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  1. We had a similar day on Nov 6. My DSs wanted some special Fortnite pickax card thing that was coming to GameStop. AND it just so happened that it was the same day ALDI Advent calendars were hitting stores. I was chomping at the bit to get some! I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get the cheese one for two years straight and I wanted to make SURE I got it this year. So, we all looked forward to Nov 6 like it was Christmas morning or something, got up that morning and ditched school, and went about our day seeking the fun goodies we all wanted. 😂 And, we had a blast and still managed to accomplish school later. 😁
  2. This is my favorite blueberry muffin recipe, but I have no idea if it’s too muffin-y in texture or if it’s more cake-y. It just tastes like a good muffin to me!😂 recipe&referringContentType=Search&clickId=cardslot 1
  3. How lovely! How about dim lighting for the area (lamp, fairy lights, etc?) I’d also want a small lap blanket. And an eye mask. My top pick is the oil/diffuser and music, but the other things will help create the spa experiences that I’ve had. 😊 you could also go with a nice robe, depending on how/when you will use your chair. If you don’t want to undress for a robe, maybe get just a nice pair of fuzzy slippers/flip flops for when you are in your spa area.
  4. I love this easy ice cream pie recipe. Take a store bought deep dish graham cracker or Oreo crust. Lightly drizzle caramel sauce and chocolate sauce on the bottom. take slightly softened vanilla ice cream and stir in finely chopped snickers bars. (You could use peanut butter cups or anything else, but I like snickers). Spread into the pie crust. Put back in freezer until ready to serve. about an hour before serving, remove from freezer and put a layer of freshly whipped cream on the whole top, another drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce, and a few more sprinkles of snickers on top. Use a knife warmed under hot water to slice. this is the way I make it, but it would be super easy to adjust the flavors of ice cream and chocolate.
  5. Yes to rummy! We love that card game. An oldie but goodie. 🙂
  6. Like you, I’m somehow not on the bandwagon of moms who wear leggings, even though I’m a mom in my early 40s! I actually just bought a pair last month so I could finally give them a shot. I bought some from aerie on the recommendation of my BFF. They were extremely comfortable in the, way better than workout gear, which is what I thought they’d feel like. I got the comfort high rise ones. Full disclosure though, I still haven’t actually worn them. 😳 eta: these, in black
  7. mmasc


    Any specific brands/ones to avoid? Or have you had great luck with a certain one? (Link!) Please share your wisdom 😊
  8. These work pretty well for me.
  9. Yes! If I can find any that’s good! (Which isn’t usually the case in my current living location)
  10. I liked Dark Angel. Not sure about hidden gem, but nobody had recommended it to me...I just stumbled across it on my search one day. It’s a 3-part mini series about Mary Ann Cotton, so not a feel good/kids in the room show!
  11. I’m sure this is a dumb question...but what kind/size of dish do you put this on? I think I’m going to make this over the weekend. Might as well get started on the holiday dip-fest!😁
  12. I have a similar mix to you and @MercyA mine is pretzels, salted/roasted almonds, m&ms, and teddy grahams. Eta: that dip thread has so many yummy recipes on it!
  13. I always love a little charcuterie faves are pepperoni, cheddar, crackers, green olives, and grapes.
  14. mmasc

    Green beans!

    Cooked with small red potatoes. Put potatoes, green beans, some water, butter, S&P. Boil til soft with lid on and liquid cooks off mostly.
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