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  1. I get it 😞 So expensive. You could try the food experiment on your own. Oh, and I meant to say - my DH had almost immediate relief from his long-term stomach issues when he stopped eating grains (along with the other stuff I mentioned above). Even white rice bothers him apparently! So weird. So it might not be the foods you expect. Of course, may not be food related at all. But worth a try maybe and not too expensive to eat differently for a bit, hopefully.
  2. You could buy a blood sugar meter at Target or Walmart. They're cheap and easy to use.
  3. I eat the same foods every day, too - I think most of us do! I saw an ad on Facebook for a food sensitivity test - Everlywell, maybe? - that looks intriguing. You prick your finger and they test something like 204 foods. Elimination diets are really helpful, but kind of hard to do because you really have to strip down to a pretty small set of foods, and then slowly build up. If you cave and add things back too fast or too many at the same time, you can't tell what's causing what. Have you ever taken out certain common problem foods before? Off the top of my head - gluten, dairy, eggs, n
  4. Awesome! Good for you. Good that hubby is joking around, I think! Mine is the same - he hasn't been to the doc in years.
  5. Allergy testing seems like a good idea. If you're eating mostly the same foods every day, possibly a couple of them are not great for you.
  6. Oh, I definitely think it's normal! Taking many years to feel comfortable with a diagnosis or a difference is normal, and feeling sad about it is totally normal. I'd just like a better, more neutral name. Even just a more serviceable name - the plans kids get are Individualized Education Programs, so the term Individualized Education just makes more sense.
  7. I've been really proud of my young students for embracing differences and being open about their struggles. They speak openly to their classmates about reading and writing being hard for them, for example.
  8. Well, I definitely agree with removing the stigma of special ed programs. I'm not sure how to do that, either. Showing some great SpEd programs and what actually happens there would be a good start. It would be wise to survey people to see what their thoughts are about SpEd - I have an idea, but I might not be correct. I think names matter. If it helps even 1%, that would be worth it.
  9. I'm not sure. It could be directed to the State Dept of Ed, or US Dept of Ed. I had a job interview recently with my state Dept of Ed (didn't get it, but that's ok!) and I mentioned the idea. The people at the interview agreed with me that a different name would be much better.
  10. I agree. Even with a better name, it's still difficult. I do think that names matter, though, and a little improvement is better than nothing.
  11. Great! I'll let everyone know when I figure it out. There are a LOT of change.org petitions so I don't want to do a bad job.
  12. I could do that, but I want bigger change than that. If we just did the district, the words 'special education' would still be all over the paperwork.
  13. I'm thinking of starting a change.org petition to get the name "Special Education" changed to something less emotionally loaded. Every time I talk to parents about their child perhaps needing extra help, they nod and agree and want help - but then when I explain that the help will happen in "special education," they look alarmed. There's just so much baggage associated with the name. My two ideas for name changes are simple - either Specialized Education or Individualized Education. Individualized Education probably make the most sense, since IEPs are Individualized Education Programs.
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