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  1. I remember when Spell to Write and Read (SWR) was THE spelling program. It has a learning curve for the teacher especially if you aren't familiar with Spalding or Orton-Gillingham style instruction. I think that was part of its decline. I used it to some extent with all my kids (and still have my original manuals) but I will be the first to admit it is dry as a desert and boring if used as it is exactly. Programs like All About Reading/Spelling and Logic of English that have come since SWR was at the height of its popularity are an improvement on the dry and boring aspect. I also don't see 100
  2. We scan or take pictures of the very best or favorites and keep them on the computer. They have a notebook for keeping the ones they want to keep and a limited area to display their favorites. When the art display area is full, they have to pick which picture to replace if they want to hang another. Same with the notebook, when it's full, they have to start culling. Pictures from the display area that come down can be put in their notebook if they want and have room in their notebook. Pictures "for mom" go in the display area so they are eventually culled. They learn pretty quick to only keep
  3. I hate the light and the buzzing from fluorescent lights. Both drive me nuts. I also wear sunglasses all the time and get headaches from extended exposure to bright light (aka something I cannot flee immediately when the light starts to hurt my eyes). And honestly it doesn't even have to be terribly bright to bother me. Even just the wrong color of light or the angle can be bothersome to me.
  4. lol, yeah none of us are particular Disney fans. But it was over $20 cheaper than the regular IP. It was purely monetary for me. 😉 I can't remember what the time was on the rice, but we did do the quick release. Ds was fascinated watching it lol. From a safe distance away of course. 😉 I bought some Basmati rice. I haven't ever made Basmati. I've made Jasmine, long grain, short grain sushi rice and arborio rice but not Basmati. I did the Jasmine first in the IP just because I knew what to expect based on how I make it on the stove. It's the kind I make most often. I really do
  5. Right, so dh and I were at the store and happened to find a 6 qt Instant Pot on sale for $65. The catch? It's the Mickey Mouse one lol! I'm a cheapskate that can live with a Mickey Mouse Instant Pot. 😉 So far I've made Jasmine rice in it. It was acceptable, a little sticky for my liking but within acceptable range. It's now in the fridge to make rice pudding in the morning. I'm in the process of making vanilla yogurt at the moment. It's taking a little more standing around checking the temperature as it cools than I would like but I'll try the cold water cooling method next time and
  6. So dh and I talked it over and it sounds like an Instant Pot might be a helpful addition to the kitchen rather than just another appliance for the appliance cabinet lol. So which one should we get? We feed three of us here daily. Four of us a couple times a week. As many as 10 once every few months or so. I'm thinking maybe the 6 quart so I can make enough for leftovers most of the time? Would that work? Or should I get the 8 quart?
  7. It's not so much that we don't like the texture of slow cooker meat, it's just we don't want that texture at every meal, kwim? If the InstantPot creates that same texture as the crockpot that is going change how I use it if we get one. I have a couple of autoimmune issues, EDS with scoliosis and food allergies to contend with while cooking. Right now, it is mostly the scoliosis that is keeping me from spending as much time in the kitchen as I would like. Used to, I could get by with anti-fatigue mats and proper shoes in the kitchen when I cook. But now that my scoliosis is getting worse a
  8. I've tried searching for old Instant Pot threads but didn't have much luck. If I'm just blind as a bat, feel free to point me in the direction of the Instant Pot threads, lol. I have several chronic conditions that are making it hard for me to stay in the kitchen to cook anymore. We are starting to rely way to much on processed food nowadays because of it (whereas I used to cook everything from scratch and nothing was processed) and we need to put a stop to it. I was never interested in the InstantPot threads before because it just seemed like a fad and I was already used to cooking
  9. My husband likes leftover salisbury steaks in a grilled cheese sandwich, patty melt style. Like kbutton said, you could cut them up into bite size pieces and make a hamburger vegetable soup or stew. Change up the sides to go with just salisbury steak and gravy, serve it over egg noodles or with mashed or roasted potatoes, or serve it with plain rice or rice pilaf. ETA: Oh, dh just suggested breaking it into pieces and eating it with fried rice. I used to make salisbury steak in bulk and freeze them, basically anything you might use a hamburger patty or meatballs in, it shou
  10. Run and don't look back. You are thinking about it and hoping someone will tell you it is the right thing to do. You don't need anyone's approval to do what is best for you. Run and free yourself. Do it now while there is far less to lose.
  11. Can I just say kudos to you and your dh for considering the consequences of being uprooted for your teenage son? My husband and I both were forced to moved in the middle of high school. He was heavily into sports and I was heavily into music. We had our networks built and were locally well known for our skill in our respective areas. We both had offers from family and friends to allow us to finish high school by living with them but our parents declined. We both had to give up opportunities to further ourselves in our talent areas because the same opportunities were not available where we mov
  12. Psychopath? Almost unquestionably, yes. I absolutely agree that he is some sort of psychopath. It would be hard for him not to be given the nature of the evidence against him, both past and present. But I really hate how "popular" the NPD label has become and how flippantly it is used to describe anyone who displays self-centered or unscrupulous behavior toward others. One can be a self-centered, deplorable jerk of a person and not be NPD. There is evil, vile and disgusting and then there is NPD. It really is a whole other thing that is just indescribable and incomprehensible until you ha
  13. THIS!!!!! I don't talk much about my situation because it is so hard even now, all these years later, with nearly a decade of therapy under my belt.... I can still remember that feeling of hopelessness. That no matter what I did, my kids were going to be on the losing end of the stick.... If I left, I could no longer always protect them from their father. Shady behavior, even when it involves other children, does not always translate to being labeled an unfit parent in family court. Like it or not, it's just not how the system works right now. But if I stayed to always be able to protect my ch
  14. I'd just use them in place of onions in any recipe. Just remember leeks are milder than onions so if you need/want big onion flavor, it's not going to be as strong with leeks.
  15. I would imagine cost of upkeep could be a factor. Plus many of them were done in Flash which is obsolete now. A lot of the old websites just didn't bother to update. Some like Reflex Math and Big Brainz math went exclusively to the school market. Schools can afford to pay more for the product and remain customers for longer since there is always a constant influx of new young elementary kids needing to learn math facts unlike families which will eventually outgrow the product and no longer need it.
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