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  1. Honestly, as I have been volunteering a little while, I think there are some volunteer things that have employed people… employed people might be on a board. Employed people might be involved in something their kids do. Something related to their job, but they are doing it for free. To me they seem like they would be the best job contacts. I would also wonder about volunteering for any free dental or medical clinics, if they have those in your area. I think there are a lot of people who currently have jobs, in those fields, and I think even if you didn’t directly meet them, if you were involved and then were looking for a job, it would be something they knew, and maybe you would meet people who did know more of those people…. As an adult you could help with organizing events like this, very possibly. If this is something you might like and they have it in your area, I think it could be so good. I also think it would be good to think about if there is something you would like to continue to do as a volunteer, then if you invested in getting involved in an organization, you could still be involved with their big events. There might be other organizations where people who are in a medical field do free volunteer work, in your community.
  2. I don’t know how true this would be for other people, but I was in a fairly similar spot recently except on the fence about working. I wanted to do something, and felt a sad lack of references or recommendations. I have ended up volunteering and with more involvement in my church. I definitely like the volunteer work I’m doing now, it is extremely impactful, it is also a good fit for my personality, it is also something I enjoy. I definitely feel like I could get a good reference. However, all my contacts are retired and I don’t “know” if I would get job leads through them. I would try — but I don’t know. Then for church involvement, I do feel like I know people who have jobs and would be good for a networking, or possibly knowing someone hiring for a job. I also wonder about trying to volunteer with the Red Cross on in a hospital, or something more medical, if you’re looking for a job related to that. Edit: for me it’s more like I feel a sense of peace that I would not be starting from “nowhere” and “embarrassed” if I did need to get a job. But I was more interested in volunteering. I also felt like I was a little bit boring and wanted to have more to talk about in my life.
  3. Our Kroger-store (Homeland) does have really good sales, I do look at the sales when I go in for the pharmacy.
  4. Here the Wal-Mart produce is good, and much cheaper than at Homeland (which is part of Kroger). But I have lived in another town where the Wal-Mart near me did not have good produce. There are two other grocery stores here that have cheaper produce than Homeland. My choice is Wal-Mart, but one of these I also think has good produce. The other one we have only been to 2-3 times, it’s a little inconvenient. Here I feel like a lot of the produce at Aldi’s is about to be overripe, and I am not good about using things quickly. It can vary, but I think it is worth looking at other stores for produce.
  5. At face value I do think it sounds unethical and I wouldn’t want to use the realtor again. The realtor could have been up front about it.
  6. If the house had neighbors they could have told them who the contractor was. Or if the contractor ended up working on a neighbor’s house. Edit: I don’t find it unusual at all that someone would either ask the realtor who had done the work, or find out from a neighbor.
  7. I definitely like the flavor of Luzianne for iced tea, and I also love McDonald’s iced tea! Iced tea made from herbal peach tea is pretty good, too, my mom makes it. McDonald’s iced tea is so good, I get it unsweetened about 80% of the time!
  8. Mrs. Price might be telling the story in a way it didn’t happen. I would not trust her version without hearing verification.
  9. I have definitely had sun tea made with Lipton. We drink it basically hot but with some ice cubes, so it’s room temperature or warm, but not chilled. I do remember always pouring out any left at night and washing the container.
  10. I don’t make it myself, but Luzianne iced tea bags are what I would try. I would also try making a simple syrup. I have helped make good iced tea this way! I don’t think I have ever made it by myself, though.
  11. My previous church has a mystery mower, and it turned out to be someone with a riding mower, who mowed for nearby apartments, and he just mowed this stretch on his way back, because he had seen people mowing with a push mower. We all thought it was so nice! He had been doing it for probably 2 months before someone met him.
  12. I remember you, too! How cool your son is in an inclusive college program now, and involved in Special Olympics!!!!! He is the one of your kids I really remember. I always appreciated your perspective on the Special Needs forum.
  13. For the OP, maybe you can volunteer to be the one to share the decision. I think too, it’s hard to know what your husband is thinking, maybe he really is just not wanting to say no. On the other hand, maybe he does want to allocate some money for them. If your husband thinks it’s fine to gift money without expecting it to paid back, then you would not be on the same page. I think in that case, it’s important to get on the same page, or else I think that he might want to forgive the loan, and you might not want to, which would be frustrating. The other thing I have seen, is that a later child ends up marrying someone the parents think is a scumbag. Then they are left with either doing the same thing, or not doing it. Or getting into wanting to give a gift to go only to their adult child but not their spouse. Or watch there be a divorce and the ex gets part of the value of the gift. Just because we have seen this fairly close to us, it is something that I think we would want to think about, because we do both think in general, if we did this for one we should do this for another. But we really might not want to. I see this as a down side to “just give them cash and they can do what they want with it.” If that is the standard for an older child, can a younger child be told “well but not for you, we think you married a scumbag” without it causing problems. I don’t know if this seems like a low-probability chance to other people, it seems to me like it could happen, because I know it has happened to really nice couples who were good parents and had good relationships with their kids.
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