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  1. We got these one year also. It was creepy, and made me angry. I hate pressure tactics! Kelly
  2. I know people on both sides of the political spectrum. I tend to be center, but will lean to either side depending on the issue. Anyway, I know far left and far right people who are really loud and obnoxious. I always want to tell them that they are so similar and could be great friends. I'm afraid both would kill me 🙂 I don't usually say much unless I think what is being said is harmful. My dad is a democrat that likes to call people who disagree with him horrible names and cut off relationships. I will call him out. At church there is a lady who won't ask a Muslim woman who works at Walmart for help because she said she assumes this lady won't help her anyway or might kill her. I had to call her out. Both of these people also do similar things outside of politics. My dad will cut off relationships if anyone disagrees with him on any subject. This lady at church is afraid of her shadow I think. Kelly
  3. Totally agree with your DD! Way too many legs. Here is my funny house centipede story. I'm not even sure what I was thinking, I wasn't thinking is the problem. When I see those suckers my brain goes numb. Anyway, there was one in my linen closet. Our big orange cat liked to chase them, and would kill them. So, my big idea was to put him on the top shelf of the linen closet to catch the sucker. Because shoving a 16 pound cat 2 feet above my head into a closet is a great idea! He freaked out on me, and I don't really remember a lot of what happened next. There was flailing, hissing, screaming (mine), fur flying, and a still alive centipede in my sheets. I now shake out my sheets whenever I pull them from the closet. And, I've never tried to shove a cat into that closet again. I do find cats in there all the time sleeping, but I don't put them there 🙂 Kelly
  4. What a bummer 😞 I've never had problems with them. BUT... if they ever used the "we'll do it this ONE time" line I'd never go back. I hate, hate, hate when people say this! There are such better ways to get this across. Kelly
  5. She has an appointment with a cat-only groomer at the end of the month, unless I can find a vet who will shave her under sedation. This stresses me out so much that I want to cry. I just feel so bad for this kitty. I'm sure the mats feel awful. I'm hoping we see her more once my daughter goes to college. Maybe I can get her to let me groom her more. Thanks for all of the suggestions and commiseration! Kelly
  6. Thank you! I'm picking up the vet records for the groomer tomorrow. I'm going to beg the vet office to do a groom under sedation again. If they do I will take her to the groomer in about 8 weeks in hopes that it will be a less traumatizing experience.
  7. We've tried so many brushes. Not too many combs. I'll take a look at the link you provided. I will try anything! Kelly
  8. We tried a pill that didn't work. I don't think she has any special considerations, other than the fact that she doesn't like the other 2 cats so she tends to stay in my daughters' room. She's often on a bed with one of the girls.
  9. I feel like a horrible cat mom. We a long haired cat that we cannot keep groomed. She hates being brushed, and she cannot keep her long fur groomed. Our vet did a shave under sedation for us, and we were able to keep up with grooming until her fur got long again. She started to get aggressive when being brushed, and her fur is matted and gross again. Unfortunately, our vet doesn't do grooming as a regular service, and I cannot find another vet that will groom with sedation. Our vet did give us some Gabapentin to try to relax her so we could groom her ourselves, but it didn't work. So, I have an appointment with a cat groomer, but I really have no hope it will work 😞 I'm hoping the vet will do it again for us one more time, and then maybe we could get her in with the groomer every 8 weeks. I'm so stressed about this today. She's such a sweet kitty, but hates being groomed. Any suggestions on brushing her fur without the aggression? Kelly
  10. Have they thought about going to online sales? Our studio did this 2 years ago, and I love it! I was never one to stand in line anyway for recital tickets. Kelly
  11. I completely understand what you are saying. We also don't have any local family, so it is usually just me and my husband at recitals. Sometimes we'll buy an extra ticket and bring one a friend of one of our girls. I so often see siblings of the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, great grand parents. Ugh, I hope the dancer's family is returning the favor and going to performances for their nieces and nephews. I've worked recitals for others dance schools, and I've found the most obnoxious parents are the ones with large groups of family attending. Not sure if it is because it is so stressful to coordinate that many family members? And, maybe expensive buying all of those tickets? Kelly
  12. I don't know what the OP posted. This is just going off of some of the responses. If I'm not murdering someone just because I believe in God, then my heart isn't in the right place. I think telling God that I didn't murder so and so because I believed in Him wouldn't get me very far. Anyone else ever watch those 48 Hour type shows where they interview people who have killed a spouse. They are asked why they didn't just get a divorce and some answer, "Because it is against the church's rules." 😕 Kelly
  13. I do this too. Hmmm, I've been told dyslexia doesn't always look the same in everyone. I've always had trouble with comprehension, which is probably why I can read the same book multiple times and find something new every time. I also have a weird eye twitch when I read. When it happens my eyes are focused on a different part of the page after the twitch. My mom has similar stories. Kelly
  14. She has done a lot so far to relieve her symptoms. She even moved to a new house. I think she is just at the end of what she and her doctors can come up with. Kelly
  15. A dog that I wouldn't think would cause allergies. On her paperwork it says Yorkshire mix. She is tiny, only 4 1/2 pounds at 9 years old. Her eyes and her size make me think Chihauah. She looks a little Maltese in the face.
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