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  1. We are shopping after summer sales for a swimsuit for next year for dd who will be 13. We are moving into women’s suits now, not kids. And I want to get her a nice suit that she feels good wearing. But she is still a kid, she doesn’t exactly have “problem areas” like mama that warrant an expensive suit 🤪 how much do you think is reasonable for this age?
  2. This has all been encouraging. I always feel guilt about the youngest, that I was already working with the oldest when she was that age. So I feel like I have to stay on the same track so as not to short change her simply because she is #4. But I really don't want to get started now, I just need to accept that this is ok 🙂
  3. In glad to hear I'm not the only one. It's just so monotonous.
  4. In my experience it takes 3 years to really teach a child to read. DD 12 and DD 9 are good readers, and we are so close with DS7. I have always used a mix of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, All About Reading, and Bob Books. I think those programs work great and I know how to use them. The problem is that I have a 4 year old and I just don't think I can do it again! My goal was to teach her the letter sounds this year, but the thought of sounding out "I am Sam" for the next year just sends me in to spontaneous ticks. I have been having her watch Letter Factory videos and play read
  5. Calizzy


    Deleted. I really do appreciate the alternate perspectives, but I would hate for my neighbor to stumble onto this post so I have deleted it. Thanks!
  6. Today was our 1st day of coop and things went pretty well. Some kinks to iron out, but overall everyone was trying to follow all the protocols. It was made clear many times that masks were required at all time indoors unless you had a medical reason not too. There was 1 family (mom and 4 kids ages 9 to 3) where none of them were wearing masks. I can understand if someone has a medical concern but it seems unlikely to me that all 5 members of that family have a medical condition. I am not the kind of person to raise a fuss, but I really want to email the director and ask if they have a medical
  7. We are planning to start school next week and dh has suggested we start getting ready by going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. No way!! If I only have 6 days left of summer I am soaking every minute up! I LOVE summer break. We stay up late, sleep in, swim at the pool, have bon fires. And the older I get the more indulgent I become. I am just going to set the alarm for 6am on the first day of school and we will all have to deal with it. Do you start winding down to prepare for the back to school routine, or do you soak it up and rip off the bandaid?
  8. A few weeks ago I read the thread about refinance rates and have contacted some local mortgage companies. I have 2 good options and need some help from Mathy types! My current mortage is $209k, 27 years left @ 3.75% Refi option 1- 20 years @ 3.0% and closing cost of $1139 Refi option 2- 20 years @ 2.5% and closing cost of $3317 So, which would you choose. The extra $2178 in closing cost for the 1/2 percent lower rate or not? If I did the math right the lower payment would be $51.50 less than the high one. So dividing the extra closing costs by 51.50, I think the lo
  9. We are in the same spot. Hot and lazy. Especially me- I lay in bed too long in the morning, I watch too much tv at night. I think we are all functioning with a mild depression baseline. But I think that's 100% reasonable. We're all worried about our jobs, worried about the economy, worried about the election, worried about getting sick. We aren't able to see our friends, our kids can't participate in activities. Then, we can't go to church, or if we do we are stressed the whole time wondering if we are doing the right thing. I think we are all mildly depressed, and a lack of interest in things
  10. My sons loves the "I Survived" series. They have several airplane/Ww2 books. I survived pearl harbor, etc.
  11. My kids LOVED and really benefited from these drawing lessons- https://draw3d.com it’s a bit pricey, but they learned so much. He has a few free lessons you could try. as for hand lettering, my daughter has this kit and has also really loved it. https://www.letsmakeart.com/products/kids-lettering-box
  12. My oldest who is fine with traditional instruction is going in to 7th, the next who needs something different is going in to 4th. (And there is a 2nd and preschooler too)
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