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  1. I'm so sorry! I've been going through health challenges with my kitty, but she's 15. It's so stressful not knowing, because they can't tell us how they feel. I hope the steroids and medication start working soon.
  2. I fully agree with this. None of my students with attention challenges can work independently. Well, they can for short periods (5 minutes, 10 minutes) with check ins. Of course he likes going off too his room, who wouldn't, but it doesn't sound like that's working well. If there are things he can do independently, you could have him stay with you for something, then go in a different room for the thing that he can do on his own, and then come back, etc. I also like PeterPan's idea of something to work towards, like an activity or something else fun. The habit of doing the work fir
  3. Agree completely. Kids with great reading comprehension really get the short end of the stick when it comes to being identified with reading disabilities. They KNOW what word should come next, and often use the first letter of a word to help them correctly infer the word. If you show them the word in isolation, nope, can't read it. Or give them nonsense words like PeterPan suggested, that's when you'll see the contrast between actual decoding and compensating with good reading comprehension. This is a HUGE problem in schools because lower elementary classrooms frequently use predictable b
  4. DH chimed in to say he thinks there are elements of false equivalency and incomplete comparison as well.
  5. We're going to do outdoor Thanksgiving and freeze our butts off. No idea about Christmas... maybe a snowy walk? No inside time in any other houses. 😞
  6. You don't want someone who is selling you something secret. You want someone who is really good at what they do, and who can tell you exactly why. If you haven't ordered "Equipped for Reading Success" by Kilpatrick, that would be a valuable resource for you.
  7. I have to say, I agree with this. Unless she needs LiPS, and then that would be great. Otherwise, no. I also agree 100% that 4 hours of actual OG would be insanely a lot, and probably an hour a day would be more reasonable. Kids do start to flip out at LMB. 4 hours is so much, especially 1-1.
  8. From their website: HOW DO THE PROGRAMS DIFFERFROM ORTON-GILLINGHAM? The programs develop the imagery-language connection underlying the reading, comprehension, and math processes. Whereas programs like Orton-Gillingham focus on instructional strategies and expectancies related to phonetic processing, Lindamood-Bell programs stimulate the cognitive skills for reading fluency and language comprehension. But what we want is a focus on sounds, correct? I have never heard the term "phonetic processing" before. This LMB stuff sounds a bit off to me.
  9. I don't think Lindamood-Bell is Orton-Gillingham based, is it?
  10. When you investigate Lindamood-Bell, ask about the qualifications of the tutors. I got a summer job at a LMB once, long ago. I got two weeks of training, and then worked 40 hour weeks at $13/hour. The parents paid $90/hour. I was a recent college grad and had never taught anything before. I feel really bad for the kids and parents that had me as their tutor! I've since become a good reading teacher, but back then, I was not good at teaching reading at all. They may have great people, they may not, so just do your due diligence before enrolling. If I remember correctly, there is not a
  11. I probably won't. We're not seeing anyone indoors, and getting grocery delivery. Not sure if that's the best idea though. I'm more scared to be near other humans than the minuscule risk of the flu since we're not going out. Just learned that's how you spell "minuscule." Looks weird!
  12. I saw Robert Redford at my local coffee shop last year. I couldn't believe it was him, so I stared for like 15 minutes (trying to be discreet, googling pictures of him), and lo and behold, it was him! I had just watched The Sting, so I was all aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Robert Redford is 6 feet from me!!!!! I was too shy to say hi. He probably thought I was a weirdo. The funny thing was, NOBODY talked to him or gave him any notice at all. He just got his latte and sat there drinking it, reading on his iPad.
  13. Thanks for this, I did order some D-mannose. She's had it a couple times (mixed with bacon grease, yumm), and it didn't help this go round. But there's no harm in continuing, so I'll give it some more time.
  14. The vet said that there is still bacteria and blood in her urine, which I expected. She also said that based on the urine culture from last time, the bacteria is susceptible to the antibiotics that have been used in the past month. So.... either the course wasn't long enough, or there's some other reason they keep coming back. I'll do wet food only, and extra water, and see what happens. An ultrasound showed no stones or crystals, but she did see that there are some masses on her liver that look like cysts. 😞 She offered to refer us to a specialist, but really, at age 15, with kidney di
  15. Thanks, Laurie. I'm sorry your cat is going through kidney disease, too. I ordered a cat fountain, and I'm sure she'll love it. I also told her no more dry food!
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