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  1. I've tried Googling this issue, but I'm not coming up with anything. I have used a pair of bluetooth headphones that I really like. They work, they are comfy, and inexpensive. Unfortunately, I lost them. Finally got around to buying a new pair. I connected them to my Chromebook, and after 5 seconds they disconnected. Tried again, same result. I tried connecting them to my phone, but it couldn't find them. I exchanged the headphones today. I connected it to my phone, and it worked perfectly. After an hour I connected it to my Chromebook. After 5 seconds they disconnected. Tried again, same result. Now, my phone can't find them. Like I said, I've used this exat same headphones with both my phone and my Chromebook in the past 6 months. I've tried restarting all of the devices, and turning the bluetooth off on one device while connecting to the other device. What is happening?
  2. I also have a hard time saying no. And, when I do say no I have to give this really long explanation about why I am saying no. I envy people who say no and leave it at no. I always feel like I have to give a reason or I'm hurting their feelings. Kelly
  3. He usually sits by me in church, and I get very distracted by his curls. I'm often boinging them 🙂 I can't help it, I'm very much like Ramona! I have very straight, dark brown hair. He didn't get those curls from my side of the family. Kelly
  4. I have to post this picture of my son's hair. It is so crazy thick and curly. He has to wear his hair back for work. He took the hair tie out of his hair toward the front of his head, and this is how his hair stayed. There is no hair product in his hair. What I could do with some gel and hair spray!
  5. I saw this story this morning on the CBS news. I don't get it. Those chairs are going for $6000. They look so uncomfortable. Good for him, I guess, for following his passion. I'm not looking for furniture art. Winter is making me grouchy. Kelly
  6. It's been in the fridge, and is about to go into the freezer. Kelly
  7. I'm trying to scan some pictures to send to someone for a slideshow. They need to be jpg files, but they keep scanning as pdf. What can I do? I have searched, but haven't found an answer. I know I've done this before, but it has been a really long time. Kelly
  8. I bought a 10lb tube of ground beef from the meat department of our local grocery store on Wednesday. I used some that night and forgot about the rest until today (Sunday). What do you think? Still safe to use after 4 days? There is no off smell or weird color. Kelly
  9. Yes! I am also so sick of winter. I really need spring. We still have a foot of snow on the ground and more snow coming, along with -25 wind chills on Sunday and Monday 😭 Kelly
  10. Pretty sure we have a case of strep throat in the house. What are some relief ideas to use until we can get to the doctor? Advil is helping, anything else we can do in between? Kelly
  11. I asked him about his sources and so far I'm unimpressed. Hopefully, his teacher will be able to guide him.
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