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  1. I would not hold him back, just keep moving forward. Most kids end Spelling by 6 or 7th grades, but just keep moving at his pace. I have one I finally gave up on in 9th grade and switched to corrections via Word in her own writing, and a vocabulary workbook. She does continue to improve! I think you are going to notice HUGE jumps once his therapy is done.
  2. I was thinking inviting themselves over for an afternoon or a meal- which is fine with me. I cannot imagine having extra people on my family vacation! We do sometimes do weekend trips with grandparents and cousins, but they are planned that way.
  3. Yes, very annoying! We don't eat in the car, but don't want to spend an hour + in a sit-down restaurant (not to mention the price). We do take snacks and usually lunch, but its so much extra work to pack all your meals. Our last trip, on our way home we stopped at a sit-down restaurant, it was around 2 and the parking lot was about half-full. We went in, they said 45+ minutes to be seated! We just ate a snack in the parking lot and kept driving. As we walked out, I looked in the window. The back 1/2 of the restaurant was EMPTY! Apparently the issue wasn't space, it was employee
  4. I liked the name Juneteenth or Emancipation Day, and don't agree with using the word Independence in the name- especially so close to Independence Day- the 4th of July. I have no issue with another holiday, but agree it was kinda weird- suddenly offices were closed? We did get mail- i had thought we wouldn't.
  5. @Carrie12345 Installing a new toilet is actually not that difficult! I like one big fund for all house stuff, and a list of estimated costs for the repairs- listed in order of need. You can add a target date if that help, too! If you are doing home repairs, there are Restores that have lots of new and used building materials - think bathroom vanities, faucets, tile, doors and knobs- not lumber or drywall. You can sometimes find really great bargains there! Businesses donate overstock, floor models, returns- and often they are in great shape. Just a thought for saving $$.
  6. I've taught through book 9 now, but im using it with my high schooler. The first few books are okay with younger grades, but I think it jumps up a LOT. An older kid will get so much more out of it, I wish they would change the age recommendations. I've got a 10 year old 5th grader, and I think books 1-3 would be age appropriate, but book 5+ would be boring. My 8th graders may do book 5 this year (maybe). Younger kids can do it, but they won't get as much out of it as the would if you waited until the teen years. Just my opinion 😉 My 5th grader will be doing Winning with Writing
  7. Thank you, I may have her ask. We looked in the laundry rooms and did not see them.
  8. If anyone has suggestions for the air purifier, please post! That wasn't on my list. Also on my list (which may be too long, but im trying!) Drying rack, laundry lingerie bags, iron or steamer if they will need to dress up occasionally (could share with whole suite), still working on logistics of laundry 😉 Umbrella, rain boots, rain coat, big zip locks to put computer in if its raining and she has to go across campus with it- we have read this repeatedly for this college, obviously they say it rains a lot 😉
  9. Hugs- you are doing great! Saxon Algebra 2 is a heavy book. My oldest completed through the first half of Advanced Math, and said most of it was repeated in college algebra. I think if she has solid grasp on everything in the Algebra 2 book this far, stop for a bit,then pick up again. When you get to Lesson 120, switch to Advanced Math and get as far as you can. My DD2 is right at the same point, I think we got to around lesson 115 in Algebra 2. I thought she did really well, I had planned to take 2 years if necessary to get through it. I'm not sure where we will start in the f
  10. Don't mess with paint samples, just buy the paint and forget about it 😉 As for the class, that's a lot to throw on someone at the last minute. If the TPT thing works, buy it, print it off and try to enjoy your day! For the for sale thing- take it off wherever you posted and respond to any questions with "Please call xxxxx at 123-456-7890" When we are in a busy season, we have to learn to say no and be realistic about what we can and cannot manage. Hire help, delegate to husband snd kids, and remember to take a few minutes for yourself!
  11. Hoping you figured something out- so unprofessional!
  12. Oldest got an almost full ride merit scholarship and I was shocked! It is rare, and has allowed her to go to a school with a lot more options. I do not expect #2 to get such a big one, but even half of tuition would be great. College is expensive, and we have 4 kids graduating in 5 years, and will have 3 in college at least 2 years (assuming they go). I have an 8 year span that will have 2 or 3 in college each year. In preparation, I've been trying to figure out all our options and the best options for scholarships. We do plan to help, and my goal is to have them all graduate debt-free
  13. Just wanted to say that there are some toys we put up when other kids are over bc its just easier. It has nothing to do with any kid, more like the toy can cause problems when in groups. Things I think of- remote control cars or electronics, hard to pick up things like Legos, anything I don't want broken, any newer toys a kid may not be ready to share yet. Maybe the blocks are just something they don't want to deal with? And I think its rude to not invite him to VBS.
  14. Very interesting thread. I left my religion and a lot of my 'morals' when I was about 20. I then went about polar opposite - I didn't want to judge anything or anybody. I've noticed myself switching back, for various reasons, in certain situations. There are things they can do that we would have to cut them off. They are aware of these things. 1. Drugs- our kids know if they do drugs the only help they will get from us is rehab. I may buy them food, but I will not send money for food. I may help pay for a lawyer, but only the first time, and only if they are in rehab. DH and
  15. Where is he in math? With my oldest, she was ahead in math and we did Bio in 9th, Chem in 10th,then she did college chem. Second was on target for math and did Bio in 9th, Earth Science in 10th, and will do Chemistry in 11th. I waited bc I knew her math skills, while adequate, would be stronger in 11th. Whichever you choose, I would look for a forestry class, maybe horticulture, as an elective!
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