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  1. I would suggest giving a full test first before starting on the book- get one from online, not the one in the book- just to give you a place to start. Once you've done that, you should be able to determine where you need to focus. If its the math section, give him the math section from the book- grade it, then go through every problem he missed and explain why. You may not need to use the entire book- its just there for you to explain every answer and help you take note of what you need to reteach or practice on. I think there is a section on test taking tips, if so, read that.
  2. I would have a no video game week- probably for all kids. I'd tell them that I though we needed a no video game week.
  3. No idea, but my family is navigating this from the other end. The toxic person has 3 kids who have no contact- which we understand and support (honestly- this person is still awful). The issue is that dementia and health issues make it so that someone has to handle the toxic person. If the kids will not- who does? Nephew? Niece? Elderly sibling? Someone is going to have to decide soon to admit this person into a dementia unit against their will- in Covid times with no visitors. Its awful. Just awful. Its worse bc there is no clear answer to who has the authority to do it. And
  4. Have you helped him figure out how to study? That is my goal for the year- here are the things we are doing: Vocabulary- write definition, group similar ones together by color. Look for key words in the definition and underline them- I use a squiggly line. Notes- practice taking various types of notes- from formal ones to posters with pictures and arrows. If there is something with a 4 part system, divide a paper into 4 sections and keep similar information grouped together. When looking at the test, go through and highlight key words that will help him identify what the
  5. Same here- my DD will take 2 classes the first 8 weeks snd 2 classes the second 8 weeks. None are 'fun' classes, and she's only taking them bc she needs to do something. I have been brainstorming for options snd here are a few I'm kicking around: Calling Bull$h!t - this is an online series of lectures and reading, we would do a lot of discussion, minimal output. Mental Health Awareness and Stress Management- thinking something with meditation, just reading and discussing ways to improve mental health, good strategies for managing stress and overall management of life stuff- th
  6. Hop on over to the High School board! There are many ways to homeschool high school. I do not outsource classes except for college Dual Enrollment. I've currently got a Senior doing all DE through the college and a 10th grader that I teach. I like to buy textbooks used from Amazon. Best of luck to you! My oldest is not having any issues getting into college or getting scholarships! I know thatvwas one of my big worries.
  7. Look at thrift stores for an old fashioned pressure cooker- but beware when you use it! I did use one occasionally before I got an IP. I was skeptical bc I usually use my crock pot and thought it was silly to buy another kitchen gadget. I love it! I use mine quite often and have cooked a turkey breast in it- I have also cooked one in my crock pot. Its great for stews, soups, roast- but if you have time, you can do all those things on the stove top. It might be less electricity to use the IP, and it won't heat up your kitchen. As far as it being a good investment, that would depend on
  8. I'll be old, too- thats just a terrible NN. We did call ours things like Baby Bean, Belly Bean, but nothing crude. I wouldn't call my kids hemorrhoids either- thats just awful!
  9. On the stroller question- I didn't need the Snap n Go bc I just didn't go anywhere by myself for about 3 months. By then no head control issues- mine were 37+ weeks with no health issues. If I took them to the Dr, I had my mom or mil come with me. DH or Mil went to the store or my mom kept them while I ran to the grocery store- and now there is grocery pickup! Your niece should think about where she will be going, how often, and if she will have help. I used the stroller to take mine to the grocery store for a long time! Push the stroller, pull the cart (and i had a 2 and 4 year old
  10. My twins are now as tall as me! Congrats and that's great to carry twins to 35 weeks! Things that would have helped me- Food cards, especially for non-fast food places like Coltons, that have take out and are close to where she lives Gift card or money toward a photo session- seriously I love my twin baby photos! Twin stroller- I prefer the ones that are similar to umbrella strollers snd fold up small- the big ones barely fit into the car! I think mine was a Maclaren? Twin breast-feeding pillow if shes doing that Panels for a toddler play area- with extra panels-
  11. Get something you can fit 5 or 6. I would keep the 85 year old in mind when choosing. If the van gets to the point you want to sell it, you can always rent a bigger vehicle if you need to haul everyone!
  12. BusyMom5


    Go and sign the book- sometimes you can go early.
  13. Very few stores have dressing rooms open. I would call before heading into a store. I have ordered a lot of stuff bc 3 of my kids grew a lot since last winter. A few orders sizes were all wrong, so I started just buying 2 sizes in several things. I've got 3 kids that are straddling the upper kids 14-16-18 and Juniors sizing (and do men's just not have Juniors- they need small slim shirts). I just decided to pick a few stores and order several options.
  14. Thank you so much for the report! Best of luck on a great scholarship for your DD- she sounds like an amazing kid.
  15. I'm expecting rates to continue upward until March, possibly later. I do expect my family will get it between now and then, even with masking and lowering our contacts. I'm not ready to write off Disney for 2021, but as long as face masks are necessary or required, we will not go going to any touristy places. I'm hoping by next summer rates will go down and families can see loved ones in the hospital or nursing homes (masked and limited, but at least be able to visit). I see May as the earliest, but that leave so many that will not see loved ones again. Of all the issues Covid has caus
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