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  1. I am not a veteran, this is also my oldest kid. My plan for right now is to switch yo PSAT test prep, and take that in the fall. I don't think we will test again until next February.
  2. My 10th graders are in. First time taking it, she's in 10th grade, I'm so proud - composite score of 31!
  3. I like and use Saxon, buy I think the issue here was that your DD isn't ready to learn via DVD. My kids dont! The can watch other things on video, but not math. I think you should switch back to teaching her yourself using whichever program you find easiest to teach with. With Sacon you do have several options for suppliments- Art Reed, Saxon Teacher, DIVE, as well as several websites and online places to find teachers.
  4. Well, i like Saxon, so that may color my view. DD 1 is in 10th grade and on the last Saxon book. We also tried Jacobs and Arbor School. Saxon worked bc it's simple and pretty straight forward. Note that I taught her daily, one on one, through the end of the Algebra 2 book. When there were places she needed more help, we used Khan Academy to reinforce. DD2 has finished PreAl and ready for Algebra 1. She's a much different student and needs the extra rrepetition found in Saxon. That said, sometimes I need to teach past where a lesson is to show how a skill grows. Both my kids only do about 20 problems. a day. I have them cut anything older than 20 lessons unless it's a skill they haven't mastered. A few ideas to help you-teach the math yourself if you can. Analyze the problems so that you can see where the issues are- is it computation, forgetting details like decimals, writing answers in a correct form, finishing a problem completely vs stopping after the first few steps, forgetting parts of a multisyep problem, sloppiness, rushing..... Make up good math notes so that she can refer back to them when she's working. Teaching her how to make the math notes is a skill she needs to learn to do. At this age I keep my own math notes book, and my kids have to copy my notes inyo their notebooks, too. Good luck
  5. I've used Loe A-C and AAR 3 and 4. Hands down my kids preferred LOE. I have it saved for my baby 😉 I sold the AAR, and my current 7 year old flat out refused it- she hated it! We just dud about 1/4 of level 3, then I just switched to having her read the stories only. I don't understand why it gets such great reviews. I've had 3 kids use it, none liked it. A few things to keep in mind- loe doesn't have enough of the readers, so you will need to use your library or buy some readers. The games in loe are real games, like old maid, go fish, ect. My kids played all the time! I did like the fluency sheets in AAR and think they would probably be great for kids who take a little more to review and gain reading fluency. The AAR activities were very boring to my kids-we ended up skipping them and using ideas I'd gained from LOE instead.
  6. I'm planning to teach 2 kids from 87 next year. I'm getting one extra workbook for my second student. I do not need the drill sheets, and we copy the tests (and I don't give them all). I would suggest the Learning Resources fraction, decimal and percent towers, a small white board, and a notebook to start learning toa k e and use Math notes. I will be teaching this myself, but for upper grades I've tried Art Reed and Saxon Teacher. Art Reed is much easier to watch!
  7. A single, long class would not be a good place to start IMO. If you want her to DE, I would suggest looking for an easier class that she's interested in that meets 2 or 3 times a week. If you find DE necessary, then cut a few of the coop classes so that she has enough time. Good luck!
  8. My oldest took it for the first time today. She had s 5th section- an extra 14 science questions.
  9. Ours is like that. Our closet actually has 2 doors, one into the master, one into the bath. No issues at all. We saw this design in a few other houses, and a few family memers have ir ascwell. We all like it! I keep a hamper in there. One older relative even put a stack washer dryer IN the closet. The plumbing backs to the shower wall in the master bath, do it was already there. They love it!
  10. We've stayed at Bonnet Creek resort several times, but we drive and never stay all day. We tend to only eat in the park a few times all week. I cook easy meals, take my crock pot, and we take snacks and drinks into the park. We have a family of 8, so even a quick service meal is $100. Plus my family just prefers to eat home cooked food rather than restaurant food, especially for days! The pros for a condo- more room, full kitchen, nice for your day off, for breakfast, and for keeping snacks cool. We have not used the shuttle, but BC has one.
  11. I would put that daybed in the kids room, and put the 2 year olds' mattress as a trundle under it. I've got on kid w/ a daybed, and there is TONS of room under it! We could easily do a trundle.
  12. If they think washing the walls will kill the smoke smell, I'd walk away. And I would never give a quote without actually looking at the job in question. I would give an hourly rate, but not a quote for the entire job.
  13. I Hope they get rid of the rented HUGE strollers. They do clog traffic and make it hard to navigate. None of these changes would affect anything I do anyway, and I think overall they will be good changes for flow of traffic. I can see the ice being an issue, too. We just take a cooler bag with frozen drinks.
  14. I am homeschooling my kids with the intent of giving them an individualized education. Yes, I definitely take learning styles, preferences, and needs into account when I'm purchasing. Some things we have found just work with all the kids (Hello Saxon Math- I love you!). Other things I constantly change based on the needs of the kids (language arts- all parts, rarely ever reused). I set goals for each school year, so if my rising 6th grader needs to focus on reading text and answering questions, that year looks very different from my child who needed to focus on writing paragraphs that stuck to the same topic. Some years they need grammar, some they need extra writing or reading. I change is up as they grow. Some materials are the same, others are different. Sometiems I just get tired of it 😉 As for science and history, we do those all together, so none of them have ever hit the same topics at the same ages, but I do reuse the books I purchased. I also look back at my plan from years past, to see which books we borrowed from the library, how we progressed, and note things I want to do differently. It's taught differently each time we go through it b/c of the kids' ages. I do pick things with them in mind! My vote goes to sell what your DD doesn't want to use, and pick something that speaks to hear. I tell my kids I choose what they learn, but they can choose how they learn it! I will always call them in to give them acceptable choices.
  15. I am also a HUGE fan of Saxon in the early grades. I'm in the boat that my 2nd grader is slightly ahead with math concepts, but will not be able to handle writing out everything in 54 next year in 3rd grade. Some options I"m considering: 1. Writing in the 5/4 book (I did this with other kids, it's still cheap enough it won't matter IMO) 2. Saxon Intermediate 4 Adaptations workbook ($37.15) or written practice workbook ($12) 3. Change to MM or MiF for 3rd grade
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