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  1. My rising 6th grader wants to do Latin. I have never been able to fit it into our schedule and I told her we can't do it. Last night I found her reading a latin dictionary and decide I should let her have a try! I have practically no time I can commit to helping her with this. Is there a program with videos, or something written to students that an eager self started could manage on her own?
  2. In England I recommend cambridge. Visit kings college and take a guided punting tour on the river Cam.
  3. While in Northern Ireland we also went to Belfast which was really cool. We took a tour of the main prison where they housed the terrorists from the bombings in the 90's. They also have a fantastic titanic museum. The titanic was built in Belfast and the museum is on the very spot.
  4. We lived in London for 2 years and did a fair amount of traveling around. I absolutely cannot recommend Wales enough. It was the most wonderful vacation I have ever had- now our weather was perfect so it all hinges on that. We stayed near Tenby. The beaches are the most beautiful in the world. Most require an easy hike over ponds and white cliffs which make it even more enchanting. You then emerge in these beautiful beach valleys with like 10 other people. We loved barafundle beach and stackpole. Ireland isn't on your list, but Antrim County in northern ireland was also fantastic. Rugged coastline, where grassy cliffs meet crashing waves and sheep climb everywhere. We went to the Giant's Causeway and the Carrickarede (sp?) Rope bridge. That rope bridge was AMAZING!
  5. I recently bought this 2 piece They don't offer separates but the suit is only $30. You could buy 2 of them and mix it yourself. I love my new suit. It ships from China so it took at least 2 weeks to arrive.
  6. Our school district offers free summer school for the month of June and I am thinking about enrolling my kids but could use some more thoughts on the matter. We live walking distance to the school and my kids went there last year. The summer school program is Monday through Thursday 9-3. I have heard that it's more relaxed than normal school- more project/theme based. My kids are currently finishing grades 5, 2, and k. The reasons I'm considering it are mainly 1) to give me a break 2) to give them something to do and 3) for them to see some friends from the neighborhood and friends they made at school last year. I'm just not sure if I will regret it and want to just hang out/relax. We have no plans for June. We usually get a pool membership and just go swimming a couple of times a week. Any thoughts?
  7. I used island for both kids. I thought it was fine. I learned a lot myself so surely there is something for my 10 year old to learn. Also, plenty of it was over my 7 to head.
  8. I liked what was said in that math Ted talk. We used Miquon math for 1st through 3rd which I think is right along what she is talking about. For 4th she went to PS, then this year we are using R&S to just shore up any holes. So going forward, how do I get back on track with more discovery/problem solving math in the middle school grades?
  9. We use all of the mct materials for language arts. I seem to be in the minority but I find the writing portion fine. To clarify, I have read "Know and Tell" by Karen Glass which lays out a philosophy of writing based on narration all through high school. So I'm not looking for a hand holding text. We rely mostly on narration (i have 5th and 2nd graders). The writing activities in Island are like "write a dialogue between 2 characters where one mixes up the subject verb agreement and the other gets confused." Or "write a poem about a certain sound and have that sound repeated in the word choices." We chose a poem about a crying baby and so tried to use words with the "whaaa" sound.
  10. Thanks for these suggestions. It is helpful to clear my head a bit. If we did the kitchen we would still take a vacation, it would just be driving distance and more camping-ish. A vacation is expensive for us because we have 4 kids, so 6 flights, lodging big enough, and a rental van for a month.
  11. The vacation wouldn't cost 30k. Probably 5-8k. But the kitchen will definitely cost 30k so that's why we have to choose one or the other. We are not the DIY type, we will have to pay for a contractor.
  12. Based on the sale of some property we have about 30k that we are willing to spend on either a kitchen reno or a family vacation- the vacation would not be that much but we do have to choose one or the other. Dh is a college professor and has the 2019-2020 school year off from teaching for a sabbatical. We are thinking about taking a month and renting a condo in Southern California. -OR- we can reno our ktichen. Our house was built in 1969 but the last owners remodeled the kitchen in 2003. The kitchen is fine, it's not horrible, but it's definitely not my style (brown granite counters and ornate oak cabinets). My pro/con list is that the kitchen reno adds value to the house whereas the vacation money is just gone. Also, the renovation will benefit us for years to come instead of a one time thing. However, I feel like to choose the reno is to choose material things over experiences with my kids who are only young once :( Also, we have this unique opportunity with dh's sabbatical. I need opinions!!
  13. I have a 5th grade dd who loves writing. She writes a lot on her own for fun. We have done narration and copywork to this point. This year we are doing MCT island level, so she has lots of grammar instruction. I was trying to follow their writing lessons, but think I'd rather add in the CAP material instead. Would you recommend starting at the beginning? Or jumping in somewhere?
  14. I consider my 2nd grader to be very average. She read several of The Littles and reads Magic Treehouse.
  15. We switched because we needed more instruction. I understand math naturally and am not good at communicating how things work. Also, I think my girls will do better with more concrete math vs. conceptual. Is the placement test online?
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