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  1. For basketballs, look for one specifically labeled outdoor. That kind will last longer if you’ll be using it outside and leaving it in the rain. You’ll need a pump for it to keep its bounce. You can just buy a cheap $5-$10 one. Even good balls will need air. eta: like this
  2. Just as an aside, I’ve recently discovered Derma E and they seem to have great products! Vegan and cruelty free. I’m currently only using the Overnight Peel, but I like it!
  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry! I’m sure you’re just DONE with all the illness lately! It’s so exhausting caring for everyone.((hugs))
  4. @ByGrace3 that’s awesome to have that kind of personalized help! As I understand it from the website, there is a once a week live class with homework assigned. Are there daily videos to watch with homework to complete? Or is it more of topical videos available where additional help is needed? I’m trying to grasp the differences with the video schedule between DO and Mr D. I can and will watch samples of videos of course with ds, but I’m wondering how it plays out day to day. I think I have a grasp on how DO works regarding this. And I think my ds would benefit from this *daily* instr
  5. I think @blue plaid means that estimate to be for the *regular* chemistry class. My ds is currently in the regular course and I’d say 5-7 per week is pretty close. It varies from day to day, but averages out to about that for the week, imo. I also agree about the excellent teaching! This has been my ds’s favorite class that he’s ever had, and that’s saying something bc this ds doesn’t throw around school compliments often🤣
  6. @ByGrace3 I noticed on the Mr D website that there are actually other teachers than Mr D. Is your dc taking the class with Mr D or a different teacher?
  7. @TheAttachedMama thank you so much for that through review! It was truly very helpful. Many of the things you said resonate with me and our homeschool as well, so thank you. @EKS well, algebra 1 with Lial’s was through on online provider (myhomeschoolmathclass), so that low-ish B was just from tests and quizzes. No homework is graded. That’s actually something I like about DO. But I definitely don’t want this to be completely overwhelming for him if he’s coming from a place of unpreparedness. Hmmm...lots to think about here. I truly appreciate everyone’s feedback!
  8. I completely understand that! They do have free shipping and free returns...maybe they’d even help you over the phone ?? Good luck!
  9. Congratulations! I don’t have much advice, but if you happen to live near a Nordstrom they’d be excellent at helping you with this! eta: of the ones you linked, I think #4 is lovely! I’m not digging the high split on the legs of the others, but that’s just my opinion.
  10. Well, we’ll see...let’s just say he’s not real receptive to talking about algebra while still in geometry...🤣
  11. Thank you so much! Right now, other than knowing that he needs a ‘review’ before algebra 2, I’m not really sure what kind of issues we might be tackling. There could be big gaping holes, or a simple lack of trying—either could be likely with my ds. 😉 He’s perfectly happy and content with Bs...so sometimes it’s hard to tell.
  12. He likes geometry...I’m not sure if it’s because of the book, or just because it isn’t algebra lol.
  13. He definitely needs an algebra review. Even though I outsourced it, I love algebra and feel like if I had the right product in hand I could help him get in some good review before next year. I’m not sure why he likes geometry better, but I know I loved algebra and didn’t care one bit for geometry. 🙂 He seems to be going the opposite!
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