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  1. Oh, I have 3 teenagers....2 are boys....so cheese and crackers won't feed them....however, I, personally would eat that no problem.
  2. can you link me to that thread??
  3. What do you like to eat for supper after spending the afternoon in the sun at the pool? Nothing seems appetizing, but I have to figure something out.
  4. For the record.....My son did NOT use the writing center....even though we HIGHLY encouraged it. I also have no doubt he is trying to exaggerate to justify a bad grade. I am not under any delusion that my son didn't do all he could do to help himself. He is repeating this right how with the tutor. He is not confident in his ability to write and has a mental block that he has to overcome. My point simply was, did the prof do all they were supposed to do? For students who struggle with a skill, I guess maybe I was expecting more in person help than was given....2 out of the 3 class h
  5. and not even meeting once a week is also not ok in my book. Once in a while, sure....if the kids had a big project to work on and they didn't need to meet, but in my opinion, these kids (not only my son) should have met 3x a week....like what we paid for. Those kids were in that class for a reason, not just because they chose to be there. My feeling is this prof used Covid as an excuse to be lazy since the entire campus was in person all year (unless the prof was actually ill or in quarantine), which wasn't the case the for this prof....at least not all semester. I know for a fact tha
  6. yeah...I know the 50 minute thing to be true...I guess I was simplifying that by saying three 1 hour sessions....but you are right...technically it is 50 minutes.
  7. ENG 101 Foundations in Writing 3 credit hours This course focuses on helping students develop foundational approaches and processes for writing. Students will learn basic techniques for generating ideas; giving and receiving feedback; adapting rhetorical strategies for audience and context; revising; and editing. Special attention will be given to discussing the origins and application of English language conventions and developing effective revising and editing techniques. This course is required as a prerequisite for ENG 102 for students who score below 18 on the English portion of the ACT o
  8. So, my son, a freshman last year was required to take writing 101 as a prerequisite to the required gen ed writing 102 because he scored low on his English ACT test. When I heard that he was taking that class, I thought, great....this will help build his confidence in writing and better prepare him to complete all of the different kinds of writing assignments he will be faced with in college. I did not expect he would become this stellar writer or anything like that. I was just hoping for some extra guidance in the all important skill. This class was a 3 credit class which, with
  9. thanks. I am wanting to try these...
  10. do these really work? I have 2 sons who are doing yard work this summer as part of their summer job and I have always wondered if these actually work or not? Has anybody purchased some thing like this? I would imagine, just like other things, some brands might be better than others....so if that is the case and there is a brand I should stay away from...or actually get, please advise me. thanks.
  11. thanks for this....I was beginning to doubt myself. I normally don't do things like that either...I don't have extra money to spend, but I do like/love all of the Norwex products I have. There are a few items in the catalog that I wouldn't use, probably, but maybe I just don't know I wouldn't use them. I am secretly hoping they aren't doing this to get rid of certain inventory items like face masks. We live in an area where they aren't required...and so yeah...there is that. But, I love their towels and other clothes....their cleaners are good....so...I might take the plunge.....espec
  12. The company is Norwex. My consultant is adding an additional 25% what the company is offering. Checking for you tube videos is a great idea.
  13. buy a mystery box worth $100 for $37.50 from a company you like or might use a lot of the products from but you don't know for sure? I have never been brave enough to do something like for fear of not liking most of what's in the package....but I am so tempted. What is your experience with mystery boxes, packages etc??
  14. yeah, my son did that last summer and hated standing behind the cashier counter all day. He hated it when the lines got long and he felt the pressure to move quickly...and then he made silly mistakes that he would not have made normally. He hated the music that was playing over the store speaker too. He grumped everyday he had to go to work. The job this summer is so different....so far....he hasn't had to mow in 95 degree temps yet...so that could change somewhat...but when we ask...."still better than last summer?" he always says "YES!"
  15. Sensory issues for sure....that we have known for a long time....OCD? haven't give that much thought....again...his repetitive behavior isn't super obvious in most situations or to most people. So, I am not sure.
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