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  1. If it's weighted does it also provide warmth?
  2. Yet all have staggering prices. So for the first bio class I would think every other Campbell book other than the sunflower book or current edition of it. But if it's a first study of high school bio, the red panda one seems fine to use. But this won't be adequate for the AP, if we just use a non-AP book. Thanks for all the links Yvonne!
  3. Both are 9th editions. One looks more like high school level,, but the intro says it's for non-majors, so it can be used in college. The other, maybe college bio majors or AP class,, correct? Am I understanding this correctly? If DD plans on taking the AP, we should get the one with the flower on the cover, and if she doesn't, then the red panda, right?
  4. Thanks for listing these, RootAnn. I'm going to be looking into these. Dd finds Russian particularly hard, and it doesn't help that her Russian friend just told her she wouldn't wish this language on anyone.
  5. For students learning Russian, how do they prove they have studied it for 4 years during high school? There’s no AP or SAT Subject exams in Russian. Is there an exam out there perhaps similar to the National Greek/Latin Exam but for Russian? What about Ancient Greek? Will the National Greek Exam suffice for college application purposes? Am I limiting colleges for Dd if we continue with languages that are not tested by the College Board?
  6. The students are learning symbolic logic for a couple of weeks and then moving on to set theory by next week. I haven't even had the chance to look through the pdf yet and now need to start figuring out what set theory is. Mom0012, I did order the Schaum workbook from amazon and it will be arriving today.
  7. I’ve used WeChat and Line apps. I think these can work just on WiFi. Some of my friends don't text via cellular and prefer these apps.
  8. Thanks Susan and mom0012. I forgot to check my email yesterday and thought maybe no one had suggestions. This is a great list! I've already printed out 70 pages. If anyone happens to know this, is symbolic logic similar to classical logic that the online homeschool courses teach (and which we never had the chance to take)?
  9. Does anyone know where I can just print out worksheets with answers for this type of math? I didn't see this topic in AoPS. Some instruction would be helpful but mainly practice problems are needed.
  10. Thanks so much, Alice, this will definitely keep her busy! I let Dd decide what she's comfortable reading, so I'm not too worried about what's appropriate for her.
  11. I've worn all the labels Arcadia mentioned but recently started buying from Everlane due to its sustainable practices.
  12. We were at the same stage last year, making sure Dd had options. So we did the tours and such so that she could decide for herself. The SAT is deleted prior to 9th.
  13. Actually I should have asked for non -fiction as well. Funny enough Dd borrowed Stiff during the same time as the Scarpetta marathon and has really enjoyed it. Thanks for the other books, I'm going to see if our library carries them.
  14. Is it a private or public school? Dd took the SSAT and the SAT (for a different purpose). We submitted those scores and grades from outside sources including AoPS online classes. At the end we didn't apply to many since those didn't stand out in a way for me to give up homeschooling and the one we applied to doesn't need those test scores as they administer their own math assessment. Actually we did apply to another that required SSAT or SAT, depending on the entering grade. The SSAT test was for day schools and boarding schools, and I decided against the latter after attending the school fair. For public schools that require test scores, at least for the local one, they also administer their own.
  15. I'm still at the podiatrist. I started Zumba a few weeks ago but can't get thru the hour without knee pain.
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