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  1. Curology has the patient answer questions and upload photos. First shipment is free but you pay for shipping. You can work with a derm to revise the ingredients. I find them to have good customer service and advice. In fact even though Dd doesn't have a current prescription from them, I decided to give them a try. Dd had the same problem, clogged pores on the temples and along the sides. There were fewer after using adapalene and BP but still I could see that there were new clogged pores, just clogging less frequently. I did try using new pillowcases every day, but it didn't happen every
  2. What's the percentage for the adapalene?
  3. We went to 2 dermatologists. I gave each suggestion enough time (including Epiduo) and in the end I decided to go on our own using adapalene .1% at night with 5.5% BP in the morning. I looked through all the products and threw away anything with fragrance and alcohol. I have Dd use Paula's Choice BHA 2% in the morning with niacinamide. So the last in person derm had her use dapsone/tazarotene which helped a bit, but I didn't see enough results to continue after 4 months. At that point I subscribed to Curology after trying suggestions from the previous 2 derms. Their product didn't
  4. We've settled on a great combination (BP and Adapalene) for DD's skin. A few months ago I asked here if there was a cheaper option for tazarotene/dapsone rather than spending $130 each at Costco. People advised me to call Prugens, and I was able to buy it for about $30 each. Our derm didn't know about the Prugens option. Is there something similar for a standalone adapalene gel or Epiduo? Prugens discontinued adapalene last month. A few months ago I bought La Rouche Posay adapalene 1.6 oz for $30 on Amazon which is cheaper than Differin's. $30 is not bad for a product that lasts 3 months
  5. I had an ultrasound guided one and don't remember it being painful other than the pricking sensation. I didn't take any pain medication because there really wasn't anything I can now remember. It was the journey leading to the biopsy and ultimately for me the lumpectomy that was hard. Even though there was pain post-surgery I didn't really mind because it was finally over.
  6. It's a plastic extender that I got from Staples. It has hooks at the back for looping the elastic straps of the mask.
  7. If I had to go indoors for a prolonged time which I haven't really needed yet, I do have a Castle Grade mask which went thru the Nelson Lab tests. The fit is tight and only covers enough of the face to create a seal. We're required to masks even when exercising so I've been wearing the Happy Masks.
  8. It fits me but for DH we did get him a head strap.
  9. No, but an orange tree, and they love oranges so we're about to remove all of them.
  10. I did read about some people being bothered about the sound. We don't get rabbits or groundhog, just rats and gophers. I'm going to try one out. That's too bad about the birds, that we do have a lot. The rat problem seems to be a neighborhood problem where people need to actively trim back bushes and low hanging branches. I'm beginning to see those houses with nonexistent foliage cemented yard in a different light.
  11. That would be quite a sight. The neighbor has a cat, which made me think we could never have wild rats. But they probably skipped her place and came over to ours. I just found out that this town (it's not too far from you) has a rat infestation problem.
  12. Does it really work? I've seen them on amazon and am tempted to try one. I call them roof rats, but they are just ordinary rats that seem capable to climbing up roofs and trees and waiting until the coast is clear. They've quickly established residency underneath the house.
  13. Solar lights? Ultrasound? Peppermint? Probably too late for a natural method as they have burrowed into the subfloor. But we're trying various methods.
  14. I just received castlegrade masks which are made from silicon and have replaceable filters. I prefer Happy Masks, as do DH and DD, when we’re just outside without many people or even shopping with some distance. Castlegrade is going to be sending out longer straps because the current ones are tight even for me, so not the most comfortable for DH. They are very tight fitting, as they ought to be, so to be used only during work hours and classroom settings should Dd need to meet up for labs. https://castlegrade.com I have a bunch of KN95 which I do like but I’m trying to go with washable ma
  15. There’s also the heated curler where you push the lashes upwards.
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