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  1. I am thinking about getting a laminating machine for the library, (I am the librarian) but I don't know enough about them to know what I might want. If anybody here has one, can you please give me some specs that I might want to consider. It doesn't have to be super big...maybe 13-17 inches wide, but I want it to use the rolls, not the pouches so I am not limited to the length I want to cover. I have a board meeting tonight, so I want to bring some ideas to the meeting. Thanks so much!
  2. least it's not just me then....thanks.
  3. why is it that I can access facebook from my phone while I can't from my desktop. I am using the same internet service for both. It worked yesterday no problem. Is it a facebook thing or my computer? and if it' my computer, how can I fix it? thanks.
  4. so like at Wal-mart unless you bring your own bags, they will have to buy them? Or is this more for the little specialty stores? I remember this being a thing when we visited Washington I know it's out there...
  5. these are great....keep the ideas coming!!!!!!!!!
  6. My niece and her fiance are visiting us for Easter this year and we wanted to give them an Easter Basket. They are graduating college in May and moving to Austin Texas so he can go to grad school. They are also getting married this spring. I didn't want to burden them with an actual Easter Basket because I am sure they will want to streamline their belongings for moving, but I need some sort of practical, but fun container. But then also, I want to find some fun contents to put in there as well. We are not made of money so the contents can't be expensive...I have already thought of food...snack stuff...but looking for some other ideas that they would like. thanks for your help!
  7. so, do you use the foot patches every day.....forever...or is there a time when you just get to maintaining...or what exactly? I found them on Amazon for $15 for 10 patches (or 5 days) that would end up be very expensive long there a better place to buy them? thanks.
  8. I am looking into a heavy metal detox...and there are so many options available...and I have no idea where to start or what method is good. So if you have done this and have some experience and recommendations, please share. I am looking for an option for my daughter who has a corn allergies, so many things that can be taken orally she can't that is why I am also looking at the foot pad idea...but I don't want to spend money on a scam either. Also, if you would, what are the "side effects" of a detox...what should we expect to happen? Thanks.
  9. guess it doesn't hurt to try it, right? Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. I believe it is set to high accuracy. Both wifi and data are turned on. I did message tech support...havent' heard back...I also searched you tube for videos...I learned some new things...but nothing about my issue...thanks Lanny...I figured you would chime in at some point...guess we will keep playing with it...or trying new apps...or something.
  11. why do you think Find a Friend will be any different since both Life 360 and Google maps didn't work? Not saying that it won't...just wondering why it might work.
  12. I sent them a message...but they didn't I guess now I will have to wait until Monday.
  13. Now that he connected to WiFi... He showed up on both apps. But the fact that it takes wifi to work defeats the whole purpose of us wanting that app on his phone.
  14. Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna pro
  15. As was recommended on this board, we put Life 360 on our cell phones when we bought our daughter a phone. After a bit of tinkering we got it to work. So now we just got a phone (different brand and a less expensive one too).... For our son. The 360 app doesn't seem to work unless he is connected to WiFi. He had his locator, data and wifi on... But it still doesn't work. He is on a band trip this weekend so I also thought I would use Google maps share location as a back up... But that didn't work either. Can someone please tell me what we are doing wrong or why his phone doesn't work with either one of these? Thanks.
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