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  1. Thick, like you may fall asleep on it, durable, comes with a strap. I wanted those fancier ones with pretty designs but this is probably better because it's thicker than the average yoga mat. DD loves it.
  2. Final update on Lange's Lit 2 class at Integritas Academy. What I liked about this class was the interaction between Lange and the kids. Lots of back and forth, mature conversation. Lange welcomes multiple drafts before the due date. For the final paper, she gives line by line comments, when necessary, which includes everything from grammar, word use, phrasing, etc. She emphasizes literary devices, so I think every week there were 1-2 of them with worksheets. I highly recommend her.
  3. We only did the first semester, not the second. I thought that there was timely and constructive feedback, but maybe the amount of work changed for the teacher. We did have a hard time with something else not related to the class itself. It did seem that the teacher was very busy and didn't communicate that well over email. I haven't quite decided what to do for Latin next year. If we have to do something on our own, it may not get done.
  4. DD studies a few languages. For the 2nd semester, we took a break from Greek and Latin at Lukeion so that she would have enough time for the modern languages and the rest of the subjects. And it was the right decision because I felt Chemistry got more difficult for DD during the latter half. She also does a lot of activities outside of the home, so I wanted to make sure she didn't cut back on those due to homework, especially since she has been going through the typical teen growth. I think a typical 8th grade schedule such as science, math, writing plus elective will be fine if taking Honors. We figured out a schedule that worked for her which was 4 chemistry nights with homework that night or next day plus tests or labs on weekends. For DD she needed more time to absorb the material. Not every kid will need the amount of time DD spent on chemistry.
  5. And of course the logical conclusion for my DD is that, no, we will not do back to back Chemistry, as I had planned 2 years ago. We liked the class too, learned a lot from an amazing teacher, but DD really needs a break from this subject. It was an intense class for DD (maybe not for a different kid). I think if she were older, she would have had an easier time with an Honors course. Just like with AP Latin, she would have done better with the essay portion if she had a couple of more years of writing experience. Each new year brings growth and maturity (and more wisecracking apparently), as I’ve noticed from 7th to 8th grade. It really depends on the student.
  6. I give DD a high dosage of probiotics (90 billion). If she could stand unsweetened Greek yogurt, I would incorporate that into her diet to see if it did anything to get skin.
  7. I know that when I was a teen I was told not to consume dairy except for yogurt with probiotics. So my dad used probiotics and milk to make unsweetened yogurt which did not cause any acne for me. I could not have butter or milk in order to avoid acne. For DD who is prone to pimples from dairy or sweets, I don't let her have any dairy including yogurt because of the sugar content. She doesn't like the taste of milk nor plain Greek yogurt.
  8. Same here, we had him for Arabic and French and private lessons over the summer a few years ago, and he has always been encouraging though rigorous. When I sat in with DD, I never heard yelling or other bad behavior. His Mandarin is quite good actually. CLRC would not continue to hire him if there were complaints about him.
  9. I'm not involved at all in that I don't sit by to watch nor do I ask what's covered, and it's actually a very relaxed hour for Dd, conversation about life, grammar review. I did have to buy an SAT book and a couple of French fictional books (easy ones). I requested that it not be too intensive because DD has other languages. And my goal for French isn't taking the AP test. We may not be able to continue with her during week/day hours due to a schedule change, and I'll let her know you are interested, if you still are after the summer. I think Yvonne's kids are more ambitious with French, so she probably requested more intensive homework than I. I've been trying to get Russian homework reduced too.
  10. For me it's always been 45 minutes or less, and all my MRIs have been done with AND without contrast. I don't know whether the scanned part affects the length of time though.
  11. So with salt spray, do you have do anything else except spray it into your hair? And it gives you volume?
  12. I looked into some more, so yes, to activate Apple watches you need the iPhone, and stand alone for apple watches means you can leave it at home. I can see the benefit of this. I don't like carrying so much stuff with me when I go for short errands or for walks. It's like the future I always envisioned in my teens lol.
  13. I've also read great reviews on Alo, but it's pricier than what I need, and Kate Hudson's Fabletics which is very reasonably priced.
  14. Do you own one? Just wondering if it's reliable. If I get an Android smartwatch I wouldn't need to get an iPhone. And I haven't seen many options for Android versions. I almost got the Fitbit versa but there is no cellular option.
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