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  1. I believe it was one of the Australian posters on this board that mentioned that in Australia it is a normal and accepted part of childhood to get a piece of worming chocolate, I think it was once or twice a year. Hopefully one of them will chime in to this thread with more specifics on how they do it. I just bookmarked the Amazon link to it in case we ever needed it. lol Sorry about your predicament. I hope everyone gets cleared up soon.
  2. If you get two temperature readings within an hour of over 102.5 for child under 3yo, my doctor wants you to go to the ER or do a walk in if the office is open. Any child who has two readings of 104, my doctor wants you to take them to the ER immediately. A low grade fever is normal after vaccines are given. 103.5 is not a low grade fever. I would call the doctor again and/or go to the ER if it were my child. We had several bad reactions including 104 - 105 degree fevers that became meningitis which is a rare but possible complication from vaccines. Just because it is rare doesn't mean it never happens. If the doctor is being too blase about your child's condition, no matter if they are from vaccines or not, go to the ER or an urgent care if you are afraid the ER visit will deem the visit unwarranted if it is just a normal reaction for your child. Better safe than sorry in my opinion when the child is too young to tell you what is going on with their body.
  3. Ah, gotcha. Thanks for explaining. It really was helpful. ;-)
  4. I've looked at LOL and walked away several times. Can I ask why you don't do it anymore? What made you switch to something else?
  5. My oldest daughter did the same thing when she went to public school. I knew she was bright but I never really considered her gifted because she spent a lot of time trying to get out of doing any work at all. We didn't live in a state that required testing of any kind for homeschoolers which is why she had not had any kind of testing before starting public school in 5th grade. I knew she was capable of at least grade level appropriate work, but she tested into the gifted math track. She was the 99th percentile across the board in all math categories. At home, she did what she had to do in math just to be done with it and never showed any particular interest in doing the math. She just wanted to get it done and so that she could do what she wanted to do. She didn't struggle but she didn't seem unchallenged either so I never thought to push her any harder when she was homeschooled. She did fine in accelerated/gifted math track from middle school forward and took dual enrollment math and English classes in high school.
  6. I know this sounds trite when you are in the trenches but it is just as true as when it was said to me when I was still in the trenches with lots of kids and not enough hours in the day... The days are long but the years are short. Believe it or not, you will miss these days some day when all your kiddos are out there on there own. And now that half of my kiddos have flown the coop, I can tell you, it is 100% true. Yes I wanted to pull my hair out when I was in the thick of it, but now that they don't need me to remind them to wash their pits, or do their chores or clean their rooms... I really do miss those days in a funny kind of way. I wish I could rewind time and they were all still kids, I want the good times and the exasperating ones back to relive again. I want to forget about the laundry and just read a book together cuddled up on the couch. I want to watch them play while the dishes in the sink need washing. I want to tuck them into bed and trip over at least 8 different toys on my way back to the couch to just sit in silence for a few minutes before the first one gets up out of bed and needs tucking in again. Yes it was exasperating in the moment, but those years are so short. Hug your little ones and know that they probably won't remember the laundry or the dishes or the mess.
  7. I understand your dilemma. I had a workbook lover too. She asked for more workbooks for her 6th birthday. And yes, I indulged her and she did get some workbooks for her birthday among other things lol. When she was between the ages of 3 and 5, I let her do workbooks and worksheets to her heart's delight. She pulled out her "school" to do with the other kids but that didn't change how I taught her except when I had the choice to get her a workbook, I got her one. Or printed her worksheets off the internet. She was also my lapbook lover so you might see if your son likes making lapbooks or interactive notebooks. I didn't turn everything into a workbook for her though. We still did hands on lessons and other styles of learning. But I see nothing wrong with letting a workbook lover do what they love. Doing workbooks doesn't have to be mindless drivel. It can be a springboard to more interactive learning or a great way to review skills and keep them fresh. As long as you aren't expecting the workbook to do the teaching for you, they can be a wonderful tool even if all they are doing is helping your 4yo feel included. We tried TGTB kindergarten for a while. I'm not sure I would call it a workbook per se... yes it is in the form of a workbook, but it is more than a workbook. If you think of School Zone and ETC as workbooks, TGTB is a little different. You aren't just filling in blanks and coloring pictures and matching things like you do in regular workbooks. A lot of the pages require little to no writing at all from the student. It's more like an interactive lesson plan where all the activities are there in the workbook and most writing that the child does is done in there too but it's not really what I would call a regular workbook. My current first grader hated the word ladders even though I tweaked the activity when one of the sight words on the ladder for the day was phonetic and had him sound it out. I think it was an every other day activity. If you are not a fan of sight words, you are either going to have to tweak or skip it if you want to do TGTB.
  8. I've refilled ink cartridges since the 90's. I've also purchased generic and refilled cartridges. Eventually, they all had problems for me that made them not worth it. Either the printer would start rejecting the refilled or generic cartridges or the print quality declined at a rate that was not acceptable to me. Plus I live 90 minutes away from any stores that carry any kind of selection of ink cartridges, so if I don't have time to wait for ink to ship from from Amazon or an another online retailer, once I add the price of gas and a wasted day going to go get ink, it gets expensive quick. I've also had people tell me Costco Ink Refill is better but there are not any Costco's in the state I live in nor the state 20 minutes to the west of us. The nearest Costco is 5 and a half hours away, one way. It is totally worth $10 a month to not have to worry about the cost of ink cartridges or the cost to go and get them. We don't feel constrained by the page count we print whatever and whenever we want and we have only gone over our page allotment once. We always have ink cartridges, we've never had to wait for a shipment to arrive. HP always makes sure we have cartridges in the printer and a spare set waiting to replace the ones in the printer. As soon as we put the spares in the printer, they send us another set that arrives with in a day most of the time. It comes out to 3 cents a page for me for ink using Instant Ink. Even if we print something full color to the edge of the paper in all directions, it still only costs 3 cents a page. We researched the heck out of it when we got it. At the time, it was the best deal for us and I honestly think it still is the best deal for us. I don't think it is worth it for me to buy a much more expensive printer than the one I have to save maybe 1 - 2 cents a page. Maybe when this printer eventually dies (it's been a year and half to two years now that we've had it I think and we haven't had a single problem with it) we will look at all the currently available options but we are quite happy with Instant Ink and it is well worth the cost for us. Even if just for the fact that I don't have to remember to order or go out and buy ink cartridges.
