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  1. We almost school year round (a month or so break in summer). We usually end half way through a curriculum and just pick up again when we start up. Don't be afraid to skip lessons that are review that they already know.
  2. Update for any one who is interested: We did a week alternating Greek and Latin and ds9 did it with me each day instead of on his own. We put our workbooks away and used Telling Tales for Latin and just started very slowly translating John (like 4 words a day). Ds9 wants to continue both languages. Dh wants me to continue reviewing vocab with ds7, but otherwise I'm dropping the workbooks until he's older. This has been a good week for many reasons. Here's a few: 1) he gets to do it with me and I think that's his favorite. I keep trying to move him towards more independent work (because I have other kids and other tasks), but he really enjoys those one on one times-and I realized that is one of the things that I also really enjoy about homeschooling. So I'm keeping our language subjects as one on one. 2) it took significantly less time-maybe 15 min-as opposed to the 1.5 hrs it was taking. 3) we're breaking from grammar and making Greek more useful. Translating the Bible is really why I'm teaching koine Greek in the first place, so it makes sense to go ahead and start that. Will we add the workbooks back? Maybe-but I'll continue to do alternate days and one on one and monitor for burnout (mine and his). Thank you again for all the reccommendations and advice!
  3. We took 5 weeks off for summer-sometimes we do a bit more. I think what you have planned sounds fine. My kids always lose a bit in math and languages. It's usually my goal to do math once a week (or other subjects-just something small), but that never happens. It doesn't take long to review and get the kids back to where they were before.
  4. Vocabulary? Anyone else find it ironic that the title of this topic is only one word?
  5. I think that might be why I'm finding it so fascinating. I never studied languages deeply in school and it has been very fun (I'm a nerd...) as an adult to figure out the functions of each word. You're right - it is very much like solving an algebra equation.
  6. Oh, and I've got this pulled up to read through later tonight. I had read a few older posts dealing with Latin yesterday, but missed this one. Thank you!
  7. Wow - this post blew up this afternoon - thank you!! @PeterPan and @8filltheheart: I do think there is some processing speed stuff going on. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING: slow to get his shoes, slow to do chores, slow to brush his teeth, slow to walk to the playground. But he's also very bright and very academically oriented. During his free time he enjoys reading, making up piano songs, writing poetry, drawing maps. He's quick to understand new ideas, but slow to answer my questions or write out answers. He's definitely not dragging his heals. I'm about to make everyone really jealous when I say: he rarely complains. When asked to do anything he says, "I'd be delighted to" and genuinely means it (I would attribute that to our awesome parenting skills, but that's why God gave us child #2 as a pride check...sigh...). Anyway, that no complaining thing is awesome, but also makes it difficult to know when he doesn't enjoy things - he is just very compliant. Further responses: I'm definitely not doing things just because the boards say to - I would be waaaaay broke. But, I do appreciate advice for things I value doing anyway. But I also am noticing that the boards can breed discontent in myself, so I'm watching that. Re: goals: yes, I think that's probably where I need to start. It's not the first time I've thought of overall goals, but I've clearly lost focus this year. Learning new words is definitely not the long-term goal, but it's a baby step toward the long-term goal and I think it's the part of the Greek/Latin they enjoy. When we talked about it this morning they both said they enjoy both languages, but just maybe not the translating part. Maybe I started too early, but at this point the door is opened and they don't want to shut it all the way. So I think I'm going to work with that - memorizing new words that they can shout at each other is fun (they've been calling each other "puella" a lot lately...) Options I'm kicking around now: 1) drop the curriculum and just memorize words and make it fun 2) alternate greek/latin days 3) change curriculum and combine the older two (I like @Slache's idea of translating Bible together - they seemed interested in that). I'm going to order GSWL and see if that will be a good fit. (Edited to add: not going to order that-looking it over I think I will look for more story book type things-kicking around Familia Romana) 4) treat it like an extra curricular and only do it one time a week. We did take a 5 week break (we have a 6 week on/1 week off type of schedule) and after next week we'll be off for 3 weeks again. I think that's a great time to really evaluate things (probably not just Greek/Latin - I probably need to go through all the subjects and really think about goals. Sigh....I thought I was so prepared going in this year!). For this last week I think I'm going to try a couple of things and that will give me a better feel for how to plan after that. I really can't thank everyone enough - not only did you give me good ideas for this specific issue, but you pointed out deeper issues that need to be dealt with.
  8. You guys have been so helpful, as always! Some things I need to spend some time thinking about: Why am I doing a workbook-is that a helpful approach at this age? It seems that I've somehow fallen into the this-book-must-be-completed trap. I think I do want to continue with the languages. I hear what you're saying, @8filltheheart, and that is tremendously helpful to remember that I don't want to cause burnout. I need to watch myself and not push but keep it fun and interesting and maybe do much less. The fun and interesting in general has taken a back seat in other subjects too, I'm starting to realize (not that everything has to be fun, but you know what I'm saying). Should I continue with the grammar element or just work on memorizing words? I have a Latin storybook and I'm going to take a workbook break and use that with both older boys together. I don't have clear goals for anything. All things seems important to me at this age but I don't have time for all things. I need to really be thinking about that (tried discussing with dh, but his approach is kind of "whatever you think, honey").
  9. Thank you-that is helpful. And, you're right, the formats are exactly the same so that probably contributes. I think my goal at this age is just exposure and excitement-it should be a fun thing to learn these "dead" languages. I think I'm getting bogged down in the workbooks.
  10. I've been thinking about that too-maybe I don't need to do 2 curriculums with grammar (plus English grammar). There are a lot of similarities.
  11. He does enjoy it (the idea of learning Greek/Latin, sometimes not the daily work). I have been sitting with him towards the end of the lesson-I want him to try it n his own. I've got 4 kids and I think I'm just feeling spread so thin. Everything WTM is extremely teacher intensive-which in theory I love, but it's so hard to sit down with each kid for each subject. But you're right, I think if I say with him and talked through it the lessons would go much faster.
  12. I really like that idea. Definitely for the next two I'm going to lump them together-I am getting spread way too thin. I'm worried that at this point it's too late for the older two-they are already 2 years apart in the curriculum. Maybe if I just continue with flashcards with ds9 until ds7 catches up?
  13. Maybe that is it-I'm just trying to make everything the focus at the same time.
  14. We are only doing a partial page a day. He just takes forever on everything.
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