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  1. I forgot to ask you, how many hours per week did your ds dedicate to this class?
  2. She's 80 and her husband did pass away this year, though in a foreign country visiting relatives. So life becomes unpredictable when you think your spouse will outlive you. When her own mother died in the early 80s, the hospital insisted on an autopsy to see how she was able to survive for so many years with cancer.
  3. Thanks so much for every response. I read them all to her and she will be meeting with the doctor and letting him know if it's ok to have the family call him first. And I'll order a bracelet for her too. She feels so much better now and actually can start doing something that can make her wishes known.
  4. That's great to know your DS is doing well with the AP class. Dd had Connie's class a couple of years ago. It was Honors Chem, and the first class she offered as a new provider, along with the regular chem class. I do remember it was challenging, usually taking about 8 hours or more every week, but Dd wasn't ready or even interested in taking the AP test at that point. Now, she has more of an interest in chemistry, so she's enrolled in Connie's self-paced organic chemistry class.
  5. I had no idea a scanning autopsy exists. Is that done in a morgue?
  6. We’re in California, but I’m sure protocol for autopsy for an elderly person would be similar. Thanks for asking!
  7. I just looked on Amazon for a tag and will order and customize it for her.
  8. Actually due to Covid she didn’t visit the doctor since the last flu shot in Fall 2019, so going to the doctor this summer and having this conversation is a good idea, just letting him know what she prefers.
  9. So my friend ought to go to her doctor to establish a medical history? She doesn’t seem to have problems, though she had a small stroke a few years ago. If there is not much wrong with her and it’s in her medical file, would that make it lean towards autopsy?
  10. I wonder if an autopsy is only done when the family asks for it in the case of a senior.
  11. Will there be an autopsy? Some cultures don’t like autopsies. Just asking for a friend who does not want the body to be disturbed due to her religion.
  12. I have a 4 year old husky lab and was wondering what vitamins I should give her. I would like to start out with fish oil. I had to throw away a Vitacost dog vitamin because she consistently would either spit it out or smell/refuse it. Any brands that your dogs prefer? And what are some basic vitamins I should consider? TIA
  13. True, and we can’t enroll in her home courses either. It’s been years since Dd used 8’s English book, can’t even remember the name at this point.
  14. Oh right, I remember Connie mentioning Moskaluk. It seems like either teacher would be fine. I haven’t really found many options for an AP Chem class. At first I was thinking Blue Tent would offer it - they do have AP Bio - just not AP Chem.
  15. DD was hoping for an in-person class, but the teacher will not be offering it this year. She has taken Chemistry previously. Has anyone done well on the AP just with Thinkwell videos? Or are these videos better as a supplement? The one we are considering now is PA Homeschoolers. Is there a preference between Kernion and Moskaluk? I noticed WHA is offering a class, but we have a scheduling conflict for that day/time.
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