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  1. I've placed 14 orders so far, my favorite sale of the year!
  2. Are you going thru an abstract office? That's who holds the earnest money where I live- not the seller. I guess start making calls Monday morning- hope it works out for you!
  3. Maybe some of this has more to do with manners? I think its rude to post pics of anything before the Bride does. Same for being where the photographer is. The weddings I've been to I've either been helping or herding children, but I didnt notice too many phones out during the ceremonies. My kids are in an upcoming wedding, and I do plan to take a few pics of them up front during the ceremony. The main photographer will be taking pics of the couple, but I know the bride and groom will love any cute photos of the kids. I will be on the front row, I'm not standing up, lifting my camera, ect. One way to avoid too many photographers is to do pics before the ceremony or to have guests in another area when pics are being done. Candid shots in the ceremony and walking down the aisle are the two times I can see asking people to refrain from taking pics. I'm old- we had a cheap photographer at our wedding, and the disposable cameras for the guests afterwards. I remember all the aunts and grandmas sent me copies (like real photos) of shots taken of family, ect. Some were better than the photographers.
  4. I clicked to read for inspiration, my year (it's my 5th) is going crazy due to too many outside commitments. 3rd Grader Hits- Saxon math 3- we started out about 60 lessons in from last year, so had to do some review, but shes chugging along at a good pace, it's getting done most days. Growing with Grammar- she loves this Soaring with Spelling- she loves this, too. Cursive- for a messy left-handed kid, she doing so well! I got a few different books- Zaner Bloser and a left-handed book, and McRuffy 3rd grade cursive. We use a mix, and I make her up pages to copy. Science and History are just whatever she reads- right now shes writing a report on red pandas in China and Nepal. She has older sibling who have harder science and history, so she listens in, watches movies, ect. I decided I just dont have the time to devote to her own level on these topics this year, so shes just reading a science or history related book she chooses. So far, this is a hit! Shes learning as much as the other kids. I am buying her a subscription ti Mystery Science soon, I think she will love it! 3rd Grade Misses Mosdos Press- cannot get her to do the workbook, stories are usually too easy to read, few she finds interesting. Word Roots- she wanted this bc older sibs use it, but it's too hard IMO. it does say grades 3-4, but I think shes too young to understand the concepts. 6th Grade Hits Word Roots 1- this is going well Miller Levine (this is a high school text) and RSO BIO2- using a combo of resources for Bio, and it's going very well! MyWorld History- this was a new one, I couldn't find any reviews but I knew I needed to switch to a textbook due to our craziness right now. This has been a really good transition into textbooks- I love the optional workbook pages when needed. Overall the book is easy to read and understand for 6th graders. 6th Grade Misses Growing with Grammar- my girls love this, but fir whatever reason, my boys find it confusing and they hate it. It causes frustration and tears. I'm about to give up. Soaring with Spelling- it's not really a miss, more like they've outgrown it. Feels like busy work most days (but it keeps them busy). 6th grade????? Still deciding on how math is going. We've jumped around and I'm still not sure what direction we are going in.
  5. Hugs- I agree that the schedule you've set up is the problem- Not your son or his work ethic. My DD is traveling 1hr away for classes 2 days a week, and we both think the travel time is really exhausting. If any of these classes are 1 semester classes, I would not keep going after the semester. He needs to have down time, and it sounds like the classes are pretty tough. At another point in life he might appreciate it, but right now he sounds like he wants a break. I would check into enrolling him at the local high school. I live rural and ours isn't the best school- I get that. There are better opportunities in other places, but if my kids ever start pushing back against homeschooling, that's where they will go
  6. Not sure why I'm coming back here, but apparently you are highly offended by my opinion that DE classes can validate mom-given grades. You feel that this comment is somehow the same as me saying that every single college bound homeschooler MUST take them to get in. No. I never said that. I responded to the OP. She was looking into SAT/ACT tests, AP subject, AP and DE. My recommendation was at least one test and a few DE classes would look good and validate grades. She listed options she is considering, I responded with the few I would focus on. As for my opinion- I DO think that outside classes help college admission officers classify kids quickly. Having outside grades helps to validate a moms grades, especially in states with no regulations (like mine). Most high schools now offer AP and/or DE courses, and lots of applicants have a few of those classes on their transcript. I have read and listened to your POV, but it has not changed my mind or my advice.
