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  1. what is a great breed dog for a first time pet for a family? our kids are 11 &8. we have never owned pets before neither the kids nor the adults..we have no clue what we are doing...want a puppy for sure..willing to spend money to get a kind, happy, mild dog from a good breeder..what would be a great breed of dog for us? Labrador? golden doodle? labradooddle? any other?
  2. Thank you call the quilting store near me and got 2 yards of batik cotton I am going to do a curbside pickup later in the afternoon. ..no I'm wondering if I should have ordered a little more fabric How much are you guys ordering We are four people at home to adults two kids and I will probably make 2-3 for each person
  3. We are making Masks at home with some cotton scrap square pieces we have , but recently read article which said that quilters cotton or even batic cotton 100% with the 180 thread count or higher is best to make masks. I'm trying to find it on Amazon and I don't find it anywhere where do I find this 180 thread count quilters or batik cotton and how is it different from regular cotton
  4. This data also, this data was generated in 2013 much before the covid craziness.. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/258525804_Testing_the_Efficacy_of_Homemade_Masks_Would_They_Protect_in_an_Influenza_Pandemic
  5. https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/best-materials-make-diy-face-mask-virus/ Look at this.. Based on this I made a mask with 2 layers of tea towel ,😐
  6. Can you give some examples of surfaces that gives. Right now we live in a home which has carpet and tile flooring so no other option for me. is a carpet better than a tile? Our carpet is not very plush anyway It's very very basic
  7. My kids got a jump rope today and I was trying it out tonight. I peed while jump roping..I had to go and change... My 2 kids are 11&8. I have not been that active physically for a long long time...I will now... How to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles... Did you experience this,?
  8. dh is still going to work.. They are all sitting about 10 feet away, don't eat lunch together in a room, no conference calls in a room etc... Taking good precautions.. He comes home and washes his hands and takes a shower. Wipes phones etc..I wash all his clothes in the sanitizing cycle everyday... Would you be comfortable brewing tea if there are no symptoms...
  9. recommendations for good books to read for 11 year old dd, who is in 5th grade in school. She loves reading and looking for some good books to bring from our library before they close. We have several weeks at home now..without school
  10. Where did you find info on DHEA and COQ10? I looked at Mayo clinic and they said not to take it... Do the guys have to do anything to have a healthy sperm
  11. Me and my husband are both 41. We have kids ages 10 and 8 and our desire for another child has not totally died down. We still feel like we would love to have one more kid in our life but I'm not sure as we are getting older. 41 is considered advanced maternal age for having babies right now isn't it. How different or difficult will it be to be pregnant at 41 compared to 30. I am 25 lb overweight compared to the time since I had my kids and not in the greatest shape physically. I don't work out much and my muscle mass has reduced a lot and I have really fat flabby arms a lot of fat in g
  12. Need Recommendations for good quality blackout curtains. We got some blackout curtains sold by Costco but they are not blocking all the light. In fact I can see light streaming in..I heard Pottery Barn has good ones but they are very expensive at almost 100$ pretty panel.. So more than 200$/ window seems excessive.. Any other good quality blackout curtains I should look at?
  13. Can you please link the CBT workbook recommended to you. Thank you
  14. Ok after reading you replies, I looked around and found speed queen bring back the older model TC5. Maybe that's what I will get, though it looks plain and I don't like the design...I am tempted to get a different dryer than speed queen as my husband's likes steam feature on the dryer.. Will a mismatch set of washer and dryer matter? Specially when we want to sell the house later on? Not sure when...
  15. We need a new electric set of washer and dryer. We have decided on top loaders to cut down on mold and stink issued we read s lot about. But the top loaders are classified into agitator and impeller. I have seen videos on how they run and have doubts about the impeller. I do not like the regulations to use less water, as I think the clothes may not be getting cleaned well. Some models have an agitator, but several reviewers say the motion is like an impeller. It's all so confusing. The speed Queens got a bad name after the 2018 model fiasco... I have no idea what to buy. I just w
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