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  1. Yup. There's more and more that get it, and some who also die here too. All unvaccinated. The ones I know anyway.
  2. I can't decide whether most of the empty shelves at our stores are due to shortage of products or shortage of workers. A neighboring Walmart Supercenter shut down for two full days due to a Covid outbreak among the employees. The article in the paper said the shutdown was to sanitize and to give workers time to restock the shelves. Overall, I'm quite bummed about the loss of variety on the shelves (mostly at Walmart). And, I feel like some healthier varieties are being cut. For example, our Walmart now only carries Healthy Harvest applesauce cups in blueberry flavor. There used to be at least three flavors. It's a lucky day when I find mini pita breads anywhere.
  3. At about 32 hours out from his third shot (Moderna all three times), DH developed a low-grade fever (100.4) with chills and sweats, which lasted about 8-10 hours. He had a headache all day and night yesterday and "ran out of energy" a couple of times. He felt fine by 4:15 a.m. this morning when he got up for work. And, of course, he has a sore arm. We are ecstatic, as we're hoping this indicates an immune response this time. He had no side effects after the first two shots (beside a sore arm).
  4. DH got his third shot today. He was the first third-shot person at our local Walmart. At first, they weren't going to do it because they weren't sure they could. They finally got it worked out, though. You have to be taking certain medications on a list to be eligible.
  5. How exciting! I seriously want to go...as a student and twenty-ish years younger. I hope she has a great year!!
  6. I ordered five packs for store pickup (at a store an hour away 🙄). Hopefully, they'll come through. They're already ready! I tried ordering online for home delivery, but the earliest I could get them is August 25, even when paying $10 for 2-day shipping. Thanks for posting! Good deal. These will get me started while I look around for more options.
  7. Have you use the Powecom ones, by chance? I've seen those mentioned a couple of places. I wish the FDA wouldn't have taken the certifications/authorizations away for the KN95s.
  8. I think disposable for now. I feel like I need to pick up some quick and then figure out a long-term plan.
  9. We've been using what I would consider high-quality handmade masks since the beginning of the pandemic. I feel like DH, who is immunosuppressed, needs to upgrade to either N95s or KN95s now. I'm overwhelmed in figuring out which brand/model to buy (preferably at not too much more than $1 a mask, as he will need at least one a day). Can anyone suggest masks that your consider reputable? And, why you feel that way? So far, the cloth masks have worked for DH, so I'm nervous about switching, but I really think he needs something more. He works with the public everyday. And, there have been sooo many people I know who have gotten Covid in the past three weeks (unvaccinated and vaccinated) where I live.
  10. Good question! We're pretty much doing the same setup as you minus the Great Courses videos (not sure how you're going to fit these in...lol) but with the non-NGSS QSL kit. Are you completing the lab activities in Oak Meadow too, or are you forgoing them? Right now, I have both scheduled but have no idea how we will finish on time. I suspect that we'll cut some of the dissections. We should probably save a few for Biology 2, but DD really wants to do the pig this year. 🤷‍♀️ I discussed the high school/college lab thing with DH earlier this year. Neither of us remember much in the way of labs. (I remember a smattering for Biology 1 and even less for Biology 2.) We don't remember writing lab reports at all. I have one foggy recollection of my college biology lab. DH has none. They must have been great experiences. 🤣
  11. I'm listening to the new Kathy Reichs book, The Bone Code, and she mentions Grinnell. Dr. Brennan asks where a specific person went to college. The response is..."Someplace called Grinnell. I've never heard of it." 😂 I just had to post.
  12. DD and I are creating an art credit out of classes she's interested in on Skillshare. She uses Procreate to draw and animate. She took some classes with Udemy last year to help her really learn the app. She's done some pretty neat things with it since then. She is starting out on Skillshare with several classes on various types of figure drawing (from realistic to chibi) and how to develop poses and stories for characters. I don't know that she'll pic after that. She may look into learning Adobe Fresco too.
  13. We switched to CLE from Singapore in 5th grade. We like the LightUnit approach, that the new-material lesson is short and to the point, written to the student, uses real-world scenarios, and has a lot of review. The only thing about it is that completing every problem every day can be a time suck. I guess it depends on how fast your child works, though. Overall, we haven't looked back. (We also used Miquon as a supplement for a time way back when. And, Beast Academy. Trying to do those with all of Singapore's supplements was way too much. CLE is so simple in comparison.)
