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  1. I think we all need to give this family some grace. They have a sick sibling, mom isn't there, and lots of worry and uncertainty. I thought of another easy meal- pulled pork sandwiches. I use the Pioneer Woman recipie. Can be frozen or refrigerated. I usually make with PW Baked Beans and slaw.
  2. As long as you are meeting the college admission requirements, it won't matter. My oldest ended up with quite a few Social Studies credits due to Dual Enrollment. 9th- World Geography 10th- US History 11th & 12th Dual Enrollment, each 1 credit US History 1877-Present Government/Political Science Psychology Macroeconomics Microeconomics She also took an Art history class at college- not sure if it counted for a fine art or social studies. DD2 is just in 10th, so far 9th- World History (1) and World Religions (
  3. I'm a no on LaVar- it just doesn't fit. Or maybe no one can replace Alex Trebec.
  4. Lasagne to be frozen Roast, carrots and potatoes can be refrigerated and reheated over the week Grilled chicken breast- I use this in lots of things, by itself, in tacos, salads,
  5. Hugs- I'm sorry. You just can't catch a break! When I'm feeling stressed out I try to mentally go over what *my* responsibilities in the situation are, what I can control or mitigate, and what is out of my control. We will always second guess ourselves, but there are often pieces that aren't our responsibility, things beyond our control. Recognizing those things and accepting them is hard. I also try not to think too far ahead- which is really hard for me.
  6. W&R is a solid choice, my current favorite, but not all kids will like it. You may also want to look at Winning with Writing- you could get 5th grade and do it together easily.
  7. So far I've had 4 kids do Saxon 87, and I had all of them also do Algebra 1/2. Not because they didn't learn the first time, because I don't want to argue about math at a time when kids hormones are wacky. My goal was to keep skills fresh and math easy for a year. 87 is the thickest Saxon book, and it doesn't always have the best explanations. If he liked MM6, try MM7. You may also want to look at the Arbor School books for a different approach.
  8. Yes, 2 kids needed orthodontist right as Covid got bad, but the treatment really didn't need to be postponed. They got expanders and braces last summer. I just went to the dentist last week. Everyone is careful, cases are low here, and I am not worried.
  9. I have one that freaks out over tests, so I decided to take her the first time and do a cold test. I assured her before we went that she would not pass, the goal for the day was to get a feel for what types of questions were on the test so that she knew what to study, to get familiar with where the test was, the room, testing conditions, etc.. We would do this trial test, then go home and study the book 📖 , and come back in a few weeks to take the test again and hopefully pass. It worked just as I thought. She did better on the trial test than I thought she would, but when she came home
  10. I dont think it matters what you call it, parents will still be upset that their kids are different. Every so many years they change the name, but the purpose is still the same.
  11. I'm planning a party in my yard- I'm thinking 30-50 people. We don't have any restrictions anymore, most- including DH and I- will be vaccinated.
  12. There is a bad puke bug going around here, so I'd give him pedialyte and watch to see if he gets worse. I don't get worried until fever is closer to 104. Sleep, fluids, and I'd give Motrin or Advil next time. If he us seizing or gets dehydrated, then take him in.
  13. I thought it would be required, and had already planned for my DD to get it. I've had her get several other boosters and vaccines, hoping to be finished with them in June! HPV, Hep A, Varicella booster, another meningitis- not all are required, but they are suggested for students in dorms. Living in such close quarters, its a good idea to go ahead and get them! I've never gotten a flu shot, but I already told her she should when living in the dorms.
  14. Play doh or kinetic sand- if you do the sand you could buy a plastic bin to play it in- and a few trucks and loaders to drive around in it. When my boys were that age they played in a gravel pile everyday! Dump trucks, shovels, and buckets. I had the Kenetic sand in a tub for when it was too rainy!
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