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  1. Something I like to do: I buy blank note cards that come in a matching box and I send one card and the box with a promise to send the other cards. The recipient keeps the cards that arrive in the box. (I sometimes put tea or other treats in the box.) I keep the blank cards in a rubber band with a slip of paper with name and address so it's really fast to send out a quick note. (I don't pre-address envelopes because people move!)
  2. I agree to double-check the flax. I add ground flax to applesauce as a snack. It can also be mixed with water as an egg replacer in baking.
  3. I reconnected with a friend from high school during covid and was able to attend a service led by their spouse...I would've never worked up the nerve to go in person! When this is over we're going to meet up and I'm already nervous!
  4. Frequent phone calls will also clue you in for future gifts!
  5. I was able to attend the gala of a favorite charity for the first time...no gala worthy wardrobe required!
  6. These are so cool! Great suggestion for the op's situation! Op, I also think making a point of mailing a note or a couple of actual photos in between phone calls would be nice.
  7. We like soup and bread as a meal. I make vegan soup and then have chicken on the side to add.
  8. My dd tried Lexapro. She was yawning constantly and headaches every day. Worse though her anxiety was far, far, far worse.
  9. Does anyone have a shelf stable (no refrigeration) probiotic they like?
  10. Thanks for the bookbub suggestion! It's been really helpful so far!
  11. Thanks for finding this! This would be cool as one side of a kid's blanket.
  12. I think some people take magnesium to help with sleep. There are kinds that are mixed with hot water to sip like tea. Nature (?) Calm or similar name.
  13. Depending on the desired benefit and if they can drink it, I think I read that purple grape juice has some benefits.
  14. Same! I am so glad for this thread! Once, within a different thread, iirc, this came up and a couple posters were appalled. I felt really judged!
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