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  1. I don't have answers to most of the questions you all asked but do have a great list of questions which I will use to gather information. This is exactly what I needed - thanks!!
  2. No. We have just under .25 acre that is well laid out (kind of like our small house) so there is a lot of space for kids to build, climb, play, etc. We've made large investments in space-saving measures (lofts, cabinets) and fun toys for yard and home so each space/area has something different. I think it helps that I grew up in about the same space with 6 people but the layout was horrible and my mom was a nut job (still is) about having huge furniture but little floor space. She wouldn't allow bunk beds, she took the largest room/closet for herself, and we basically had room to walk in bedro
  3. 1650 sqft. 11 people. But the layout is such that I never feel like the walls are closing in on me which I always felt when we lived in 1850 sqft but with a great-room layout. So I do love my small house...although 10 of us are always here 24/7 so perhaps I'm just used to this? And 4 have "flown the coop" so it feels more spacious/quiet. Maybe if some of them worked full time, then were home all the time, I would feel differently.
  4. We have a large detached garage next to our house and have thought about putting in water/sewer for a small bath and kitchenette. Electricity is already in place. If anyone has done something like this would you mind sharing what steps were involved (permit, etc.) and an approximate cost? We don't need anything luxurious - more of a place where kids can hang out, play ping pong, etc. and not have to run inside for bathroom/kitchen needs. Thanks!
  5. There are things in the LH series that bother me but we read them and discuss those things. I still find them to be most enjoyable as do my children. If there are uncomfortable situations/topics I don't gloss over or skip them as the lessons learned for how not to be/believe are strong. Mostly I don't try to read the books from my adult POV rather that of a child's and that's where the loveliness and richness of the books lies, I believe.
  6. Nope. I'm not friends with my mom, mil, my siblings, my dh's siblings, or our young adult dc on FB. Not only are we not friends, I've blocked all of them. Which is fine...I/we all prefer it that way. If my mom and mil were "connected" on FB in any way they'd be banned right quick, I'm sure. Yikes. I don't welcome drama into my life any more than absolutely need be; having family as friends on FB would not be good.
  7. I used McHenry's Mapping program along with Runkle's Geography workbook. It was a great combination for us as the kids could draw the world and recite every country, state, province, etc. in the world by the time they were done.
  8. In regard to the number of books available for SM, I use the text/IG for the main lesson and work. Workbooks are only for additional review if needed. The CWP and IP books are, imo, the icing on SM's cake - we love them! So yes, there are a few books to "juggle" but each serves a purpose if needed/wanted.
  9. Never mind...got my answer. 🙂
  10. And others, like my mom, don't give a darn about anyone save for themselves. Case in point: My mom walked into a nail place to have a basic toenail cut. Given the condition of her nails she was told (and for good reason) that soaking and such would have to happen. My mom's response? "Go to hell." This is who she is. She is the person who berates a waitress because there is no Splenda on the table. She is the one who uses foul language and truly rude name calling for anyone she doesn't care for. She is a nasty, horrible person who thrives on conflict and making others angry. OP, I'm sorry th
  11. Yes and no. My dd had already taken a very intense Gov't course with me and then self-studied about a year later over the course of one semester. I can have her post what she did if you are interested (I honestly don't remember). She scored a 5, fwiw.
  12. I tried that once and lost the BRIO lot of a lifetime (by very, very little...maybe $2?) because I didn't have something set up right with the service despite receiving a confirmation email. I.was.so.mad. So I use my timer and don't lose many auctions that I really want, but this time things were chaotic in the computer area and I missed the timer. But it's the other buyer's fault...he/she should know how much I wanted those pot holders and not outbid me by $1. Stinkers.
  13. After years of hemming and hawing and justifying why I didn't want to buy an electric tea kettle, I finally did it (thanks to this thread). I bought this one. Does anyone have experience with it? I hope I didn't just throw money away...
  14. I'd always used a glass measuring cup in the microwave as well when it was just me drinking tea/coffee. Now with so many kids who have discovered that they like tea it makes sense to go to an electric kettle (although I prefer a stovetop kettle, but it's not as efficient or practical for our use). I have almost nothing on my countertops so I understand now wanting to have something there.
  15. My favorite pot holders are no longer carried by the company which makes me really angry especially as I keep trying to buy ones on eBay but keep getting outbid like yesterday when I lost an auction for THREE new potholders by $1!!!!! Yes, that was a very long, run-on sentence but I'm still upset. And I can't post what brand they are or I'll be fighting WTMers for these on eBay. But if I ever score new ones then I'll come back and update. Suffice it to say the potholders are super thick/heavy duty, last forever (unless dh lays it too close to the burner then wonders what the scorched smell
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