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  1. kfeusse

    Grrrrr!!!! 3rd-5th please.

    our library is so small that I am not sure how that would work...but maybe it would...I will play with that in my mind some. I just found the cup song thing...wondering if the kids might like that...could be fun...
  2. kfeusse

    Grrrrr!!!! 3rd-5th please.

    Oh my...I thank you so guys so much! I will try to address some of the things you guys have said or asked. The purpose of the program? to give the kids something different for the kids to do after school. For those who said the kids need something active to do, I agree 110%...I wasn't set on a "sit down" "be quiet" activity, really....I was just grasping at straws as to what to do with them. It is cold (like 8 degrees with 10 inches of snow on the ground) so going outside is not an option right now. Also, we don't have a very large space for the kids to do super active that limits us too. I have asked them what they want to do....and I have tried their suggestions...and it hasn't changed their behavior. I love the jump rope ideas....but I will have to buy jump ropes before doing that....but I will try that. I also LOVE all of the other inside recess games. Wish I would have thought to google that. I wanted to try doing some minute to win it games...but I wasn't sure what to do with the kids who are not playing the game at that moment. I will try some of these other games on Monday... OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I am the librarian of a small town. every Monday after school I offer an After School program for the elementary kids. (1st and 3rd Mondays are K-2nd grade and 2nd and 4th Mondays are 3rd-5th grade). This thread is concerning the older group. On average I have about 6-8 kids...mostly girls. I need some ideas to keep these kids busy for about 1 1/2 hours. These kids are actually causing me a lot of trouble...they don't listen well, they are rude and disrespectful (to say the least)...and this might very well be the last time they are welcome to come for a while if they don't shape up this week. I want to do something fun with them...but I am at a loss for what. I have really had only one really successful time with them...and that was decorating pumpkins for Halloween. We tried making animals out of pony beads (kept them busy, but they complained the whole time...and when they finished one, they were back to causing trouble) and last time we made and decorated cupcakes...but that was horrible too...they did ok mixing them up...but while waiting for them to bake and cool, they didn't want to play the game I bought for them (at their request) and then while decorating, they ate more of the frosting and candy than putting it on their cupcakes. I expected some of that...and was ok with it...but taking spoon fulls of frosting and eating it or dumping the colored sugar in their mouth was not ok. Climbing on the tables, running outside and not doing what they were told is not ok either. Now, before you say..."call their parents' or "make them leave" or whatever...know I agree with you 100%. I meet with them on Monday...and right afterward is my library board meeting and they are on the agenda. I plan to go into Monday with a list of all of their parent's names and phone numbers, telling them that they are on the agenda at the meeting that night and their behavior will determine whether or not their parents are called and they will be asked not to come back. OR, if my board says, cancel the program for that age group for a month or 2 and then try it again. BUT, I still need an activity to do with these guys on that is really what this post is about. So if you have any ideas for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!!
  4. kfeusse

    would you eat this...cheese

    my cheese is just a block of cheese purchased from the grocery store....not fresh...low moisture. It looks fine...but I don't want to make anybody sick.
  5. kfeusse

    would you eat this...cheese

    I have several packages, sealed, of block mozzarella cheese that are marked "best by 10/25/2018"....good? or not? no mold or anything on it...but I was just wondering what the hive thought? thanks.
  6. It worked!!! Yeah!!! Thanks so very much!!!
  7. how do we fix it? we have a TI -84 plus calculator.
  8. This is a physics problem my daughter is trying to solve...and we do not get the same answers they what are we doing wrong. Looking at the step 4...instead of 8.7, she gets 1.54 and instead of getting 5.0 she gets -9.88. I am sure there is a simple reason...but we can't figure it out. Can some one PLEASE help me. Thanks.
  9. kfeusse

    medic alert bracelets

    the reason I thought to put MY phone number on the bracelet isn't because she is a kid...but because what good does it do to call her cell phone? I never thought about the standard vs the decorative ones...this is the one she had picked out...too fancy? bracelet thanks for your thoughts.
  10. when we take our son to a college for a it important for him to spend the night in a dorm and attend a class? or is it more important to spend the time meeting profs and department well as the admission people. thanks.
  11. kfeusse

    medic alert bracelets

    I am getting my daughter a medic alert bracelet for her corn allergy. She is 18 and going off to college in the fall...and I am trying to decide what information is the most important right away. So, one of my questions is, is putting her Name on the bracelet a good idea...not so much...or indifferent. What I have now is: epi pen her name corn allergy saline only IV (as reg IV's have corn in them) my cell phone number the rest of the important information will be in the data bank at medic alert. Would you do something different?? thanks.
  12. kfeusse

    talk to me about air fryers

    I have a convection on both my oven and my toaster oven...I am going to try this out...thank you so much!
  13. kfeusse

    talk to me about air fryers

    Who has one? Do you like it? What do you make in it? What brand do you have? What else can you tell me about this appliance? I am not into getting unnecessary appliances...but my daughter has a corn allergy and lots of foods (unless I make them) are off limits to french fries and potato chips. So, I am wondering if this appliance would give her more options. thanks.
  14. you guys are amazing. Thank you so much for helping me think about this....I really appreciate it.
  15. my daughter who really struggled with Algebra 1 did great with a program called Math Relief Algebra. We tried 4 different programs before finding this one. It is a DVD program...but it is NOT fancy or flashy...just a guy teaching algebra step by step using a chalkboard and worksheets. It is effective...but not at all entertaining.