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  1. She’s way older than you, so her digestive system can’t tolerate it. I think her reaction was IBS, but most people who can’t tolerate it have the groggy/headache reaction. Lemon balm has been working for me. I’m scared of headaches because mine can turn into migraines.
  2. My mom tried it, the Life Extension version, which is very low dosage, and still had a bad reaction. Now to help her fall asleep she’s been alternating among various supplements, such as tryptophan, lysine, cannabis patch, lemon balm. They all work well, but the body adjusts which means she has to change it every few days.
  3. Maybe tretinoin? I buy .01 for myself at alldaychemist.
  4. You mean we can listen without paying?
  5. I can be persuaded to take a listen. I do listen to some rap, and Dd will be studying and making rap music at a local class. But if this album is curse free and more uplifting than the typical rap, I’m going to buy it because it'll be part of her “education.”
  6. What’s the name of the prescription? We’re going to a derm soon.
  7. I do have DE, both products, so probably no need for a 15%. I also have a youth to the people 11% .
  8. Thanks, I think Differin is similar to Epiduo (adapalene with benzoyl). But we’re definitely going to either do Benzoyl 10% or Epiduo tonight. It’s just that Epiduo is very drying. So we stopped it for awhile.
  9. We’ve been working on that but coming from someone here is probably better. Dd never uses the face towel.
  10. Yup, we definitely do that because I double cleanse.
  11. I’ve been doing that too though we used silk for a little while. That could have contributed to this current problem. Since I can’t afford 7 silk pillowcases, I’m going back to the cheap ones and changing it every day.
  12. Do you have any products to recommend that have the AHA/Glycolic gel at 15% ? I couldn’t find anything in my own stash with that concentration.
  13. Dd swims so she has to shower daily. Her hair is always clipped back.
  14. Ok I can do that given the amount of skincare I have. She usually uses masks.
  15. She doesn’t eat dairy, very little gluten, and little sugar (do fruits count?).
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