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  1. I've got a poor speller, too. She was diagnosed with APD in 9th grade. I don't think she ever differentiated between similar sounds. We decided to give up in 7th grade, and work on picking the correct spelling on spell check. Things we tried in elementary- Logic of English- she cannot remember the rules or how to apply them Soaring with Spelling- get 100% on the tests, then spell the words wrong in her writing Apples and Pears- this one worked the best. I don't see an older teen willing to use it, though. I did have her do Word Roots from CTC in 8-10th grades,
  2. Have you looked at Miller Levine? I used Holt with my oldest, but with my second I got ML bc I thought it had better graphics (visual learner, we needs pictures, graphs, organizers). I think the content covered was the same, but the ML text seemed more interesting to read. I also liked the student workbook rather than printing off pages from the teacher resources from Holt. I know not all kids need worksheets, but this kid did. And I also highly recommend Biology Corner, HHMI BioInteractive, he Princeton Review Biology Coloring Book, Amoeba Sisters on YT, and Getting Needy with
  3. My favorite was the last one, but it would depend on how it fits. I suggest ordering several, and returning the ones you don't want. I can never tell how a dress will fit until I have it on! With the wedding you describe, I think navy, plum, or garnet, possibly a little sparkle on the dress.
  4. Have you looked at the Holt textbook? I've got it, used it with DD1 the year I had a baby and knew I couldn't pull it all together myself. I also got the Evan Moore (I think) world maps and made her memorize all the countries, major rivers and bodies of water, Mtn Ranges, etc. I also got a cookbook, but she didn't use it. When I could, we would watch documentaries or movies set in the various countries (Wild China for example). I liked having the textbook bc I knew I couldn't always pull out extra resources (like Guest Hollow). It gave me a good framework, and I could add if I wanted,
  5. Yes, bring my own food and do outdoor activities like hiking. Traveling to and from in a bit of a concern- bathrooms! Our plan is a VRBO or Air BnB within a days drive.
  6. I don't know, but its one my DD is looking at, too. She is interested in accounting and business stuff, but also space and physics, and computer science. I'm trying not to care too much right now- I think mine needs to explore in college before she picks a major. Its normal for bright, gifted kids to have lots of interests! Math intersects all those fields, so I guess she can start toward any degree and decide later.
  7. Interesting, I wonder if she still wants the small school, or is she looking for a bit more? My DD is all over the place! Shes my first, so I wasn't sure how this would go. In fact last year I posted asking if it would be okay to just apply to 1 school, then decided on 3 to apply to over the summer. Its now January snd she's applied to 6! Still no idea which one. She can't decide on how far away, what size, what programs look better (shes still undecided), and how to rank all the info! It hasn't helped that we can't get into classes or get good tours. She had her school picked in 9th
  8. My current 10th grader is doing Earth Science by Holt this year, and its been a good choice for her. She did Biology in 9th, but I didn't think she was ready for the math portion of Chemistry, so we will do that in 11th grade next year. Topics in our Earth Science have included Chemistry- how metals are mined from rock, chemical weathering, acid rain, hydrigen-, carbon-cycle, ect. Other topics- plate tectonics, earthquake, volcanoes, weather, river systems, oceans, astronomy. I'll admit I didn't know if it would be a good choice, but my kids have learned a lot about how the earth works-
  9. I've just got a few things picked out right now: Chemistry- taught by me using Zumdahl World of Chemistry Saxon Math- finish Algebra 2 (if we don't finish this year), then start Advanced Math. Goal is to prep for ACT/ SAT/PSAT and to be prepared for College Algebra in 12th. English 3- a work in progress, again focus on standardized test prep, Writing and Rhetoric Thesis book 10, then ??? I have no idea on literature. History/Gov- ?????? Electives- ??????
  10. 13- lovely age. I currently have twin 13 year old boys. I thought they would be better than 13 year old girls. I was wrong. Not worse, not better- just different. A few thoughts- my oldest started homeschooling at age 12, and it is much different than the younger ages. 1. She may not want to do timelines or art projects as part of her school. Ive had mixed opinions. One likes drawing diagrams, one does not. 2. She is used to textbook learning and anything else doesn't feel like real school. It takes several years to break out of that mold! If she would prefer a textboo
  11. Following- I've got a 10th grader who i want to do SAT and PSAT next year. Not sure what resources to use for prep. Also, my senior is a NMSF, and all she prepped for was the ACT. We took PSAT just bc she wanted to try it. Did not think she would make it!
  12. My youngest had a posterior tie that interfered with BFing. It was cut at 7 weeks (that was 7 painful weeks of me looking for help- I was a veteran mom, 6th baby, it took me weeks to find a Dr to cut it!). It was just clipped with scissors in a peds office with lots of nursing afterwards and no exercises. I also have twins who had ties that I didn't notice until later (they could BF, it was just kinda difficult to keep them on). They had them laser cut at a facial surgery center and it was $$. I don't remember how old they were, probably 6 or 7. The Dentist is the one who figured i
  13. I don't know- she could be wanting someone to give her more personalized advice on curriculum based on her kids needs- which i would give for free. If she wants tutoring, that i would want paid for. She mentions her son being a bit behind- I'm going to admit my first thought is undiagnosed LD. It can be so frustrating when your kid learns differently and you can't find services!
  14. I wouldn't have called at all. If the driver was fixing the issue, I would have just left it at that. A while back someone I know got their Walmart pickup and discovered once they got home it was the wrong order. About that same time, WM called to let them know there was a mix-up. They took it all back to the store and picked up their groceries and returned the wrong bags. Mix-ups happen.
  15. We added a school yesterday- bc we haven't been able to visit the big one with the best scholarship and what if its just the wrong fit? This is another good merit aid school.
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