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  1. Don't quote please, I will delete in a few days. Thank you. I had a friend contact me that needs some resources for another friend. Here is what I know. Christian hs'ing family. Abusive dad has been given temporary custody. Not physical abuse, but "other" abuse. Not sure what all that entails. Dad is saying that he was not in on hs'ing planning, curriculum buying, teaching, and I think that is how he got custody. I'm sure he was the one with the job outside the home also, so has more resources. I have been going through old threads, but hoping to get some quick lists with old threads that would be helpful. Or, if you've been in this situation what kind of books helped, websites, etc...? Also, custody help... And, what she needs to do to be ready to leave for good. Financials she needs to have, etc...? She is, on the advice of a lawyer, moving back into the home so she can be with the kids. Not sure how far the divorce has progressed. Kind of think maybe they were only separated. Thank you
  2. No problem, we can disagree. I love being told what to bring, can't go wrong. I don't like shopping so ordering online from a registry is my thing. If there is no registry they get eithet a Target gift card or an Amazon gift card. I do remember getting a heavy duty soup pot as a wedding gift. I had no idea why I needed one and hadn't registered for it. That might be the only wedding gift we still have and use 21 years later 🙂 Kelly
  3. It does seem rude, but I am always careful to get gifts off the registry. I feel it is a little rude for me to go rogue with gift giving in these situations. If I don't want to pick a gift off the registry I'll buy a gift card from their choice of stores. Kelly
  4. I went to Catholic school until 6th grade. Our priest would come to each class to hand out report cards. He would absolutely rip people apart. It was horrifying!
  5. They are both doing better today. There was a kid who took his lines for the contest yesterday. All is good now.
  6. I have to admit, the funniest thing I said today was,"Hey, ds, did you throw up on the cat?" 😂
  7. He's still slinking around and looking at me with suspicion 🙂
  8. The bus left at 7am without him. I couldn't justify sending him. If it is a stomach virus he could infect a whole lot of people. Speech contests are crowded with people every where. He was upset this morning but has been in bed and quiet ever since. I've included a picture of the unhappy cat. Kelly
  9. It is speech contest day. Last night my ds16 threw up. We were really hoping it was too much junk food. Although, this area has been hit hard with stomach virus this winter. As far as I know he was fine all night. He ate some very gentle food this morning and threw up again. We wanted to get a little in him so he didn't pass out. He is in bed and no speech contest. Just hoping his group isn't too hard on him. My daughter said she's seen kids with stomach viruses and the flu at the contest. When I was in HS one of the girls in my group had a car accident on the way and she still performed, bumped and bruised. Poor kitty because ds threw up on him. He's now angrily grooming after a bath. Kelly
  10. I've heard about e-learning days. I think that would be useful. Our district gives every kid a Chromebook so it would definitely be possible.
  11. My parents were very dramatic about some things. They also told us that if we touched the mushrooms growing in our yard we'd die. My brother came to tell them goodbye one day because he had rescued my shoe from one. I will not touch mushrooms that people have gone out and picked themselves. I don't care how many years they have been mushroom hunting.
  12. I do eat home canned jam. I didn't grow up eating it, nor did I know anyone as a kid who canned. I know a few now, but not many. I remember living in a house when I was between 4 and 6 years old with a scary basement that had jars of vegetables. No idea how long they had been there. I was always told not to eat them or they'd make me sick. Not sure why they weren't thrown away. They weren't ours. I'm sure that is a big reason for my hesitancy. ETA: I also eat home canned peppers and salsa. I guess I eat more than I think 🙂
  13. We get more 2 hour delays than closures. Last year we did have a lot of snow and cold closures. The governor actually forgave some snow days so the kids didnt have to go into June for school. Kelly
  14. I'm not the poster you were addressing but like her I won't eat home canned food from most people. I have no trouble with regular food, potlucks, cookies, etc.. But, home canned food makes me nervous. Kelly
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