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  1. it went right in the fridge and has been there ever since.
  2. how important is it that the left over juice go into a plastic or glass container after the can is opened? I made chili Thursday night...and I had left over juice and I didn't think to transfer it over to a different it sat in the can. Is it bad? Should I trash it? thanks.
  3. I want to get some games for my college kids to play with her friends...what is popular right now? We are open to both board and card games. Some 2 player as well as games for bigger groups too. Nothing with questionable content is desired. Thanks.
  4. You guys were awesome with your dish preferences in your home. I think I really want to have something that is lightweight, but I am wondering if my only option would be Corelle...or if there are other brands that are also lightweight. I just want a nice, everyday set of dishes that aren't too heavy like stoneware. We don't do any fancy I don't want something fancy...just not cheap looking. Thanks for all of your ideas.
  5. I am not super fond of white or even off white...not sure why. Currently we have a red set I bought at Walmart...but like I said, they are heavy and bulky...take up lots of room in the dishwasher and cabinet. But I like the red (at least for our current home)...but I know within the next 4-5 years we will be I might just wait until we move, I don't know....I was just wondering what others have. I guess, I will probably just have to start looking and seeing what options are out there... Thanks so much for responses...I am amazed as to how popular white is though....interesting.
  6. I have stoneware currently. I love the way it looks, but it's heavy...and bulky. I have looked at corelle, but I am not overly fond of most of the patterns. So, I was just curious what all of you guys use for your everyday dishes (including pattern you have)....and maybe a why you chose that and do you like them? Thanks.
  7. first off, thanks to all who responded. After thinking about this, I decided to do basically what I did last year. Everybody seemed to appreciate it...and like several said, it's kind of fun and nice to receive something you are sort of expecting...the repeat gift. So, I am going to do that...just change out some of the content...just to keep it fresh and fun. Thanks so much for your thoughts.
  8. you guys have all been so helpful. Now I just hope she takes your advice and does it soon. I am trying not to hoover over her and ask her every other hour if she has done it or not...but I don't want her to wait too long...but I guess that is all part of the growing up and learning experience. I am thankful she is attending a small, private college...where the classes aren't too big and the profs will do everything they can to help the kids succeed, but they won't baby you either. I feel a lot better now though. So thanks so much for coming through for me (like the hive always does).
  9. she has done very well with the variety of class projects and papers so far (although not all of the items have been graded and returned yet). So I hope she is able to turn this around. thanks for the encouragement.
  10. she might end up talking to the prof too. I think he is pretty approachable. I guess I am sending her to the tutor so that person can help her in the make sure her notes are good enough and maybe that person will have information on study groups for the next test etc.
  11. It is in a Old Testament religion class. What's hard is that they couldnt' keep the actual test, so trying to figure out exactly where she went wrong is kind of hard. There is a tutoring center on campus for all of the classes offered, so I directed her there. I am assuming that if the tutor thinks she should talk to the prof, that person will tell her that. I did tell my dd to ask the tutor that question. I just feel so bad and hope this doesn't destroy her grade.
  12. SO, my freshman in college (DD) nearly failed her first test. I feel like it's all my fault as we didn't do a lot of formal testing at home. I guess I just didn't see the need to because I knew what she knew and didn't...and we just did the work that needed to be done until the concept was learned. Did I do a REALLY bad thing? I also have a son who is a senior this I also setting him up for failure? What do we do now? With a grade like that, it can really end up hurting her GPA..not to mention her confidence level for future classes. What's worse, is that she thought she did so well on the test...and then to get such a low completely deflating. Please tell me how to best help her now. thanks.
  13. Maybe someone here can help us find that thread....I would love to read it. Did you start the thread? or was it one that you just found and read?
  14. My son (a senior) started DO physics about 2 weeks ago and is over whelmed by the number of videos and the amount of that a normal reaction to this program? He wants to quit already...and we can't afford to do that...time wise. Here is it October and he has to either take physics this year or next year in college...and I am thinking that will be harder. So if we stop now (we have already stopped one program that wasn't working) we will just be that much further behind. Help! What do I do?
