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  1. mmasc

    S/o Head Boards- show me what you like

    I like something like this.
  2. Off topic...but we’ve been researching/pondering this very thing currently. Can you tell me what you’ve noticed the difference is (while driving in snow/ice) between AWD vs 4WD? We’re leaning 4WD, so your post is very timely for me!
  3. Oh, I’ve got another splurge that I LOVE! I finally bought a heated mattress pad this winter and!
  4. Splurge worth it: 7 years ago I bought two pairs of Uggs (on sale at least) at the same time. I still wear them almost every day. Sure, they’re sorta ugly, but they’re comfortable and keep my feet warm in these frigid temps. Not worth it: Birkenstock sandals last summer. I like them, but will never get my money’s worth out of them. Also, why are my things all about shoes? Do I have a shoe buying problem? Maybe 🤣
  5. I’m with you 100%. This kind of stuff just pisses me off. 😡
  6. mmasc

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    A wreath, centered right in the middle. It’s light and pretty and matches my duvet, so I like it. Up until a year ago I never had anything because I’m super nervous about stuff falling on my head while I’m asleep. But I got tired of the blank wall and figured a lightweight wreath wouldn’t hurt too bad. 😂
  7. I’d like a couple of these just because they’re so pretty. buffet&diestoreid=725&selectShip=true
  8. I’ve read this too! You should try this @Indigo Blue! You might end of with beautiful ‘new’ dishes. 😊And that stuff is cheap, too, so if it doesn’t work, no big deal.
  9. mmasc

    military wives - can I pick your brain?

    Re: the widow having connections. IME, they move on...move back home close to family, etc. Most military families aren’t stationed anywhere near their families or where they consider ‘home’, so would rarely stay connected with their military ties. So I would say your character would definitely have ‘drifted on’. 🙂 She might have one close spouse she connected with and stays friends with, but that’s probably about it. You could go with some kind of government contract work overseas for the parents. If you just wanted her dad to be in a different state, he could be a professor at one of the many military schools. Depending on what you make his profession to be in the military, he could be a civilian working in a military hospital. Many, many employees in our military treatment facilities are civilian.
  10. I love peacock too. I have one luncheon plate in that color. I think it’s discontinued now. ???
  11. My main stuff is white...mugs, dinner plates, deep bowls, and saucers. Like @peacelovehomeschooling I know I’ll like white for a long time. I was replacing brown dishes when I bought mine, so that was another reason I wanted bright white. However, the colors *are* really pretty so later I bought the buffet plates in mixed blues and greens. We use these at lunch and I like the pop of color in the middle of the day when it’s just the kids and me eating a smaller portion of food. @Junie I love lemongrass! I have one luncheon plate in that color and it’s one of my favorites. ETA: changed ‘luncheon’ to ‘buffet’ bc that’s what I have
  12. mmasc

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    Yes, you can put it in the microwave! Maybe you’d enjoy cooking and your kitchen more with some fiesta ware and staub 😉😂
  13. Now that would be awesome! I love deer and we have a lot around here. Maybe I’ll just imagine that it’s miniature deer playing on my back porch. 😊💕
  14. mmasc

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    I bought white too. 🙂
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