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  1. we are back from the doctor. She said it could be the fact that his uvula (hangy down thing in the back of your throat) is longer than normal and actually touches his tongue when he swallows. But because she could only see down his throat so far, she doesn't know if there is an actual lump or not. So she is sending him to an ENT for them to scope his throat with a little camera like thing. And then we will see where that takes us, I guess. I know it's too early to be concerned...but you know, as a mom, you are always concerned. Hoping it's not something more serious. I keep telling myself that something more serious would hurt or cause other problems or have other symptoms...right?? thanks for all of your thoughts and advice.
  2. I am taking him to the doctor this morning...I will report back when we get home...thanks for all of the suggestions.
  3. What's weird is this has been going on for a couple months he said. Not an off and on thing. I have a daughter with a corn allergy. She has been away at college since the end of August. Since then, our food and meals haven't been corn free. Granted before she left he would eat anything he wanted for snacks, it was only meals that were corn free. But could this be a thing? Or just a coincidence?
  4. My daughter has a corn allergy, so I understand food allergies. He says it doesn't feel like it is cutting off his breathing... He even plays trumpet. So can it still be a food allergy?
  5. I am noticing that a lot of board games, like Sagrada or World's Fair 1893 are for only up to 4 players...and we have 5 in our that is super frustrating. Still collecting ideas.
  6. hmmm...I don' t know. He doesn't complain of any other symptoms.
  7. now what? Anxiety was only one of many reasons for this diagnosis.
  8. probably normal senior in high school anxiety....he has a really hard physics course...and he was prepping for the ACT which he found hard. I am curious what one could have to do with the other. Please tell me more.
  9. My 17 year old son came to me yesterday saying that for the last couple months (not sure how accurate that is) he has had a "lump" in his throat. He said it's kind of like mucus sitting in there or something. He has no pain, it doesn't keep him from eating or swallowing, playing his trumpet or any other "normal" things...but it bothers him...he says it's uncomfortable. He takes a rather large vitamin each day and he says it feels like it should get stuck, although it doesn't. So, what could it be? Could it really be mucus? If so, what could we do? We live in Nebraska and we have snow on the ground, so seasonal allergies is out. I am planning on calling the doctor tomorrow unless we can figure out something. I just want to rule out something serious...I suppose... thoughts??
  10. With my daughter (our oldest) I wanted to start a new tradition in our home..get a new game to add to our I wanted to ask the hive for some of your favorites. The ages of my kids are 15, 17, and 19. So, shoot me with your ideas...thanks.
  11. the 2 lowest are big name I would think they would be good?? yes? no? (State Farm and American Family)
  12. I actually have 2 young is in college (19) and the other is a senior (17). I wasn't really complaining about the amount....but I was just trying to figure out why the quotes are so different. I figured there would be some difference (a couple hundred dollars), but in some cases but the difference between the highest and the lowest amount is $1,272. That is a huge difference.
  13. We just got our latest auto insurance bill and before I pay it I wanted to see if the amount we were paying is high...or within the range of normal. So, I call 7 other companies ( 4 big name and 2 more local). I have so far received 3 quotes. This is for auto (for a car and a suburban and a travel trailer), plus our renters insurance. (we don't own a house, my husband is a pastor so we live in a house owned by the church.) I gave each company the exact same information...the same coverage as our current....same number and age of drivers etc.....I wanted to compare apples to apples.... for all of that, these are the 6 amounts total that I have so far (for a year's coverage)...including our current: 1) $2,272 2) $2,389 3) 1,167 4) 1,117 5)$1,620 6) $1,788 Why is there such a difference? I know certain companies have their own discounts and such, but to be over $1000 difference in some cases seems insane. What could possibly make such a difference? What I am missing?
  14. Thank you for this. I hope you are right. As far as the test not measuring real knowledge is probably the most frustrating thing for my son. He is a smart young man...but not in the way this tests measures.
  15. we are not going to have to worry about the cheating...I just want him to make a decent score, so he can go to college and become a church musician.
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