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  1. Huh, we didn’t even think of that!?! Thank you!!
  2. This is perfect! There are two on that list that I hadn’t run across. Thanks so much!
  3. Yeah, the one closest to us is rough. But, I think there may be a slightly better option a drive away. Still definitely not ideal though, so I’m really hoping I missed some charter option. I tried the private option and they will let her do half time with them and half time DE, but we have to pay full tuition. Totally understandable, but not really affordable for us.
  4. I have a HSA for my two kids, but my older kiddo 1) wants some outside guidance as she finishes high school and 2) doesn’t want to apply to universities as a homeschooler. I’m trying to respect her wishes and find some option for her. There aren’t many homeschool charter options for high schoolers in my area. We tried Inspire last fall, but she does a lot of DE and they said they weren’t able to be flexible with that anymore and that she’d need to take 6 high school classes in addition to the DE. The only other options I’ve found in my area are k-8. Are there any charter that cover state-wide? For kids that are more rural or removed from big metro areas? Or is my only other option alternative ed?
  5. Thank you!! I found so many wonderful things from this at the library!
  6. My 11-year old is finishing up BA, and I’ve been stumped about what to do next with her. I seem to remember with my older kiddo that Singapore 6 was considered repetitive, but that was many many years ago and so maybe things have changed. This kiddo is easily rattled, so there’s no way I’d start AOPS with her at 11. I’ve been considering this instead: https://www.amazon.com/Jousting-Armadillos-Other-Equations-Introduction/dp/0982136315 I remember a thread with lots and lots of side tangents to explore after Singapore or BA 5. I’ll try to find it in my bookmarks.
  7. My 6th grader fills her free time with as much narrative non-fiction as she can get her hands on. Things similar to how Joy Hakim writes. Can anyone help me find books to leave stacked around the house for her? Any subject works—just looking for that Story of the World/Joy Hakim type of narrative style.
  8. My kiddo was the same way. We tried online classes at both WTM and AOPS, and the pace felt so rushed. I say take as much time as you need to get through the books—no need to go quickly. My kiddo still thanks me for having her use those books, since she feels like she can reason her way through any math problem she encounters.
  9. That does seem really low, but it sure gives me a bit of hope for the DE credits!
  10. My DD’s dual enrollment classes are all over the place (some in 8th grade, lots during the summers, etc.), so we made a subject-based transcript rather than going by year. It’s a little like this: https://www.servingdaytoday.com/2013/04/subject-transcript-instead-of-yearly.html#.YIRgsi1HahA My kiddo sounds like yours. Very practical about DE—she feels like why slog through a year when it can be over and mastered in a quarter or semester.
  11. Ahhh, that will make her feel better, to know that it might not have just been her unwillingness to cram for a bunch of standardized tests.
  12. Not on the sports topic, but my rising junior has been rejected from every single summer research program she applied to—after the latest one this morning, she said to me, “oh mama, I really think this could be because I have no AP tests...” She has more DE than I can count (at both universities and community colleges), she has really good ECs, she had an amazing letter of recommendation from one of her college professors, she has programming skills. The research programs weren’t even particularly elite. They were just local UC ones (within 5 hours of our house, since she was crossing her fingers that maybe they would switch to in-person). Sometimes I do feel like we’re swimming up-stream.
  13. Germany does it like this too. And anyone can go for free, including international students: https://www.study.eu/article/study-in-germany-for-free-what-you-need-to-know I’ve seriously thought of shipping my kids over there.
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