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  1. I would love to do an Asian or Russian history study since these are often missed in more Western based curriculum. Does anyone know of one?
  2. Wow, this is really helpful. Thank you!
  3. Well, we started SOTW in 1st grade and for a variety of reasons are just finishing in 7th 🤣. I figured we'd do the 4 year cycle again for high school, so that leaves next year (8th grade) as a 1 off. I'd love to do some fun in depth study, but I don't really want to put it together myself. Dd wants to do history of jazz, but I'm not sure how to pull that all together. Any other pre-made history 1 offs?
  4. We are staying at an airbnb for 4 weeks. The place has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 1 of the showers is broken, so we are down to 1 shower. For 3 weeks, it's just me, dh, and 4 kids and we can manage. For 1 week we have family visiting (6 adults 2 kids- feel free to eye roll our covid decisions). So this week the shower is quite a problem. We paid $2800 for the month and she has offered us a 50% discount for the inconvenience. I feel like that's way too much! I think $500 would be plenty. Dh thinks if she has offered it- it's fine to accept. I know that I am a very simple person and not much bo
  5. We started school in mid August. We took a week off in the beginning of October and 3 days for Thanksgiving. We will be away at an Airbnb for 4 weeks from mid dec to mid Jan. We live in the Midwest and we are heading south looking for warmer weather! I had planned to take 2 weeks off and do school those other 2 weeks, but I am really starting to feel like taking the whole 4 weeks off. With warmer weather we can do hiking. We can watch educational shows we don’t usually have time for. My kids are getting lots of crafty type presents for Christmas so we could spend time actually putting them tog
  6. This is a really interesting and helpful. Personally I struggle with multiplying by the inverse instead of just dividing, since dividing just seems easier to me. But probably since she’s learning from scratch and doesn’t have the baggage of already learning a different way dd can catch on. But I do wonder about what @EKS said about videotext over complicating (or over explaining) things. Dd is very straight forwards when it comes to math, she doesn’t want to know why, she just wants to memorize the formulas. I know that’s not the current approach in mathematics, but she is what she is.
  7. I’m evaluating algebra programs for my daughter and I would really like one with teaching videos. I am drawn to videoText but I have a question about the way they solve the problems with variables. They always want to add or multiply to solve for X and never subtract or divide. So if the question is 8x + 3= 42 the first step is to add -3. Ok, I would just subtract 3, but I can deal with that. But then when you have 8x= 39 instead of dividing by 8 they multiply both sides by 1/8. I understand that it’s the same thing, but it seems more complicated and harder for a child to grasp. Is there a rea
  8. If searching on Etsy, what would you use as search terms?
  9. I have a new sister in law this year and she has a 12 year old daughter. I want to give the girl a gift when I see her at Christmas. My sister in law said, "She loves drawing art stuff, anything to do with Totoro, Anime, she likes anything to do with hayao Miyazaki movies, she's got a collection." I'm really not familiar with these things or what a gift would look like for someone who likes them. Any suggestions?
  10. In our town they are going ahead with santa photos with these changes: you will be 6 feet away from Santa and seperated by plexiglass. You will also keep your mask on during the photo and Santa will too. We have always taken an annual Santa picture. I understand that these precautions are necessary and I do feel safe with them, so that's not the issue. I'm just trying to decide if I even want this photo. I'm sure 30 years from now it will be a relic from Covid Christmas, but now I just hate it and don't want that photo in my house. If you regularily take Santa photos, are you going to do a Cov
  11. Our family will be celebrating Christmas this year with several of DH's siblings. This is rare, we don't live near family and are usually alone. So I'm super pumped and am layering on the cheese! I want to get matching family tshirts for the whole crew that say "surname family Christmas." The dilemma I'm having is that everyone has the same surname except his sister and her husband who are newlyweds. I don't want them to feel intentionally slighted, especially since he is newish to the family by having a tshirt that says "Johnson family christmas" (not our real name...) when their name is not
  12. I'm in a rut and need inspiration. We have no food allergies.
  13. The thing that I actually find interesting about this situation is that Melania actually has it too. I've always assumed that their marriage is a bit of a show, and not a genuine relationship. But apparently they do have a close enough relationship that it spread between them quickly.
  14. We are shopping after summer sales for a swimsuit for next year for dd who will be 13. We are moving into women’s suits now, not kids. And I want to get her a nice suit that she feels good wearing. But she is still a kid, she doesn’t exactly have “problem areas” like mama that warrant an expensive suit 🤪 how much do you think is reasonable for this age?
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