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  1. Dd8 wanted Buffalo wings for her birthday dinner last night. They are one of my favorite foods. I managed to eat just a few and stayed within my weekly points, even if I went over my daily points. I'm trying to figure out how to do this long-term rather than just deny myself everything short term, so I consider this a win. I'm ok with slower loss if I can keep it up. I'm pretty proud though.
  2. Dd8 just finished as well! She didn't do as well as she hoped but this was literally her first time with a standardized test besides the national mythology exam. She loves the t-shirt and tiny kangaroo though. 😊
  3. Here. I mean, we used the website to sign up and get practice tests and things. I just didn't know they had results on there. 😊
  4. Where do they post previous lists and things?
  5. Thanks for the heads up. She only missed 2 so she's pretty pumped. Since this is our first year, our expectations are pretty low.
  6. MeaganS


    Yeah, our area is pretty bike friendly, with miles of bike paths all around town. Riding bikes is fun but we have lots of big hills and I hate getting all sweaty. Now I'll be able to take advantage of the beauty of the trails without it being intimidating.
  7. MeaganS


    I just ordered a RadRunner Plus and I am so excited. Its backordered until May so I have a bit of a wait. I'm not looking to replace my car but do think I'll use it instead of my car fairly often now that I can leave the kids home by themselves. Any other ebike owners here?
  8. Are anyone else's kids taking the test or already took it? DD10 took it today and DD8 takes it Thursday. We've never done it before but so far it's been a great experience.
  9. We do it almost exclusively as audio in the car as well. And that's all. I don't do any projects. Sometimes I'll get a library book on a subject we recently listened to, but we don't do any projects. We listen to a few chapters a week and when we finish the series we start over again. They will have listened to the whole series several times before middle school. They enjoy it. I do consider us as more unschooling history though. SOTW is just one resource we use informally.
  10. I count any day we do the majority of book work. I aim for 170 days because I figure at public schools kids can have up to ten absences. Our state doesn't require any number though. We were in the 180s last year and this year is looking to be similar. I'd even be ok going lower because I don't count testing, field trips, or party days. We just school any day we don't have something better to do year round.
  11. Yeah. It's similar with the blue plan. Sort of a happy medium between green and purple. Beans, eggs, chicken, yogurt, fish, and fruits and veggies are free but not whole grain pasta or potatoes. But we get more points than purple. I get 26 a day. If I recall, green is more points but only free fruits and veggies?
  12. We were posting at the same time. I definitely think shopping will help a ton!
  13. WW is designed to incentivize healthy foods. Not all calories are equal. The free foods are free not because they are necessarily low calorie but because they are more filling and its difficult to overeat them. When I'm hungry, eggs, fruit, and veggies are my go to because they cost fewer or no points. I use my points to spice up my regular foods. Like bacon with brussels sprouts or butter or dressings. I find meal planning to be essential and the first few weeks is hardest because you're trying to find recipes that you like that work for you. There's also more meal prep. No way around i
  14. I joined in February and have lost 10lbs. I'm on blue. I've done it before and it is very effective and doable for me. 1/2 lb more and I'm out of the obese range which thrills me. I'd like to lose another 30+ if I can though. Good luck. I feel like one of the most important things for me is to remember to stay positive about it and not get sad if I don't immediately get results.
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