  7. None have required it, but I think it looks good. It's also a good way to introduce kids to the structure of a classroom, teachers and grading, ect. I've found it an excellent experience! The perfect step between homeschooling and a 4 year college with huge classes.
  8. I'm just picking something to teach each year, being sure that whatever I pick is on the college lost of acceptable courses. It's too hard to predict what 11th and 12th grades will look like when you are starting 9th grade. Older DD 9th- World Geography 10th- US History (we focused on modern, but still calling it US) 11th- DE Government, and will probably DE Ancient History or US History next semester- she actually wants to do both. 12th- most likely Psychology, which schools here count under Social Studies. DE Economics (but this is next year, so who knows!) DD2 9th- World History This is as far as I've planned- most likely US History next year for 10th, but I'm not ready to say for sure yet. We may do Government instead bc it's an election year. This kid is not that interested in doing a lot of DE.
  9. I would still do the ACT, and at least a few DE classes. It looks good and validates your mom-grades. I've got a 9th grader, and she isn't doing anything this year or next. I'll have her do the ACT either the end of 10th grade, or wait until 11th- depends on how she is doing in math.
  10. I'd do navy with red accents. For your DDs, let them pick something in the burgundy family, maybe navy, possibly cream. For the sunflower weddings I've scene, mothers are wearing casual dresses, skirts, and it does not have to be super matchy. I hate yellow, so I'd be looking at navy, cream and red.
  11. My 11th grader is taking it- at a school an hour away. We took a practice test this weekend and shes right at the cutoff. It will depend on if shes familiar with the topics in the reading section. She scored 100% on the grammar part! Hoping she does well tomorrow, but thinking she will be right under NM for our state. She was working on brushing up her math today, and redid each section making sure she knew the exact reason for each answer. For prep, the school we are taking it at gave us a workbook with a practice test and I got another test prep book. She hasn't done much until this weekend bc shes been busy with other school stuff.
  12. I forget exactly how I did it, but I counted Algebra 2 in 9th, and the first half of Advanced Math as Geometry in 10th. The second half of Advanced Math I called PreCalc for 11th. It's similar to how Art Reed explains on his website- basically I divided Advanced Math into 2 years worth of work. She placed into the local college Calc class already, after the first half of Advanced Math. They dont seem to care what books we used or what the course is called.
  13. IMO, no. I try to use secular materials, but one of my DDs is using W&R this year. I dont think its preachy, but there are many Bible stories and verses. They do include stories from other faiths as well, but I would consider it a Christian based curriculum. The other CAP books I've looked at are very heavily Christian, too.
  14. I'm so sorry that this happened to your mother! One think by 78 you wouldn't have to worry about stuff like this! May she have a full recovery, and hugs to you, too. I am sure this is hard on you to hear and see your mother as a victim, struggling to cope.
  15. I've scene some parents locally do this- they graduate the kid early, then apply for financial aid. DE cannot get and FA, so the parents feel like this is the best option- some are even taking remedial type classes. This is not what I would ever recommend!!!! It's hard for any of us to give you accurate info bc it depends on the college. Here, there are no DE credit limits- my Jr is taking all DE this year and next! She will transfer as a freshman, eligible for freshman scholarships, with about 60 credits from the sister CC. She will still need an ACT score, high school transcript, ect. I could let her get her AA degree, or graduate her early, and shed ho in as a transfer student- fewer scholarship options, but possibly better help with getting into the classes she needs. If we go that route, she would only have the CC transcript. I considered this for DD2 bc of the Foreign language requirement for incoming freshman.
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