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  1. I also love linen sheets. I bought some after stumbling across a thread on here about sheets, and reading about how wonderful and long lasting they are supposed to be. I saw you commented that you don’t think your dh would like them, so I wanted to add… my skin is very sensitive to fabric types, and I have never liked the feel of linen clothes (seems rough and scratchy), but the linen sheets I bought really do feel so nice and soft. They are the only sheets I use now.
  2. I’m glad you decided to tell her about it. To be honest, I really wouldn’t let my dd attend at all. Even if you drive her there, she still will be subjected to who knows what…and it doesn’t sound like the coach is acting like a responsible adult so I wouldn’t trust the supervision. What if your dd loses access to her phone?
  3. I wash everything first, unless it is “hand wash only” or “dry clean only”. (And I try to avoid buying things in those two categories).
  4. Our factory painted cabinets that are under the sink and counter have chipped badly. The top cabinets are in perfect condition. Our situation sounds similar to @ealp2009 When we moved into the house (former residents didn’t have kids) the cabinets were newish and in great shape. They went downhill rapidly after we (with our kids) moved in.
  5. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t eat it. I may be overly cautious, but figure “better safe than sorry”
  6. I’m very cautious about illness- I would take all the precautions you mentioned and skip activities. It sounds like you’ve been very careful, so the chances of it being covid are super low, but spreading a cold wouldn’t be good either. A cold that spreads would cause the next person who gets it to go through the same questioning of “what if it’s covid...” Hope you feel much better soon! Will pray that you do.
  7. Praying for you and your family.
  8. I couldn’t think of anything until I read some of the other replies. It’s been over 15 years, and we have two vases, two bowls (all that’s left from our everyday service for 12 set of dishes), and a cookbook. I’m sure there must be other things. Oh, and a few random pieces of flatware. When the kids were little they would accidentally throw pieces away when clearing their plates. This is my theory anyway, because we still have almost all the knives (which the kids didn’t use), but hardly any forks and spoons.
  9. Sorry your daughter is having a rough time with this. Completely understandable. We are very similar here- higher risk family members and following the public health guidelines. We haven’t done any indoor socializing- and we only know one other family who is being similarly cautious, so before seeing your post I was starting wonder if we are just about the only ones. (I am a Christian homeschooler, so we aren’t all like the ones you’ve encountered!😊) No real suggestions- one of my kids gets discouraged after talking to friends and hearing about their “normal” life. She finds it frustrating other people don’t follow the rules, so that we can all be out of this sooner. Another has been purposeful to schedule phone calls and zooms with friends. I keep encouraging them both that this won’t last forever, and we have tried to put extra family activities on the calendar so there are “events” to look forward to. Neither is on social media, I think that would make it harder. Oh, one thing that has helped a little- they have reached out to isolated elderly people through letters and phone calls. It’s shown them how much harder isolation is for others, and has hopefully encouraged the elderly friends too.
  10. I’d look outside the house too, just incase one of the kids could have had them and dropped them when your company left. Also, I agree with the others on offering your kids a reward for finding them- that has produced amazingly fast results at my house.
  11. What KatieinMich said sounds very much like our experience. Two of my kids love finding new recipes to try and we have a lot more variety with the kids cooking. We do have to remind the kids at times to scale it down on desserts, and add a vegetable, but they pretty much choose what to make.
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