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  1. really? a button fly is good for that? that is interesting. I always thought of those as annoying...might have to try those out.
  2. NO....don't say that!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. wow...this is way more complicated than I ever thought....maybe I will just paint everything white....UGH!!!! 😀
  4. I need to find some great blue jeans...and right now, not being able to try clothes on in most stores is annoying.... The biggest issue I have is finding jeans with some tummy control. Oh, I can't afford expensive jeans...no matter how great they are.... Any suggestions??? thanks.
  5. I have not done a lot of painting...how does one pick a "neutral gray". What colors do I want to be mixed to make the gray? My son said he wanted a gray that looks sort of "mechanical"....so is that possible?
  6. no worries....my kid's room are NOT spotless by any means.... :)
  7. I like that look...but we would have to get 3 colors....because the wall we are covering is a bright yellow and blue (my older son was in this room first and he is a big Michigan Wolverines fan....
  8. the more I think about this idea, the more I like it....I was worried about trying to match wall color with comforter and curtains....if I did this, I won't have to.... I knew you guys would come through....plus, I know he would love to find some cool pictures or silhouettes of forging things (anvils, hammers etc) to put on his wall...framed in a red frame maybe.....and it would look good on a gray wall...hmmm...now my mind is racing with ideas. If I go with this...help me with decor....any ideas??
  9. would love to see pictures of your son's room
  10. I like that idea....hmmmm thanks. That satisfies the advice of Stormy too.
  11. I have a 16 year old son who wants to "grow his room up"....and I have looked on Pinterest and nothing is really striking him as a good idea. He thinks he wants gray and red to be his colors....but beyond that we aren't sure. We don't know if doing walls half one color and the other half the other (and if so, does the red go on top or bottom) or do we do full walls making one or two accents....(That is what his brother did)... OR is there another idea that we just don't know about. My son isn't into sports or a certain team....so that is out. Actually he is more into forging and science...
  12. We are dropping Netflix and so we are looking for other streaming options. We do have Hulu too, but if we drop it too and just have You Tube TV, can we watch about the same sort of stuff...TV shows, movies, documentaries etc on You Tube...or not? Or is there another option we can consider? Thanks.
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