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  1. **PLEASE don't quote--will delete later for privacy.** My 9 & 11 YOs are friend with a girl and boy (siblings) who are close in age to them. DS11 considers the boy (I'll call him A) to be his best friend. We used to live near them and they saw them weekly but we've moved a bit further away and they don't see them often now. The older sister of the two kids often babysits for us, and the mom periodically asks about having my kids over there or have one or both kids come over here. The problem is that these kids don't follow rules, lie, and generally tend to act up. The last severa
  2. Help me think this through. Somebody DH works with has had his daughter from out of state visiting the last 5 days. She just tested positive for covid. It’s extremely likely that she was exposed out of state (we have not have new cases in our area in weeks and have only had a few new cases in the entire state in the past few weeks). The co-worker got tested today but doesn't have the results yet. I don't think he has any symptoms. He was at work all day today. I'm trying to figure out what the local heapth dept is likely to want to do with all the people who this guy worked with today, and ho
  3. The youngest would sleep in a toddler bed til age 5 or 6. My oldest will likely be out of the house in 4 or 5 years so we’ll probably have another bedroom available by the time he needs a regular sized bed.
  4. We want to get a bunk bed for the room my 3 yo and 11 yo share. Our almost 2 yo will eventually be in that room also. DH wants a twin over full so we can use it as a guest bed also. We do not have any other space for a guest bed. However, we very rarely have overnight guests other than my parents (maybe 2-3 times a year, usually a single person). My parents prefer to sleep on our couches and wouldn’t use a guest bed. DH also thinks the twin over fulls are sturdier than regular bunk beds, which would be a good thing if they are as my boys are wrecking machines. But the bedroom they share
  5. I’m having a hard time figuring out what reasonable screen time limits are for my 14 yo. She can easily spend 5 or 6 hrs a day on her tablet, between messaging friends, using nanowrimo, playing games, watching Netflix, etc. That's not even counting time spent listening to music, which involves a fair bit of screen time too due to time spend searching playlists for songs, switching between songs, finding new songs, etc. It’s nothing like the low-tech options we all grew up with which only involved switching out tapes or CDs and changing the radio station. I’ve been giving her an hour a day
  6. From what I've heard it's basically impossible to get the public schools here to do testing if your kid doesn't go to the school (actually it seems to be extremely difficult to get evals even if your kid goes to the schools). Maybe it could be forced with a lawyer, but by the time I spent the money for a lawyer it'd probably be close to the price of psych evals. Maybe I'll just wait til it gets to the point where I need more information to keep going with him and then push for evals. I don't need them now. He's already doing Barton with a tutor and I already make accomodations for him
  7. DH would never ask about that stuff because it has never crossed his mind that those could be issues.
  8. I’ve found a Barton tutoring place a few hours from us that does some testing for dyslexia and other things for a decent price. They don’t use the Barton tests but some others. I’m considering getting my 7 yo tested. I already know he’s dyslexic but it would be nice to have someone confirm it, and to have a piece of paper saying he’s dyslexic for DH. My main reason for doing testing would be for any additional information the testing would provide. This is my 4th kid with dyslexia and he appears to be the most severely dyslexic and also the glitchiest kid overall. I suspect he has pretty
  9. My 11 yo somehow got his thumb jammed inside our hoverboard earlier this afternoon. Apparently he was touching the wheels while they were spinning (while sitting next to the hoverboard) and somehow his thumb got carried up between the wheel and the standing platform. The first joint of his thumb is quite bruised on the inside (palm side of hand) and somewhat swollen and he has a couple minor lacerations. He says it hurts too much to bend it and he can't grasp anything with it, but that it doesn't hurt unless he touches something with it. He also says the tip of his thumb is a bit numb. He
  10. I have a few who most definitely fit the criteria for ADHD (not diagnosed cuz DH doesn't believe in such things). My most ADHD child is DS11 who was the most active kid I have ever seen from ages 1 to 5 or 6. When he was 6 mo old we attended an hour long event and he stood up on my lap holding my fingers and bounced himself up and down for the entire thing. He was very fast and constantly moving and climbing. Nothing ever wore him out. I think he was 5 or 6 before he made it through an entire meal without falling out of his chair repeatedly (and then only because we got one of those wobbl
  11. I think things should open up on a state by state basis (area by area even), just as they shut down. I definitely think my state should open up. I don’t think people are going to comply well if the governor extends the shutdown again. We have less than 400 cases for the state and 7 deaths (Montana). They’re saying we’re already past our peak. I live in the 3rd largest county and there are 13 cases here. This is NOT worth the economic cost or disruption to lives cost here. If there’s a plan to open back up, it’s not being publicized. The current stay at home orders extend to the 24th.
  12. I hope they will move toward doing this here in Montana (contact tracing and quarantine contacts). The latest projected estimates for numbers here said total deaths reduced from an estimated 280 to 22 (these are projections, current deaths at 6). Currently we have about 300 cases and have been in stay at home mode for 10 days. Schools never reopened after the first cases were diagnosed. I think we've flattened our curve and now the focus should shift to what can be reopened and how to keep things under control without destroying the economy. I am sure the governor will extend the stay a
  13. We're probably spending less overall since I lost both my school-time sitters and my once-a-week sitter. We have been getting take-out more often. I go back and forth between thinking I should be careful in case DH's job take a big hit (he's working in the used car industry so pretty dependent on the economy overall, though he's unlikely to be out of work entirely), and thinking I should buy the things I really want in case I can't later.
  14. My 3rd, 5th, and 8th graders are using Teaching Textbooks for math this year. I want to switch to something non-computer-based next year. My 8th graders has been asking to use Saxon for years since that's what most of her friends use for math. Does Saxon generally work well for dyslexic kids?
  15. My 3rd, 5th, & 8th graders are using Teaching Textbooks this year. I want to switch to something non-computer-based for next year but am not sure what. It needs to be non-teacher intensive. I don't mind explaining something if they don't understand, but I can't be the one teaching all the math concepts. My 8th grader used CLE math for a couple years and it seemed decent, but they don't have high school math past Algebra I so I don't know if that would work for her. I'm a little afraid my boys will rebel against doing boring black and white math after T.T. Any other suggestions?
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