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  1. I don't see it now! Wow, that was fast. I hope it comes back. Eta: Wait, when I search on Amazon for it I can see the coupon in the description before clicking. Maybe it doesn't show for me since I already used it?
  2. It's $350 on Amazon and there's about an $85 off coupon you can clip, bringing it to around $270 right now. I just picked it up. That's for the pro air one.
  3. It's $350 on Amazon right now with an $85 off coupon so a total of about $270. I just picked it up. 😊
  4. Thanks! I need to look into those. Maybe making some kits up with instructions would be a good Christmas gift for certain of my girls.
  5. I don't know if they'd be able to fit him into the very specific hourly playing schedule they've created for tomorrow, so at any point they'll know whose turn it is. It took hours of negotiating and planning. 😁
  6. I just showed these to Dd7 and she knew immediately who they were. Cute! We have quite a collection of Pokémon plushies, but none home made. I have personally made a pikachu, Eevee, and Ash costumes for Halloween though. And the girls did write and perform an original musical called "Pokémon the Musical" that was quite adorable.
  7. That was my daughter. My kids are fairly Pokémon crazy and there's a new Pokémon game for the Switch coming out tomorrow. They've been counting down days for months. I realized a few weeks ago that there was no way I'd get anything done on Nov. 15th. We're ahead of my planned schedule, so I promised that if they were good and not whiny for 2 weeks during school, we could cancel that day. I never would have imagined myself cancelling school for a video game back in my "daydreaming about homeschool days." 😂
  8. I've just gone through and read the original Calvert thread and have a lot of thoughts. 1. First, many new homeschoolers do look for the quick and easy thing. That's totally true. But I think a lot of those new homeschoolers wouldn't have been homeschoolers at all years ago and that's a factor of there just being so many more homeschoolers now. It's selection bias. I think there are likely just as many homeschoolers who think deeply about educating their children as ever, it's just instead of being a large faction, they are now a small faction. So if there were 3/10 homeschoolers before thinking deeply, now there are 3/100. It doesn't mean that those 3 don't exist, but it does mean they don't always get heard. Many of those new homeschoolers aren't doing it for philosophical reasons. They are doing it for lifestyle reasons and most plan on homeschooling for only a portion of their children's school careers. It's great that they have the options they do, but they aren't the same people as those that usually frequent here. 2. New options and new curricula aren't a bad thing. I LOVE that we have so many options to choose from. That we aren't limited by the main big publishers and that I don't have to invent the wheel. I feel like a lot of what was said on that thread made it sound like "new" = "bad". Even screens/independent don't equal bad to me. My girls do math facts practice, some math, some writing, some foreign language online. In a lot of ways it's much more efficient for them and me. I don't hold flashcards to teach letters or help them memorize 3x12. Instead they can play games that are every bit as efficient time-wise but more fun for them and less work for me. That's not a bad thing. I do then sit with them and use manipulatives and do a reading lesson and discuss problems. So it's not all screens. But screens and "new" aren't bad. Or even "less" than previous methods. It all depends on how they are utilized. 3. I still consider myself a "young" homeschooler even though I've been involved on here for 10 years. All of my kids are still in Elementary school. But I have literally no intention to outsource everything in High School. Maybe a subject or two per kid depending on their needs. So not all up coming homeschoolers do that or plan on doing that. 4. Living an exceptional life takes exceptional people. And I feel like exceptional educations are the same way, in whatever for mthey take. A lot of what people were describing homeschooling ideals to be were really what their version of "best" was. I think by definition, most people don't aim for best. Most people aim for good enough or sufficient. Which is why there's so few people striving for those deep educations or thought that we're talking about. We can't get disappointed when not everyone is as dedicated or focused on this aspect of life as we are. It is possible they have different priorities or they are just getting by in other ways. 5. There was a lot of "kids these days" kinds of comments about homeschoolers. But I distinctly remember conversations going back to when I first joined this forum 10 years ago about people wanting "free and easy" homeschool resources. It is not new. Just louder because homeschooling as a whole is more prevalent. As a fairly young homeschooler, I don't really appreciate people saying that all new and young homeschoolers want is easy. Some do. Not all. I think there will always be a place for rigor and depth and quality parenting. That's all for now. I've been wanting a good education discussion lately. I recently read One Room Schoolhouse and Knowledge Gap and have been thinking about educational paradigms a lot. I just haven't been able to come up with a good discussion question to start one yet.
  9. We did the Evan Moor Elementary Geography book which is available as a PDF. It was appropriate. We are also doing the Draw the World and Draw the USA books and those have been awesome. The girls have had lots of good discussions. They also enjoy and learn from many apps. Stack the states/countries, various map puzzles, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, etc. You could also look into one of those subscription boxes that focus on geography. Little Passports, I think it is called.
