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  1. I would write some of the answers down on a piece of paper. I would also gradually be talking about the need to control his thoughts to think of other things and ideas for how to do that. It is worth some effort to do even if it’s not possible to move on easily/totally. Some people set a time to discuss things and don’t discuss it at other times. Some people will go over the same topic a set number of times. There is not a good answer for any of this beyond — people do make unpredictable choices and people do make poor choices. It is not satisfactory — nothing will be. I t
  2. No. I cover a mixing bowl with plastic wrap maybe 5 times in a year. I just do not often need lids, and I don’t think my cabinets are tall enough to store the lids upright where I keep my mixing bowls.
  3. Maybe not_a_number..... is someone..... formerly known as.....
  4. Wrt having a POA for my husband I was told that some places will not accept a “general” POA. But it’s a different situation. With my Dad’s bank, if they had asked if we could fill out their personal form and we’d said “no,” I bet they would have worked with us. But we said we could fill out their form. It was their preference for sure. Edit: for my husband, we were advised to have a general POA for a certain time period, and then specific POAs for anything we knew was going to come up, in case they didn’t want to accept the general POA. It’s one of those things
  5. I used to have non-durable POAs during my husband’s deployments and they would have a date when the POA ended. Okay — to “manage” things — why can’t they be managed across state lines by phone or using a website? I think that is common and often needed for situations like this! We just did some POAs for my Dad (naming my sister) and some places require their own specific form. We had this at a bank and maybe at a doctors office (I think we did). Otherwise my sister printed off a POA from the Internet (just saying what we did). The bank and doctors office provided the
  6. Maybe just me — but I tend to think if there is enough money to have a financial advisor there might be enough money to look at a trust. Or he might not need a financial advisor. I think sometimes financial advisors churn accounts with elderly clients and stress them out over things. I would want to look into that if there was stress about decisions. My relative gets stressed out just from knowing he can’t manage his things by himself, though. That is where his stress is coming from. I have seen another relative receive confusing phone c
  7. Some kids need more practice than what is in Singapore Math, too. It’s so individual how much practice kids need.
  8. https://www.socialthinking.com/Products/group-collaboration-play-problem-solving-scale-assessment This is a really fascinating book, about the development of play skills, with the highest level usually reached by pre-schoolers: collaborative imaginative play. It’s mainly for autism parents looking for ways to help develop play skills. But it’s totally a book about the importance of imaginative play for children, and talks a lot about all the skills they gain from play.
  9. I have seen kids actually play with flashcards. I think it exists. In general I wouldn’t consider flashcard activities to be “learning through play.”
  10. To me, “learning through play” is just kids playing. When adults teach in a playful way — to me that is some kind of teaching. An adult is sharing some knowledge or demonstrating a skill in some way that is playful. But it’s not kids learning “through” play. Learning “through” play means “through their own play” to me. I would count an adult doing some child-led project or play, with no particular agenda, as “learning through play.” I would also count kids playing with some “educational materials” if it meant a child playing with something for f
  11. I would rather plan on renting an air bnb or cabin or something like that, for special occasions or holidays, in the future, than maintain the space all the time. We just went on a small vacation in a rented mini-van, and that worked out well. We don't have a vehicle now that fits all of us now *comfortably,* and this was our first time to rent for a trip, and I really liked it! I would also be interested in grandchildren staying at our house while adult kids and ILs stay at a hotel, or maybe some of them staying in a hotel. That would be fine with me and we wouldn't have
  12. I really believe I am better off to let things happen and let the school see — hey, this doesn’t work — than somehow make it happen and later hear “well everything went well!” Maybe not the right attitude to have but that’s where I am right now! It’s also totally the kind of thing where I feel like I might basically just end up doing the work for him, and that is not a dynamic that would be very fruitful.
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