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  1. I've contacted a couple places to ask if they've updated their masks policy yet. They told me that they follow CDC guidelines so vaccinated people don't need to mask. I informed them that the guidance did change and heard back that they're not changing their policy at this time. Our governor and department of health both say all should mask per the CDC, why not change policy?!?? I feel like there's going to be a lag while places go back to masks so we're locking down again.
  2. We hardly "unlocked". We were a week out from all of us being fully vaxxed when the CDC said vaxxed didn't need masks. I never trusted that. I've been catching up on medical stuff so that is our biggest exposure. If places require masks again we might venture out to an indoor museum but without masks required it's hard to feel that it's worth it especially knowing that vaxxed people can spread it.
  3. Do they have a checking account? Have them write ten $100 checks dated a month apart. They can trust you not to cash them ahead of time.
  4. If a locked outgoing box by the guard house isn't approved either by the HOA or USPS: Is there a guard 24/7? Maybe they could get a mail bin and take outgoing mail from people and then hand-off the bin to the letter carrier. (Just like how an office has an outgoing mail bin.). I'm assuming the guards are trusted?
  5. Bummer! I thought the letter carrier had a key too like apartments or clusters of boxes. Eta: stolen outgoing mail is especially a problem due to check washing.
  6. I understand the mail theft concerns. I'm pretty sure there exists locking mailboxes for homes. That might make him feel better about leaving them for the letter carrier. Is your letter carrier in a vehicle or on foot? If on foot it might not be kind to leave hundreds of pieces at one time. I don't think you can just give home a separate address to receive his own mail from the USPS. However, you could give him his own mailbox by his exterior or interior door for you to drop his mail in. You could put his mail in there in the morning or before you go to bed if he goes to sleep sooner than you. That way he gets it in the morning. Could you set a twice a month post office trip and take him there? Then things to weigh etc would have to wait until then? Can he get his own postal scale if he wouldn't want to wait? Mail can be a real lifeline. When my sister died I heard from countless people about mail. I try to send more of it because of her.
  7. I don't think it's a problem that she asked. I think it's important that we humans can ask each other for help! I hope we can normalize answering truthfully.
  8. Now if your neighbor was currently trapped under the tree and you said no to helping *then* you'd seem uncaring! 😜
  9. Agreeing with others ...take a look soon/now and say "I don't want us to take on this job. Your landscaper should be able to take care of it." It is so much better to answer honestly!
  10. Our location has great produce, not sure if this varies based on turnover. Batteries and vitamins are two things I most often buy at Costco.
  11. If you find out enough and she decides to be vaccinated: I was able to be vaccinated in a medical setting, not a pharmacy or a pop-up. If you can find a medical setting that might help ease her mind too.
  12. We are a Prius family and I adapted right away. The only odd thing was when the smaller battery on the 05 needed replacement we didn't recognize the problem right away because not used to two batteries!
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