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  1. At only 6 years old, I would read The House at Pooh Corner or Mr Popper's Penguins or Pippi Longstocking or the like while he is still young enough to enjoy it. My 7.5yo just thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Wild Robot. It's long and a bit slow at the beginning but a great book for little boys who like talking animals and robots.
  2. I have a tension rod on the inside of the window frame and two really pretty tea towels hung with rings that have clips on them to clip them to my "curtains". Shows white outside, doesn't matter if they get wet or icky, I can wash them. I've had the same set up there for a couple of years now but never had anyone ask me if they were tea towels or why I didn't have real curtains. If they started looking wonky, it would be easy and cheap enough to just pick a new set to put up there. The tea towels also happen to be the perfect length for my rather small window. I chose this curtain set up
  3. I didn't have twins pre se but I did have two of kids 13 months apart. I second (or is it third?) that the big clunky double strollers are a pain to tote around with you and the babies. I had something similar to this that lets you connect two ordinary umbrella strollers into one double stroller. It was great for when one person takes twin A and the other takes twin B but then you can still stick them back together as one stroller.
  4. Nope. Just not a big deal to us.
  5. We only got married for practical reasons as well. If not for that, we probably wouldn't be married either and it wouldn't change a thing about our relationship. We have said all of those exact same things when people ask us why we don't celebrate our marriage. To us, it's just a legal hoop we had to jump at the time.
  6. If we remember our anniversary, a lot of times we are busy with other things and both of us forget until after the fact, it is usually just a verbal "Happy Anniversary" and a kiss. Neither of us has gifts as a love language and the day we got married or met or any of it just isn't that important to us. We do openly tell each other every day how much we love and appreciate each other though.
  7. We use Meow Mix Grain Free. She was being fed the cheap store brand when we got her. Her coat went from "meh" to beautiful when we started giving her the grain free food. Our dog is on grain free food as well so we figured we better get grain free cat food as well since there was a chance the dog might get into her food and the dog is allergic to corn. And the Meow Mix Grain Free isn't but a dollar or two more than than the regular cat foods. We've given her wet food a couple of times, just whatever is on sale. She doesn't seem to prefer it over dry food like most cats I've owned/known. B
  8. My dad used to make this. I think it was the only dessert he knew how to make lol. We called them "camp donuts" because we always made them when we were camping on a camp stove in a cast iron skillet. We used cinnamon sugar to coat them. I remember having to take Home Ec. in junior high and while I don't remember the name of them, we made these gooey bun things by taking a large marshmallow, dipping it in melted butter, rolling it in cinnamon sugar and then wrapping it in a flattened out canned biscuit. Put each one in a muffin cup lined with a cupcake wrapper and bake until gold
  9. We got our kitty on the spur of the moment. We literally had nothing for a cat the day we got her On our way home with her, we picked up a litter box, litter, food, a 2-in-1 bowl and a toy. In the 2 months we've had her, we've only picked up a bed for her (that she used for 2 days then decided she liked my chair better), a cardboard scratch board (that she completely ignores) and another toy (that she will play with when she can't find any of ds's nerf darts which are her favorite "toys"). We are going to get her spayed soon and I'm hoping to pick up a cat carrier before then.
  10. You can try out the LOE online courses for free. If nothing else, it might help you decide where to place your daughter.
  11. Gifted or not, I do think that all children go through these stages but my gifted kiddo was much more asynchronous about the thinking skills. For example, she had high verbal understanding and word reasoning skills but her math skills were just average. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that she went through the stages in her own way. She would make great leaps in one area (her gift being reading and verbal reasoning) but plod along normally or just slightly faster than normal in other areas (like math). All my kids were like that though. Gifted or not. Their leaps in understanding though m
  12. I've had to do it because the shopping trip by itself left me physically exhausted and I had to sit down to catch my breath. Twenty minutes is about the longest shopping trip I can do by myself any more. I do have a handicapped parking permit but my disability is not always visible to the average person. And handicap spaces are not always available so I don't always have my tag showing. And it doesn't help that I look young for my age but my body feels twice my age due to my disability. When I can physically put the cart back without over exerting myself and possibly making it impossible or at
  13. I agree, it sounds like non-patients are welcome but cannot have the vaccine billed directly to their insurance. I would be prepared to pay up front just in case even if I was a patient if I didn't want to call ahead a verify. I would also write to the office manager or whoever I needed to and point out how unclear the wording of the email was and how it could be interpreted multiple ways. Might not fix anything this time but if enough people complain about the poor wording and grammar, maybe it will change something next time. You never know.
  14. We had a neighbor who had a little brown dachshund named Godiva lol. Or you could go with... Lindsey, a girly variation of Lindor Caddy, short for Cadbury
  15. So I retested for spinal galant and palmar this morning. He is mildly positive for spinal galant and negative for palmar. So my plan is to have him do reflex exercises everyday for the next month and a half or so and just do the VT homework (other than the Moro walk exercises) on the loop schedule everyday.
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