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  1. We would make him put the majority into long term savings- like for a vehicle. My 15 year old earned some farm money and also part time cleaning, babysitting, ect. We let her keep part of it for buying fun stuff, but the majority needs to be put away. She is still a long ways from needing regular spending money or bills.
  2. 1st and 3rd grades? Here is my suggestions- 1st Grader- All About Reading or Logic of English (probably start at level B), McRuffy handwriting for copywork or other handwriting workbook, possibly Soaring with Spelling, and Math- Math in Focus, Math Mammoth or Saxon 2 3rd grader- Growing with Grammar and Soaring with Spelling, read books they choose assuming student is reading and has no issues. Have a weekly report written on any subject- just a few sentences. Math- same programs from above, 3rd grade level. Both- Magic School Bus, Cat in the Hat, Wild Kratts and other sciency videos. Let's Read and Find Out series books, Usborne Beginner Science- let them pick a few, National Geographic Kids Big Books series. These are easy enough the 3red grader can read them, both can listen and learn! Try to incorporate World Geography as you can.
  3. More than I did in March! I bought 2 packs this week- just to put up. We almost ran out and I had to quota the TP for months. If I see some at Sam's club, I'll be buying more.
  4. Much better here this month, too. I noticed lots of small hand sanitizer in the new back to school row! Prego Pizzaria Sauce- this is the most illusive item on my regular list. It's been out since March and I do not like the other brands near as much. This week I was finally able to get it! 3 small jars!!! Green beans- available, but may be odd brands or the expensive brands Meat- this has been total hit or miss. I dont buy a lot from the store (we buy by the 1/2 beef), but if you go in looking for something specific good luck! Often there is only the organic chicken $$, or you cant buy a turkey breast or whole turkey (can you tell we are a big family, lol). Rapid Rise Yeast- they do have regular yeast now, but not the one for bread machines Other odd things I noticed low- mens socks, girls size 12-16 ish clothes, craft items including paint and yarn, and brands or flavors for specific items seem to be out a lot more often. They had a lot of different brands of canned goods- but we will be thankful they had them!
  5. DD got her first acceptance- state school and we knew it would be automatic, but for some reason I want to shout HOMESCHOOLING DID NOT RUIN MY CHILD!!!!! College acceptance was always a big fear of mine, when making the decision to homeschool through high school.
  6. The river is less than 10 minutes from our house, so we will try to take the kids a few times a month. There is a place to look for diamonds in Arkansas that is on our list- it may be a bit too far, but we are considering it. A PP mentioned Elephant Rocks, but check before you go bc they shut them down earlier- lots of people from STL go there. We had plans for Disney and several college trips- all cancelled. I guess we are saving $$, but I agree it's getting boring! I was really needing a vacation- it's been 4 years since we had one and this year was it!
  7. I am sorry- there are 2 things to grieve. The loss of your grandmother and the loss of a funeral. I am sure everyone understands, these are hard times.
  8. I am in desperate need of new comfy bras, but I happily use the ones I have bc going without is much worse. I bf 6 babies- including a set of twins. Without a bra, I am comfortable sitting around the house, but if I get moving around, cleaning, running up and down stairs- I just want a bra to stop from flapping all around. I've been running lately and definitely need more support there, too.
  9. The best math program is the one that you can teach best. My big kids are older and I used Saxon when they were little. I have another little one coming up and have been eyeing the Kate Snow book! I like math in early grades to be fun, hands on, with lots of manipulatives, often done on a white board. I often scribe math for little ones- maybe I do half the problems for them, then they just have to finish the rest on their own. For your younger one, I would suggest you keep math all together- none on his own. Whatever you get, do the entire thing with him until hes confident.
  10. My DD is a HS Senior, so DEing at the local CC. The plan has been Biology with lab, but I think she would really enjoy a good lab science, so I've encouraged her to find something else if she can. We haven't officially signed up for classes, but right now they say hybrid, one, or social distanced. This is her second year, and Biology was the only 'freshman's course she was planning.
  11. Mine is in this phase, but her current awake time is 630-830 or 9. She starts getting cranky around 3, then gets a second wind by 5. If I'm lucky, I have quiet time, even resting but not falling asleep can help. If she falls asleep, I dont let her sleep more than an hour.
  12. I've done Sam's pickup a few times. Some stores are better laid out for it than others. It also depends on whom you get at the pickup place. Glad its sorted out! Also- they do shipping. I've started just ordering for shipping anything I can! Most boxed goods- you cant order glass bottles, cold items or flour, but it still greatly reduces my load!
  13. One other thing I did- after 5+ years, was find an online group of people who have walked away from my old denomination. In some ways its healing just hearing that you aren't the only one who decided to leave, the experienced abuse, or that has to deal with family fallout. @Medicmom2.0. I am so sorry for your husband- that sounds so painful. I was a committed member of my church who married outside the denomination (he was Baptist, but that wasnt good enough). Even though we still attended, there were digs made. Part of the pain was the disillusionment, part was personal growth, but it's been nearly 20 years and I can still be triggered. Hugs to you both as you work through this. Its hard!
  14. I never went to counciling, but I would say that I have finally healed from what I consider a manipulative church. It's hard and took a very long time. Please be easy with yourself and give yourself time to go through the phases of grief. I would do well for a long time, then have a trigger that would bring up issues I considered delt with. That happens less and less now. My honest opinion is that you should not attend any place of worship for over a year. Otherwise you risk getting yourself in the same situation again. Give yourself time to work through what you need on a church and a church family. Figure out what issues you are willing to compromise on, and which are hard no. Do that without others telling you what you should think, do or feel. And big hugs- it's such a hard thing to deal with. It hurts on so many levels!
  15. My gut says it would bother me, but it would depend on the type of partnership. For example if my DH was an attorney or accountant, and the partner was a new attorney or accountant that expected to have her own clients, but share a building, secretary, ect that probably wouldn't bother me. I've got a family member who has cheated multiple times with various wives- hes been married many times. His current wife was a co worker- both of them cheated in their spouses with each other on business trips, then divorcedand got married when she got PG with his kid. I have no idea how they trust the other.
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