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  1. We have a Maytag Bravos top loader washer without agitator. We avoided a front loader since my mom had already had one of those and the smell was horrendous. My mom's HE top loader does the same thing in terms of not washing well. When she washes one of the cat's beds that has been puked on, it comes out the exact same way as it went in...puke and all. I guess that leads me to HE tip #3. Buy a washer with a window so you can see when things are floating. You can open the lid and push them down.
  2. Oh, another HE tip. Make sure you keep your dryer smack-dab up against your washer. The dryer "pushes" on the washer during spin cycles and helps keep the washer balanced. Otherwise, the washer can rinse/spin all day in an attempt to balance itself. Very frustrating. And yes, our washer has been leveled. And no, we didn't buy a cheap set.
  3. Have you checked your manual for the deepest water cycles? We pretty much wash everything on deep water wash, sheets/bulky items, or hand wash. Those are our cycles that actually fill up the tub. None flush the hair and debris out of the water, though. It all just sits on top of the clothes. I wish I would have hooked up our old non-HE washer downstairs instead of paying Lowe's to take it away. It was really have issues, though. Kids pajamas are the absolute worst. Since HE moves the water through the clothes instead of the clothes through the water, hair weaves itself through the clothing fibers. Luckily, DD has all but grown out of kids pjs. I literally was pulling a handful of hair out of each garment. It's a long, tedious progress to de-hair them each time. Lint rollers don't work.
  4. Yes! I was not expecting this at 40 at all!! We love hiking the state and national parks, but I'm starting to feel a little stress when we head down new trails for the first time. Keeping up with DH is a struggle. He likes to go fast and work up a sweat. I like to take it easy and enjoy nature. However, I'm constantly looking at the ground, so I pretty much only get to see rocks, roots, and dirt.
  5. I have something going on with me that I'm trying to figure out. I'm dizzy all.the.time. (Not vertigo dizzy. More like cognitive fog dizzy. Although, this week, I am kind of vertigo dizzy, which is not typical for me. I spent nearly all day in bed yesterday.) And, I'm not exaggerating by much. I have other issues too (the dizziness is by the far the most life altering) and am finally seeing a neurologist July 1. I've had so many blood tests and a slew of MRIs. So far, only my Vitamin D and sed rate have come back as off. (I'm waiting for the neurologist to interpret the MRIs.) I was pretty much completely out of it for a solid two months early spring. Homeschooling was so difficult. Heck, everything was difficult.
  6. Well, that stinks. Two kits seems about right for the money. I would probably let a subscription run without much thought for about $20 a month/box. Just thought of one more question I've been wondering about. Do the kits expire? I can't see how most would, but I suppose some chemicals could lose potency over time.
  7. I'm just wondering how many of the boxed kits you get a month for $34.90? Just one box, right? As in, just one of these? Someone on eBay stated that the kits have a $17.45 retail value. I'm trying to figure out where this figure came from. $17.45 sounds a lot better than $34.90 per kit to me.
  8. I'm barely into my 40s and I'm terrified of falling. I'm so slow when we hike because I evaluate every step I take on the rugged terrain. Two months ago, in a hubbub of atypical activity, I forgot myself and walked off the side of some tall steps in a hurry on purpose. (I was halfway down them when I walked off the side.) I crashed landed and broke my 5th metatarsal. I ended up with a very nice base fracture. It's not healing well at all. I'm Vitamin D deficient, so that's the theory to why. I'm so frustrated. It's ruined our summer and vacation plans. I'm fully expecting I'll be dealing with pain and a fragile foot for life. 😒
  9. I'm finding selling is slower/more difficult than it was 5+ years ago. I sell on Homeschool Classifieds and one Facebook group right now. I buy from Homeschool Classifieds and eBay mostly. The Facebook group I sell in is frustrating. There's a ton of stuff posted every day. Typically, when I actually want to buy something, it's already sold. Yet, most of my stuff is slow to get nibbles. I have brand new Apples & Pears books that no one seems to want, which surprises me. I thought they would sell quickly since they are hard to come by. 🤷‍♀️
  10. Is this your first foray into high efficiency? If so, prepare for frustration, disappointment, dirty clothes, and hair everywhere.
  11. I can tell you that I'm getting really frustrated with eBay sellers' "very good" condition books. Most that I've purchased recently barely skate by as "good," IMO.
  12. I have the worst time spending "free" money. Kohl's Cash is by far the worst for me. They jack up all the prices during redemption and anything worth purchasing often would cost me more than my Kohl's Cash. It's often a better deal to just purchase whatever with a 30 percent off coupon and not worry about Kohl's Cash. I end up walking around in circles trying to find something we "need" that is as close to our Kohl's Cash value as possible. It's a real time suck and stresses me out to no end.
  13. I meant to quote you in my other post. For some reason, I forget to do this all too often. I do think that some citizen science programs could count toward high school credit, if only in regard to training experience. We have one in our state that requires collecting lake water samples every three weeks and processing the samples following a protocol. I'm sure there are ways to expand some of the projects on the side to make them credit-worthy. I know Nature's Notebook has some lesson plans, etc. for using the data collected by the student and other citizen scientists on the site to analyze data, graph it, etc.
  14. Right now, my DD is in middle school. Most of the citizen science projects that I've found accessible to us so far won't work for our upcoming science studies, as we're studying chemistry this year. I showed the Backyard Bark Beetles one to DD last night. She wants to do that soon for fun. I'm hoping to eventually stumble upon something that is designed for middle and/or high schoolers that is something more...something that would work as a lab or field study for high school science. There are so many projects to sift through that I am hoping that a science-loving homeschool parent somewhere has written up a great list divided by content area. My search has lead me back around to some "local" opportunities (classes/workshops/scout programs) offered by various St. Louis museums, gardens, etc. There are a couple of something more opportunities that DD might be eligible for at some point. I wish all of these museums, agencies, etc. would dump their youth programs into a central database. Sniffing them out is a lot of work.
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