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  1. Yes, that makes sense, guess I was thinking more towards being in active labor already. Thanks.
  2. Gotcha. just curious, because I’ve actually known quite a few people who have had compressed cords (I mean, like three, so not quite a few). Two were at the hospital and were rushed to csection, and one was at home and rushed to hospital with midwife’s hand elbow deep holding up the baby, and all three ended up being born safe and healthy. So just curious what happened! But that’s awful and I certainly hope for the best!
  3. That is so fascinating. I’m glad it worked well for your friend’s child. I honestly have never heard of this.
  4. I got off FB about nine or ten months ago, and I highly recommend it. 😆 You’ll like people so much more!! Haha.
  5. Holy mackerel. I have never heard of such a thing! I’m so sorry for your friend...how incredibly scary and stressful. Was she at a hospital? How did they not catch the issue during delivery? I hope that they have the best possible outcome.
  6. Oh, and for the record, my husband was actually irritated that nobody reached out to us from church during the pandemic. 😂 He probably would have really appreciated a phone call checking in, lol.
  7. I think it’s perfectly fine for them to have asked, and I think it’s perfectly fine to say no to that ask. it’s not a big deal to call people—I mean, it doesn’t feel like a breach of privacy when presumably these people willingly shared their contact info with the church—but I think it’s kind of annoying to do so. I mean, surely people who WANT to attend church are doing so, and don’t need a teenager calling them to check in if they’re not. that said, I also highly doubt anyone would be combative or rude in response. First of all, 99% of people screen their calls, so they’re likely
  8. I bet someone could cobble together a career doing animal work with minimal human interaction, like combining pet-sitting, dog-walking, dog bathing, and working at a humane society. I used to volunteer at our humane society, and some of the employees there were NOT very interactive with visitors (or the other employees or volunteers), but they did stuff like dog walking, laundry, feeding, cleaning kennels and litter boxes, etc., and nobody seemed to care. They put the friendly high school girls or retired people out front to chat with customers. 🙂 I bet there are also positions at large b
  9. Wow, that’s too bad. Is he going to be able to go off of it in the future? I had a friend growing up who was on growth stunting (but necessary!) medication and he was tiny through high school. His parents finally took him off to hopefully allow him to grow, and he did get a few inches in. He’s 5’5ish today. His brother is well over 6 feet, and both parents above average, too. I know he was bummed, but the medicine allowed him to function! Ugh, tough. annnnnd I just saw this was a zombie thread. 😑
  10. I took it for morning sickness prevention! Not sure if it worked or not—I still got morning sickness, but it was shorter lived than my other pregnancies. No side effects either positive nor negative.
  11. I love Julie Bogart’s brave writer podcast, and I want to use the program, but I have never figured it out. It seems super confusing to me, but I’m sure I’m just missing something...??
  12. Right, which is why I said “and information”.
  13. You are totally in the right to share your experiences AND your opinion, AND information from a less positive viewpoint. People can’t have truly informed consent unless they know all sides.
  14. Yes, as someone who is apolitical but VERY skeptical of MSM, it doesn’t sit well to be lumped into a group of ignorant intolerant trumpers just for believing that our mainstream media sources are typically spinning some narrative. we already know the MSM is heavily biased, right? And that they lie/omit/incite?
  15. I would do a more “normal” salad and a more “normal” dessert. And just one salad. Only because you don’t know these people and have no idea what they like, and also because they are probably planning on a pretty casual dinner. We regularly go to many, many picnics, bbqs, and potlucks. A tossed green salad always goes over well. Most ppl ask me to bring that..it’s kind of become a trademark, even though it’s so easy. My general “recipe” is just mixed greens, maybe spinach, plus a dried fruit (cranberries, cherries, etc.), a fresh fruit (apples, strawberries, pears, etc.), a cheese (fe
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