  15. I am the director of a small library. Without the generosity of the gracious businesses and other people, we wouldn't be able to do the things we do or have the things we have to make our library a great place to be. I want to make a "thank you" gift for all of those people (I have some money set aside for this...about $10 per gift). I know it doesn't have to be big or expensive, however, there is something that makes it a bit more difficult. Several of the places I need to thank have multiple people (for example, our town bank has about 10 employees and the bank donated money towards our summer reading programs), so a simple little gift of a mug and hot chocolate isn't really going to work well Last year I bought buckets and lots of different snacky foods...and it was greatly appreciated, but I wanted to do something a bit I am looking for suggestions. I do not have much time for baked goods, plus then I am under the gun to deliver them in a timely fashion...and last year, I had a bit of a problem with delivery because people went out of town (even early in the month which is when I did that) so I don't want something that will get stale while I am waiting to get things delivered. thanks for any and all ideas.
  16. whoa....that is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew there had to be outlets for a kid like my son...I just didn't know what they would be....thanks for sharing.
  17. I haven't heard of this college....but they have Blacksmithing as a real course of study....that is so cool!!! Granted South Carolina is a LONG ways from in Nebrasaka, but still...that is amazing!!!!!!! I can't wait to tell my son!
  18. my son would LOVE to have a forge like that to work cool is that for your daughter!! thanks.
  19. can't see the video....can you send it another way. Love the picture. My son makes hooks, but hasn't really tried the S hooks. He still is looking for a vice so he can twist his pieces. He has made some knives from railroad spikes...but he has to take them to his blacksmith friend to add a twist to the, I think it on the search for a big vice...(now that he as located an anvil). I wish we lived close enough to a living history museum....but I am still going to keep looking for opportunities for him.
  20. I have considered being employed by a Historical re-enactment site would be awesome...he is so good (even at 15) explaining his art to others...he was interviewed by our local newspaper and the reporter told me that he could explain all of the techniques so well, she kept forgetting she was talking to a 15 year old kid, not an experienced adult. I agree with the advice of keeping it as a hobby and doing something different...and I know he is still young, but there isn't anything that comes to mind as a possible second choice...but that still might show itself...we have time. I have considered metal work and welding too. I would love to get involved in some sort of hands on experience at a historical site or some other similar thing. I just don't exactly know how to make that happen. Thanks for all of your thoughts.
  21. where are you from? From your picture, I see you have horses.
  22. and we are trying to figure out what he can do with that far as a future career...or what kind of schooling (beyond high school) he should consider. Let me give you some details. My son owns a coal forge, an anvil, a set of hammers and other blacksmithing tools and he could spend HOURS making knives (mostly)....he also make the wooden handles and he is so passionate about working with his hands and creating his knives. We have matched him up with guy who does historical blacksmithing for a local museum, but has another job (he is a local sheriff) and has limited time to spend with our son. We just don't know how to guide and direct his future. His eyes light up when he sees pictures of blacksmithing shops with all of the "toys" of his favorite shows on TV is Forged in Fire. All of the skills he has is from watching You Tube videos and trial and error. He isn't a super strong math person...for what that is worth. Here is a couple of his best knives...and one of him and his forge. The ball on the end of the knife is aluminum cans that he melted and placed in a homemade mold...and then he drilled a whole in it and attached it to the knife. The wooden handle he carved and shaped by himself. The knife is an old metal file he heated up and shaped. Don't mean to be tooting my own horn (or my son's)...but I think for 15, he is doing pretty nice work... So if anybody has any thoughts or suggestions, I would love to think about any ideas.
  23. So, I just enrolled...and paid the registration fee...but now what do I do? I haven't received an email or anything telling me what to do next. Am I being too impatient?
  24. I need to know a couple things: 1) level of math needed 2) can we finish the whole program by mid may if we start today? (without having to spend hours each day) 3) labs included? what sort of lab materials are needed? 4) does the program have quizzes and tests and are they graded online? Can the kid retake them? and if so are the questions different questions or are they just the same questions all mixed up? 5) what are the pros and cons of this program? 6) is there help if the kids have questions? 7) how long are the lectures and about how much time a day is spent on physics? thanks.
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