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  1. The past two weeks, people thought we were crazy for wearing masks. Now, my mom has people wanting them out the wazoo. In addition to family orders, people on Facebook are contacting her...offering to pay for them and postage as well. Amazing how people change their minds in such a short time. Here are some duckbills she finished up yesterday. These have one layer of lightweight interfacing in between two layers of calico/quilter's fabric. She used headbands from Dollar Tree for the elastic. Some have regular 1/2-in. elastic as well. These are more comfortable than the pleated surgeon-type masks she made prior to these. These are quicker too. ETA: These also have multiple plastic bread ties in them for the wiring. I can't remember whether she used two or three in each mask. She used pipe cleaners on the flat surgeon-style ones.
  2. Everything's canceled until there's a vaccine (or we happily find out we all have already had it and have miraculously survived with immunity to boot). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Girl Scouts will cancel summer camps. This was the first year we signed DD up for two. Cancel or not, she's not going. I guess we'll eat the cost, if we have to.
  3. This reminds me of the scene in The Great Brain book series where the healthy kids had to sleep in the same bed as the infected kid(s) so they all would contract the chicken pox at the same time. I've actually thought about this scene several times during this pandemic. I don't think I'd be trying it.
  4. Way too much overpriced Easter candy, and two overpriced Animal Crossing tees from Hot Topic for DD's Easter basket. Normally, I'd wait for good sales on the candy, but I just wanted to get it done so we could stay home. I bought the tees for pretty much the same reason. Overall, I'm finding I'm having to spend more on food and essentials on brands I don't normally buy and prices I typically would laugh at just so we can hurry up and get home. I hate it.
  5. The thing with the ventilators too is that once a COVID patient is on one, he/she is on it for 2 to 3 or more weeks. Not a lot of ventilators going to be opening up for new patients. I'm wondering how advance directives are being handled. Since no family members can be with COVID patients, there's no way to tell whether advance directives are being followed. Typically, patients who can't get off ventilators are sent to long-term care facilities, which are just the type of places the virus would run rampant in. What will happen to patients who need longer to recover but time is up on the hospitals' ventilators?
  6. How far off is the United States from such a reality? Sixty-five seems so young! Not that any age is truly acceptable. I agree with the doctor; it does smack of genocide. I often wonder how much differently leaders would act were the virus taking our children instead of our elders. [I deleted the link to the video since it is so large.]
  7. Never? (That's what it feels like right now.) Probably when a vaccine is proven effective for everyone. So, several weeks to a month after we've all been vaccinated. I do feel safe enough to go for a hike at a state park. I'm hoping the weather will be warm enough this weekend to do so. That's about all I feel safe doing right now, except maybe going for a Sunday drive, which I have no desire to do.
  8. Our state is the similar...
  9. I just refreshed the Johns Hopkins map. The world is at 414,217 cases now. The US is up to 674 deaths. That's a goodly jump from an hour ago.
  10. I agree! And, DH won't wear one while working because literally no one is wearing them in rural Missouri. He NEEDS to be wearing one. I went to six different stores on Saturday trying to round up what we needed in the way of groceries, to make masks, and for Easter. I saw hundreds of people but not one other person had a mask on. I was appalled.
  11. This is awesome! Good for her.
  12. And, millions of deaths will lead to economic crisis too. I can't imagine life insurance companies being able to pay out with so many deaths. And, there will be numerous families going from two working parents to one, which will lead to increased need for government assistance. Not to mention, there will be an increase in orphans and children being moved into less-than-ideal living situations. I read an article over the weekend about a mother who died and left 4 or 5 younger siblings to the oldest sibling who is a 24-year-old male. I feel so sad for him...all of them. The father had already died several years before.
  13. I think it's just too much to handle for grocery stores that are already overrun and overwhelmed. I know the executives for Schnucks in St. Louis were in the stores stocking shelves. That says something, I think.
  14. I keep envisioning people passing out from carbon dioxide build up in these hard-to-breathe-through masks.
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