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  1. I do aldi, dollar tree, and Walmart. My parents started a tradition of giving us something useful as a container instead of a basket. Like a trash can for our room, or a baseball hat. We've continued the tradition and have gotten more and more loose with the definition of container. This year my girls are getting large papa's an-style folding chairs that look like animals. With candy in the seats. My SIL is doing a kiddie pool that her young children are sharing. 😊
  2. For all that people talk about miquon being teacher intensive, I find it to be mostly hands-off. To be fair, dd8 (who finished it a year ago) and Dd7 (who is one book away from finishing it) are both intuitive math kids, so they don't need much explanation. But with checking, occasionally explaining what a lab sheet is doing, and rarely explaining concepts, I spend maybe 15 active minutes a week per Miquon kid. I make it sort of spiral. My kids work in one book at a time. But I have their books set up by sections (letters) and they can pick whichever page to work on, so long as it is the next in that letter section. So they could work on A15 and C20 on a day, but not C25 if they hadn't finished c20-c24 yet, if that makes sense. Usually we do 2 pages a day, with wiggle room for difficult/long pages. They finish the book and then we do the next. I always started the orange book around their 4th birthday. That was the most labor intensive because they're so young, needed scribing, and didn't understand how to follow instructions on the page. But by the next book (red I think?) they were doing it mostly independently.
  3. After doing 1 and most of 2 with dd10, I decided to skip it with my other girls. What I've done instead is the audiobook of Grammarland and the CD of grammar songs from Classical Academic Press then started FLL3 around 2nd grade. For what it's worth, next year were doing Beowulf grammar as a break for all my girls from FLL. It looks like it will make grammar fun for them.
  4. Dd10 will be starting the patch in a year or two. She has "string ovaries" that are basically non-functioning, so without BC, she wouldn't naturally go into puberty. It's basically hormone replacement therapy for her. No experience yet, but I view it as any other medication.
  5. I listened to the first one while painting dd6 and dd3's new bedroom in the house we're moving to in a month. It was a good session.
  6. We switched to a platform bed and haven't noticed a difference. I love it because it gives me so much more room under the bed. Plus it was cheaper to buy a frame than a frame and box spring.
  7. I made it! It was a seriously long week. Dd was diagnosed with ADHD (not a surprise) and depression (a little bit surprised but not now that I think about it) on top of her still very real autism. It looks like her hearing is perfect (she has a 40% chance of going deaf by middle age) and her heart is remaining steady. We thought we might be clear on her liver, but her blood test numbers are such that she's worrying them a bit. They'd almost dismissed her liver issues, but now we're right back into trying to figure out what is going on. And we closed on the house! So that's done. Right now I'm taking a break from packing for a 2 week trip tomorrow to the new house (12 hours away) to paint and do other tasks before we move in. And my mom and sister saw how overwhelmed I was and sent me some flowers! That very sweet of them and I love them.
  8. Winnie the Pooh, the original Disney one.
  9. I will definitely be sure to look into it. Dd has some intense surgeries here in her future, so I could see it being very useful for us then. I was also looking and there's some pretty places to camp nearby, so I might take my new popup camper and make a girls camping trip out of it sometimes. As it is, we come every 6 months, so it's not too bad.
  10. We actually got a hotel for two nights. Tonight and Wednesday night. It's just that she has no appointments on Wednesday and dh has a non-negotiable work thing that day anyways, so I'm going back to stay with the kids (he's off the rest of the week as he works 7on/7off). And honestly, when the car works, I actually love long drives, so I don't really mind. They're my happy place when I can just listen to an audio book and hardly anyone bothers me. 😊 The mechanic says that the code is that "all cylinders are misfiring, which is very unlikely." so hopefully it was a freak thing and nothing major, but they're going to check a little more to make sure. Oh, and I woke up at 4am for no reason and couldn't go back to sleep, so that was awesome. Dd and I left extra early and now we're here with several hours to spare. I think we'll wander some stores or something. Mostly though, today is better than yesterday. Lots of appointments but it will be good.
  11. For sure! It could totally be something like that. I did get gas recently, but I am always sure to turn it a bunch of clicks because of this and I doubt that's what it is. The van is nearing 270k miles, so my guess is that it is something real. The frustrating part is that I don't have time to figure it out. Since I only had late last night to figure out a solution, I needed to go with the fail-proof choice. And there was an unrelated, not pressing reason to bring it to the mechanic anyways, so dropping it off made the most sense. I hope it is nothing major, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.
  12. Dropped off the van and picked up the rental car. I got upgraded to a hybrid, so that's cool. Here's hoping everything else goes smoothly.
  13. So this week is a big Mayo Clinic week for dd10. She's seeing 5 different specialists for several different appointments, plus some tests/procedures, for a total of 12 appointments over 3 days. Mayo Clinic is 4 hours away, one way. And we need to go twice because we have to be back Wednesday and then go back Thursday. So 16 total hours of driving. We are leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30am. So of course, tonight, when I went to drive our trash to the end of the 1/4 mile driveway for pickup tomorrow, the "check engine" light came on in our only reliable car. Ahh! So now, when dh gets off work in the next hour or so, I have to wake up all the kids, drive to the mechanic to drop off the van, then drive to the airport in dh's much less reliable car (30 mins away) to rent a rental car, then drive home. Totally not what I needed to proceed this week of stress. AND we're finalizing closing our new house tomorrow or Tuesday, which should have been done 2 days ago. I'm done with this week already and it hasn't even started yet.
  14. For us, one thing that has been huge is getting a Roomba, and not just for the vacuuming. Every night, in order for the Roomba to run without getting stuck, we have to "Roomba Ready" the house. So for the last year and a half, we straighten up the house as part of our bedtime routine, which is keeping everything so much tidier. Vacuuming is a perk at this point compared to general straightening up. Slowly I've added a few other things to that time, like folding a load of laundry or random other little tasks. The general state of cleanliness in our house has gone up a lot.
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