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  1. I have a couple of questions. 1) do you drink the water from the faucet? 2) this is gross....but do you do #2 in your toilet? Thanks.
  2. I found a great top at a consignment store, but the perfume smell on it is so strong, I can't wear it. I have tried washing it, soaking it in vinegar water, spraying it with febreeze...and nothing has worked. What else might i try before putting it in the Goodwill pile? thanks.
  3. works and is really clear? I have tried 3 different ones that say they go on clear and not leave a white residue...but all 3 of them left whit on my clothes....any suggestions?? thanks.
  4. so even after the browser is closed it pulls data, then shutting FB off, for example in between checking it really won't make that big of a difference?
  5. they are charging .20 per GB....but our average monthly use is more like 350-450 GB....why would that be? What are we doing that is so over the top? Does having programs on the computer on all of the time, like FB use data just by sitting here, but on...? I am just trying to figure out what is going on here.
  6. probably not because right now we pay VERY little for our phone services (we have 4 phones) and right now our overall cost is less than $250 a, going to a monthly plan is not an option.
  7. we have tracfones, so we pay for every ounce of data we that is not an option.
  8. We live in a remote part of Nebraska and we have one option for internet. That one option is getting ready to start charging us per GB of internet used each month. So we are trying to figure out how to best navigate how to get what we need/want in TV, internet and phone. Currently we have cable...because my husband likes sports, certain news channels and we like local news too. We have the basic no ad Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. With 3 kids at home and schooling on line at just the other things we do, we are using the internet. With the current amount of internet being used, our bill will go up from when we were paying a bundle price. One thing we are considering is getting Hulu Live and ditching our cable....however, by doing that, even though we are cutting our cost by about $50...then everything we channels will then be streamed...thus adding to our internet costs. I was able to adjust the amount of internet used for Netflix on line, but I can't seem to find out how to do that for Hulu and I haven't looked for Amazon yet. Does anybody here know how to do that? And what about other things like YouTube? is there a way to adjust that one too. What else might we be able to do to cut our internet GB amounts...or what other options might be out there for us that I am not aware of?
  9. A friend of mine just told me that after she has worn her birks for a day, wearing other shoes (even ones that were previously comfortable) hurt her feet. Is that normal? Because I have a lot of shoes I love and wear with no problem...I don't want to be "stuck" with just this one pair because my feet my hurt otherwise.
  10. the main reason I want to consider a knockoff shoe is to see if I really like the I have never worn a shoe like that before...because I wasn't "brave" enough to try it.
  11. so, is there a knock off brand that is almost as good, but not as expensive?
  12. I was wondering why people say these are so great. I have never owned a pair of these sandals, but I am super curious. Also, is there a "cheaper" brand that is reasonably as good as the real thing....just so I can test out whether or not I would like these? thanks...
  13. I have never heard of these "Panda" books $30 each (as well as the red and black books)....I could spend quite a bit of money....I am wondering if just the Panda books would be helpful....or what? I have already spent $50 on the Magoosh on line and $200 for John Baylor...I am not sure just how much more we can I am trying really hard to be wise with these decisions. thanks.
  14. how is this book different than the red book? What exactly did your daughter study for 1 hour to improve her score that much? I have never even seen this am I very interested. We have the red book...would you recommend this book over the red book or in addition to it?
  15. we ended up weedwacking the weeds...and then covering them with newspaper and cardboard and LOTS of mulch. I know there will still be weeds coming up around the edges...but at least it will be more manageable...I hope. I didn't want to use chemicals...and I didn't want to hurt the soil either...nor did I want to wait before I could move plants around....I have very limited time...and so we just did it that way....and we are hoping for the best. Thanks for all of the discussion. If this doesn't work....I will come back to other ideas.
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