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  1. What would you have in it? I'd like it to be a place where the neighborhood kids would enjoy playing also. We have a biggish back yard with a 1/3 acre lot. There are several trees but no climbing trees, unfortunately. There's a brick patio and a deck (over daylight basement so a few feet off the ground) with both enclosed space and an open space underneath. We have a swing set. I've thought of a trampoline, but it seems like trampoline + crazy kids might be a bad combination. They'd love an above ground pool, but pool + 2 YO escape artist is a very bad idea. I could maybe put together a Ninja course. Any other suggestions?
  2. Go to and look at their recommendations for dealing with adrenal fatigue. They’ve been very helpful for me. If your cortisol levels are very low you’re going to want to take Cortef (oral hydrocortisone). Adrenal glandulars and herbal supplements aren’t going to cut it (btdt). STTM has dosing suggestions and Fb groups that can help. It’s been a while since I researched this stuff but iirc you want to work on adrenals first and sex hormones second. Supplementing with dhea is a bit of a wildcard iirc...seems like there are different hormones that it can be converted into, and it may be converting into something that’s not helping you. I’d also recommend checking your thyroid lab values against the “optimal” ones on the STTM website, as they may actually be less-than-ideal even if your dr. thinks they’re fine. Mine were all within range except antibodies were just slightly high. Dr. said oh you might have Hashi’s but your body is compensating, I had full-blown Hashi’s and felt like crap.
  3. Ours is a spinet, but the same thing could be done with an upright. I’d have put the shorter/longer picture over the piano if it was an upright. A basket on the floor next to the piano might be a good place for music. You can just see the edge of our armchair on the left side of the piano picture. We do have a good sized living room, so there’s walking space in between piano and sitting area.. (Ignore the curtains that are hung at the wrong height!)
  4. So...DH objects to long curtains. Says they will get in the way. Sometimes I just want to bang my head against the wall... If I got sheer curtains would they look better short than heavier curtains would? I could just put blackout shades behind them.
  5. I would say to finish their math for the year if possible, and otherwise only ask him to do lots of audiobooks (or RAs if he doesn’t mind doing them), and lots of outdoor time.
  6. I think it would just fit that way. I might try that. If the bed is moved under the window with 2 nightstands, there won’t be room for the glider anymore. The room isn’t huge, about 13’x14’, and door placement means that the spot where the glider is and the spot where the toddler bed is are the only spaces for extra furniture. I already tried turning the toddler bed sideways and putting the glider next to it but the glider stuck out into the doorway for the closet, which is a problem because the baby sleeps in the walk-in and I have to get him a couple times a night in the pitch black. Purple as an accent color is a good idea. I’ll have to look into blackout shades to go behind curtains.
  7. She’s not going to do all that. My sister is much more of a fashionist than I am, and DD looks up to her and asks for fashion advice. Sis also used to be an esthetician, and she suggested that DD wash her face daily, and she still only does it periodically. DD has a bit of acne and complains about it, but rarely uses the acne product I gave her. She may have some interest in those things, but she doesn’t have the maturity to use them regularly.
  8. I am the wrong mom for girls’ days outs. I haven’t worn makeup except a bit of concealer occasionally since my wedding 15 years ago. I've had a manicure once, and didn’t particularly enjoy it. I casually tweeze my brows and take 5 mins a day to fix my hair and that’s it. I can show her basic hygenie stuff, but that's it. I think she’s a little young for makeup anyway, and I don’t see her taking the time to apply it properly, or to wash it off at night.
  9. Not diagnosed, but yes.
  10. The heat vent is under the other window unfortunately.
  11. A better shower head is a good idea, and daily showers w/o always washing her hair. I think shaving is too much hassle for her at this point but I expect that will change this summer. A friend came over a few weeks ago and did her eyebrows for her. Idk if she’ll keep up with it though. DD said, “Why didn’t you tell me I needed to do this??”. I didn’t even notice her eyebrows honestly. Idk where the line is between pointing things out and pressuring her to do stuff she might not be ready for/want to do.
  12. Yeah...she is the youngest kid in her fellowship group and kind of on the outskirts, and she knows it. She keeps talking about how she needs to wear tight clothes and then maybe they'll accept her (leggings are not appropriate pants in my book, and I don’t care if everyone else is wearing them as pants...JAWM on this). I’m thinking, “How about working on the obvious stuff first, like making sure you don’t stink, that your hair doesn’t look like it hasn’t been washed in 2 weeks, and figuring out how to put your hair up so it doesn’t perpetually look like you just walked through a windstorm.”
  13. It is like pulling teeth to get my 13 yo DD to take a shower once or twice a week. She rarely does it without prompting, and it usually take several reminders over a couple of days ending with me saying, “Go take a shower right now. I don’t care if it's 9 pm and you have wet hair in bed. No, you may not wait til morning because it won’t happen then!”. It also takes her for.ever to take a shower. She’s a slow mover in general, and her slowness in the shower really limits the times when she can take one, because she needs a 45 minute window of time. She literally does nothing but brush her hair, shower, and get dressed in this amount of time. She doesn’t shave, doesn’t use face care products, nothing. Is there some way to make this process a little easier and less Mom-directed? She has long, very thick hair and I think she dislikes the hassle of washing it as well as the amount of time it takes to dry, but that's life since she doesn’t want to get it cut shorter and doesn’t want to blow dry it.
  14. I would like to get a headboard and nightstands but not sure about colors. Seems like any wood colors might look funny with the pine paneling. Maybe cherry like the toddler bed would look ok, but that would make the room look even darker. Maybe grey? I wouldn’t mind white but I suspect DH won’t go for it. If we get nightstands the bed could be moved, though idk if the glider would still fit if the bed were moved. DH put the bed near the wall when we moved in, and then put a little corner shelf by his side to hold stuff and doesn’t want to move the bed away from it.
  15. The carpet is actually blue. The previous owners REALLY liked blue.
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