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  1. I am so sorry. I know how frustrating that can be. I've had similar things happen when waiting for days a MD to return my call and then I miss it because I had to go to the bathroom. Really!?! The few minutes I didn't stare at my phone, that's when the MD calls. Sigh. Over time, I've learned which doctors do better with asking questions in writing BEFORE my actual appointment. That means, though, signing up for the patient portal which can take time and patience. Some offices need to email you an invitation to set up the portal, and other offices let you set it up immediately. After signi
  2. When I started homeschooling 17 years ago, the warehouse and used curriculum store weren't open, so when they did, I was SO HAPPY. I am very grateful for them.
  3. I had to chuckle when I saw this thread. I'm in the middle of organizing our home library today. If someone asked me if I have a hobby, I’d be tempted to say, “Keeping our home library organized.” My oldest just graduated from college, and he read non-stop from when he could sit up and hold a book. I decided then to have good books on hand similar to having good food in the refrigerator/pantry so he wouldn’t be hungry for good books. We’ve never spent a lot of money on vacations, eating out, or entertainment, so we’ve put our money towards books. At the time, we lived 25 minutes away fro
  4. What a handsome fellow. If he wagged his tail, I bet his owner would forgive him. I would!💕
  5. I stubbed my toe in my Oofos clogs yesterday also. I thought to myself, "Well, that would have been a broken toe if I wasn't wearing these." I know. I've broken my toe that way before. I may just stay with my Oofos clogs. 🙂
  6. So sorry this happened to you. Just prayed for you now.
  7. I had an acquaintance tell me to stay away from Splenda. I didn't have time to ask why, but I'm trying to get something that better than artificial sweeteners. I really only use a sweetener in my hot tea and I've gotten use to Monk fruit. I would like to try to make some iced tea and add a slight bit of sweetener. I've never really made iced tea at home, so I don't have very refined taste regarding how iced tea with a different sweetener would taste vs. good ole' sugar. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  8. I have been using monk fruit, but I would like to try a blend. Do you have a suggestion of what I could try? Is there a name brand and where should I by it. Do you mind letting me know what THM is? Thank you.
  9. What a great way to remember it! Thank you! I could never remember that one either. 😊
  10. Not knowing the alphabet can actually be a sign of dyslexia. And as for holes--my son thought his middle name was Oscar until he was maybe 10 years old. It is not Oscar. Did he explain where he got the idea from? Does his real middle name sound like Oscar? Is it a family name? 🤔
  11. She is really a nice lady. She has remembered all our names, that we homeschool, what grade my daughter is in, etc. I think she just really just wanted to connect. I startle very easily, so I was glad I didn't jump and squeal. I do all the time at home. 😮😊
  12. I wrote the following on Monday night when I first read this thread. I wasn’t sure I would post it, but since the discussion is still going, I decided to post. Sorry it’s so long. Reading this thread has helped me understand myself a little better. I grew up in the RCC, and never thought about how that influenced my faith and worship preferences as an adult. As a child, I was used to the quiet reverence in sanctuary as my father kneeled to pray before mass. As I grew in my faith, I looked forward to that time to still my heart. In my late teens, I attended a non-denominational/charis
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