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  1. It's so nice you got to see his former provider 🙂 I hope the school psych will do a good job!
  2. Bootsie — do you think university employees might be more likely to be tested than the general population? Is there a high positivity rate? That is what I would assume locally. If it’s a really believable statistic — I also wonder what they are doing!
  3. I lost a friend who couldn’t be around me when I had twins while she battled infertility. It is really changed on my side based on how she acted. I didn’t think it was very nice to me. I think maybe this is how the sister feels and will choose to act, but maybe you can say — hey, your dd is an age where this is going to be hard to make up if she is excluded or if they just grow apart from a lack of interest. And your dd naturally may have hurt feelings. Can you say this to your sister? Is this possible? It might just be the outcome, but — it would be worth it to bring it
  4. Another thing about the dog we found that turned out not to be abandoned ----- he saw our dog's bed, and it was clear he knew about dog beds. He definitely thought "this is for me." He also really took to my husband, and "cried" outside the bathroom door while my husband was in the bathroom. We said after that -- we knew what was meant by the Elvis song about "crying like a hound dog." This was definitely a hound dog! He had long, droopy ears, too.
  5. Our puppy was found dumped in a Wal-Mart parking lot 😞
  6. When we got our puppy from the rescue -- when we went, there was a man and his son bringing in a litter of 6 puppies who had been dumped near his country road. From our area, it seems dumped dogs are found along the highway in the country, then someone stops and takes them to a rescue (sometimes before some are hit by cars, sometimes after), and then they use the Internet to adopt dogs up to several states away. When we adopted our dog, there were 6 dogs that were about to be transported from Oklahoma to Illinois -- not available to adopt because they were already spoken for over the I
  7. We had already named the dog we found Forrest and our daughter was in love with him. It turns out his name was Jethro and we can honestly say -- they seemed like a nice young couple (emphasis on young -- but as I said, my husband and I were a young couple once upon a time). We were totally geared up to keep this dog on the second morning, and totally did not expect the vet to find he had a chip when we took him to the vet. We did the exchange in a parking lot of a military surplus store.
  8. I think there's no way to know. We were positive, absolutely positive, we found a dumped dog...... we lived on a highway, and my husband just happened, by pure chance, to see this dog on our front porch on a night that dropped below freezing, One of the dog's legs was caught up in his collar, and he was covered in fleas. It turned out this dog was chipped and the owners were a very nice-seeming young couple, who seemed -- well, very young. My husband and I were very young, once upon a time, so -- okay, whatever. It turned out this dog was gone less than 24 hours, and
  9. I have no idea, really, but -- she might like your advice, but would she possibly make some choices on her own if you didn't advise her? I think offering advice is totally worthwhile, but if there is a chance to wait her out a little, I wonder if maybe she would make some choices on her own. If the timing works out -- maybe it could be a mix of both, with her taking on some decisions, mixed with you advising her. I think as far as missing out on scholarships -- frankly I think your financial situation has a lot to do with how much this matters. If you really need her to qu
  10. I hope it really helps, and that the exercises go okay. I don't know why it is that sometimes it takes time to discover certain things, but I think sometimes it just happens this way. I hope it will really help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. We moved over the summer, but I had kids in 3rd grade through 9th grade math doing Engage NY because we lived in Upstate NY for 3 years (outside a certain Army base ahem). It is a whole other ball of wax! Edit: but my understanding is definitely that this is what it means to be doing Common Core math. I am out of the loop for our new location. My husband has retired, btw 🙂 Exciting 🙂
  12. Then don't choose to quote me and then contradict my post. I think it's rude. Edit: Specifically the way you did it -- just a quote box and then saying an opposite thing with no "oh hey I have a different opinion" kind of thing.
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