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  1. We used CLE Math from grades 4-8. (We switched from Singapore.) We will be using their new Algebra I book this year for 9th grade. It's been pretty great for us. I think DD has only gotten 3-4 Bs on quizzes/tests the whole way through. The rest were As. We personally liked the workbook setup. There's no workbook for Algebra, but it appears to have a familiar cadence to it, so I don't anticipate problems.
  2. Just an update. After kind of badmouthing Guest Hollow above, I ended up purchasing the curriculum. While it is not open and go, the author has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into doing the legwork for those who want to, in a sense, create their own geography curriculum. I respect the work she has put into it. It is a program that is difficult to grasp until you have all of the pieces in front of you. And even then, you have to put some time of your own into figuring out where you want the program to take you. She describes it as a buffet to pick and choose from. It truly is. It wi
  3. What do you think about the Guest Hollow workbook? I'm taking another look at the program and trying to imagine how it might work for us. Unfortunately, the sample schedule and sample workbook pages don't line up, so it's a little difficult to see how they relate. Is the workbook pretty much the totality of the written work? Are any papers or reader responses? Do any of the workbook pages relate to the novel selections? ETA: I see now that most of the sample workbook pages relate to the book From Here to Eternity. Does that mean that every book that is indicated as "referenced in the curr
  4. We also love the Latin Form series. (We use the whole package...streaming videos, pronunciation audio files, charts, flashcards, etc. We couldn't do it without them.) I've looked at and purchased a few other things but always decide against using them. I remember now that we did use their Exploring the World of Chemistry guide to go with Tiner's chemistry book in seventh grade. DD hated it. Loved the Tiner book, hated the MP guide. It was dry as dirt and took way too long to complete for what it was. Not all of their literature guides are created equal. Some I've come close to using. And other
  5. DD really enjoyed The Giver last year. It definitely made her think. She also enjoyed Walk Two Moons, but I don't think it belongs on this particular list.
  6. I can't remember what grade DD used it, but we didn't make it past the first couple of lessons of Fable. It's pretty, but it wasn't for us.
  7. Absolutely! I definitely need material that I can pass off to DD. (Something that she can mostly get done on her own.) Sometimes, I have to leave to provide caregiving services for my mom. And other times, I have to sit days on end with her at the hospital. Luckily, the latter isn't the norm right now. But, I do have to keep things fairly simple in terms of planning and execution for both DD and myself for those days/weeks when the bottom falls out.
  8. I don't think DD will be ready for an AP test by the end of the school year. She has dyslexia with most of her trouble being with spelling. She also has a hard time writing essays by hand on paper. While she often surprises me with her typed compositions, she's not always a confident writer. Depends on the day. We are working on it. I think CLEP might be more her thing, but I realize those credits aren't necessarily as good as AP. Anyway, long story short, we aren't looking for AP. She has a pretty keen interest in other cultures, ethnic relations, diversity, etc., and she would like a li
  9. I looked at that, and I looked at that. Lol. Guest Hollow's geography page feels so long, rambling, and disorganized that I finally decided that the workbook/schedule/whatever it is that they're trying to sell would be the same way. I think it would drive me nuts trying to use it. I discovered that the textbook is a free one from Open Textbook Library. I am keeping the book list in mind, though. Although, that's another thing I wish was better organized. It's overwhelming to scroll through. The sample schedule was overwhelming too.
  10. I'm having a heck of a time developing a yearlong World/Cultural/Human Geography course for my rising 9th grader. For some reason, I thought finding high school materials would be easier than it was for earlier grades. I was wrong. There really aren't a lot of options all around. And, if you want secular/neutral, there's practically none. I've read every high school post pertaining to geography on these boards from the past 5-7 years at least three times. I've gone through Rainbow Resource's entire geography section. I've Googled. I've looked at edX, Coursera, and Saylor. These are the resourc
  11. This is what I did. I looked up all the statutes (that pertained to graduation requirements and homeschooling) that were referenced on the general Department of Education web pages. I posted here for confirmation that I wasn't missing something. Or, didn't understand something quite right. 😉 I feel like I got some good responses. I generally feel at peace with it now. I really appreciate everyone helping me get to this point. It was a nagging tidbit that was starting to stress me out. Now I can stress about other stuff. Lol.
  12. It was the REI classes I was thinking of for bike maintenance (and backpacking). I was hoping that they would offer some IRL ones soon. Still virtual, it looks like. Better than nothing, I guess. There's a bike shop that offers maintenance classes in St. Louis. I'll have to contact them to figure out what's going on with their classes. Online registration isn't working. I plan to look into biking clubs, books, etc. I was hoping someone here may have done a cycling credit at some point and wouldn't mind sharing their resources. ☺️
  13. I think we've decided that DD's PE credit is going to primarily consist of biking the Katy Trail. We have really been into hiking the past couple of years (more DH and I than DD 😉), but she wanted to try biking, so we are indulging her for now. Besides the actual biking, I was hoping to find an IRL bike maintenance class somewhere and add some online video and/or book components to round out the credit. I figure she can watch/read these when it turns cold. Can anyone recommend a resource? I would take hiking resources too. Our goal is to bike the whole trail over time, but we may need to add i
  14. This is how I read it too. Just needed some additional opinions. 😁 Thanks.
  15. Missouri I think the constitution tests and civics exam have worried me the most over the years. I really don't want to interact with the school to set those up. I don't want to be on their timetable either. The other thing is studying Missouri history and the Missouri constitution. I don't expect that I'll find a suitable pre-made curriculum for those. And, I don't value them enough to want to spend much time coming up with my own. (I don't even remember studying Missouri history in high school. It was a big deal in fourth grade but not high school.) DD knows enough about Missouri that s
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