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  1. kfeusse

    Need new TV show ideas

    Everwood....I have seen that...and I liked it....I forgot to add that to my list. But the other 2 I haven't so I am adding them to my list. thanks.
  2. kfeusse

    help us downsize

    My husband and I have been in the same place for 20 years. In those 20 years we have had 3 kids that are all now high schoolers. In those 20 years we have accumulated A LOT of stuff. We live in a big 3 story house, with a a garage and a shed FULL of stuff. We know that in the next 5-7 years my husband will most likely retire and we will be moving. I know that at some point we will need to go through our things and decide what is worth moving and what is not and I don't want to leave it all until that time. I want to start whittling away at it now. So how do I do that? Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas on how do go about doing that. I am much more of a thrower than my husband is. He likes to keep things "just in case"...and sometimes those things have come in handy, so I can't fault him all of the time for that thought process, however, I think there are some things that can go. I tend to go through my things (the kitchen, bathroom, my clothes etc) more often than he does...probably because I am home more. And yes, there have been times where I have tossed something and then later regretted it...but at the time, it was just taking up space and collecting dust. Like, who knew that my daughter was going to develop a corn allergy and that ice cream maker that we never used to use, could be very helpful to her now. But, we will just buy another one sometime. So, can anybody help us? We are not hoarders...we have just lived in the same home for 20 years...thanks.
  3. kfeusse

    Need new TV show ideas

    where can I find these...Netflix, Hulu, Amazon? thanks.
  4. kfeusse

    Need new TV show ideas

    We have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I feel like i have watched all of the shows I might possible like and I can't find anything more. I started some that I thought I might like, but just couldn't get into them...but maybe I didn't give them enough time...but I hate tolerating a show just to see if it's any good. These are the shows I have watched over the years and really there anything left for me? Heartland When Calls the Heart Gilmore Girls Royal Pains Night Shift Hart of Dixie Parenthood Drop Dead Diva Grey's Anatomy Switched at birth Doc Martin Master Chef (reg and Jr) ER (still watching this...but I am getting bored with just one show) Private Practice Friday NIght Lights The Good Wife I am sure there are more, but that gives you a good idea as to the kind of stuff I like. I prefer medical over detective shows. I do not like anything gory. Nor do I like sci-fi or sit coms. I like dramas that have a nice mix of good Gilmore Girls or Drop Dead Diva. thank you for your suggestions and please tell me where I might find your suggestions.
  5. I am looking for a fitness tracker that will sync with a computer. I know that fitbits do that, but do any other brands? I am just looking at my options. I am not looking to spend a lot of I don't know if this is something that exists or not. thanks.
  6. kfeusse

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    You didn't. I am just trying to see what options are there...and what the reality is for my son. But we have we will just explore some more.
  7. kfeusse

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    I wish we lived in an area where he could easily do any of the things you mentioned...but I will start to really explore options to see if I can get him involved somehow. Even our closest community college is an hour away...but it might be worth it...thanks for the ideas...
  8. kfeusse

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    yes he does. We were just trying to see if it was realistic for him to pursue this or if we needed to encourage him to do something different.
  9. kfeusse

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    thank you Annie G. I appreciate your thoughts.
  10. kfeusse

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    Hmmmm. My son has not been passionate about really anything else...he loves to play his trumpet...but that is about it. I really don't want to discourage him from exploring this option, I just don't know what to do. I was really hoping someone might be able to give me some good options he might explore. Many jobs are hard work...and I don't want him to end up with a job he hates just because it's easy. I want him to love what he is doing (if at all possible)... as far as baking...I think he likes it ok...but I think he likes cooking better.
  11. kfeusse

    help me explore jobs in the culinary world

    Thank you for your insight CaliforniaDreamin. My son is 16 and we live in a small rural town. We don't have any "kitchens" really for him to work in...but I will do some looking. How might we go about getting his foot in the door? Catering is an interesting option...never thought about that. Yeah, I would imagine a personal chef would be few and far between. It was mentioned above about food deliveries or food truck...all interesting ideas too. thanks...keep the thoughts coming...
  12. My son is showing a great interest in cooking. A relative of ours (who happens to be a chef) is actually discouraging my son from going into the field because, in his experience, life in the culinary world doesn't leave much time for a real life...wife, kids, etc....and he knows that those things are also important to my son someday. But our relative is a chef in a big restaurant, one that serves big fancy meals at the evening meal and doesn't get home until very late at night. Are those kinds of jobs really the ONLY good jobs in the culinary world? Or are there other options. I know he would hate to work in a school or nursing home where all they do is serve processed foods. Or someplace similar. Diners and cafes are usually only lunch places...but they seem sort of lame...but maybe not...I don't know. So I am curious what other types of jobs where he can do "real" cooking and also be able to have a real life. thanks for helping me think outside of the "lunch" box. :)
  13. can someone please give me a link to this list? thanks so much!!
  14. I am looking for some good reads for my highschoolers for the various periods in history. Has anybody seen a list like this or put one together they would be willing to share? thanks.
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