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  1. On your original recommendation we went with Affinity and have been so happy with it!
  2. ❤️ dragons ❤️ The yard dragon ad followed me over to Facebook! 👍
  3. We have 1000 sq ft for four adults. I really wish we had more than one bathroom.
  4. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/at-home/in-home-services.html We used the above advice when we needed repairs.
  5. During the military review? I think they're the Old Guard, 3rd US infantry.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I was in tears yesterday because the last of my fresh veg got slimy. Eating a lot of fresh veg + not shopping often isn't working out for me. I really appreciate all these responses!
  7. Never heard of Schwan's. This could be very helpful...thanks for the recommendation!
  8. I'll have to try higher heat I think. When I've tried in a skillet they let off tons of water. Worse if there's ice crystals!
  9. Do you thaw in the fridge? Counter? Run warm water over the bag? Is it just trial and error which work best that way?
  10. Somehow I always mess up frozen vegetables. With shopping less frequently I need to figure this out! Any tricks and tips for cooking with frozen veg? (I tend toward no oil and don't own a microwave but please share anything in case others are interested!) Also, if I put a half used bag back in the freezer it ends up covered in ice crystals no matter what I do (Ziploc, tightly closed etc.). Any solutions? (beside what I do now...always cook the whole bag!)
  11. I am so sorry for your loss
  12. I'm having a panicky night. Thanks for the encouragement
  13. This is it! The virtual part starts maybe 32 minutes in?
  14. Lady Gaga sang the anthem in a gorgeous red suit at Superbowl 50. She's my favorite singer of the SSB!
  15. Regarding Eugene Goodman: "He was there in his new role as acting deputy House sergeant at arms, CNN's Jeff Zeleny reported." I loved "let's get loud" as a call to unity. It was between "with liberty and justice for all" and a reprise of a line from "this land is our land" (can't remember the exact line). I saw it as a call to be excited, to commit to unity.
  16. @MercyA That video is so dang cute!!! I say "tiny little".
  17. What does "ready to go at 9am" entail? Is this leaving the house or homeschool lessons? If home, if he has to be dressed etc or has chores before 9am maybe he needs the option to roll out of bed and start school in pajamas etc.
  18. I am a lifelong night owl. I woke up at 6am for four years of high school and it never reset my night owl rhythms. I did make it to school everyday despite often falling asleep on the bathroom floor after my shower! It's hard being a night owl in a society that values morning larks. Lots of judgement. (I hate when people pass judgement about the time stamp on an email. I don't pass judgement on morning larks who can't stay awake past a certain time or send email or post on Facebook at 6am.) I think night owls need to learn skills for sometimes waking up earlier than they nat
  19. I vote the last one or something similar. I really like that stormy color. The most beautiful mob dress I ever saw was my late sister's. She had silvery white hair and wore a gray dress. It was floor length and flowy with detail that was sort of like a jacket. She looked stunning! If the other mom wears a print I think dresses like the first two would clash. Congrats!
  20. Something I like to do: I buy blank note cards that come in a matching box and I send one card and the box with a promise to send the other cards. The recipient keeps the cards that arrive in the box. (I sometimes put tea or other treats in the box.) I keep the blank cards in a rubber band with a slip of paper with name and address so it's really fast to send out a quick note. (I don't pre-address envelopes because people move!)
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