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  1. I was thinking Charleston, SC. Low key enough for your mom, interesting enough for your kids. Plus, it’s lovely.
  2. @bethben Update? Did you try them? Like or not? I’m trying to decided right now between trying my first pair of progressives or just going with single lenses for distance. I’m to the point where I don’t need readers, but I DO have to lift my glasses up to see my book or whatever. I’m not sure if that makes it worth the hassle of trying progressives or not. Plus I don’t even have to wear my glasses all day long—only for tv, driving, etc.
  3. Nah, I’d go with 1) vacation (maybe towards the one planned, or an extra one since you (most likely) have the money already for the one coming up, or 2) new furniture. Obviously this is what *I* want. 😁 oh, or patio furniture.
  4. What about House? I liked it in its first run and enjoyed it. Scrubs is a doctor show that’s more comedy, but I liked it too.
  5. Another vote for Goodreads! I love using this to keep up with what I’ve already read and what I want to read.
  6. Does anyone happen to have a wayfair discount code you’re not going to use? I had one in a move packet but it has expired.
  7. Epsom salts. Plain, no fragrance.
  8. Oh, definitely another vote here that this was Kohl’s fault. Definitely.
  9. The TE Kinsey Lady Hardcastle books are definitely clean, but they are not romance if that’s what you’re looking for.
  10. Because they know that February is the dreadful-ist of all homeschooling months.😂
  11. mmasc

    Hard mom days

    I know it sounds cliche, but I try to remember that it will pass. I’ve had enough of those awful days to know that if I can just survive them without doing anything too terrible, that there will be a better day soon. Also, days like this usually mean I need a break—-like really, really, really need one. So if at ALL possible, I take one away from the kids and house to do whatever I want. If that’s not possible, then like pp mentioned, I try to talk to someone who will cheer me up, or I set the kids up with something that is fun/easy and will keep them entertained without too much effort from me (maybe a movie and popcorn) and early bedtime where I can try to recover and regroup. I’m truly sorry your day is rough and I hope it turns a corner soon.
  12. Well, this is my mom, so not an awkward/friend type of thing. And I do know she cares about us, so maybe it is the personality thing. Or maybe a bit of anxiety about not knowing what to say or do sometimes. ?? She’s not a great comforter, so maybe it’s just the awkwardness of checking in on people?? You all have helped me see the anxiety side of things, so I appreciate that.
  13. I thought of another book I enjoyed that some of you might like. I actually found this through my free prime membership book (which is also how I found Lady Hardcastle books I linked above) the writing on this one is much as you’d expect with a fluff book (not tons of character development and back story) but the actual mystery on this one I found to be quite surprising and better than a lot of cozy books I read.
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