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  1. Can we imagine what Thanksgiving and Christmas will be like? How about Halloween?
  2. I'm with you! Seems like making them bigger would cut down on plastic waste too.
  3. Oooooh...we love hiking! We try to go on trail at least once a week. I wish we would have done more when we were younger. I have to use hiking poles these days. I've had too many knee and foot injuries these past couple of years (not related to hiking) and really need to lose a little weight. I'm so afraid of falling. They've saved me several times. Do you use the All Trails Website and app? I really like to record my route with the app. Helps us stay on trail too. Congrats and enjoy!
  4. Would a Crop-a-Dile work? We loved them for scrapbooking several years ago. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001EWPYXG/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_0setFbVSZCBAR
  5. Not completely secular but the religion is limited to sidebars that may be easily ignored. The text is very nice and the LightUnit worksheets, quizzes, and tests are short and sweet. There is mapwork too. Not labeling blank maps but using maps to answer questions. It's listed as Grade 8, but it's totally doable for Grade 7. Seriously, check out the samples. We wanted secular history too. (There is a similar text for Grade 7 for Western Civ but I don't have it in person.) https://www.clp.org/store/by_course/80
  6. DD and I loved the Evan-Moor Everyday Literacy Science series. We used a variety of lessons from the three levels available (Pre-K, K, and Grade 1). I think Pre-K is a little easy, but it works when used in conjunction with the other levels. Everything is scripted, the activity sheets kept DD enjoyably busy, and the Friday science projects were perfectly suited for the age. https://www.evan-moor.com/search?q=Everyday+Literacy%3A+Science Lollipop Logic is fun too for that age.
  7. Thank you for posting these! 🥰 I bought two packs, which I divided by color. It just so happens that the colors perfectly coordinate with the first three levels of the MP Form Latin series (blue for First Form, red for Second Form, and green Third Form)! We've been using the boxes for several days now and couldn't be happier. I love that the lids come off instead of being hinged. And, they fit the cards perfectly. I used my paper cutter to make section dividers with colored cardstock.
  8. Across Five Aprils; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; To Kill a Mocking Bird; Animal Farm. I'm not sure I liked any. Lol. In high school, we got to pick from a list. I liked those more.
  9. You weren't visiting Sanibel, were you? My DD got horribly bit up last year while beach combing. She walked next to me and I didn't get one bite. She literally got hundreds. I think they call them no-see-ums. Most of hers were darker/redder than your picture, though. ETA: Google "Florida no see um bites", then look at the images.
  10. I love this. Let's get some pro-mask prank YouTubers out there doing some ridiculous things that anti-maskers would find incomprehensible and link them back around to being as unfathomable as not wearing a mask. I'd subscribe!
  11. Is there a chance these boys will be going back to school soon? Maybe she could walk while they're at school.
  12. I wish I would get a package so I could hurry up and plant them to get a goose that lays golden eggs. 😉
  13. This will be our 9th year homeschooling. Since I have one DD, every year is a new grade for me. The only way I think I would feel less like a newb would be if I had another child coming up through the grades. As that's not happening, I will always feel like newb. Lol.
  14. How risky would you rate this vacation? Midwest. 3.5 hours from home. Secluded private cabin in the woods. Has a hot tub. We would primarily visit parks for hiking/outdoor sightseeing. We would bring and cook our own food. There's a dishwasher so I could easily rewash all the cooking supplies (or bring our own). I would spray/wipe down all nonporous surfaces before using. There's no washer and dryer, but we could bring or own linens, as we have the correct size. We may or may not require a potty break coming and going. It looks like there would be 48 hours between the previous renters lea
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