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  1. My daughter's school is doing online, hybrid, and on the ground classes until Thanksgiving and then they go all online. My dd is a double major in Exercise Science and Dance. Her ballet class and Dance Kinesiology class need to be in the classroom. All of her other classes will be fine online, except her Chem lab. The dining services will all be grab and go with some delivery. My dd is in a apartment on campus so she'll be making her own food. She might stay on campus for Thanksgiving break, especially if one of her apartment-mates stays also. Our house isn't set up to have her home. It is possible, but she shares a room with her sister who is a sophomore in HS. Kelly
  2. I swear the emails we got from our school district sounded like: we are actively planning the plan for the plan needed for the plan of the plan that is due July 1. After July 1 we have gotten an email about how they are still planning the plan of the plan and will be sending out surveys to help guide their planning. I would like to HS again but I have a kid graduating this school year. He wants to graduate from that school. My youngest gets good grades but she really just wants to go for the social aspect. ETA - My guess is that our district will say that masks are voluntary. They will give some BS about how they won't let kids be mean to kids wearing masks. And, there will be school as usual. Kelly
  3. Yep, that's how it works. I asked my oldest because we bought her a ticket in November and we used the confirmation number. Now I can get everyone ready. Hopefully, I will remember this for the next time 🙂 Thanks! Kelly
  4. My son's flight is tomorrow and I want to get his boarding pass on his phone. Does he need his own account for the app or will we just sign in using my account since I bought the tickets? Tried Googling this but couldn't find an answer. My girls and I fly out on the dame day he gets back. Is it going to be an issue signing in on more than one phone if it is the same account. I haven't tried it yet because I'm afraid I'll screw something up. Kelly
  5. The one I have seen is really quite funny. It is about how masks are the new bra. I can't remember it exactly but it is something like: they are both uncomfortable, you only wear them when you leave the house, and people can tell when you aren't wearing one. I am a mask wearer and find that meme funny and true. Although, a bra is much more uncomfortable than a mask.
  6. I don't think it was just that he had to call his mom to get pizza. Here is the quote. Sounds like it was threatened and happened. I know meal cards can be declined for all sorts of reasons, but it does seem like it could have been connected. “I was threatened by Kirk Ferentz that my meal card would be taken away and I will not eat nor be able to sit with my teammates during eating sessions. He did follow through on his threat. I went to use my meal card and it was declined." Why do they still have their jobs? Because Iowa Football is huge. Kirk Ferentz is huge. Athletics are too big to go up against until is can't be ignored. Kelly
  7. I grew my last inch my freshman year in college. To answer the original question. My son has grown a lot in the last year. He's 17. My dh was the tallest kid until puberty and stopped growing. My oldest dd was the same as her dad. The tallest until 14 or so. My son seems to take after my side for growth. Mostly the men in my family. Although I did grow an inch at 18 I'm still only 5'5. Kelly
  8. Wow! I remember watching the news one night about meth labs. Our neighbors in the townhome had all of the signs of having one. I was so happy to move out of there. The fear of an explosion was very real. Kelly
  9. In the 20 years we've lived on this street we've had police activity twice. So, when someone says 2-3 times a month isn't unusual, some of us are concerned. I don't think anyone was trying to be rude. I'm guessing they were shocked. We all have differing comfort levels. Kelly
  10. Yes, we are aware, but it is not part of our daily life. In fact, most of us probably only see neighborhoods with more police activity depicted on cop shows. We lived on a street that did have more police presence about 21 years ago. We shared a townhome with some guys that were doing illegal things. Dealing drugs for sure, possibly making them. Also, there were too many scantily clad young ladies meeting cars out front to not assume there was prostitution. Thr town we've lived in for 20 years now has got to be so boring for our police. So, that living experience and cop shows are my frame of reference for more police presence. Kelly
  11. I've been warning him to exercise early and drink extra water. He is coming from high humidity. There is a pool so that will hopefully help him get outside. Thanks!
  12. I'll begin by saying that I kniow AZ is spiking and I know it is almost July and sweltering there. With that said... My 17 year old son is flying out to visit my parents in AZ July 4th-18th. They live about 40 minutes east of Phoenix. Is there anything safe he can do outside? They live near Usery Mountain Park, Lost Dutchman Park... Most of his time will be with my parents at home, but wonderd if there was anything he could do in fresh air in a not crowded place. My parents have lived there for a few years, but aren't the type to really get out.
  13. We have the same friends apparently 🙂
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