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  1. excellent...good to know. So you don't find them flimsy or anything. There were many reviews that said they broke quickly or weren't very sturdy. I am glad to hear your review. Thanks so much!!!!
  2. I just looked at it...certainly a possible option. I found where it says I can print the workbook instead of buying it, but I can't find a link to the printable workbook. Have you used this program Imrich? If my son has a question about something, do they get right back to you? I don't want to waste time waiting for help on a question or concept. Thanks for the idea. I have another question concerning this long will take my son, since we are getting a later start? I see the course outline, but not the number of lessons. Thanks.
  3. my daughter wants to buy a comfortable chair for her a chair that she can both curl up in and also be able to sit and put shoes on (or something like that)....her dorm is small and she shares it with a roommate, so it can't be super big...nor expensive (about $100 or less). We have looked at multiple pod like chairs on Amazon...and the ones we sort of like all have mixed reviews...she wont' be using it tons, and she is a small, petite girl, so the weight limit isn't a factor...but we were just wondering if anybody here recently bought one they love...or hate...or something in between so we can get a better review of chairs. It doesn't have to come from amazon, but I have prime, so the free shipping is a deal...I would rather put money into the price of the chair instead of the price of shipping. This is an example of one we are considering chair thanks for your help.
  4. my son, a senior, needs physics (because his college of choice requires it...unless he wants to take it at the college level)....but he is not going into a science or math field...he is going in to church music. We have tired a couple text books and they are simply not making sense to him...and I can't help him with it because they don't make sense to me either. I know Khan academy exists...but I don't fully understand how it works...or if it's really going to make a complete course for him. But I did run across I know it's not cheap...but it looks decent...and the one thing I like that it offers is a way to contact a teacher with questions as needed. I read some of the older reviews of the program on WTM...but I was wondering if anybody here is currently using it or did last year and could comment on if they felt this would cut the mustard for my son. I don't want to waste my (or my son's) time with the 30 day free trial if in the end we will 30 more days behind. (afterall, it's already the end of September and we need to start at the beginning.) Thanks for your thoughts and opinion. I just need to be able to count it on his transcript as done.
  5. We have never used this before, and I want my son to use the Physics videos to help with understanding of his physics course. I am noticing that there are both videos and then what looks like textbook pages for concepts. If he is a video kind of guy, will watching the videos alone help...or does he need to read the textbook pages too? Any tips or tricks for us using this would be useful. thanks so much!
  6. I want to put together some care packages for the college kids in our church. (1 guy and 4 gals). I know that food is always a hit...but what else might be more fun than practical that I should include? I think all of the girls are in dorms, except one and the guy I think is in an apartment. Any thoughts or ideas, please send my way. Thanks.
  7. Our internet provider has just started charging us for every GB of data we use so we are trying to see what options we might have apart from that. Right now we are getting internet, cable and phone from this company. We also use Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. The main reason we have cable is so my husband and son can watch Michigan Sports (we live in a different state), so my husband can watch certain news programs and so we can get local channels for news and weather. We have already adjusted our resolution on our streaming but we are still spending more money than when they offered the unlimited plan. One thing I heard about, but know very little about is something called sim net wireless which is supposed to be internet using cell towers. Does anybody here know anything about this? Is it reliable? Is it strong enough to stream and use the computer at the same time? (we live in a rural area, but get decent cell reception depending on the tower you use...and supposedly this service will use whichever of the 3 main cell tower is the strongest) We are talking about doing that (if it would work) and then doing something like Hulu Live, You Tube TV or Direct TV instead of cable. But, again...I don't know enough about any of those and would some some opinions. One of the features I like about regular Hulu is that I dont' have to set up a DVR to find my favorite shows....I just can find them....does Hulu Live (or the other ones ) work like that...or not? Thank you for your help!
  8. Our internet provider has started charging us for every GB of data used... Instead of an unlimited plan. So I was wondering, do you know if it possible to download movies and shows from places like Netflix, hulu, amazon onto a zip drive so we can plug it into our TV and watch without using data? I know I download shows onto my phone or computer. But I didn't know about an external drive. or is there another way to do this so we don't use up so much data? I have already adjusted the viewing settings so they take up less, but our bill is still higher than we want....and we haven't even started school yet... thanks.
  9. they are a painted reason to think they won't stick...but maybe they were dusty or something..
  10. what are other products that my daughter can use to hang things on her dorm room wall? It appears that the clear strips (and maybe it's those specific strips) didn't hold and all of her lights and lightweight decorations fell down. Looking for other options or a solution as to why those didn't stick for her. thanks.
  11. So, if I were to download a movie onto my phone to watch later when I dont' have wi-fi, will it use my mobile data to watch it...or not? I just don't know how all of that works. Thanks.
  12. I want to know all I can about substitute teaching in Michigan. I have an expired teaching certificate from Nebraska for what that is worth. What is the average pay? How many days can I teach, etc. Thanks.
  13. it is being grilled as I type. Thanks for the advice.
  14. the meat was frozen and I put it in the marindade on the countertop while the meat thawed...when it was mostly thawed, I put it in the fridge. Would it matter if I didn't freeze it in the marinade...but just freeze the meat? We are actually wanting to go camping for a couple days on Sunday and were hoping to use it as supper for Tuesday night.
  15. I have been marinating some chicken all day...for company tonight. However, I just found out that our company can't make it and there is way too much meat for us to eat in a reasonable amount of time. Is it safe for me to put part of the raw meat (plus some marinade) in the freezer for another meal another time?
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