  10. I've been thinking a lot about this recently. I read WTM when dd11 was 1yo and fell and love. It was exactly what I wanted for my kids and what I wished I had growing up. 10 years later, I am still very heavily influenced by the ideas of rigor and depth, as well as more formal education in a lot of ways. I am very much that way still with dd9, dd7, and dd3 and I don't see that changing. We do school a little differently than WTM suggests, including more use of online/screens than I think is traditionally suggested, but I am very happy with what we do for them. However, dd11 is a totally different story. She has several special needs, including ASD and ADHD. She is very high functioning and mostly capable of grade-level work. She's a good little writer and has an amazing imagination as well as a gift for languages (latin especially). However, she can't focus on things she doesn't want to do. AT ALL. And she hates math. Like a lot. And it's pretty fair because she has some legitimate struggles there. So I've vastly decreased my expectations for her when it comes to math. I'm a BA/Miquon/AOPS type mom and she's doing Teaching Textbooks, which is like the opposite of them. I honestly had a little bit of a personal crisis when I made that decision. I also got rid of a lot of things for her recently (at least temporarily), including spelling, latin, spanish, typing, and grammar because she just can't focus well enough to do it all in a timely manner and school was making her talk very badly about herself. She just wasn't a happy girl anymore and life is more important. It may just be a season, but it was a really hard choice for me to make because it went against everything I feel about academics. Ultimately, dd11 is more important than grammar though. (While typing this paragraph, I had to tell her to focus/get back to work 7 different times). There are things she needs to know. I'm not going to budge on making her learn math, even though it is hard. But she spells pretty well and types pretty well and has an intuitive grasp of grammar and has finished more than most kids do in all school. So I have to be ok that it is good enough. I don't know what her education future will look like. I'm guessing traditional college is likely not her future. A rigorous traditional education is simply not a good fit for her. But because of her, I have opened my mind to a lot of possibilities and futures that aren't traditional. And even though I'm still pretty "rigorous" with her sisters, I feel like a lot of that is bleeding over into how I view their education as well. Homeschooling in general has made me rethink what we all take for granted and education culture. If I can convince my girls to homeschool for High School, I have a feeling it is going to look very different than most traditional high school educations do. And I'm excited about that. But all of my ideas are still in flux and I have trouble verbalizing it too.
  11. I would hire someone to work with dd11. Her asd makes it difficult to teach her without constant whining, and I hate the effect it has on our relationship. But she would be worse off in school. Unless I could find a really great school nearby for HFA kids, but I think her unique version of asd means even most schools like that wouldn't quite fit either. So a private tutor would probably be ideal. We would definitely travel more. High quality music lessons and a language tutor. I'd probably outsource a lot as they get older with random classes. For now though, I pretty much do what I want anyways, and dd11 is the big factor. I would also be happy to take the maid. We'd probably only need one every other week for the more deep cleaning stuff. I do alright with the surface cleaning. Oh! And maybe a chauffer to take my kids places. I limit a lot of what we do based on whether I feel up to taking them places on a regular basis.
  12. Dd7 and dd9 both use BA online as part of their math and love it. Very recently, chapter tests have shown up for each of the chapters. In order to access it, they have to have earned 11 stars in that chapter (at least in the settings we have, its possible there are other ways to get to it, I haven't tried). I'm pretty glad about this, especially for online, because it gives me a better benchmark and idea of mastery than just seeing the progress in a given chapter. My girls do both paper and online BA. They are allowed to work anywhere on BA online but we work through the books in order. I like this because it gives them a lot of review, but it did make it hard for me to tell how much progress they were making. So in case anyone else was interested, I thought I'd let you know!
  13. For what it's worth, all of my girls have been doing typing practice for a long time and average at least 25 wpm each, so that may effect their enjoyment vs a kid who struggles more to type. They also enjoy typing their own stories on the computer in their free time, usually Pokemon-related fanfiction. So they are all inclined to enjoy this type of creative writing exercises to begin with.
  14. So I signed up for it yesterday with the free one week trial. I got the discount off Facebook as well and for my 3 girls it will be $70 total for a year if we keep it. Not cheap but not exhorbitant either. So far they love it. They did it in their free time and it seems well-thought out. I plan on having it be a free-time thing except days when for whatever reason we don't get to table work (meaning they don't do other writing/grammar/spelling), then it will be part of school. I'm interested in longevity, so I'll be a guinea pig and let you guys know. I'll probably pay for the year.
  15. I like the ones where you pay per class and maybe need to volunteer as a parking monitor for 3 hours a semester. That's about my level. And even then, I have only done it for 1 year out of the 7 I've homeschooled because I just didn't find the classes to be worth the time commitment and being tied to someone else's schedule. We are in a sort of coop now too, although not like any I've seen before and they don't call themselves a coop. I pay to be a member and someone else organizes things like science fairs, field trips, play dates, holiday parties, clubs, dances, 4h, plays, choir, etc. But we can pick what we want to participate in. It's really my favorite model for a coop because it provides all the extra curricular opportunities school does, but without school and undue pressure on me to teach a class.
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