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  1. Right. And it’s entirely possible to have Lyme and never have a rash. Things like headaches and fatigue get chalked up to other issues all the time. Now I guess fevers are automatically assumed to be “virus” (her words) even with two known tick bites. Tick bites + endemic area, but she’s calling it “rare.” I don’t know what to say. She’s not a doc I feel we can put our trust in. You know what really bugs me is she initially said the tick had to be attached for 18 hours to transmit anything, but blew me off when I said it’s likely been 2-3 days because I have really do have a general
  2. I feel like I need to add that I’m not just worried about Lyme. There are some nasty co-infections that get passed along with it. Treating Lyme hits some of those, but also ... one’s immune system is better able to fight off co-infections without Lyme. I’m really more concerned about those co-infections than Lyme. Anyone have recommendations for tick testing labs? Igenex (used to be the best, no idea now) is $450 for a complete panel, and there are some others that look like they might be good, too, but I’m pretty far out of the Lyme loop these days. I really want bartonella and babes
  3. We have so much Lyme around here, it probably wouldn’t be a stretch. Ugh. I did tell her that DS had it recently, from our yard. She just did not budge. She’s obviously in the it’s “hard to catch and easy to treat” camp. I’m not pro-abx in most cases, but untreated and under-treated Lyme is not something I want for DD. It can lead to some poor outcomes (as you know, unfortunately). If all else fails, I will take DD to my LLMD and see what she says. I have an appt in a few weeks but maybe we can get in sooner. I don’t want to panic, but neither do I want to ignore this and
  4. @Catwoman I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with the whole constellation of Lyme and co-infections, too. It’s so miserable. And life-altering.
  5. Yes! That’s what happened to me as well! And when DS had meningitis followed by relapsing high fever, I kept asking and all the (many) docs said, “No, can’t be that.” I finally called my LLMD and she ordered tests - sure enough, kid had babesiosis and bartonella. Gaaaah. It shouldn’t have taken me 6 weeks to call her! I’ll see what our insurance has for televisits. Good idea!
  6. So... No luck. We saw a new doctor at the pedi’s office. She insisted Lyme is rare, even though it’s endemic in our area. She told DD that if she becomes “extremely” fatigued, like not just needing a nap but too tired to stand; has “extreme” headaches, not normal headaches (this to a girl who has never had a headache!); and if she gets a rash that stays for two weeks and is bigger than her palm they might treat her. And she looked at me and said that there are a lot of viruses out there, so if DD runs a fever - don’t worry. Only bring her in if it’s a high fever for two weeks! I
  7. Yes, that’s what the IDSA recommends. There’s another equally credentialed, peer reviewed group - ILADS - that recommends 28 days so it hits the entire life cycle of the spirochete, if they are present. There are more details, but that’s it in a nutshell. A “Lyme Literate Doctor” is considered one that follows the guidelines of ILADS in treatment and prophylaxis. There are lots of differences, but way too much to go into here.
  8. That’s a good idea, not to mention the puppies. I do have the ticks, and can take them in but I don’t trust just anyone’s assessment of type. I know what type they are, but will the doc? Of course, DD may mention the puppies. So that plan could be foiled. On a side note: DD has named her ticks Dreadful and You’re Dead to Me. Made me laugh.
  9. Good memory! That’s our LLMD. I have emailed her. We can’t see her for a few weeks, so hopefully I can get DD in with someone locally to get her started this weekend. We have checked the puppies this morning, checked our dogs and made sure their tick prevention is up to date, and now vacuuming. @KatyYes, Lyme is everywhere here and so are ticks. These could definitely have been hitchhikers. The very engorged one on the puppy may have come with her though, just because it takes a while to become quite so engorged. Ick! The ones on DD were pretty small, but definitely embe
  10. Listen to DH when he says, “Hey, let’s buy Apple shares.” No, you don’t need groceries. You need that Apple stock. Forget food. Forget starving student. Apple. Seriously.