  9. I would love to know where to get cheaper ink! I pay $120 a year for Instant Ink service ($10 per month). By the time I have gotten 3 sets of replacement cartridges from Instant Ink, I would have already spent more than $150 from the cheapest source I have found for HP cartridges. I normally get 5 to 6 sets a year from Instant Ink and never pay a penny more than $120 a year for them. Each set we get per year beyond 3 just keeps making them cheaper. Even on the low end of 5 sets of cartridges a year, that comes out to about $12 per cartridge (5 color cartridges and 5 b& w cartridges). Where can I get them cheaper than $12 a cartridge (shipping, handling and/or tax included)? I have a b&w laser printer as well and we love that for projects that require being printed on a laser printer. We've had it for almost a year now and we are still on the sample toner cartridge that came with it. We don't use it nearly as much as we do the color inkjet. I just haven't been able to find a color laser at a price point we could justify.
  10. Lots of allergies here. Of course you should talk to a doctor and an allergist and quite possibly an dermatologist but I would suspect some kind of allergy, could be deodorant, soap of some kind, fabric softener or any number of things. It doesn't have to be a change in any of these for an allergy to form. Sometimes allergies can suddenly appear from a product you have used for many years. It could be a slight change in the formulation of the product that didn't agree with you or your immune system overreacting for some reason. My allergist also has me on daily Zyrtec but I can also take Benedryl in addition to the daily Zyrtec and one additional dose of Zyrtec per day for allergies that breakthrough. If none of that helps, he wants me to come in. If you are having active allergy problems, allergists can usually work you in pretty quickly, even if you are a new patient. If you are absolutely positive that it isn't an allergy, my next thought as other's mentioned would be fungal skin infection. It can look a lot like an allergic reaction but harder to make it go away. There are lots of different anti-fungal creams with different main ingredients. The creams with the main ingredient tolnaftate have worked the best for us. We have also started cleaning the affected area with chlorhexadine based surgical scrub like Hibiclens. You can buy it in most pharmacies or big box stores with a pharmacy. It seems expensive but a little goes a long long way. When a fungal infection is really red and angry, we wash it daily with chlorhexadine soap and then apply the tolnaftate cream. Once it starts going away, we back down the chlorhexadine wash to once a week but keep doing the cream daily. It really seems to help. Especially with the itchiness. The thing about fungal infections though it that it can take a long long time for them to completely go away. Like weeks and sometimes months to eradicate the fungus completely. So we keep it clean and medicated until the skin is completely clear of the rash and then we usually do a couple of days more with the cream even after it seems to be gone.
  11. Yeah see, I've never seen that around here. The TVs are never plugged in or anything on the shelf but you can ask them to plug it in at the checkout to verify that it works or not. I had never seen the coding system either until we moved into this area (south central US) but it really is helpful and like I said people around here will buy a broken item if it is priced cheap enough. They may only want it for parts.
  12. You mean like an insulated bento box?
  13. Not necessarily. Goodwill and other thrift store around here put an orange stick on electronics that work perfectly, a yellow sticker on electronics that mostly work but maybe a light or something on it doesn't work that doesn't affect the rest of it working and a red sticker on electronics that did not work at all when they tested it. The red sticker items are usually $5 or less. We have bought them before when it was an item that we knew dh could fix it and we could make a profit on the item. Or if it had a piece that he needed to scavenge that wasn't likely to be the part that was broken. Maybe that's just a thing they do around here but it's not uncommon to see red sticker items around here in thrift stores meaning that they tested it and it didn't work. And they do sell around here for $5 or less.
  14. Something like a bento box maybe?
  15. Make sure you don't make the "good, usable stuff" category too narrow. Dh and I both have dual monitor setups on our computers because we were able to find what other people considered to be "broken" monitors. Dh was able to replace a few capacitors and they work like new, so he is always looking for "broken" electronics he can either fix or scavenge for parts to fix other electronics. We have purchased broken or heavily damage furniture and used to to make reclaimed furniture. We have also purchased various things that would not function for their intended use but work perfectly for a reclaimed project we have in mind. For example we have a couple of old VHS tape organizers that we use for storing craft supplies. Our area has a Spring Clean-up week where you can put anything on the curb in the city limits and the city trash will take it no matter what. Dh and I, along with a lot of other people around here, drive around during this week looking for stuff that people put out that might not be the prettiest, or may need some cleaning up but we can use it. I've gotten a lot of planting containers that were chipped or broken but still completely usable during Spring Clean-Up week Of course there are some things that are just plain trash but if you are unsure about whether or not someone else could use the item, even if not for its intended purpose, put it out on your curb or near the road somewhere with a sign that says "free" or put an curb alert ad on Craigslist or some other platform in your area. Someone might take it. Your trash might be someone else's treasure.
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