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  1. I'm still just a little bit in denial, but here goes. Grade 9 for my eldest: Math: AOPS Intro to Geometry Science: Physics Honors (WHA online) History: finish up SWB's "The History of the Medieval World", begin "The History of the Renaissance World" LA: finish up WWS3. Also, literature that coincides with the historical timeperiod she's studying. Foreign Language: continue Spanish with Duolingo? Begin French? Also, Duolingo has apparently changed its format recently, and it's really not working for her at all. I may have to look for another foreign language resource. Electives: Latin II (Schole Academy online) and Logic (Discovery of Deduction) Art & Music: informal discussion according to historical timeperiod studied PE: dance class 2x/week I'm not feeling like I have my thoughts organized as far as History and LA. Thus far, history has been reading along with a brief written chapter summary. LA has been WWS and a ton of independent reading with very informal discussion of books. My "plan" is to look to WTMA and SA book lists and syllabus for some ideas/guidance...
  2. Thank you so much for all the replies! I'm sorry to have disappeared - had a bit of a health crisis... Ruth, I'm definitely a "classical unschooler"! It seems documentation and accompanying explanation are everything. Thank you all so very much for the input!
  3. Thank you for this input! (And I'm honored that this is your first post! 😄) My hesitation is that the fast pace of the online courses (my subjective impression based on comments from others) will be too much for our schedule - we've already committed to two online courses (and all three have dance class several times a week) - and her personality. While she's very strong in math, and we've considered it, I think this is the one subject that outside scoring would cause enough stress to be counterproductive. Still, it's worth considering - thank you.
  4. Thank you! I think part of my problem is that, other than science (which will be with WHA), we won't be using anything that has built-in assignments/tests/etc. We're planning for reading and discussion in History, and Literature/Language arts corresponding with the historical time-period she's studying. Naturally, she will write essays, and it seems that is all that I'll be grading?... AOPS does not have tests and she tends to make a lot of sloppy mistakes on the first work through of a chapter, with few remaining questions or mistakes after re-working incorrect answers. So an A with mastery if she continues with the same pattern? Spanish is with Duolingo.
  5. Thank you both! All that makes sense. I'll have to figure out how to grade AOPS; I'm certainly not the first one using it for HS! 😛
  6. Ok, please help. Even after reading the “motherload” high school help posts and searching extensively, I’m still completely flummoxed by grading. I’ve not given grades until now, but have done annual testing. DD13 is very motivated by external evaluation (and currently taking one online course that is graded), perhaps too much. With the necessity for grading and transcripts in HS, I’d prefer to give just semester grades to keep her focus on mastery of the material, and not the grade. That seems doable? What about essays in Language Arts and History? We've been doing outlining and written narrations thus far, and I plan for more analysis. At the same time, I can’t wrap my head around how to actually grade if there aren’t quizzes/tests/etc. For example, she’s currently working through AOPS. She tends to be very distractible and can make a lot of careless mistakes. However, we check all the problems, and she goes back and corrects and/or works through the answer book if she doesn’t see what she’s done incorrectly. We don’t move forward until we’re both confident she got it. How do I assign a grade? If it’s for first check, initial number correct, it would often be a “C”. But overall she’s gifted and advanced in math, and mastery is very high. Her IOWA test scores are also consistently high. Other than trying to help her focus to avoid sloppy miscalculations in math specifically, which is really not the question, how does one give a grade overall mastery and understanding in any subject? Wouldn’t the student end up with all “A”s? I don't know why I find it all so confusing, but I just can't figure out a system.... Halp?!
  7. Thank you for asking this question; I feel like I'm in the same spot with my DS. My older DD was able to easily transition from SM5B to AOPS PA (with JA on the side as an occasional "supplement" or to reinforce what she was learning), but she's very mathy. If it might be helpful, my current plan is to go the route of Jousting Armadillos (which is based on Jacobs, if I understand correctly?) and some BA for the remainder of the school year (he just completed SM5B two days ago 😉 ). I have been going back and forth and back and forth and back again with MM6. It seems the new, CC aligned MM6 scope and sequence overlaps quite a bit with SM5, even though the end of year MM5 eval was pretty easy for him, and MM6 end of year eval was over his head in quite a few spots - which makes me think jumping to MM7 would be too much of a leap, perhaps? SM was an excellent for our kids, I agree the older grade alternatives that are based on the Singapore method don't seem to be as good a fit - i.e. Dimensions, or even MIF. Ack.
  8. Thank you everyone! And I had no idea one could close the chat bar... which obviously makes sense. ?
  9. I agree that 8th was hard to figure out somehow! Here's our lineup: LA: WWS (with some selected parts of Killgallon and W&R), Vocab from Classical Roots, Sentence Diagramming, LOTS of reading, poetry, and Shakespeare on the side ? Math: AOPS History: SWB's The History of the Medieval World (& listening in to SOTW2) Science: Earth Science/Novare (& listening in to Wile's Science in the Ancient World), Natural History/Nature Study co-op Latin: Schole Academy Latin I using Latin Alive (her first online course!) Spanish: DuoLingo Geography: homegrown studies in countries and cultures Typing: The Good and the Beautiful Extracurricular: Tap/Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop, Field Hockey
  10. Thank you all! Jann, I agree about the need for student feedback and interaction. Maybe it was the sample videos we looked at - it seemed many were recorded at the beginning of a class, and it was difficult for her to focus on what the instructor was saying while the students were typing short comments (both in regard to what the instructor was saying, and to each other) non-stop into the chat box.
  11. Our DD is pretty distractible, and has gotten frustrated just looking at sample online classes that have an ever-running chat box. We were looking at WHA, WTMA, etc but she just had so much trouble focusing... She's signed up for CAP/Scholé Academy Latin, and I'm hoping that will work well for her. Planning forward, I can't find any other (at least well-known or well-liked) online courses that don't have the chat box. Obviously, she's having to learn to work with all types of learning situations, but this is her first exposure to online learning, and I'd like to consider other courses for her to get acquainted to the platform. Any thoughts? Thanks! ?
  12. Thank you so much for your comments! :) I'm always struggling to figure out how to balance constructive critiquing with encouragement.
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