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  1. I voted absentee and tracked my ballot today. It has been received. I want a sticker. Kelly
  2. I used to prefer websites over FB, but now I prefer FB over websites. I like reading reviews and posts from customers. FB is easier to update daily for businesses. Kelly
  3. I was snoozing a couple of people because they were sharing conspiracy theories and just being intentionally obtuse. I finally blocked one. I just couldn't take her attitude in the weeks of my father's illness and after his death. My dad didn't die of Covid but was released from the hospital before he should have been because of a large number of Covid patients. Anyway, this person keeps saying that no one dies of Covid, or it doesn't matter if the elderly die of Covid, and will ask if someone was overweight if they died of Covid. I couldn't do it anymore. Kelly
  4. I get several mailings per day also. I don't know how I forgot about those. Sometimes that is the only mail we get 😞 They don't even make it in the house. I wonder if most of these things even work? Kelly
  5. They are looking for people to work in the school food service. I almost want to get a job just so I can give kids their lunch even if they are negative. I'm sure I would get fired real quick. Kelly
  6. A lot! I am in Iowa. I get 3 or 4 texts and about as many calls on my cell phone. Another 4 or 5 on the home phone. Both sides call. I am registered as an independent.
  7. And, he did get the regular lunch, he just happened to get an extra entree which isn't covered. He is always hungry. I just didn't know it was low. I used to have it on auto renew but had some issues with the system. If they are going to throw it away just let the kid eat it. Or, set up the system to check kids in at the beginning of the line so they don't take food that they can't have. That's what out set up was in school.
  8. I know this has been talked about before, but I find it really frustrating. My son came home and told me that when he went through the lunch line yesterday his account was negative and they threw away his food. He wasn't starving since this was an extra portion, but he is my 17 year old, 6 foot boy. When he told me I thought we were way under. Usually, I get an email warning me when we are getting low, but never got one. We were a whole $1.25 negative. If they are going to throw it away, why not just let the kid eat it. His art teacher gave him a pop tart to supplement 🙂 He is
  9. Thank you, I kept looking at German sites. I am stressed and didn't think about the US Embassy. Well, sh!t.
  10. Has Germany opened their borders to US residents? I hace been Googling but can't find anything after August. I thought I had heard they opened up in September. There is more to behind this question than I have time to explain. Thank you to anyone with information. Kelly
  11. I voted other. I have had the flu twice that were diagnosed. Once in college when I thought I was going to die, I was so sick. So, so sick. The 2nd time wasn't too bad, but I was definitely sick. I have gotten flu shots in the past, but many years I did not. I can't tell you if the years I got them it was helpful or not since I didn't get the flu every year I didn't have the shot. I will be getting the flu shot, because I am convinced it is a help to others that I don't get the flu. Either because I won't be passing the flu on to others or because I won't end up in the hospital with
  12. I'm working on the FAFSA, and I just got to the parent's assets question. Right now we have an extra 15,000 in the checking from insurance checks due to storm damage. That money will be gone within the month to fix our damaged roof. In the grand scheme of college payment $15000 isn't that much, but will it hurt us on the application? Kelly
  13. I can't imagine anything on here that I would try to ruin someone over. And, I disagree with people from time to time. Majorly disagree, but not to the point of calling them out irl. I'm sorry this happened. People suck 😞 Kelly
  14. Agreed, and on the surface you can't always tell the difference. If you get a vibe, I think it is appropriate to listen to it.
  15. I tried to edit my original post and it ended up as an extra blank post.
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