soon/now and say "I don't want us to take on this job. Your landscaper should be able to take care of it." It is so much better to answer honestly!
  4. Our location has great produce, not sure if this varies based on turnover. Batteries and vitamins are two things I most often buy at Costco.
  5. If you find out enough and she decides to be vaccinated: I was able to be vaccinated in a medical setting, not a pharmacy or a pop-up. If you can find a medical setting that might help ease her mind too.
  6. We are a Prius family and I adapted right away. The only odd thing was when the smaller battery on the 05 needed replacement we didn't recognize the problem right away because not used to two batteries!
  7. I would not keep that car. Two years old and 11k miles should be more reliable. Eta: We are a Prius family 05 and 16
  8. Air quality concerns really limit options. More (hugs)
  9. For future reference, this probably would've fallen under regular insurance and your pcp could've sent you to an eye doctor. Glad you have an eye doctor connection and could avoid an office visit!
  10. This is so helpful. Thank you for sharing!
  11. My late dad's favorite: I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken 😂
  12. Vaccines need to be taken up in greater percentages to look like what we tend to picture when we think "vaccine". Afaik, there have been measles outbreaks in places where vaccine uptake dropped and so when measles entered the area it had lots of places to " go", kwim?
  13. I love that this thread title makes perfect sense! I have considered a goose with clothes since geese are duck adjacent but I haven't taken the plunge yet!
  14. If you take out the history, I'd be understanding of your mom in this situation. If I loved to shop and give gifts I might already feel bad that I was being told exactly what to give. If I were sitting in the room expecting to pay and then it was done I would feel bad. (I'd like to think I'd contain my disappointment.) I do think of people fondly when I see or use a gift. We make a point of remembering if something was purchased with gift money and have the same feelings. Maybe your mom doesn't realize that's possible. I'd consider sending her the link to buy them and just send one pair back. Does she have money? Could she buy something unexpected as a surprise? Maybe one of those trendy cold weather coats? Again, without the history I'm understanding. With the history I understand your frustration. (hugs)
  15. Beautiful photo and gorgeous ring!
  16. Just a note about the Message: Eugene Peterson was a pastor and taught in seminary. He worked from Hebrew and Greek. You can see that info here and also see the list of translation consultants: https://messagebible.com/about/ The Message can be really helpful but for some reason some can be quick to dismiss it. I'd hate for the Message to be the best fit for someone but they miss out because they heard it wasn't accurate or something.
  17. For reading I like New Living or the Message. For study I look at several translations. Our church reads from the lectionary during service. Sometimes the priest will read from a different translation for the sermon.
  18. As a family we are watching Loki and Bad Batch. Dd and I just finished Top Chef and are now watching Drag Race All Stars and Big Brother. I'm currently listening through our CD collection! I take out a different CD each day to listen to while I cook and then later do dishes. Simon and Garfunkle is set for today. I'm reading a lot of random things right now, including: Everything is Spiritual by Rob Bell, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus, The Wolf at Twilight by Kent Nerburn.
  19. When we had one it held remotes and my notebooks etc because I don't have a desk.
  20. Ds(ya) suggests the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.
  21. Any friend of video game ducks is a friend of mine!
  22. In my family showers are often surprises with the spouse in on it to get the mom or bride to be there. If not a complete surprise then the guest of honor is not in on the details. That is just our tradition. I could imagine someone having requests for their shower.
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