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  1. macmacmoo

    Playing all the Board Games

    We are planning to do this! We are using the app Tiny Decisions to help decided which game to play (it’s a spinner app that you can input all your options your trying to decide (also handed for figuring out dinner lol) and can set it not to repeat) Once we play a game we asking the kids if they would rather play the game again as a family or to play Minecraft by themselves. Which is surprisingly a good stick to measure by for my kids.
  2. I’ve been spoiled by Story of the World with its audio book option. What other curriculums (any subject) has an audio option?
  3. Can't answer you questions, but when I was looking into it, I found the older editions to be very reasonably priced.
  4. We are currently using ELTL but I'm having trouble juggling multiple levels. I know of Memoria Press Classical Composition and Classical Academic Press Writing & Rhetoric covers it, what else?
  5. If I had to choose a boxed curriculum for one to three years I would pick: Money no issue: Memoria Press or oak meadow (for about fourth grade) A complete used bundle of five in a row for the lower levels Tight on money: queens Homeschool boxes
  6. macmacmoo

    Examples of notebooking

    Perhaps try to do a search for commonplace book
  7. Not my blog post but sounds like what you are trying to figure out:
  8. macmacmoo

    (Blank) put/shoved/placed/hid a (blank) in (blank).

    I stuck a pebble up my nose at Kindercare when I was two or three. Had to go to the doctor to get it out. My mom told me once that she was called to testify about me putting the pebble up my nose because apparently a family was suing the childcare center because their son put a pebble in his ear and was now deaf in that ear.
  9. macmacmoo

    It's time for a baby pic thread!!!!!

  10. We have math and language arts figured out. Looking for an enrichment for us to do as a family 10, 7, and 4. That isn’t history based or seasonally based. Fewer additional books to hunt down the better. Preferable a survey of lots of subjects and topics to help them find something that interest them. When something strikes their interest they don’t need any help digging deep, the problem is exposing them to things. They lack the initiative for explore new topics. Was contemplating using the core knowledge what your __ grader needs to know books. But I can’t figure out how to schedule it. The usual method of take the number of pages and divide doesn’t seem very applicable.
  11. macmacmoo

    Which math should I use?

    Eldest just turned 10. During the summer he did one lesson of Saxon 5/4 every other day and 30 minutes of Beast Academy 3B on the other days. He likes Saxon because unlike Math Mammoth and Beast Academy there is a definite beginning and end to each lesson for the day. It's not work for thirty minutes and see how far you get. He isn't fond of Beast Academy because it's hard and challenging. But he is happy when he figures it out so it's not impossible for him. We feel the two programs compliment each other, however he wont get anywhere fast going every other day. So our options are -do both every day. I'm concern that it would be too much math per day -Make Saxon the main every day math, but keep Beast Academy every other day. Concern that since Beast is a full math curriculum using it as a supplement wont have the desired outcome. Is there is a better problem solving supplement? -find something different: Is there a full math curriculum that each lesson has a clear ending, has the problem solving like Beast academy, and can be done independently?
  12. macmacmoo

    Funny bumper sticker

    I saw the most awesome bumper sticker this morning. If I hadn’t been driving, I would have taken a picture. If I had seen it on a parked car, I would have stuck around to talk to them. It said: My homeschooler has more friends than your honor student. I wish I knew where they got it.
  13. macmacmoo

    Roller Coasters

    Perhaps the game roller coaster tycoon. It’s a theme part simulator game. you can design your own roller coaster within the confines of the track available I personally was never any good and stuck to the pre made rollercoasters. But might be worth looking into. It’s an old game, but you can get it off steam.
  14. macmacmoo

    Neat Lego Curriculum

    I came across an interesting Lego curriculum last night. It's rather interesting. The workbooks are digital. They have workbooks based on Duplos one for the littles, workbooks for the Lego Education Simple and Powered Machines Set for the middles, and the EV3 set for the bigs. I find the "curriculum" that come with the Lego education set to be lacking and I thought I'd share.
  15. Khan academy has a young kid app can’t think of what it’s called. I introduced Minecraft at that age. Just creative mode. Because I wanted my kid to build things but I didn’t want the baby to eat the Legos ? and stepping on them wasn’t fun either. Sounds like you have a tablet or something. There is a site that lists all the free and other significant price drop kids apps on Fridays. Read the descriptions and download any interesting ones. Let him play them and if he hates them delete them off. That’s how we found a lot of our apps.
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