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  1. I had a very emphatic talk with my dh regarding cake smashing - as in don't even try it. Smart guy, he took me seriously. I would have been livid had he pulled a stunt like that.
  2. I swear by the McGuffey Primer/workbook. My mom taught her 4 kids to read without any issues/struggles when we were 4-5. I have the same Primer she used and will start it with my 4yos, making him the 16th child to use it. Learning styles all varied, but McGuffey's was 100% successful. Tried and true (at least for us)... The other Readers are lovely as well - we read the stories/poems together often.
  3. I thought I could never hate someone...but then someone hurt my children and you bet I hate them. I hated my son-in-law. There was a time when I would have physically attacked him and, had he died, I would not have cried, I hated him that much. Given the situation he put us/our daughter in (they were dating), he was fully deserving of that hatred. My children being seriously hurt or endangered by someone's conscious decision/action makes me feel hate.
  4. This is a very, very serious and inspirational video that really resonated with my kids. They related to so much in this. Enjoy!
  5. I don't know...the girl has always seemed to enjoy the class and I've never heard so much as a negative word in regard to what we have covered. After we discussed the very emotional topic of abortion I contacted every parent directly to follow up; the girl's mom had no problem with what was said/debated and was, again, appreciative. I don't know...I've been thinking on this all day. The girl is...not exactly one with a lot of common sense. So I'm picturing her mom talking to her again and this girl going on about how upset she is (which is strange because it sounds more like the mom has the issue with the topic) and so the girl's reaction dictates the decision for her to not return to class. It's just so bizarre to me... Absolutely...only there was no group or lifestyle attacked. Only the mindset of one who thinks they are better than everyone was up for debate. I pointed that out to the mom but I guess it wasn't enough. I really appreciate the insights, ladies. This has really gotten to me (obviously). To think we were literally at the end of the year - made it through not just Ethics but some really controversial topics in Psychology as well - and this happens.
  6. That is actually a major point of our discussion: consumption vs. conspicuous consumption. Driving a very nice vehicle is not an issue. Driving a nice vehicle with the mentality that doing so makes you a better person than the person next to you at a stop light is an issue. Our time was focused on character - something the girl's mother said we should be focusing on and I pointed out that we did. At no point was the message that money/material possessions are evil conveyed. With this class I have tried to be very, very careful, knowing these topics could get me into hot water. It's crazy that we were able to navigate abortion, immigration, human rights, etc. and this is the topic that blew up in my face.
  7. The girl's father builds homes for very, very wealthy people. Which is a non-issue, only the girl and her mom made it an issue. It's like a button was hit (as you indicated) that is personal for them. But nothing was said as a direct financial challenge to any student or lifestyle. So I don't know where this girl got the idea that we were saying that her parent's lifestyle is wrong.
  8. This isn't a JAWM but right now my emotions are pretty raw (I take things very personally when it comes to my classes/students) so deal gently with me, please. I lead a class for Juniors/Seniors, all of whom have been students in my co-op classes for 3-4 years. The class topics are intense (Ethics) and we've had some amazing discussions. There were a few class sessions that got heated but in a good way as the students are learning how to argue/defend without being offensive or easily offended. I have really been impressed with how each student has "stayed the course" and my time with them is a highlight of the week. Yesterday the topic was conspicuous consumption: Purchasing/owning status-symbol items and looking down on those who own cheaper items. We talked about character and helping society and how wealth/luxuries are not bad but what is the ultimate purpose in accumulating those things? I thought it was an excellent discussion! I had a friend who lived in Africa for a few years there to offer insights into a different culture which really made the discussion interesting. Just minutes after one of my students left I received a message from her mom tersely informing me that her daughter would not attend the last Ethics class and that she (the mom) would not attend the ladies' event hosted at my home the next day either. Turns out the daughter grossly misinterpreted what was being said in class, conveyed a skewed message to her mom, and her mom had a shotgun reaction. The girl thought she was being told that having wealth was wrong and people who have luxuries are selfish and horrible. Um, no. I spent oodles of time crafting a lengthy response that was respectful, friendly, and gave the facts. The mom thanked me for the information and said she appreciates what I do. I went to bed thinking all was well... This morning another message: My daughter is upset at what she heard, blah blah blah. So no finishing the class (ONE more class session!!), no talking with me directly, just a reaction and a decision. The ironic thing is that one of the essays we discussed yesterday had to do with parenting and a point was made that some parents allow their kids to drop a class because they don't like it. As a group we discussed that and this student was in full agreement with what was said. Yet she and her mom pull the same stunt minutes later. This reminds me of a child getting angry and saying, "I'm taking my toys and going home!" Seriously, how old are we??? I cannot imagine allowing my high school students to tell me something and my not finding out the full story. Even then I would insist that my kids speak directly to the instructor and oh heck yes, they would finish the class! I suppose if the mom herself is stomping her foot and refusing to attend a ladies' event (which has nothing to do with the class her daughter is in!) then I shouldn't expect much from her daughter... I should be able to shrug this off but years of teaching this girl and pouring into her (she's not the brightest or most driven student...) suddenly thrown in my face is hurtful. I'm thinking of what I will change when I present my classes for next year: If your student isn't willing to stick with this and talk to me if there is a problem, don't take my classes. Gosh darn it, I'm so upset.