  14. My mom's best friend from high school's mom is in the hospital. Her oxygen levels have been in the 70s for several days. She is part of a large extended family (clan really) who is outspoken politically and anti-vax (for Covid). Two other members of that family also have it. They are in their early 40s. DH's sister is one of them...related by marriage. I don't think they had contact with the elderly relative. So, separate exposures (unless there's an asymptomatic relative who has visited them both, I guess). There are two young men in their early-to-mid 20s that have it. At least one is in the ICU. The other may be as well. I can't quite remember...he is in the hospital, though. Our McDonald's morning shift pretty much all have/had it. They have been closed until 11 a.m. for a couple weeks now. I think some of their day shift may also have it now. I think they had to bring in out-of-town workers.
  15. Plastic totes have been hard to come by for months (all sizes). I finally snagged six large ones at Aldi the other day. I did see some at Lowe's a couple of weeks ago. They were twice as much as usual and a brand I didn't know.
  16. 25% percent have had at least once dose in my county 19.3% voted for Biden We are labeled very high risk. Hospitals are full. Several people that I know have gotten Covid within the past two weeks. I really hate that we live here.
  17. Yes, yes!! I've recently discovered the info about the Common Data Set. (And, how to use it to determine the probability of being awarded merit aid.) I was just hoping for an easier way to narrow the search. I'm sure it will get easier when DD hones in on what she wants to study. DD is passionate about what she cares about, but she's never been super competitive. I doubt she'll be one to want to go to a specific college based on prestige alone. She's always been more of a niche girl. I have an appointment...gotta go.
  18. I'm writing your name down. Lol. I would love to read an update in a couple of years. I will admit that the study abroad emphasis pulled DD and me right in when we happened upon their website last week. The distance from here to Centre is fairly drivable, but I'm not sure being in the middle of Kentucky will work for DD. It's not different enough from our own state and area.
  19. Yes, this! I'm trying to figure out what the middle ground is. At what rank does quality and overall value dissipate?
  20. I had no clue that what DD does is so unique. I just thought it was what kids do these days. 🤷‍♀️ I think I will encourage her to think about how she can incorporate her interests and skills into a Girl Scout Gold Award project. Thank you everyone for encouraging me to encourage her. Lol. Overall, DD is a fairly eccentric kid. I figured there might be a fair share of eccentric kids here (well, parents of anyway). So, I was curious about what they do that might be different. DH and I graduated from the local school. There was a small handful of students who were collegebound and dubbed "leaders." We were picked for every leadership opportunity that popped up. Many were considered honors. Looking back, we got to go quite a few places and do quite a few things, mostly for free. Most of those things are closed to homeschoolers, though.
  21. I appreciate this. It's been...oh, good grief...20+ years since I applied for college. And, it wasn't a great experience for a variety of reasons that aren't really pertinent to this discussion. I ended up at Big State U, which was fine. But, I didn't really want to be there, which tainted my experience in many ways. Looking back, I wish I would have embraced it a little more. I didn't have great parental support once there either. Don't get me wrong, I loved being in college. I wish I could do it again (albeit, differently), but I think it could have been so much more. I very much want DD to have a good experience. For homeschoolers, I think college is both high school (but better) and college wrapped into one. I think it might be a double kind of excitement maybe.
  22. Thank you! This was really helpful and encouraging. 😁 Thanks for the additional book recs. I just finished Who Gets in... .
  23. Perhaps they're more programs than majors. I was just trying to indicate that DD probably won't be headed to medical or law school. Having said that, she does have an interest in working with dead bodies, but she doesn't want to get a medical degree. I told her that that pretty much leaves tech positions. We haven't investigated it overly much yet, though. There might be more options that pertain to working with the dead but aren't as direct as performing autopsies.
  24. Nope. Just the opposite. She's looking for open mindedness and diversity. Respect for different viewpoints. Ideally, that would be most colleges, but... The other part of trying to get a jump start on this is due to family circumstance. My mother has stage 4 colon cancer. When the going gets tough, her care falls into my lap. Heck, it's all in my lap now. She's doing okay right at this moment, but her health is unpredictable. In 2-3 years when DD really needs to get down to it, I may be cloistered at my mother's house. I need to build knowledge now for later use. I also suffer from chronic migraine. Right now, I'm good. But, my brain fogs up for weeks and months at a time sometimes. I can function, but only at a basic level. At those times, all mental energy goes into DD's schooling. (I usually have a few good hours at the beginning of each day.) I can't do any extra...not well anyway.
  25. Thanks for chiming in. Yes, fit is important for DD. She can be passionate about her interests and craves like-minded dialogue. College will be the first time she gets to experience education with peers. She's looking forward to that.
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