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  1. I think in your shoes I would try tactfully asking the dentist if he could spend a bit more time explaining things as and after he does the exam. Seems worth a shot since the rest of the office is a good fit for you. Or could you choose just a new dentist and keep going to the current one for cleanings since you’re making separate appts anyway? Fwiw our dentist only schedules 1 exam per year, so only every other cleaning.
  2. DS10 had a developmental vision exam done in November. The dr. said he had issues with tracking and something else (forgot what) and gave him a couple exercises to do at home. I asked her about follow-up and she said that when they seemed easy for him he was done and didn't need follow-up. Ok then... The exercises weren't difficult for him from the beginning so I think we need to move on to someone else. We got the game Q-bitz the other day and he thought it was great and played it for about 20 minutes and then complained that his head really hurt and said he was never going to play that again. Clearly he still has some vision issues. There is no one else in our city who does vision therapy. I found one doctor 90 miles away who offers it. It's basically an at-home program with follow-up every 3 months. I also found one doctor 3 hours away who offers it. Her program sounds much more like what I've seen others here describe, but it would definitely be a last resort because of the time and money investment. I was told that she normally recommends 30-36 visits, one visit a week or every other week, at $120/visit. That is crazy expensive and a 6 hr round trip with 6 kids is not very do-able either, certainly not a couple times a month. Is it worth trying out the doctor who lives 90 miles away? Are there any books out there with lots of exercises to do at home? He made a good bit of progress with tracking exercises his O.T. prescribed so maybe we could just do this at home?
  3. I’d like to try a meal planning service. I tried one and liked the concept but my kids didn’t like the recipes. I need one that has easy, mostly whole foods, kid-friendly meals and is not super grain and dairy heavy. Some grains and dairy is ok, but every meal is too much.
  4. I believe they did. I saw it on the boards first but I’m pretty certain that I received an email from them also. Sorry about your lost purchases. That does stink!
  5. I’ll look into those cards more. Maybe they’d be good for a quick daily review. I only have one take off and run with anything kid, and that’s only when he wants to. The rest need lots of mom motivation which is exhausting and hit or miss. My 6 yo is a total spaz and I think he could really use ZoR (and some adhd meds but that isn’t going to happen).
  6. Wondering if anyone can give feedback on the games at The games are called Navigating the Zones and Should I Shouldn’t I? This would be for my kids ages 6, 8, and 10. My 13 yo could probably use some too.
  7. caedmyn


    I don’t think this really counts as third-hand info as DH talked to the grandfather at the neighbors’ house shortly after it happened. I’m not sure who had the accident because DH thought he said his son but my boys who were with DH thought he said his grandson. But yes I don’t know any more than that.
  8. caedmyn


    My kids play with a neighbor family who lives a block away. I've never met either of the parents. DH has briefly talked to the dad once. On Sunday DH was talking to their grandfather who was visiting and he said there'd been an accident earlier in the day where someone (not sure whether it was the dad or the 8 yo boy) cut off two of his fingers with a table saw. I feel really bad for them, whichever family member it was, and I'd like to offer to do something for them, but it's a little awkward because I've never met the parents. I was thinking of asking if I could bring them dinner one night this week. Would that be weird to offer since I haven't met them? Or is it too late to offer something like that since it's been a few days since the accident? Also my boys are not on good terms with theirs anymore (as in, their boys aren't allowed to play with mine right now) due to general boy stupidity, although DD still gets along fine and plays with their daughter. That adds another layer of complexity to the whole thing.
  9. I’d like to become a better singer, but don’t want to take voice lessons. Is there any way to do this without formal lessons?
  10. Have you done a 4x saliva cortisol test? Low cortisol levels can cause extreme fatigue (btdt). The website Stop the Thyroid Madness has good info on adrenal fatigue and testing for and treating it.
  11. I will say that a few people on the Homeschooling with Barton FB group I’m in have said that they called FiS and got troubleshooting help that way, so it sounds like more’s available than what’s in the manual.
  12. She started washing her hair in the master bathroom shower which has much better water pressure and also a detachable showerhead (though I don’t think she uses it). And I did go over how to wash her hair. It has looked cleaner the last couple weeks, but she was having so many issues with tangles. She does brush her hair thoroughly but it doesn’t seem to prevent constant retangling. She got her hair cut to just past her shoulders with a bit of layering and is pretty happy with it. It looks cute and I think it will be MUCH easier for her to manage now. The hairstylist also talked to her about how to manage it.
  13. Forgot to come back to this. FiS is definitely more teacher-friendly. LiPS and Barton say you need training to do LiPS but I and others on this board did it without training. I will say that I didn't do the full LiPS program. I just introduced all the consonants and we played with them some (don't remember the specifics of what LiPS suggested as it's been a few years) and then we moved back to Barton because I started it when my DS was most of the way through Barton Level 1 (long story) so I already knew he could distinguish between vowels and do the sound chains or whatever LiPS calls them. I did LiPS with one child and FiS with another because I had a small baby and didn't feel like figuring out LiPS again. Three things I didn't like about FiS: One, it uses pictures for the sounds instead of pictures of the mouth shape made by the sound like LiPS. I'm guessing that they did this because Barton recommends drawing a picture to go along with a sound if the child is having trouble remembering what sound a letter makes. But to me it makes more sense to use the mouth pictures, and I suspect some kids would have an easier time with being able to see the mouth picture as a reminder. I am no expert though. My DS has done quite a bit of speech therapy so he did ok with the pictures. You could certainly buy the mouth pictures alone directly from LiPS if you felt they were needed and go through the steps with first the mouth pictures, then the picture cards, then the blank tiles. Two, FiS has very minimal troubleshooting included, none of which addressed the particular issues my child was having. Others who've used it have said they provide better troubleshooting if you call them but I didn't try. I wish there was more included like Barton includes quite a bit in their manuals. Three: Once most or all of the sounds were introduced, the process of pulling down the matching picture cards for 3 letter combinations was very difficult for my DS. He clearly has some major working memory issues, and trying to find the right card while remembering what sound he was looking for was really, really hard for him. He did it with little trouble with the tiles though, so I ended up skipping the picture/sound-finding section in the last few lessons of FiS. IMO it would have been way better if they would have limited the number of cards needed for that section with each lesson since working memory issues are so common with dyslexia. I could be wrong, but I suspect the creators for FiS are parents of a child who needed it or LiPS. It is definitely modeled after Barton and seems different enough from LiPS that I wonder if they don't have any speech therapy background or actual LiPS training.
  14. My 13 YO has long (mid-back), fine, very thick hair. She is more of a tomboy by nature and her hair perpetually looks like she just walked through a windstorm. She doesn't like it down but the only thing she knows how to do with it is to put it in a ponytail. She dislikes taking showers and particularly dislikes washing her's like pulling teeth to get her to wash her hair twice a week. She does brush it thoroughly two or three times a day but it is always full of tangles by the next time she brushes it (even if it's in a ponytail...idk how she does it). She had it thinned a few months ago but I can't tell that that really helped anything. So...she needs to have shorter hair. She finally agreed that she really can't manage her hair and needs it shorter. But she doesn't want short hair, and still wants to be able to "fix" it (have me or grandma braid it, or put it in a ponytail). She would prefer to just have a few inches cut off but I don't think a few inches off is going to help much with the tangling and unmanageableness of it. I'm looking for ideas for cute, medium-length haircuts that requires very very minimal styling, or other suggestions for ways to make her hair more manageable.
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