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  1. Before Christmas I asked on here about my son....the forging 16 year old whose back was bothering him. I was trying to decide if I should go to a doctor or a chiropractor. I choose the doctor route. Our GP noticed a slight curve in his spine and sent us to a spine specialist at a children's hospital. The doctor there said, he did have a slight curve, but that wasn't what was causing his pain. They gave us some exercises to do and sent us home. After a month of doing the exercises with no relief, they sent us to PT. The PT just told us there is nothing he can do. So, I guess we are goi
  2. I need to ask some personal questions to someone who has knowledge in the medical area of nutrition and losing weight. Preferably someone who actually has some formal training in this area...not just personal experience...(although personal experience is also important). If this is you and you don't mind me messaging you and asking some questions, will you please let know? Thanks!!!!
  3. I have been watching "This is Us" since the beginning and I was intrigued by the way the plot lines aren't linear and how they interweave. Then later I watched a show on Acorn called "A Place to Call Home". I also really liked this one....it wasn't predictable and kept my interest by making me wonder where the plot was headed. Then just a couple weeks ago I discovered "A Million Little Things".....and like the other ones, I really like how the plot isn't linear or and is unpredictable. I love the twists and turns of these shows. Are there any other shows similar in nature? I will b
  4. I dont' think anything is built to last 15 years anymore. The microwave that just died in my home was purchased in the fall of 2014....and it's a LG.
  5. What brand is it and do you like it? I am seeing all sorts of brands that I have never of before (Cosmo, Galanz, Sharp)...and I am a bit nervous about stepping outside of the "normal brands"...tell me what you have. Thanks.
  6. thank you guys for all of this. Today I went walking and I had no pain...so maybe not my shoes afterall.
  7. I need to buy a pair of shoes for walking. I don't want to spend a lot, but need something that won't cause back and leg pain. Do I want walking shoes or might running shoes be better? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  8. what I am wanting is an air mattress that my husband and I can own to take with us to our daughter's apartment to sleep on in her spare bedroom...or take to my parent's home when we visit. In some cases it might be an over nighter....or a week or two. We are used to a really nice zero gravity bed (and we know we won't get that), but we are trying to just get a traveling bed that will be the most comfortable.
  9. My husband and I were wondering if there is a brand of air mattresses that is way better than another. Better in the sense that they are more comfortable than others. Money is an issue., but at this point, I am open to considering anything. thanks.
  10. Our library offers practice ACT tests from EBSCO Learning Express. Does anybody know if these are similar enough to the "real" thing that it would be good practice for my son? I know that not all prep tests are created equally, so this is why I am asking. thanks.
  11. My husband has some left over medium rare steak that he brought home from a restaurant last night. He wants to eat it cold on a wrap tomorrow for lunch....is it ok to do that...since it's med rare? Or should we cook it more first?
  12. and another snag....there is another FB business with the same exact name as my son's. Now what? Will that be big deal....or will it be like looking for a person and they share the same name with 4 others....and you just look for the one that you want?
  13. just ran into another snag....he has to be 18 to open up a shop....now what?
  14. He makes knives, but I guess, he can't sell those. Is there anyway around that? He makes other things too...but his knives are probably the best thing he makes. We are still trying to set up an etsy store, but we hit a snag and haven't been able to work through it yet.
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