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  1. I’m not talking about bad habits. For example, I think he is too critical. He’s not the person who is always critical about all things all the time, but he is more critical than I am happy with. And a few other things like that.
  2. Dh and I have been married for 15 years and for the most part I am happy. But there are some things about who he is that I just can’t accept and can’t let go of. These are not deal breakers, but they also aren’t trivial. This causes a lot of arguments and stress. I so wish I could just let it go and accept him for who he is, but these things just really upset me and I keep wishing that he would be different. He knows how I feel, I don’t think I just need to talk to him about it. How do you move on and be grateful for your spouse without wishing for things to change that probably never will?
  3. Dd wants to continue homeschooling. I'm not opposed to other options, we just really have a good thing going. I told 1 lady at our pool "she has a really great community for homeschool friends and doesn't want to give up all the cool daytime stuff they do together." To which she replied, "oh well, she'll make great friends here at the pool who go to public school and then she'll want to go too." She said this like as an encouragement to me that I'll finally be able to get rid of her. Come to think of it, maybe the problem is our pool...
  4. My oldest is starting 8th grade this fall. We've always homeschooled and while most friends and family thought it was weird they just went along with it. It seems like now that we are close to high school we are getting constant comments saying "but...you're not going to homeschool high school...right?" I didn't see this coming and it has been a constant question this summer. People even ask it to my DD. Last night at our pool a well meaning mom starting listing for her the public and private school alternatives. "You know- big public school is a really great school, and there is always X Christian school, and Y Catholic school..." And people say this with a concerned look on their face- oh poor little thing. There's not point to this thread, just venting and annoyed.
  5. Follow up question- I had her take the CLE placement test and she really struggled. She didn't even come close to passing the 400 test. She just doodled and wrote "I don't get it" on the edges. Which is a common thing she does during math time. She couldn't even remember how to borrow in subtraction. Now, we have been on break for 2 months so there is definitely retention loss. But this much alarmed me. After this advice, I was planning in going forward with 5th grade rod and staff math, but now I'm wondering if we should repeat 4th grade math. And maybe do it in cle so she's not literally doing the same book again?
  6. DD is going in to 5th grade. She struggle with math. We started with Miquon but the discovery method does not work with her. She needs clear and explicit instruction. We switched to Rod and Staff in 2nd grade. Then back to Miquon, then back to Rod and Staff in 4th grade. We've jumped around a bit trying to figure out what works. We do ok with Rod and Staff, but I'm thinking about trying CLE for 5th grade. I like that the instructions are written directly to the student and are explicit. Rod and Staff kind of does this, but also relies on the teacher book. In reality, I don't use the instructions in the teacher book so we are left with just the instructions in the student book and it's not a thorough as CLE. Also, I think the spiral method might be a good fit. She needs to learn new info in small chunks and needs a lot of review. My hang up is that I feel like we have switched back and forth a few times already. Any thoughts?
  7. Has anyone used the app for Word Roots? Any reviews?
  8. Yes. Dh gets a fair amount of money paid on 1099’s that we always have to pay taxes on so there’s no way I’m taking it early. FYI, opting out was a pain in the butt.
  9. I don’t want to tell you because I consider my city one of the best kept secrets 😜🤣
  10. I have a 2017, but I think it’s awesome. My previous van was an older sienna, and I just love my Kia even more.
  11. I am trying to decide on an algebra curriculum for my 8th grade daughter. We finished rod and staff 8 last year. She does ok with math, but we really butt heads if I have to be involved in teaching it to her. She has always just read the book herself. But sometimes I think she is overly confident and thinks she understands but is actually missing something. But heaven forbid if I try to correct her. Anyways, I was thinking that I’d like a curriculum that has videos as an added level of teaching, but we watched a lot of various videos and she is really turned off by ones that are dated or dry. The only ones that she liked were Nicole the Math Lady. And I agree, her videos were great. The only problem is that I’m not sold on the Saxon method. How important is it to have videos? Would you choose a curriculum you weren’t sure about because you liked the lady who did the videos?
  12. I'm jealous of you who can use excel! I am so not good at these things. I have a very disorganized brain. Trello has such a nice layout, but I NEED a physical copy.
  13. I got married at 21 had first dd just days after my 24th bday. We were young and totally poor! We both had bachelor’s degrees, but DH was working on his masters. We had 2nd dd while he was working on his Ph.D. Those girls had a very different early childhood than my younger kids, but not in a bad way. Dh and I love to reminisce about how poor we were- shared 1 car, had to walk to the library to send an email because we couldn’t afford internet, I worked all kinds of odd jobs. Once we took a job ironing these old people’s clothes at $.25 per item. Dh would rakes leaves in the fall to pay for books. Those are such fond memories for us, and definitely made us into the people that we are today. That being said, dh was doing a Ph.D and we had a plan and didn’t intend on being poor forever. And we’re not poor now. I suppose if we didn’t have much prospect for upward economic path it might be different. For us, it was a very sweet experience.
  14. Dd will be in 8th grade next year and likes to work independently. I would like to give her a schedule, or curriculum manual, just like the one Memoria has produced, but with my own curriculum. Is there a program I can use to make this?
  15. I'm not worried about resale, I plan to live in this house for at least 15 more years. And anyways, I think they will look amazing and that future buyers WILL love them 😍 but I am worried about the chipping.... This is the look I'm going for
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