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  1. recommendations for good books to read for 11 year old dd, who is in 5th grade in school. She loves reading and looking for some good books to bring from our library before they close. We have several weeks at home now..without school
  2. Where did you find info on DHEA and COQ10? I looked at Mayo clinic and they said not to take it... Do the guys have to do anything to have a healthy sperm
  3. Me and my husband are both 41. We have kids ages 10 and 8 and our desire for another child has not totally died down. We still feel like we would love to have one more kid in our life but I'm not sure as we are getting older. 41 is considered advanced maternal age for having babies right now isn't it. How different or difficult will it be to be pregnant at 41 compared to 30. I am 25 lb overweight compared to the time since I had my kids and not in the greatest shape physically. I don't work out much and my muscle mass has reduced a lot and I have really fat flabby arms a lot of fat in general in my body. Is there anything we both can do to prepare ourselves to have a healthier pregnancy and a healthy baby?
  4. Need Recommendations for good quality blackout curtains. We got some blackout curtains sold by Costco but they are not blocking all the light. In fact I can see light streaming in..I heard Pottery Barn has good ones but they are very expensive at almost 100$ pretty panel.. So more than 200$/ window seems excessive.. Any other good quality blackout curtains I should look at?
  5. Can you please link the CBT workbook recommended to you. Thank you
  6. Ok after reading you replies, I looked around and found speed queen bring back the older model TC5. Maybe that's what I will get, though it looks plain and I don't like the design...I am tempted to get a different dryer than speed queen as my husband's likes steam feature on the dryer.. Will a mismatch set of washer and dryer matter? Specially when we want to sell the house later on? Not sure when...
  7. We need a new electric set of washer and dryer. We have decided on top loaders to cut down on mold and stink issued we read s lot about. But the top loaders are classified into agitator and impeller. I have seen videos on how they run and have doubts about the impeller. I do not like the regulations to use less water, as I think the clothes may not be getting cleaned well. Some models have an agitator, but several reviewers say the motion is like an impeller. It's all so confusing. The speed Queens got a bad name after the 2018 model fiasco... I have no idea what to buy. I just want a simple, reliable, good washer. Any suggestions
  8. We just bought a Kindle for the kids ages 10&7 and I was wondering if we can get some good quality kids books for them to read on travels. Do your kids read on Kindle or is it unnecessary?
  9. Pic1&2 are the same. If you zoom these pictures there's is a transformer on the pole which we can see from this house...
  10. We are looking at homes and love one, but it has power lines running through middle of backyard.. I am not sure how high voltage these are... The developer days they are normal distribution lines..I am attaching pictures..I can see some bigger towers in the distance to the left and right... Would health concerns worry you? Would you buy this home?
  11. How to clean this black stuff from washer? I tried wiping but it looks like it is stuck hard/deep? any ideas how to get it out? Thank you
  12. DS recently had a ruptured ear drum and infection and now it's healed nicely according to the ENT and he can go swimming, but there is still some fluid behind ear drum and he has some 20% hearing loss in that ear. The ENT mentioned playing recorder, swimming to help the fluid drain. We see ENT next month again. Can we do anything else to drain the fluid fully and quickt?
  13. Our 7yo son has been asking for a guitar since a long time and I think we need to get him one. We went to a music and arts store near us and they said he will need a 1/2 size guitar but they were sort of pushing their store brand guitar and since we are not musicians didnt know anything about them, we didnt buy in sore but not sure what we should get him? Any recommendations for a 1/2 size accoustic guitar for a kid? I was looking at these online--
  14. Thank you all, makes sense. Thank you Lori for the list..
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