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  1. Lecka

    my ex, my son's father, died today

    I’m so sorry, he was young and your son is young, too. I am sure he will feel your care for him.
  2. Lecka

    Dyselxia help

    My little kids watched 4 episodes of Dora while I worked with my son. Definitely it’s not ideal, but he did learn to read. Edit: to clarify — I stuck them in the basement to watch Dora while I worked with my son upstairs, so it could be quiet and we wouldn’t have interruptions. So — not ideal.
  3. Lecka

    Dyselxia help

    Well that is good information to have! That does sound like she would really benefit from an OG program. There are more options, but it’s too bad what your friend is doing isn’t working out. It could still be good later. Maybe she works with older kids who have already had some reading remediation.
  4. Lecka

    Dyselxia help

    Also — if your friend said 7 might be too young, then it’s definitely not an OG program. 7 is not too young at all.
  5. Lecka

    Dyselxia help

    No. She should be making progress at 7. What your friend is doing could be good for her when she is older. But it sounds like your friend doesn’t see progress right now and maybe would do it again when your daughter is older. I think maybe look into an OG program. Also, do you know, other than from your friend, that your daughter has dyslexia? Its used as a catch-all term sometimes. Other times it means something very specific about very specific kinds of trouble with learning to read (often trouble with phonemic awareness). So that is confusing lol.
  6. Lecka

    Dyselxia help This shows about blending from left-to-right. With associative — what does that mean exactly? Does it mean it’s more of saying “if I know lunch, and I see brunch, they both end in -unch, and if I know bread, then I can take the br from bread and the unch from lunch to sound out brunch.” Or does it mean if they forget a letter sound they are prompted to look at a keyword or picture chart? Personally I just prompt by giving the sound if it is needed. But it’s hard to tell from one sentence on that link.
  7. Lecka

    Dyselxia help Here is a fact sheet I googled that tells about the components of OG instruction. Also if you see inside the Blue Book you might see if it sounds like the fact sheet to you. To me it doesn’t because it says it’s using keywords and an associative approach, which does not sound like OG to me. I think OG is more left-to-right decoding through a word (sounding out a word), and phonograms are taught. I don’t know, though. Edited
  8. Lecka

    Dyselxia help

    From looking at the website it doesn’t look like it is an OG program.
  9. Lecka

    Wwyd? Car repair

    We got a new transmission in my vehicle for $2,000 and I continue to drive it three years later. (Or maybe it was rebuilt — I’m not sure.) Honestly we have looked at other vehicles, and we look at the payments, and ———— my husband has a truck picked out and we are saving for it, as it is obvious our vehicles don’t have a lot of life left in them, but at the time we weren’t ready to take on a payment, and we didn’t have money saved. So we just looked at it as ———— putting things off until we could afford another vehicle. It would be really good for us to pay cash for a used truck whenever one of our vehicles goes out, and if my vehicle goes out, I will drive my husband’s current car and he will get a used truck. We have spent money on my vehicle two times since transmission, one time a few hundred, and one time almost $1,000. But we have also saved up to try to buy a used truck with no loan. That would not be possible if we had a car loan to pay in right now. Anyway — in one way I don’t think it’s a good deal because we are putting money in my vehicle and it’s kind-of not worth it. But on the other hand the cost-per-year has been much lower than a car payment and we are saving to buy cash for a used truck. That will hopefully be better for us in the long run. As far as rust ——— we are living now in a place where road salts cause a lot of undercarriage rust in the winter. It makes us not want to purchase a vehicle here that would get salt damage. We plan to move back to a place where cars really don’t get any rust. The first time I took my vehicle to a mechanic here, he really commented on our undercarriage looking really good for the age of the vehicle, and it made a big impression on us, and since we know we won’t be here longer than 2 years we would rather not drive a new-to-us vehicle on the salty roads. So really we are hoping to keep driving both vehicles two years while saving for my husband’s truck. Edit: we have been able to pay cash for car repairs and we have never had a car loan, so we would rather have the flexibility in our budget to save for a vehicle every month but be able to miss a month, than have a car payment we can’t miss.
  10. Oh, also my younger son is about to go to a special needs summer camp put on by the Rotary Club. It is a week of sleep away camp and will be free for us. It is an amazing opportunity for him.
  11. My kids’ Sunday School teachers have been such a blessing to me and my kids.
  12. Lecka

    Developing central coherence

    His comments the past few nights have included saying “so that means blah blah blah” and giving a summary of what has just been read. It has been simple stuff, but still — in his own words!
  13. Lecka

    Developing central coherence

    This is hard to explain, but I have seen gains with my son in the past week. I don’t know, but assume, that they are coming from his summer program and bumping up to the next higher reading group. When the teacher explains what she does, it sounds very, very similar to Mindwings. But she doesn’t tell me what she uses. And then I am not there, I don’t know what goes on. But he has made some comments during reading time, the past few nights, that are a real step up for him. For my son he has got the lower-level causal clauses and uses them in his independent speech (because they have been goals and he has learned them) so for me — I know that for him, being able to use them in his independent speech, didn’t automatically transfer to reading comprehension for him. So mainly I just think — there’s different things going on, and I am concerned that if you don’t look at both parts, you may not see the gains you are looking for. But I think if you are choosing a focus for now and want to delay some things, or you are seeing different things, then I understand it may not be going the same way with your son.
  14. Lecka

    Developing central coherence

    I am NOT sure I am reading this properly, but I think the things you are mentioning are what they are calling microstructure in this article. I think what they are calling macrostructure is more related to central coherence (as I think of it). I think the clauses and the word level is SO important and necessary, but I think it’s good to look at doing things for the macrostructure, too, when the time is right. I think some things that don’t seem good now, may seem good later. Or he will have a bump and pick things up easier 🙂 But I do think, with specifically what you mention back in the first post, I think it sounds like macrostructure is part of it, from what this article says. But I’m not sure, lol. Edit: I looked back and you mentioned going through plot details and seeing which part of the plot is “the middle.” I think if that is the specific thing you want to work on, then that is what story grammar approaches are doing! Or they may just go together, if the clauses are part of the structure. This is what I see with my son, though, that he really can understand the word level and the sentence level, and then still have problems with the over-all level. I don’t see with him, that nailing the word and sentence level guarantees that result. But I do see him making progress with the over-all stuff, but it comes by targeting the over-all stuff. So to me I think they need to be targeted separately, success in one won’t automatically transfer to the other. But I think a lot of kids do transfer skills when they only had weakness in one area, then targeting that does let a lot of other things click into place. But it’s not what I am seeing on this.
  15. Lecka

    Do I need to keep this gift from MIL?

    I gave away my nursing gliding rocker. It was a special gift from my husband when we did not have much money. I loved it! Well, I was sick of it and didn’t have a place for it. Nobody used it once my kids were too big to sit in my lap to rock. I gave it away. My husband was surprised at the time but I don’t think he harbors any ill will about it. He thought I would sit in it to read, but I just didn’t, I always sat on a couch or in a different chair.
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