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  1. I have to show my ID which is checked against rolls and then scanned, then I sign a paper log. They always ask if my address has changed. I always get a sticker. To absentee vote yesterday, I had to show my driver's license, verify my address and reason for absentee voting. I got a sticker.
  2. I felt myself coming down with a cold yesterday, so I did absentee voting in the afternoon without my "little helper" in tow. There was a line out the door at the only absentee voting location in town. It took about 50 minutes from getting in line to walking back out. I'm relieved to have voted yesterday since I have no voice today, and I feel officially lousy. Enjoying being able to be home all day.
  3. Tap, thank you for the correction. My concern was with spreading chickenpox. In our community, there are many families that have not received any vaccinations, so that is a possibility. I also seem to have a "welcome" mat out that invites germs to visit me on a regular basis. With that in mind, I wanted do what I could to help myself.
  4. My husband got shingles several years ago and he was miserable. He is not a complainer and after I saw how much pain he was in, I was determined to do everything I could to help myself not get the shingles. Three weeks ago, I created a list of the pharmacies in my area I was willing to travel to and called them to see if they had the vaccine in stock. I had already called 5 pharmacies that didn't have it in stock, when I hit on one that had it. It was a small pharmacy that isn't usually very busy and I was there in the time it took me to drive. I wasn't about to miss the opportunity. I was given an appointment slip to get my second shot in two months with the pharmacist's name listed on it. It seems like that will make me more "official" and I can get the 2nd shot before other people getting the first shot. I'm not planning on missing that! When the original shingles vaccine come out a few years ago, I read an article that made reference to people getting shingles at church, out shopping, movies, etc.. Older people may not realize they have shingles or they don't realize how contagious it is and how harmful it can be to others. They want to go to church, get groceries, etc. so, they go out, and other people get the shingles.
  5. I agree with the way Arctic Mama described MFR above and why you would go through it. Well said.
  6. For me, I remember the most discomfort after the first few visits. Taking the Aleve and drinking the water, etc. did help. I would describe the process more like the knot being pressed/held until you feel the muscle "release." As the PT was pressing on the knot, my muscle would quiver until it released, and then you could see my arm lower right before your eyes. I wasn't doing anything different - the muscle was doing it. I couldn't believe the increase in range of motion I had that quickly in my shoulders/neck/arms. I would be sore the next day, but I could move. I figured, I had hurt without MFR and I couldn't move, and though I was sore with MFR, I could move, so it was worth it to me. That was just my experience.
  7. About 30 years ago when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia while living in the Virginia Beach area, I was fortunate enough to be sent to a physical therapist who did MFR. He explained that my muscles were "upset" and had developed knots/lumps. He applied pressure the the knots until the muscles "released". I saw the PT twice a week for 6 weeks, during which time he also taught me how to properly stretch all my muscles, but especially the muscles with the knots. He suggested I take Aleve before I came to the appointment and drink lots of water the rest of the day. Receiving the MFR and learning how stretch really did change my life and got me moving again. The PT was kind enough to let my husband be in the room when he did the therapy so my husband could learn what to do to help me. I learned to lay on a tennis ball to reach the knots on my back or shoulders and if that wouldn't have worked, I would have purchased an item called a Thera Cane to use. (Do a search on Thera Cane to see what it looks like.) I am forever grateful to that PT for teaching me and my husband about MFR and the importance of stretching. I will say the process....HURT. Like make me cuss and want to bite the PT's hand, but even after the first visit, I had a significant improvement. By the end of the six weeks, I couldn't believe the difference it had made and the turn around in my pain levels and mobility. I was 28 years old and had felt like my life was almost over due to pain and immobility, so I was willing to put up with the temporary pain to get results. My PT encouraged me to read about MFR and to learn how muscles work so I wasn't just taking his word about MFR, but I fully understood what was happening with my muscles: how they had gotten into bad shape, during the MFR and the necessity of stretching. So, for me, it was a life saver, though the process wasn't easy. I think one thing that helped me to have good results was that I received therapy twice a week for six weeks, and I knew up front it was going to be uncomfortable, though the discomfort decreased with each session. Feel free to ask more questions if you would like. Best of luck.
