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  1. My son wants to open an etsy shop and start selling his hand forged items. If you have an etsy store and you wouldn't mind me asking you a bunch of questions, will you please let me know? thanks.
  2. I need to replace the dryer balls I received as a gift years ago....but I have no idea how to pick which ones to buy. Can someone help me know what I am looking for or how to pick? Thanks
  3. My son (16) has been complaining that his back (upper between shoulder blades) has been bothering him. Sort of painful, but it doesn't keep him from doing anything he wants....we went skiing over Christmas, he forges, he moves things, he shoots hoops etc. But he is still complaining that it bothers him. He says it feels like it needs to "pop" or something. Would you take him to the doctor? or the chiropractor? We tried Motrin and that sort of helps....but not long term. He has been complaining off and on for a couple months. I didn't think it was serious because he will go for wee
  4. Are there any current TV shows that has chosen not to pick up the covid theme as part of their story lines? All of my favs did and I am so frustrated with that.
  5. thank you for that clarification. Very helpful.
  6. do either one of these have a reservoir for more water than just one cup?
  7. thanks. I am still trying to pick out a machine...but it's good to know these are available.
  8. so it's not the machine that you don't like, it's the coffee. I want to find a good machine to make the coffee.
  9. My husband and I like different strengths of coffee, so I thought a single serve coffee maker might be a fun gift for Christmas. But there are so many on the market and I have no idea which one to get. I know we would probably use pods we make ourselves, not the premade ones since those are way more expensive. What do I need to consider? What don't I need? Give me some specific ones that I should look at. THANKS!
  10. hmmm....glad you said that....I agree, that would be a pain.
  11. especially their clothes. What makes them so special......or honestly, if you don't care for them, can you please tell me why? I am not looking to going into business, I want to consider purchasing a few things, but I want to be wise with my dollars. Are their products really worth the money? I am tired of spending less money again and again, if I can spend a bit more for a quality product. Do you consider Norvex quality? Why or why not? thanks.
  12. My son is a bladesmith and wants to start making sheaths for his knives out of leather. So, I want to buy him a basic leather making kit, but I have no idea what tools and supplies would be useful. What should I be looking for? Does anybody here know? thanks.
  13. I have no idea what kind of cloth you are talking about....disposable chunks cloths. Can you give me a link or something? thanks
  14. I need new dishclothes....ones that don't stain easily, ones that don't stink after a while but also ones that absorb well and clean well. Does that exist? What are your favorite dish clothes and why? thanks.
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