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  1. This happened to us just last year. Our oldest got her wisdom teeth out. Cash pay was around $1500. Our son went in a month later to the same location...$3500 with insurance. I can order a blood pregnancy test myself and pay $22 at the lab, but the same test is over $100 if insurance is billed. It is nuts.
  2. And you just happen to have the titles of those books/movies handy and are going to share them, right??
  3. Not as "out of the box" or quirky as some listed above but I just wrapped up a Forensic Science class that was a huge hit. Anyone who heard about it - parents, students, physicians/medical personnel, professors - all said they wished they'd had something like that in high school. I went all out, created blood spatter rooms, weapon arsenals, etc. Goodness, it was fun!
  4. I have used the CLEP as a final exam which my kids/students have really liked (great incentive to study!). Most of the CLEP exams taken have been in the areas of History and Psychology. My kids really like it because they are financially responsible for their college save for the CLEP which we will cover (once/exam).
  5. My 8yod ended up with a staph infection on her lower leg. This is a first for us so I have a few questions for those who've btdt: 1. How long did the redness/swelling last once antibiotics were started? 2. Did the skin start to dry/peel? 3. Did you follow up with your physician? The area is no longer angry red or warm to the touch but there is a definite bump, some slight redness, and now peeling. Is this normal? She's been on antibiotics for about a week now.
  6. That's pretty tacky. And I thought my friend's kids getting a packaged slice of white American cheese was weird...
  7. We definitely fall under rigorous schooling, sorry OP, but here's what my 8th grader's day looks like for those like me. Math 8-9 Literature 9-10 Break History 1020-11:40 (long block as we do a lot of activities/Further Study, etc.) Lunch break 12:45 Elective (currently Art History w/older sisters) 2:00 Science 3:00 French (her choice) 4:00 Bible Quiz w/older sisters She's not stuck at a desk/table all day as she and her sisters find all sorts of places to do their work (including up in the apple tree). But it's a long day. She/they prefer that so I gave up trying to condense things. Early morning work just doesn't happen here - we're late night kind of people. So sometimes she will do a subject at 9pm instead.
  8. I have used A Reason for Spelling since we started schooling our firstborn. I love the layout - predictable, only 2-3 days are needed from me (giving test words/sentences). Kids can knock it out in 5-10 minutes and enjoy the variety of activities plus the independence of working on their own. I don't read the stories - kids can do that on their own. I've used it with as many as 4 levels at once - just line the kids up and give each their words/sentences. Having used it with 11 children thus far I would say I'm mighty pleased with the program.
  9. I'm on my third "batch" of middle school students using this program. It is, imo, the perfect balance of light yet thorough. I love the workbook and Further Study activities. We supplement with oodles of literature and movies plus the Great Courses DVDs. And for extra fun, a lot of Mr. Bett's Class parodies on YouTube.
  10. I didn't want my dh around after the first few days...wait, that sounds worse than I mean it to. I want to get back into my/our regular routine asap and that doesn't happen when he is home. So he stays home for the first 2-3 days then back to work for half days. He might go in a bit later (10) and come home at 4 or so. The first few weeks aren't as hard for me as weeks 5-8 when sleep deprivation is really setting in, so we reserve most of his time off for that stretch. Then baby sleeps at night, I sleep at night, and dh goes back to work full time.
  11. If there is anyone from Chino, CA who would be willing to pick up a small FB item and ship it to me (for pay), let me know, please. Yes, I'm serious. It's my dc's dream toy: Lego meets Swiss Family Robinson. I'm almost tempted to make the drive, only it's easily 10 hours from me.
  12. You all are amazing. Seriously. I quit meal planning/cookbook poring about 12 years ago. If something needs more than 2-3 ingredients, involves any kind of grease or extensive clean up, no way. Our meals look like this: Sunday: Dh cooks, usually Teriyaki chicken (I brace myself for the clean up with which we all help.) Monday: Pasta Tuesday: Rice casserole (ingredients vary) Wednesday: Tortilla something or other (beans, cheese, chicken, etc.) Thursday: Something with ground beef (Sloppy Joes, etc.) Friday: pizza/grilled cheese Saturday: clean out the fridge Repeat...repeat...repeat. No thought, easy shopping, kids can make the meal start to finish. My dh would enjoy what you all are describing with meals for your family...oh well. And I confess that dinner time often finds me in a quiet spot happily eating cereal instead. Maybe I'll cook something new this coming week. Or not.
  13. I've not found anything that works better (for us) than the Saxon method. In fact that was the focus of our math discussion yesterday and my kids all agreed that their solid retention of math facts is because of how Saxon introduces each "family". I've also found that the understanding as to why 8 +4 = 12 is there rather than just rote memorization. I've always found it amazing that with a few easy manipulatives and fact cards the math facts are down solid, every kid, every time.
  14. I will be waiting to see updates from OP as to whether she/dd continue with the new math program...because that last thing I need is to switch but hey, if there is something better out there... I just switched to CLE this year based on recommendations from this site. So far it's been OK for review. I can't see using it as our main program. So it's back to Singapore with Horizons for review. I want a program that presents math facts like Saxon, word problems like Singapore, review like Saxon/Horizons, Roman numerals like Horizons, a variety of practice activities like Horizons, and is non-cluttered like Saxon. Which is why I have/use three math programs instead of just one.
  15. Yes!!! That moment when he says, "I'm Batman." Nothing else compares to Keaton's performance.
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