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  1. This has all been very helpful for thinking this through. Thank you all for your input and experiences. Alice- there are several teams in my area that we could join. Is there something I should look for if choosing one? Anything I should ask beforehand?
  2. My kids went to the elementary school for a year 2 years ago, so we know a lot of the community there. It's a nice neighborhood school. I think summer school would be fine. My oldest would be in the middle school and the idea of having a schedule and changing classes is magical to her. I guess you can say she is a bit nerdy! The drive to the pool is less than 10 minutes. I didn't think about dropping them off. I guess I could do that! I know we don't HAVE to do anything. I just LIKE to do things like this. My kids do free play a lot. They run all around the neighborhood and wreck all kinds of havoc with neighbor friends 🙂. In fact, this is exactly what they are doing right now.
  3. We aren't in California, we are in the mid west. We have friends who have done summer school and really liked it- said it was more project based learning. But that was elementary and odd would be in middle school- not sure if it would make a difference. They kids are in classes, not just free play in the gym. And even if it was horrible and they hated it the benefit would be they would more appreciate homeschool! They do already know how to swim. Every summer we get a membership to the local outdoor pool, so without swim team they will still swim for fun a couple of times a week. Swim team just adds the community and competition. My kids are open to either idea.
  4. I am trying to decide between summer school and swim team for my 2 odd’s ages 11 and 9. I really want to do both, but they occur at the same time and it’s not possible 😞 I’m really stuck and can’t decide. We have never tried either in the past. I have 4 kids, 11, 9, 7, and 4. Here is my pro/con list: summer school (provided by our local school district): -free -see neighborhood friends - gives mom a 6 hour break every day for a whole month! **this is the main pro** - might learn something - good trial of public schools, as we have been thinking of using public high school in a few years. swim team: - fun - I think odd would thrive in an individual sport- she has only played team sports but is competitive and I would like to see her push herself. - make friends - strengthen swimming skills - we have lived in our city for 2.5 years and are still trying to figure out exactly where we fit in. We are always looking for some sort of club where we might find “our people.” cons: -costs $ - I would have to drive and stay there 2 hours every day for 2 months. I’m not sure if having to go would actually drive me crazy. summer school is only 1 month whereas swim team is almost 2. I’m not sure if this is a pro or con... any thoughts? Wwyd?
  5. Do you mind sharing how much they cost? And did that include any prints/books or did you buy those separately? Lastly, how often do you do them? Our oldest is 11 and we have done photos once. I am wanting to do photos with a very expensive photographer and I am trying to justify it by the fact that we have skipped the last 7 years 😂😂
  6. I played a big group game once and I'm trying to remember how it went. Everyone chose a famous person to be their character and wrote it on a piece of paper. Then all the papers were turned in and read aloud. We then had to figure out who was who, I can't remember if we took turns or just shouted out guesses. And somehow when you guessed someone correctly they became "linked" to you so that if someone wanted to guess your character they had to say both names. So chains formed and in the end there were just 2 people who each had 10 or so characters linked behind them. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I played it when I lived in England if that makes a difference.
  7. Is there a version of Peter Pan that is written in script form? Maybe I just need to order some that have been adapted to become plays. She has written a few plays that she has then preformed with her friends. I know many say it's better to watch plays, but she specifically wants to see them written in order to get better at it too.
  8. Dd is 11 and is wanting to read a play. What would you recommend that would be appropriate for this age? I remember reading Thornton wilder in college, but now I can't remember anything about it.
  9. I don't really notice any difference in my clothing. I should have measured my waist or taken a picture before I started.
  10. Hi! I'm 35 yrs old, 5'5". Up until 2 years ago I weighed about 132 lbs. I've had some lifestyle changes (mostly that I went from an urban/walkable community to suburbs) and gained about 10 lbs. So I wanted to loose a little, 5 lbs would be great. I joined jazzercise (mostly aerobics with some weights as well). The class is an hour long and I go 4x/ week. I have been doing this for 2 months and have gained 3 lbs. 3 lbs isn't a huge deal, it's just that I was hoping to loose weight. Is it normal to gain a bit of muscle weight? Or am I just adding a winter layer 😜
  11. We have been in a similar situation. A few years ago dh was discontent at his job and we took an offer in London. The pay was bad, but the job was good for his reputation in his field. I did not want to go. We visited and I just knew it. It was cold, the accommodations were less than we were use to, the pay was bad, no. But we knew it would be food for his career and I knew he was discontent so we went. For us, it was the wrong decision. We hated it. DH now says that he learned that general family happiness cannot be under valued in a decision like this. There is career and there is family happiness. Don't sacrifice family happiness on the alter of career. (I feel strongly based on our bad experience!, of course, ,you could end up loving the place. We just didn't)
  12. Thanks for all the input. She is well aware that we haven't been pleased with her general disposition of resistance towards us. We have some steps of consequences for this behavior, while it is something that is "normal" we are not ok with it. I felt like since we were not going, in this instance it was a privilege for her to be driven there just for her sake. That being said, I did decide that I would take her since I had previously laid out the consequences and she was on step 2 and no coop was not what we had talked about as the consequence. However, now I feel like a pushover. I guess part of parenting is feeling like you are doing it wrong 🤷‍♀️
  13. We go to a coop that requires the parent to stay and participate. Today, I can't go because I have 2 kids with fevers. However, I can drop my 11 yo DS off in this case. But we have been having attitude problems with her lately. It seems like everything we say she has a sign or eyeroll about. DH took her to practice basketball this morning (she has a tryout this week) and she was all put out about it- "I'm already dressed....why didn't you tell me sooner...all said in a whiny voices) then it's when I ask her to fold a basket of laundry and she gives a big exhale. It's little stuff like this all the time. So I told her " I was going out of my way, buckling 2 kids with fevers to drive you to coop just because I know you like it. But if you can't help me fold a basket of laundry without complaining I am not going to bend over backwards for your pleasure." So I called off taking her to coop. Tbh, now I feel bad about it. She loves coop and today was "store" where they have earned tickets throughout the semester and get to purchase things. But it is 20 min each way, so round trip twice is an hour and 20 min. Is this fair or am I being too harsh?
  14. My 6 yo ds is on day 3 of a 103 fever. My other 3 kids are fine. Is it a bad idea to bring the healthy ones to church this morning? I'm not so much wondering about my older kids, they understand germs and handwashing. I'm mostly wondering about my 3 yo. Because it's possible she is carrying the virus and just not sick yet, is it rude to other families for me to put her in the nursery where kids are all rolling around and spreading germs like wildfire?
  15. The store M&S (Mark's and Spencer) has really nice gift baskets. Not super practical but a nice treat. In England they call gift baskets "hampers." All the grocery stores do delivery too. Asda is their version on Walmart. You could order her some nappies and other food items. M&s also has a lot of meal kits- like meat, veg, and noodles that you turn in to stir fry. Could be useful for a new mom.
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