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  1. Thanks so much! I almost feel like we can tackle AP Psych now knowing that your son did it with those resources. I just bought the Meyers book that PA Homeschool uses (not AP specific), but I’m going to see if I can find the one you referenced since I won't be able to provide extra content that an online vendor can. I looked through the requirements of AP Lang, and I don't think I can tackle this one. We've always had online teachers for English since 5th grade.
  2. We're not able to sign up for AP classes, so DD will study AP Psych and AP Lang on her own for 10th grade. I created an account with CB today and that's about it. Can I just use any random online syllabus for each class and submit them to the CB? I don't know any resources for either subject, so I won't know what to tweak. She was planning to study for AP Lit in 10th grade based on her Barron's multiple choice exams that indicate she can start thinking about the essay portion for 10th grade, but I read here that most people take AP Lang before AP Lit. For AP Psych, she is genuinely interested in the subject and is very willing to read any book related to psychology starting in the summer. Are there any must-have resources and any particular timeline I need to be aware of? She'll probably start reading through a psychology book this summer. But I don't know how to prepare her for AP Lang or even AP Lit. Our only experience with AP is with AP Latin at Lukeion.
  3. We rescued a Husky Lab German Shepard Australian Cattle dog aka huskador or labsky in mid January when covid19 was around but most people were still blissful. There were plenty of dogs at the shelters back then. I've read that there is a 1200+ waiting list now.
  4. Thanks so much! I don’t have bread flour, but I think there's a shop locally that still has it. This is going to be DD's project, so given the time required for a starter, I would like to use a type of flour that will lead to success. There's no active yeast to be found anywhere, and not being a baker or really even a bread eater, I had no idea that there is an alternative.
  5. For sourdough starter, would kamut flour work?
  6. I've already told Dd to sign into my account here and just ask for help.
  7. And best of all Connie doesn't need sleep apparently! Dd emailed late at night, Connie responded promptly. This was last year when she first started the classes.
  8. Thanks everyone! Dot, DH bought the spray you recommended at Petco. I tried to put her paws one by one in the soapy water. But she refused. She’s a rescue dog so I’m still trying to get to know her. She didn’t know how to climb stairs, and now she does, but there is an inner stairs that I would really like her to use so that she can go to the backyard without my having to take her outside and then into the garage and then into the yard, but that has been an epic failure. She struggles, whines, and probably would rather starve than use those stairs. She is scared of water, not drinking it, but any water that is splashed on her. So I just poured soapy water in the garage and made her walk around in it.
  9. I have a small yard where our Alaskan husky can exercise a bit, but given her nature, we’ve been urban mushing once a day for more than an hour. Is it safe to take her outside where there might be other people/dogs, with minimum increase in health risk, and if so, is there anything we would have to do to help with that? Do we need to clean off her paws before entering the house? Lysol wipes, hydrogen peroxide? Or is it ok for the next 3 weeks to just play for a couple of hours in the yard?
  10. Can someone let me know if I can use this on wood floors? We just adopted a dog; I better make more of an effort in cleaning after her.
  11. For doggy day care 12 hours a day, we pay $36-$40 per day in a high cost city. We don’t do this every day, just maybe once per week. We have a Siberian Husky/Retriever/Australian Shep, so high energy dog and can’t be at home all day if none of us is available that day.
  12. I know some people here use one, and now I’m very interested in having one after having drank a bottle of the carbonated Pelligrino. I don’t drink soda (after drinking too much cola with corresponding spike in blood sugar levels), but I love kombucha, probably because of the carbonation. Any brand recommendation? Is it even worth it? Seems like an indulgence given the price.
  13. Duty, in Japanese and English, with subtitles, crime thriller, but there is some blood. It’s a BBC and Japanese collaboration.
  14. Just to add on to what RootAnn wrote, I do know that they are super responsive via email. italki system changed (was it recent?). The student verifies which platform to meet and seems like for that lesson you can’t go back to italki platform if Skype is not working.
  15. Do you think skipping Accutane and using Differin at that time would have yielded the same result as now? Or Accutane from that time has helped with the present condition? I have no idea if Accutane has some cumulative effect. Because Dd is a girl the doc doesn’t want to prescribe this until absolutely necessary bc of government involvement. I’m going to remember that if we do start Accutane to take your advice on the length and dosage. Does Accutane cause purging?
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