  8. If I have watched a movie or read a story when a person wasn't allowed privacy when going to the bathroom, it has always upset me. There would be lots of other things happening in the story, but I would just keep thinking about that poor person not being allowed to go to the bathroom...ALONE! In the movies/books, It seems that removing the individual's privacy when going to the bathroom was done to humiliate or emotionally harm a person. I think privacy when going to the bathroom is a basic human dignity everyone should be allowed. Needless to say, in the 24 years I've been married, my husband has never been in the bathroom when I am "going to the bathroom." I understand that one day as we age or if we had a change in our health that made privacy impossible, we would have to adjust. BUT, that is very different from one human deciding another human doesn't have the privilege of privacy. Yikes!
  9. If I told my son about someone eating crackers from 2012, he would be horrified. ?
  10. We have family that grew up with a very relaxed approach regarding when to put food in the refrigerator after cooking and when to throw left overs away. It would not be unusual for them to put a plate on top of a pot on the stove containing food for a couple of hours before putting the food in the refrigerator, or to find SEVERAL items in the fridge that were obviously moldy. When visiting them, my family all got memorably sick from eating leftovers. (We had concerns about the left overs, but, didn't say anything.) The event was the opposite of making a good memory, if you know what I mean. After that, my son became very concerned about expiration dates, food going bad, etc. Because there was so much discussion about it, I looked for a website that could help. I found The website has a lot of information, and it made my son happy. I made a cheat sheet of the food items I use most, and I keep a permanent marker beside the refrigerator to write the date to discard on each condiment. We eat left overs usually the next day, so we don't really run into that issue very much. Our son is at college now, but when he comes home for the holidays and summer, he does look through the refrigerator to make sure everything is "safe." I will have to explain all of this to his wife one day. I really didn't try to make him this way.
  11. My son graduated high school two years ago, and I had to consider what graduation gifts to give his friends. When I asked another mom of a large family who had several children in college what she would suggest, she said the best gift really was cash. I was disappointed at with the idea of giving cash. When I specifically asked about a monogramed towel set, she said her kids received several sets and were less than impressed. I think one child even ended up buying their own choice of towels! With that in mind, I went with gifts that were half what the student would want, half what I wanted to give by giving cash and personalized stationery. After going through the experience of my son receiving graduation gifts and seeing how he responded, I now just give cash. I do think it is a helpful gift for the student to receive, though it still doesn't feel like a very satisfactory gift to give. I would always prefer to give a monogrammed towel set or personalized stationery. ?
  12. I would like to be added to this group also. Thank you.
  13. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Not everyone experiences the joy of having such a beloved dog, but losing that friend is such a loss. May your precious memories bring you comfort and peace. My dear dog was a stray that was added to our "NO dog" family as a last minute decision to give companion ship to my son. Little did we know that I was going to fall crazy in love with our fluffy australian shepherd mutt. He would welcome me home with such happiness, comfort me when I was sad and encourage me to go to bed when I needed to. Our family went through a lot of loss and sadness in our journey to add another child to our family and my dear dog was an incredible support through throughout. The day before we flew out to be at the birth of my daughter, my dog declined suddenly, and we had to put him to sleep. I was sobbing uncontrollably as my husband and son took him to the vet, and it was like he knew what was happening and he wanted me to know it was alright. I felt like he had waited until our child was ready to be added to our family before he was ready to go. I very grateful to God for the comfort and companionship my sweet dog added to my life and that I got to give him a final hug 24 hours before I held our daughter in my arms. It will be 5 years in June since, and just last week I had a good cry missing him. I've thought how very kind it was of the Lord to create dogs with the ability to be such wonderful companions and to add so much to our lives.
  14. As soon as I saw your username and photo, I remembered you. I've been a faithful reader for the last 9 years, though I rarely ever post. I did want to say I am so very sorry for the health challenges you and your husband have faced. It takes so much energy to endure and press on when dealing with hard health issues and losses, but you are doing it. May your diet and exercise plans become a helpful part of your life and bring about good results. Blessings to you and your health.
  15. I thought the Orville was pretty funny. I really love Star Trek in all forms, so the dramatic music similar to and the obvious and not-so-obvious references to various Star Trek series/movies made me laugh.
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