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  1. Well.... I'm a terrible baker 🙂 But I've been using a modification of this recipe. I don't use the coconut or soy milk. Oh and I use regular butter so it's not vegan at all. Why the vegan recipe then.... no idea! Lol. There's something about oatmeal/oat flour that makes cookies come out decently, even if the person (me) is really bad at baking! I just add more liquid (water or milk) to the recipe to make it the right consistency, and somehow that ends up OK with oat-based cookies. https://lovingitvegan.com/simple-vegan-oatmeal-cookies/
  2. This isn't a saying, but DH's family from upstate NY uses "anymore" to mean "these days" or "lately." Example: "This road is so full of potholes anymore!" This makes me laugh but I also find it endearing 🙂
  3. What? Like you have to whisper secretly to each other??
  4. Wow, thanks!! I'll give this a look over the weekend. I know the parent is having a hard time, too. Homework is the absolute worst at their house.
  5. I'm experiencing something with a student that sounds similar to this. It feels like a really challenging problem to approach.
  6. Aw. Poor pup. Maggie probably has all of these. I haven't tried a heated bed, but luckily her bed is on top of a heating vent 🙂 She used to sleep right in between me and DH, for years! Now she usually doesn't.
  7. Yeah... it might be vet time again. Just after finishing treatment for a 2-month long UTI, $1,000 later... 😕 She settles, but then the jumps up again frequently. I've started bringing her into bed with us each time she meows, and that semi-worked last night... maybe she'll get the message that meowing = being brought to the bed.
  8. I haven't kept her just in our room, mostly because the litterbox would be pretty much right next to the bed in our small room. I am thinking of buying a gate that would block off our room, the room with the litterbox, and the bathroom. She'd at least be stuck in half the house rather than able to roam the whole thing. Ha! Or maybe both of us! 😄
  9. Well, it's still sometimes during the day, only when she wakes up from a nap.
  10. Aw. Thanks 🙂 I'm trying! Problem is, I'm not a Siamese so our communication isn't 100% 🙂
  11. I feel crazy spending so much time thinking about my cat. She's 15 1/2, and is part Siamese - so a big talker generally. The problem is she has started meowing in the middle of the night - a lot! She used to meow once or twice in the night and settle down, but now she's up meowing every hour or so, and I'm not getting any sleep. She occasionally has quiet nights, but not usually. Even when she's quiet, I'm lying in bed anticipating the next bloodcurdling yowl! So far I've: - Ruled out a UTI - Tested thyroid (on meds), kidneys (not great but not awful) - Given her lots of c
  12. Does your state offer alternative paths to certification? I was just hearing on NPR that lots of states are reducing requirements. In Wisconsin, for example, soon there will be NO requirements to become a special education teacher other than having a bachelor's degree - not necessarily in special education, either. Lots of states grant provisional certificates, too, and often they're turned into regular certificates after a certain amount of time in the classroom - apparently you've proved yourself by then.
  13. Well, she got her tooth stuck in her jacket last night trying to groom, so I had to take it off. Guess I'll just stick with the official one when it gets here.
  14. It would be better if I were a better seamstress, or had supplies... I don't have any velcro, but making it close with velcro would be awesome because it's hard to squeeze a cat into a cat leotard.
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