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  1. Is it possible to have equitable public schooling? Shouldn't public schools be the one thing at the very least that gives everyone the same experience -- quality of the building, resources, teachers, etc... What kids do with it is obviously up to them, but shouldn't the other things be equal? And, no, I have no answers. I have just been watching a lot of documentaries lately 🙂
  2. Either way the owner of the car isn't getting it back. If they don't give chase the car could be lost forever or it gets wrecked amd totaled. Kelly
  3. I would say the police can assume that if someone doesn't stop immediately it is going to get out of control. Is there a better way? Yes, they made a bad decision. I just wish it could have been different. I am just sad. Usually news stories don't haunt me so much. This one is.
  4. I am not the first person to suggest this. I at one time had a much harder time wrapping my head around it also. I am done with our criminal justice system as it is now. And, our educational system. That will be my next unpopular idea today.
  5. I will be honest, I don't have an answer. I think they are unsafe for everybody. Police and pedestrians get hurt in these also. I am heartbroken for these families. I cannot think they deserved to die. It is just one of those moments when you wish something could have been done so they didn't die. So they could have had a chance at something better. Kelly
  6. I have had a really good experience with Lexapro. But, I know someone who had a horrible experience with it also. Sorry it has been so rough. Kelly
  7. I don't care how long or short a high speed chase is, they need to stop. There been a few here in the last couple months that have all ended in crashes. I know many people will disagree, that's ok.
  8. Don't open the link if you don't want to see the school pictures of the 3 boys killed. 5 kids stole a car and 3 died in the crash during a high speed chase. The kids were 13-16. They are young and their pictures make it more real about how young they are. This story is haunting me. Changes need to be made. https://www.kcci.com/article/clive-iowa-police-identify-teens-involved-in-fatal-high-speed-pursuit-crash/35193938
  9. Yep, the people I know will say it in real life also. I have snoozed the biggest offenders. Just had a new one yesterday. And, I know shr is grieving. Her mom is on a ventilator, not doing well at all. She said her dad also got it but took his vitamins. It is one thing to encourage people to take vitamins to help lower the risk. It is another thing to blame someone for getting a bad case because "they didn't take their vitamins". I do hope she deletes the post if her mom gets out of the hospital. It would be so painful to see your child say that about you.
  10. I am so tired of seeing people on FB blaming people for getting and dying from Covid. I am sick of seeing the posts about how so and so wouldn't have died if they had lost weight, taken their vitamin D, used essential oils... 😥
  11. ((Hugs)) I do understand what you are going through. My dh does not have a good relationship with our son. And, he probably won't be coming home to visit much. I am ok with that. I would prefer to visit him else where. I think in my situation it is because my son is the spitting image of his dad, but is so different from him. Why that makes it so hard for him I don't know. I would guess he also had a so so relationship with his own dad. I have stood up for my son, but generally not in front of him. That isn't always the best idea. The kid might think it is, but that could cause more
  12. We say Covid and The Rona. We are super careful and take it seriously, but sometimes we do need to lighten the mood. We generally just say it within the family. Kelly
  13. None of these are right😁, but they all sound entertaining. I will have to read them. I forgot to add what I thought the title . It had a dollar amount and either the word decision or question. Something lime "The $40,000 Decision". It was the price it would cost for preschool in one of those fancy NY preschools. Unfortunately I am not getting anything..
  14. I read this book several years ago, and found it fascinating. I thought I remembered part of the title, but no search is working. I think it was non-fiction. It is a book about parents trying to get their kids into New York preschools. It is very similar to the Nursery University documentary. I remember one kids parents were upset when he gave his seat to a girl at snack time because they felt he wasn't showing how much he wanted his spot in preschool. And, at the end one family was moving because they didn't get into their top schools. Anyone else read a book like this? K
  15. I can get the short a in there, but have never heard it pronounced like that. I've know a few Karens and it has always been Care-in. This thread is interesting and confusing all at the same time 😁
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