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  1. DD 1- Geography 1 credit, American History 1 credit, Government. .5 or 1 credit (DE, do depends on how I decide to count it). She plans to take a few other DE history courses, but not sure the exact ones yet. DD2 - World History 1 credit, US History 1 credit, then we will see. At least Government and .5 Economins.
  2. I'm trying to put together an English credit my 9th grader. So far I have Literature- How to Read Lit Like a Professor for Kids: I think this will be great the first few weeks. She's more familiar with the books cited in this book rather than the regular version (we might use it fir English II). Glencoe Book studies- Start with To Kill A Mocking Bird, try to do 4-6 novel studies over the year- include some liteary essays. Open to other great novel study units, preferably secular. I think that will get the lit portion, now on to writing.... She's a good writter, great at organizing information, staying on topic, topic sentence, supportive detail. She could use some help with editing, stronger word choices, better phrasing- the polish, sounding more mature. She would prefer something that is clearly laid out and easy to follow. I don't think she needs grammar anymore, outside if editing. I thought about reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves as a refresher. A few plans we've come up with: EIW- we have used this in 5th and 7th grades, not a fan of a video based program, but much easier to watch than IEW. My concerns are that it will focus more on form instead of word choices, style, editing and polish. Also concerned it may be yoo formulamatic. I do have another kid who needs that structure, this kid does not. If you recommend this program, please lmk which level I should get. The pro on this one- easy for me! We've used it before, I think she would be fine, but may not get as much depth in her writing. Writing and Rhetoric - possibly jumping in around book 5, focusing on the word play sections. We have used the first 3 books. She loved them, very creative approach. Still work on formal essays in history, but let this be more about having fun with words. The plan would be books 5, 6, and 7 in 9th grade, and books 8, 9, and 10 in 10th grade. Itay be possible to work more quickly? Problem with this route, it won't really teach essays in a sense, worried it will be too religious (I'm fine with Bible verses, not fine with preachy or assumed stances ). The pros on thus one- I'm hoping that the logic part will help her better support her ideas, and she will like the a word Play sections Killgallon books- nor sure which ones to use. Weve used Middle School sentences and paragraphs, she wasn't a total fan. Problem with this route- it won't teach any essays, no writing assignments, probably better as a suppliment to something else. Nanowrimo - this would be for fun! Maybe take about 3 months to write a short story, really polish it up and enter it into contests? Problem with this- I've purposefully steered clear of critiques of her writing. I don't want sonething she loves to do to feel like school. I did brung this up, she was interested, but agreed she might not be ready for me to graDE her creative writing. I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas for me? Which plan looks,best? I don't want to overschedule! This student does write about an hour per day for fun. I think it would be great if the skills we learn can be used in writing Fan Fiction type stuff, too. I feel like I've got decision paralysis!
  3. I think we should honor whatever choice a person makes. With regard to our elderly family members, at some point it is necessary to stop treatments and go onto hospice care. Often times I feel like we are just buying time (at a painful cost). I wish doctors would be more transparent, but as an entire culture we are failing our elderly by asking if we *can* treat something rather than asking if we *should* treat it. Failing to try is scene as a character flaw- it isnt. I am sorry for your friend. I do know a woman who chose not to do any treatment for a very treatable cancer, she was just in her 50s. She quit her job and enjoyed her kids and grandkids those last few years, rather than being sick and relying on being the better half of a statistic for that time. She did pass, but I've always respected her decision.
  4. Hugs, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure your DH was very scared for you, that's traumatic, too. It's not just the loss of the baby you are dealing with, there is also the potential loss of your life.
  5. Since no one answered, I'll review 😉 I did get it, and I've been planning this past week. Textbook: I have a high schooler, and was a bit concerned about the content being enough. It is! Especially for a 9th grader. The reading is the perfect amount for an into into textbooks. There are a handful of primary source things, but not enough so we will be adding some in. I also have both of the K12 textbooks- Middle and high school levels, and we will be using those here snd there. Workbook: It's better than I expected. Each section includes a vocabulary section and a graphic organizer to help organize the information presented - we won't be using all of them, but it's nice to have the option. There are also writing pages that walk the student through writing essays! This is perfect for my 9th grader, we had planned several assignments like this since she's in high school, but now it's nicely laid out. The set also comes with a CD that includes all the workbook pages, so I can print out exactly what I want for each kid. Dvd: I haven't watched it yet, not sure we will really use it. I do plan to add several documentaries to our studies, and I got an anthology of stories arranged by era to add to my high schoolers work as a sort of literature tie in. I also have maps for most chapters, which I think my kids enjoy. Overall, I was pleased with my purchase and would recommend for someone who just needs a more open and go year.
