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  1. if you are considering Elemenatl Science Sassafras you should also look at Barefoot Meanderings Quark Series Guest Hollow has some science curriculum
  2. He is seven, and reads chapter books. We are required to do an end of year standard test each year. He did very well on everything this year but mechanics and usage was dreadful. I added in FLL and WWE because I knew they were quick and fit nicely into his work load.
  3. I'm are doing the WTM FLL and WWE combo. Things are going well with WWE, but not so good with FLL. Any recommendations on what to replace FLL with? The repeat after me is really grating to him.
  4. Here is a blog post I found once of someone who does MFW and CLassical Conversations and how she juggles everything
  5. I have the audio version of SOTW and apologia for us to listen to in the car. I got the audio of the first Curiosity Chronicles to add to the collection. It was nice to have something new to listen to. As far as audio recording not as good as SOTW but content is good: Different facts and such.
  6. My sandals bit the dust and my arches are starting to get really picky about the shoes I wears. Which sandals (the ones with Velcro strap) have good arch support do you recommend?
  7. Hugs. I started a once a month board games for homeschoolers at the library to lure the non co op homeschoolers in my county. I even went as far as making it be the same day the local CCs meets 🤣
  8. I'd be interested. I have a 4, 7, and 10 year old.
  9. We are planning to do this! We are using the app Tiny Decisions to help decided which game to play (it’s a spinner app that you can input all your options your trying to decide (also handed for figuring out dinner lol) and can set it not to repeat) Once we play a game we asking the kids if they would rather play the game again as a family or to play Minecraft by themselves. Which is surprisingly a good stick to measure by for my kids.
  10. I’ve been spoiled by Story of the World with its audio book option. What other curriculums (any subject) has an audio option?
  11. Can't answer you questions, but when I was looking into it, I found the older editions to be very reasonably priced.
  12. We are currently using ELTL but I'm having trouble juggling multiple levels. I know of Memoria Press Classical Composition and Classical Academic Press Writing & Rhetoric covers it, what else?
  13. If I had to choose a boxed curriculum for one to three years I would pick: Money no issue: Memoria Press or oak meadow (for about fourth grade) A complete used bundle of five in a row for the lower levels Tight on money: queens Homeschool boxes
  14. Perhaps try to do a search for commonplace book
  15. Not my blog post but sounds like what you are trying to figure out:
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