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  1. Thank you! (As an aside, our entire family absolutely loves the quote in your signature 😊).
  2. Thank you, everyone. The only prep she's done is taking practice tests and she actually enjoys taking tests. I think the only downside of the actual test-taking process in her mind would be the risk of potentially exposing her grandpa to COVID (though she'll be wearing an N95 and this is more of a theoretical risk, I'm just detailing her thought process and which part of it all would make her hesitate jumping to take all the tests she can).
  3. DD16/grade 11 is interested in genetics/molecular and cell biology/molecular biochemistry. She's very organized, motivated, very strong academically, and has taken all her science classes online and gotten straight A's (honors Physics, honors Chem, and this year - Chem AP and Bio AP). Other than a few writing courses and Latin, her other classes have been at home (so no DE, etc). She has signed up to take the PSAT this fall and the SAT this spring. She's done well on the practice tests: SAT 1520 (math 770, r&w 750) and ACT 31-35 (science 31, math 33, english 35, reading 33). She did the practice ACT after hearing that a lot of kids in her Bio class took the ACT and not the SAT. Would it make sense for her to take both the SAT and the ACT? I'd normally think it would be overkill, but the ACT does have the science section... Also, I'm not sure taking a bunch of tests is the right approach here, but my worry is that she doesn't really have much to show as far as extracurriculars and I guess my reasoning is that the tests would help highlight her academic strengths. I know many colleges have shifted their focus away from the SAT in the last year, and that subject tests are no longer available. I hope we can somehow demonstrate that she's a well-rounded person.There was a HS co-op for a number of years, and she played field hockey through 8th grade and danced from 1st through 9th, but with the pandemic, that all stopped. We have a high risk family member and we have a small business. For better or worse, for our family that has translated to hunkering down to avoid COVID as well as all hands on deck to keep the business afloat. Ugh. I'm kind of derailing my own question, but it's all related in my mind.
  4. Time Left: 12 days and 30 minutes

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    1-, 2-, or 3-year late elementary/middle school curriculum. Unused, condition like new; paperback. Shipping included within continental US. PayPal.


  5. Time Left: 12 days and 30 minutes

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    Integrated middle school science textbook- covers Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Astronomy. Hardcover, barely used condition (1st edition, 2010). Includes accompanying CD-ROM. Shipping included within continental US. PayPal.


  6. Time Left: 12 days and 30 minutes

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    Vocabulary/song based Spanish for elementary school- paperback, barely used, like new. Includes accompanying CD-ROM. Shipping included within continental US. PayPal.


  7. Time Left: 7 days and 2 hours

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    I have the student text (2006 printing), looking for both the solutions and teacher's edition.


  8. I know this is an oooold thread, but I can't find a solutions manual in stock anywhere. Yikes! I just bought the Classics Edition (2006) of Foerster's Algebra 1 for my DS. Any idea where to find a solutions manual? Almost all of the out of stock ones are published in 1995, and I have found a mention of one printed in 2006 only once: https://www.textbooks.com/Algebra-1-Classic-Edition-Solution-Key-3rd-Edition/9780201861006/FOERSTER.php Any ideas where I might find a solutions manual or teacher's text compatible with the Classics Edition student text?
  9. Thank you, that's reassuring! What edition do you have? I don't know how much the edition matters.
  10. OK I'm looking at (for) Foerster and now realized that, while I was able to get my hands on Dolciani and Lial through interlibrary loan last year, Foerster was one that I could only find for purchase and that's where the search stopped. I haven't actually held it in hand. This time I'm going to buy it used and actually give it a shot. DS has completed SM, Jousting Armadillos, three chapters of AOPS Pre-Algebra, and four chapters of Jacobs Algebra. Should I go for trying Foerster's Algebra 1 from here? There isn't a "pre-algebra", correct? Does it matter which edition? I found the Classics Edition (2006) used.
  11. Yes! He's a perfectionist, and that's exactly the issue he's having.
  12. I can definitely relate. Sometimes it's so hard to know if something is going to ultimately have been the right path. Would you mind sharing what algebra and geometry resources you ended up using?
  13. Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I'm going to go look at Foerster again; I think I checked it out for DD, but AOPS has been a good fit for her so I didn't pursue it further. I'd forgotten about it... I've also order Crocodiles and Coconuts, so there's that, right? :)
  14. It intimidates him. He's very self-directed in general (really, he resists any parent directed teaching of math), but with AOPS I think he feels like the explanations are less of an "aha!!" moment (as they were for his older sister) and more of a "duh, you didn't figure out the super clever way to do it, ya ding-dong" moment. He's been leery of AOPS since his sister started the pre-algebra book. Even Beast Academy, which he liked, made him "feel like an idiot" at times. I don't think it's a matter of the language or the text - he's worked through other text heavy materials without any issue. I think it's a preconceived mindset that he's not going to grasp concepts immediately and therefore it's not even worth trying as he's "already failed". As for Dolciani, he just really didn't like the text at all. The little he completed was through clenched teeth and it didn't feel like he was internalizing any of it. To be fair, he's my most sensitive kid. He's very bright and his personality is fairly mature, but if a curriculum doesn't fit him, there will be a LOT of resistance to working through it and, I've learned, there will be very little learning.
  15. I've searched and researched and asked but I still keep hitting a wall. My 13yo flew through and really liked SM when he was younger, and more recently also flew through and *loved* Jousting Armadillos, but has balked at AOPS Pre-algebra. He's crawled through (clawed through?) a small handful of chapters over the course of a year, with some Jacobs sprinkled in. I feel he's definitely capable of the actual math (and does understand and perform the computations) but the format seems to freak him out and he just feels overwhelmed. We're at the point that just pushing through is getting counterproductive. Any suggestions for a strong math sequence that's not AOPS? FWIW, I've also tried Dolciani, but that didn't work. Nor does online coursework. I feel like Goldilocks here but math is important enough that I really want to get it right.
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