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  1. For doggy day care 12 hours a day, we pay $36-$40 per day in a high cost city. We don’t do this every day, just maybe once per week. We have a Siberian Husky/Retriever/Australian Shep, so high energy dog and can’t be at home all day if none of us is available that day.
  2. I know some people here use one, and now I’m very interested in having one after having drank a bottle of the carbonated Pelligrino. I don’t drink soda (after drinking too much cola with corresponding spike in blood sugar levels), but I love kombucha, probably because of the carbonation. Any brand recommendation? Is it even worth it? Seems like an indulgence given the price.
  3. Duty, in Japanese and English, with subtitles, crime thriller, but there is some blood. It’s a BBC and Japanese collaboration.
  4. Just to add on to what RootAnn wrote, I do know that they are super responsive via email. italki system changed (was it recent?). The student verifies which platform to meet and seems like for that lesson you can’t go back to italki platform if Skype is not working.
  5. Do you think skipping Accutane and using Differin at that time would have yielded the same result as now? Or Accutane from that time has helped with the present condition? I have no idea if Accutane has some cumulative effect. Because Dd is a girl the doc doesn’t want to prescribe this until absolutely necessary bc of government involvement. I’m going to remember that if we do start Accutane to take your advice on the length and dosage. Does Accutane cause purging?
  6. We’ve been with them for years, but it’s always been under DD’s name, though I do all the communication and tell the teacher I’m the parent. I don’t use italki for myself though, just Dd, so I can see why having a student account would make sense if the parent is also practicing a language. Sorry no help here. May I ask which languages?
  7. Thanks for this, I called this morning and am waiting for the doc to send the prescription. It’s true, $35 if I have commercial insurance which I hope includes Obama care (forgot the current name) but not covered if Medi-cal or Medicare.
  8. Has anyone tried this supplement to help with acne? A couple of studies and numerous testimonies indicate positive outcome. Dd has been using tretinoin, and we had given up at the 4 -week mark because rather than noticeable improvement, I noticed even more clogged pores. But after reading a little more about it, we've continued it to see if the initial stage is the purging stage. I've never had a purging stage myself with tretinoin and don't know if that's common for the initial 12 weeks, as recommended. Any one experienced purging? The doc gave a tiny sample tube of dapsone, which may be helping a little. Someone on the other thread mentioned going through genrx for it in which I may be only charged $35 versus using Goodrx coupon at Costco at $150. So I’m waiting see if my insurance qualifies as commercial insurance. And finally, I went through for both tretinoin (initially I bought it for myself) and tazarotene as neither is covered by insurance. Anyone tried tazarotene and had better results than tretinoin? And finally a question about antibiotics as the doctor doesn't want to discuss this until after February. Is the antibiotics protocol a one-time thing where Dd takes it for a given number of weeks and then that's it? If her skin clears up, then that's the end of treatment? And if it doesn't work, then accutane? Or do some teens take antibiotics on an ongoing basis to prevent acne?
  9. I’ve been purging for the last 2 months and worked on the bathroom cabinet and supplement/vitamin drawers this weekend. I can only manage a little at a time.
  10. Yes! I’ve not complained on Twitter yet, just making inquiries so far, but I’ve seen complaints addressed quickly, so it’s worth having an account just to make your issues for everyone to see.
  11. I’ve been buying tretinoin on, but the derm wants Dd to try dapsone which is still too much even with a goodrx coupon. It’s not available on that site. We did order another cream she prescribed from the same site for evening use. Has anyone ordered this from an overseas source?
  12. I found a few on Etsy; the original buttons are 23mm or 7/8". Thanks everyone for helping with this! I was planning to ask strangers IRL, but you guys are amazing.
  13. Aye aye ma’am! Things I need to learn in 2020.
  14. It sounds hollow when I knock on it, but I did google the name, plansrme, and it looks exactly like it. Mine are probably made to look like leather. But at least I now know where to start. I’m so very awful at sewing. I almost want to get a tailor to replace all 5 with the leather ones but it’ll probably cost more than the blazer. People always say that buttons make a huge difference on clothes. And I really like the woven look. Thanks so much!
  15. Just lost a button on the front of a thrifted J Crew blazer. It looks like wood, cracked, and bulbous.
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