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  1. Oh, I'm sorry. I think that's something we all experience. But, even if I had chosen to keep working or chosen to not have children there would be regret. I think partly that's just my personality. But, I have discovered that my education is used in numerous ways in my present circumstance. Even the thing that I majored in for a couple of years before switching majors has popped up as useful in random places. It was not a waste-even the part before I switched majors. It all comes back and is useful. Especially with a masters in education I imagine you will be surprised often how useful and not
  2. We don't homeschool year round, but we take a very short break in the summer (5 weeks). My school kids are 9, 7, and 4. I'm reading almost daily with ds7 (because I'd like him to become a bit more fluent) and also ds9 (because he likes cuddle time). Ds4 and I are working on alphabet periodically, but not daily. I'll have to do a bit of review after a 5 week break, but it's not as bad as a normal several month break would be.
  3. But I wonder how long those people are sticking with homeschooling? I'm really not sure, but I'd be curious to see numbers on people choosing specific programs and how long they homeschool.
  4. I wonder if part of the changing we feel like is happening is simply because our kids got older. Not all, but some. I remember looking at Tapestry when my oldest was really little, decided against it, and now hardly ever look at posts that talk about the younger years. Part of it is getting confidence in your own teaching. The all-in-one curriculums are so tempting early on when everything feels overwhelming.
  5. As if spiders weren't creepy enough-ZOMBIE SPIDERS!!!!
  6. Taming the Paper Monster Requires the use of the Scissor Monster-never the Rock Monster (paper will always win...).
  7. That reminds me that several years ago we did this too. I think we went through weekly and they could save 2 pieces of paper. This gives me hope because we don't have to do that nearly as often anymore.
  8. We have the paper problem too. I'm very honest sometimes: "Thank you so much! I'm afraid I can't keep everything, but I do keep lots of your drawings in your special box". And sometimes I just tell them thank you and dispose of it later. I'm working right now on having them store their special papers in a paper tray (1 per kid) and if it gets full they need to go through it and save what they want.
  9. How Did the Stay-at-Home Daughters/Courtship Movement Work Out? They probably used some Tai Bo or a YouTube exercise video. How am I just finding this thread?! I'll be reading and cry-laughing for the rest of the day if you need me.
  10. Keys for Kids? They have a short 4 minute-ish blurb, but they also have other programs on there that are 20-30 min: The Pond, Paws and Tales, Red Rock Mysteries, and others. The stories change each week (keys for Kids changes daily). Stories of Great Christians by the Moody institute might be another option.
  11. We're getting close to that point with ds7 so I'm excited to use these suggestions-thanks everyone! Ds7 and I are currently reading a Time Warp Trio book by Scieszka. It's a series that we enjoy.
  12. I've thought that too (I majored in photography at first), but I actually use the skills and information from those art classes more than I use the skills/info from my "marketable" degree (web development). Take advantage of the time you have! After kids there is not much time for a lot of things.
  13. This year I'm working with 3 and have a baby getting into mischief. Ds9 is independent with about half his subjects (I started really working on independence at the beginning of this year and I feel we're in a good place now). He's instructed to do what he can in one subject and move onto the next if he gets stuck (and NEVER interrupt when I'm working with a different brother). He can do most of his reading, piano, Greek, Latin, writing, and math on his own (I check his work and discuss as needed and sometimes those subjects aren't independent at all if he's learning something new). When he's
  14. Ds9's assigned reading time is around 30 min (usually 1 chapter of whatever we're reading) but he spends a lot of time reading on his own. Ds7's assigned reading time is probably 15 min of he reads a sentence, I read a sentence. Then he follows along while I finish the chapter. He's wiggly and I don't want to push the time longer at this age (plus I often need a nap after listening to him sound out every word-ha!). We might do other reading things in other subjects, but this is what I classify as our reading subject.
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