  9. I didn't even know engagement presents are a thing! Does this replace the bridal shower gift or wedding present gift? Or are all three expected?
  10. I have to show this thread to my dd who will be taking her first AP exam (APUSH). Around here home schoolers don't test - and I mean not at home, not standardized testing, nothing. "Test" is a 4-letter word in these parts and there are those who are appalled that I would have my child to go through the testing experience. The AP isn't even people's radar...few even know what AP stands for. So it's nice to see other home school students heading into these exams!
  11. I think we average 1000/month although that seems high to me. My dh rides his bike to work so that is a big factor. I try to have at least 3 no-drive days each week. We moved to where most of our activities are within 3-4 miles of our house which is so nice in so many ways, vehicle mileage being one.
  12. - What led you to homeschool? Spending my first week in the public school as a student teacher is what decided it for me. I came home and told my dh that we would do whatever it took financially, our children would never set foot in a public school. And I was only in 2nd and 5th grade classrooms at the time. It was really bad. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We did use WTM as a guide. No outside classes until senior year and then public speaking or foreign language at the CC. I prefer to teach high school and thrive on the co-op classes we have here each week. -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? Oldest taught preschool for 2 years - she is truly a gifted teacher! She is now staying home and pursuing part-time jobs as a teacher's aide, after-school coordinator, etc. Oldest son floundered for a couple of years in a dead-end job and spent his money as fast as he made it. Currently working full time at a credit union and slowly finding his way. Did not take college seriously and wasted a lot of time and (his) money. Second daughter is graduation from CC with her CNA and Chemistry focus plus other things she just thought would be fun to do (she's somewhat of an overachiever). I believe she is headed to University of AZ as she was instrumental in putting together something with Chemistry that is way beyond my understanding. Second son decided to pursue his own path and get his GED. He plans to take CC classes. We're crossing our fingers that he finds his way as he is crazy, scary smart (but also crazy, scary foolish). That's it for us so far! We're pretty low-key as far as college (we really push CC) and our kids really don't know what they want to do as far as careers like most of their peers seem to. What matters most for us is that they stay out of debt and take their time making good decisions instead of jumping in and regretting decisions.
  13. There are 3 days in the year that I hate, Mother's Day being one. I hate the forced feel to it. I hate what it has morphed into. I hate the petty, immature demands women put on their families/husbands as far as gifts, treatment (he's not your mom so get over yourself). And now, with young adult children who are our greatest disappointment, I hate the idea that any of them would so much as breathe sentiments of "Happy Mother's Day" my way. I won't go to church on Mother's Day. This year I plan to pack up the kids still at home and head out for a day by ourselves - the kids I still enjoy and who still want to be a part of the family, who value their siblings and parents, who are not caught up in their own stupidity and selfishness (yet). Nothing different about Mother's Day here, just want to be with those with whom I enjoy spending time and without any hypocrisy or declarations that are not really meant, just expected. Yeah, I hate Mother's Day more than ever.
  14. I did a search but did not see this topic discussed yet. This poem popped up on my FB home school group and has led a lot of discussion. Some say it is horrible, others say it is hyperbole. What do you think?
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