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  1. I think I'm going with no one's suggestion lol...and using dark grey towels and bath mats. I like grey and it blends well with the existing colors. I really like soft muted turquoise but it doesn't look right to me in that bathroom. I'll have to use it somewhere else in the house instead.
  2. caedmyn

    Swapping dining room w/living room?

    I don't think it's a crazy idea, but if you use the LR for living space, I'd try a rectangular table first. Our dining room is about 10'x12' iirc and it seems huge to me, but we just moved from a house with a only breakfast-nook size dining space so that makes a difference. We had the same good-sized rectangular table with 6 chairs in it in the old house and you had to scooch your chair up if you sat on the side and someone needed to squeeze by (and people could only get by on one side as the other was too tight). In this dining room there's no need for scooching at all, and room for a small bookshelf and the extra 2 chairs plus a nice walkway to the back sliding doors. Your dining room is a similar size, so depending on what other furniture you have in your dining room, I think you might find that a rectangular table makes a big difference. But if you want a play space for smaller kids nearby while you do school, and don't need the living space so much, then it might work better to move your dining table to the LR.
  3. DD13 seems to have some executive function issues. Her room is a perpetual disaster. I spend a few hours every couple of months helping her go through things, toss trash, declutter, and put everything away. She's a hoarder...if I didn't make her get rid of things, I think she would still have every Sunday school paper she was ever given and every empty gum pkg too ("They have sayings inside them! They're a collection!" Ugh). Somehow she has more stuff than her 4 younger brothers put together. I'm good at decluttering and organizing, but her stuff overwhelms me. She has a place for everything, but she doesn't put things in their place. Apparently it's easy to drop her shoes on the floor than to put them in the shoe basket 2 feet away, and easy to drop her coat on the floor than hang it over the coat hook 4 feet away. She's always losing things, and it requires a lot of reminding to even keep a relatively clear path to her bed. I know teenagers tend to be messy in general, but there's limits. I had her box up a lot of her arts & crafts stuff and random playthings to help with the clutter, but that only helps so much when she doesn't put anything she uses away. I really don't have the time to spend hours at a time helping her get her room straightened up. Are there ways to help her keep her room a little more picked up, or is it pretty much a lost cause?
  4. How about this color for a more muted turquoise? I wouldn't mind cream towels, but I need matching/coordinating bath mats too, and cream for bath mats seems funny.
  5. caedmyn

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    My DH's is through the VA so I doubt it's a top-of-the-line one. He tried a nose-only mask once but I guess it didn't work for him because he gave up on it immediately. I have no idea how he can sleep with the thing on but he loves it. He'll even put it on if he's just lying in bed reading for a while. He had severe sleep apnea though so I suppose it's a big improvement for him.
  6. caedmyn

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    This is not the question you asked, but maybe it will be helpful anyway. My DH has a CPAP machine and it is loud. So I've come up with several ways to block the noise. 1. Earplugs (Hereos extreme are the best I've found) 2. A fat and squishy pillow over my head (side sleeper here so only one ear needs blocked) 3. I sleep with my head at the foot of the ned to get further away from the machine 4. And he sleeps with a blanket over his CPAP (should muffle snoring too if you can convince your DH to do it).
  7. caedmyn

    Aggressive men

    My boys who are all 10 and under occasionally do this to me. I think it's disrespectful (even if they don't intend it that way...I think sometimes they do and sometimes they don't) so I tell them to stop.
  8. caedmyn

    Aggressive men

    To me, if someone clearly indicates that something someone else is doing bothers them, and that person continues to do it, I'd probably think that the person doing the action is being passive aggressive, disrespectful, or a jerk on purpose, no matter how they play it off (to be clear, I'm talking about something that directly affects the other person, not "you have a really annoying laugh"-type stuff).
  9. What color towels would look nice in a black and tan bathroom? Our master bathroom has tile on the floor and halfway up the wall. The tile is sort of a soft black with tan layered over it. The countertop is speckled soft black and cream and tan. The cabinets and door and trim is sort of a dark honey color. Toilet and sink and bathtub are black, fixtures and shower edges (glass shower) are oiled bronze I think. Walls are white above the tile. I've bought and returned several different colors of towels and bath mats because I can't find a color that looks right to me. I like blue but no shade of blue looks right. I brought purple mats from our old house but those don't look right either. Any suggestions?
  10. I have 6 kids, ages 6 mo to 13 (my signature isn't accurate). It seems like no matter when something is scheduled, it messes up our entire schedule for the day. Multiply that by 3 or 4 days a week, and I start wanting to hole up at home and never go out. We currently have 2 reguarly-scheduled afternoon activities (speech therapy one day and kids go to a sitter's a different day), and are now doing a late morning activity on yet another day for the next couple months. I have an evening appt every other week, we have midweek church one evenings, and my oldest has youth group Friday evenings. Then there's any random appts or activities, which usually works out to one a week or every other week. And my older kids want to do jui jitsu which would be at least 2 afternoons a week...but I don't think I have the bandwidth for that. How do you plan appts or activities without messing up your entire family's routine? Any sort of after-dinner activity guarantees that I'll get to bed later than I want to. There just doesn't seem to be any reasonable way to plan things.
  11. I may have to get a rug. I’ll see how it looks once the pictures are hung, and maybe some drapes too. I saw a little accent table the other day that I wanted to use somewhere, but I think maybe would look funny next to the bulky furniture set. It was about 12” square, maybe 2.5 feet tall, and had three shelves with a lined woven box on each.
  12. How about this? I was going to put a big picture above the piano and another on the wall behind the loveseat.
  13. I'm not a big fan of rugs on carpet, though I can see how it would help. I'll have to think about that. I've thought about end tables or a sofa table, but it seems like they'd look funny without some sort of decor item on them, and those don't survive if they're where the kids can reach them, so tables would have to be bare. Plus the end tables we used to have got climbed on all the time, and I'm sure it would be the same with any we got. Lamps wouldn't last here either. I guess this is sort of an all-purpose room. The 2 yo plays there a lot, and the other kids a little. There will be a play yard in there once the baby is crawling. I was wanting a conversation space but we rarely have company so maybe it makes more sense to split up the furniture. I use the rocking chair to nurse the baby so I really don't want to move it out of the room even if it looks a little out of place. The room is about 18'x19'. No TV.
  14. Lol...are you volunteering to come move the piano around so I can try all the suggestions?
  15. Our new living room is a big square room, and I can't quite figure out how to arrange my couch/loveseat/easy chair combo. It just doesn't work to put the furniture on the side of the room where the piano is because of the entrances/natural walkway, and the big picture window takes up most of the wall on the other side which makes furniture placement awkward. I prefer putting couches etc against walls but the room is too big for that to work well.
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