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  1. I would stick with my original doctor, due to the eye issues and history of dealing with my family’s specific eye issues. I would also like the fact that the office is small, so you might likely be the only ones in there especially if it’s the first appt of the day. However, I would get better masks if I could and definitely request for the doctor to wear one. Any doctor should accommodate that request with no problem. If it did seem to be a problem, I wouldn’t go there.
  2. Hello by Adele Elderly Woman Behind the Counter of a Small Town by Pearl Jam
  3. My girl buries her (pretend) bones in weird places. We’ve found them in the couch cushions, in the nook of her dog bed, and even under *my* bed pillow once. 😂 Oh, and she buried it in my potted pepper plant...not the dirt in the ground beside it, but IN the pot. 🙄 and if my other dog is sitting in a spot she wants, she will start barking—not at him, but like something major is going on outside that he needs to check out—and sure enough, every.single.time. he jumps down and runs to the window to check out. She will immediately dart over and get in his spot. It’s hilarious to watch because we all know exactly what’s going on. She’s quite cunning.
  4. She’s super cute! I think she is either a Lucy or a Penny. 😊
  5. Great update @Kinsa! And welcome back 😊
  6. We’ve used My Student Logbook from for YEARS. (X3 kids) And they’re perfect for what I need and I love them so much. BUT, they’ve had the same cover designs forever😔 and there aren’t even that many to begin with. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an updated cover. I know it’s trivial, but when we’re gearing up our minds for the start of a brand new year, I would just really like this to be something the kids are happy to look at and not having to pick a design they’ve had a hundred times before. I know I personally like to change the way my yearly academic calendar looks each year. I just wish they would get some fresh covers! Does anyone else use these and feel this way too???😁 So most importantly, my question: Is there anything else just like it or very similar we could try out for this next year?
  7. They’re so pretty! I hope you’re able to get them. I know you’d give them a great home!
  8. I like these. And the price is right 😁
  9. I’d love to try some protein powder in our smoothies, but I absolutely can’t find one that I like. I’d like one where I could just put a scoop in and not really taste it (maybe vanilla flavor or something) but no gritty or ‘off’ taste. Any recommendations???
  10. Well, I’d feel like that person was acting like an ass honestly. As an adult, I can choose to eat whatever I want or don’t want and don’t need any ‘help’ picking out my food. That person is being selfish and obviously dishonest, qualities I especially dislike.
  11. I’m going to go with good grief’s answer then...maybe it’s a setting that’s an option for private groups??? I only know that in my (few) groups it’s there because I was somewhat alarmed when I found out that people could indeed tell if I’d read the post or not! Once again, total novice here 😁
  12. Private groups posts
  13. I’m a FB novice, but so far I’ve only noticed that ‘seen by’ thing in private groups that I’m in.
  14. In the bottom left corner of the post it has kind of a light gray ‘seen by 9’ or whatever number. If you click on it, it will show you who has seen it.
  15. Babysitting, but my first ‘real’ job was at age 16 in a video store. Yep...renting out VHS tapes😆
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