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  1. I think soup in a pretty soup bowl is always lovely. How about a roasted butternut squash soup? They’re usually puréed, and always look, taste and smell delicious! I think with a soup, it could be this persons main dish, while still being others’ side, if desired.
  2. I did the game before reading the article and missed about half. I read the article, studying the examples, tried again and missed...about half. Apparently this isn’t a good game for me. 😂
  3. Oh, and not clothes related, but a double walled insulated (large!) water bottle will be needed for sure!
  4. This ^^^ working on a ranch she will wear boots and jeans and probably some form of hat to shelter her head. Off ranch, shorts, tanks/tees and flip flops will be the norm. 🙂 eta: oh, and ponytail! Unless you have an office job, most everyone with long enough hair will be wearing a ponytail.
  5. I like my white Fiestaware dishes. I recently saw an email with some very pretty (and cheap!) light blue dishes from ikea that I really like, but I’ve never had dishes from there. I think they are stoneware.
  6. I started my period at 13. By 15, I was having my period 3 weeks out of the month. It was pretty upsetting for me bc I was traveling to games on the school bus with no control of when I could find a restroom. My mom took me to the dr and I remember her reluctantly agreeing to the drs rec for bc pills. All I remember after that is that I felt SO much better! It was slightly life changing for me because it took away anxiety as well as cramps/pain. Being regular made me so much less nervous about when and where I’d start. I’m sure some people never worried about it, but I sure did! It probably helped my complexion, but I honestly can’t remember that aspect of it. ETA: this was mid 90s
  7. mmasc

    Curtain Color?

    Very pretty area! I’m voting blue too.
  8. I like Life is Good tees, but I only like the cotton/poly mix ones like the one I linked. The all cotton ones aren’t as thin and comfy to me.
  9. Yes! Roast! It’s the one thing my MiL and I both cook overnight and both would wake up grossed out by the midnight smell! I’m very sensitive to smells and sometimes even wake up if one of my dogs lets out a particularly strong toot. 😂
  10. I cook overnight in my garage. The smell wakes me up too. My MIL does too, and is the one that gave me the brilliant idea! The smell would wake her up, so that was her solution. It works great! Cook overnight in the garage, bring in the house in the morning and put on low or warm til needed. Obviously it’s not brilliant if you don’t have a garage. 😂
  11. We really like this one, especially for crock pot in the spring/summer meals.
  12. Agree with the bed, add tables, and definitely get curtains that go to the floor. I like the ones you linked and the one side I am going to recommend a sort of similar. we got these for our bedroom and although they aren’t black out, they do block a lot of light (we also have the cheap-y plastic blinds). I hung the rods all the way to the top of the wall and they extend to the floor with a little gather at the bottom. They look much prettier than I was expecting! I think they’d look good in your room with some white sheers.
  13. My reason for preferring up is not exactly kid-related, so I thought I’d just offer up this in case it applies to you. We’ve had two houses with the master down (our current one is), and several with the master up. IME, the master is always too close to the room with a tv. That might not be the case in your houses, but it bothers me bc I’m a VERY light sleeper and don’t like tv and/or lights on in the room close to my sleeping room. DH often stays up later than me on the weekends watching a movie and I can sometimes hear it. The kids often get up before me on the weekends, and again, I can usually hear them in the kitchen or tv room. (Even if they’re all making effort to be quiet!) I just prefer all of the sleeping quarters to be on the same floor. I feel like I rest better. Ymmv
  14. I like those individual serving containers of hummus. I think it’s sabra brand, but it has hummus on bottom with mini pretzels on top, all sealed up together. We’ve had those at the airport before, but I can’t remeber if it was before or after passing security. There’s a lot of hummus in them too, so you could throw in a bag of carrots too to make it more filling. I’d have that and maybe a banana and be fine.
  15. Mon- taco salads tues- chicken sausage, peppers, onions, and potatoes wed- biscuits, eggs, bacon thurs- whatever they can find bc I will be out fri- pizza night (take out)
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