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  1. I have a small group of 11th/12th grade students who are taking Ethics with me this semester. For a text I chose Ethics in the Real World by Peter Singer. It is a series of essays on different topics ranging from sanctity of life to animal treatment to gender/sex. At the end of each essay is a thought-provoking question which will provide a springboard for our discussion each week. The text is most definitely not Christian - in fact the first few essays deliberately "disprove" the existence of an all-knowing, caring, etc. creator/god. I intentionally chose this text because these are topics/issues my own young adult children faced upon entering the world of college classes. They heard discussions from peers and professors and, in all honesty, they were not very prepared to join in and defend their position on the issues. They were not entirely ignorant yet what they lacked was a way to discuss/defend to the extent others were able to, if that makes sense. I tried to make them aware of current issues and we talked a lot, but we didn't really delve into topics and hash out why they supported/opposed things. I hope my current students will come away from this semester with an increased awareness of the issues facing our society/world and an understanding of what they personally believe and why. Last night I received two emails from parents stating that their children would not be in the class because of the secular text I have chosen. All their children need is the Bible or a text by a Christian author to discuss/defend Bioethics and Public Heath, Politics, Global Governance, etc. (topics from the text). I, of course, simply responded with acknowledgement of their decision and a thanks for letting me know. Yet today I find myself turning this over in my mind and wondering if I am doing the wrong thing by using this kind of text for an Ethics course? I was completely ignorant when it came to modern issues as an older teen/young adult. I could quote Scripture but could not use it in a discussion/debate. Had someone brought up in-vitro meat (who even knew that is a thing??) I would have been at a loss for words. I wish I had known more, been more aware and prepared for all that hit me once I left my home and high school. At the same time I know many people use 2 Timothy 3:16 to support their stance that the Bible is all that should be studied in order to prepare our children for societal/world issues. So if we study enough Scripture we can defend our stance regarding in-vitro meat. Thoughts on this? I'm sad that I lost two excellent students from the class yet want to seriously consider the reasons given as we embark on this spring semester.
  2. As much as possible I do not schedule anything until after 3pm. If we have something cut into our school day...forget about getting back on track (more on my end than the dc's). Twice/year we hit the dentist but we take school with us and camp out in the waiting area or break room (staff is great about setting my crew up). Appointments might happen over our lunch break if possible. I allow two activities per semester and those involve multiple dc. This semester most of my crew are in a play and Kenpo. I am kind of fanatical about finding stuff that many/most of the kids can do together because I tried the going-multiple-directions thing once...not happening. I jealously guard at least 3 evenings where we only do something as a family. Adjusting our bedtime to later has freed up chances for us to go to the Y when it is empty at 8pm and not stress about having to get kids in bed. There are, as others have said, seasons of busyness followed by seasons of less rush and stress. I can handle random appointments here and there and up to 4 afternoon/evening activities per week. But we have to say 'no' to some things or at least 'not now'. Because those lovely evenings at home playing a game or just staying in are refreshing for all of us.
  3. BakersDozen

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    My dh sounds like Darth Vader when he sleeps. After years of putting up with that, I was done. Plus there came the night when I gently woke him and asked him to turn over (at that time he could breathe a bit less noisily sleeping on his side) and he snapped at me, "YOU TURN OVER!!" I had just had a baby, I was so tired and emotional...yeah, I was done. He had two chances to see a doctor for absolutely no cost (we had fantastic health insurance) but refused. So he has slept on a mattress in the living room since 2009. No hard feelings on his end (thank goodness) because he knows he breathes crazy loudly (even the kids have complained) and he knows he is the one choosing to not seek help. So I get to sleep well which makes for a much happier wife/mom and a much happier household. Another great thing is that I have my own room which has become my sanctuary. I go in at night and it is so calming. No one else in there, just my space. So I no longer pressure dh to seek help for his Darth Vader breathing, lol.
  4. I paid $1500 for my wedding (which is about $1400 more than I wish I had spent). Fake flowers, finger foods from grocery deli, minimal decorations. Only thing I don't regret spending money on was the $100 wedding cake....mmmmmmmm... My dc will get a check upon their engagement in the amount of $1000. That is their gift and they can spend as they wish. My mil did this w/her dd and it worked great.
  5. BakersDozen

