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  1. Ooo! Thank you! I will check the library and the local college. And yes, we do have a microscope! Thank you @lewelma for the list of questions. They are very helpful regardless what topic/question she chooses.
  2. Very good food for thought, thank you both. Questions like yours are exactly what I need to push me past the wall I've hit. I think it's worth mentioning that I have a background in medicine and some firsthand experience in research; I feel equipped to help her navigate a more complex project, if only we could come up with a topic! I was hoping (ever the victim of wishful thinking) that her independent reading would lead her to something a bit more tangible that would, in turn, ignite her curiosity. Clearly, that would be the foundation for the best project ever....
  3. DD14 is very interested in molecular biology and genetics. Her interest in the area was piqued when a natural-history-for-homeschoolers teacher described hemimastigotes as new branch of life; at around the same time, she started reading my old HS Bio AP textbook on her own because she found it super interesting. When asked, she currently (which obviously may change) describes her ideal job as: "observation and analysis, searching for patterns and relationships, with the goal of answering previously undefined questions in animal/human (not plant) molecular biology/genetics". She's chosen to do a Biology elective this year, and is reading through a text (more current than my old book), answering study questions, etc. @Farrarsuggested doing a unique project to make the year more special, and she and I both loved this idea. Problem is, even after searching, reading, discussing, scouring the library and the web for ideas - neither she nor I have had success in coming up with a topic or question to explore that would be both meaningful and doable. I remember reading about @lewelma boys' incredible, in-depth science projects...Gah. Any thoughts?? Farrar and Ruth, I hope you don't mind my tags. Now that it's November, I'm feeling desperate.
  4. I, too, have considered that. There's a cancellation charge and 50% tuition is refunded/50% credited toward a future course, and we've purchased the book(s) and materials. Not impossible, but not painless. It's seems like dropping physics altogether from high school really wouldn't be ideal, and she's come to terms with having to get it over with this year, so I'm inclined to leave it be. Especially since workload will likely increase over the next couple years and it seems studying things she's interested in would make that load a bit easier.
  5. Thank you...I think I saw it ONCE and it stuck in my mind as something I'd better not forget to include... Ah, how panic muddles the mind.😜
  6. This all makes a lot of sense - thank you so much for helping me think through possibilities and taking the time to write it all out!! I like the idea of making Logic a summer study course, that would free up time for the heavy courses. Your "Possible alternative schedule" is an awesome spine for me to kind of work around. Thank you!
  7. Thank you for weighing in! Re: Biology, yes, there's a bit of back information. Her interest in the subject was piqued at a homeschool science class last fall. This spring, she found my old AP Bio textbook and has been reading it with tremendous interest nightly before bed. She's super excited about starting biology, and it's the only thing that's making the thought of studying physics (which she's completely disinterested in) bearable. She enrolled in WHA Physics pretty early, and I think it makes sense to study physics at some point in HS, so that's how we ended up where we are with that. Re: Foreign language - given the lack of grammar (which I somehow missed entirely....), I'm dropping Duolingo as a formal course. She can dabble in it if she likes. Regardless, she has a passion for Latin and excelled at Latin I through Schole Academy last year, so it makes sense to continue with that. Re: electives, she dislikes anything related to art. My plan was to study artists and musicians according to the historical time period we're covering, mostly for exposure and to ultimately give her a fine arts credit should she need it for college admissions.
  8. Yes, that's definitely a consideration (it being hard on everyone to wait an extra year). At the same time, in addition to the other factors, she's been contemplating a "gap year" on and off for a while, and has so many things she really wants to study in HS. I guess we'll take it one step at a time. You have a point - and it will be clearer in a couple years where she stands as far as maturity.
  9. Thank you for this. From my point of view, the only downside here is that she's hell-bent on graduating in four years. At the same time, she's a fairly reasonable and rational being, so there's hope.☺️
  10. Thank you to all - you’re confirming my gut feeling that we need to kick things down a notch. Also, you’ve all raised points that hadn’t occurred to me (e.g. Duolingo, Geography credits) - thank you so much! ❤️
  11. I agree re: Spanish and Logic... I can't decide if I necessarily need to put everything she does on the transcript, even if she ends up putting in enough time for half a credit or so. It seems she's got a lot of electives? As far as AP Bio, the thought is that she'd have taken it before applying to colleges. Statistics not as a prerequisite, but I've read in several places that it's helpful, so incorporated that into planning for 10th and 11th, taking into account the maths she'll be doing; it's not terribly pertinent to 9th.
  12. I finally got a plan in place for my first high-schooler, and wrote out what the credits might look like on the transcript. She realized that she's pretty set on majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology/Genetics. Though this could obviously change, she'd need to get in Bio AP in 11th, with Bio, Chem, and Statistics before then. But she's already enrolled in WHA Physics, so... she's opting to double up. I'm not certain this is doable, especially with the other "electives". I'm fine with taking an extra year to do it right - she just turned 14 in July, so she could be in either 8th or 9th this fall, I think. She does want Logic and then Rhetoric, and I agree that would be useful for research writing. Spanish she'll do during her free time, not enough for a full credit. Fine arts may end up being participation at a local theater company instead of dance. My question - does this look OK?? Logical? Any issues I'm not seeing?? ACK! Please help (talk me down) and thank you... Curriculum Course unit Credit WWS3/VCR English I 0.5 language arts Great Books World Lit I 0.5 language arts SWB/Cultural Landscape World History/Geo I 1 social studies AOPS Geometry Geometry 1 math WHA Physics H (online) Physics H 1 science Novare Biology Biology 1 elective SA Latin II (online) Latin II 1 foreign language Duolingo Spanish Spanish 0.5 elective Art/Music study (time period) Fine Arts 0.5 art Logic/Discovery of Deduction Logic 0.5 elective Dance class 3.5h/week PE 0.5 PE
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