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  1. I just remind myself that it could be worse. He's not drinking or doing drugs. His grades are going down since he's decided that he doesn't want to go to college. He's going to go into the military. When I tell them that the military will definitely not care about his emotional connection with his friends he says I'm being mentally abusive. Teachers were no help at conferences, they all looooovvvveee him. Want 5 more of him in class. This too shall pass.
  2. He told me a story of a guy who wouldn't talk to his parents for 10 years because they were so strict. I told him that it was his decision if he decided to not talk to me for 10 years after he leaves the house. At the moment 10 years doesn't sound long enough.
  3. He's 16 and a junior. I'm not sure I can take another year of this.
  4. He tells me all the time that I'm so much stricter than his friends' parents. And, he's responsible enough to know when to come home. But, not responsible enough, as I pointed out, to come home when he's told. That got an eye roll and another " you care more about curfew than my emotional connection with my friends" Kelly
  5. He's in the play this weekend so he'll be gone for that a lot and I'll be out of state. I did let him know that he'll have no connection with his friends if this keeps happening.
  6. Is because he feels I care more about when I want him home then his emotional connection with his friends. 🙄
  7. I worry about our dogs and cats when they burrow under blankets too. Never had one suffocate, but...
  8. Something more than one person has said, and I've thought also is that he's only coming out with this because he got caught. What would it look like for him to come out with the truth before being caught? Do we really expect people to admit to wrong doing without the motivation? Would you? Would I? That really isn't the norm... Are there examples of people doing rotten things and coming clean before being caught? Again, I'm disappointed. It was sleazy, immoral, reprehensible. Just some thoughts.
  9. I think he should step down for a while, even if it is for his own good. Obviously, what he's been doing for the past 7 years hasn't been working. He needs to work on his own mental health if this is truly an addiction. Kelly
  10. His statement left much to be desired. I'm not impressed. I've always enjoyed his comedy. He makes fun of Christians a lot too, and really, if we can't laugh at ourselves... Unfortunately, most Christians I know will "not judge" even though this is when we are supposed to stand up and say, "This is NOT ok! This is not what we stand for!" ETA: I'm not saying that non-Christians do stand for this. It just irks me when Christians won't call it out. He's a sex addict, ok. I can half accept that. It seems when men get caught in these situations they always become sex addicts. Kelly
  11. What changed for me was understanding why so many people wanted to come, and live in situations of poverty here in the US. It didn't seem much better here. After hearing these stories of what is happening in Mexico I understood a little more. I know it is much more complicated, but it was a beginning for me.
  12. Our schools do something called MAP testing which is done in the fall and again in the spring. Maybe it is similar testing. Standardized testing is also done in the spring. Kelly
  13. I posted about my long hair cat grooming saga in the spring (I think). I was in tears over her matted fur and couldn't find a vet to do a sedated groom. I had so much anxiety over it and found a lot of support here. Here is what ended up happening. Our vet did the sedated shave for us, and we've found a cat-only groomer who works with aggressive kitties. Our cat is super sweet until the comb comes out. I really like our groomer and we see our kitty more now. I think all of those mats hurt her and she didnt want us to pet her 😞 We've been taking her every 8 weeks but will go every month this winter. Kelly
  14. The huge number of deaths in Mexico is reported here in the US. I've seen the news reports. It is one of the reasons my outlook on immigration changed. Ive heard about the deaths of Mexican police officers at the hands of drug gangs and cartels. I've seen the stories about mass graves. I'm surprised that others haven't seen this. I'm in the Midwest so it must be on news outlets around the country. Kelly
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