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  1. Lecka

    Online Universities- can we make a list?

    Something about UMUC, they have made most (or maybe all) their online classes “open source,” which means no need to purchase books. Since switching to UMUC, my husband has only needed to purchase a lab kit for biology. For his tuition assistance (military), it is pay-out-of-pocket for books. We have saved some money this way! It was not on his radar at all when he was looking at different options, and I think it may be a new policy.
  2. Consider this website about dysgraphia. Even someone with neat handwriting can have dysgraphia. Apart from that, here are some things to think about. How does he do with copying letters, or writing letters of the alphabet from memory? Can he do more this way? Is this less stressful? If he is fine with writing just letters of the alphabet from memory, I think you might start with something like All About Spelling, which can start with writing a letter after a letter sound is named, and work up from there to writing a word as each letter is sounded out. Like -- you would go from learning to write m for an mmm sound, to sounding out mmm aaa nnn for man, and writing each letter as you sound it out. If he is copying, how exactly are you asking him to do it? Possibly the easiest will be if he is copying directly below the model. This means there is less looking back and forth. My son that has dysgraphia is capable of copying neatly this way, but he gets *nothing* out of it, because he isn't thinking as he copies. He can copy cursive this way but he doesn't actually know what most of the cursive letters are. So just to say -- hopefully this isn't the case in your situation, but being able to copy isn't necessarily going to transfer to other writing situations. If you are asking him to compose in some way, this is increasing the demands a huge amount. It is much, much, much harder to concentrate on forming and remembering a sentence, while also writing it down. This is a much higher demand than copying. It is also a much higher demand than spelling a word, word by word, that someone else supplies. Something they look at with my son is how easily and how long it takes for my son to write the alphabet from memory. They can compare this to how well he does copying a model of the alphabet. There is a difference for him. These are just some things you might think about. Don't get hung up on thinking "well he can write neatly, he would if he wanted to." It is not necessarily the case. I think he is also a pretty beginning reader in the scheme of things though starting Barton 3 is AWESOME. Congratulations on getting through Levels 1 and 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While he is still on the beginning side, he does not have all the reading skills automatic that will make it easier for him to write, as far as thinking of spellings or just being familiar with words. It's a big difference to see a word in a "letter by letter" way compared to seeing "chunks" and I think that just takes time. It's the difference between seeing a word as mmmm aaaaa nnnnn, okay, sound it out, okay, man..... and just seeing "man," and knowing it's the word "man." A good idea for increasing stamina, too, is to "end on success." That means end *before* fatigue, don't end *at* fatigue. It's better that way. A good idea of increasing confidence is to do something that is easier for the child where the child is having more feelings of "hey, I can do this." Two good things to keep in mind 🙂
  3. Lecka

    Online Universities- can we make a list?

    I think that UMUC has a limit of 30 hours for CLEP or DTTS, but my husband has a lot of hours from military experience, definitely over 30 hours.
  4. Lecka

    Online Universities- can we make a list?

    My husband is studying for a CLEP test, and got advice to study from Modern States. I have listened with him and have a good impression.
  5. Also here is a tip (ime) for saying dyslexia. They may think it means a child you don’t expect to learn to read. They may not be used to seeing kids make a lot of progress.
  6. For Louisa Moats, I had this book from the library. I am surprised to see it for $44! But as a library book it would not cost $44 😉 Overcoming Dyslexia is in several editions now, I bet it is cheaper.
  7. Sally Shaywitz — Overcoming Dyslexia or maybe her website. Anything about the DIBELS maybe? The Barton reading website maybe? Book by Louisa Moats?
  8. Lecka

    Online Universities- can we make a list?

    My husband is an online student at UMUC. They have a great tuition rate for active-duty soldiers. I think it is only in-state tuition for Maryland residents. He started as an online student at Central Texas College.
  9. This is possibly close to autism, I would ask if the speech therapist was not able to diagnosis autism for some reason. Otherwise — this is very broad! Her specific needs will be specific to her. Social Thinking has a lot for pragmatic language, depending on what is appropriate for her. There is a lot out there.
  10. Lecka

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    We ate outside at playgrounds as possible. We typically will ask at the hotel, if the timing works out, what a nice playground is. Or we ask at a gas station. We look online also, but we have gotten recommendations for places that were great but looked blah from the Internet. Edit: really we will ask anybody about a park, because sometimes we don’t want to go very far out of our way, but would for a very nice playground.
  11. Lecka

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    I can’t remember now. But they had pools. There was a long gap with not much available, and I think our last day of driving was only 5 hours, just because cities were not spaced out evenly. We stayed at a KOA near the Grand Tetons.
  12. Lecka

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    We had a wonderful trip, I hope you enjoy it!
  13. Lecka

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    I went on a family trip to Wyoming from Oklahoma. We focused on spending the night in hotels with a pool and spending time swimming. We took two nights. Longer days were not realistic for us and swimming worked very well at the time. With older kids now, we would make it with one overnight, and just drive through. Another family member went into Idaho (iirc) to visit in-laws and that worked great for them.
  14. To explain more.... if right now there is nothing she likes about getting up in the morning, then she is not starting at neutral. She is starting at “I don’t even want to be awake right now, let alone schoolwork.” That makes it a different situation than if she was starting at neutral and then doing a less-preferred activity. So you can look at just providing positive reinforcement or a positive association of some kind, for just being up and around in the morning. Then hopefully that can go to neutral and then less-preferred. In a way it is still “first less-preferred, then more-preferred,” which really IS supposed to be the best (it is called the premack principle). BUT it just starts the “first” thing as, not schoolwork, but just being up and around. My son hated, hated, hated toothbrushing and putting on shoes for a long time.... so then I can’t say “oh, well, going into school is the First thing,” because really — he has already had to do two very non-preferred tasks at this point. So if there are actually some non-preferred things, then — it’s okay to back up and say “let’s try to reinforce those things.” Where — if you start from “what’s my goal here” then it may be skipping some things that are having a lot of impact on how the day is going. But they are NOT related to goals/tasks/items like “do schoolwork.” So if you know something is very non-preferred, it doesn’t work to just skip over it just because it is not related to what needs to get done! Because the child is not skipping over it, it is part of what is going on for the child. This is where people can try to observe and try to see what those things are. But sometimes I think we all know exactly what they are, it is just “not getting things done” to spend time on them. Or it just seems too ridiculous. Just my thoughts! I have been thinking through some things wrt my 13-year-old recently, and while he is definitely wrong, I could be more effective. But I think I am going very hands-off in some ways that wouldn’t be possible if he needed more support. So I think he doesn’t need it. He doesn’t want it. And then my 10-year-old really shows every sign of being easy-going, and he will still need support as he gets older, so I am hopeful with him, lol.
  15. Good luck 🙂 I am letting everyone else sleep in and it is nice 😉 But we will be busier in the afternoon.
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