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  1. Oh, so many things. Tillamook cheddar cheese cucumber and good tomatoes and lettuce ice cream pizza of all kinds mexican food and salsa and chips of all kinds
  2. Definitely needs Benadryl (by mouth). However, my mom, who has a very high pain tolerance, was stung by a yellowjacket wasp a few summers ago on her hand. The swelling did not go down after several days and she ended up going to urgent care and having to be on steroids for it.
  3. I think rest helps. If you can, you should, especially with the driving across the country ahead of you in a few days, IMO. Also, sorry you have a cold during a move. That really stinks!
  4. I enjoyed this book and it might suit your needs.
  5. ^^^This is exactly what I was thinking. If this is not a friend (doesn’t sound like it is), then I’d go with $250. If it’s not a ‘I’m just wanting to help this person out situation’ then really, just charge what would make it worth it to you.
  6. My kids mostly wear synthetic athletic clothes every single day. I’ve switched to Persil and have noticed a pretty big difference. (I will plug in here that I really don’t like the smell of Persil, but my kids do. I wash my clothes separately and with something different.)
  7. From your post, it sounds like both your DC AND you could all benefit from it and enjoy it. So I say go for it!
  8. Echoing above posters. The ‘chunks’/morpheme approach is what works for my DS. I agree that it’s for the kind of child that needs it. My first and third DC do wonderfully with AAS, but my middle hated it, couldn’t remember or apply the rules, etc. I went straight to A&P and have been with it since for this child.
  9. Sure! Here you go:
  10. Jann in TX at is another online option starting with pre-algebra.
  11. I haven’t used it yet, but Jann in TX (my homeschool math class) has an online boot camp that’s just a few weeks/self paced for students entering algebra. maybe you could see if that might fit your needs? I’m honestly not sure what specific things this review includes since I’m planning to use it for my DS at the end of the summer, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway!
  12. Has anyone used one that they can recommend? My DS, almost 14, has stuck with a potential career choice for a couple of years now and we’ve done some research on it (firefighter/emt). He’s also mentioned plumber and we’ve researched that a little a well. What I’d like is something that shows careers that he’s maybe never even heard of, or one with skill sets/what you enjoy doing matched with possible career fields? I’m perfectly happy with him being a firefighter or a plumber, I just thought it might be good to do one of those exploration things. (I have noticed that both of his choices are 1) helping others 2) not sitting behind a desk and 3) jobs that are more training than college) I find this interesting because he does want to go to college though.
  13. I’d probably lean private because 1) if they want to and it’s working, I wouldn’t want to rock the boat, and would prefer to just keep on with the familiar and 2) I wouldn’t like the low rating at the public school
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to type that out. I’ll have to look into Vocabu lit...I haven’t heard of that one before. I used MP reading workbooks in the past with my oldest (maybe 2 or 3 books), but with this DS, we tried to read Farmer Boy and he was immediately turned off by the language and so we didn’t make it very far. And definitely didn’t finish it. So I didn’t even try the workbook. 😞 I could maybe try again with a different book. I do appreciate the ideas on how exactly you use it. Thank you!
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