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  1. Would The Day Jimm's Boa Ate the Wash be an example or is it more of a reversal?
  2. Moving beyond the page’s Kindergarten has an option to add the craft supplies for their crafts
  3. I feel like I'm missing something, but I can't put my finger on it. Can you look over what we are doing and point out possible holes? Eldest just turned 11 and is in the "fifth" grade. He is doing Cottage Press Fable and Song for Language Arts and The Modern Speller (Dictation Day by Day) for spelling. He is half way through Singapore 5B and will move on to AOPS Prealgbra. Does Xtra Math and Building Thinking Skills Level 2. Monday he goes to a co-op where he takes four classes: -Apologia Flying Creatures: They are assigned to read the book at home and do experiments in class. -Mixed Media Art: art projects in class, no homework -Drama: working on a play in the fall and one in the winter, only homework would be to memorized lines. -Where in the World: geography class where they are given clues about a state (in the a fall) or a country (in the spring) and have to figure out what it is for homework. They will discuss the location in class. Thing Two just turned 8 and is in the "second" grade. He is going Cottage Press Primer One for Langauge arts and is learning cursive by reviewing two phonograms a day and then will start the Modern Speller He just started Singapore 3A His monday co-op classes have no homework -Medival Knights and VIkings: learning about life in the Middle ages -Magic School Bus Science: teacher will read a magic school bus book and they will do an experiment based off it -I love America: learning about national holidays, symbols and famous American figures. -Mixed Media Art. After breakfast they do dishes and then we sit down sing two hymns (current one we are learning and rotating through the past ones), a math skip counting jingle, a nursery rhyme (for the toddlers), and a silly song. Then I read a chapter from Narnia and then we discuss. We are out of the house a bit, so during car rides they listen to Story of the world, Apologia, and Curiosity Chronicles. I don't follow up with what we listen to, but if they have any questions, I'll stop it and we discuss.
  4. You can borrow my 11 year old. He is working through Singapore 5.
  5. My eldest did well with xtramath but it wasn’t a good fit for my second kiddo. He likes the fact fluency practice on MobyMax.
  6. if you are considering Elemenatl Science Sassafras you should also look at Barefoot Meanderings Quark Series Guest Hollow has some science curriculum
  7. He is seven, and reads chapter books. We are required to do an end of year standard test each year. He did very well on everything this year but mechanics and usage was dreadful. I added in FLL and WWE because I knew they were quick and fit nicely into his work load.
  8. I'm are doing the WTM FLL and WWE combo. Things are going well with WWE, but not so good with FLL. Any recommendations on what to replace FLL with? The repeat after me is really grating to him.
  9. Here is a blog post I found once of someone who does MFW and CLassical Conversations and how she juggles everything
  10. I have the audio version of SOTW and apologia for us to listen to in the car. I got the audio of the first Curiosity Chronicles to add to the collection. It was nice to have something new to listen to. As far as audio recording not as good as SOTW but content is good: Different facts and such.
  11. My sandals bit the dust and my arches are starting to get really picky about the shoes I wears. Which sandals (the ones with Velcro strap) have good arch support do you recommend?
  12. Hugs. I started a once a month board games for homeschoolers at the library to lure the non co op homeschoolers in my county. I even went as far as making it be the same day the local CCs meets 🤣
  13. I'd be interested. I have a 4, 7, and 10 year old.
  14. We are planning to do this! We are using the app Tiny Decisions to help decided which game to play (it’s a spinner app that you can input all your options your trying to decide (also handed for figuring out dinner lol) and can set it not to repeat) Once we play a game we asking the kids if they would rather play the game again as a family or to play Minecraft by themselves. Which is surprisingly a good stick to measure by for my kids.
  15. I’ve been spoiled by Story of the World with its audio book option. What other curriculums (any subject) has an audio option?
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