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  1. My kids have felt the importance of this election (no matter what side of the fence we may be on), and DS12 has felt particularly frustrated that he's unable to cast a vote. So he created a website with general (consciously aiming for helpful, nonpartisan) info on voting for those who CAN vote. He'd be giddy if you'd share it. ❤️🇺🇸 http://votingcow.com
  2. I don't know at all if it would be a viable option, but have you looked at the CLT? I read somewhere that it is with a "live virtual proctor" option and some schools accept it. https://www.cltexam.com
  3. Yikes, I'm sorry - I missed the replies! Thank you - I'm pulling it out to look at it once more 😊.
  4. DS liked SM, did well enough with BA, and LOVED Jousting Armadillos. He's not an intuitively "mathy" child, so my plan had been to start with JA (I don't feel it's complete enough to stand alone) and then move on to AOPS Pre-Algebra. He has worked through the first chapter, and I'm not sure it's clicking.... AOPS has worked great for DD (who does have a natural inclination toward math). I love the approach, and I love that it is a full series that will take them through HS. It would definitely be my preference to wave a magic wand and have DS take to AOPS like DD has. But.... We als
  5. We love Novare; DD14 completed the Earth Science text (at home), and is currently doing Physics (through WHA).
  6. Your project sounds awesome - thank you for the idea, and for sharing all the resources!!
  7. Ooo! Thank you! I will check the library and the local college. And yes, we do have a microscope! Thank you @lewelma for the list of questions. They are very helpful regardless what topic/question she chooses.
  8. Very good food for thought, thank you both. Questions like yours are exactly what I need to push me past the wall I've hit. I think it's worth mentioning that I have a background in medicine and some firsthand experience in research; I feel equipped to help her navigate a more complex project, if only we could come up with a topic! I was hoping (ever the victim of wishful thinking) that her independent reading would lead her to something a bit more tangible that would, in turn, ignite her curiosity. Clearly, that would be the foundation for the best project ever....
  9. DD14 is very interested in molecular biology and genetics. Her interest in the area was piqued when a natural-history-for-homeschoolers teacher described hemimastigotes as new branch of life; at around the same time, she started reading my old HS Bio AP textbook on her own because she found it super interesting. When asked, she currently (which obviously may change) describes her ideal job as: "observation and analysis, searching for patterns and relationships, with the goal of answering previously undefined questions in animal/human (not plant) molecular biology/genetics". She's chosen t
  10. I, too, have considered that. There's a cancellation charge and 50% tuition is refunded/50% credited toward a future course, and we've purchased the book(s) and materials. Not impossible, but not painless. It's seems like dropping physics altogether from high school really wouldn't be ideal, and she's come to terms with having to get it over with this year, so I'm inclined to leave it be. Especially since workload will likely increase over the next couple years and it seems studying things she's interested in would make that load a bit easier.
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