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  1. I know someone offering double that with no takers. 😞
  2. This was a problem for him initially. They did have a handful of contacts simply retire early 2020. The bigger loss has happened in the last 3-4 months somehow.
  3. Except in trucking. Close family member works shipping logistics. They were paying 50-80% higher than prior rate and couldn't get a bite. Then they add $100 more to the listings each day it lingers and things still sit for up to a week, when they used to have more drivers than loads.
  4. Also no pumpkin here. I didn't see it til about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving last year. I use Oxyclean laundry stain gel and have only found 1 tube in 1.5 years. Pet food is scary low. Aldi finally had bagel seasoning but TJs and Walmart have been out for months.
  5. How old is he? Anyone can vary up to 2 pounds day to day so you are likely looking at under 4 pounds lost. Any reason to suspect thyroid issues? Mine was diagnosed at 11.
  6. They weren't kidding... it's incredibly hard to opt out of CTC. It needs all sorts of biometrics and couldn't confirm me. Also, my oldest is between kids and mens shoes. Looks like his cleats will likely be mens size, which means an extra $20 for the same shoe. 🙄
  7. This is what we have been waiting for because we need to do a major fence repair.
  8. Feel ya. My oldest went through 5 sizes in 2019.
  9. Our CTC showed up yesterday. Has anyone had Chewy give them an account credit? They read a review of mine and offered me a refund. However, my debit card changed between the purchase date and the refund. They have approved a refund twice now, to the original card, and it never went through. Thinking I should call and ask for account credit before my autoship bills next week.
  10. One of the reasons listed in articles to opt out is if you had a child aging out this year. That leads me to believe she will be counted as 6.
  11. We missed the deadline for July but will opt out of the rest.
  12. The rescued cats at the trough. LoL They are from 3 families, all TNR'd, all outside (and in garage).
  13. Tova is three. We got her from a rescue in May.
  14. Ohhh wow. I had a tubal and was told year 11 is when the efficacy drops because your body can just basically create new pathways. Only 3 years?! I do know someone who had a baby 14 years past tubal just before she got divorced. They sought counseling and stayed together because of that baby. As far as I know, they are still married.
  15. Fall ball and then we reassess. He is good but typically yo-yos between soccer and baseball so he's never done travel teams or anything.
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