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  1. I did too, and I am in no way British, Canadian, or Australian. I thought it was funny that I went directly to mom mums and not flower mums. Kelly
  2. I was trying to figure out what droopy leaves meant, and then realized she actually meant droopy leaves 😀
  3. At one time I would have said the same thing but... I have found that my dh makes very knee jerk decisions and can be very insulting. If he would take the time to actually consider the request and come to a thoughtful decision I would back him up more. Last week we were visiting family and my son wanted to go for a run in the morning. My dh said no because he might get hit by a train. #1 he didn't even know if a train went through town and #2 he was telling a 16 year old that he wasn't capable of not running in front of a train. It was insulting. My son was allowed to run and he survived. Kelly
  4. My ds has a lot of friends, and there are several going to the Renaissance Faire together. My dh just has really odd objections.
  5. It is surprising because he is such a geek himself. I told him he was being unkind.
  6. He is in martial arts and just got a now staff. He really enjoys training with it.
  7. Would you allow your 16 yr old to buy a sword? He's big into Renaissance Faires and dressing the part. He's actually too young to take it in since he isn't 18. My dh says NO, although part of his no is thinking he'll be a lonely guy who dresses up and plays with swords. Coming from the comic book collecting, Dungeons and Dragons player. I'm on the fence. I am letting him buy a kilt. Kelly
  8. Because he's eating and drinking normally, playing, and begging for food as usual I was willing to wait. There is an emergency vet we have used in the past. If I notice anything on Monday I'll get him in. He did bark a little today as I was eating though not loudly or as much. So, I wonder if he just needed a bark break. Kelly
  9. Thanks everyone, I probably should have been able to figure that out. When I was thinking of it, I was thinking of "my dad' and "cousin's grandma", not thinking that my dad is my dd's grandpa. I know he is, but for some reason it wasn't connecting yesterday 🙂 My dd is going to college next week at SIUE, I am originally from the area just 20 minutes south of that, and still have a lot of family down there. I just found out that this cousin is going to the same school and majoring in something "similar". Not sure what similar means in this case, I don't know what she is majoring in. My dad just told me it was similar. My dd wants to eventually go into Athletic Training. There is another cousin her age in FL that is also a dancer and plans on Athletic Training/Physical Therapy. It would be interesting for 3 cousins who have never met actually go into the same field. Kelly
  10. He barks non stop when we are eating. Today, nothing. He whined like he wanted to bark. I did end up calling. We couldn't get an appointment until the 19th. Our vet is on vacation now, and I leave the day he gets back. Kelly
  11. Our dog has stopped barking suddenly. I just realized it today, but it has been going on for a few I would guess. I did notice a few days ago that he was making this odd yelp sometimes. It isn't often and I'm not sure it is even related. He seems normal in every other way. I am headed out on Tuesday for a week of vacation, although other family members will be here. I'm usually the person who takes them to the vet. He's around 9 years old. I don't think he's had an injury, other than the yelping I wouldn't suspect one. He yelped maybe 4 times over 2 days. Hasn't today. Anyone know of reasons this can happen. I feel dumb calling the vet because my dog isn't barking 🤷‍♀️
  12. I'm sure this is true, but I do know more military than incarcerated. Is this currently incarcerated or have been incarcerated? Current military vs have been in the military? If it is current, I know more military. If it is have been, I guess I might know more people who have been in jail. I don't know anyone's incarceration history so I don't know. I might be surprised to find out. Interesting... Kelly
  13. Me too, I've never heard snakes and stones.
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