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  1. kfeusse

    paint with diamonds

    Has anybody here done one of these? Are they worth it? My 18 year old daughter would love this...just doing it would bring her great joy. Unless the diamonds don't stick well or there is some other weird thing about it. Also, can you roll up the picture in between times of working on it, or will the diamonds fall off? If I get one, I will get it at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon making the price reasonable for such a thing. Thanks.
  2. WOW....2 very good I have to decide which way to go....sigh...if I don't pick yours please don't be hurt or offended...I need to think about this a bit...but I dont' have too much time... THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing for me.
  3. ...or anybody else that knows....Why does my trafone repeat texts on my side only... Not on the receiving side. Not sure if I am being charged for one or two texts when it does that... But it's annoying no matter what. Is there something I can do about it? Is it TracFone or my phone that is doing this? Thanks
  4. In case you don't remember my situation or my story...I will quickly recap. I am a librarian of a small library. I am wanting to do an "Choose your own adventure" story where my patrons get to vote on the decisions to be made. One Hive author wrote the first part of the story (and I changed it a bit to fit our kids) the first decision has been made and I now need the next part of the story. If at all possible, I would love to have it by Monday morning if not before. The next part of the story doesn't need to be too long or complicated...but I would be great if there was a bit of fun (not scary) is the story thus far: Episode 1: Amazing Adventures Await Sarah inched along the edge of the room to avoid whatever was dripping from the ceiling. The dark blobs gave the linoleum a checkerboard look. As she turned the corner, she caught sight of Michael sitting cross-legged on the floor. He had a mixing bowl in his lap and was using his fingers to scrape glops of what looked like the same stuff she'd just avoided in the kitchen into his mouth. "Want some chocolate frosting?" He lifted the bowl up in her direction, and she noticed his face, forehead, and hair were also flecked with chocolate. "I had a little mixer malfunction, but there's still some left." While Michael was talking, the front doorbell rang. Sarah turned to Michael, "I’ll see who that is. You better get the kitchen cleaned up before Mom gets home." She peeked out the front window to see a silver cat sitting on their front porch. It was wearing some sort of harness or backpack, and it looked like it was staring right at her. Then, it turned its head back to the front door. While she watched, it stretched its paws up to the doorbell, and the doorbell rang again! “Who is it?” Michael called from the kitchen. “A cat.” “A CAT is ringing our doorbell?” Michael showed up just as Sarah opened the front door. “Hello, Humans.” The cat’s voice was slightly deeper than expected. “I am Dexter.” Sarah and Michael looked at each other, then back at the talking cat. “You must take one of the bags from my back. The bracelets inside are for you to wear. Amazing adventures await.” Dexter turned around and presented his back to the kids. One blue bag and one green bag were attached to the red harness with carbiners. Sarah noticed a tag on the green bag that said, “To the land of the Walking Tacos”….at the same time Michael saw “To the land of the Flying Pigs” on the blue bag. Which bag do they decide to grab? the patrons voted for Michael and Sarah to go to the land of the walking tacos. Can someone help me write the next part? Thanks you so much!!!!!!!!!!
  5. This is the real situation. My daughter gets good grades...because I have always insisted she do and redo her assignments until she gets them right. Math has never been her strong suit, but because of my insistence in her redoing her work, she does crank out the right answers with understanding, but she doesn't retain the skills very long (like a year after) and that showed in her latest ACT score. However, her other scores were higher (especially the English and the Reading.) and the science was average. She went through the John Baylor course and raised her score several points from her previous test. Her score is high enough to get her into the school she wants and she would have to raise her score an additional 3-4 points in order to get the next level of scholarship money. What I am trying to figure out is, is there any real reason to worry or push her to retake it. (I know it won't hurt anything). I think the test anxiety thing plays into it...although she doesn't show it...she does know that Math is her weakness and I think she gets pretty unsettled inside about that. So what would it really gain us...except "proof" that we didn't ruin our kids by homeschooling them to those who question that?
  6. How common is it for a student who has a 3.8 GPA score a low ACT score? (21 or below)? Especially because one subject area is particularly hard for that student.
  7. kfeusse

    Would you eat this....quickly

    I just put in the the it for 15 minutes (that is what my recipe says to do for a cut up chicken with bones)....and I will be home at 11 (it's 8:40 now) to check on it...but we won't eat until after that....but I can at least deal with a cooked chicken instead of a raw one. thanks.
  8. kfeusse

    Would you eat this....quickly

    I could do the IP let sit until later thing. How long will it stay warm..3 hours from now?
  9. kfeusse

    Would you eat this....quickly

    I could put it in the oven now, and check it in 3 hours. Cook at 350....right?
  10. kfeusse

    Would you eat this....quickly

    I was thinking instapot too...but I won't be able to make it until after I popped it in the fridge. Is that ok?
  11. kfeusse

    Would you eat this....quickly

    the chicken was cut up in a bag and I just opened up the bag. The pieces broke apart pretty easily and there is a little bit of ice in the middle, but not a lot. It's cold...but I am nervous about it.
  12. kfeusse

    Would you eat this....quickly

    our house is set at 68....but my kitchen gets a bit colder than that at night...and it's really cold outside right in the 25.
  13. I set a frozen chicken out last night to partial thaw before I went to bed and left it out over night by accident. It is still cold this morning and maybe even still a tiny bit frozen. Would you cook it for lunch or not? My plan was crockpot. What would you do? This is not a store bought chicken, but rather a home grown and butchered chicken from a farm.... If that matters.
  14. I was looking at an Acer Chromebook, but my husband just came across this's from Lenovo...and I don't know anything about either one as far as is one better than another. So, is this a good buy?
  15. kfeusse

    what are your warmest layering pieces??

    This is NOT my daughter. She is not that cold. Thanks for sharing this.
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