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  1. One more thing of this hasn’t been mentioned, you will need to get business auto insurance since any accident during the delivery route will not be covered by your personal auto insurance.
  2. A friend did something similar. It’s not just low pay overall, sometimes barely a tip or the people who live in condos/apt in congested areas don’t meet you downstairs or at the front of the building. No place to park so he used to park illegally. And of course those people never tip well. Gas is really expensive here right now, about $4.69 per gallon. If you like driving, a friend hired a woman to drive her child to and from school. In the city you can charge $20 to $100 per child. She takes a careful of kids.
  3. I buy CBD gummies from Swanson when on sale. I have a stash and usually need to take a few each day. I like Charlotte’s Web, Happy Lane (more intense CBD taste), CBD Living, and Plus CBD. The local cannabis shop is expensive and with the amount I take I would have to give up something else on my life.
  4. SF Zoo has penguins, not an aquarium. It’s located outside with a metal gate surrounding the entire “exhibit” and hordes of people watch as they are fed pails of fish.
  5. And Enro invites customers batch by batch and if you don't buy after the second invite, you are dropped to the back of the line. I had DH wear theirs on a 5 hour flight thinking it was safer than other masks. Happy Masks doesn't fit from top of the nose to the button of the chin for him, but Enro does. ETA: And there's no air pocket with Enro, it just lays on my face, which I can't stand. But I use it when I need to go in and out of a store.
  6. I just received Be Healthy masks and had Dd use it instead of the Happy Mask or Enro mask. I find it more comfortable bc it's stiffer creating a pocket of space. She used the one that looks just like the AoPS design on the book and wants to reuse it after using it for about 7 hours indoors. I'm planning to air it out for a week, and it doesn't look dirty, so I'm fine if she uses it one more time.
  7. Barely there bras that really change my daily life as I never found anything this comfortable since my teen years. https://neiwai.life/collections/barely-zero
  8. I didn’t know this, and I have bought it in containers labeled “raw”, most recently from Costco. I wonder why they label it as such, but good info to know!
  9. I had no idea there is a word to describe the liquid in a can of beans!
  10. I use frozen bananas to make ice cream in a blender for DD but didn’t think of this for making ice cream in a maker. I can give this a try first. We’re trying to raise this person’s potassium level with foods.
  11. The digestive part might be an issue then since it’s for a person with some minor IBS issues.
  12. The person I’m making it for is sort of allergic to coconut milk and dairy which leaves me with almond or soy or possibly other plant milk.
  13. I would like to use soy milk or almond milk to make ice cream in a Cuisinart ice cream maker. For those using plant milk, do you add guar gum, locust bean gum, or something else? Trying to cut down on sugar so making our own soy ice cream.
  14. So with store bought peanut butter or tahini or almond butter, there’s oil on top because it’s been sitting in a jar for some time? These are products without added oil. If made fresh the oil won’t separate from the nuts or seeds?
  15. Thanks for the suggestion! Do you use Vitamix for other foods? I’m just wondering how clean I can get it should I need to use it for something else and where someone might be allergic to peanuts. Is it easy to clean the smallest areas?
  16. I don’t even have a food processor. Any brand/model you like?
  17. I need to make peanut butter that is similar to store-bought where the oil rises to the top. Is that possible to do this at home? Any particular blender or nut butter machine?
  18. I use brown sugar and powder garlic only because I have none of the other ones right now. This looks so good!!
  19. How frequently do you go for blood tests? I saw that there is an at home test by Everlywell.
  20. I did soak but time to get a toothbrush for DH 😄
  21. Dd and I have the large version, it goes down to the bottom of the chin. I’m not sure if that’s ok so I’m going to try a medium one soon.
  22. We’re all large in Happy Masks. But if it’s one size fits all that would be fine.
  23. DH has a big face and the XL enro is perfect on him. It really covers quite well. Too bad I just bought these rather than last year, but just in time for DH’s flight.
  24. I was just looking at the posh one and couldn’t decide. Is that the one where you get 30 days/patterns for $50? I didn’t see what size they are so I hesitated. When I go shopping quickly or just outside I’ll reuse my masks even my evolve 3-ply one.
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