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  1. I think it's is enough. Most people worry that there isn't enough drill. I argue that the drill is hidden in the puzzles. I do have my kids do xtramath for math facts fluency, but other than that, for my neurotypical kids, I am confident beast academy is enough. I also had them go through all of Miquon before starting and they do a fair amount of Prodigy on the computer, so we do supplement some. Still, imo, Beast Academy is a full math curriculum. Oh, we also do half in the workbooks and half online, using the online component to review previous chapters.
  2. My dad died almost two years ago in Utah and the Relief Society did the lunch after his funeral. It was ham as the main dish but there were at least 4 variations on funeral potatoes (probably 4 different women who brought them). We grew up as members of the church but not in Utah and I've always heard jokes about funeral potatoes but didn't think they'd actually serve them. They're one of those dishes that are grossly delicious.
  3. I would try doing BA online for now. It's fun and has logic problems and starts at second grade level but goes deeper with the math than CLE (my oldest jumped ship on cle at exactly the same point you are at. She's doing TT now) . I just started my 1st grader who almost finished Miquon (mid 3rd grade level) on BA online and she loves it, as does my 8yo who has been doing it since it was released. You could always do CLE alongside later or go back to it after a break. The monthly cost for BA online is pretty reasonable. Also, we just moved to NWA, so we're neighbors now! 😊
  4. I started OPGTR with all of mine at 4yo (plan in starting with dd3 in a few months). So long as he can blend and knows his letter sounds, I can't think of any reason to wait. Lessons here were gentle and took under 10 mins a day.
  5. I have a nice solar oven that my MIL gave me a few years ago. This one. Now that we've moved back to the south and it's hot, I'm considering it using it more often so that I don't heat up my house when I cook. Also for the fun of it. From what I can tell, you basically use it like a slow cooker, right? Any tried and true recipes? How do you I corporate solar cooking into your meal planning?
  6. Update! So my water heater repair is holding strong. I'm pretty proud of myself for that. The irrigation issue was fairly simple and the plumbers fixed it in under an hour. Right now I'm filling the pool and am about to do a whole house cleaning in anticipation of the movers coming tomorrow. We've basically been camping in the house on and off for the last few months as we came to work on it, so it needs to be straightened up, vacuumed, and mopped. I mostly finished the "family" closet I'm building into our large laundry room. All the girls will keep their clothes in there. I put lots of cubby shelves, painted, and made a place for them to hang clothes. I think it's going to be cute and work well, but we'll see once all their clothes are here. And we have a family of groundhogs living under the deck on our pool patio. So that needs to be figured out.
  7. We have moved away from dvds/blurays and almost always prefer somewhere in the cloud, whether that be amazon, Google, vudu. Right now we prefer Google play because we share a family account with several of my siblings and my mom, and we can all access each other's Google play movies. So when my sister buys Lego Movie, we get it too! We have a mobile internet line on our cell phone plan we can take anywhere and our car DVD player is hooked up to a Roku. For road trips or even longer errands, my kids stream educational or entertainment stuff there. Everyone in the family has their own device and can stream our movies on any of them. It's just easier to have it all in the cloud than deal with scratchable disks. We do get occasional hard copies of things, but 99% we make sure they have a digital copy associated with it so we have the option.
  8. We just officially moved in Monday and our furniture isn't even here yet, but I already dealt with a flood. It took me all day yesterday to figure out where it came from (the water heater). Luckily, the damage isn't too bad and I was able to clean it up. The carpet that got wet needs to be replaced anyways. I even fixed the water heater all on my own (dh isn't here yet) thanks to YouTube. And Friday I need to get an irrigation leak fixed so we can fill our pool, which needs to be filled because it has a leak somehow that needs to be fixed. And then I need to open the pool. And that just the next 2 weeks. Plus mowing and unpacking. After that a thousand other projects. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed atm.
  9. I had another thought. I don't know that I would do BA 2 after Singapore 1 only. I'd suggest finishing Singapore 2 before starting. It is quite a jump in level and even my Dd7, who finished the first 4 Miquon books still found it overwhelming. We set it aside for about 6 months until recently and it seems just right now. That's after memorizing her addition/subtraction/multiplication facts and working on getting her math stamina up.
  10. The book and workbook teach. They also now have videos on BA online that teach as well. The solutions guide has quite a bit of teaching in it as well. I find BA to be fairly open and go for my 7 and 8yo. But they're natural math thinkers and I still need to help often. It would have been a disaster for my 10yo. But Dd7 and dd8 love it and do well mostly independently and me in a more tutor position.
  11. Most of our stuff that I used are hits. I didn't change it up much this year, but a few things that stood out: Hits: Writing and Rhetoric Fable. I ditched WWE2 a little more than halfway through so far with both my older girls and moved them to this. Despite being very different learners and having different strengths, this is working well for both. Beast Academy Online. I got it more on a whim for dd8. She's been working through the workbooks. She LOVES the online part and while we're keeping the workbook part for now, it's been great for extra practice and review. And stands alone on days I really can't help her. We're in the middle of moving right now, so its been nice just to have her work on that when I'm busy. DD7 just started as well now that they have level 2 up and running. Mystery Science. I've had the subscription for a few years but we haven't used it a whole lot. Several months ago I mentioned to the girls that they were welcome to do it on their own if they wanted, and they took that and ran with it. They watch the lessons, discuss them among themselves, print activities, and do them all on their own, totally hands off for me. My elementary science philosophy is fairly unschooled anyways, so this fits right in for us. We do discuss things together a fair amount informally too. Misses: Killgallon Sentence Composing for Elementary. DD10 didn't need this as this is a strength of hers and dd8 just struggled to the point of tears with it. I think it was too hard for her and not enough scaffolding. It wasn't always clear on what it wanted. Maybe if we wait a year or two and try again? But for now, she's much happier with W&R alone.
  12. Special needs are an extenuating circumstance. I have an asd daughter myself, so I understand that completely. This sounds more reasonable.
  13. Yeah, this is helicoptery. For a 13yo, it would maybe be appropriate. But in their 20s? Why do you have any info about this at all, or access to be able to change a bid, or are involved in any way? That's full on grown up. I would have been very angry at my parents for messing with my finances at that age.
  14. Prodigy, ABC Mouse, EPIC reading, listened to audio books on audible and Librivox, xtramath, piano lessons through Hoffman Academy, educational games like Dragonbox and Slice Fractions or Stack the States.
  15. We average around 30k a year, so I guess that equals around 2500 a month? Our 2006 minivan is at 270k miles right now. We do a ton of road trips several times a year, so it's not surprising. That's just me. I actually have no idea about dh's car, but it's less. His does about 15 miles round trip 14 times a week plus random other little errands and the occasional 4 hour round trip to the airport.
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