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  1. Well, that feels like a loophole for scammers. Ugh! I’m so sorry this happened. I hope nothing bad comes of it. Thankfully she’ll have your help navigating anything that does.
  2. Thanks for all the help! You all made me feel better during the night while I had panic attacks about calling for pros. Thank you. Update: things are actually looking pretty positive here. This isn’t our first round with a water issue, unfortunately, so we’ve called water mitigation and dealt with a lot of this before. More times than we should have! So ... having lived through that, we have on hand a moisture meter for drywall and ceilings and floors. And some “air movers” ... we used those items the first night, and DH removed any light fixtures that were wet. Nothing change
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Also, with a semi-compliant elder who had good intentions about taking her meds ... she would periodically slide. There would be a tendency to turn off the alarm and think, “I’ll just finish what I’m doing, then go take my pills,” and then forget. Thus my need to have a corresponding alarm so if I did not hear from her, I could check in and, well, nag. This happened periodically, every couple months. With a teen, I’d imagine it’s even trickier.
  4. One more thought ... on the phone alarms and Alexa device alarms that we used, we always labeled them. So Alexa would announce that it’s time to take your pills, or whatever needed to be done. The phone alarms did the same - they popped up a reminder on the phone screen. There must be some sort of app for this, though, that would be more rewarding to use!
  5. Ok. Open windows. Run air filter, exhaust fans. Wipe down when they leave. I’ll definitely ask for the people who mask all the time - and hope they send them. I would not have thought of that, thanks. Is there any benefit to spraying Lysol? In the air? I don’t usually do that. I think we will have water mitigation out, they usually come once a day. After that, if work (to fix things cosmetically) can be delayed, I will try to delay. This really stinks. Any more thoughts or advice welcome!
  6. How would you handle needing multiple workers in your home multiple times a day? Sigh. We are a Covid cautious, high risk family. Immune compromised (3 of us), high BP, asthma, and a frail 80 yr old. We are all on the list for the vaccine due to medical/age reasons, but hasn’t happened yet. We had a plumbing issue Sat night. Water poured through the master bathroom floor/wall into a hall next to it, through the ceiling into kitchen. I think it stopped there. Hopefully. We have removed the kitchen light fixtures, have dehumidifiers running and fans everywhere. The mois
  7. An app would be genius. Following for that. I know someone who could benefit. Not the same situation, but I care for an elder with mental illness. Obviously she’s not a teen, nor my child, but for two and a half years, I’ve wrestled with the nagging system. It’s draining. If it might help, until a better solution is found, we found that alarms on her phone were the best option when she lived in an apartment but I did med management. I would sort pills into weekly containers, deliver them with groceries and cleaning. She would take them when her alarm when off and text to say “PD” (p
  8. I’ll just preface this by saying I don’t sew. Anything. I grew up with an artist (metal sculpture) mother who did not sew. Sometimes I try, but it’s a struggle, never having seen anyone sew, really. But DD wants to make her BFF a simple felt doll. I have helped her make a few things out of felt - think crafting more than sewing. A doll is just past what I think I can just create on my own, no pattern. Does anyone have a very simple felt doll pattern that they could share with me?
  9. I’m an other! I used to go with the 2-4 option. But now, strangely, I’m wearing a new pair each night. It wasn’t really intentional, and sometimes I’ll wear the same pj pants more than once, but always a clean top. One kid wants a clean pair every night. The other kid would wear the same pair all week if I didn’t peel them off every 2 days or so. I also wear jeans more than once if not visibly soiled, but no one else does that here.
  10. Yeh, I can see how you are stuck. I’m so sorry - it must be stressful! I hope you can set it up so you don’t see the stressful parts. No one needs that!
  11. No FB here, no drama. That is a can I won’t open. I would hide those people, snooze them, whatever you call it. Life is too short for drama. Can you take a break from FB?
  12. I’ll probably get flamed for this, but I’m going to be the lone voice saying something different. First, I’d want to make sure all is well physically, like PPs suggested. I was this way as a kid and had undiagnosed illnesses, blood sugar issues, and I have Addison’s Disease. So there may have been issues that were not caught. So I fully agree with a check up, vitamins, lights, all of it. I’d also work hard on sleep hygiene, and consider melatonin if needed. Lying in bed thinking or with one’s mind racing for three hours doesn’t sound good. But then I, personally, would consi
  13. Love the Nagoskis! Their book is excellent. And listening to them speak is always helpful.
  14. Agree completely with all of this. We have stayed home the entire time, and usually we are jumping on trains and traveling to see and do things. Traveling to see special traveling exhibits and shows is one reason we homeschool. Staying home all this time is making us crazy, and we might be doing the Airbnb turbo clean soon, too.
  15. I’m not up for it yet, but with lower infection rates it’s possible to do it safely with risk mitigation strategies. Though I do feel iffy on the bedding, especially pillow cases. My main question is getting there. How will you get there? And if driving, what’s the bathroom plan?
  16. Lots of sympathy from this corner of the world. I agree with a lot of the above. What jumped out for me was gluten, dairy, possible corn ingredients, but if I understand correctly those aren’t an issue other times. Since I deal with allergies, it was a first thought, but upon reading more - it doesn’t seem likely. What does she drink at the restaurants? I have a friend who gets sick from iced tea at most restaurants - something about the way it’s prepared or stored. It took her forever to figure that one out. Junie’s post above about Sprite reminded me. I think Jean could
  17. Enjoy! In a strange pandemic twist, DH was extraordinarily happy not to have to attend an annual gala. Haha! We really enjoyed the Adobe conference a few months ago. And so many other online events have been wonderful. The one upside to the pandemic!
  18. We gave some really nice throws this year, and they have been enjoyed by everyone. Fought over, in our house. Elders all use them. Smithsonian magazine has some interesting articles. She might enjoy that. Also, a subscription to an archaeology journal could be good. I enjoy those. Homemade treats? Intermittent cards? Phone calls? Do a book club with her, and read the same book. Make a date to discuss it. Or use Audible and listen. Generic gifts the elders here enjoy: slippers or fuzzy socks with grips; food treats; soft, warm cardigans and sweaters.
  19. Yes, I would put up physical signs as well. Our sweet chihuahua was abandoned - end of a semester, university area (common rental houses for students, not university housing) and we spent months putting up signs and placing ads in papers. We finally had to get her shots so she could be boarded while we went out of town, and the vet told us, “she’s yours now.” (Sigh. I miss her, she lived to be old and grey, and was just the sweetest girl.)
  20. DH’s coworker has been sick since Jan 3. Nightly temps in the 102 range. Pulse ox 89-90. Two negative Covid tests so far, third is pending. He says he’s planning to lose some IQ points. Can’t pinpoint where he got it, probably the Apple Store when he bought a watch, he thinks. But it sounds like he’s out and about quite a bit, so who knows?
  21. I’ve wondered how effective the school dashboard in our county is, too.
  22. I have a problem with printers. They die. Ugh. As we say goodbye to the latest, I’d like to ask for the Hive’s favorite printers. Any recommendations? Bonus if I can use a continuous ink system with it, to stretch on ink costs, but that’s not a requirement.
  23. I’m so sorry it was a bad day. Some days are like that. There will be better days again. Hugs!
  24. I’m so sorry. Have you been in close contact with him, too? Oh no. My heart just nose dived for you.
  25. Oh no. I’m so sorry. The quarantine part sounds like it can be very drawn out, and it could be quite lengthy. I sure hope they don’t all get sick. This is one of your employees? Is there work s/he can do from home?
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