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  1. Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers. That humor makes me laugh out loud every single time I watch it.
  2. We, too, did August last year but I’m planning to go back to early October this year if given a choice. That’s my preference. Or end of September.
  3. I recently tried this based on a rec from Angie at Hot and Flashy. I really like it! No clumping, doesn’t make my eyes sting at the end of the day (a lot of mascaras do), and it makes my lashes look longer and fuller. The wand is good too.
  4. This is where I first leaned about hemp oil.
  5. You could try buffing a bit of hemp oil on it and see if that restores the luster and richness. If it still has a layer of laquer/shiny stuff on it though, the hemp oil probably wouldn’t help. eta: if you decide to redo it, Miss Mustard Seed has a great blog/website/videos on refinishing furniture.
  6. Very good to know! I’ve got a kid due for some new glasses soon. Thanks!
  7. I previously would buy the precooked bacon at Sam’s. It was Hormel I think. What brand is at Costco? I’ll look into that bc we liked the convenience occasionally! And I definitely need to get some more of those pentel pencils for school. They really are good.
  8. My circle has very liberal and very conservative people in it. There isn’t a direct link along those lines to vaccinated or not, in my OWN observation. I have one super conservative person along the lines of no mask/no vac who thinks it’s a govt conspiracy. I have another equally super conservative person in my circle who is vaccinated. Obviously my circle is small, but that’s what I’m seeing. The older people in my circle are vaccinated—no party lines involved at all.
  9. Just tried one of their round birthday cakes today. It was very good for a store-bought $13 cake! It was just a white cake, but the mousse filling in between layers made it a touch special-er. 😊 I also picked up their house made chicken salad and a big thing of croissants on impulse. But I plan to go next week and really look at all.the.things and try some new stuff you all have recommended, as well as stock up on staples.
  10. Oooo...I like the feta slabs too and my new grocery store only carries the crumbles, so I’ll definitely be checking that out at Costco!
  11. Where is the street taco meal located? Frozen?
  12. I get their Sensodyne toothpaste 2-pks (way cheaper than Walmart), Bounty paper towels, their Member’s Mark (MM) canned chicken is good. Oh, and just this summer I tried a MM lightweight, super soft hoodie that I LOVE. I also regularly buy the 2-piece tankini swimsuit by Free Country. Those are WAY cheaper than buying online or other places that carry Free Country! I also get swim cover-ups there at a great price My mom likes their cheese slices (like Kraft American) and their brand of bacon.
  13. This is awesome, you guys! Thank you! Now I’ll have to try to not spend a fortune next week when I have time to really browse! I’m super excited about the house stuff, the CeraVe in the tubs (love that stuff!), and the body wash. I *just* went to Walmart yesterday and my kids picked out some body wash and tossed it in the cart. When I checked out, it was almost $8!😮 So yeah, I’ll be checking out that 2-pk @Spryte! and pretty much ALL of the food looked tempting! I’ll start with some of the favorites listed above. 😊
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