  11. We are a wheat free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, shellfish free, legume free, most seed free, most raw food free house. Plus, celiac here. It’s crazy hard. On the low carb: I managed to do a keto inspired diet for almost 4 years, but ... I had to sneak-eat some foods (cheese, eggs - kids cannot eat them, but I could keep them totally separate from kids, so it felt safe enough). I’m not sure I could have done the really low carb without those two items. Meat and vegetables, but it would have been rough. Our restrictions are based on IgE mediated allergies diagnosed by an allergist
  12. I’m so sorry he had it, but glad he’s fine now. Whew. Thank goodness you caught it! My teen’s tick borne disease experience was weird. He had a bizarre episode of meningitis followed by six weeks of intermittent 104-105 temps and was just horribly ill. Finally figured out it was Babesiosis. And he has Bartonella now, which has been almost impossible to kick. He sees the LLMD this month. And then there’s my nightmare of Lyme and co misdiagnosed as MS and the subsequent years of treatment when we finally figured it out, thanks to a vet. I’m just so over all the tick borne d
  13. They look like deer ticks. DH and I know our ticks, at this point. They are small enough that I need to really look to determine male/female. One is more likely to transmit than the other. DD is the primary puppy cuddler here. I’m sure they arrived with the pups, who have only been here two days. Now I need to figure out if there are more.
  14. Yes, you’re completely right. I don’t want to panic, and honestly not even all ticks carry anything. I’m trying to work through the knee-jerk freak out, and it helps to be reminded that caught early and treated, Lyme doesn’t have to be the big deal it was for DS or me.
  15. Thanks. I will. And I’ve emailed our LLMD, but ironically DD is the only family member she hasn’t treated, so DD would probably need to be seen.
  16. Advice from Lyme literate peeps welcome. Or sympathy. I’m trying not to panic, but probably have medical PTSD about this issue, so please JAWM or scroll past if you think this is no big deal. Ticks. Two ticks embedded on DD(10). Removed. Saved in baggie with moist cotton in case we need to test them. We are fostering puppies, who arrived two days ago. We pulled an engorged tick off one pup tonight. They are only five weeks old. I’m not sure what to do for the puppies beyond thorough tick checks tomorrow, and I’m washing/drying all bedding. Any tips on how to be sure there
  17. Yep. Semantic drift. It’s a thing, though sometimes annoying!
  18. This is a great list, thank you! We have loved visiting some of these, and wow, the skies at night! Another favorite of mine, for star-gazing, is Angel Peak in NM. I’ve only primitive camped there.
  19. More positive allergy experiences here. DS is anaphylactic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, avocado, banana. Very allergic to wheat, egg, dairy, latex. Med allergies, too. Asthma. And I am allergic to a bunch of foods, loads and loads of meds, with possible MCAS, and a history of reactions to vaccines. We all met with allergist ahead of time. Took our epipens and waited nervously, with DH watching out for us. DS was absolutely fine. I, on the other hand, had some minor anxiety while waiting but it was definitely anxiety and passed as soon as we left the building. We had our
  20. That’s it! Hair dryer! I kept vaguely picturing a hair salon, and thinking, no, that isn’t right. Hahahaha! I’m still a little groggy from anesthesia earlier today for a test, and all synapses are not firing yet. 🤣 I’m going to add that we only use this for the tub. The separate shower is much easier to clean and we just spray it down with scrubbing bubbles and rinse. Easy peasy.
  21. It does vibrate, but nothing like a sander. I’m trying to think of a good comparison and coming up short. It’s definitely doable for me, though we probably don’t have exactly the same stuff going on. DH got it for me because I was really struggling with the tub, and I never wanted to ask for his help. He could sit and scrub, I think, though the one I have has such a long handle that I prefer to stand outside and can reach everything. We have a one person soaker tub, very deep, but not super wide like a corner tub, if that helps. It isn’t a perfect solution, but really has helped
  22. I have that scrubber. Well, maybe a different “brand” - pretty sure they are all made by the same manufacturer. It works well. We keep it in the bathroom closet. It holds a charge for weeks, and when it needs to be charged we plug it in for a bit. We have ordered replacement heads maybe once in two years. That’s with almost daily use.
  23. If I had to choose something just for me, it’d be a new pair of Birks. But I’m happy with whatever. Time to hang out is good. I’m hoping for a nice day to plant a few things. I have had a vicious case of puppy fever, and we just started fostering two little 5 week old pups, so kind of feeling like that covers it!
  24. We’ve given that clock to three elders. One vision impaired, two with dementia. It is a great gift. And they all still love them years later. Good choice! This year, we are sending Polish pottery to the grandmother who collects it, a necklace to another mom, and probably just flowers to the one in nursing care. We visited her yesterday and took a big box of family photos, but that was just a regular visit more than a Mother’s Day thing.
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