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  1. DH and I are going tomorrow afternoon and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I loved, loved the show and never have movies I want to see at the theater, so this is a real treat for me. I’m so excited to be immersed in Downton again for a couple of hours!
  2. Seal them as soon as you install them! After that, they’re very easy to care for imo. I just used method granite spray and wiped them down. But seal for sure!
  3. In addition to above suggestions (new snacks, screens, special goody bags), my biggest tip is to board *last*. Sure, most people with littles get to board first, but after doing it once I said NEVER again! It’s just an extra 20-30 minutes of corralling kids on a plane! The next few times I flew alone with my littles, we got airport McDonalds and sat on the floor at the gate and I let them eat and run around until the very (and I mean VERY!) last people boarded. Then we got in line at the end. We basically got seated and the plane took off. It helped a ton. Also, bring lollipops. They take a long time to eat, and help with the ear stuff.
  4. My favorites are Lucky Brand Lolita skinnies. All of mine are the ankle style, so they’re supposed to be short. I don’t think they come any longer though since they’re a crop type of style. They are long enough for me to wear my mid-calf boots over in the winter and they look like any other skinny jeans would.
  5. Well, mine is a chest freezer and it’s pretty small, so I think that’s key to organizing easily. I put tall things on one side lined up, use the included baskets for smaller things in bags (fruit, popsicles, etc). It’s also small enough that I can easily and regularly go through it to see what we have or what we need. I had a huge chest freezer at one time and it was constantly disorganized with food getting ‘lost’. So, go as small as you can is my only advice!😊 (I got the smallest and cheapest one that Sam’s Club had at the time and it’s still going strong after many years and many moves!)
  6. My DS got a Columbia one last year, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thinking about what was ‘in’ 😂 now, his clothes brands mattered a little to him, but coats never seemed to have a preferred brand at school as far as I could tell. And yes, lots of days he just wore a hoodie in his preferred brand, but many days he wore a coat bc we had a super cold, long winter. At his school, he was required to leave his backpack in his locker, so there was lots of opportunity to ditch his coat as well. (This was junior high, not high though)
  7. I have this one. It’s the only one I’ve ever owned, so I can’t compare, but I’ve been happy with it. I don’t use it a lot, but I like it for pizza dough, shredding cheese, shredding cabbage, and making salsa. I originally got it because it was recommended by America’s Test Kitchen and I wanted one for pizza dough. I think Cuisinart makes pretty much the same one in a 14-cup capacity as well, but this 11-cup is more than enough for my needs. It can hold one recipe of ATK pizza dough, which is two large thin crusts.
  8. I’m sure this isn’t a secret to anyone, but Magic Erasers are awesome! They remove all the wall scuffs, scuffs on my ikea painted white chairs, sharpie off a black painted bed, etc. also, lemon essential oil removes sticky stuff from hard surfaces really well (price tags on stuff)
  9. @ms. pacman How is she? I hope she’s much better!
  10. When my DS8 is doing less than/greater than in math, he draws every single sign with very detailed alligator teeth. I think it’s chomping the numbers 😂
  11. has a summer ‘bootcamp’ that is for algebra review. It has 19 lessons with short topic videos and practice worksheets with answers. It’s $40.
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