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  1. Maybe you could find an off-road stroller to use with your two-year-old. Or, use a regular stroller at a park that has well-maintained paths through some woods and wetlands. I think it would be a lot less stressful if you could set your toddler somewhere safe while helping your other child catch critters. The stroller could also help you carry tools and buckets and such.
  2. I bought the package from Rainbow Resource about a month ago. It was on backorder, so I wonder whether the batch they received was printed with the incorrect file. The answer key is at the end of the workbook (I tore it out). There is no separate teacher's guide.
  3. We start lesson 5A today and I see there is yet ANOTHER mistake in the workbook. We're only a week and a half into the curriculum and there have been so many discrepancies between the exercises and the answer key that I feel as though they are parts of two different texts. Is it possible that we received an unedited version somehow? These aren't little typos either. It's as though the author made updates to the workbook (typically, changes in sentence syntax to improve grammar), which is what the answer key was based on, but an unedited version of the workbook was actually printed. The mistakes are such that they add confusion and frustration to the lessons. I'm losing confidence in the product. I sure hope Essentials in Literature 7 is better edited. We started it just two days ago.
  4. I recommend researching TripAdvisor and maybe looking for some YouTube videos (e.g. search "Mount Rushmore travel"). I've only recently started using YouTube for travel info, but I'm really enjoying the video component for trip planning. I can now see exactly what to expect before going somewhere. No longer do I have to envision it from written words. Although I've been to all the places you mention, it's been years ago when I was in high school. I don't feel comfortable recommending anything since I'm sure things have changed quite a bit since then. Enjoy your trip!
  5. This is what I thought too from the Amazon samples. I have From Colonies to Country (for elementary) as well. The answers in the back are only for the extra activities in the teacher's guide unless I'm missing something. 😒 (Hoping I am.)
  6. I ordered a used copy of one of the teaching guides (elementary version, 3rd edition) so I could gain a better understanding of what the guides offer. I'm confused. I don't see answers to the worksheets from the student guide in it? Are no answers provided for the student guides anywhere? That was half the point of me buying the guides. 🙄 The darn things are expensive. Surely, they should include answers to the student guides.
  7. We started using CLE English in third grade, I believe, and have never looked back. Having said that, we do not complete the spelling and penmanship portions, only grammar.
  8. There are so many components to choose from that I can't imagine it would need supplementation. (More likely, you'll have to cut it down.) If you complete it all in one year, there is more than enough to keep a student busy (and then some), IMO. Having said that, what kind of supplementation were you thinking? There is already mapwork, a timeline, literature options, primary sources, short answer questions, writing assignments, vocabulary, Bible work, puzzles/games, family activities, etc. written into it. ETA: And, an audiobook option too!
  9. I use a couple of pages from Five J's free homeschool planner. She provides various layouts and options. Perhaps one will work for you.
  10. I'm having second thoughts about All About History for my 7th grader. She wasn't wowed by Notgrass From Adam to Us, so I don't want to trot down that path for American history. Has anyone used A History of Us with the Oxford University Press guides? If so, what are your thoughts on them? And, does anyone know where I can find a really good preview for any of them? All I can find are the one-page previews at Rainbow Resource.
  11. Thanks for sharing! Is you DH okay? Was it a type of stroke that he was able to recover from? One day when my symptoms were at their worst, I woke up with a terrifying electric shock in my upper left thigh. It left me cold, clam, nauseated, and feeling as though I could pass out if I got up from the bed for about half an hour. I didn't know what was going on. It was really scary. The doctor said it was likely unrelated, but I'm half worried about have a stroke or aneurysm or something.
  12. I don't drink regular soda, as I just don't like it. Haven't since I was a child. Most diet sodas (I pretty much only drink Sprite Zero and sometimes root beer) have aspartame in them. Many of the flavored waters/powders do as well. Some have caffeine too. Right now, I'm trying to figure out my triggers. Both caffeine and aspartame are on my no-no list.
  13. Yes, I had a pretty complete workup with blood work, X-rays, and MRIs. I have one more vision test to take. We wanted to rule out MS and lupus, which my father and grandmother had respectively. I have wondered about the heat intolerance, though, as it's a huge trigger. I'm cold-natured, so I often use a space heater under my desk during the winter. I have to be super careful how far away I set it. It will set my symptoms spinning within minutes. I also like hot showers. I have to be super careful with those too, particularly after eating, or else I'm pretty much done for the day.
  14. Can anyone recommend a good migraine forum? I'm looking for a list of zero/low-calorie liquids I can drink besides water and herbal tea. I'm a big "drinker" and water just isn't going down as smoothly as all the stuff I used to drink (e.g. black tea, Sprite Zero, various zero-calorie flavored waters, flavored powder mixes/squirt bottles, G2). I fear my hydration level isn't going to be adequate.
  15. This is what I'm trying too. Although, my doctor did prescribe riboflavin (B-2) and some kind of magnesium. I ran a search in the archives here before posting and discovered the book, Heal Your Headache. I'm going to read it and see how modifying my diet goes before resorting to meds.
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