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  1. She does have other people in her life: husband, grown daughter, grandkids, local friends. I don't know exactly how she is doing, but the relationship was so lop-sided and awkward that I am not motivated to try again. I guess I feel dumb for letting this relationship continue for years, even if it was less and less over time. I thought of her as needy and odd but I never connected it to a possible personality disorder. Even if it is not that, something about her is off.
  2. I think you are right about COVID. I called current friends to check on them. If I received a letter/email from an old friend, even from childhood, I'd think it was fun and would probably write back. I would not reach out to someone who unfriended/blocked/denied my follow requests on social media. For sure I wouldn't text them! Oh well.
  3. I do appreciate your thoughts, but if I sent her anything resembling the very kind message above, I think she'd grab onto the fact that I'd shown her kindness and keep contacting me in the hopes that we could re-establish communication. She hasn't taken the hint previously and I don't think she would now either.
  4. I assume BPD mentioned above is borderline personality disorder? She does seem to have a few of the symptoms, but probably not all. I was telling a good friend IRL about this, and she said this person sounds unstable. I agree. I haven't responded to her and I likely won't. I can just imagine if I wrote a "don't contact me again" message, she'd go into hysterics the way she did over the blog post misunderstanding. Thanks for listening and voicing your opinions.
  5. I considered that, but her feelings are so easily hurt that I didn't do it. Probably silly of me to be bugged about it. It was just so uncomfortable for so long.
  6. We had cheesecake for my DH yesterday. That's sort of like a pie, right? We hadn't planned it for Pi/Pie Day and had forgotten about that until one son mentioned it.
  7. This took me a minute to catch on. 😄
  8. In the late 90s I met a woman on a message board. We were in an email group with a few other people which was fun until it faded after a couple years. When my husband and I were in her state (over 20 years ago) we met in person. She gushed over me and made me feel like visiting royalty. We just didn't click. I didn't anyway. She always seemed to put me on a pedestal but our meeting confirmed it. However, the friendship was SO important to her that I kept it up for a long time. We both had blogs and there was a misunderstanding about a joke I put on mine. She took it seriously and wrote about m
  9. Here in our red state testing is almost $200 at a clinic but you can get free testing at the county health department. We got tested three weeks ago. You just need to call and make an appointment. However, I just heard from a friend that her daughter was having trouble getting tested there. Cases are up so maybe they're running low on supplies. Not sure.
  10. Chicken pot pie...maybe not technically pie but with biscuits on top, like a casserole. Does that count? Apple pie for dessert, but key lime sounds wonderful as well.
  11. I think many, many people who think they can't sing, could learn from the right teacher. You don't just open your mouth and use the same voice you do when speaking. The exception might be if someone is truly tone deaf. Our choir director says that those people cannot be taught to overcome it. Most people are not tone deaf though.
  12. Oh, I thought of that, too! Pretty sure it was potting soil although I did find a few bags of black..uhh..bread?...that had almost completely decomposed. If only I were still homeschooling...biology, health, home ec, and later on home repairs and remodeling could be covered.
  13. I am praying for peace for our nation! Thanks for starting this thread, Mercy.
  14. I used to let the kids use my large, plastic sewing cutting board for puzzles. Then the puzzle-in-progress could be moved if the table was needed.
  15. Lots of good tips here! This isn't really cleaning but I put a large magnetic wipe off board on the fridge. I write a running grocery list there, as well as a weekly menu in one corner. Before grocery shopping, I snap a photo with my phone. Instant grocery list.
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