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  1. That's a good idea. I am sure there will be things to record tonight and tomorrow morning early.
  2. There is one I can take him to tomorrow morning before I have to work again. I was hoping that since the screaming incidents were short lived and he was acting normally the rest of the time he wouldn't have to go to the emergency vet. The emergency vet stresses me out. They are connected with the vet school and they want to run every test imaginable that don't pertain to the problem. Kelly
  3. Our 11 year old Maltese, Billy, had an "episode" which we think are seizures. I have talked to the vet about them, but since they aren't frequent we haven't medicated him. He hasn't had one that we've seen for months. Until last night 😞 I wasn't around so I don't know exactly what happened. He seemed fine when I got home, my husband hadn't seen anything unusual after the episode. We went to bed around 9pm and around 9:30 Billy started screaming. A screaming dog is scary. I honestly thought he was having a heart attack. I don't know why except I had no idea what was wrong. We went back to
  4. We have never had pet insurance. My parents did on one of their dogs. It came in handy for them. If we had purebred puppies I would consider it. We have purebreds, but they were senior rescues. Not sure we could get insurance for them at this point. I would start by looking up the most common issues for your breed and then check each insurer to see what they cover. Kelly
  5. There was no vote. When it came time to put forth the motion on the proposal to fire her, no one on the council spoke. It died. I sent her a note asking her to stay, to not let their intimidation tactics force her out. What a waste of resources this whole things was. They had to pay the attorney to write up the proposal, paid her to be at the meeting. Wasted police time... Well, at least I know who is not getting my vote when elections come around again. Kelly
  6. It turned out like I thought it would. She kept her job. I have thought all along they knew this would be the outcome. I think this is an intimidation tactic to make her quit. Kelly
  7. Our City Council is doing something really dumb. At least, one in particular. We got a new City Administrator right before the pandemic. Super nice woman who is trying to grow our City responsibly, not just housing developments as the prior administrator. One of the council members was trying to get his friend hired, but the city staff all disliked him. The city staff really like the new administrator as do many small businesses. The council member whose buddy didn't bget hired has brought forth a resolution to fire her without cause. The meeting is going on now. Kelly
  8. RE: People thinking police have the right to kill. These are the people on my FB feed posting "If you aren't doing anything wrong, then the police wouldn't be trying to arrest you", and "If you are a police officer and need a break you can park in front of my house and I will give you food, water, a hug, support..." without acknowledging the death of *fill in the blank*. And, I must say there are too many names at this point to fill in. Kelly
  9. I am just so excited and have to share. My son got an ROTC scholarship! I am so proud of him. Kelly
  10. I think it is time to snooze this friend again. It says a 30 day snooze, but I think they show up a lot faster than that. I have been snoozing this lady on and off for a year now. Kelly
  11. If there is a thread with this topic let me know. I have FB friends who post every death that might be covid vaccine related. Any good places to look for reassurance or to refute their articles? Or, places to look that support what they are posting? I know people who hace been vaccinated and they have ranged from no symptoms to flu like symptoms. These are people ages 40-87. Kelly
  12. Is it possible to have equitable public schooling? Shouldn't public schools be the one thing at the very least that gives everyone the same experience -- quality of the building, resources, teachers, etc... What kids do with it is obviously up to them, but shouldn't the other things be equal? And, no, I have no answers. I have just been watching a lot of documentaries lately 🙂
  13. Either way the owner of the car isn't getting it back. If they don't give chase the car could be lost forever or it gets wrecked amd totaled. Kelly
  14. I would say the police can assume that if someone doesn't stop immediately it is going to get out of control. Is there a better way? Yes, they made a bad decision. I just wish it could have been different. I am just sad. Usually news stories don't haunt me so much. This one is.
  15. I am not the first person to suggest this. I at one time had a much harder time wrapping my head around it also. I am done with our criminal justice system as it is now. And, our educational system. That will be my next unpopular idea today.
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