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  1. So Dd has an Apple Watch which she hasn’t worn for a year due to not going anywhere, but it’s definitely what she should wear during the vaccine and afterwards.
  2. Dh did get the J vaccine on Thursday and didn’t have any reaction. But he’s in his 50s, though he does have a pre-existing condition.
  3. Thank you for sharing, I was hoping to get J vaccine for Dd since it’s one shot and so far (?) no reports of allergic reactions (she has food allergies). Did the ER doctor have to do anything other than observe your Dd?
  4. Dh got his Johnson vaccine at Kaiser. I don’t think they offered a choice, but he was happy to get any vaccine. He qualified under a pre-existing condition. ETA: Kaiser warned of soreness 2-4 hours after injection, but so far, nothing yet.
  5. DH is getting one on Thursday, and despite having a pre-existing condition, he couldn’t get an appointment until this week. He’s getting it at Kaiser but doesn’t know which one and doesn’t care. Has anyone gotten a vaccine from Kaiser yet?
  6. Great idea on stabbing an apple, we have plenty of expired epipens.
  7. It helps when you break down the numbers like this. We’ve never had to use an epipen, so it’s the noise around the vaccine plus the possibility of an unknown reaction and having to use an epipen that makes me not want to do anything, but Dd needs to resume being a teen again.
  8. Do you happen to know if polyethylene glycol is in other vaccines? Obviously we never did a skin test on this.
  9. That’s really scary, does that mean he will not be able to get the second shot due to the reaction?
  10. Thank you for the additional feedback! These posts really help us.
  11. Well, it’s awkward for us to order take out and tell people Dd has ginger allergy (and cardamon, they are apparently related to each other) at Asian restaurants.
  12. Thank you for sharing this! It’s a relief to read this, should have asked this question sooner rather than stressing over this on my own.
  13. Yes it’s been on my mind for a year, not knowing if catching the virus would be more difficult for an allergic kid to fight off and then not knowing if Dd can safely get the vaccine. We’re also surrounded by anti-Covid virus and vaccine. I’m happy for your DS! It’s very encouraging to hear this.
  14. Thanks so much! Just need to read this from parents with similar kids. We don’t know anyone else with severe allergies IRL.
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