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  1. I’m going to try ten minute email to get rid of my account lol. I struggle with any social media site including this one and it stinks we can’t delete our account. I’m not tempted by sites I can’t post on 😂
  2. You can have someone else set the password to your screen time settings. Turn your phone into a phone and have someone set the password.
  3. Thanks! You haven’t tried these at all or something similar?
  4. https://www.dyslexiagames.com What games do you have? @PeterPan
  5. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/listen-auditory-training/id1031353626 I am actually using this one!! I don’t know if it works yet but it is challenging and lots of thought put into it. The negative reviews I don’t think they understood. The sound is faint on purpose. It requires head phones. (And they need to be in the correct ears- DS figured that out). Started a couple weeks ago and he’s been moving up through levels. It plays increasingly distracting background noise.
  6. These have now been around awhile. Anyone try them? I’m skeptical. Perhaps helpful for stress reduction?
  7. That’s perfect! Is it the beginners one or regular?
  8. I just remembered this one… I like going to the library and picking the lesson vs going through the program.
  9. Anyone know of a good one? Reading eggs seems a bit over stimulating. I want to use something for a few minutes a day as a reward after his other school is done. Letters & numbers reinforcement only. I’ve looked over the App Store and am unimpressed, so figured I’d ask here.
  10. I like rod and staff 2 in grade 3. It covers writing and grammar. Not “fun”, but quick & to the point (10 minutes or so a lesson). I have 4 children doing R&S this year (levels 2,3,4,6). They do not want to switch to something more “fun”. You can’t work on paragraphs until sentences are solid. It includes a lot of copy work woven throughout level 2. https://samples.milestonebooks.com/1-12202-3/#32
  11. @PeterPan thanks that helps about what you saw at paid tutoring places. I do have a vision, I think it will help to set limits to each activity and decide on the flow. I don’t have to worry about him being cooperative. He’s at the extreme end of being overly cooperative and I don’t want to take advantage of that. I want to make sure he has plenty of time to work on his strengths/interests. Understanding what others have done helps with having a ball park reference. If you all said 20-30 minutes tops I’d have to really reconsider my approach 🙂. More is not always better. In this case I think 4 hours a week (what I am aiming for) is reasonable based on what I’ve read in research articles and what has been said here. I am sure I go over that time, so my next step is to work on time limits and flow.
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