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  1. I forgot to mention, she plays the piano and can perform at recitals just fine. It is just verbal communication. At her last recital she was suppose to introduce herself and her piece. She absolutely refused to do that but sat down and played her piece perfectly.
  2. I think that 8 yo dd either has an anxiety disorder or some sort of verbal processing disorder. I’m not sure which. She communicates fine in normal conversation (although very shy with people outside of family) but any time she is put on the spot she clams up. Like when asked to give a narration, for example. Or another example, We are on vacation and there were some interesting flowers we though grandma would like so I wanted to make a video of her telling grandma about them and she totally clammed up and could do it- tears ensued. So what I am wondering is, would we need to see a therapist, or a speech pathologist?
  3. We are going on a month long vacation (yay!) and I am bringing some school work with us. I want to keep my 1st grader reading, but I'm not packing up All About Reading! We have Bob Books, but I was hoping for something that was all in 1 volume so it's less easy to loose. Any recommendations?
  4. My 11 to dd also likes bath and body works sets. She also got a lava lamp that everyone is jealous of. Oh, also one of those letter boards where you can write inspirational sayings and such. They're trendy now and they have them at target.
  5. I was given a $50 gift card to B&N for my birthday and am looking for ideas on how to spend it! I like novels, but I'm wondering if there is something else I should consider. I know they have journals and desk supply stuff. What would you buy for $50 at Barnes and Nobel?
  6. Thanks for the replies, I should clarify: I'm not talking about a day off from school. We're on summer break. I mean a day off from mothering! I want to leave the kids with him and go to lunch and a movie!
  7. If your dh travels for work, when he gets home from a long trip do you take a "day off" as a break from taking care of everything while he was gone? DH was just gone for 9 days in Italy. We have 4 young kids and it was quite exhausting. I'm thinking I would like a day off 😜
  8. These are such fun ideas. I never considered Canada, now I'll look in to that more. We lived in England for 2 years and so we've already seen a bit of Europe. Also, I should have me toned earlier, I'm hoping to go in late winter, but that's negotiable.
  9. We will be gone about a week. I would also really like to see some natural wonder. Something naturally stunning.
  10. What do we like to do... well that's the million dollar question! I'm more adventurous than he is. I would like zip lining, water rafting, even a theme park with roller coasters. He likes relaxing, historical sites, and museums. But he bas said that I can pick whatever I want 😍
  11. DH and I have been married for 13 years and have 4 children. We have never lived near family so it hasn't been possible for us to go away ever. Like, we have not been away from our children for a single night!! So this year we have decided we will do it!! We have $5,000 to spend and I need suggestions. I have looked at Belize, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, and Sedona. I really don't know what we want. With the kids we are going to San Diego and Florida this summer so I don't know if we'll be "beached out". We live in the midwest so flights to Central America are the fastest/cheapest. Hawaii would be like 13 hours. While I am super excited to go, I also have some anxiety about leaving the kids. So part of me wants this amazing over the top Belize Jungle trip, but part of me feels more comfortable staying domestic. Any suggestions??
  12. I need help on how to best parent/teach my 8 yo dd. She is a very shy child. Will not talk in public. She had a Dr. appointment the other day and the Dr. asked her her birthday and she just stared at him like a deer in headlights. But it goes beyond shyness. It is a problem with her school work. She freezes up and WILL NOT communicate answers. For example, this morning we were working on the Latin stem pre- with the word precede. I gave several examples of "this precedes that" then asked the kids to share something that precedes something else. My 10 yo did it, my 5 yo did it. She just freezes. It's not that she doesn't know, I feel like it's that she can't speak outloud what she knows in her head. Or maybe that the pressure of speaking out loud blurries her head so she can't think. I do not even try to get a narration out of her...I'm sure I'm making it worse because I find it incredibly frustrating. I ask something simple that I know she knows the answer to and she just won't spit it out. She does better if she writes it, and she can talk about the word "precede" later in a conversation context. So I know that she understands, it's just the pressure having to answer on the spot I guess. She also really struggle to communicate her emotions. Any thoughts of insights?
  13. My rising 6th grader wants to do Latin. I have never been able to fit it into our schedule and I told her we can't do it. Last night I found her reading a latin dictionary and decide I should let her have a try! I have practically no time I can commit to helping her with this. Is there a program with videos, or something written to students that an eager self started could manage on her own?
  14. In England I recommend cambridge. Visit kings college and take a guided punting tour on the river Cam.
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