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  1. Ohhh I hate that crap about never giving certain grades. If a student earns it, more power to them but to purposely refuse an A 'just because' is criminal in my opinion.
  2. Starting wind down too...but April is nuts. I have three papers to write: 30 pg, 10 page, and one about 5 pg.
  3. A summer break is always a good thing! I purposely don't schedule classes in the summer so I can get to books I need to read that relate to my program but aren't part of class. This summer I"m doing an EMT class in June with my middle child.
  4. We started registration for Fall semester yesterday and there isn't a single class available that I need or have on my Ph.D. plan. Fall is always lean on offerings for some reason and spring semester always has like ten that I want/need. I can usually find something in the fall but this one...I'm digging for something worthwhile and I don't want it to be a waste of money/student loans. I still need about 20 credits worth of classes before comps.
  5. Just finished mine and I was pretty lazy, which was nice. We've had record snow here in February (30 inches) and I was so happy to see sun and warm temperatures! The still everywhere but melting. But...wee had so much 2 of the gym roofs at out huge fitness center collapsed, so it's all closed the rest of the semester. I did several days at the animal shelter where III volunteer with the girls. It was lovely going in and spending two hours just petting the cats 🙂 This will be my last laz streak this semester though. April is going to be nuts.
  6. So, how's it going this week? This past week I was in one of those 'I don't feel like doing much' moods regarding class, which is rare for me.
  7. Congrats Sea!!! That's awesome 🤸‍♀️ ✨ I will have two Native American Studies classes - one on films and another literature class. I've already read all the books but two for the lit class, so that helps.
  8. Well I was lazy over the weekend, so writing the paper today. Weekends are just too entertaining with everyone home 🙂
  9. I have one paper to write but it's only 15 pages, so I can knock that out tomorrow. I already have the notes from all the books, I just have to write it up. Then...freeeeeedom! Till January anyway 🙂
  10. well, i just turned in the last thing for my online class. The final project isn't due till next week - we have this week and next to do any revisions we want, but I sent it in yesterday. Today, I did the last discussion posts and that is it! I have one more book to read, and final paper for the independent study to finish it out.
  11. OMG Ethel, hugs and best wishes. I hope he is recovering well. Will the prof give you some leeway on due dates? I should think this definitely qualifies. As for me, I turned in the project, and last week did the peer reviews. I"ve been pretty lazy over Thanksgiving, but after the whirlwind, I needed it. I have one more book to read, and a final paper. And, as Sassenach said, the thought of the winter break makes me giddy too 🙂
  12. I got buried. Final project I thought know...the final thing?The draft is due Nov. 9th and as of a week and a half ago, I hadn't started. The final version isn't due till the end but we are apparently going to do peer reviews on 2 others, then have time to revise. Stuff like that never sneaks up on me but sure did this time ?
  13. Do you use Mac or Windows? Scrivener has a free trial for Nano on Mac and the Windows Version 3 beta is free as well (download from the L&L forum). I use both and can save the project to Dropbox, then work on whichever machine I need to, or my Mac laptop. If you are on Windows, take a look at Atomic Scribbler. It's free and the chapter structure is very similar to Scrivener but without so many behind the scenes abilities as Scrivener has. Very easy to learn and get to the writing. I use OneNote for class notes but don't free write anything in it. Dabble ( also has Mac and Windows versions and a free Nano trial. It also uses the same chapter/scene breakdown that you can do in OneNote but comes with a plotting board and can be used either through the downloaded app or via the website and stays synced up between the two.
  14. BBL said it perfectly. I much prefer in-person classes. I feel really disconnected this semester - one online class and one independent study. It's awesome to sit around a big table with other grad students and really dissect the week's material. I Agree though. I HATE group projects.
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