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  1. My kids are younger than yours but I've looked at lots of math curriculum. I am using RSe2 with my upcoming 1st and 3rd graders. One thing I'd say is to ask the people at rightstart about your dd they have some great ideas. If rightstart is allowing your daughter to grasp concepts and build a good base, I'd be very hesitant to switch before prealgebra. Her are some ideas. Also I think you could jump into Prealgebra after level f. So if you did level d and 1/2 e this year than e and 1/2 f next year finishing F by the end of her 7/8 year then do say BJU or another prealgebra and algebra sequence your not really behind. She sounds like she would really be in 4th agewise this year anyway so that would have her doing Algebra 1 in 9th which is a developmentally great time for lots of kids. Do you really want to call her 5th grade now and have her graduate at 17? Just some thoughts. If you really think changing curriculums would be good, check out math mammoth. Its similar to rightstart bit more independent and very workbookish and you can either use the full curriculum or the topical ones. You may want to look at the math mammoth topical books or new review books for your son for practice. I also love Kate Snow's math facts that stick and Kumon books for adding drill to rightstart.
  2. Well its a baby here;) Also we don't do outside much Jan through March or so. Iowa winter can be COLD. I do like a Year of Playing Skillfully but its so $$$. Maybe I could just preplan my own with the activities in homegrown preschooler and our library of books. It's January February March and April that find me tired and bad at planning. I like to plan in the summer but I am organizing our old house cooking and weeding the garden when the baby isn't eating;)
  3. I have often sold on homeschool classifieds. Just an idea. Best of luck. I do have the rod and staff ABC books as well as About 3 and Bigger Steps. I just want something fun to do. I may just try to plan again. We have tons of picture books. And I still have the Homegrown Preschooler. Mom plans just seem to derail in January and then little guy gets pushed aside. I do only have 4 though so maybe that's silly....
  4. I could have just about written paradox5s post. Im returning mp preschool. It doesn't look playful enough to me either. I did several homegrown preschooler activities with dd as well as AAR pre and bits of wee folk art. I am always encouraged by reading the homegrown preschooler book. But I have more kids now, and older ones too. I'm not getting the planning in. Please keep me updated:)
  5. I am currently using RightStart 2nd edition A and C with my children. I really like the lessons and its clicking with my kids. I will do D and B next year. However i have 2 additional littles and getting to games often enough is hard and getting harder. I see D says to play games at lest 3X a week. Has anyone found some other way to drill and practice other than just making up problems like are in the game you missed? Any thoughts are appreciated...thanks
  6. Rod and Staff is defiantly traditional. Memoria press uses it K-6 and writes lesson plans for it. It is cheap too:) I have not used it but I've looked at it and heard good things about it. It has shorter lessons than CLE. Rainbow resource carries it, but you have to call to order as Rod and Staff doesn't like their stuff on the internet. You would want the 2nd edition of 1st grade. They don't do kindergarten.
  7. I have used all levels of AAR, levels 1 and 2 of AAS and some of Abeka letters and sounds (one of my kids needed the writing reinforcement during AAR 2). I think that AAS would be good reinforcement not confusing. Some of the phonograms/ special sounds are a bit different ( ng vs ang ing ong and aas will teach ai and ay ect all separately not when 2 vowels are together generalization) but a lot of it is the same. Both are phonics after all You may want to start with level 1 just to get into a new feel but especially the 1st 1/2 will be all review. Try to find it used on eBay or Abe books. I have even found the student packs used before. You do want the whole student pack for level 2+ as there are word banks in them, but only the cards are fine for level 1. Also don't speed through AAS teach for mastery. I dropped AAS for a time because I thought it wasn't working. I think now ds was just not ready and I thought that "could spell words in lesson" meant go on. This may be the case sometimes, but now he is in 2nd grade and level 2, we spend a whole week on each step and spell all the dictations as well and review a lot. Merry has good ideas for using it. Eta. I don't find AAS teacher intensive as I time it for 15 min, and I've found at least with my kids it would take about that long to remind and redirect them through a workbook page;) I'd rather spend my time working with them.
  8. I am thinking about doing Berean Builders science in history next year. We will be doing about 1500 to 1800 in history. Would you do Ancient World to start in the beginning or Age of Reason to coorelate with our history? We have already done some of science in the beginning.
  9. I am interested in doing hands on science with my 8 and 6 year olds next year. One loves to be read to but the other fidgets a lot. This is why I want something that isnt just read and or watch. We have been reading lots of animal and habitat books this year so i want somethibg other than that. I have looked at and tried Berean Builders elementary but it seems too wordy or long or something for them...I am open fo modification ideas though. I own Science in the beginning. We have tried it 2x once when older was 7 and once when he was 6. He didnt really like it either time and younger just wiggled and fidgeted and didnt pay attention. Now older will sit engaged through long history chapter spine books though so maybe he'd do better with one of the history ones?..But what about younger?? I have also seen A Reason for Science. Has anyone used that?? Any thoughts about it?. How about Bob Jones?? Any other thoughts or suggestions? I would like a Christian science program.
  10. I didn't use to. Then i took an Orton Gillingham class. Now I over use it... replace w with wh in other words. All of my in laws use it correctly.
  11. Anna Gillingham was an educator who worked with Dr Orton to organize his research and put it into a format from which to teach. They wrote the Orton Gillingham manual together.
  12. I think it was not changed as much as level 1 was. For instance the new student workbooks will work with the old teacher books. The website at least used to have a correlation page. You could check. I think you'd be fine saving some money and going older here.
  13. I am doing early modern next year with my 3rd and 1st graders. I don't want SOTW. I am open to only American history or all of world history shying away from some or the more terrible topics. I am happy to design my own or use someone elses plan. I have plenty of ideas for novels and biographies. What I need is a spine or a way to tie it all together. Any spine or program ideas?? Please tell me why you recommend it too?
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