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  1. I haven't curriculum hopped/changed much over the last 19 or so years. Things I've used from the start and never deviated from: McGuffey's Primer reader/workbook + Phonics Pathways (my Primer has each child's name and the date they finished the book going back to my oldest sister in 1977!) A Reason for Spelling Evan-Moore Daily Language, etc. books Saxon math grades 1 and 2 Singapore Math 3A-6B + Horizons for review/supplement Teach Them Spanish K-5 Galore Park Spanish/French Ellen McHenry science, art and English Wes Olson's 101 science series (starting in upper el
  2. I watched "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" with my kids and we all cried. Such a beautiful human being.
  3. I like how Horrible Histories sums up WWI, personally. It's one of my dc's favorites. 🙂
  4. Very, very simple meal plans. No more cookbooks, special ingredients, or hours in the kitchen prepping/cooking. Same meals/themes each week, stuff anyone can make down to my 8yos/d, no extra thought as far as grocery shopping, dinner can be planned and on the table in about 20 minutes flat. No dirty laundry in bedrooms. Bought stackable recycling bins for laundry room: lights, darks, jeans, whites, towels, rags (we hand wash floors). Best decision ever especially given that 8 loads/day is the norm around here. And way, way less stench in bedrooms. Speaking of stench... Shoes kept in the
  5. Lol, I'm just not able to find hours to clean a built-up-gross fridge/freezer. Minutes I have, though. And memories of friends' fridges...stuff of nightmares, I tell you.
  6. Fridge and freezer get cleaned out 100% every Saturday. I used to do this on my own, now each kid has 3 drawers/shelves assigned. I used to open the fridge at friends' homes as a kid and just about gag. I figure it takes just minutes to keep the fridge clean and not stinky each week. I can't say that I've found anything of particular "interest" or growing in the fridge. But I keep it very organized so it's easy to spot if something has been in there too long. And easy to keep up with expired/rotting foods on the Saturday clean out.
  7. This. I'm not in favor of lock downs but I sure wish some restrictions/guidelines had been kept in place. I thought the 2 people per cart rule in Costco and Wal-Mart was fantastic and I'd love to see mask mandates in stores (not just for COVID but basic health/illness reasons).
  8. We're using Brilliant Prep's videos on YouTube. Maybe it's not what OP is looking for but perhaps others might find these helpful. My girls really like them so far.
  9. I also had a BOB Duallie for longer treks around the neighborhood. The Snap-n-Go was so agile and easy to maneuver even with one hand, that's what I used in stores and such. The BOB I could pile in twins and both my toddlers on the front (1yo and 2yo) at least for a while. Couldn't use the infant carseats so twins didn't go in the BOB until they were around 5-6 months. The Britax system is also nice for configurations of carseats but it can be a beast to push. Does she have double nursing pillow? That was a godsend for me even if the babies were on bottles.
  10. I loved my Snap-n-Go double stroller - used it for over a year and absolutely could not have done much without it. We set up a changing table in the living room with all diapers, wipes and clothes for the first 3 months. Saved walking back to a nursery or whatever. Twins slept in the living room during that time - just made things easier. But mine were born at 31 weeks and came home a month later to oxygen and all kinds of wires/machines were in play. Other than that I have little recollection of what we did until the twins were close to 11 months. It was a blur of pumping, school, pumpi
  11. My 17yod has been working on an application for Quest Bridge. One of the agreements is that if she is accepted/admitted to a school of her choosing (she ranks up to 12 schools in order of preference) the admission is "binding" meaning she must withdraw her application for the rest of the schools. I have read the fine print and tried to make sense of any penalties should she not end up attending the school. While I see nothing (yet) something about this seems...off. Does anyone know about these "binding" scholarship applications?
  12. Highest priorities...yep. This story makes me so angry.
  13. Wait, what?? Calling bakeries first thing tomorrow morning! This could be life changing for me.
  14. I wanted to ask something similar and hope my question comes across as simply that and nothing more: With the events your dc were scheduled to take part in (ACT, Pudewa) and your FIL's health would you have done things differently looking back? I ask because my mom lives by us and my oldest is heading into some big testing as well, but I go back and forth between attending a special event (wedding, ironically) and saying 'no' in order to not expose my family or mom. But then I wonder if it's worth not going? I don't know if I fear COVID or my dd's disappointment if the deadlines were missed sh
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