    Family movies not to miss

    I put this on our list of movies to watch but then looked it up on IMDB...oh my! It's rated PG but here's what is in it: " There is at least 1 slang term for breasts ("t*t"), 19 d@mns, 10 he!!s, 1 a$$, 1 cr*p, 2 uses of "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "By God" and "God" as exclamations. The word "p*sses off" is used once as a term meaning to make angry" Then there is the reference to a hooker and crude comments about breastfeeding. For those who have watched this movie would you say this is accurate? Seems more PG-13 to me (and not something I would want any of my kids to watch).
  6. I might find something animated and fun on YouTube, I would do some diagramming, but honestly, then I'd move on. My dc have not had to know a linking verb vs. being verb at any point that I can remember in later grades/years. Same with direct/indirect object. They might encounter it in their foreign language but they always pick up easily on the grammar. To me, grammar (specifically parts of speech) isn't a hill worth dying on past the basics.
  7. BakersDozen

    Gifts that missed

    I initially thought the large box placed at my feet on Christmas Day was from my dh and that he had once again gone against our agreement to not buy gifts for each other. I have long since stopped feeling guilty that I keep my end of the bargain and still feel exasperated that he won't keep his end...especially as his gifts are strikes. So when I opened the box my heart sank and I thought this was truly the miss of misses...strike out. It was an Instant Pot. I despise gadgets. I despise cooking. I despise having to do more than fill a pot with water and put it on the stove, pop open a jar/can of something and heat it in the microwave. I'm not an Instant Pot (or pressure cooker/slow cooker) kind of gal. So I thought my dh had bought what he wanted (again) and given it to me in the guise of a "gift". Thankfully, it was my mil who bought it for us (she loves to cook and knows I don't). Funny thing is my dh and my dd's husband spent almost 30 minutes trying to figure out how to make simple rice. I finally walked by and whispered, "You know, you could just use a pot on the stove." They ended up using a pot on the stove. Instant Pot is boxed up and shoved somewhere because I refuse to have stuff on my counters and won't make room in my cabinets. So that was the "miss" present. At least it wasn't from my dh...
  8. BakersDozen


    One of my co-op students (one of the good ones...I'm willing to do another class just for her) asked me to lead an Ethics course. She is currently taking Philosophy and Psychology and is really looking for something not text-heavy. I found this book on Amazon and wonder if you think I could use it as a "springboard" for discussion/topics? The idea is that the students would read essays on a particular topic and we would discuss in class plus they would research one news story/article each week to support/refute their view on the topic. I only have one semester for this class.
  9. Another excellent novel for life lessons/relationships. I tell my high schoolers that their young adult years and especially when they are engaged should include this work along w/The Good Earth and That Printer of Udell's.
  10. If I had to choose just one book for my high schoolers (and everyone else, for that matter) to read, this would be the book. It gets better every time I read it - the life lessons are incredible.
  11. Would this be a book you would recommend for a high school literature class? The students have read The Good Earth, The Worst Hard Times, The Jungle...not exactly light reading.
  12. BakersDozen

    Family movies not to miss

    One of our family favorites (even down to our 7yo kids) is Oscar. It gets funnier every time we watch it.
  13. BakersDozen

    Family movies not to miss

    Did anyone else watch Mr. Mom as a kid? I remember it being super funny...
  14. I read The Worst Hard Times with my high school students and thought it one of the best novels I've ever read. Even the introduction was worth re-reading, the writing was that good. Best short stories: Diaries of Adam and Eve (Mark Twain) - so funny...and accurate! Best motivational novel: That Printer of Udell's
  15. BakersDozen

    What do you serve for Christmas breakfast?

    Cereal all the way. If anyone here wants more than that, they can make/bake it. 🙂
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