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  1. I wore Crocs because they really are comfortable but the podiatrist has been firmly against it because of my flat feet. My pair wasn't anything special, just ones from Amazon.
  2. I wear Birkenstocks indoors for to flat feet. It has helped so much and lessened the pain.
  3. Because of flat feet, I need to wear supportive slippers even at home, so I'm now wearing Birkenstocks sandals.
  4. It's 2006, not Honda, American car.
  5. Don't get one, ours is leaking in rain water. It's too expensive to fix, so dh caulked around it but apparently it's not enough to keep it all out. I've been scooping out water from the front passenger seat floor.
  6. How much work on average per week? I told myself we wouldn't do another AP until 11th grade, but if a course is engaging, I could be persuaded.
  7. I had it replaced a few years ago after the initial recall. I wonder if that is also defective.
  8. We're about to be done with taught by Dicentra. You can find reviews on her site and here, so this is short version. It's been an excellent class because Dicentra provides immediate feedback and makes it easy/comfortable for students to ask for help. Highly organized class with checklists, videos that go deeper into each chapter, and 2 live office hours. We haven't been able to go to live hours recently, but she posts the recordings immediately. I'm just impressed that she always answers questions so quickly. I've told DD not to be emailing in the evening lol, but with various classes and activities, she does chem homework after dinner.
  9. I really liked Secret City and it's second season.
  10. Oh oh, Baty teaches Rhetoric and Shakespeare, two of the classes I've been considering as an English credit for 9th although most likely we'll either do BW or WTMA Rhetoric until DD is ready for Lange's AP.
  11. Takelessons, we use this for singing lessons. I don't know what percentage they take out, but there is an added fee to the consumer.
  12. Could you please also give me info on the chinese tutor?  Thanks!

  13. We had a tutor on italki that charges about $7 per hour. If you are interested I can pm her info. We don't do online Chinese during the school year bc DD does go to a Saturday school.
  14. Are you sure you don't have dd? Lol, cuz everything takes so much time now. It was great in 7th, not so much in 8th, hopefully a miracle in 9th. We have fewer classes this year than the previous but there's inefficient use of time and many small mistakes. And DD has the afternoons to early evenings off for outside activities too.
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