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  1. This sounds EXACTLY like my 9 year old. He is an excellent reader, and an incredibly bad speller. The mistakes you mentioned are very similar to the type of mistake he would make. We struggle with even straightforward words. I’ll be very interested to see what advice you get! I haven’t focused as much as I probably should...spelling is included in his language arts curriculum, so we do that and that’s about it. In the past, we had okay luck with just DK Spelling workbooks. I guess I haven’t worried that much about it because he seems to have the exact brain as my engineer dad and b
  2. Thanks! Looks like there are more good options than I originally thought!
  3. Nice. Thanks! Sounds like it would be beneficial!
  4. Thanks so much. 🙂 I like the look of it. It wouldn’t appeal to my oldest...I’m going to stick with HWOT for him. But I think my younger two would enjoy it. My preschooler hasn’t done handwriting yet, so I was just thinking about him for next year...do I want to stick with HWOT or try something new. Looks like there are a few options to consider! I appreciate the input! 🙂
  5. Thanks! I just looked at it...looks good!
  6. Thanks! I’ll check it out!
  7. Thanks! What didn’t you like about TGATB? I was considering that one! Haha. I figured they were all about the same, but my boys do not enjoy their handwriting and I wondered if there was something “better“ out there I was missing. 😜 Just something they’ll have to get through, I guess! My oldest did the cursive book this year. He can copy, but has trouble remembering how to form the letters if the example isn’t right there in front of him.
  8. Which curriculum do you like best for handwriting, and why? I’ve only used Handwriting Without Tears, which has been fine, but just wondering if there is anything better out there? Or are they all basically the same? 🤪 Thanks!
  9. Have you looked at Math Mammoth? I got a lot of recommendations for that curriculum when I asked about math programs, and it looks like a really solid program that would help cement what she needs to know. Have you looked into Learn Math Fast to get up to her grade level? Maybe something a little slower with lots of mastery and review? Rod and Staff, or Math-U-See?
  10. For sure, that’s so awesome. I’m glad she has that opportunity...I know she wouldn’t get that anywhere else!
  11. I’m so impressed with your persistence and patience. (And hers too, of course!)
  12. Math: Undecided, but may try TGATB after I have a chance to look over their new curriculum. Sounds like a lot of what I’m looking for. Supplement with Math Adventures 5, MathTacular DVDs, and a variety of Usborne math activity books. Language Arts: Language Arts for a Living Education 4 (Masterbooks). Supplement with Usborne spelling books. History/Bible/Geography/Science/Readalouds: We do as a family. I am working on compiling my list of resources. Mostly living books, with no real output required. We will be going through SOTW 1, a whirlwind tour of all the continents, bible stori
  13. I would love to do Sonlight with just one child! The reason we have steered away from it in recent years is because my age spread is just too big...I can’t do the same stuff with the different ages. It worked great with just one, and still great with my two oldest (they were close enough in age to do the same core). But now that I’m adding another into the mix next year, and another one down the line, it’s just going to be too hard to manage 2-3 cores. However, it’s a really great program and well laid out. The guides are super helpful and easy to follow. But then you can as much (or as l
  14. I’ve used and liked Sonlight, though only for the younger grades. It is religious, but not overly so. They use a lot of secular books. Christianity is sprinkled here and there throughout the lessons. Obviously, the “bible” portion of the core is religious, with bible and missionary stories. It is pretty neutral in tone, imo. I’m comparing it to Masterbooks, which we also use, and which is much more religious and takes a young earth approach. (Sonlight does not.) I think the books are fantastic, and it would be a good choice for a Christian family. Obviously I would recommend Bookshark for
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