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  1. Any way he can complete it over the summer? Sometimes when it's a difficult course, I've let it go all through the summer- if it's just the one course it doesnt seem like as much. Wwve finished courses in September or October a few times. I put the credit in the year in which it makes sense- I would put 1 credit for this year and have another science credit ready to start when hes finished. Also, not sure what you are using, but be sure your expectations are reasonable- he probably doesnt have to do the entire book.
  2. I would bring a math workbook and a handwriting workbook. Everything else can just be reading from the library and field trips! Even if you plan to go back to RS math, for now just get a workbook series that's easy enough you dont need a teachers manual. If this were me, I'd be very tempted to go all one temporarily and buy Readinv Eggs and Math Seeds or something similar and spend those 6 months really sight seeing!
  3. My 9th grader is doing Biology and World History with my 6th graders. In Biology they do the same stuff (6th graders are high achievers in science). In history the 9th grader has more written output. We have read a few things together, but the 9th grader does a lot more LA, and much harder books. I cant think of any way to combine for that or for math. I do plan to do some iij investigative math things together this spring, but it's not their main math.
  4. My 9th grader is finishing up Saxon Saxon Algebra 1 and is doing well on the tests- usually misses 1-3, mostly silly errors. She seems to grasp the concepts well, particularly the more Algebra based ones. That said, I think the geometry part needs more practice. She still seems to need more work with definitions like surface area, volume, ect. She has memorized the formulas, and has a general idea what is being asked, but I'm wanting a deeper hands on approach. One that will give a clear picture in her head. I am looking at Patty Paper Geometry, Right Start G and H, or maybe just those Pinterest hands on lessons. Any suggestions welcome!!!!
  5. I had my last at 36, but I dont hear anyone discussing the realities of the big age gap- none of these things should preclude you from having a baby, but they need to be part of the conversation. 1. Big age gaps = Different Logistics. I've got a 2 year old, and one looking at colleges! I've also got a few in between. That's a really big age range and we have a lot of logistics to deal with. A baby is very portable, but a 2 year old spending the day at a middle school kids event is hard on parents and the 2 year old. I have felt like this baby has been drug all over, to events, playdates, vacations- all of which she enjoys, but it makes every single thing harder to plan. We pack toys, but usually one of us watches the event while the other watches the toddler- then we switch. Do you have reliable toddler care? Will you be able to homeschool high school with a toddler? Are there vacations you want to take with older kids that will be harder with a baby. We have not went on a vacation since I got PG with her. Just too much trouble! Hoping shes ready to travel soon. 2. Aging parents- Another big concern is how are your parents? It isn't an issue to us (yet), but it is something I keep in the back of my mind. All 3 living grandparents have had surgeries in the last 5 years. Right now, they are fine. I'm pretty sure that in my babys teens we will be actively caring for one of them. 10-15 years changes a lot. There are lots of people stuck caring for young kids and elderly parents. Again, this shouldn't stop you from having a baby, but it needs to be part of the discussion. 3. Money, college and retirement- Just make sure you've planned as best you can. Best of luck!!!
  6. Does the letter have the account number on it? If so, you could give that info to the bank. You could also Google the phone number the letter has on it to see if its legit.
  7. Yes- the HSA is similar to an IRA contribution. You can deduct such as you put into it. If you dont have one, then your medical expenses must exceed 7.5% of your income or you cant deduct any of it. Before we had an HSA, this would happen to us! We would be just a few hundred short if being able to deduct it! I know that happened with at least 1 of my pregnancies.
  8. I'll try again 😉 You can put in 7K for a family per year, and that comes off your income when you do your taxes- so pretax. Let's say your income is $60,000. In order to take off medical expenses when itemizing you need to have at least $4500 (7.5% of income) worth if medical bills. Let's say you have 4k- you do not get to take the deduct anything, and you pay income tax on the whole 60K. With the HSA, you can put that 4K into your HSA and deduct it, making your new adjusted gross income 56K. I can't remember exactly what the percentage is that your expenses have to be, but I do remember getting close and not being able to deduct anything more several times over the years! I just looked it up- your medical expenses need to be more than 7.5% of your income in order for you to be able to deduct without an HSA.
  9. We have one, its funded by us and I opened it at our local bank. How it works- you put money in and them it can be deducted for tax purposes. You can use the money at any time for medical expenses- including braces, eye, dental, ect (which many insurance plans dont cover). Without the HSA, your medical expenses must reach a portion of your income, I want to say 10% but I cant remember, before you can itemize them off. There have been many times before the HSA that we had medical bills, but they weren't enough percentage wise to be counted off. The HSA also allows you to save up for years when you have more expenses. For example last year I had 2 kids that needed wisdom teeth out. It doesn't feel like as big a deal when you have that money in a separate account. Ours is also interest bearing- not much! But it is a little.
  10. Do your closer CC have dorms? Ours do, and I've known a few parents who have found it a great transition for kids that need more parent support. We are about a hour from there, so the kids could easily commute, but living in the dorms provides a separation from mom and dad that they need to grow. They can still check in and see them often. Other pros are smaller class size, smaller campus, and smaller town (i do realize these may not be pros to every kid) If it were me, I wouldn't have even looked at places that far away for a student like you are describing. My high achiever is only looking up to 4 hours away bc we want her to be able to come home as often as she would like. We have younger kids and I hope she still builds relationships with them!!!
  11. Am I the only one wondering if anyone from Wuhan came to say, Disney World, over their New Year? Is anyone sure that it's not already circulating? Maybe NYC, LA, ect?
  12. We just opened investment accounts for our 12 year olds. Maybe encourage them to invest their savings?
  13. Here its freshmen or sophomores can go with a Jr or Sr if they are invited. I think they can invite someone as old as 20, but that's the upper limit. Makes sense to me- people like to complain!
  14. I have lots of kids, too. Leave all of them and enjoy this time with just your high schooler. It isn't fair to you rdd big kid to bring the littles along. It isn't a vacation and the decisions being made are big! Both you, DH and the high schooler need to be focusing on that. If you bring littles, you will be focusing on them. And I'm right there with you! We are planning 2 short trips to look at colleges this spring. I'm already lining up childcare for the littles. The only one of my kids I might consider taking is my freshman, but then I decided that this is a special time just for my oldest. No sibling allowed. Put your foot down, and try to find someone to also watch the 4 year old if possible.
  15. I used Holt The Americans- blue book that focuses on Civil War to present. I kept it pretty light- read a section each day and write a response usually to the Critical Thinking questions.
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