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  1. Oh, this is funny. My grandparents' kitchen was avocado green too. My parents and grandparents built their houses at the same time on the same road. 😁 My mom went for goldenrod and my grandma avocado. Hah!
  2. I design digital resources and sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. But, my educational background is in journalism/magazine design, so I already had the right skills.
  3. We built this house fifteen years ago, I think. We are on dishwasher #3. 😒 I blame our well water. We pretty much run it once a day. ETA: The one we had in our house (built in the 70s) when I was a child was replaced for the first time when I was in junior high/high school. And, that was only because it was goldenrod in color. It still worked fine. My mother no longer lives in that house, so I don't know how the second one did.
  4. All I can say is that I've never been so happy that we homeschool in my entire life. CoVid circumstances have also provided me greater confidence in homeschooling DD through her high school years, which we'll start in the fall of 2021. I'm happy to have the extra excuse to keep her home. I'm hoping colleges will see homeschooling as a plus in the coming years, as DD will be getting full schooling at home instead of partial schooling in a traditional classroom.
  5. Absolutely! There is no where near enough grammar to use it for English grammar as well. My DD has been using CLE English for a number of years. I think having a good understanding of English grammar is one reason First Form Latin was so easy for her to follow.
  6. I agree! DD, who just finished seventh grade yesterday, and I completed MP First Form Latin together this year. It was wonderful for both of us! We used the streaming service for the video lessons. I bought an extra workbook for me. (The teacher's manual has a reduced-sized copy of the textbook in it.) Since I purchased our materials directly from MP, I received a complementary digital copy of the quizzes and tests along with the paper version. Therefore, I was able to take the quizzes and tests at no additional cost. The pace was perfect. Learning Latin this year felt nearly effortless for us. We both scored A+s. (Most quizzes have bonus points.) For what it's worth, I feel as DD has a better understanding of Latin after one year with MP than I do/did of Spanish after three years in public school and two in college.
  7. One issue is that many schools no longer have textbooks for many subjects. Interactive notebooks are what students create in place of textbooks. The teacher tells them what to draw/write down, often using TPT drawing/writing prompts, and that is their textbook for a particular subject. As you can imagine, the breadth of information lacks. Also, in my local community, students went on spring break and never went back to school. The textbooks they do have are still at school because the students didn't take them home over spring break. And, the school didn't require parents to pick them up. So, there is no guide/text for parents to teach from. Our local newspaper publishes what students are supposed to do each week in the paper. It's not quality instructional work, for the most part. There are things like practice fractions by baking something. Count bugs outside.
  8. I forgot about cord locks. I meant to look for them when I went out into the "wilds" about a month ago, forgot, and haven't thought to look since. Have you, by chance, found a good source for them online?
  9. Sol true! My mom has made a couple hundred (between 100-200, I don't know the exact count) and is also giving them away. I find the elastic ear loop ones work better for me, but my husband does complain about several of his masks hurting his nose and ears after a bit. He wears them up to 8-10 hours a day many days. He trades different styles throughout the day. I have long hair, and the tie ones cause my hair to look and feel funny. It slips up above the lower tie in the back. They might work better if I put my hair up. DH hasn't tried the tie version yet. He likes how quickly he can put on and remove the ear loop ones. I hear other people really like the tie masks, though. And, I can totally understand how they are probably more comfortable for a lot of people.
  10. Quoting myself. This was in the New York Times Morning Briefing today. "Should the virus mean straight A’s for everyone? High schools are debating whether to issue grades."
  11. Walmart and Lowe's were packed here (rural Midwest) Sunday. I saw groups of people shooting the breeze and giving hugs to friends inside Walmart. I just shook my head.
  12. My mom calls it duck bill. Not sure whether that's official or not. Hah! You'll need to keep in mind that they really aren't one size fits all. I wouldn't buy one with less than seven inches of elastic for each loop. A lot of patterns call for less and I can't fathom how they fit anyone. Also, the higher the thread count of the fabric, the better. My mom puts a layer of lightweight interfacing in hers too. More is not better for breathing, though. Two layers of regular interfacing in between two layers of fabric was too dense for me. Couldn't breathe.
  13. My DH was charged full price for a telephone consultation. What struck me is that we have never been charged for telephone calls before. Granted, this was to replace an on-site visit, but it's not the same. MS patients would really need physical exams, I would think. (My dad had MS.) Do you think he'll be okay until his next visit? ETA: DH is immunosuppressed, so we didn't want him going to his appointment, which is connected to a large hospital. He had an infusion the week before, so we were able to get his blood work done then.
  14. Probably not the best place for this, but has there been discussion regarding the fairness of students who don't have to do much/any schooling right now and those who have more than they can handle? Is every student going to be passed onto the next grade regardless of whether they are keeping up with their studies? (This probably applies primarily to public elementary schools. But, I know our middle schoolers aren't having to do anything either. And, that doesn't seem acceptable to me.)
  15. Our high school graduation has been pushed to July. Prom is scheduled for the evening before.
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