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  1. Ok, so our situation is that we are going to use our phones as hotspots to run the internet in our home. We are thinking about getting rid of cable and getting You Tube Live instead. I know that it has DVR features, but my question is, will one of our phones have to be close to our TV to run that feature or will it just do it if we have the app on our phones too? One of the reasons we would need the DVR feature is because we aren't home to watch it live and if we need to leave a phone home to activate the feature that might be pretty annoying. So, can anybody here shed some light on that for us? Thanks.
  2. we are android people....but the phones we are all using are pretty basic and old. But these phones will be a serious upgrade.
  3. One thing I didn't mention is that all of us would be getting a huge upgrade on our phones if we did this plan. My phone and my daughters phone (Oldest child) need new phones anyway....because they are acting up. If this changes anything for your opinion.
  4. this is an interesting consideration.
  5. each of our phones would act as a hot it wouldn't just be one phone. I will check about a separate hot spot....didn't think about that.
  6. how do I go about verifying the statement. The college my kids are going to is not is a big city...I don't know if that will work or not.
  7. yeah....our cable offers our cable, landline phone and internet (the one that is charging us per GB). If we would keep the teens on tracfone, then when my husband and I weren't home, they wouldn't have internet at home. And my youngest son next fall will need internet to do is online classes. I have a part time job that takes me away from home....and the days I don't work, are often my errand running days and so I am still home often. We could keep the college students on tracfone...and we are considering that for now...that is one thing we are trying to figure out. thanks
  8. according to the sales reps with this company, they said they will not slow down the speed once we hit a certain number of GB. Yeah, the contract thing is a consideration....but we also thought if we would drop our cable and go with DISH or something, we would have a contract there too. And since we dont' have a crystal ball (wish we did), we have no idea what will pop up in the future and whether we will be glad we did this or not. It is so hard to know. thanks.
  9. Our internet provider is charging us per GB we use of data. So we started looking for other options. There are no other internet providers that service our area, except for maybe DISH (but we were nervous going satellite). So, then we came across this idea....but we just aren't sure if it's a good idea or not and we are hoping maybe you guys can give us some guidance. We have 3 kids oldest Freshman in college (obviously currently home), middle kid is a senior in High School and youngest is a Sophomore. We are homeschooling both kids that are still in high school and they are doing some online classes. We are not gamers, but we do like our internet. We like watching you tube videos, streaming netflix, hulu and amazon, and just doing regular internet things all day long....checking emails, facebook, etc. We are also paying for cable. Currently we use tracfone for our cell phone service and for the most part it's been really good. We are toying with this idea....please give us your opinion. Switching our tracfones to a regular cell phone that works off of local tower in our town that offers unlimited everything. We would then turn our phones into hotspots whenever we want to use the internet on a device that is not our phones. So that would mean, streaming on our TV, the kids using their computers for school, me on my desk top doing whatever. We know that when we are "out of network" our unlimited switches to 10 GB a month. One thing we are thinking is this option might be kind of nice when we are camping out of network or visiting my husband's parents who do not have internet in their home. Also, my husband works next door from our home (he is a Pastor of a small church and his office is in the church.). We have been shooting our internet signal to his office from our home and most of the time it works, but it isn't always super strong....but the signal doesn't go any further than his if he wants internet in the church, lets say, we don't have it. With this option....he could take his phone and have internet. If we would do this, we are locked in for 30 we want to make sure this is a good idea. Right now we have a demo phone from the company to test out the hotspot option in our home. We have this until Sunday. Right now because we are paying per GB we are limiting our viewing and lowing the quality of our videos (both are not a horrible thing) but sometimes it is inconvenient. And when we lay it all out, dollar per dollar, it comes out pretty equal because we are looking at dumping our cable too and using You Tube Live instead (we were told Hulu Live wasn't an option for that cell phone carrier). These are our questions: 1) will using our phones at a hotspot be really bad for them over time? 2) when our 2 older kids go off to college in the fall and they are on campus using the campus internet, why would they need unlimited data? (their tracfones currently have a fair amount of talking minutes and texts on them that we already paid for). 3) what other benefits does this option have for us? We have never owned cell phones that weren't tracfone so we don't know if there is a true benefit to this or not. Thank you for reading this and giving us your thoughts.
  10. I am looking at appears to be the only one that might possibly work (without us getting cell phones)....but I am not sure yet. I think I need to make a phone call.
  11. they don't and a lot of customers are very unhappy about it. It hasn't been a year since they switched from unlimited bundle (they offer cable TV and phone too) to this plan with fiber optics. Our bill has increased with careful monitoring of usage and changing the quality of video playback. The company doesn't seem to care too much because they know we really have no other easy choice. So I am trying to think outside the box to see if I can come up with a different solution. I appreciate all of the responses I am receiving.
  12. we use tracfone for our cell phones, so I don't think what you are doing would work for us. But it is interesting to say the least. To me it seems most cell plans are so expensive, but if it takes away an expensive internet plan, it might balance out in the end. Right now, we hardly pay $20 a month per phone with I don't know...but it doesn't cost to look into I am going to. Thanks for idea.
  13. thank you guys! I am just trying to figure out what is best for our family and our budget. We don't game, but we do stream Netflix, Hulu, You Tube and Amazon. The "updating firmware" thing is concerning. I never thought to consider celluar internet....although I do know Direct TV uses AT&T and they did NOT service our address. But I will look at others. Please keep the opinions coming....thanks
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