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  1. There is a folded paper "trick" also. Basically fold your notebook paper to a clean line; hold it under a row of problems, and just write the answers on the notebook paper like it was a blank space in the book. Obcviously, it won't work for everything, but coukd be helpful for drill. You can also "carry" below for × and + to use this method better.
  2. I agree with this, if your unsure how to teach math, the program is probably a lot more important, and RightStart is a good one. Also I think Kate snow has a math for elementary teachers class at the well trained mind that might be worth looking into. I found with my kids I had to supplement RS too much and it was driving me nuts, so was the script and focus on crazy amounts of geometry. (That my kids didn't like so it didn't even help them be interested in math which I think it is supposed to do.) No math program is perfect though, and I think one with sprial review is best. That is why
  3. Memoria press has a cottage school model as well as a homeschool model. (Check their website or call them.) I think the cottage school meets like 2 or 3 days a week then the rest is like supervised homework not new teaching. Could you do the new teaching then someone else follow the detailed plans the other 2 days?
  4. I agree with momto6inIN about AAR. With a struggling kid we even did level 1 twice! 3 and 4 always seem to go fast eben for that child, but later I sometimes have to remind them of material from those levels as words with those advanced phonograms and borrowed sounds don't often come up in reading...
  5. We got through most of E before switching here. I didn't think that it did a good job with multiplication or had enough division or long addition and subrtaction practice. I loved how it introduced decimals and taught the concept of fraction comparing. E is a lot less parent intensive than lower levels, but you really need to be faithful to add in more games than suggested- particularly those long addition/subtraction/multiplication ones that my own kids really didnt like. I would try math mammoth and see how it goes. It was too cluttered appearing and not enough review without adding in
  6. @Sarah0000 how many levels of CAP did you use? I mostly think I want retelling practice and perhaps some work in word choice and strong sentences. Did fable 1 do this?
  7. I had cottage press 1 time and really looked at it.....I should have put my thoughts into words...somehow it wasnt "right"...helpful I know. I am really leaning toward memoria press intro to comp or fable, classical academic press fable 1, or writing tales...
  8. I had trouble with the same thing....I never did figure it out. I don't know how to tag people, but 8filltheheart might have an idea.
  9. I'm listening in. I've been looking at imitation style writing particularly CAP and MP classical comp......thought WWS looks perhaps good too and treasured conversations....
  10. My 7 almost 8 yr old has been enjoying the christian liberty press text American Pioneers & Patriots. It is a big thinish hardback with pictures and has short little stories of pioneer children and then questions which I do not use. It is perhaps not great literature, but she is learning some and enjoying it, and its independent not busy work;) My 4th grader has read a few landmarks and other mostly biographies recommended by simply charlotte mason for 4-6 history and memoria press suplemental american history reading. Both are good lists. I can't say he always liked them, but they w
  11. That was supposed to go with the above post....not sure what happened...
  12. Yes I've thought that too, but it's also no fluff, predictable, and to the point;) She might take the dry gladly for the rest.... Writing tales looks good too. I also like some of English Lessons Through Literature, but not the book choices, and I already have Spelling Wisdom and handwriting..... Also with a baby this summer fewer parts might be good....I looked a lot at writeShop, but it looks messy! My mind isn't made up yet though.....
  13. I know, but I think she'd stop being creative if I turned it into anything required or resembling "school". She only likes to write when it's her idea, and not really all that often. Mostly she'd rather play pretend or run around outside. She has done well with some fable retelling recently in language lessons for today. She also doesn't seem to mind the narrations from that text. She is getting better at them. She just doesn't like to narrate history or books she's read on her own. Thats what made me start thinking of this.
  14. Same rising 3rd grader. I have a thought. What ya think of the combination below? Memoria press Classical Composition Introduction or possibly Fable if I combine with 5th grade bro. Simply Charlotte Mason Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well Perhaps Memoria Press English Grammar Recitation Maybe 1 Memoria Press literature guide in January when we hole up for good sentence writing practice. She is also writing in Bob Jones 3rd grade science workbook We have a Bob Jones 3rd cursive workbook When I asked her, her only response was whatever took the least
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