  6. Growing with Grammar sounds like it hits all your boxes- independent, sentence diagramming, quick- about 15unites a day. I've tried several other programs, but this is my favorite.
  7. I'm in the same boat- left handed kid, ahead in msth and reading.... atrocious handwriting! I do feel like I've let it go the last 3 years, been gentle, encouraging, and not pushed her. This year I've already been letting her know she's going to have to step up. I'm planning to fo daily handwriting with her- starting cursive bc it helped my other lefthanded kid. I'm making it one of my main priorities this year. I'm using Growing with Grammar and Soaring with Spelling - she likes this program, but it's just fill in the blank. We've done copywork every year, but I haven't pushed back on the sloppiness bc I thought she would outgrow it. I've also got Writing and Rhetoricand WWE 3 if I need to pull some other assignments together. I don't plan to do anything consistently- skip around and keep it interesting, but keep a focus on the handwriting!
  8. Go back through the written work and grade all bigger assignments and see what all you have. I often grade only once a quarter, and I just go through the work and start assigning points, trying to be consistent with output. For the history, I'd say it's complete- add up points for written work and assign occasional points for discussion. I'm not sure how to do the Story of Science, since I consider it to be history rather than science, especially without the labs. English- sounds like the lit and grammar portions are okay, but writing was lacking. You could possibly complete this credit next year, and start your 10th grade stuff a few months last. For math, did you do tests? If so, take those and make that 75% of her grade, for the other 25% give her completion points. I would call the either PreAl or Algebra A, and complete algebra 1 next year. Sounds like ASL is one credit, I'd give her an A. I'm not sure if that health is 1 credit or .5 credit, but either way I'd add up written work and assign a grade. I hope next year is a better year for you! I'm the worst grader when it comes to written work. Math or science stuff, I stay on top of, but the writing assignments take so much longer! Just start at the beginning with a notebook and record each assignment you grade. I know it will take a few days, but that's the best way to figure her grades.
  9. My 9th grader will be doing Saxon Algebra 1 next fall 😉 She's not behind! We spent extra time on PreAl, so she's ready! My older one dud Al1 in 8th grade, but she's now starting 11th grade, and she's ready for college calc. We are actually slowing down and doing ACT math and looking at another Trig course just to keep her busy until she has time for the college class. Thinking she'll take it next spring.
  10. For currently enrolled students, classes open on April 1 for fall semester at my local school. Freshman do have to wait until a few weeks later. For spring classes, the usually start enrolling in October.
  11. Yes, it's too late- classes have been picked, living arrangements made, financial aid completed, scholarships awarded. Switching now would mean changing all of those plans that have just been completed. I know it's POSSIBLE they could switch now, but it's not advisable. We are advising High School Juniors to be looking and scouting scholarships and programs, and we tell kids they need to decide by December of Sr. year- dorms open in early spring, classes picked in March or April. It is possible to start right now, but it puts you behind all of those who already chose their schools.
  12. Just say thanks, but no thanks. I wouldn't even bother telling the kids. It's too late, and regardless of what they say, they do not understand how it works.
  13. I'm a frugal mom who also has enough money to do things like this.... but we dont. It's about value- paying to go to both parks is a lot more expensive! If the kids want to do SW land (mine all do!) Why not do Universal the 4 or 5 days, xnd just do one say at HS for Star Wars. It should just be about $100+ per person for a 1 day pass. We often stay at Bonnet Creek resort for Disney, but I'm not sure where the best place to stay near Universal is?
  14. I'm a frugal mom who also has enough money to do things like this.... but we dont. It's about value- paying to go to both parks is a lot more expensive! If the kids want to do SW land (mine all do!) Why not do Universal the 4 or 5 days, xnd just do one say at HS for Star Wars. It should just be about $100+ per person for a 1 day pass. We often stay at Bonnet Creek resort for Disney, but I'm not sure where the best place to stay near Universal is?
  15. I am looking for a good high school vocabulary program that will prepare DD for the ACT test. Weve used Wordy Wise to 6th grade, and then switched to Word Roots. Considering WR 3, but if there is a better program, specifically for high school, I'd love to take a look.
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