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  1. SquirrellyMama

    Binge-worthy Podcasts?

    ETA: Sorry, just reread and saw you want story format. So, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Sherlock Holmes, and Agatha Raisin. I'll leave the others up in case anyone is interested in general podcasts. Stuff You Missed in History Class The Minimalist TED Radio Hour Freakanomics Adam Ruins Everything Left, Right, and Center Sherlock Holmes (Internet Archives) Agatha Raisin (based on the books)
  2. SquirrellyMama

    Nature abhors a vacuum (pet grief warning)

    I'm sorry about your dog 😢 That is a beautiful cat ❤ I also need my pets. My dh does not understand. He loves our pets, but would be just as happy, probably happier, without them. Kelly
  3. That sounds miserable, I'm sorry.
  4. SquirrellyMama

    Honestly, how do you handle this?

    I would say to leave your email at the very least. You can always change that to help avoid abuse. Around here I'd leave my name and number. Kelly
  5. SquirrellyMama

    S/o share your worst trip or vacation story!

    Years ago, my parents lived in FL. We live in IA. Took a road trip with the kids who were: almost 1, 3, and 5. Right before we left, the younger 2 had febrile seizures. They were given antibiotics so on the way down we were dosing all 3 kids with antibiotics and ibuprofen. I think the oldest got meds "just in case". I didn't want seizures on our drive. The vacation itself went well, then there was the drive back. This was the awful part. I'm not sure if my dh got food poisoning or a stomach bug, but we had to stop every hour because he was sick. There was an accident on whichever interstate we were on through Atlanta. Not a big surprise since there was always an accident when we went through Atlanta. We ended up on back roads through Georgia with my dh sick. We wouldn't stop driving until we got to TN. Kelly
  6. SquirrellyMama

    Wedding expenses and expectations - past and present

    Married 20 years ago... My dress was from a shop that was going out of business so it was half off. I think around $250. We didn't decorate the church since it was Christmas time. The church already had up a tree and poinsettias. We also didn't decorate the church hall where we had the reception. The church was $100. My MIL cooked our food. We had beef sandwiches and salads. We just did sheet cakes plus a small round cake for our topper. My college roommate made my bouquet from silk poinsettias. I just did my hair like I always wore it. I did my own make-up. Our photographer was a newspaper photographer hoping to get into weddings, so he did ours pretty cheaply. They were good, but definitely not what you see today. I prefered our $300 for what we received than the $$$$ paid for exquisite photos. Kelly
  7. SquirrellyMama

    Teaching reluctant teen to drive

    I have one who is reluctant. Honestly, I bribed him. He got Driver's Ed done, and Wil have his license in March. There just isn't another option where we live, you learn to drive. I told him to move somewhere with public transportation when he leaves the house and he won't have to drive again. Kelly
  8. SquirrellyMama

    Lazy parental behavior

    Oh dear, your measure of launched leaves me out. Twenty years of marriage, 3 kids (one going to college next year) and we've never bought our parents dinner. Neither set will let us. Maybe I'll finally launch next year 🙂 Kelly
  9. SquirrellyMama

    Christmas gathering question

    She's 17 and her mother is socially inept. I'm her mother 🙂
  10. SquirrellyMama

    Christmas gathering question

    I can suggest a box of chocolates. That's a good idea. Kelly
  11. SquirrellyMama

    Christmas gathering question

    No clue on any of this. He's a great kid, but not very forthcoming on details 🙂 Kelly
  12. SquirrellyMama

    Christmas gathering question

    Ok good. I'm so bad about social niceties sometimes. My dd thought the gathering was tomorrow but it's today. This is the 2nd gathering and the 2nd time I'm thinking she should have a gift at the last minute. Kelly
  13. SquirrellyMama

    Christmas gathering question

    If your teen son brought his girlfriend to the family Christmas gathering (invited by teen boys mom), and she didn't bring a gift would you have any ill feelings against her or her family? Kelly
  14. SquirrellyMama

    Making amends for lying

    Maybe with kids it will be different. I think trust will be destroyed even with an apology. But, hopefully she can regain it. I won't say no friendship can be healed. I've just heard a lot of stories similar to mine. Kelly
  15. SquirrellyMama

    Making amends for lying

    I agree with the bolded words. This is what happened in both of my situations. The first person never trusted me, and I'll never entirely trust the 2nd one. Kelly
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