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  1. I agree with you. But... The president is holding a 7,500 person 4th of July fireworks thing at Mt Rushmore, where distancing and masks are optional. I'm going to be really upset if states wait until they have a disaster on their hands, then order mask mandates, and then find that masks work. Like... you couldn't have done this easy, cheap, effective thing sooner?!
  2. Yikes. I didn't think of that. Although it does seem like people reaaaaaaaally want to believe that kids don't get it/spread it.
  3. This is what needs to happen. I can't stand assuming that kids don't get it/spread it... the CDC should start doing some research in instances like this.
  4. Good for her!! Smart kid 👍
  5. My mom and I were talking about how women wear bras all day, every day and that's way more uncomfortable than wearing a mask for 30 min in the grocery store. Maybe if women go braless everywhere.... the male governors would get uncomfortable and mandate masks. LOL. Plenty of people find shoes to be really uncomfortable. They wear them in stores anyway, and kick them off as soon as they get home. Why not the same with masks? I don't get it.
  6. Why wouldn't I? There actually IS a national plan, put out by the White House. Almost no states are following it, though. Rural WY and NYC are very connected. We are all in the same pandemic! A national plan can be flexible, but every state should be held to the same standards. If you meet X standards, you're fully opened up. If you meet Z standards, you're still in phase 3 until things improve, etc. New York State has a state plan. The criteria for moving from phase to phase are clear, and regions are held to the criteria. If a region backslides, they'll be put back into an earlier phase until they get things under control. In the NY State plan, the rural North Country has been reopened for weeks, while NYC is still in phase two. Americans can't travel to Europe because we've bungled this situation so badly. That's pretty telling. Why wouldn't we want a national plan that would finally get this situation under control?
  7. I had not seen this. Thank you!
  8. I just don't get it! Do people really not consume any news.... like enough news to know what's happening in the south, and what's already happened in NY, NJ, etc? And they think that won't happen here? Here's a good, non-Covid-specific, demonstration of how droplets move through the air, and how well masks contain them (spoiler alert: really well!):
  9. I saw Andrew Cuomo on Meet the Press the other day, and he was talking about how the surge in cases in other states may delay opening in NY and other places. It only makes sense... but I wish we had a national response to this! If NYC is doing really well and is capable of opening restaurants, but they can't because they're afraid people from Florida will come spread the virus, it's just nuts. Perhaps the governors will create a national plan on their own.
  10. Me too. I re-read that NPR study people have been talking about. A coworker emailed it to all the teachers as a mood-lifter... like don't worry, we teach mostly younger kids! We're good! When I re-read, I saw that only "a few" parents and caregivers tested positive during the time period they were talking about. If only "a few" adults tested positive, then it makes sense that not many kids caught the virus, right?? And since many kids are asymptomatic, we really have no clue about how many kids have been infected. Unless they were testing the whole class when one kid was positive, there would be no way to know. We also don't know if asymptomatic kids can spread the virus. I may be repeating what someone else already said.
  11. I just went and looked and now I wish I hadn't. Seems like nothing short of proving that masks are 100% effective will be enough to make people even consider wearing them. "Conforming" is apparently a fate worse than death! I don't get why potentially having partially-online school, temperature taking, keeping kids in "pods" at school, etc. are okay, but masking is just a bridge too far.
  12. Do you have any inkling whether the kids got infected from their parents, or what? Are the kids spreading it to classmates and teachers and to their families? I get the impression that people are hoping that kids, even if infected, don't spread the infection around as much as adults do. I don't know if there is any evidence that asymptomatic kids don't spread the virus. There isn't even a ton of research about that in adults yet, although adult asymptomatic/presymptomatic spread is real.
  13. This would be great info to have. I'm still not convinced that kids under 12 are really as low risk as people are trying to make out. My principal just sent out the NPR article about kids at the Y during the height of the pandemic (in NYC I think?) and how hardly any of them were sick. But... I'm dubious. It feels like school leaders are trying to justify going back by saying kids don't get it or spread it.
  14. That does sound impossible for most schools. From what I understand, Maine has so far not issued any firm requirements yet. More to come soon, I'm sure.
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