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  1. All of the Peaceable Kingdom games are adorable and fun (cooperative games). Perfect for 5-7.
  2. I'm sure it's at least that much. I tried to get a deal for my school last year, but I would have to agree to a two year contract, and the discount was not much at all. I didn't like the interface too much when I did the trial. It was not very kid-friendly. Have you tried Epic?
  3. I didn't get to read the original post either, but I'm just so terribly sorry for your loss. Everything about COVID is awful.
  4. What about one of those trays you can put under wet winter boots? They have 1 inch sides. If you got a huge one (hopefully they exist?), you could put the litter box in it completely. It wouldn't solve the peeing problem, but cleanup would be easier...? My elderly cat is driving me crazy, too. Different issues, daily stress.
  5. Yay! I'm so glad you got the classification changed, and that you can revisit services sooner than later. I hope your other stuff calms down so you have time to research more. I had no idea that CA had such good guidelines. I'm going to save that for future reference. Thank you!
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss, and for her family and friends. She sounds like a wonderful person.
  7. 1. Mid-March 😞 2. Mid-March 😞 3. I can't wait to go to my local coffee place! 4. Take out... no. I want to sit inside somewhere and be around people. 5. Not sure... I see some bars that are still closed, and I'm not sure if they'll return. I can't imagine they've been making any money all this time.
  8. Me either, really... but I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.
  9. Yes - as soon as COVID is over (a bit better in the summer, even better by fall, I sincerely hope?) my social life is going to be awesome! Lol. I was a real homebody before this, but I'm ready to see people, big time. No Thanksgiving for us, unless we can be outside. It's Maine though, so unless it's 50+ degrees, it probably won't. We're doing a Thanksgiving BBQ with just my mom, if we can.
  10. I'm sorry, this is all so stressful. I agree about having your regular vet look at everything. You can also ask your vet to call the speciality vet. I'm sure they would do it.
  11. Definitely find out what they're going to be using for intervention. My remote kids do best when their moms sit at the same table as them during the session, maybe not close enough to distract, but just having a parent's presence is helpful.
  12. I'm glad the school is going to remediate! How did the disability category work out? I read your original post to say that because of the anxiety, they can't rule out that anxiety is the cause of the discrepancy between his scores and his achievement, but without the anxiety, that discrepancy would be enough to qualify him for a learning disabilities diagnosis. You'll meet again in a year (or earlier if you request it). If his anxiety gets better, you can ask for a meeting to change the disability category. Or, I suppose, if his academics improve but anxiety remains the same, you could s
  13. I have no experience with this, so my answer is just hypothetical. But I love the idea of a lego building space. Maybe have a big table in there where kids can sit and build, bookshelves to display creations, hold lego bins, etc. Framed photos of your kids on the walls, or framed kid artwork. For me, I think using a space would help me remember and feel close to the person I lost, but having a closed-off, unused space dedicated to their memory would maybe make me feel even more sad.
  14. Aww, poor Havoc. Hope the specialty vet figures out just what to do. Hugs + pets!
  15. I love this advice. What if you took a word problem, and then wrote it down a second time with the same wording but different numbers. You could do one word problem entirely, talking it out and drawing it out, and then do the second one together. With my students who really struggle, the anxiety of being faced with a problem to do all of their own made it impossible for them to actually do the problem. When I say, "I'm doing this problem, you watch me," they can relax. If the expectation for the second problem is to mostly watch but help you solve it a little bit, that might help. Instead of h
  16. A messed up gut can cause histamine intolerance, too. My DH is dealing with that. He gets eczema flares if he eats too many high histamine foods.
  17. Sorry 😞 That's a real bummer. Hoping they have mild cases. And sorry you have to do the adulting!
  18. Oh, I see the starred section now. Thanks! I agree it would be great if the recommend wall would go away, or just be starred items.
  19. I love IXL, but it's a lot. There is just so much in there. My students log in, click on their level, and see 200 skills laid out in front of them. They then have to scour the list to see which items I've "starred." There's no way to restrict what kids see to only the things the teachers wants them to practice. For my kids with dyslexia, it's even worse because they can't read the names of the things they need to do. I've had this beef for a while, and I finally contacted IXL about it. I have a phone call tomorrow to talk about how IXL works to make its site accessible to kids with learn
  20. Oh phew! Thank you for clueing me in. I thought I was losing my mind!
  21. I just watched this vlog. The whole family is sick with suspected flu. NONE of them wear masks to the Dr.'s office. The doctor isn't even wearing a mask! What the heck? I checked the date to make sure the vlog wasn't a year old or something. Are no masks in a Dr.'s office a thing? Also, if you think you and your entire family have the flu... PLEASE wear a mask to the Dr., even when it's not a pandemic!!
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