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  1. So funny. We are in the middle of reading aloud "The Trumpet of the Swan" right now. We are at the part were Louis learns to play the trumpet to "sing" to his potential mate. I thought this thread was going to be about swans lol. :-P
  2. My ex-husband went through an eight week adult high school program rather than do a 5th year of high school. He got a state recognized adult high school diploma; which in that state was a step above a GED and a step below a regular HS diploma. Anyways, it was enough for him to join the military and he got a CCAF degree while he was in. Between his military experience and his CCAF, he hasn't had a single issue with not having a normal high school diploma. Even if he had a GED I don't think it would have been a problem. If she wants to get this 2 year AG/Tech degree you might find out what
  3. I don't think so. If I remember right when you've mentioned where you live before (Tulsa area right?) I'm about 3.5 hours south east of you. It's a 90 minute drive for us to Fort Smith, AR.
  4. Just outside of cattle country in the mountains of western Arkansas. So it's not outside the range of possibility. There was a cattle pasture just across the dirt road at the house where she was found.
  5. Lol lucky for my dh, I like building things. That plan was really easy and I needed something quick and easy since the mattress was a surprise gift from grandma. I got it built in a weekend completely by myself.
  6. We have a platform bed with a 10 inch Sealy PosturePedic mattress. We love it. Yes, it holds up to "exercise" lol. But I built the platform bed myself using plans from Ana White. I adjusted the plans a bit to give extra support because dh and I both are varying degrees of overweight. So I don't know a store bought platform bed would hold up as well. Basically, I added one additional "joist" to the queen size version of the bed and put several support legs attached to the joists in the middle. It maybe over built but it holds up to everything we've put it through so far lol.
  7. Dh named her Kira after the character in the book Ready Player One lol. So we have Anabelle (the shelter named her and we just kept it), Kira and Dizzy the cat (because she likes to jump in computer chairs and make them spin around lol). Oh and the 6 chickens in the backyard but we usually just call them collectively "the chickens" lol. Ds8 says he wants to have 10 dogs, 10 cats, 10 horses.... you get the idea lol. He just wants a zoo. :-P
  8. No she seems to have most of her adult teeth but they are still very sharp with little to no wear.
  9. Here's our other dog, she was also abandoned by her owners but it was a couple of doors down from someone who worked at the shelter. So we got her from the local shelter about 5 years ago I think? Maybe 6 years. She definitely has nanny dog tendencies. lol She also was not impressed with me waking her up to take this pic lol.
  10. Yup that's why we shy away from stuff animal type toys. We don't want them to mistake something we don't want them to chew on, like kid's stuff animals, for one of their toys.
  11. Oh I told dh that we need to watch for a deal on the dog DNA tests lol. I'd love to know what both our dogs are. Both are rescues from similar situations. The shelter we got our other dog from had her down as a mountain cur/catahoola mix but we are fairly certain she is at least part pit bull. I'll have to find or take a picture of her....
  12. No, it doesn't really matter what she is, she has a forever home regardless now. Just thought it would be fun to try and guess. :-) She sounds exactly like Grandma's chihuahua when she barks lol It has been so long since we've had a puppy around. We've got several toys in our Amazon basket now. I tried giving her an empty water bottle but she just looked at me like "What do you want me to do with this?" lol Might try smearing something tasty inside it later. I did look at the Kelpie, she does look very similar. lol Here is another pic from last night lol.
  13. So this puppy was found abandoned by its owners. The owners moved out of the house a week or two ago and this poor little thing has been just wandering around the property. Their other dog was found dead on a chain in the yard. Dh and I are guessing possibly chiweenie? She seems to be between 8 and 16 weeks old by our best guesses. We'll get her into a vet but our normal vet is working limited hours due to covid. She wants to chew but we don't have any good puppy chew toys for her. Our other dog is good with her but all of her toys are too big. Even our smaller tennis balls are too big. S
  14. What if the child driver lost control at speeds of over 100 mph just joy riding? The story would have likely ended the same way, police uninvolved. While I agree not every infraction should be pursued in a high speed chase, I also don't agree that there should be a full stop to high speed chases. I don't know, maybe it is because I've been in the position of the ex-girlfriend in my story where someone wanted to kill me. I know what that is like and while I wouldn't be happy that the person who wanted to kill me hurt other people in trying to get to me, I would also be forever thankful that the
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