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  1. I don't use a towel to dry off anything in that particular area. Actually, now that I think of it, I don't do much else but wrap a towel around me and basically air dry. So it never occurred to me to dry certain places on my body using a towel, lol. I like the idea of having different color washcloths for personal drying use.
  2. My high school co-op students told me not to watch it because they know how I feel about language. I really want to see it but just cannot handle the language aspect. We love musicals here - my kids have the classics memorized and act out musicals for fun. But not Hamilton - not even for my teens. Kind of disappointing...just think there are ways to have creative genius without the obscenities. And I hate rap/hip hop. Hate, hate, hate it. Blame it on 2 very horrible years post high school which I would like to erase from my memory entirely. Just can't hear it without feeling slightly ill. I really am bummed and would like to be on the Hamilton Viewer Train.
  3. And the hand towel/wash cloth get hung up in the bathroom? Laundry room? One time use? Family use? Trying to wrap my brain around this one...that would mean a lot of washcloths for me to wash because I can't see re-using them sans washing.
  4. I would definitely have my dc pay for his own equipment. I used to make my older kids save their money then did an experiment with #4 and let him decide what to do with money he earned. He blew every penny in no time flat not once but twice, and learned right quick how fun it is to not have money left. Of my older 4 he is the most financially savvy. So I'd say after paying their own expenses let them decide what to do and experience the good/bad of saving/spending.
  5. As of today I have 9 packs of Marathon 48-count which would last us 5-6 months. My goal is 10 packs because I suspect once fall/winter hit I won't want to be out in stores...and our Costco will close temporarily if any of their employees get COVID. No way am I fighting people in Wal-Mart for tp. We also use tp for tissues so go through it rather quickly due to that. And my mom is living in town so I have supplies for her, too.
  6. Ah, I love that movie!! I actually use it for our study on film. I use The American President for older high school students - another favorite of mine.
  7. Costco here has finally had Clorox wipes a few times - enough so that the entire pallet is not gone in 30 minutes. Yesterday as I approached the door and looked at the "Out of Stock" sign I did a double take as aerosol disinfectant spray/Lysol was not on the list for the first time since this madness began. It had to be a mistake, right?? But there was Lysol - just the last part of a pallet left. Wal-Mart had Lysol last week but no limit so it was gone by the cart-full by those who grabbed everything they could. Love when a few people get the majority of a coveted item. Same thing happened when Clorox wipes were in stock but again, no limit. Not sure whose idea that was... Other than that everything is amply in stock and many of us are stocking up now before that changes. Can't believe I saw cans of Lysol...such a sense of wonder and disbelief!
  8. Destinos gets my vote! I have the entire course as it is what I used in college and it's as good today as it was (way) back then.
  9. Can anyone recommend a movie which focuses on the topic of elections/politics and the use of propaganda and interest groups? Fine tuning my Civics course for the coming semester... Thanks! Edit to add: Steering away from rated R movies - language, adult content, etc.
  10. My upcoming Senior is a bit...ambitious. Not a bad thing but I could use some input regarding how to fit the classes she wants to take next year into one year. She is wanting: French III (on-line, full year) English Lit/Comp IV w/AP exam Comparative Government and Politics w/(hopeful) AP exam World Religions (hopefully 1 semester) Health (1 semester)/Human Anatomy/Physiology (1 semester) Film History/Appreciation (1 semester - Crash Course...we love Craig!) Biology (1 semester)/Physics (1 semester - it would be mostly review which she is requesting) She also has Bible Quiz which is a full "class" load given that she competes at the national level. She's also expressed interest in Sociology but honestly, I just don't see that happening. Block scheduling is a definite preference as opposed to each class happening each day. CC is out of the question due to cost, very low instructor reviews, and probable COVID restrictions/cancellations. Oh, and she wants to continue with violin which she finally picked up (literally) thanks to all her unexpected free time this spring. I definitely need help with this one! Also, if anyone has a suggestion for a most excellent AP English Lit source/course, please share!
  11. I was looking up Beau's Lines earlier today thinking that could be it. J-Rap - interesting stuff! I think I understand this as it took a fertility specialist to finally realize that while my body produced normal amounts of estrogen/progesterone, my body was not responding to those normal amounts/processing them properly. But it took that doctor testing/analyzing beyond basic tests.
  12. Tried tea tree oil - no change. Will do...
  13. My 17yod has been plagued with toenail issues for what seems like her entire life. She's been to podiatrists, had scrapings tested (all negative for fungus/infection). She's tried vinegar and OTC treatments. But nothing stops her nail from "double growth", peeling, and overall ickiness. She doesn't cut her nails short as show, her nail actually breaks off (front half) and begins growing from halfway down the nail bed. Her frustration is real at finding zero answers and feeling like sandals and flip flops are out of the question for her. She doesn't wear tight shoes, doesn't wear nail polish, and she has excellent hygiene. Any ideas on this?? Good grief, these photos are huge! Sorry!!!!
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