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  1. So are the "little white lies" okay then? And if so, what do you use to guide the decisions about what level of lies are okay, and what aren't? Is it religion, your own personal moral compass...? Just wondering what the "no lying" crowd would do if a little old lady said, "Hello dear, my daughter just bought me this scarf. Isn't it lovely?" and you thought the scarf was the ugliest thing in the world.... I fully admit to lying all day long! Kid says, "Do you like my new Spiderman action figure?" and I'm like, "Sure! It's awesome!" I do that kind of thing ALL the time. Maybe thi
  2. I feel like now you NEED to take the job, so you can find out how these people run the place day-to-day! If they give you a couple pieces of clothing, that should supplement your income a lot 😄
  3. I'm wondering about this, too. I thought they surely would, but a teacher friend of mine said the rates may be low enough to not require masks....? And Maine lifted its state of emergency, so I'm not sure what that means.
  4. This sounds the best to me, too! Just ditch the games. Whenever we do "team building" games at school, all the adults roll their eyes. We do it, but it's definitely awkward and we would rather do something else. It never seems to build team spirit, either, except to get us united complaining about the activities!
  5. That is awesome, and very Maine!!! I love it!!!
  6. That is an awesome idea! Would be great at a wedding too, maybe.
  7. It's probably too late for this, but your DS sounds like he likes off-beat fun things (pink suit anyone? :)), so what about something like a cute toy, like a plush dinosaur? That would be a memorable prom gift 🙂 Barnes & Noble is a good place to find adorable stuffies. I'm with you on the flowers... what's she supposed to do with them? I always thought wrist corsages were strange, like something done at proms b/c it's tradition, but that no teen would think of on their own.
  8. Well, I hate every single baby shower game, so I'm no help. Maybe something like.... guess the number of X in a collection? Like, how many diaper pins in a jar, how many somethings in a something.... hmmm... winner gets a prize for being closest? That at least isn't embarrassing or focusing attention on one person.
  9. I definitely still care, but the thought of potentially having to go through all this again is just... ugh. Unthinkable.
  10. And when you get the offer, make sure to ask for more money!!! 👍
  11. I'm so sorry. That has got to be so tough! We have some conspiracy-minded relatives, but luckily they just send us email so we don't have to discuss it in person. I heard a story on NPR recently about people who get sucked into conspiracy theories. It was really disturbing, and the gist was that it's really hard to get someone back from that. Their advice was to talk about shared events from pre-conspiracy days, and bond that way. The idea is that people often go in for conspiracies when they don't feel like their real lives are compelling enough, secure enough, etc.
  12. I've been having some kind of meat, a salad, and another veggie every night for... months now. I'm so over making completely different dishes every night. It requires way too much thought!
  13. I wear a Land's End full-sleeve sun protection swim shirt, and I just wear a sports bra under it. Then pair with bottoms, usually shorts. So far I haven't been too hot. I love not putting sunscreen on most of my body!
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