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  1. Great news!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!
  2. We are in a decent routine and it looks like there is a clear path forward for the next 5-6 months, so maybe that is it? I am not looking at materials and thinking they look too hard? I am looking at what he is doing and thinking it looks great?
  3. I am feeling so upbeat and positive about my son’s progress and how things are looking for the next year. Around December and January I was disappointed, felt like zero progress was being made, the progress being made didn’t actually matter, and was just getting through with cold logic of “he deserves to get as far as he can” and “something is better than nothing.” I also am doing (maybe?) slightly more now but I feel good about the amount. It is not a huge amount but it is making a difference. Before I felt like the amount getting done was pathetic. I would love to pinpoint what has changed because I go through this every so often. Sometimes I am so conscious of how behind he is, and other times I don’t care and it is just working where he is the same as it would be if he were at any level.
  4. Just a top hit on google for Rousseau.
  5. I think they are responding to philosophical ideas about what children are like, from their time period. Are children a blank slate? Are children dependent on being taught? Or are children superior because they haven't be polluted by having corrupt ideas forced on them, and existing in a more natural way? I am not into this stuff but it is discussed in Western Civilization classes and I have helped my husband study recently and seen things like this. I think they are probably following or reacting against a philosophy like this from their time, that is organizing some of their ideas into a framework, or would just be context for someone who was up on this stuff. I think too the word "natural" is a word that doesn't seem to mean just the same thing in older writing.
  6. Magazines? Does he drink coffee? My husband likes jerky and flavored nuts a lot. Has he got nicer socks? Those are nice to have but he might not have them. My husband's favorites right now are Fox River. Looks like these but I am not positive they are the ones he likes. If he drinks coffee and has a coffee machine ------ coffee 😉 Edit: Or maybe they are these socks? If he is stationed somewhere hot or cold, there are socks for hot or cold weather, too.
  7. My son asked me what a “myth” was after hearing it on a tv show. We were able to have a conversation about Maui from Moana and the song where he sings about myths about him. He did so well!!!!!’
  8. Also how long would you be out of the house? My impression is about an hour. I feel like — you could set the kids up at home with a movie and be back before it’s over, with that kind of time frame.
  9. Could they call the swimming pool office and ask them to get you out of class in an emergency? You would not have your phone on you during the class I guess?
  10. Well I would pick summer school. But my kids would burn out on the swimming. I know them. They find two weeks of swim lessons every day to be a lot for them! But swimming does sound good, too. They both sound good. My daughter did a week-long gymnastics camp where she went 2 hours a day (iirc, maybe it was 90 minutes) and she would not have lasted 2 months. But some kids thrive with that schedule 🙂
  11. Well the summer school could be a lot of different things. It could be fun and lots of playing, or it could be sitting kids on computers. It is probably hard to know until you try and see if your kids like it and hit it off with kids there, like the teachers or counselors, etc etc.
  12. Summer school. Edit: no way would I drive somewhere for 2 hours. No way. Summer school is more likely to meet nearby kids who might be free to hang out the rest of summer. I don’t think you have to do either one. Summer school would be much easier to quit if they don’t like it. You are probably going to stay with swim lessons if they don’t like it bc you have paid. It sounds like some intense swimming to sign up for if you don’t know if they like it that much. Maybe start with once a week. Just my thoughts. Either does sound good! Or neither 😉.
  13. Ime if a teacher brings up a kid at a teacher meeting, it can get pushed back if there are more urgent things with other kids. And the teacher can’t do much about it. If you go the parent route, they can’t push it back. They have to act on it on a timeline. It also weakens a teacher request (through their process) if the parent concerns are just “verbally expressed to the teacher.” That is weak. I found out my son had been brought up by a teacher at a teacher meeting several times and nothing had really panned out from it. The resource teacher told me she had been hearing his name mentioned at the “teacher brings up concerns” meetings for 2 years! Really, write a letter, seriously consider sharing paperwork from his previous counseling, if he has a diagnosis, etc.
  14. We will talk about things like — it is disrespectful to teachers not to turn in work. It is. It could make a teacher feel like they worked hard to teach but then a student doesn’t care. It can come across as not caring, when he sounds like he cares a lot in not wanting to turn in deficient work. I think that has helped some here. Thinking about how things come across to the teacher and that the teacher went into teaching for a reason and probably wanting to engage students in learning (hopefully).
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