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  1. I guess when I mentioned accuracy as a thing, I meant things like, when I am pushing a shopping cart, do I have to take my tracker off and put it in my pocket just to get steps...that sort of thing. I really am not tied to the step count thing...but I do find interesting...it at least alerts me to how many days a week I am more active than others. The only reason I am looking at these trackers is the $100 discount...I am aware of cheaper ones on the market...but I thought I would start with this list first. I sort would like the feature of getting notified of a call or a text...that would be nice. Do these features also work with FB messenger? Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. thank you for your response.
  3. I currently have a Garmin Vivofit 3. I like it ok. But my insurance company is giving me $100 off if I pick a new one from a list of about 8 trackers. A couple are above the price point of $300 (so $200ish with my discount)...but to me that is a lot of money for a fitness tracker. I am not a huge exercise person, but I do like knowing my level of activity each day, and a few other options on trackers. That all being said, these are the ones I am most interested from the list. If you own or have owned any of these will you please give me your opinion? I am most interested in overall performance, battery life, accuracy of information and syncing to the app. But any information is welcomed. Thanks. Fitbit Luxe Garmin Lily Garmin Venu SQ Fitbit Versa 3
  4. thank you. WE had Hulu Live too for a while, but we also dumped....too expensive. So we are just looking for other options. thanks.
  5. Besides the normal, Netflix, Hulu and Prime.... what are some other streaming options that you like? I prefer options that aren't only live, but also ones that have past seasons of shows....although the live option isn't necessary. I like binge watching TV shows. Thanks
  6. do you happen to know which ones exactly? I saw those brands....but they have different versions, I think. THANKS!!!
  7. We want to buy a guest bed mattress, we don't don't want to spend a lot of money, but we want it to be nice. We are wanting to get a memory foam mattress, but when I look around (including Amazon) there are so many brands and the all have great reviews...and really bad reviews...so I don't know what to think. Might there be someone here who could recommend a brand? thanks
  8. but the shirt I got him is a very clean, pristine white....but you still think it would be ok? IF his boss says I need to do something different, might a tea bath work? thanks!!
  9. My son (a blacksmith) has been asked to help out with a living history event in July and we need to provide him with a costume. I went to Goodwill and bought a pair of work like pants and a white dress shirt. I cut the collar off the shirt and he will be wearing a leather apron that will cover much of the shirt. But I want to make it not white....so I am thinking about dying it in tea to make it more dirty like...and then having him wear it while he coal forges to get some coal markings on it. But I am not sure if that is the best thing to do or if there might be a better option. If anybody here has some ideas I am all ears. Thanks.
  10. will you please share with me what your baby blankets look like....the ones where teens still love them...that sort of appeals to me...thanks.
  11. my boys (17 and 20) love crocs....and when they were younger (10 years or more ago) I found that Crocs brand would always last way longer than any spin off brand. But since then there have been more brands created for the same sort of shoe. So, I was wondering if anybody here has had great success with spin off brands lasting as long. My boys literally wear them daily....all seasons even. If not, I will gladly buy my thousandth pair of crocs. 😊 (oh, another quick question....if on the bottom of my son's crock has a 9 and 11....that is 9 men and 11 women, right?)
  12. we don't have netflix. We do have prime and hulu....guess I could see if any are those. thanks.
  13. Why do Korean dramas interest you? I need some new shows to binge on.... and what streaming source do you find them? I should also investigate other solo games. Thanks for that idea.
  14. yeah..I do have photobook projects that I want done....so unless I find a fairy to do that for me, I will be doing that too.
  15. Oh, I love shopping....and flea markets sound fun....never been to one. Garage sale shopping is fun too...but I don't need more "junk" so I have to be very careful. :)
  16. these are great questions....let me see if I can answer them... I don't think I would like producing something (because then I would have to figure out what to do with that something)...and I am also trying to simplifiy my life. I think this is where my jigsaw puzzles come into play....I would rather do that than crossword puzzles, As far as physically active..yes and no....I have sore shoulders and back, so anything that would put a strain on that is a no...but my husband and I do like to walk and bike on occasion...so we do hope to keep those up. And we do camp...so there is that, I guess, huh? Oh, a weekly board game group would be awesome...since my hubby isn't big into games. I am a small group social person...I don't want to be alone. I love making others feel good...doing something for others would be awesome! I would help others organize home or office spaces. these were good questions...thanks....that really helped me think a bit. If the answers give anybody more ideas, I am open. Oh, I currently live in a fairly rural area, but we will be moving to a bigger city eventually...to help my husband's aging parents. Yes, I know that will take my time too...but I will need to find some time for me as well. Thanks for your help.
  17. WOW.....you guys are great. I asked the question, then I had to leave for the evening...and this morning.....BAMM.....what a great list of posts to read. I do like jigsaw puzzles. But, I really don't have a lot of free time...until night time, then I am too tired to do anything but watch TV. I guess, someday I dream of having the money and the creativity to get my house ultra organized. I love boxes, containers and bins.
  18. I don't like to read or garden. I don't play an instrument. I cook and bake mostly just because I have to. I have very little free time because I have a part time job, have responsibilities in my church, still homeschooling one kid, take care of the household chores etc....but I want to find something I can start doing so that when my husband retires (in a few years) and we move from our current location, I have a hobby to keep me busy and give me purpose. I would like to have my pictures in a digital scrapbook, but I don't think I would enjoy that enough to call it a hobby...it would still be a chore. What are your hobbies? Maybe something will inspire me. :) thanks.
  19. she can't eat raw fruit....she has an allergic reaction...so that is out. But I will look at this link...and see what else they say.
  20. My daughter is getting her wisdom teeth pulled on Monday...and we were wondering if anybody could give us some tips to make her recovery less painful and even more quickly than not. Thanks.
  21. Oh, I have 3 teenagers....2 are boys....so cheese and crackers won't feed them....however, I, personally would eat that no problem.
  22. can you link me to that thread??
  23. What do you like to eat for supper after spending the afternoon in the sun at the pool? Nothing seems appetizing, but I have to figure something out.
  24. For the record.....My son did NOT use the writing center....even though we HIGHLY encouraged it. I also have no doubt he is trying to exaggerate to justify a bad grade. I am not under any delusion that my son didn't do all he could do to help himself. He is repeating this right how with the tutor. He is not confident in his ability to write and has a mental block that he has to overcome. My point simply was, did the prof do all they were supposed to do? For students who struggle with a skill, I guess maybe I was expecting more in person help than was given....2 out of the 3 class hours were not in person....and to me that is not the most effective way to teach....especially kids who struggle with a certain skill. We are working hard this summer to help him realize that he actually can write...not that he will ever be a great writer...but he can do it. Thanks for everything you guys all shared....as always I appreciate the brute honesty and help.
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